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There’s Something I Haven’t Told You . . .

And it all begins here:


As nutty as it sounds, my husband and I purchased a home in August and are in the process of remodeling–pretty much every inch, top to bottom.   It’s an enormous undertaking, always dusty and stressful but exhilarating and promising.  We wanted to be closer to dear friends, offer more room to guests as well as have a new creative, adventure!

So are you thinking “what about your Stampin’ Pretty Studio?”  That was one of the hardest things to leave.  Learn more about my studios and craft organization of past homes here.  I’m currently in a rental “casita” (our last home fortunately sold quickly) with minimal space for papercrafting.  I miss my organized space terribly (often resorting to crafting on the floor – brutal on the knees).  My challenge in the next home is that in order to keep bedrooms free for guests, my craft space had to become “roommates” with the laundry. I have much less space to work with and need to make the new space more efficient than ever.  I have been designing like a mad woman (both the studio and entire house) and will keep you posted on the progress.

img_3516SNEAK PEEK!  I found this antique chandelier for my new studio that will be a focal point and bring intimacy to the new (and smaller) space.  The age, charm, color and crazy glass fruit spoke to me.  I knew it was the perfect shot of personality to make my new studio “home” as well as tie into the “Santa Barbara” style of the rest of the house.

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93 thoughts on “There’s Something I Haven’t Told You . . .”

  1. Sonds perfect to me. It is nice to have acreage gives you plenty of room. But, with the acres comes a lot of work too. LIke you said where I live the quiet and beauty is worth all of the extra work.

    I am sure you will enjoy it immensely.

  2. What a huge undertaking from top to bottom. I can’t wait to see the progress reports.

    I am curious there must have been something that attracted both of you to this house for you to do a complete top to bottom make over.

    What one thing was it besides friends and family?

    • This is a challenge for me to do a house from top to bottom. I love the Santa Barbara style and would love to enjoy it. There are 4+ acres so it’s quiet with beautiful views!

  3. Congrats on your new home. I moved from a home with over 2500 square feet to one half the size and without a crafting space. So, I feel your pain and excitement on how to bring it all together. I work out of my extra bedroom and as such, it forces me to be somewhat neater. I’m sure your new room will be magnificent! Can’t wait to see it. Love your inspirations for card making!

  4. Hi Mary,
    I have been inspired by your stamp studios since I first saw your loft area. I am just starting on creating my studio from a bedroom. I am getting so excited about it! I will anxiously wait to see how yours progresses. I know it will be lovely and organized. Good luck, I hope it all goes smoothly! Beth

  5. Wow, what a shock. I hope you will be happy with your new room. I’m in love with the chandelier. If that is a taste of what is to come, I’m anxious to see the rest.

  6. Dear Mary, I feel so bad you left your beautiful craft room. It was so beautiful.
    I know you will make this room equally as beautiful and so organized. You are the queen of organization. I want to wish you so much love and so much joy in your new home, and in your new craft room. Your chandelier is so beautiful. It already brings beauty and joy to your new place. Congratulations. I can not wat to see this amazing journey you are on. Please take lots of pictures. I remember the last two beautiful stamping studios. You are amazing. God Bless you and your family. Ellen Hinds

  7. Congratulations on your new home! I know you’ll make it inviting and of course “pretty”!

  8. I remember when you showcased your loft! I appreciate your sharing your trials and tribulations. You arer always an inspiration!

  9. I know you will make any crafting space wonderful and efficient!! I loved your other crafting space. Are you leaving the Tucson area? Best of Luck with the move and designing the new space. Anxious to see pictures as this journey progresses.

  10. How exciting Mary! What an undertaking, but am sure you are up to the challenge. Can’t wait to see your new studio!

  11. Congrats Mary! Looking forward to your new “crafty” space! Hope you have a sink in that room, I couldn’t be without one. Happy days ahead. I have so enjoyed following your journey. ?To a WI/AZ girl from a MN/FL one❣️

  12. That chandelier is gorgeous, Mary! Can hardly wait to see a virtual tour of your remodeled home. If you ever have a stamping event or an open house, I would love to see your design renovations. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m certain that your home will be magnificent!

  13. Congratulations, Mary. I look forward to seeing how you design your small space. I could sure use help from Stam-n-Storage products. My space is so small and I’m not a designer. Where do you begin?

