New Poll! Which Retiring In Color Gets Your Vote?

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I love your feedback and am offering another Stampin’ Pretty Reader’s Choice Poll to see which retiring Stampin’ Up! 2014-2016 In Color you will miss the most and would like me to use on a project in the near future!  Please make your selection at the poll below and click on the “vote” button!  You’ll see the totals once you vote.  Deadline for voting is  Thursday, March 24 (noon CST), at which time the poll will be closed.

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Which 2014-2016 In Color Will You Miss Most?


2014-2016 Stampin Up In Colors

BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!  Be sure to stock up on card stock, designer series paper, ribbon, ink, ink refills and more in these yummy retiring colors before they are gone with the arrival of the new annual Catalog (June).  Some of these colors may be continued IF Stampin’ Up! does a color refresh this year of our four core color collections.  However, this information has not been released and the only sure thing right now is to stock up on favorites now.

I love hearing from you!  Please leave me your questions or comments below.

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  1. With my sincere apologies to the others my hands down, #1 fave is, without question, Lost Lagoon. How ever will I manage without it? But then, I said the same thing about Baja Breeze, Bashful Blue, More Mustard, ……

  2. I will miss Lost Lagoon and Blackberry Bliss…………

  3. I love all of them, but if I have to chose one, I will go with Lost Lagoon.

  4. Dona Stallworth

    I think I’ve got 3 Lost Lagoon markers!! I love it so much and use it as much as I can.

  5. Yahoo, another poll! These are so much fun.

  6. So if Blackberry Bliss is the consensus, what are the chances it will be moved to a core color? (Love BB!!)

  7. Lost Lagoon. It is my go to color quite often. I will miss this color the most.

  8. I really wanted to vote twice as there are two that I love equally. Decided to go for the one that I don’t think others will pick so it gets some love too.

  9. I will miss Lost Lagoon the most!

  10. nancy littrell

    I will miss Lost Lagoon, Blackberry Bliss and Mossy Meadow and in that order. I will be stocking up. TFS your survey.

  11. For me it is a toss up between Tangelo Twist and blackberry bliss. I found I was going for tangelo twist last summer when I was making cards. But this fall I was loving the combo of blackberry bliss with soft sky. They are all great colors and I have bought all the c.s. and inks etc. in advance of these colors retiring.


  12. Love lost lagoon mossy meadow and BlackBerry bliss to hard to decide

  13. I am voting for LOST LAGOON!! There has to be other colors
    that could be retired; why these?? Just when you are happy
    using these colors SU takes them away! Good grief!! I would tell
    Shelly about this.

    • The In Colors were always meant to be temporary . . . a fresh splash of color to match trends in decor and fashion. They used to only be available a year and many of us were very happy when that was expanded to 2 years. I’m anxious to see the 5 new in colors in the new Annual Catalog (June). Every few years, Stampin’ Up! updates their core collections (brights, subtles, etc.) and there’s a chance that something from this group could migrate there. Just don’t know yet!

  14. Hi Mary. I love the voting/polls you have included on your blog. Fun!

  15. I voted for mossy meadow. Although i love all the colors, that and blackberry bliss are 2 of my absolute favorites. Whatever is chosen, i’m sure your project will be great!

  16. Patricia Owens

    I agree that these colors are the best In Colors EVER. Hoping they save every one of these especially Blackberry Bliss, then Lost Lagoon.

  17. This was a hard one. I love all of these colors.

  18. Had to vote for Blackberry Bliss, just made 185 wedding invitations for may daughter in it. Now for the favors, also in Blackberry Bliss! 🙂

  19. I’m sad to see it leave MsMary,
    Maybe they put it on the brights or they will forget, 🙂
    Hugs Frenchie

  20. Kadie in Arizona

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Blackberry Bliss! Thanks for letting us play!

  21. I voted for Lost Lagoon, but Mossy Meadow comes in as a close second. These are all beautiful colors .

  22. I love Lost Lagoon and Mossy Meadows.

  23. Sorry to be the downer in the group, but I find I go to bright and pastel colors. I’m hoping the new colors coming out will be in these hues. Hello Honey is the one color from this group I will miss most. I agree with Traci about liking these colors more than the current in colors with the exception of Mint Macaron. Have a great day, Mary.

  24. So sad to see this color group retire. I love every single color and they all combine well with other colors outside of their in color group. I like these colors MUCH more than the current in colors. ?

  25. This was such a great group of colors, it’s hard to say good bye to any of them.

  26. Blackberry Bliss, for sure!!

  27. This is a great color collection; however, I would really miss Lost Lagoon. That is one of my all time favorites. Time to stock up! Thanks again for a fun poll.

  28. Blackberry Bliss. It is a shame that we discontinue such a beautiful color. I am sad to see this color going away.

    • Not starting rumors here (I have NO knowledge of Stampin’ Up! doing a color refresh with the new catalog in June) . . . but I’m hoping Blackberry Bliss is kept and replaces Elegant Eggplant (oh no, not Elegant Eggplant).

  29. Marilyn Aldridge

    I will really miss Lost Lagoon, Hello Honey and Tangelo Twist. I have loved these colors! But I know there will be some new exciting colors coming our way!

  30. I have NO “insider” knowledge but am hoping that one or two of these colors may “survive” with a color refresh of the four color collections. We’ll have to wait for the annual catalog to know for sure. For now, it’s best to stock up if you love a color. That’s the only sure thing!

  31. Niki Thompson

    This has been the best set of In Colors EVER as far as I’m concerned…never have I ever been a fan of every single one like I am this time! I’m going to miss them all, but especially Blackberry Bliss! Then next would be Lost Lagoon. *sigh* I just don’t know what we are going to do without them 🙁

  32. I will miss Blackberry Bliss and Mossy Meadow. I thought Mossy Meadow was
    one of the prettiest greens we have had.

    Please use Mossy Meadow is one of your beautiful cards.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and ideas.


  33. So hard to choose. I love Blackberry Bliss the most though but Mossy Meadow and Lost Lagoon are favs of mine as well. Tangelo Twist is a great orange too – I just don’t use a lot of orange in my cards.

    • This whole in-color selection grew on me quickly. I love Blackberry Bliss and Lost Lagoon and can’t decide which one of them to choose between to give my vote to! 🙂

  34. Victoria Stewart

    I have too extremes in color choices. I either use the softest of hues or the richest, deepest shades. I will miss Blackbery Bliss the most. There is an elegance to it.

  35. Maria Rodriguez.

    WOW!! Mary, Blackberry Bliss and Lost Lagoon are neck and neck right now after I voted for Blackberry Bliss.
    I love this rich and luxurious shade of purple, I’m going to miss this color the most.
    My second favorite is Hello Honey, I love how much it resembles the real thing, I’m amazed that this pretty color is not getting any votes.
    Thank you for offering this polls, it’s really interesting to see what all of us like the most and the least.

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