Why “I Love Lucy”

Lucy gets to hang out in my studio much of the day.

I can’t tell you how many times I have said “never another dog” since my little Isabel (pug) died 4 years ago.  She was 14.  I lost a piece of my heart when she was gone.  She was perpetually at my feet when I blogged or crafted.

Something changed three months ago.  My family and I adore (“covet”) our two rescue cats, Sasha (the “princess”) and Boris (the “big baby”).  They rule the house, furnishings and bathroom sinks – we wait to brush our teeth while they drink first – you get the idea.   However, after much discussion we decided that it might be time to consider a rescue dog.

I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments about the project for today.

Seriously.  We looked at hundreds of dogs at the local shelters and rescues.  I realized quickly that I kept looking for that cute little “smoosh” of a pug face and didn’t allow myself to feel any connection.  I even felt I was mourning the loss of Isabel all over again.

Looking  very “Audrey” among the pillows.

My daughter, Caroline, convinced me to visit a no-kill adoption center and I reluctantly agreed.  Caroline spotted a female mix in the “small dog kennel” and said we should meet.  The dog was incredibly shy (painfully frightened) but sweet.  She had been exposed to cats (a bonus for Sasha and Boris). The staff explained that she was about 2 years old and had been a street dog and then in shelters for the last 10 months.  Essentially, she never lived in a home, was never trained, socialized or housebroken.  In spite of those challenges, I felt a little “pitter pat” when meeting her and thought we possibly might be her forever family.

After sleeping on it and a family meeting, we decided to adopt Lucy.  The adoption center believes she is primarily a Meagle (Miniature Pinscher and Beagle – if you see Dachsund, that’s the Min Pin).  She weighs just under 20 lbs.  Heaven knows we will never be able to confirm her “family history” and it doesn’t really matter other than she couldn’t be further in “design” from my Isabel.  That has proven to be a good thing because we could all bond with a new dog rather than comparing her.

“I enjoyed when my family let me stay with them at this dog -friendly B & B”

In the past three months, I have learned a lot about patience and love.  Having a shy, unsocialized dog isn’t easy and can be very emotionally draining.  There were many tears and frustrations when progress was minimal.  She was terrified of people (especially men), dogs, the new home – pretty much everything was a “big, scary monster” to her.  We had to dial down our expectations of having an instant family pet and learn that this was going to be a very slow process.  Lucy couldn’t walk past a stranger without cowering or lying down on our daily walks.  My mantra became:  Baby steps, Mary.  Baby steps.

Lucy eyeing the doggie biscuits at a local bakery.

A local dog trainer suggested that we take her to dog friendly restaurants to help her conquer her “stranger danger” and “socialize.”  Tucson is loaded with them.  This proved to be a big hit with Lucy and we visited several times a week.  She is especially fond of fresh baked croissants (she only gets a wee bit) and prosciutto.  Lucy is a street dog with a gourmet palette.  Silly, I realize, but I think she deserves a few nice things in life.  Don’t you?  She has slowly, warmed up to strangers (especially if they offer a treat).  She still is learning to trust and can be unpredictable on whether she will be social or hide when someone visits.  Baby steps . . .

I’m always game for a car ride.

Here’s what I get to brag about at this point.  Lucy has never had an “accident” in the house.  She adores her morning walks with Caroline and me.  When she isn’t nervous, she will respond to just about any command and especially loves “fetch.”  She has just one class to go to graduate from her beginner’s dog training (and there will be more classes in her future).  Our next hurdle will be to help her socialize with other dogs.  The good news is that she is less afraid of dogs than she was and simply needs to focus on better manners when greeting them and wanting to play.  Interestingly, she and Boris are fast friends and love to chase and play with each other.  Sasha finds their playful antics fairly boring . . . but that’s OK.  

Since it’s Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to share our story and how grateful we are that Lucy is in our lives.  It’s been a journey for my family, filled with heartbreaking moments when we questioned whether we had done the right thing to having this sweet little thing that had been overlooked for so long curled up next to us on the bed or couch (yes, the “furniture rule” changed quickly).  I especially melt when she cuddles up to my husband since learning to trust men has been so difficult for her.  Thank goodness the two of them could bond over football and smoked cheddar cheese (her favorite).

I hope you have a beautiful day with friends, family and fur babies.  We have 26 people coming over to celebrate and Lucy may prefer the quiet of our master bath.  Perhaps she will venture out for a visit.   We’ll let her decide.  Baby steps . . . 

Hugs & Happy Thanksgiving, Mary

P.S.  My Lucy is by my feet while I draft this blog post.  Life is good.  She has found her forever home.



  1. I have no idea how I missed this post! It has me crying but they are happy tears for Lucy! We lost our sweet Maggie on Sunday. She was found at a gas station in 2005 and ended up at the shelter. She was a bigger dog which can be hard to get adopted. She was our love for the past 12 years. Saying goodbye has been so incredibly hard but we said goodbye knowing she lived a wonderful life. Fifteen months ago we lost our Beagle, Cooper, we adopted at 8 years old. We had less than three years before he passed from cancer. I remember crying and still do because we just didn’t get enough time with him but I know no amount of time would have been enough. We did adopt a Beagle/Doxie mix from a rescue. She is a lot like Lucy. She was so afraid of everything including us! If you flushed the toilet she was terrified. She has come a long way in the last year but is a little sad without her sister. I know we will adopt again but it will take some time to heal our hearts. It will be a shelter dog I am sure. Thank you for loving Lucy and helping her through this!

