My Merry Patterns Blog Candy Giveaway


I shared a simple card idea on my blog yesterday using the Merry Patterns Stamp Set.  Original blog post & details here. Today I’m offering a Merry Patterns Blog Candy Giveaway!  A randomly chosen comment below will win the following Stampin’ Up! products that played a BIG role in creating my card:

  • Merry Patterns Stamp Set – Clear Mount
  • Whisper White Note Cards & Envelopes (20 pre-cut and scored cards and envelopes)
  • Foil Snowflakes (12 each of silver and gold)

HOW TO PLAY:  For your chance to win the Stampin’ Up! goodies above, please leave a comment HERE sharing your answer to: Gold, silver, copper or a mix?  What is your favorite “metal” (or “metals”) to use in paper crafting for the winter holidays?

Deadline for blog candy comments is Monday, October 16 at NOON (MST).  Please comment only once.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner within 24 hours on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship to winners within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and U.S. mailing address.  Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!  Good luck!

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She (Mary Fish) lets us each know we matter and are worth her time and encouragement. A true leader by example!

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  1. Christine Fracchia

    I love silver accents for the holidays. Especially with a blue and white combo. Thanks for a chance to win.

  2. You say for the winter holidays – so copper for Thanksgiving, and both
    silver and gold for Christmas. And silver for New Years Day.
    Love your ideas.

  3. HO! HO! HO! Hi Ho Silver for me!

  4. I am using more gold….gives cards a rich touch! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Estelle Ferry

    I love using silver for the winter holidays. I reminds me of snow.

  6. I usually go to silver first, but like the look of all metals.

  7. Gold is my first go-to metal, but it depends on what I am making as to which one I will use.

  8. Gold usually but this year it’s SILVER. that I’ve been accenting with Night of Navy and Razzleberry Ripple for my Christmas cards and tags.

  9. I love silver combined with very vanilla card stock. I have had friends hang my cards on their Christmas trees because they liked the silver highlights on the card.

    Thanks for offering such scrumptious blog candy—love your blog!

  10. I love the classic mix of silver and gold

  11. I love mixing up the different foil colors as well as their matching ribbons. Just starting to play with the new champagne foil-also beautiful with silver!

  12. Really depends on the card and DSP. Love all the metals.

  13. Silver is my go to for Christmas but love copper for Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration. Your blog is the first one I peruse every morning.

  14. By a long shot, it’s silver for the holidays! Thank you for a chance to win some blog candy, Mary!

  15. Sandy Carroll

    I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, so I mostly use silver and gold. I love copper for other times of the year!

  16. Christine Grosh

    I would choose a mix of the metals. I have seen some really great things created with all the colors involved.

  17. Gold is my preference! Both in jewelry and in card making!

  18. Given the season, I’m currently using a lot of copper. But gold and silver are right around the corner. Thanks for all your inspiration, Mary.

  19. Sandra K Rowland


  20. For winter, my favorite metal is silver. It goes so well with many shades of blue. But if you are talking Christmas; that is a different story! Definitely gold for Christmas! Looks regal and celebratory with deep greens and reds.

  21. Charmaine Babineau

    My favorite is gold. Thanks for a chance to win some candy!

  22. I love silver-especially with blues for my winter cards. However gold with reds are the favorite for some of my family so I make individual cards for them.

  23. I love to use a mix of gold and silver.

  24. Thank you, Mary, for the opportunity to win blog candy! Silver is my metal of choice!

  25. Silver and Gold . How do you measure their worth , just by the pleasure it gives on your Christmas cards or decorations.

  26. Love silver it looks so clean and crisp!

  27. Gold it is for me. Always elegant.

  28. Silver is my favorite metal for holiday cards…although I love what you did with the mixing of metals..thanks for the opportunity to win some amazing goodies!!

  29. I really think Gold is a classic. Although your mixed metals wreath card was adorable you made in the past. Yet…if I chose one it would be GOLD.

  30. Lisa thompson

    Love your blog!! It is so inspiring!

  31. I prefer the mix!

  32. I love the silver foil or glitter card stock for Christmas cards and copper or Gold for Halloween or Thansgvng. It just gves a card a pop f it needs it.

  33. I love the silver foil or glitter card stock for the winter holidays.

  34. Copper for fall, silver for snowflakes, and gold for other christmas things. I don’t usually like to mix metals, but I am working on it!

  35. The different metallic are the best!

  36. Silver is my metal of choice.

  37. For me it is gold, although with some projects silver looks better. I haven’t used much copper.

  38. Colleen Patton

    I use to only liked silver but have ventured out and now like to use all metal colors. I especially am living the copper that I have been seeing. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  39. All of the above! I like a mix and separate. My all time favorite is silver though 🙂

  40. Silver is my pick, it is shiny and sparkly.

  41. I really like the mix of all of the metals. My favorite metal to use is rhinestones.

  42. I love to use silver with my Christmas cards.

  43. I love using silver for my Christmas cards but I am loving the new Champagne color!!

  44. Silver is usually my choice but I think it’s because I’ve been allergic to every type of metal EXCEPT platinum, since I was a young child, lol.
    I think Christmastime is definitely the only time of year that metallic colors can be used to your hearts content! But then again, you can’t go wrong with anything shiny on a card throughout the year!

  45. I love using mixed metals for a real wow factor. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. I sure enjoy gold, silver and copper when making my Christmas cards. I feel if you do it right each one can make the recipient of the card feel the Christmas wishes!

  47. I sure enjoy gold, silver and copper when making my Christmas cards. I feel is you do it right each one can make the recipient of the card feel the Christmas wishes!