  14. Congrats Mary! The pictures and videos on your blog of your craft room were great and I am sure you miss working in it. How great to be able to start something new from the get-go. There is no doubt you will create a wonderful space in your new home! Please keep us up to date on your blog of the progress.

  15. You are going to make the space, large or small, just glamorous as your previous ‘studios’!
    Having just moved, because I can not shovel snow anymore,
    I had to break down a ‘craft basement’, kind of like Brian’s ‘Fundgeon’!
    We moved the Craft Room into the Formal Dining room in the new house
    (I don’t do Formal Dinners!). It is better for me…on the same level…the whole house is! Nice not to trek down stairs for Laundry and Crafting.
    It isn’t as glamorous as yours, but I have plans for the future…I want more cabinetry for storage, so I will head in that direction, a little at a time!
    Best to you Mary…I know we want it all done Yesterday!…but the finish will be what you really want!

  16. So excited for you Mary, if there is a job to be done right……… You are that girl to get it done ☺️ Excited to see the results.

  17. Congrats on the new home. I loved your previous craft space and I’m sure this one will be just as special. I’ll be waiting to see pictures of your new space. That chandlier is awesome!! The projects we have undertaken usually take twice the time, twice the money and are twice the frustration we thought when we began. Good luck to you!

  18. I’m sure your new home will be stunningly beautiful and I can’t wait to see your new craft space – very intrigued with how you will organize as I also am looking at downsizing my crafting space but want it to be organized. and efficient. Thanks so much for sharing your journey!

  19. Mary, you can do this! I have been a fan of several different craft spaces and moves. You have always done a great job. I will be watching your organization closely as I need to downsize as well. Best of luck!

  20. Great chandelier! Wow can’t wait to go on your journey of rebuilding your creative space.

  21. Wow Mary…so anxious to see the journey of your new studio…are you still in Tucson? Good luck.

  22. Mary, you scared me there, I thought you were doing a nursery. Lol. Where do you get the energy? I’m so happy for you. Love the chandelier. Looking forward to seeing the construction of this new project.

  23. My craft space is in a bedroom and I have to be careful to not let it take over the space! But because I keep passing on things I no longer use, i actually get more done. Congratulations on your new home.

  24. Mary, my craft room is shared with the laundry as well. I am currently in the throes of trying to get it more friendly to stamping and organizing all my “stuff”. Will be anxious to see what you do with your space.

  25. As stressful as a move (or redesign) can be, I find the excitement of the opportunity to make something even better is the ‘carrot’ that keeps me moving forward. It sounds like you have a theme in mind and the chandelier will be an awesome welcome piece. I have no doubt it will be a master piece of total organization and creativity. I look forward to following you vicariously in this project. Always remember to breathe and if you need to whine make it white or red. 🙂 Good luck.

  26. Wow, your are embarking on designing another stamping room? Congratulations on finding another home that will be perfect for your family and friends. The chandelier is beautiful.

  27. Congrats on your new home, Mary! I hope you are able to get in soon. You had such a beautiful stamping studio and it was so fun to see the pics. I look forward to seeing posts on the progress with your new stamping studio and hopefully also with the house. I love the chandelier – what a great idea! Remember to take time out to relax and be good to yourself – I don’t have experience with home remodeling, but know there can be a lot of stress involved. Hugs.

  28. Mary, your craft space was so beautiful in the old house, but i’m sure your new craft space will just be as beautiful. Can’t wait to see your new space.

  29. I cannot wait to see the evolution of your new space! Sometimes the organization of all of our incredible supplies is as much fun as creating with them! Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta soon!

  30. Hi MsMary , I can’t Waite to see your new craft room, no matter what or how small, you always make look so great , I can’t wait to see your next one , thanks for sharing ,
    Hugs and love
    Frenchie ❤️

  31. HI Mary, I got the sniffles when I read you had moved. I followed your last move and the creation of your awesome craft room with envy. What a tough decision it must have been to sell your beautiful last place. I’m looking forward to following the creation of your new craft space out of a laundry room. You can make mansions out of closets so this one will be a beauty I’m sure. Take lots of pictures!

  32. Mary! So excited for you and excited to watch your new space unfold! I’ve been following you since the basement days of your studio – what fun! 🙂

  33. I am sure your new room will bring much happiness and creativity. Can’t wait to see the final craft space. Where did you find the stools in your previous room? I’m still looking for stools and have not found the right ones to fit my room. Yours look very nice.

