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Mixed Metal Blog Candy

HOW ABOUT A HOLIDAY BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY?  To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the collection of Stampin’ Up! goodies shown above:

  • A Little Something Clear Mount Stamp Set
  • Antique Tags Clear Mount Stamp Set (a Host Exclusive)
  • Metal Rimmed Pearls
  • Snowflake Elements
  • Garden Green Striped Ribbon
  • One of my handcrafted holiday cards and envelope (original details here).

HOW TO PLAY:   For your chance to win my holiday blog candy, please leave a comment on this post sharing whether you prefer silver or gold (or even a mix) for paper crafting during the holidays.

I love hearing from you. If you have a question or thoughts to share about today’s post, please, COMMENT HERE.

Deadline for blog candy comments is Sunday, November 22 at NOON Central Time.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner later on Monday on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!  Good luck!

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  1. Phyllis Sakamoto

    I love both silver & gold. Just depends on the paper!

    • I agree with Phyllis. It depends on the other colors. Silver with blue for sure – think winter & snow. Gold more with red and green. Thank you for your consistent inspiration!

    • Hi Mary! I would say I am usually more of a silver lover but the gold is growing and I totally agree with the other ladies that it depends on the other colors used with it. I really like silver with the night of navy also. I think of silver bells but really they could be gold ;-). So maybe both??

  2. Until very recent, I always loved gold. But lately I am learning to like silver.

  3. Catherine Russell

    Love the silver , tend to always choose it over gold,although when I use the gold I am pleased.

  4. I love both!

  5. I love gold myself for holiday cards.

  6. I use both, but I love gold especially with red.

  7. I’m partial to silver, but gold is starting to win my heart! Love your blog!

  8. My favorite is gold.

  9. I love silver with blues (snow and snowflakes), and gold with red and green (most everything else). But I love your gold snowflake card!

  10. It really depends on the look I am going for. Sometimes gold and sometimes silver. Thanks for all you do for us. Love your ideas! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!! I am not a Happy Holiday lady….it’s Merry Christmas always!!!

  11. Cindy Dettmer

    I love using silver in most of my holiday crafting

  12. Tammy VanRosendale

    I personally love silver at Christmas I find myself using a lot when making my cards. It is my go to with my holiday decorating I love silver. Thanks for the chance to play.

  13. They both can add a lot of elegance to a card, so I guess I like both. Thanks for all your great ideas and this blog give away.

  14. Although I like both depending on the colors I’m using, I must admit I’m partial to silver in holiday crafting. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway!

  15. I like to mix it up with both gold and silver. Lots of possibilities!!!

  16. Hmmmm…hard to decide this year. I like them both and depends if the other colors in my design are cool or warm. This year I used mostly gold for my cards.

  17. I prefer gold in my jewelry but I like silver and gold for card making because the theme of the card dictates the gold or silver I would use.

    • Rebecca Council

      I usually prefer silver but if I have a choice as in Stampin I go for both to “mix it up”. Variety is the spice of life. Love the cards in your blog.

  18. I like a mix of both! Five golden rings, silver bells and glistening snow -the holidays simply sparkle!!

  19. Pamela Lynden

    Thanks for giving me a chance to win. I like using both.

  20. Gloria kaufmann

    Love using the gold. It adds a real touch of “class” to any card.
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. I like to use both. For me it depends on the stamp set and papers I use. Silver looks amazing with the blues creating that whole “icy” kind of look!

  22. I use both depending on what mood I am in and what color paper I am using with it.

  23. Kathy Whitaker

    I use both, it depends on what it is being used with.

  24. I love to use both or even mix them. It depends who the card is for. x

  25. Love silver and Night of Navy!

  26. Good Morning Mary! Usually, I grab silver. To me, Gold a little more formal. Is that silly or what?

  27. Monica Whitenton

    Beautiful cards Mary. I have been following your blog for a couple of years. I need a new demonstrator…..I think it will be you!
    Thanks for all your inspirational ideas.
    Monica Whitenton

  28. Usually I would say gold, but this year it is silver all the way!!!!

  29. Used to be silver always but I’m beginning to really like gold too.

  30. I am definitely a silver person!! Especially when paired w/blue.

  31. Hello, Mary! I tend to lean more to gold when I am crafting during this time although I love both silver and gold (especially when it comes to jewelry) 🙂

  32. I love silver used with blue card stock. And Inlove gold with red card stock. Love your inspiration!!! Thanks!!! For starting my day with a smile.