  48. For Christmas cards I like to use silver most of the time. I like all three colors and use them depending on then theme of the card. Thanks for all you share!

  49. Silver but sometimes a mix is fun

  50. Silver is my Christmas metal. I love the frosty, snowy appearance of silver.

  51. I love the warmth that copper exudes for Fall, but for Christmas silver is my go-to metal.

  52. 1st choice for Christmas is sliver, but I also like to mix them up!

  53. I enjoy all of them! Copper for fall and silver and gold for Christmas!

  54. I love using a mix of metals, and I love anything that sparkles & shines on a card!

  55. I like the Silver, it reminds me of a winter Christmas.

  56. I definitely like a mix of the metals! I can’t choose just one!

  57. I am a Copper girl right now.

  58. I prefer gold. Gold looks elegant at Christmas and several other occasions! Thank you!

  59. Amy VanHuisen

    Gold…adds elegance to the traditional red and green holly, cardinals, and evergreens I tend to use on my cards.

  60. I love all the foil colors for use on various projects. Copper for fall is a must. Gold and silver for Christmas. The uses go on.

  61. I love all the foil colors for different reasons. Thanks for opportunity to win. I appreciate your inspiration.

  62. Mary, you have definitely inspired me to think mix metals is the way to go this season!! New and fun!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  63. Wendy Eberhart

    Copper. I’d have to say it depends on what I’m stamping….that will determine what medal I use.

  64. Elaine Harrison Lane

    Seems like silver hits the mark on most paper crafting I do. Thank you

  65. I like the copper color and the color I use most around the holidays would be silver. Thank You for the opportunity to win.

  66. Cheryl Hellem

    I really love the Copper, so pretty!! Great for so many projects all through the year!! I hope Stampin’up continues to carry it!!

  67. I love the warmth of copper for fall. Gold reminds me of the Star of Bethlehem and silver reminds of beautiful winter snow….I am gonna pick silver!

  68. Donna Gabbard

    Everyone expects silver or gold. I like to use copper. It is a pretty surprise!

  69. Silver is my favorite for jewelry. Copper is my favorite for around the home. Now when it comes to card making I love all three! Gold with reds, silver with blues and coppers with teals.

  70. Jennifer Rawlings

    I love the champagne foil this year!

  71. Cindy Schloendorf

    Although copper is beautand warn for autumn, silver is my favorite for winter. It reminds me of the glimmer of snow.

  72. I tend to use silver and gold more. Thanks for your great daily posts and the chance to win!

  73. I love to use copper for Christmas cards. Very elegant!

  74. A mix of metal

  75. COPPER!

  76. I used Gold on cards last year and loved the look!

  77. My ‘go to’ is silver but mixed metals seem to be the trend with gold making a resurgence. I just need to get brave and get out of my comfort zone. Pass the copper.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  78. well, I love them all, so I’ll have to say “a mixture, that’s what I’ve been doing lately.

  79. julee mccully

    Silver & a dark blue

  80. Gotta love Silver for winter. Put with night of navy, just makes me think of snow. It’s also elegant and also my favorite color jewelry to wear.

  81. I like silver the best. However, the new champagne is really pretty!

  82. Beth Ann Halvorson

    I always love the combo of silver and blue for beautiful Christmas cards!

  83. Silver has always been my favorite “metal” for Christmas – but then again – it’s my favorite “metal” for jewelry as well…wonder if there is some connection to that..LOL. Thanks for a fun way to play along Mary!

  84. Dee Ann Whitaker

    My favorite metal to use during Christmas is gold! Although I will have to say, I like them all!

  85. I love a mix of metals!

  86. Janice Schultz

    Silver is my favorite but I also love gold with red.

  87. Gold is the color of Christmas, rich, elegant, warm and classic. This is a fun, versatile stamp set, I would love to own and make sparkle.

  88. I usually love gold for the holidays but this year I plan to use copper for my Christmas cards because I love the look with both traditional and non-traditional colors. Thanks for a chance to win these awesome products!

  89. I like to use Gold it is so rich looking. I almost always use gold on my holiday cards either in glitter paper or ink

  90. Susan Engblom

    Well, it would have to be gold AND silver. They are just as great together, as separately. I use them frequently in my holiday cards because I love the sparkle and shine of those colors.

  91. I love silver with soft blue. I reminds me of a silent snowy night; soft and light.

  92. I like to use silver.

  93. Rosina Carrasco


  94. it all depends on the accent colors, but I often prefer silver.

  95. I am a silver girl, but copper has been wooing me.

  96. Hey Mary! The project and design dictates which metal to use. Why limit oneself by the season; all colors will work…just check out Mother Natures work. Thanks for all your great creative ideas…

  97. Sandra Schroeder

    I seem to go for the gold the most, but I think any touch of metal on a card makes to beautiful.

  98. Stephanie H. Ryon


  99. I find myself reaching for the silver most often but the gold is beautiful for the Christmas cards. I use Copper for more of the Fall Season

  100. Linda Gilbert

    My very favorite metal is copper. Have always loved it and was thrilled when Stampin Up got it and the accessories to go with it. Lovin that copper ribbon!!!!!

  101. Silver is my favorite.

  102. I use gold and silver the most but gold is my favorite by a slim margin!

  103. Dianne Cameron

    Absolutely copper! Love, love the Merry Patterns stamp set.

  104. Gold seems to be my go-to metal this season, but copper is still near the top. Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful set.

  105. Silver for winter and copper for fall are my favorites.

  106. Definitely mixing and layering, with glitter as well!

  107. My favorite for Autumn is a gold, and for Winter is silver. Since the winter is fast approaching, I will say SILVER to give you one choice.