    • My heart breaks since I know the pain and grief of losing a pet. Yours sounded like wonderful family members (and rescues). Thanks for sharing your story. I’m hopeful there will come a time when you are ready. So many animals need homes so allow yourself to consider it soon. We are pretty sure Lucy is mostly Miniature Pinscher (Dachshund and Italian Greyhound) and beagle. People like you help to confirm that since it’s not that common a mix to find. It’s nice to have an idea!

  2. Nancy Iverson

    Mary, I am so touched by your story of your new little lover! I am a Dog nut also and have volunteered at the National Mill Dog Rescue where the dogs have very similar issues. I wish you and all your family much love!
    Nancy in Colorado

    PS. I miss You and Brian and the rest of the gang! My caretaking of my 93 year old father has been taking all my time this last 6 months. He has started failing and I am really struggling with it and getting the proper help from hospice and care facilities in Colorado.

    I did jump back in a little and got the alcohol inks. So excited about them and the new stamparatus!

    • Thanks, Nancy. She IS a little lover. Bravo for your volunteer work and the precious time spent with your father. I assume you mean the Stampin’ Blends Markers – they are luscious!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Lucy is so lucky to have found a great forever home. All of my dogs have been shelter dogs.

  4. Cindy Forbeck

    My goodness Mary! She is so very sweet and calm looking. You made the right decision and your patience and love will bring you big dividends!

  5. The best, sweetest, most loving dog I ever had was Muffin whom I found on the side of the road one Sunday morning when taking my son to Sunday School. She died 10 years later with a brain tumor but never once complained or misbehaved. Mary, you have a treasure–thanks so much for sharing but most importantly for loving Lucy,.

  6. This is the sweetest story, Mary.

  7. Awww! Such a sweet story! We to have a Lucy that we rescued off the street!!!!! Our Lucy is a beagle-hound mix…..we think. Our son found her roaming his apartment complex parking lot. As close to we could figure she was somewhere between 18 months and 2 years. She was such a sweet dog, but he already had a dog and could not take another one. He called me and I said, “Absolutely not!” We had just lost our last golden retriever we had had for 10 years…….we rescued 4……and I did not want the heart break of another pet! Our son called his dad and he said, “Sure, bring her over!” Me…not happy; the family…thrilled! Well…..long story short, Lucy has been part of our lives for the last 7 years! So glad she gave her heart to me!!!! Don’t know what I would do without her! Thanks for sharing your story!

  8. Oh Mary your story was beautiful you bring tear to my eyes miss Lucy is vey luck to have you in her life you have show her that life could be better and now she knows that you are there for her I know how you feel since I have 3 rescues kitty cats Zoie and Gabi and they are sisters and they come as a package so I have to adopt them both whist I wouldn’t have it any other way . But I just want to say happy holiday and take care of your self .

  9. Miss Mary, Congratulations on your new addition! My best friend & I went to a craft show and the first thing we did was cuddle a 10 week old puppy! Thanks so much for sharing your newest family member & congrats on your achievements at On Stage.

  10. I loved reading your post on Lucy. Bless your heart for taking on a challenge like Lucy. All my pets are rescues and they are very appreciative of their new home and family. It can up to 6 months for their true nature to shine thru and when you see it your heart melts. Lucy fell into a fabulous home and you fell into the melting eyes of Lucy. P.S. she is a real Diva and she knows it!

  11. Dear Mary,

    I’m wiping away the tears as I read yours and Lucy’s heartfelt story. Thank you so much for taking a chance to help this sweet fur baby. Your love and commitment tell me so much about you. You are a hero! We adopted our two 13-year old Shelties last April. They were destined for the shelter but in a strange turn of events. I recognized these two babies in a Mid Florida Rescue plea for someone to adopt them. My husband delivered Meals on Wheels to an elderly and infirm gentleman that had 2 Shelties. Hubby often spoke of them since we are Sheltie fans and our sweet adopted boy was approaching 17. The rest is history and they helped us to heal our hearts after our precious Whylie passed in June. Among our 3 daughters and ourselves we have 8 rescues. They are my heroes too. Much puppy love to you.?Ree Nathan, Indian Harbour Beach, Fl

  12. What a super-sweet post, Mary! I’ve enjoyed learning about Lucy on Facebook in our conversations. Happy to see you sharing her with the world in this lovely blog post. <3

    • I think part of me, BK, was waiting to get through some of the “hard stuff” with her. There’s plenty of work and confidence building to go but she is really doing her best. It warms my heart to watch her stretch a little further.

  13. Shila Froehlich

    Thanks for sharing your great story about Lucy.

  14. Awwww, MsMary. What a lovely story, it brought tears to my eyes and it reminds me of our marie, so much alike , she comes from a home where she had a mommy dearest, remember that movie , my sons girl fried was not a nice person to her , and you could tell she was used to being yelled at and not spoken to her , vary jumpy, at a time my son wanted to leave because he was afraid she might hurt her, but she talk to him into a change that never happened, so relate to to heart warming story with Lucky, she’s so lucky to have a lovely home with lots of love , I’m happy she has trusted your hobby, that’s so cute , yet Caroline was right , great choice, love to all of you ,and a blessed weekend,♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  15. Our Lucy is named Chachi! He brings our little family so much joy! The happiest of everything to you, Lucy, and your family!

