Join Me on a Video Tour of My Craft Studio

Click on the video image above for a tour of My Stampin’ Pretty Studio.

Last August my husband, Scott, and I purchased a home in the Catalina Foothills of Tucson, AZ, that we have been remodeling for the last 8 months.  It’s been a challenge to say the least, but most of the work is complete. Now it’s time to share my completed craft studio with you, right?

In the video above, I’m both the videographer and narrator (oh, so, unscripted – including a couple visits from Boris, our cat). The video is far from perfect but I hope it gives you a helpful glimpse of the new space, lots of ideas (big and small) and makes clear my passion for organizing my paper, stamps and ink.

I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments about the project for today.

Here’s the “before” photo of the laundry.

I shared this post last fall and explained that I would be transforming the laundry room into a laundry/studio.  At only 9′ x 10′, it’s a much smaller space than my previous studios (you can see them here).  However, it pressed me to plan for a new level of efficiency and organization balanced with a warm, personalized craft space.

Here is the “blank slate” (after demolition) from which My Stampin’ Pretty Studio evolved.

Links to Stamp-n-Storage products shown in the video.

Here’s a general link to shop.

Stamp Case Shelves.  Brett from Stamp-n-Storage can customize the size of these (he did for me) or you can choose from the ready made options.

Magnet Cards for keeping dies in place.  I have the 6 x 7 size but an 8 x 7 size is now available for larger dies/sets.

Die Storage

Emboss Folder Storage

Lock Down Punch Holder

Combo Ink Pad Holder (60)

Standard Paper Holder (8.5 x 11 & 12 x 12)

Ribbon Shelf

Please note that if you use the Stamp-n-Storage links to shop, I get a small affiliate fee for sharing them with you. However, I can’t say enough about how these products help me stay organized and highly recommend them.

Here’s a video tour of my previous studio:


I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments below.

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  1. I love your craft space — so beautiful! What color are your cabinets?

  2. I pulled you up to try and recreate a card I saw you make awhile back. What a great craft room! And I’m so jealous of your view! I noticed you went to UW Madison, I am an alum as well! Loooove it there!

  3. I love your organization ideas! Lovely office!

  4. You are unbelievable! You are the best designer ever! I have loved all your studios going all the way back!
    The efficient design and the purples and browns are so yummy!

  5. Hi Mary,
    Lovely stamp space, efficient and beautiful would you mindsarigthe details on the chair. Where to purchase specifically.
    Thanks so much,

  6. My last studio was a combined guest bedroom (Murphy bed) and studio. It’s great to find ways to make both work. Thank you for your sweet comment, Tammy.

  7. Your craft room is beautiful! I too am in the process of re-creating a space to craft and work. I do seriously like the stamp in storage products. It has helped me be more organized because I am using a guest bedroom.

  8. WOW Mary! What an amazing use of space, my laundry also doubles up as my craft studio. I figure how much room do you need to wash & dry, right? lol I love your storage tips & will definitely be putting a few to use. Thanks for sharing xo

  9. Hi Susan: I’m in Thailand and don’t have the paint color information but will provide in the future. The ink pad, punch and paper storage are from Stamp-n-Storage. You can purchase it here:

    A small room is working fine for me. You just need to be efficient and plan, plan, plan. The chandelier is an antique from Italy.

  10. I love your craft room. Not only is it gorgeous ,but it is functional as well. The chandelier is a beautiful statement piece that adds that touch of elegance. I love the paint color you have chosen as well. I was wondering if you would mind sharing the color name and who it is made by. Also where did you purchase the ink pad storage and the paper holders. My craft space has to double as our guest room as well so I try to keep it comfortable and beautiful for any guest. It too is a small space and only has enough space for a twin bed. The remaining furniture holds my supplies behind doors for the most part. Also if you don’t mind sharing were did you get that gorgeous chandelier? Thank you for the videos you make to share your creativity.

  11. Where and how do you store all of your finished cards?

    • Hi Kim: I used striped Stampin’ Up! tins with divides by theme (thank you, birthday, etc.). I have collected them through Sale-A-Bration (when they were free with a $50 order) and one is from a retired kit.

  12. Laura Lea Collet

    Great job Mary!
    You gave some awesome ideas that I hope to incorporate in my new home!

  13. WOW! Your space is absolutely amazing! I saw your other space and you’re right. Even though this one is smaller, it’s still fantastic. You’ve done a wonderful job making sure everything fits, just the way you need it. That chandelier is perfect inspiration to create something gorgeous, as you always do. Thanks for sharing your space with us. I love it.