  108. Copper has become my go to favorite metal for holiday cards.

  109. A mix of gold, silver, and copper will create a beautiful holiday card. The gold and silver doilies are perfect for adding instant glam.

  110. I have really liked the copper Stampin Up has, but the new Champagne foil is beautiful! Thank you so much for the chance to win your blog candy!! Love seeing your ideas everyday!

  111. My favorite metal to use in holiday paper crafting is gold. It is very versatile and can be used with almost anything.

  112. Shelley d'Arcy

    I like a mix between the metals. But that being said, I seem to move toward gold in my cards.

  113. My favorite metal to use for the holidays is Silver and also Gold.

  114. Stacey Carter

    Copper. Don’t know what it is…but I’m addicted to copper.

  115. I am very partial to silver especially with white. My Christmas tree is non traditional – its is trimmed with white, silver and glass ornaments and trimmings

  116. Betsy Johnson

    I’m a silver girl… but the other colors are fun, too!

  117. Betsy Johnson

    I’m a silver girl… but the orher colors are fun, too!

  118. Karen Sanders

    Oooh… that depends on the color of the card, but my first go to is silver.

  119. Definitely copper, love the look!

  120. The wonder of Christmas deserves gold. 🙂 There are so many ideas in the catalog, but thank you for always sharing your creative talent with us!

  121. Copper, I’m going to try it. I usually go to gold first.

  122. Silver, without a doubt. I love copper for everything else!

  123. What a great stamp set, love the elegant sentiments and images. Favorite metal is gold, especially for the holidays!

  124. I adore mixed metals….in paper crafting, in jewelry, and in home decor! So glad it’s a “thing”!!!!

  125. I love silver for winter with blues – but gold is beautiful for Christmas with red! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  126. I would say silver and gold for christmas but I am liking the new copper- so copper for fall.

  127. i LOVE silver for the holidays but otherwise. . . .copper, copper, copper! 😀

  128. Beth Geraghty

    I usually use silver for Christmas/winter cards. I feel like it goes best with Cherry Cobbler and Garden Green for Christmas and blues for winter/snow cards. It adds just enough glitz to the cards.

  129. I would love a chance to get this giveaway. Thanks for offering it! I like silver and copper best for the holidays but gold can’t be left out as it goes so beautifully with so many colors. Thanks again!

  130. Connie Johnson

    I am no respecter of metals! I love them all ? Sometimes it depends on the other colors I’m working with or the theme of the project but I really do like them all. I think pewter, aluminium, steel and iron even have their places!

  131. I love silver for the holidays, but copper is the bomb!

  132. I love to use “Silver” for the holidays since it blends in with the snow scenery very well. Thanks for a chance to win your awesome blog candy.

  133. Georgia Gallman

    Gold is most suitable for the holidays-it really makes the days feel special!

  134. I most often use silver for winter….but this year, I used copper with the Bethlehem set and Night of Navy….WOW….gorgeous combo!

  135. My favorite is silver , but I love copper too. I love how they both can mix with so many colors so well. I am going to use it with some blue colors this year, but the copper would also be great for the Fall.

  136. The copper foil is my top choice. It is out-of-the-ordinary and works so well with all colors!! I have die cut the Bethlehem village, the paisleys, and many other designs. Nothing beats it for impact!!

  137. Silver and gold is my go-to for the holidays . . . but I use copper for a more antique/vintage feel to projects!

  138. I like gold and silver

  139. I am loving the copper and gold this year.

  140. Cassie Witham

    The sweater on the deer is absolutely adorable!

  141. Debbie Wicklund

    For winter I like silver, but using gold& copper would add more interest.

  142. Virgnia Handzo

    I mix gold and silver for Christmas. The silver for glistening snow. The gold for royalty.

  143. Copper. This is a color you can use with so many options and holidays.

  144. My favorite foil is silver in winter. I just seems to sparkle with Christmas and snowy images! Cast my vote for silver!

  145. I would definitely have to say mix. I love the combination of silver and gold. I mix my jewelry pieces as well. ?

  146. For Christmas I love a combination of Gold and Silver… very elegant!

  147. Lynnette VanDerWerff

    Silver would be my go to metallic! I tend to pair with shades of blue!

  148. Monique Bromley

    Love this set! Sooo adorable!
    My favorite would be silver, but love the copper as well!

  149. Lorna Wooldridge

    I’m going to be using copper, but I may consider trying the gold and silver in the future. Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  150. I usually gravitate to silver or copper, but gold at Christmas is just so festive. Thank you for your beautiful cards and for the opportunity to win this awesome blog candy!

  151. Elaine Swidzinski

    I’ve become comfortable mixing metals in my jewelry so I will choose “mix” as my favorite.

  152. Nancy Cichocki

    OMG!! I loe them all anytime! But I guess my favorite is gold!

  153. Love all the metallics! They add a dash of glamor to the Christmas spirit! After all…we can all use a little more “sparkle”!

  154. Cheryl McAskill

    My favs in the past were Gold and Silver…last year introduced Copper! Yay! Now this year is Champagne!!!! OMG!! What is a crafter to do? I am using them ALL…some to stand on their own and some together! I love foils for Christmas…Christmas MUST have Sparkle!
    Oh! And add a few gems for big Bling!

  155. Jackie zimmerman

    I tend to use silver but love this years mixed metals.