  16. Jeanne E. Gering

    Mary, your post really struck a chord with me today. Tuesday I had to say goodbye to Tucker, my own rescue miracle. My boys and I fell in love with him at the shelter, but my husband dragged his feet about adopting a second dog. When he finally gave in a few days later we all went to the shelter to see “our” dog, only to find another family walking out with him. Boy, was that a rough afternoon! A month or so later we were driving around, and my son Alex suggested going to the shelter. Nope, no, I’m still sad. But of course we went anyway. As we were walking and petting our way past the cages, Alex shouted, “Hey mom, Tucker’s here!” I assured him that that wasn’t possible, but lo and behold, there he was. He had been returned by the previous family because he was a chewer. We grabbed that beautiful white lab mix and ran to the adoption desk. And for nearly 13 years Tucker has been my sweet white shadow, following me all through the house.
    So, one day in the foreseeable future I will be ready for my own new furbaby. Thanks for showing us yours!

  17. Such a wonderful story about Lucy with her new family and forever home. So glad you shared & it keep us posted. I feel you will be rewarded each day baby steps and all. Hope all your Holidays are fabulous.

  18. Judy Iacoboni

    Hi Mary. Happy holidays. Thanks so much for sharing your story about your journey with your sweet little Lucy. I must admit it brought tears to my eyes. I,too, lost my precious fur baby about four years ago and have not replaced her. They really do become a member of the family. Keep us posted as Lucy travels through her journey. Hugs

  19. Just getting a chance to read your Lucy story. I must admit, brought tears to my eyes. So glad you found her and that she found her forever home. I do not have any pets, but I do have many Grand-dogs that I adore. One was adopted and had seen some serious abuse. She is adorable and even at 70 pounds, thinks she is my lap dog when I’m at their house.

  20. What al lovely story, we too have a rescue dog though they can be hard work at times they are so worth it

  21. Mary, I couldn’t be happier for you! Five years ago we adopted a street dog from the streets of Puerto Vallarta and brought her to our home on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. She has many of the same “issues” as your Lucy. It has been a work in progress every day but she has come so far. Never having had a reactive dog before… it was new for us but we committed to her and so every victory is that much sweeter. Keep up the good work. They are so grateful for our love. She will pay you back a hundred times over. Again, congratulations on your new family addition and thanks for sharing.

    • I have learned so much about dogs in this process, Jan. I had never heard the concept of “reactive” or even “shy” dogs. However, now it makes sense and is a journey but better each day (or at least most).

  22. Diane Desrosiers

    I thank you for Lucy and for Boris and Sasha. It is a noble gesture to adopt a street animal. I rescued my big loving cat and found a forever home for his sister and now one other cat (I neutered her and 2 other ones that did not want to come in the house) sleep and eat in the house and I sheltered and feed 7 other stray cats (all the same family Mommy cat is very active and among them 3 little kittens about 2 1/2 months old). Now it starts to be cold (I am living north of Montreal). These animals need person like you to show them love and compassion.

  23. Patricia Marsh

    I love your story and reading about Lucy’s journey. I can relate when I lost both of my elderly dogs over 8 years ago and have never been able to ‘replace’ them. We now have cats, whom I love dearly. Who knows, there may be a chance for me to do the same, baby steps, right? Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Patty

  24. Susan Rossman

    I cried when I read your post because I went through the same thing after I lost my heart when my Griffy died after 15 years as my constant companion. I said, I need to wait at least a year or more because no one can replace him and I mourned him constantly. He went through some hard times with me, including breast cancer & major reconstruction with a very long recovery. Everyone adored him and his sweet nature. He also was a rescue and God meant him to come to me. He was a Brussels Griffon. Well, God had his own plan because my vet called me three months after we had lost him with news that the rescue staff just brought in two Brussel sisters and they needed a special home. I left work in a panic driving like a manic to the vet. I stayed with the little dogs for hours. Ellie crawled into my lap and pretended to go to sleep, Lucy ran around the room in a panic. They needed some medical care but I knew that they would be coming home with me as soon as they were released. We’ve all been together for 2 1/2 yrs. now. They run the house, set the schedule and are as adored by my grandchildren as Griffy was. They are different but wonderful. God knows what we need even when we don’t. I’m not sure who rescued who? God bless and Happy Thanksgiving…. it’s all worth the work. She is precious.

  25. I’m so thankful that you adopted Lucy! This little girl deserved a chance at a good life. I volunteer at a shelter in Tampa, and it is always so heartwarming to see those that may be harder to adopt find their forever homes. God a Bless!

  26. Shirley Baker

    How wonderful to read your story of rescuing this sweet dog. You will have a life long friend and I believe animals know this and appreciate all the love and a happy home that you have given her. How great that the cats are bonding with her too! Yay!


  27. Kudos to you for opening your home and your heart to Lucy! I love her! I love fur babies. Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. Love the story about Lucy, but the VERY BEST part is the fact that SHE IS ALREADY A PACKER FAN!!! Yaaay!

  29. A lovely story. Thank you for sharing

  30. Dear Mary, I loved reading your story about Lucy. I can tell that she is one lucky girl to end up in your household! I work with a rescue in Ohio and foster dogs. I currently have a dog who looks and acts a lot like Lucy. I’ve fostered her for 2 years. No one seems to want her. I keep hoping she’ll find a furever family, but until then, I’ll just love her. Happy Thanksgiving!

  31. Diane L in Georgia

    Mary, kudos to you and your family for welcoming love via Lucy into your home and for choosing a no kill shelter. Your patience will be continuously rewarded by her happiness with all of you. This is a sweet blog for Thanksgiving. Warmest wishes to your family.