  34. Mary, as creative as you are, I have no doubt your new space will be as beautiful as all the ones before it. I loved watching you transform your last space and can’t wait to enjoy the jouney for this one. Did you downsize your entire home? I’ve slowly been cleaning out around here and am amazed at the things I’ve discovered that I’ve never used. eBay here I come! Congrats on your new home. I adore that chandelier! ??

  35. Oh, Mary, I don’t know how you could ever manage to leave that beautiful new craft room that you had designed! Looking forward to seeing how you work in a much smaller space, especially since I have limited space to work in myself. Hopefully, I can get better organized. Best of luck in your new venture.

  36. I”m shocked by your news, Mary (wow!)! I feel I am going through so many pains now, in thought, about things that by now, you have surely worked through. OK, so, moving forward, not only is this truly exciting for you and your husband, but I am excited also to see how you will (knock it out of the park) organize a smaller space! Best wishes and KEEP THE NEWS AND PICTURES COMING (it’s a MUST), LOL! Have fun, congratulations and best wishes, always!! xo

  37. My 1st thought….WHAT! AGAIN! That chandelier though, I can just imagine how cool your new craft room will be & can’t wait to see the results! Congrats on the new Home??*Gina from Sunny Cali*

  38. It takes lots of courage to do what you are doing.I wish you well. Keep us informed. Alyece

  39. “Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway…”. Sorry, I’m just in a Willy frame of mind hearing of your adventure. I can hardly wait to see pictures!! Hugs!!!

  40. My hat is most definitely off to you because I would be either rocking in a corner or still clutching the doorframe of your beautiful craft studio weeping. I never thought paper crafting would enthrall me so thinking about a designated space for it wasn’t an issue, but it has and it is. Hopefully your new journey will help me. I wish you a speedy renovation and stackable washer/dryer (more room for paper & ink).

  41. Mary this sounds like a new adventure for you. Will be waiting to see how you move ahead. We always seem to make things work with what we have. Looking forward to seeing your changes.

  42. What and adventure! Can’t wait to see it. Love that You take us with you on your journey! You are so creative. So fun to see all the lovely things you make and post!

  43. It is interesting that you have downsized your crafting space twice, now. I’m sure your new space will be worth taking notes on! And after working on the floor, the laundry room will seem like a huge step up! I look forward to seeing what you do with the new space!

  44. Can’t wait to see pics as you post them and just watch the progress. Taking on such an endeavor is a dream I hope to become reality myself – sooner than later! I’m using the floor and my coffee table as my work space, so I understand what you’re going through…….just have to work with what we have.

  45. Oh Mary! I don’t know how you endure the stress of it all! They gutted my kitchen to the studs six weeks ago and my makeshift kitchen is getting very old – but crafting on your knees – yikes?! I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself now LOL!! Hang in there – I’m sure it will be gorgeous!! That chandelier is to die for!!!

  46. Good luck with everything. You are so organized I’m sure it will be well thought out and successful

  47. This is quite a project! I loved watching the videos of your previous stamping areas. What are the placement guides on the clear blocks? Where do you get them – I’ve never seen those before. Thanks for all your tips.

  48. Best wishes Mary, renovating can be a challenge but really a great journey.
    Love your chandelier.

  49. CONGRATS on your new venture. I know you and Scott will make this new space a DREAM HOME for you to live in. Can’t wait to see it…..and your new studio. WE MUST GET TOGETHER SOON!

  50. I’m looking forward to see what you create. My current space is one of our spare bedrooms – but it needs organization terribly with a budget mind. Thanks so much for sharing!

  51. wow i am in the process of moving too…and will have a much smaller space for crafting.. i haven’t had anytime to do cards and i’m really feeling the loss, and of course i want to keep every last bit of paper.
    i will be very intersested to see how you put your room together..good luck and congrats on your new adventuer

  52. Maybe Stamp n Storage would partner with you in this project featuring great design in a small space can be the craft studio of your dreams. Just don’t forget to make time for your home office celebration for your one million dollars sales milestone:)

  53. Mary! I’m going through the exact same thing right now! We purchased in late August and my husband has been juggling building that space along with household stuff and taking care of our children after school. It’s taken 2 months so far but we are so close. Just need to finish the drywall compound, texture, then paint and install the shelving. But I’ve been crafting out of a spare room using folding tables and my computer desk. All my stuff is still in boxes but it’s better than not crafting at all!

    I’m excited for you and your new home adventure! Also can’t wait to see your new space. Your chandelier is gorgeous! Hang in there, Mary!