  156. Silver for me. Love seeing what you do!

  157. I love mixing the colors of metals. It’s such a rich look. I would be very honored and thrilled, to win your blog candy

  158. My Favorite Metal is Copper – it goes so well with fall colors and it is outstanding with Turquoise.

  159. Nothing beats GOLD for Christmas!

  160. Mary, Love your blog. I like to use all the different metals.

  161. Silver all the way! Like to wear and play with it too!

  162. Mary Schreiber

    Love the copper. Thanks for sharing your cads and the ideas.

  163. Anything shiny works for me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  164. I use to love Gold but now I love to mix my metals thank you so much for the chance to win.

  165. I love, love, LOVE copper for fall, and with the addition of silver, there’s a WOW factor that simply pops for the holidays! BTW, your cards are so inspirational; thanks for helping me envision different approaches while sharing your tips and tricks.

  166. I love gold, but I am also very partial to silver on Night of Navy.

  167. Gold is my definite favorite, but I also like it mixed with silver!

  168. Mary, l read your email every day. Love your style. I am a old gray – haired lady so silver is my choice for most things.

  169. I love the look of Copper best, maybe because my dad was an electrician and we help pull wire and then stripped the left over copper wire of the outside coating to sell at the local recycle place and then took our family vacations on the money made. Thanks for the chance to win, I love this stamp set.

  170. Oh, definitely a mix of “metals”. In fact, I’m CAS-ING your metal wreath card for my Thanksgiving cards to family. Thought it was just beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win some stampin’ goodies!

  171. I like gold and silver for Christmas cards. I would love to have that stamp set! Thanks for a chance to win it.

  172. This Holiday catalog is wonderful this year! There is something for everyone.

  173. I love the copper foil best and it is good for any special occasion. However, during the holidays I like to use different foil colors. It mainly depends on the ink color(s) and if gold or silver or another foil color will harmonize the best. I haven’t use the champagne pink (I think that is the correct name) yet, but I think that will be fun to use too! Thanks for sharing such wonderful card samples with us! You are always an inspiration!

  174. I love the copper foil best and it is good for any special occasion. However, during the holidays I like to use different foil colors. It mainly depends on the ink color(s) and if gold or silver or another foil color will harmonize the best. I haven’t use the champagne pink (I think that is the correct name) yet, but I think that will be fun to use too! Thanks for sharing such wonderful card samples with us! You are always an inspiration!

  175. Mary,
    For the winter, I love silver! It seems like the snow and ice so prevalent in this cold time of year. For fall, I love the new copper looks – so warm and inviting.

  176. Jennifer Newell

    I love silver! Especially when paired with night of navy for the winter holidays. Your card is stunning and elegant. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.

  177. I love all three but I would have to pick gold as my favorite. It is so regal and elegant.

  178. I love to mix metals, but silver is my go-to. Thanks for the generous blog candy Mary!

  179. I’m now converted into a “mix” girl. Love them together! And love all you samples!

  180. A MIX! Love the combination of all the metals against a pristine white background!

  181. Renee Rodriguez

    Love your style…stunning, classic, clean!! Would love to play with your lovely giveaway kit, especially because today is my birthday! I love white and silver foil with a pop of copper or rose gold❣️

  182. Renee Rodriguez

    Love your style…stunning, classic, clean!! Would love to play with your giveaway kit! I love white and silver foil with a pop of copper or rose gold❣️

  183. Mary Ellen Mayer

    Copper, copper and copper! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this set! It is the only way I could own it. Thank you for your daily, beautiful inspirations!!

  184. Silver is my favorite. I love your blog. So informative!

  185. Cheryl Hamilton

    I love a “mix”! Just like my bracelets!

  186. EILEEN McClean

    They are all beautiful by themselves but this year with the new dip ghe mix is just gorgeous. Thanks for the opportunity to win,

  187. For the Christmas season my favorite has always been silver, but I’m beginning to love the mixed metal look.

  188. Debbie Kingsbury

    I like the Mixed Metal look but silver is always my favorite for Christmas.

  189. Karen Rivenburg

    Right now I’m loving the Mixed Metal look, but my Go To is always silver.

  190. I love the shimmer of the mix. It looks elegant!

  191. Connie Weaver

    I like gold traditionally but this recent add in of copper has been fun!

  192. I prefer silver. Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. You can’t beat gold for elegance, silver for celebration and copper for rustic/”manly” cards. Thanx for all your ideas, tips, and advice for card making. I am recouperating from back surgery and I can’t wait to get back on “the boards”.

  194. I prefer silver for snow flake and religious scenes and I prefer gold with traditional colors like red and green. Your card is simple and beautiful.

  195. I like the silver for winter. It has more of a snowy feel to it for me. And I truly love how it dresses up my cards.

  196. Janet VanLeeuwen

    I usually lean towards silver but love the copper look on your last card. So pretty.

  197. Leanne Miller

    Tend to use both silver and gold for Christmas. Thank you!

  198. Judy Whitaker

    I love 3 of metallics but I use silver for winter & Christmas cards. Thank you.

  199. I would have to say silver. It reminds me of the beautiful star that we see in Nativity pictures that shine down to remind us of Christ’s birth at Christmas time.

  200. All three! Copper for Fall, Silver for Christmas & Gold for New Year’s!!

  201. Marette Towne

    Copper for the fall, warm and cozy.

  202. Renee Thompson

    Now normally I am a silver girl all the way, but WOW the copper this year is really floating my boat!

  203. It is a hard choice between gold and silver. Love the silver with dark blues and the gold is so regal. Looking forward to trying the copper as well. It is a nice alternative to the gold. All metallics give ones card an special, elegant look.

  204. Tammy Sandborn

    Gold is my go to metal for all holidays. Love my gold wedding rings.