  32. Mary, what a precious story! She’said precious!

  33. Thank you for sharing this story….I lost both of my fur babies within 2 months of each other and my heart was, and is still shattered. This post gives me hope that I will be able to open my heart at some point to adopt another puppy to come into our home – they are truly loyal and ask for very little. Enjoy your puppy and give her belly a rub from me.

  34. Renee Chambers

    Reading this post made me cry. I have a soft spot in my heart for animals. It breaks my heart knowing that there are dogs and cats that are being mistreated. Bless your family for giving Lucy a safe and loving home!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  35. Rhonda Madsen

    Bless you all for giving her a forever home.

  36. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m certain your family’s love will help her heal from her past – I’m sure!
    Their behavior change (baby steps, as you said) is often not in a linear fashion, they’ll be moving forward and then seem to go back. But one day, you will notice that she isn’t doing something (unwanted behavior) anymore, or at least much less often. Or that she’s IS doing something (wanted behavior) much more often.
    She’s a lovely pup and will come to realize she is safe with your family.

  37. El, a Stampin' Pretty Pal

    Lucy is *adorable*! Pups are truly a blessing. We have had our second one for 10 years now and can’t imagine life without her. Loving her is a gift that keeps on giving! Our baby girl is definitely high on our list of what we are thankful for. I can certainly understand why you love Lucy. TFS!!! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  38. Wendi A Gottsegen

    I can completely understand where you are coming from. I never wanted another animal in our home but my daughter begged and begged and finally wore me down. She dragged me to our local shelter week after week where I made up what I dubbed my “What I will accept list” and each week we left empty handed never able to find exactly the correct dog to fit my criteria. Of course my child was disappointed but she stayed on me until the unthinkable happened. We went to the Humane Society and there sitting alone in a small kennel was this pup that was so scared she could barely move. She was about four months old and was so unkept. Her fur was overgrown and so she had what could only be described as ringlets on top of her head. We took the scared ball of fur into a play room so we could meet one another. This baby’s name. . . Lucy! She had reddish blonde fur and was sweet/ even though she was double the size already and she didn’t meet any of my rules I was hooked and had already fallen in love with her. My daughter and I agreed she was our new family member so we adopted her. Sadly our local shelter does not allow people to go and adopt and leave with the animal on the same day. They actually put a “hold” on the animal and send you home for 24 to 48 hours to really decide if this is what you really want. For my daughter and me we were already in it so the next morning we could hardly wait for the shelter to open. we went and picked up Lucy and the rest is history.

    Lucy was supposed to have been my daughter’s companion but that isn’t what happened. Instead Lucy attached herself to me. About the same time we adopted Lucy I got very sick. I had been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus back in the 1980’s but it had never really been a significant problem until now. Suddenly I found I was in multiple organ involvement and I could barely move around. At that time I was spending much of my days in a large over sized recliner where Lucy laid either on my lap or next to me. She rarely left my side and was my constant companion for her entire life.

    I never realized how much I loved that little girl until the day came when she was in kidney failure and the vet said she was way to sick and couldn’t survive a kidney transplant, which they do do for dogs and I would have done for Lucy if she had been able to handle it. I stayed with Lucy as she took her last breath and told her I loved her more than life.

    We have a few pet cemeteries on our area and we buried Lucy in one of them. I go there often to visit her. It has been 13 years since I lost her and I miss her everyday of my life. I did adopt other dogs after her, In fact my husband, who initially said he didn’t want any more dogs ever, lasted exactly three hours without her before he came to me and said the house is too quiet without Lucy around. We ended up with not one, but three more cock spaniel pups. One little girl I found thru a very good breeder and two that we rescued from different places. The first little girl we rescued came from a really bad environment. This six week old pup was barely getting anything to eat and was being abused by all the larger dogs around her. She was a real challenge for us. She was afraid of everything and her way to deal with her fear was to show aggression, It took me a long time to gain her trust but I finally did. Today, my baby is almost 13 and she is the light of my life again. And sadly I know that sooner rather than later her time will also come. I am not and will not be ready but I will cope with it when I have to.

    I know that I will always have room in my home and heart for a four legged child. They bring you nothing but love and joy and companionship and I know I am a better person for having them in my life.

  39. Mary you melted my heart with your story. Lucy knows how lucky she is that she has found her forever home. Bless you for rescuing her and giving her that forever home! And especially for being that person to understand ‘baby steps’!! I know you will have many happy years with her!

  40. A beautiful Thanksgiving story! Made my day!


    hello Mary.

    thank you for your post today . love .love LUCY.
    so glad that you are giving her a wonderful home and love.
    my heart goes to you and Lucy.
    have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and Lucy & the cats

  42. Sending hugs to Lucy on this special day. What a beautiful tale of Lucy and her forever family. Happy Thanksgiving Mary!

  43. Maggie Minnich

    Oh Mary, your story about adopting Lucy brought tears to my eyes. She has obviously had a stressful life rife with abuse and anguish… thank you for seeing what she can be once given the love and protection of a true, forever home. While we can never undo the horrible things people before us have done, we can make a difference from this moment on, even if it takes baby steps along the way. Bless you, your daughter, and husband. Happy Thanksgiving.

  44. What a great decision to adopt a dog from a shelter. She is very sweet and no doubt she is working her way into your hearts. My dog came from a shelter and she was ‘crazy’ when we got her. Our first meeting consisted of her running around the room as she was so excited. She never did calm down but we took her anyway. It was a great decision as she is such a great dog. I still say dogs become great dogs with lots of love (and treats)!