  33. I love both gold and silver but I always lean toward gold.

  34. Love the sparkle of the silver!

  35. I love silver and white on my Christmas projects. Classy looking!

  36. Melissa Flieg

    I know gold is really in right now but I still prefer silver.

  37. Jenni Weighall

    I usually use silver but love seeing all the samples with gold.

  38. Monique Savage

    Hi Mary. You inspire me every day. I like them both. Gold goes well with green and red. Silver goes great with blues and purples.

  39. Silver for me! I love to use silver on blue.

  40. Jo Ann Freant

    OH I love both silver and gold!!

  41. Wow, just looking through your gallery, I can’t believe how many cards I have CASEd from you. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  42. Millie Jennings

    Hi Mary I have been following your blog for years now…love your style! I like both silver and gold I like gold paired with traditional red but I think silver is elegant with blues…Millie Jennings

  43. Thank you for all the great ideas you share! I like both silver and gold — it depends on the card design.

  44. Thanks for your daily inspiration. I love silver in all things…..not a gold girl.

  45. I have to agree with many – I love both colors, depending on the paper, but my favorite is a lovely blue winter color paired with silver.

  46. I naturally choose silver but at this time of year gold is pretty too. Thank you!

  47. I love them both ! However, I find gold is a much “warmer’ color and prefer it at this time of year! And I feel it is more elegant a color. Thank you !

  48. I have been using a lot of silver this year! It looks awesome with the holiday colors and I wear it as well!

  49. I will use gold if the paper calls for it but I prefer silver. It just has that “wintery” look, plus it matches my hair. Lol! Thanks so much, Mary, for all you do for us Pals.

  50. I like silver more than gold.

  51. I use gold most often for Christmas crafts.

  52. I love both gold and silver depending on the other colors being used. Thanks.

  53. I use both but am partial to silver with blue. Thank you for the blog candy and Happy Thansgiving to me.

  54. Monique Cuthbert

    Definitely gold. It brings out the warmth of the holidays.

  55. Nancy Overton

    I’m a silver lover. Jewelry, home accessories, you name it. So, it only makes sense that it’s my Stampin Up go to “color” for the holidays.

  56. Kelly McDonald

    I love silver. The more texture the better. Emboss, glitter, paper, ribbon-bring it on.

  57. Jeannie Chytil

    I love silver for snowflakes and bells. Gold is best for ornaments and LOTS of embossing powders!

  58. I love silver. It seems to match everything I use and it is so elegant

  59. Silver or gold? Depends on what color cardstock I am using! Silver with blue, gold with greens and reds!

  60. definitely a mix depending on the project and who it is for

  61. Red with gold and blues with silver. Surprised to find I like both together at times. Love your cards

  62. I’m more of a gold lover but a pretty silvery blue matched with white just makes me smile! Thanks for a chance to win!

  63. This was easy choice. For jewelry I prefer silver, but for cards I think gold has more “richness”.

  64. Linda Robertson

    I prefer a mix of silver and gold but always coordinating with each particular card.

  65. Silver is my go to color – since it evokes that freshly fallen snow look – everything sparkles!

  66. Depends on the card, but if I had to choose, it would be silver!

  67. I tend to favor gold to go with the traditional reds and greens of Christmas. I will , like others, use silver paired with blues for snow and winter cards. And winter is long here in Maine!

  68. I prefer silver. I think it is more elegant.

  69. I love both Gold & Silver. It depends on the other colors I am using. IF I HAD TO CHOOSE….Gold.

  70. I’m more of a silver gal but will use gold on occasion.

  71. I have always preferred silver but this year have come to like gold also.

  72. Playing… date I have not tried using either product but you have inspired me and am thinking about the doilies for now as I so appreciate your crafting techniques and ability…thank you so much

  73. Karen Prosser

    Hi Mary…I usually prefer silver most of the time especially paired with Night of Navy…but at Christmas I love gold especially when it was paired with Bravo Burgandy….I miss this color soooooo much…I wish they would bring it back….so I guess it’s gold with christmas cards…is this as clear as mud? lol

  74. Carole Gaines

    Although silver is quite nice and I do use it occasionally, my go to for the holidays is definitely GOLD!