  14. Your inspiration is essential to me, Mary!
    What you do to create Stampin Spaces is awesome! I wish I could rotate product like you do as it would free up my space as well as my creativity. Maybe some day with your continuing inspiration! Thanks for all you share with us!

  15. Dear Mary, when I learned about you moving to a different home I was dismayed because I loved your last studio space so much! I’m impressed with your new one and it’s as grand as your last one–congratulations; and, of course, I wish you all of the best in your new home and crafting space.

  16. Wow, yet another amazing Craft Room Mary!!! Beautiful !! Love the colors and especially love the chandler!! I always love to see how you organize everything. I wish that I could afford to have you design a room for me !! Maybe someday that dream will come true! Love from Minnesota! Miss seeing You at Convention !!!

  17. Love your craft room. Purple is one of my favorite colors. So elegant but efficient. I would like to know where you bought the sleeves for your scraps. That is something I could really use in my craft room.

  18. What a wonderful space. i would of never thought that would fit everything you have. its just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    From Northern California

  19. Stunning! I love the chandelier! Great use of your space!

  20. Beautiful! I appreciate you going thru each drawer! It was a great visual cue for trying to envision my own new (hopefully soon) update. Thank you for sharing your space with us!

  21. Beautiful studio! I know you mentioned in an above reply that your 12×12 plastic sleeves with tabs were purchased a long time ago. What do you use for the scraps from the 8.5×11?

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and efficient craft room.
    Just wondering would you have any suggestions on how to pack up a craft room for moving?
    I’m in the beginning stages of getting things ready for a move and feel overwhelmed with how to pack everything up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • I was fortunate that I wasn’t moving far. I left most of the paper, etc. in the organizers since I was still crafting in our temporary housing (the entire new house was remodeled). I don’t really have any tips for packing things up.

  23. Gorgeous Stampin’ Room and efficient too! Very Pretty!

  24. Beautiful studio as you always have. Question – Do you have stampin-storage paint the storage boxes? I ordered some and used stain on them and they don’t look very nice. Or did you have someone else spray paint them? Please explain how you got them so nice. Thanks

  25. What a beautiful space Mary. The warmth and personaility really shine through. LOVE the walnut counter tops and that chandelier is OMG amazing!

  26. Congrats! You did a Fantabulistic makeover! I have a 11×12 space that’s filled to the brim and serves as a quilting/stamping playroom. Loving all your built in storage…..wish you were next door so I could pick your brains!

  27. Mary, I love your new craft room. The colors all blend together. You did an amazing job at creating your personal space. I especially love the chandelier and door knobs that match. Your view is spectacular. I also love your cards and projects you create. Thanks for sharing your personal craft room.

  28. Mary,
    What a beautiful studio! I love the color that you choose and the chandelier ~ WOW, loving that!
    The rock garden is so peaceful what a nice place to get creative.
    Well done!

  29. Your space is just gorgeous! You have made perfect use of every inch. The walnut cabinets bring so much warmth to your space and your view is simply joyous! Thanks for sharing. Gave me some ideas!!

  30. Kadie in Arizona

    Love Love your new space. It is TOTALLY you my friend!!!!

  31. Beautiful! Love Boris the crafty cat, too 🙂

  32. WOW!! I didn’t think you could have a space as good as your last one, but you sure did! I would love to have just a part of space like that. Thanks for sharing.

  33. WOW!! I didn’t think you could make a space any better than your last one, but I think this is just as fabulous. I’d love to have any part of a space like that. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Thanks, Mary! That was really neat to see your new space! I have been looking forward to seeing what you have designed. The chandelier is perfect! I noticed your cabinet knobs right away…beautiful! I love how your cabinet doors/drawers fit into the cabinet space instead of sitting on the front of the cabinets…very classy. It’s always fun to see how your thoughts translate into your designs…whether it’s a card or your work space, it’s fun to see your thoughts take shape! I am envious of all of your drawers and the view out the window above your desk…definitely different from Pennsylvania, haha! Have a fun in your new space and thanks for sharing it with us!

  35. Thanks for the tour, Mary. I was waiting to see what you would come up with after your move. As always, you have done a magnificent job of creating a beautiful and functional work space. I’m impressed at all you were able to fit into the much cozier area than the previous one. Congratulations!

  36. Robbye Hamilton

    Mary I love it. I plan to definitely use it as inspiration as I finally get my space outfitted and organized in a way that optimizes the space.

  37. Deanna (Erie) Auge

    Love it!