  45. Ninamarie Coulter

    What a wonderful story about your dog Lucy. We rescued two dogs three years ago who had been abused. We have not been sucessful with house training but they are keepers.

  46. This is a wonderful story. Lucy is very lucky to be loved so much. Happy Thanksgiving.

  47. What a sweet girl! Love that face, and of course, the collar! So glad you gave her the loving home she deserves; you’ll get back tenfold. Group training classes are great for socializing and concentration, and good for the handler—when others have a problem, the trainer helps solve said problem so if you have that problem in the future, you’ll know how to handle it. I can’t say enough about group training classes. Remember the three P’s—Praise, Persistence, Patience—not necessarily in that order! Apparently, you’ve done quite a good job with her, as she looks like the perfect dog. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  48. Mary, Thank you for sharing your story with us. Congratulations on all the progress your family has made together. This is a wonderful thing to celebrate on Thanksgiving! Thank you for giving Lucy her forever home! Such sweet pictures! Hugs and Kisses to your family. – Lisa

  49. This is such a sweet story! You have a terrific story writing “voice”!

  50. Mary, what a wonderful and heartwarming story. Pets are such wonderful family members.
    May you and your family have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

  51. A beautiful story, thanks for sharing.

  52. Mary, dear, I am so very happy for you folks and Lucy! I remember Isabel, so very well. She was sweet and I always got a chuckle out of her bell when you would tape. Lucy, will do fine with you folks and I am so very happy for her, poor dear – she is seeing how very much she has missed and the love she never had. So very hAPPY for all!. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am waiting for my nephew etc and just happen to be watching “The National Dod Show”. : )

  53. Mary K Wessling

    Our little rescue dog, Abby, was from a puppy mill, talk about a new way of life for all of us in the house! It took her two years to finally trust my husband! She hated the sound of keys jiggling, must have brought back painful memories for her. She was are 20 pound guard dog and ruled the house, even our 100 lb. chocolate lab. Sadly, we lost her to cancer last year and our house was so quite, amazing how much energy she put into our lives! Our other three boys are all rescued from a local no-kill shelter, we love them to pieces!

  54. I have to say that I LOVE all of your posts but this one. . . .oh this one is so SUPER, DUPER, FANTASTIC!!!!!!! <3

  55. Mary, I am so happy for both you and Lucy! You can have doggie DNA tests to determine her actual breeds. Often it is good to know, because it sometimes helps explain certain behaviors.
    Regardless, she is the perfect dog for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Good suggestion, Imogene. We were curious, too, and tried the DNA test. However, it came back 50% Chihuahua (I’ll bet there’s some in there – but she’s pretty big for a Chihuahua) but indicated the other 50% was cocker/springer spaniel. I’m not too confident in that result. I grew up with springers. When we research the Meagle (Min Pin & Beagle mix), she’s pretty spot on in terms of behavior and looks.

  56. Love this awesome love story with your new fur baby. I also adopted my JoJo from a rescue but she was a surrender and not a street dog. So happy to see that Lucy knows which football team to root for! Go, Pack, Go! Are you originally from Wisconsin?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  57. Hope Mitchell

    Perfect Thanksgiving story, made me teary-eyed but with good tears. It’s so difficult being at a shelter, choosing just one of those needy and deserving pets. Bless you. As with children, we celebrate even the humblest of accomplishments.A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family of six!

  58. Cathy Priester

    That is so cool, Mary. All of our dogs and cats have been rescued or just showed up on our doorstep. In my opinion, they are the best!!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of what all of you (including Lucy) are learning from each other. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and family.

  59. Heather Cooper

    Your beautiful story about Lucy left me in tears, Mary! So well written! I was left thinking that Lucy is so lucky to have you and your family, but it sounds like you and your family are feeling lucky to have Lucy (just one letter shy of Lucky) as well!

  60. Debbie Crowlely

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary! What a beautiful story you shared and Lucy is not only a beautiful soul, but very lucky as are you, Scott and Caroline to have found each other. I am on my second rescue and wouldn’t have it any other way. Your baby steps will soon turn into giant leaps….I am sure of that.
    Enjoy your day and my good thoughts are with you all.

  61. Hi Mary, I follow your posts every day and love your creative designs and simplicity, too! Lovely!
    But today’s post was an unexpected “gem”. Thank you for sharing your Lucy rescue story. May it encourage others to rescue!!!

  62. Sonny Peterson

    LOVE IT !
    Please keep us in touch with this special little lady from time to time .

  63. Rosa M. Vasquez

    Thank you for the story of “Lucy”. She is a lucky dog.

  64. Welcome, Lucy! You are a cutie.

  65. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us today, Mary! It’s no wonder that you love Lucy so much! What an adorable little doggie she is….you are doing a wonderful job raising her to be fearless by taking baby steps and working within her reach. Aww, this just warms my heart! Happy Thanksgiving, Mary~

  66. Been there, done that! So glad Lucy found a wonderful furrever home! Happy Thanksgiving.

  67. So many tears Mary. Really! I love fur babies. They make our lives so much more “liveable.” I’m so happy your puppy has a new home with you and your family. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  68. Hi Mary, Your new addition Lucy looks just like my Minnie who is now 5 years old. She is also a rescue dog who follows me around every where. I love her sooooo!!