  75. Roberta Morin

    Silver is my favorite, but I do like both colors!

  76. Pam Delcastilho

    Gold is so classic but silver is too. Silver tends to go with any other color so my choice would be silver.

  77. I love everything that glitters, therefore I use both silver and gold on my holiday projects. Just like the song on Rudolph the red nose reindeer…silver and gold, silver and gold…..

  78. i love silver. it’s so sparkly. thanks for the chance to wiln.

  79. I use both. i love silver and navy together and ivory and gold.

  80. I believe that both gold and silver are beautiful and it depends on what the card is and how it will enhance it.

  81. I always reach for silver, but there are just some things where gold does the trick.

  82. I use gold alot but love putting night of navy with silver

  83. I love silver… With purples… So pretty.

  84. I love silver, my first choice, but I will also use gold depending on the colors.

  85. Thanks so much for an opportunity to win blog candy! If I had to choose (and it’s really a tough choice), I would choose silver. I think one of the most stunning and elegant Christmas color combinations is silver and blue. Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration. Have a great holiday season with friends and family.

  86. Silver is my favorite. Probably because I love to use blue on my Christmas cards. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  87. I adore the gold. It reminds me of Royalty-it makes me think of all the arm candy I like to wear.

  88. Patrice Pierce

    I like silver because I do a lot of snowflake cards. I love to add some silver sparkle!

  89. I love both silver and gold! Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. I usually use silver if I am making a card with looks beautiful with cherry cobbler..wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving! Thanks for the opportunity to win such lovely blog candy!

  91. I think it depends on what you are making! Both are beautiful.

  92. Nancy Farrell

    Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo . . . . Silver is the one I go to most often. I think it depends on the other colors. Navy and Silver but greens and gold. Thanks for this chance to win your gifts.

  93. I love silver AND gold and mix them both in my papercrafting and in decorating my home.

  94. My go to is silver and blues. To me it’s a calming combo.

  95. Charlene Brummitt

    I have used both gold and silver embossing so far so it is a toss up. Thanks for the candy.?

  96. I prefer silver unless I’m embossing and then I like to use gold embossing podwer on green cardstock.

  97. I love silver…………it makes me think of cool snow and winter for sure. Blues always go with my silver….to make it feel even more like snow.
    thanks for sharing

  98. Gold for the streets of gold in Heaven! God bless you for sharing your gift!

  99. I like silver with blue and I like gold with red! Love your blog!

  100. This year I used the Wonderland set and stated with gold, but added some silver!
    Love the shimmer effect!!

  101. I definitely MIX them…I am a combo girl!

  102. I prefer gold, and I am delighted with the Winter Wonderland DSP this year. It will look great with all the gold paper I have been gathering up.

  103. Marion Wilkinson

    I love both silver and gold. I like silver better if I’m using snow in any way. I think gold is for more elegant cards. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome gift.

  104. I’ve been leaning toward gold lately, but really love both. Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. Love your blog. I tend to use more silver than gold for holiday cards. Thanks for another wonderful giveaway.

  106. Love both! Silver and blue show the warmth of the season and gold and black transcend elegance and beauty,

  107. Charmaine Babineau

    Lately I like silver, but really I love them both for the sparkle.

  108. I seem to always go to silver….the shimmer and sparkle of the silver makes snowy and icy scenes seem to pop.

  109. I love a mix. Silver looks good with some color schemes and gold with others.

  110. Hello Mary! I love both silver and gold. It really depends how I am going to embellish the card. Thanks for all of your great ideas!

  111. Jennifer Tabish

    I love both but for Christmas it has to be Silver! It’s more complementary with reds which me identifies Christmas.

  112. What a difficult question………..I am a silver girl in jewelry but in my cards I just don’t want to slight either so I use both. It is a matter of what feeling I am going for in my design. Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful bundle. Have a great weekend.

  113. Hi Mary, I like using both silver or gold depending upon the paper and ink colors that I am using.

    • Karen Bensonhaver

      I would normally choose silver but I do love the look of gold at Christmas. Thanks for all you do!