  38. Dear Mary, I meant to say your view outside is so relaxing. Thank uyou for sharing your beautiful studio with all of us. Have a wonderful day. Ellen Hinds

  39. Mary, you are truly an INSPIRATION to everyone. Your daily postings that you share, your video’s like this (love, love your desert view from your window at your desk and the bird feeders) Enjoy your new studio and home. Enjoyed your pictures of the Royal Treatment you got at Stampin Up for your MILLION DOLLAR achievement. You so deserved everything you got. Do take care, and can’t wait along with you, to see our new 2017-2018 catalog on Monday.

  40. Dear Mary, What a beautiful room. You are so talented and you are such an inspiration for all of us. I can not believe that you were able to turn this small room into a beautiful stamping delight. Everything at your finger tips. Your view outside is so pretty . And very releasing to be able to look out and see the beautiful spot. I love your chandelier and the door knobs. They are so you.
    Have fun onstage next week. I can not wait to see what Stamping Up has to offer us this coming May. Hugs, Ellen Hinds

  41. Wow!!! You,my dear, have done a fabulous job with your new studio. What an inspiration!!! My craft room is 9 x 10 so this video has helped inspire me. I have waited all these years to remodel it because I thought it was too small but you have shown me it can be done. I’m a big fan of chandeliers so I was happy to see yours with matching cabinet knobs. Way to go. Love it !!! Thanks for sharing. ((Hugs.????))

  42. I love the space and what you have done with it. I was just wondering where you put your Big Shot? I saw the dies and maybe I missed the placement of the Big shot. I have a space in similar size and this video makes me want to tear mine all apart and redo it! Mine was a sewing room and now stamping has taken over so it’s adapted in a mish mash way.

    • Big Shot is on the left near where the washi tape is stored (right in front and always ready to go). Sorry if I skipped over it!

  43. Thanks so much for sharing your new studio. It’s inspiring to see you don’t need to have a large space to have a lovely, efficient workspace.

  44. How beautiful

  45. I have now followed you through four crafting spaces. I have LOVED each and every one of them. This one still packs a WOW factor (your signature line if I may) Mary! I absolutely LOVE your chandelier and glass knobs!! Enjoy your crafting space and thank you so much for sharing it with us all!

    BTW if you don’t mind my asking, what type and where did you get your under cabinet lighting? I consider you the expert on under cabinet lighting at this point! 🙂

  46. What a beautiful space! Can you tell us the what paint color you used?

  47. You are an amazing organizer. I always learn so much from your kind sharing. Thank you for all you do to share with us all. Love the space and how it is organized. Very savvy business!

  48. Maria Rodriguez

    Well Mary, your new space, although a bit smaller than the last one, is still a marvel of organization and functionality. Only you can have the eye for designing a crafting space such as this one where there is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place.
    What I love most is the gorgeous view from your window, what a delight to sit at your desk and get inspired by this glorious landscape.
    Thank you for sharing and for all the fabulous ideas for organizing our own crafting rooms.

  49. What a beautiful studio. Love it. The best studio I have ever seen. So warm and welcoming.

  50. Love your new stamp room. Such great organization. One question – Where did you get your sleeves with the tabs for your 12 x 12 paper.
    Thanks again for the tour

    • It’s been so long, Marci, I’m not sure. Some of the 12 x 12 products were from Stampin’ Up! and are now retired. Hoping you can find something similar with a google search or at a craft store.

  51. I just love what you did with your studio. Enjoy it keep working hard as I love to see what you design.
    Enjoy your weekend. June

  52. Mary, your new studio is just beautiful! You have optimized every single space so perfectly. Love your chandelier! Icing on the cake. Enjoy your new studio!!

  53. Elaine Harrison Lane

    Thank you for taking the time to share your new space. It is a wonderful space and reflects your organized mind and hard work. Smaller is greener!

  54. What a beautiful room you have. So organized that’s what I need to do. I did look at the room and think it wouldn’t work for me I’m 5 feet tall. I got lots of good tips on fixing my room up. Thank you for sharing I enjoyed it.

  55. JUST BEAUTIFUL! I love how you can watch the birds too:) what is the name of the paint color you used for your walls?

  56. Awesome studio, Mary! It’s definitely tiny, but you did a fantastic job organizing it all that it would be easy to craft in there. Even though there’s a window, I’d still have to keep the door open. Your last space was jaw dropping; can’t imagine having to leave it. Hope the new owners appreciate it’s value!

  57. Robin Johnston

    Thanks for the tour showing how to maximize a small space. Your personal, decorative touches are just lovely. And, what an amazing view to look upon!