  205. Gold is my favorite!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  206. Cooper….just love it.

  207. I use all 3 metallics in my holiday decorating but tend to use copper (with chartreuse and deep purple…GORGEOUS color combo) the most. Awesome blog candy, Mary.

  208. I am a huge fan of gold, especially for Christmas. However, your beautiful card has me checking out the lovely combination of gold and silver.

  209. Joyce Mirowski

    I love using all the metals each one is so beautiful. if I had to chose it would be gold,,no silver

  210. Julie Phillips

    Gold! It’s just a timeless and elegant color. Rich and beautiful, I love it!

  211. It’s too hard to choose. I like them both. I use silver with blues and gold with red and green.

  212. I like the gold, it can be used year round and in many different ways.

  213. I love using anything shiny and sparkly on my Christmas cards! I vary between gold and silver. I have never tried copper. I always use a matching gold or silver pen!!
    Thank you!

  214. My favorite “metal” for holiday cards is silver because it reminds me of the fresh glittery snow on a sunny winter day!

  215. Idon’t Like having to make decisions, so Imwould go with a mix of metals.

  216. I’m loving silver and white mixed for an outdoorsy look.

  217. Copper…….so rich and not the standard,expected holdiay gold or silver.

  218. Judy Woodland

    Hmmm……guess I tend to reach for gold the most, although I don’t know why. I think all 3 metallics together are stunning as well!!!

  219. I love all the metals but use silver most often; a silver snowflake is most beautiful! Thanks for all your wonderful card ideas!

  220. I love all three, but am not good a combining them, and being a complete sucker for anything snowflake, usually end up using silver!

  221. It is hard to chose a single metal. They are all beautiful, so I will chose, and use, a mix of the metals throughout the year, especially during the holidays.

  222. Lisa Harrungton

    I love to use silver but also like gold in the right setting.

  223. Gold is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your designs!

  224. Sandra Wingate

    I love to use a mix of all the metals in my holiday cards and decor! Thanks a bunch for the chance to win!

  225. Peggy Mitchell

    I use a mix of all metals: I love them all.

  226. I like the mix of metals but not just for the holidays. Great for Man cards and just when you think the card is done a dash of metallic paper is just what you need.

  227. I love using a mixture of the different metals. My first inclination is to use silver, but i’ve Been going outside my comfort box and have really enjoyed using all the different medals..
    And, I think all of your tags were absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  228. I love all if the metals so I would have to say a mix is my favorite.

  229. Silver has always been my fave but I’m loving the coppers right now.

  230. Sharon Holden

    I love to use gold for winter cards because I think it has a special warmth to it.

  231. I like a mix of metallic paper! I would love to win your giveaway!

  232. I love a mix of metals! My love affair began with jewelry and has carried over into card making!

  233. Krista O'Connor

    I love all the metals so a mix is my favorite! Love your samples, Mary!

  234. I generally gravitate to silver……….it reminds me of the new fallen snow with all it’s sparkles. But, I really liked your wreath card that you made a little while ago with all the metallic papers…..using the new leaf punch. That was a very pretty card…….so elegant yet a simple design. So, I guess what it boils down to is what effect you are going for in your design.

  235. I love a mix, but my fave would be silver with dazzling diamonds ❄️❄️

  236. I usually turn to the silver, but this year I am also using a lot of copper. I loved your mixed metals wreath, it was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  237. Jeannine Garner

    GOlD for sure!

  238. Peggy Hendricks

    I use a lot of silver in my holiday cards because I like the cool, chilly look and feel of it — like frozen ice. It is a perfect compliment to all of the colors I use for winter, snowy cards. That being said, you can’t do much better than gold embellishments on traditional Christmas cards. For autumn, of course, I can’t get enough copper. I rarely use all three together, but I am crazed for shimmer and gleam! the new champagne paper has also caught my eye. oh dear!

  239. Maureen Rauchfuss


  240. Definitely Gold.

  241. Blanca Gonzalez

    I love using Gold for Christmas cards.

  242. Can’t wait to start Christmas projects.

  243. Silver every time for me.

  244. I love both Copper and Silver. Silver goes perfectly with Night of Navy and Black, and Copper looks fantastic with green.

  245. Gold!!! So pretty with Christmas themed papers! I like to use gold sparkle paper!

  246. I am partial to silver like the Christmas carol “Silver Bells”!

  247. I am SO in love with the copper! BUT … the silver used with the Night in Bethlehem set in the Holiday catalog is gorgeous. I guess because I’ve always been a fan of silver and blue for Christmas….it’s just sparkly to me. Thanks for sharing!

  248. I love silver and gold for holiday cards. I also really love copper, but haven’t used it for holidays.

  249. Copper!

  250. My first choice is silver. But this year I am using gold on my Thanksgiving cards.

  251. Copper!!! I love the look of copper for holiday cards. For any cards, that’s for sure. Thank you for the inspiration of your card. It was just lovely! Happy Holidays!!

  252. I love the gold and copper metals. Warm tones and always classy.

  253. Adriana Romero

    I like gold for Fall and Christmas .

  254. I’ve always preferred silver for the holidays, although this year I plan to experiment more with gold and copper. Thanks for the chance to win!

  255. I know gold is big in decor right now but I’m a fan of silver. Silver and blue, silver and pink, silver and Cherry Cobbler, silver and Whisper White, they are all so peaceful and elegant.

  256. Carole Walker


  257. I’ve been using more copper lately. I love how it plays well with pinks!
    Second to copper I like gold. I have seen that it’s becoming trendy to mix metals, and I like it, but I don’t have the confidence yet to know how to mix it up. Haha!