  114. I. Use both silver and gold depending on the card. Love silver with Night of Navy. Gold goes with so many colors, love t with Mossy Meadow.

  115. Lolita Thawley

    Silver is my preferred selection over gold because of its versatility. Silver adapts to both the Christian and Jewish holiday seasons…looks smacky with snowy designs and becomes the variety of colors used in holiday design, wether the design be contemporary or traditional. Phew! 😉 Loli

  116. I like both gold and silver. I believe it depends on the colors you are using as well as the design being used. Would love to win the bundle!!! Thanks for the offering.

  117. Diffently, silver

  118. Silver! love the sparkle!

  119. I normally like silver better but the Christmas cards I made this year I am used gold.

  120. I use both colors when making my Christmas cards as I always do a variety of card designs. I use silver with the blue colors and gold with most other colors.

  121. Nicole Thurstin

    I normally love the silver but this season I am loving the gold!!

  122. I seem to use more silver than gold but bling is bling. They are both a fun accent to any card!

  123. No real contest for me I love silver. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  124. Usually silver but sometimes the colors or papers call for gold.

  125. I love both. I’ve already done some Christmas cards with silver and some with gold and love the results!

  126. I love both but I used gold for my Christmas cards this year and they turned out beautiful. Yay.

  127. I use a mix of both silver and gold. Silver goes well with ” cool” colors like blues, and gold goes well with “warmer” colors like purples.

  128. Silver and gold, silver and gold… Christmas carol came to mind ?
    It depends on the coordinating colors when I add silver or gold for a little bling.

  129. This year I’m using silver even though I usually use gold. Thought I’d do something different. Happy Holidays everyone!

  130. I use both and love how gold and silver can be mixed together . . . I would love to win your blog candy . . . it’s great! I check your blog out daily and case many of your ideas . . . I love how clean and simple but classy your style is . . . have a great day!

  131. I love gold. It is very rich looking.

  132. I like silver with blue and gold with red, so I use both

  133. Both tones are beautiful. I like silver with blue and gold with red.

  134. I lke the bling of gold mixed with hints of glitter of red.

  135. I am partial to silver especially with navy. However, I am starting to use more gold for the holidays.

  136. Personally I wear silver jewelry all the time. But, for cardmaking I love using gold….it just “pops”

  137. I like them both, but gold looks rich — both add the little touch to every card!

  138. Just love all of your showing of cards and other items to make. Your 2 minute videos are perfect to get the idea down anything new. For the blog candy I am a mix person. It depends on what I am putting together at that time. Thank you so much for all you do! Have a super day!

  139. Gold brings back lots of old Christmas memories

  140. I like them both!

  141. I love using gold. Gold embossing really stands out. Kinda of an ooh and Ahhh factor. I’d love to win all that booty

  142. Allyson Blanchette

    I prefer to use gold when doing holiday stamping.

  143. I love gold and ivory for my Christmas cards. Thanks for the chance to win.

  144. I love silver with blue and gold with red!! Thanks Mary-I look forward to your email every morning.

  145. Danelle Hauser

    I like using silver, especially with blue paper. It reminds me of a crisp winter’s night.

  146. I believe I am a silver girl. But there are times when I’ll break that and use gold!

  147. Gold because it gives red, my favorite color for Christmas, a WOW!

  148. Christine Wojciechowski

    I have always leaned toward silver but this year I am more drawn to gold. They’re both great for Christmas.

  149. I use both but I guess I use more gold because it really stands out on your project and it is beautiful. Thanks for all of your great ideas Mary, I really enjoy your blog.

  150. Ii’s silver for me but I am learning to love gold!

  151. Silver was my favorite for this season until I saw your DIY gold/flower on your box in your recent post. I fell in love with the gold foil paper.. That was elegant, classy and easy! Now my favorite is gold for sure.

  152. Carol Robinson

    I prefer silver…it just has a more calming effect when I use it for cards; however, I have made several shadow boxes as wedding gifts (just as recent as September) and I used gold instead of silver…it looked wonderful and not as overpowering as I thought it would be.