  69. Betty Guthrie

    Beautiful Lucy, so blessed to have a loving family, may she bring you love and joy for many years to come. I too am thankful and blessed with the love of my mini-dachshund, Mia, for the past 14 1/2 years, she is my shadow and constant companion. Happy Thanksgiving.

  70. Andree Castoldi

    Really enjoyed meeting Lucy! She is adorable and I know she feels so lucky to be a part of your family! Coincidentally, I adopted a rescue dog a couple months ago. After losing THREE dogs this past year, one at a time, and then losing my husband in June., I really needed someone to love and pamper. Millie is a coco-poodle, two years old, black soft curly hair, 25 pounds, and I think she picked ME first. I never even thought about a black dog…or one over 20 pounds, but she is perfect. Her previous owners felt that she was “too attached” to them and that is the main reasons I fell in love with her. It is so nice to be wanted and needed and have the company of such a gentle fur baby who is smart and accepts me even when I have a “bad hair day”!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, two-legged and four=legged!.

  71. What a beautiful story, Mary. Makes me want to give Lucy a hug. You write very well . Lucy is one LUCKY dog. When you look into those soulful eyes you want to love her. May you, your family . Lucy and kitties, too , have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  72. We lost our two rescue cats…siblings…Benny and Bonnie at 18 and 19 years old, but they were such a god-send. Pets are so innocent and so loving, and give so much of their hearts to their owners. Your Lucy is absolutely beautiful. We are sort of at the “fork in the road”, about deciding, at our ages (our 70’s), whether another pet is in our future. Give Lucy a hug for us.

  73. Wendy Thompson

    Loved your story. I have a pug that was a stray my daughter found five years ago. Her name…Lucy!

  74. Beverly Weaver

    Love that you have taken on Lucy. She needs you and you need her too.

  75. Beautiful story. Lucy looks so content. She finally found what she needed all her life. Glad she found you and your family.

  76. Oh, my gosh, I have tears running down my cheeks. Your story just tugged on my heart. We put down our “Stefani” this year. It broke our heart as she was a second “child” for 14 years. However when the quality of life became an issue, we knew we had to do the hardest decision….we still have our little guy Bordeaux and his brother Bandit (from the same litter). Bordeaux and Bandit are brothers…we adopted one and so did our daughter. Bandit is my first granddog! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  77. My admiration for you Mary, and your family, is abundant for opening up your hearts and home to this beautiful and loving new pup. Lucy has grabbed a piece of my heart just by looking so darn cute in her photos.
    Thanks for sharing,

  78. Enjoyed reading and thanks for sharing about your Lucy. Her story is encouraging and we can be thankful for Lucy and the folks that gave her a forever home. Pictures are always a plus. Have a great day! ??

  79. Wonderful!!! You are doing a great thing. This adorable dog has found a loving home and people who will take the time to give her all the love she can hold. Congratulations on your new family member and those “baby steps” are working. Happy Thanksgiving!

  80. I adopted a special needs (extreme shyness) 10-month-old Chihuahua from Chihuahua Rescue here in St. Louis. Jessica is now 11 1/2 and is my sweetheart! She has come a long way – still wary of most people and all dogs, but she has a wonderful life and is as happy as can be. Congratulations on your brave and heartwarming step in adopting Lucy!

    • Sounds familiar, Linda. I want to continue trying to socialize her so that we can walk without Lucy going bananas when she sees another dog. She could use a playmate other than Boris. However, we are content if just being herself (like Jessica) is her future as well.

  81. I am so glad you and your family found Lucy, People like you melt my heart. I wish you many more wonderful days with your rescue pup.

  82. Loved your post about Lucy — beautiful. Today I’m thankful for so many things, you among them, Mary! So glad I joined your team and can be a Pal. It’s truly a positive force in my life every day! I hope someday we can meet in person! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  83. Barb Hopper Preiss

    I love your story! I have my Gypsy cat much the same way you had gotten Lucy.. Our dog died, my husband died, his bird died, and our 22 yo cat died all in 6 months… vowed no more animals… Long story short Thanksgiving of that year.. I came home from family dinner at my sons with my adult cat Gypsy…. she had fostered kittens twice in a shelter and when it came time for adoptions .. she was overlooked… they put her in my arms and we both melted a little… then my sister in law said we needed each other… well, I guess we did ! Its been 7 years now.. 9 year Gypsy was truely a God-send!! Good luck with Lucy… she will be an amazing girl for you!


    Your post about Lucy made me cry. I’m sure she is thankful for you and your family today. Happy Thanksgiving.

  85. Good for all of you! What a treasure Lucy is! Your patience is well worth the effort. Lucy will be a loyal, loving family member for many years to come. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

  86. I love your story, Mary! My heart melts just thinking about this sweet little dog that you are rescuing daily from her fears and who-knows-what in her past. She’s so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Hugs!

  87. Love your story. Absolutely love Lucy’s collar and bandanna. Go PACK (not much of a team this year, though ?)

  88. Linda Riesgraf

    As I sit here at my desk with my two rescues, Larry and Penny, I am full of joy for Lucy–and for you and your family. I especially liked that you were able to look beyond the familiar when your sweet pug went to heaven, leaving a space for a new pup in your lives. Rescue dogs are a special breed. They may take more work and patience, but once they settle in, they seem to have a special appreciation for their new lives; and they pay it back a thousand times over in affection and loyalty. Yay for you! Yay for Lucy! Yay for every rescue dog who finds a new forever home. Happy Thanksgiving.