  58. Can you share more information about the blotter in front of your ink pads?

  59. Mary can you share more details on the blotter/pad in front of your ink pads?

  60. Mary, Thank You so Much for the Tour!!! Love what you have done. I appreciate you saying what size the room is, so to get a better idea of what came been done in that size. Hope you have a Great Time at On Stage… Looking forward to you talking about all the new goodies to come our way…..


  61. What a beautiful space Mary! Your attention to detail and wise organization is inspirational! Thanks for sharing your “little corner of the world!”

  62. Deb in Phoenix

    We’ve been waiting to see your new space-you’ve got it nicely arranged and the open shelving with multiple drawers really would seem to be the key to efficiency. I’m curious- overall the size of this house compared to previous. I’ve downsized twice in 5 years, and finding it’s easier to be creative in smaller spaces, I”m sure because I’ve had to purge and reduce to just my favorite supplies.

    • Believe it or not, Deb, we went with a larger home. However, I didn’t want to sacrifice a bedroom since part of the reason to go larger was to accommodate more guests (I love guests)!

  63. Love your new workspace! It’s smaller but so functional and organized. I absolutely love the chandelier.

  64. Simply beautiful! You show us that bigger is not always better. It has been so much fun to watch you design each of your studios and your sharing what you have learned from them all.
    Keep creating,
    Mary B

  65. Charmaine Babineau

    It’s nice to see you combined the laundry and crafting areas. Nice packaging center, too. I love the view out of the window.

  66. Love your studio and it’s so great to see how efficiently you have used the space. Where do you work with the Big Shot?

    Thanks for the inspiration

  67. Mary,

    I love your sense of organization but after that last studio, which was a REAL WOW to me, I would absolutely feel claustrophobic in here. It seems to me you have to go straight in and straight out. Love your space, but I couldn’t work in this — the walls feel like they are closing in on me! You must really love that man to have moved out of that last space!

    • It’s tight but feels more spacious when you are in it. Definitely a studio for one, however! Because I had to shoot the video horizontally, I had to back in and out. The walls are 10′ tall which helps it to feel more open!

  68. Thanks for sharing, you did the space proud. I’ve always enjoyed seeing what your studios look like, starting 3 houses ago. [Although, I’m kinda in mourning for your last studio. :)]

  69. Another gorgeous studio! I like how functional it looks having everything close at hand. And what a lucky people to have bought your previous homes with their awesome craft spaces!

  70. Thanks for sharing, you did the space proud…I’ve always enjoyed seeing what your studios look like, starting 3 houses ago. [Although, I’m kinda in mourning for your last studio. :)]

  71. Wow Mary, your studio is so beautiful, well planned and organized. Thanks for sharing and giving us ideas.

  72. You truly are an inspiration, Mary. Your new space is both beautiful and efficient.

  73. Charlene Brummitt

    That is a great job in a smaller area. Thanks for sharing.

  74. I love the new space Mary!! I wish I had a space just for crafting. My children are all in college but I haven’t wanted to take one of their rooms yet for my crafting room just yet.

  75. This is such an excellent use of space. It’s been so inspiring to watch how your space changes with you. It’s always so functional. Thanks for the tour and Boris has sure settled in nicely.

  76. Patsy Harbaugh

    Beautiful studio, Mary! I cannot wait to get moved into our new house and get back to stamping. Your video is my craft “loft” inspiration. Thanks for the links. Where did you get your chair?

  77. Thanks for sharing! Your space is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  78. Dear Pretty Mary,
    I’am a french demonstrator living in Britanny
    ouest Coast
    I’am really fan of all you do and today I just want tell you How I appréciate your sharring Thanks a lot for the time you take for that alwais perfect
    Perhaps one time we can meet !
    Hope my english isn’t to bad I try

  79. Mary, thank you so much for sharing…at first glance I was sort of sad – sad that your space shrunk, sad that you have to share your space with laundry. BUT then watching the video, I became more and more envious (not about the laundry) of how well you were able to put everything just so. And the epiphany for me was LESS is MORE! The chandelier is the cherry on top! Being a business demonstrator is key to the success of this sized craft room as well. I love paper like quilters love fabric and have TOO much of it. I am in the process of designing my new craft space and will be borrowing a lot of ideas from you (and from your other two spaces!)

  80. Absolutely Beautiful!!!

  81. Megan Strasser

    How do you store your versamark? I noticed you had a container labeled with it. Curious if you have the pads just stored in the container or a different technique. This is my favorite layout of a room for crafting! Definitely pinning so I can add a lot of your ideas to my future space!

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