  153. Ooooh, GOLD!! Well… I love silver also!!!

  154. Barbara Sprofers

    I like both silver and gold.

  155. Oh WOW!! Awesome blog candy Mary, thank you for the chance to win, I specially like the idea of winning one of your handmade cards, what a wonderful treat!!!
    I can’t choose, I love both ”metals” for the Holidays. I like Silver and Blue, Gold and Red, those are classic combinations.

  156. Silver for me. Goes with my gray hair. Happy Thanksgiving.

  157. Silver all the way!

  158. Jennifer Newell

    I love using silver, especially with navy. Makes you think of a snowy night.

  159. I love it all. Gold or silver, mixed. I am addicted to stampin up products. Love all the ideas.

  160. For the holidays, I prefer gold. It just seems more classic to me. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  161. I love them both. I love silver with blue and gold with red. Thanks for the chance to win a great blog candy.

  162. Funny you should ask…this year I’m using gold cord with some Christmas cards, and silver cord with others. I’m using up some retired in color (2012-14) Core’dinations card stock.

  163. Silver on royal blue….lovely as a Tree, snow flakes, nativity are beautiful embossed in silver on a blue background. Love your site!

  164. I like silver best

  165. Bev Slaunwhite

    I would be happy to win silver or gold

  166. I would have to say my favourite is silver and items shown would be wonderful to make cards with and some beautiful scrapbook pages.

  167. I love silver! It just seems to make my Christmas cards pop!

  168. Gold for me! Love it with Real Red and love the sparkle!

  169. I’m a silver girl for sure. Thank you for the chance to win! Happy Thanksgiving

  170. Silver — it just seems more peaceful amid the hustle & bustle

  171. In every day life, I’m a silver girl all the way! But for the holidays it just has to be Gold. There’s such a warmth to it that is just perfect during the Holidays. Unless its for a snowy scene….then I’m back to silver of course.

  172. mary jo miedema

    My preference is silver. It is so pretty with the blues and purples

  173. For the holidays I prefer gold

  174. I prefer a mix. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. 🙂

  175. I love a mix of silver and gold, but singly, I use more gold.

  176. I love gold for most most things, but sometimes only sliver will do. Like the song says “Silver and Gold”.

  177. I love both! They do need to be paired with the right paper. Thanks for your inspiration Mary!

  178. If I’m using snowflakes, I will use silver.

  179. I absolutely prefer silver when decorating in my home, but I’ve seen some spectacular displays and decorations done with gold, at friends homes, and that is a rich, lovely look too.

  180. I use both. Silver with the grays and blues, gold with the neutrals and cherry cobbler. Silver seems lighter to me and sparkly. Gold seems more rich and deep. Thank you for your every day inspiration Mary. It is fun to have it waiting for my enjoyment!

  181. Mary Ann Heilman

    A mixture for me!

  182. When making Christmas cards for my senior ladies, I will use traditional red and green with gold. There favorite as it reminds them of “real” Christmas.

  183. Gold has always been my favorite.

  184. Both are so beautiful-anything that sparkles is ok with me!!!

  185. Love both silver and gold to use.

  186. I love both. Depends on the project and paper. I love the sparkle of silver and the warmth of gold. Makes cards look so festive!

  187. I choose based on the “warmth” value of the subject or design…gold for warm (indoor christmas trees, holly, poinsettias, etc.) and silver for cool (ice, snow, winter, outdoor trees).

  188. I like the look of both gold and silver, it just depends on the DSP I am using. I really enjoy your blog!

  189. Silver is my top choice, but I like both! Anything reflective & shiny does it for me! Thanks!

  190. Kathy Malanoski

    I think the silver adds more sparkle so it is my favorite. Thanks, Mary, for inspiring so much fun!!

  191. My tastes are changing….normally I would only use silver but lately gold has been working for me!

  192. I like both but prefer silver. It reminds me of the shimmer of snow when the sun hits it!

  193. Rebecca Massey

    Silver has always been my favorite, but I’m really liking gold lately 🙂

  194. I prefer silver over gold. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!

  195. It’s silver this year.

  196. I love both silver and gold. They are both wonderful to work with

  197. I have to have both gold and silver, depending on the paper color: silver with cool colors, gold with warm , & either with neutrals. Thanks for your daily inspiration and your constant generosity. Merry Christmas!