  89. Cheryl McAskill

    Happy Thanksgiving! 26 people! I’d join Lucy in the bath too! Have a Blessed day!

  90. Sweet story! I am such a pet-lover! I currently have 2 “pound” puppies and they are our lives especially since we are “empty nesters.” I cannot imagine life without them. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  91. Robbye Hamilton

    Everyone, including me, is going to say how lucky Lucy is that you adopted her. Having adopted a dog from one of our local shelters 6 years ago myself I know the truth. In actuality while our little fur babies are lucky, so are we. They may bring challenges, but they also bring so much love that you hate to wonder what your life would be without them. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Mary

  92. Mary i am so happy for you! Lucy is such a lucky dog to have such a wonderful loving home. Such a heart warming story. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  93. Kadie in Arizona

    Thanksgiving is a day to reflect and be thankful……..And I’m not sure who is the lucky one in this story. SO HAPPY that Lucy has found her ‘forever home’ and your family has found that ‘baby steps’ can sometime be the BEST THING! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family Mary.

  94. linda callahan

    Well I love Lucy too! What a sweetie! And I love stories with happy endings…..so glad she is part of your family now! Happy Thanksgiving!

  95. Lucy is a cutie. She is blessed to have you and your family. Luv it that she has Bories for a buddy.

    Years ago when we had 2 cats and 2 dogs, they both had there own buddy.


  96. Lucy is so lucky to have you in her lives now….she has a wonderful new home and very fashionable collars, esp. the Packer scarf!!!! Have a fun day with your friends and family….happy thanksgiving!!!

  97. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Thank you for sharing. I lost my loving Polly of 14 years this June. I got her after my husband passed away. She became my best friend & a family member. I said no more pets! BUT…..MAYBE THERE IS HOPE.

    • Barb Hopper Preiss

      I love your story! I have my Gypsy cat much the same way you had gotten Lucy.. Our dog died, my husband died, his bird died, and our 22 yo cat died all in 6 months… vowed no more animals… Long story short Thanksgiving of that year.. I came home from family dinner at my sons with my adult cat Gypsy…. she had fostered kittens twice in a shelter and when it came time for adoptions .. she was overlooked… they put her in my arms and we both melted a little… then my sister in law said we needed each other… well, I guess we did ! Its been 7 years now.. 9 year old Gypsy is truely a God-send!! Good luck with Lucy… she will be an amazing girl for you!

  98. Janice Eastes

    What a lovely post, Mary!! Lucy is so fortunate to be a part of your patient and loving family! Thanks to you and your family for adopting this wonderful girl and giving her the love and attention that every dog deserves., I hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving day and that Lucy feels brave enough to venture out to receive the pats and warmth that will help her see that the world is good and loving place to be. PS I LOVE your blog and your gorgeous cards inspire me every day. Thank you.

  99. Chris vanKoeverden

    Mary, thanks for sharing. Such a touching, loving story. Enjoy your new fur baby! Happy Thanksgiving.

  100. Yay, Mary! I love this story about your sweet Lucy! I’ve been without my Lucky dog for 2 years and we’re just now contemplating welcoming another dog into our home. I’m shedding tears of joy for you both! You are blessed!

  101. Sharon Northern

    What a charming and heart-warming story. Every time we lose a beloved dog we moan and swear never again but somehow a house is not a home without a fur baby.
    Have a wonderful day and keep those stamping posts coming. Love ’em.

  102. Love your story and congratulations on your new fur baby. We just adopted a rescue dog a few weeks ago and are still taking baby steps. Our Zoey was keep chained up and used for breeding. She was not house trained and was scared of the dark, trying to take her out at night was a bit of a night mare. But we won the battle with a simple head lap around her neck. Next step is the fear of riding in the car. In the last few weeks she has bonded with us as we have bonded to her. She is a loving happy dog and we couldn’t be happier for her.

  103. Dearest Mary, please pass the Kleenex.

  104. Loved your post today!! My granddaughter has 2 rescue dogs. The first dog is now 5 years old and the second dog is going to be 1 next month, My granddaughter is a nurse and has been very successful in her life. At 24 she has her own home and just became engaged. The 1 year old dog has issues at the age of 2 months and had to have a $4000 surgery because someone in her life kicked her and broke her jaw. It healed incorrectly and the surgery made her better, Most young people would have put the dog down, but she paid the bill and we now have a wonderful dog. Could tell you much more but will stop now. Good luck with Lucy!!! You are special!

  105. Debbie Stafford

    Mary, your story is so very precious. We, too, are Rescue Parents as we adopted 2 precious Min. Schnauzers about 5 years ago. We had lost our darling Josie to health issues and said no more pets. Well after about 6 months we were on the search and were directed to the Schnauzer Rescue Website and there we found our BOYS. Such a wonderful addition to our family. Congratulations on your new family addition.

  106. Bless your heart for welcoming Lucy to your home. I had a very challenging rescue dog. He lived 15-1/2 years and he was one of the ones I’ve missed the most. Working through all their problems with them brings you so much closer to them. I love that you’re “meeting Lucy where she is” and helping her through her problems and taking baby steps. Sounds like you have a good instinct and you’re getting some good advice. Rescue dogs are so amazing. They bring their own experiences and mystique and help us get outside ourselves when trying to understand and help them. Congratulations on your lifelong and forever-grateful addition to the family.