  258. A mix of metallics is my preference for Christmas or New Years cardmaking. Thanks for the chance to win and being so generous.

  259. I like a mixture

  260. I love copper. It evokes the warmth of autumn while adding such a wow factor. Plus, most of the time it is such an unexpected addition.

  261. Sandra Warthen

    I love, love, love silver. Copper being my second favorite. Thank you for all of the beautiful inspiration you give us.

  262. Trish Saunders

    I love all three metals but I seem to gravitate more to silver. I love the cool colors and the cooordinating blues and greys!!

  263. It’s gold for me.

  264. I love all of them. One at a time or all together, You can make a card cool or warm , crisp or elegant, simple chic or layered lovely.LOVE THE METALS.

  265. Alyson Nelson

    I’m currently in love with copper, but you can’t go wrong with any metallic in my book!! Thanks again for your daily creative inspiration

  266. Thanks for a chance to win such great blog candy! I usually gravitate to silver but lately I have been more drawn to copper. Both are so pretty!

  267. Karen Ferguson

    For the holidays I favor silver.

  268. Picking one fav metal would be like trying to pick one favorite out of my 3 kids! (although there ARE those days when “one” moves to “least fav” of the day status! lol) Each is lovely and unique in it’s own way, and being a “bling” kind of gal, pulling the metal embellishments together with metallic Embossing powder is one of my fav ways to roll!

  269. Judith LaVere

    I’m really loving the copper, as it seems “edgier”.

  270. Deborah Keizer

    I have always prefered silver but am sure liking all the fun copper items I am seeing so maybe I am becoming more of a mix. Love your projects and blog.

  271. Definitely copper! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize package.

  272. I like silver for holiday cards. It seems to mix better with snow effects! Thanks Mary .

  273. I love them all! Silver is probably my most favorite…but just like fabric, I have a hard time choosing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  274. I love using all the metals but seem to be using more of copper this season!

  275. Faye Kornegay

    Enjoy all of your projects, I like silver and gold.

  276. I love the silver snowflakes and the Merry Patterns is such an awesome set!

  277. I’ve always been partial to silver, but this year I’m thinking gold.

  278. I love the silver for my Christmas cards and the gold for my ornaments. Thank you, Mary, for your inspiration and generosity.

  279. Carol Johnson

    I would say Silver for Christmas cards–but SU really outdid themselves with this paper and snowflakes—just gorgeous!

  280. I like silver for the winter months and definitely copper for the fall. Thanks Mary, hope you have a great weekend. Cheers from Maine!

  281. I like all the metals, not just for Christmas but all year round. They make a simple card really stand out.

  282. I love silver but lately it seems I like a mixture!

    Kathy H in California.

  283. Robbye Hamilton

    My “favorite” metal flucuates between silver and copper. I’ve always loved silver especially around the winter holiday days. It adds an icy feel to my paper crafts. Other times I prefer copper and it’s warmth. Plus Stampin’ Up has given us so many great copper embellishments to use.

  284. Mix! Love the new trend. So festive.

  285. This year copper will be my choice for a metallic accent.

  286. I love the look of mixed metals. The copper color with the more traditional metals really adds the perfect touch.

  287. MaryJane Colopy

    I love both th silver for snow embellishments and gold for the beauty, regality and peacefulness of the birth of Jesus! Your cards are awesome and I have cased many! You are truly an inspiration!

  288. I would initially say silver, but I’m kind of liking the copper look now too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  289. I think I mostly use silver metal accents. I like white on white and silver for a little pop. And, my Mom’s favorite Christmas song was Silver Bells and I just always think of her when I’m making those cute little bells with silver foil and sparkle paper.

  290. Good morning Mary. Cool day in MN a good day to stamp. I was always a gold person, but now I have to change my ways. All the things in Silver that I have seen are just cool. I think that I use more silver now. Thanks for a chance on your goodies.

  291. Mine would have to be the silver. It reminds me of the brilliant star in the east leading us to the Christ Child.

  292. So simple but elegant! Love the mixed metals, but the copper makes things pop. Thanks for sharing with us!

  293. Gayle Lambert

    Copper. It’s beautiful accented with white!

  294. My usual go to is silver but I really like the look of copper. Thanks for the chance to win.

  295. Silver – so peaceful and elegant

  296. I love them all, so “Mix”. It depends on what I am making as to which color I would use with it.

  297. I think I tend to fall favoring the silver. I love it paired with night of navy. Thanks for the chance!

  298. I like a mix of the metallics!

  299. My favorite is silver but a combination is nice for something different. All are very classy by themselves.

  300. Shari Czerwinski

    It is such a hard choice! I am always torn between silver and copper, no gold 🙂

    P.S. your “click HERE” link is broken!

  301. Ann Pomerleau

    I love adding some of the silver, gold or copper foil to my cards. Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful prize.

  302. Debbie Stafford

    My all time preference is the Silver – there is something so very special – don’t know if it is the glimmer – the softness whatever it happens to be it is my favorite. Goes so well with most any color. Love it with the white doilies like to give them a bit of a “crushed” look and then combine with the Silver cutout or whatever design I use them in. My most favorite Christmas design is pretty much anything that has Snowmen and Candles in them, love the look of the candles in the Merry set. Have a wonderful day and thank you for the opportunity to win.

  303. It depends on what I’m putting it with! I like gold and copper with rich, warm colors, and silver with the cool colors. For fall, copper is my favorite. Winter can go either way, warm (gold) or cool (silver).

  304. Silver – It looks some much like a glittery snowflake

  305. Gold!

  306. I love them all…so I guess my answer is “MIX”. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  307. Silver is my favorite metal for the winter season and Christmas holiday. I think it’s beautiful with any blue. Thanks for the chance to win!