  198. I have to pick???? I might lean toward silver. You are an inspiration, Mary!??❤️

  199. Your cards are always beautiful, Mary. Thank you for sharing! I use both gold and silver when making Christmas cards, depending on the other colors. I tend to use gold with the greens and silver with blues. With reds it depends on the complementary colors or the DSP that I’m using. Often I end up using gold. So far they have all been pretty! Thanks again!

  200. Ellen Warthen

    I am usually a sliver gal but for Christmas, gold is my choice.

  201. Hmm silver or gold… That depends. I like silver with blues and gold with green and red. Happy Holidays, Mary!

  202. What a fantastic giveaway! I typically use one or the other. Yesterday I made a wedding card and used gold. And today I’ll be working on my Christmas cards which include silver. And the jewelry I wear is a mix of both metals. Thank you for the chance to win!

  203. I use both!!!!!!!!

  204. Oh Mary…this Christmas I’ve discovered the awesomeness of ‘GOLD’…love SU’s gold vellum papers, gold foil papers and embossing powder….silver is nice too and, I have not mixed them….yet!! It’s all so rich and shiny!

  205. I’m very partial to silver, but love using BOTH colors. I check your blog daily, and love everything you do!!!

  206. Suzanne Ferlin

    Oh, silver with blues and gold with reds, always, for Christmas! I love glitter too! Even when it gets everywhere…Festive!

  207. I tend to use silver much more than gold.

  208. I like both silver and gold on a dark cardstock, Night of Navy or Elegant Eggplant, to give a classic and chic card.

  209. Silver with blue and snowflakes. Gold for reds and greens. Can’t live without BOTH

  210. Since I’m a “bling it” kind of paper crafter anyway, I love mixing combos of both Gold and Silver for embellishment.

  211. Hard to choose really.. I used gold on our Christmas cards to show a great value for Jesus but if it were a snowy scene who could avoid the shimmer of silver? ☺️. Thanks Mary!

  212. I prefer gold, except when snowflakes are involved. Beautiful card!

  213. I love silver with so many colors Especialy Black berry bliss . But I do use gold too .
    I’d love yo win this . It would be a nice Birthday presenT ! My birthday is Nov . 22 . Hope it’s lucky for me .

  214. I love gold with Mossy Meadow; but I truly love Silver with Bermuda Bay!

  215. I prefer silver but most times I see what color would look best with the cardstock and dsp

  216. Evelyn Kiefer

    I love silver, it goes with my blue and snowflake theme.

  217. Love silver but both are beautiful at this time of the year.

  218. As a whole, I like silver best, but I am totally open to gold. 🙂

  219. I like gold unless it is with snowflakes, then silver is my preference.

  220. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Stampin Up goodies. I love silver and try to add a little silver bling to each and every card and tag I create. I like it because it adds an element of light and sparkle to the picture created. Marla Medina, Carrollton, Tx. 76007

  221. Karilyn Moeller

    Professional decorators tell us it is ok to mix metals! I love both silver and gold! When having to choose one for a project, I choose the one that looks best with my other papers.

  222. It all depends on the color used on the card, but I do love both of them!

  223. Judy Ciminillo

    I really enjoyed the gold this year, and the Winter Wonderland Specialty DSP and Vellum Stack are “Wonderful”! The gold foil sheets really helped everything pop. Love it all!

  224. I love Silver and Gold but I tend to use Silver more often.

  225. It depends on the images used, love gold but think silver is awesome for Christmas-snow projects!

  226. Lots of gold for me this year. I do love silver too though. Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy.

  227. I love both, just depends on what I’m making.

  228. That is a toughie;). I think silver even though I decorate my house using gold!

  229. I like the warmth of gold for the holidays…Autumn Gold for Thanksgiving and Magi Gold for Christmas. Mary, I hope the holidays that you celebrate this season are happy and holy. Thanks so much for the fun chance to win your blog candy! Cheers, Dawn in Maine

  230. Love both, so many possibilities

  231. I prefer silver, but will use gold. It depends on the project.

  232. Lisbeth Lampert

    As my Brownie troop used to sing: Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold! Therefore, I love to mix and match gold and silver friends as well as colors when I design crafts.