  107. Happy Thanksgiving Mary & Family! Loved reading your Lucy story, she’s so cute & lucky to have a forever Home, finally! Blessings to y’all..????❤️

  108. Lucy is a very fortunate pup to have found such a loving family. Dogs certainly have a way of burrowing their way straight to our hearts. She’s a doll, Mary.

  109. thank you for sharing that story Mary….we have all rescues in our house and they are all unique! Happy Thanksgiving! I think she has found a wonderful home!

  110. Mary, I check your blog each morning while having coffee. Your crafting talent is beautiful and inspirational. However, your story and photos of Lucy this AM was the the best! Please keep us posted on your new, sweet hound!
    So happy for you and your family, but most of all, Lucy.
    Thanks and a blessed day to you, your family and the animals.

  111. llynne flavin

    a wonderful Thanksgiving post! my 10 yr old Spencer dog is at my feet right now as I write…got him from a rescues @ 4 months old after putting my 9 yr old dog down…not going to get a puppy, I said but I did & tho it took this pet parent & pup a few years (!!) to get on the same page, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Good for you…on many levels!! Thanks for the reminder to pause & see what’s around us! ,,,Enjoy the adventure 😉

  112. Such a beautiful and lucky little princess! A few weeks ago I lost Molly — also a street dog estimated to be 1 1/2 yrs old — to heart disease. We were besties for 15 years and I know the grief you felt. I’m looking into fostering a dog or two in the spring time. I will probably end up adopting them! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your two legged/four legged loved ones!

  113. What a beautiful story. Bless you for taking Lucy in and giving her a home and a family!

  114. What a heartwarming story! Brought tears to my eyes and a renewed faith in people. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  115. Carol Mitchell-Cusick

    Beautiful post! Bless you and your family for sharing your home and your hearts with Lucy. ❤️

  116. Mary Deatherage

    Thank you for sharing this today, Mary. And God Bless you for giving Lucy such a wonderful forever home! 🙂

  117. What a beautiful story! May you be blessed with many more years with Lucy!

  118. Maria Rodriguez

    Oh Mary, Mary…..What a sweet, sweet story and what a sweet and lucky little doggie Lucy is.
    She is beautiful and I can tell by that face, that she will be a fabulous and loyal companion for you and your family for many years to come.
    Dogs know people and Lucy is obviously feeling totally at ease with you at your home, she is feeling the love and the care and she definitely shows it, for never being in a real home, she looks perfectly content everywhere, love the picture of her in the “doggy friendly B&B”, haha!!!
    Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us today Mary, your Lucy definitely brought a smile on my face this morning.
    Wishing you and your family and Lucy, a beautiful Thanksgiving Day.

  119. Tears in my eyes as I read your post, thank you for sharing your story. Forever homes are great places. Happy Thanksgiving Mary!

  120. Hi Mary, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. What a beautiful story and thank you for sharing with us. Our pets really do bring something to our lives don’t they? When we lost our first dog, it took us a very long time (5 years) to get another one, The heartbreak was so profound, I couldn’t see myself going through that again. But one day we looked at each other and realized that they bring SO much to our lives (and also the house was too quiet) and got our first puppy (we adopted our first dog at age 3). So I can relate to what you said about the tears and frustration, many times I said out loud to her “I’m in charge here, not you” with a smile in my voice, of course! That said…she still pretty much runs the show but with puppy classes and lots of patience (good for all of us!) things have gotten better. You’re right…baby steps! Enjoy all that sweet Lucy brings to your lives, she’s a doll!

  121. Bless you and your family for doing so much for Lucy. She lucked out getting you for her forever home. The hard won love of an animal is the best kind. Happy Thanksgiving!

  122. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mary. What a heartwarming story! Little Lucy is one lucky pooch to have been adopted by your family.

  123. Happy Thanksgiving to Lucy and her loving new family. Thank you for sharing with us how you opened your heart and home to a stranger with quirks, the slow process of healing, and your patient care of her. Her adventures-past and present- are molding together to emerge into a new and better Lucy. Much like the quilt of our own lives.

  124. Rosemary Smith

    What a wonderful story to wake up to. Our house to is filled with 3 shelter dogs and a shelter cat. One of our dogs, Maddox had 4 homes before us because people did not give my boy a chance. It took almost a year, with many of your Lucy’s issues, but he is a different and very happy dog now. We have had him now for almost 4 years. Thank goodness for people like you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  125. Christine Peterson

    Such a sweet story! It touched my heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

  126. Thank you for your comments. I promise to share more photos in the future. I have been a very active customer on Chewy.com and Amazon. She has the most adorable holiday tartan plaid coat (and she loves it for her walks – she hates the cooler weather).

  127. Oh, how lucky for Ms. Lucy! A persons heart glows when you see how they treat their pets. Love and many blessings to you and your family dear Mary. Hugs, Judi

  128. Your story about Lucy becoming part of your family was so heartwarming, Mary. Thank you for sharing this. In this, we give thanks!

  129. Congratulations! Thank you so much for taking the time to adopt a rescue dog.

  130. Lucy is adorable…your perseverance and patience is definitely worth it for the rewards you get in return…the love and loyalty of a dog is priceless.

  131. What a nice story. I can imagine the difficulty in raising a non socialized dog can be; I have friends that have rescue cats. Bless your heart for taking on a hard task and having the patience for Lucy.

    • Lucy still has a long way to go. Her confidence has grown but she still (after 3 months) has many fears of people. We plan to keep working with her (daily) and it’s precious so see her stretch her boundaries.

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