  54. Wow Mary!! I am impressed but confident with your creative talents, the home will be awesome!! I understand the constant messes. We purchased a lake home almost a year ago. Stopped with the painting to enjoy the summer and then family illness has slowed me down considerably!! Hopefully your inspiration will keep me moving!!

  55. You will still be creating stunning clean and simple cards. No one or nothing can take that away from you. The size of the space does not the designer make lol:). I know several very creative and “famous” papercrafters who papercraft in relatively small spaces. You can do this! Can’t wait to see your new studio. We would enjoy seeing pics along the way:)

  56. I work out of a closet in our guest room! It definitely has drawbacks, but I make it work! Congratulations to you, Mary! You are a source of inspiration to all that you “meet”!

  57. I’m in a “holding pattern” right now while the tile (Tecate – a red brown Saltillo style) is sealed, caulked, etc. That won’t be complete in a few weeks.

  58. So very excited to follow your journey and live vicariously through you 🙂 can’t wait to see the next post and progress!

  59. Oh my goodness Mary, this is a huge undertaking but I’m sure, in the end, the outcome will be stunning.
    Leaving your stamping studio must be so hard, it’s beautiful as I remember but, based on that gorgeous chandelier, the new one will be amazing.
    Hope all is going according to plan, I’m also remodeling my kitchen, things are in motion, purchased a new oven and stove top and sink, the cabinets will be delivered by mid November, I’m hoping all will be done before the Super Bowl next February. We should have started this earlier but other stuff got in the way, I just can’t wait for this to start, it’s going to be awesome.
    Hang in there and keep us posted, best wishes, my dear.

  60. Oh you have made my day Mary! Only this evening I was saying to my husband that I need to reclaim more of the ‘front room’ second living space in our house back as a family relaxing space rather than me taking over the entire space for office / crafting. I’m determined to shrink the space I need to run my business so I’m looking forward to following your journey.

  61. I wish you all the best in your new home & Stampin’ space. I truly enjoy your cards, you are inspiring! ( I’m a little weepy for you, leaving that gorgeous space in Tucson and all, but I’m confident the new space will be just as fabulous, if not better) congrats! ???

  62. Hi Mary, So you create beautiful cards . . . and homes! A new show . . . “Mary & Scott Renos” Did you move far from your other house? Do you know what the buyers are going to do with your studio? Did you get to dismantle it and take all the built-ins with you? Was there really anything in that studio you would do over?
    Anyway . . . have a great weekend!

    • Hi Nancy: The cabinets remained (built-in) in the former house. My Stamp-N-Storage organizers are free standing and I will reuse all of hem. Not much I would do over other than I realize I stand (vs. sit) when I craft so I just need a spot to sit down and use the computer (will be below the window because the height drops down almost perfectly for a desk). No need for a second sitting area (nor would there be room in this place). Not sure what the new owners will do with the space. It’s essentially set up as an office for two for those who don’t craft.

  63. It will be interesting watching what you do Mary. I am moving and need a special space too. Small home for me. Good luck with it all.

  64. I am sure it will be just as beautiful as your last craft room. Always remember. Less is More!!!
    Your work is beautiful. June

  65. Wow! Your craft room was to die for (sniff). But if anyone was up to the challenge, I know it is you. I cannot wait to see what amazing things you can accomplish.

    • The bones of the house are Mediterranean, a fairly common style in the SW. I want to bring out the “Santa Barbara” feel but keep it fresh. I’ll mix antiques (Spanish Colonial and anything old and chic) with modern as well as traditional art. Lots of light with cream walls and cabinets. Can’t wait to get in! Another month or two.

  66. I love looking at people’s craft rooms and seeing how they have organised things. I will definitely be keeping up with your posts as your room progresses. Have fun! ?

    • Oh Mary! I’m excited for you, but how could you have left your craft room of “my” dreams. (Really I do understand your move.) We have recently made an out of state move to be close to our family. We left friends and a nice craft space and our home of 30 years. We are building a house and I’m trying to design a crafting space in a loft that I will want to keep looking nice. Feeling a bit challenged. I will be watching to see what magic you create.

  67. Mary,
    So happy for you and family and the friends who will share your journey.
    It sounds like a challenge, but I know you will accomplished your mission.
    I love your last studio!
    Take care, rest, relax and have a glass of wine and champagne when completed.
    Enjoy the week end, GOD BLESS – HAPPY STAMPIN!

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