  308. Loved the card. I like using the note cards, they are awesome. I think that copper is my favorite, but also like to mix. Would love it if you would do a mixed metals Christmas quilt card. Love you style!!

  309. Silver for Christmas- so sparkly!

  310. For Fall, I love the richness of copper!

  311. This is beautiful simple card I can seed it done in either the gold or silver something that would be so easy to get done before Christmas Love it.

  312. I love working with silver ❄️

  313. Love to mix metal colors for the Holidays. Gives the card or whatever project you are constructing a definite WOW and without a doubt a big POP. Favorite metal color to use is silver. This would be an awesome blog win!

  314. I definitely am a silver metal girl, but I love how you mixed the gold and copper. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas

  315. I love GOLD!!!

  316. Danielle Dietz

    Copper is gorgeous on cards!

  317. Gold and copper makes it really pop for me.

  318. Copper seems to be my go-to color for a metallic look!

  319. Barbara Brassfield

    This stamp set really is neat, this year I am using all the different metals, as it depends on which looks better with the card, but
    that copper is really elegant looking so that is my selection

  320. Patricia Allison

    I enjoy the traditional gold embellishments with Christmas handcrafts. Thanks for the chance to win this nice prize!

  321. It’s a choice between gold or silver. This year I will be using more gold. Thank you for a chance to win!

  322. Linda StClair


  323. I lean toward silver for winter projects. It Pais so nicely with Night of Navy and Elegant Eggplant.

  324. I really love this stamp set!!! I love all the metals. I think any of them would work well on winter cards. I think it all depends on what stamp set is being used.

  325. Karilyn Moeller

    MIX!!! I love them all.

  326. Sandi carolus

    I used to always use silver for Christmas as it was sparkly like snow, but lately I like Cooper look, it looks so rich

  327. Nicole Bloxom

    This season I’m liking the look of mixed metals although I usually like silver for the winter holidays. Love your card!

  328. Thalia Heiges

    Your card is beautiful, as always. My favorite metallic is silver, but I do like the mix of metallics.

  329. I love a mix of metals. In the past I’ve always used silver at Christmas, but with the new foil colors, I will use them all.

  330. Silver! Copper! Sparkly!

  331. Marsha Stehle

    I love all three! I haven’t used copper very much. However, gold is my favorite. Your card is gorgeous!

  332. I love to mix my metals… variety is the spice of life!

  333. I have used copper a lot this fall, but will use a mix of gold and silver for the holidays.

  334. Janice Schrimpf

    I love them all but tend to use more silver.

  335. Gloria Kaufmann

    Love using silver — especially the silver glimmer paper.

  336. I love mixing the metals on my cards, but Copper is my new solo favorite. I just love the richness it gives to cards. Thanks for the opportunity to win such great Blog Candy!

  337. Going crazy over copper

  338. Nancy Overton

    While I love all three, I’m a big fan of copper.

  339. I love them all!

  340. Amanda VanHavermaet

    I love all the metals but nothing says winter to me like silver snowflakes!

  341. Definately silver, perfect for snowy scenes and starry nights.

  342. Silver or Gold. I prefer copper for fall cards.

  343. Bonnie Braden

    I love SILVER! Thanks for a chance to win such a nice giveaway!

  344. I love the mix of bling. I use silver if I want a “snowy” effect. I use copper with browns for a masculine card.

  345. Penny Laschanzky

    I think silver always looks great with winter-themed cards, pages, etc. It’s just a beautiful look!

  346. When I think of winter , of course a good deep clean snow comes to mind. Silver is most complementary; silver gives snow a dazzling bling for winter cards.

  347. Silver!

  348. Silver is my favorite. I like to mix metallics as well.

  349. Anything shiny, gold, silver, or copper is always a good thing around the holidays!

  350. Judy Grinnell

    Although I have always used gold or silver in my winter cards, I have been enjoying mixing the metallics this year and it has been fun.

  351. I love the new Champagne Foil in the holiday catalog. It creates a nice warm glow and reminds me of a dimmed room lit only by the tree lights. I also love the copper metallic thread and the copper bakers twine from the September Paper Pumpkin. Plus copper is so trendy right now too!

  352. Love Silver!!

  353. Darlene Furgeson

    I love all three of them! I like to use silver with blues for winter themed cards and scrapbook pages. I will use gold with red and green for Christmas themed items. Copper would be good for Fall themes I think, but putting the 3 metals together is beautiful in a winter/holiday scene. It’s hard to pick a favorite when they are so very pretty!

  354. Kimberly Jeppson

    I like them all, however, I just ordered the champagne and am excited to see what that is like!
    Thanks for all of your beautiful ideas!

  355. Cissy Tortorano

    typically my favorite metal for the holidays has always been gold but now that I see all these pretty things created with a mix I’m liking that the best. It’s just a fresh look, gold silver and copper.

  356. I love how a mix of the metals looks. Thanks for a generous giveaway!

  357. I tend to use silver for most things but around the holidays I love to use Gold.

  358. I have never tried the copper, I do like the look of it. I bounce between silver and gold but I think silver is my fave!!

  359. At this time of year silver (a cool color) is my preference, especially for snowflakes, and jewelry!

  360. I’ve been using a lot of copper on my Fall cards lately, but for the winter holiday season, I have to go with silver. It mimics the frost patterns that appear on my windows during the deep freeze that is winter here.

  361. I am normally a gold person, but for winter I like the look of silver.

  362. I like to use the combination of gold and silver for my holiday projects. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  363. Kathy (cards_by_kp)

    Gold or silver — depends on the image or scene. Fantastic blog candy — stamp set (love the candle images), Foil Snowflakes and note cards! Woohoo! Hope I win!

  364. I love the copper! A metal mix would be very interesting though. Thanks for such a great blog candy!!

  365. Kathryn Abrams

    The more metal, the merrier!! Silver is my favorite!

  366. Sheryl Roberts

    While the combo of the 3 is beautiful, I like to use silver for winter & Christmas cards. It adds the perfect touch of sparkle & shine with snowy scenes. It really adds a look of elegance. Thank you for this opportunity.

  367. A mix – love all the foils!

  368. Dear Mary, Happy Friday the 13th. I have always turned to silver but this year as I am working on my Christmas Cards I found I was using more Gold. I am a fan of copper I like the warmth it provides to some of my cards. Have a wonderful day.

  369. Def gold!

  370. Gold is always my favorite but loving the copper this year! Thank you for the opportunity for this giveaway – hoping I win because I’ve been wanting this stamp set! ??

  371. I am using more gold this year for the holidays. Thank you for a chance to win!

  372. Charlene Brummitt

    I think the copper is really nice. But I think the silver and gold are good for holidays.

  373. Debbie Thomas

    I usually use silver for Christmas holiday cards and copper for Thanksgiving cards

  374. Mary Ann H from NJ

    I like to use silver with navy. It just adds that touch of elegance to a card. Enjoy the day, Mary!

  375. I love the cooper esp for fall and gives a new twist for Christmas.

  376. I’m a fan of silver!

  377. Love the silver for Christmas and the cooper for fall…some beautiful and it adds that “WOW” factor to cards and boxes!

  378. Linda johnson

    I’m loving working with gold this year

  379. I really like using copper in my autum cards, but for Christmas cards gold is my favorite. I like the traditional red and green and the way they look with gold. Additionally, gold is what the three Wisemen had along with their gifts of franklinsin and myrrh. So gold is my go to for Christmas cards. Enjoy your blog, and look forward to it each day,

  380. Love the mixed metals look that is on trend right now. LOVE your Blog Mary!

  381. I love all the foils for the holiday sonpicking one is difficult. Silver is stunning with soft blues and pinks, gold just calls for neutrals. Bronze if you want an ‘earthy’ tone. So my love is for all, depending on what I am working on. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  382. Silver looks so beautiful on black!

  383. Deepa Lakshman

    Your card is beautiful. As for the metal I would choose, it would have to be gold. I do like copper and silver but I feel gold gives an even more elegant look to the holiday cards.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  384. I love the combinations. the wreath card you did was my favorite card of all time. thanks

  385. I really love the look of copper. Thank you for the giveaway.

    • I really like using copper in my autum cards, but for Christmas cards gold is my favorite. I like the traditional red and green and the way they look with gold. Additionally, gold is what the three Wisemen had along with their gifts of franklinsin and myrrh. So gold is my go to for Christmas cards. Enjoy your blog, and look forward to it each day,

  386. Nancy Farrell

    Good Morning Mary, I would have to say bronze is my favorite at this time. I think another wonderful color to have some embossing powder in would be Rose Pink!

  387. Copper has been my favorite – Love the warmth and versatility.

  388. Whether it’s Paper rafting or jewelry, I tend to always reach for the silver – it’s so bright, cool and cheery!

  389. It depends on whether I’m working in blues for snowflakes or a winter theme, then I love silver. If it is a more traditional Christmas theme then I like gold. I love copper for fall themes. I guess you could say I like them all.

  390. Sheri Andrews

    Silver is my ‘go-to’ for the holidays, but the copper is a new fave!!!

  391. I love a mix of gold and silver. I just love getting up every morning and seeing your beautiful creations. I think what I like most about your style is how you keep it beautiful yet clean. Thanks for the opportunity to win this blog candy.

  392. I like a mix , although I am drawn to silver. Thanks for offering this blog candy

  393. I like all three embossing powder, but the new champagne foil paper is great. This is a GREAT stamp set.

  394. I love them all, so the mix is for me. Thanks for the chance to win

  395. Has to be mix…the metallics are all so pretty. Thank you for the chance to win!

  396. I always like to add a little bling to my cards. I’m particularly drawn to silver glitter or foil paired with white or light blue for that wintery look and feel.

  397. For fall I like gold and for winter I like silver.

  398. Hi Mary-I used to be a gold girl through and through but I recently tried mixing my metals (thanks to Champagne foil paper!) and love that look as well. Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

  399. I am partial to copper but love the mixed metal look that is on trend now

  400. I tend to like silver more. It’s more “bright”.

  401. Glenda Lehrmann

    I like to use a mixture of metals at Christmas! I like how the colors mix!

  402. Hi! I’ve used silver and gold on Christmas cards and like them both. This year I plan to use gold so I guess it’s my favorite right now! Thank you!

  403. Christy Chilson

    Usually silver, but this year it would be hard to choose between silver and gold. Thanks for a chance to win!

  404. After seeing how You used both colors that is a hard question to answer. However I tend to go towards the gold.

  405. I love silver for the holidays. It always reminds me of a crisp wintry Christmas morning. Your card that you made with this stamp set is totally gorgeous, btw!

  406. I absolutely love the mixed metal look that is on trend now. Thanks for sharing your lovely creations with us!

  407. Depends, but I do tend towards silver. Thanks for chance to win but mostly thanks for all your awesome postsM

  408. Bonny Heintzel

    Love to use a mixture of metals.

  409. Like merry little labels set..cute ideas.

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