  233. Nancy Klessig

    I love them both ! Silver and Gold Silver and gold….makes me want to sing!!!

  234. Love both !! But if I had to choose, I would select silver.

  235. Adele Peterman

    I am a silver girl all the way! But…gold is making a comeback and I have seen some beautiful cards using gold. For my own Christmas cards I’m planning to use silver.

  236. Wow – hard question! The holidays always scream sparkle and elegance and gold and silver definitely fit this bill. I find for the elegant – I go with gold. For the sparkle – I go with silver. Appropriately colored metallic foils and glitter paper make this so easy these days! ~chris

  237. Gold or Silver add a little “zing” or “bling” to my projects,

  238. I definately tend to use gold on my Christmas cards.

  239. Betsy Johnson

    All that glitters is GOLD! Gold wins my vote!

  240. I favor the silver more

  241. My first response was to think of all the SILVER and blues that sparkle with the rhinestones…happy bling. But nothing is more Christmas than mixing red with GOLD. Love them both…Gold looks great with reindeer clips!

  242. I definitely prefer silver….. I love the cool tone!m

  243. Linda Baumann

    I tend to use god more often because it is so rich. If using snowflakes of course siver is a must. Thank you for daily inspirations and creatively.
    Linda B

  244. Silver, reminds me of snow!

  245. Have to agree with everyone else! I depends on what other colors I’m using, most of the time when I’m making Christmas card I mix it up.

  246. My preference is silver….just like my jewelry! I seem to prefer the “cool” tones over warm. So pretty with a Christmas red….LOVE!

  247. Silver I love it with blue

  248. I am in love with both!!! It all depends on the color combination you are working with! Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  249. Christine Shannon

    Kind of like my jewelry, I love them both! I feel that gold is for more fancy projects and silver is for more fun projects.

  250. I prefer to use silver for the holidays

  251. Bernadette Veneski

    I prefer silver as in “Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmastime in the city”! One of my favorite Christmas songs.

  252. I am a silver girl at heart. My jewelry is silver or white gold. However gold can be beautiful.. I use both in my crafts.

  253. Like many others have said, I use both, depending on the colors in the project. I use silver with blues and grays and even pinks, gold with reds and purples. Green can go either way – warm or cold. Thanks for a chance to win!

  254. I love the mixture of silver and gold for the Holidays! It is so CLASSY!!!

  255. Hi Mary! Happy Thanksgiving! I have been going more to some of the regal colors for my holiday cards. Rich Razzleberry, Night of Navy and Cherry Cobbler are some of my favorite colors for the holidays. But they look better with a pop of gold or silver! 😉 You are a daily source of inspiration for me. Thank you!

  256. Silver is my favorite but gold works best with my Greens and Reds. Thanks Mary!

  257. I use both but I tend to use silver more specially for snowflakes. But when I am working with red I use gold. Thank you for all your daily inspiration.

  258. I use both, but usually silver with blues and gold with reds & greens. Thanks for sharing!

  259. I prefer both actually. Thx for the chance!

  260. I love the silver for this time of year. Reminds me of the tinsel we put on the trees as children. Gold is usually my go to the rest of the year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  261. Kelly Tetting

    I use both but tend to go for silver; it reminds me of snowflakes.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  262. I prefer gold, very warm compared to silver!

  263. I use both. I prefer silver with a color like Pool Party or Soft Sky and I prefer gold with Cherry Cobbler or Garden Green. Either or both with Night of Navy is beautiful!

  264. Mark and Jenny Fulton

    I like to use both! Thanks for this wonderful blog candy offer!

  265. I like both gold and silver. The card is elegant!

  266. Gold with deep rich colors, silver with brighter colors.

  267. Barbara Brassfield

    I really like both of them but seems like I use gold much more and I really have no reason, they both go well with any of the paper

  268. Definitely silver. I especially love the combo of blue and silver.

  269. Mary, you are the person I most admire when it comes to paper crafting (well….you and Brian King!!!) and I am super excited every time I see your designs! Boy, if you had a nickel for every card of yours that I’ve copied!!!!!!

  270. I tend to use silver more but I like both equally.

  271. I prefer GOLD, but use SILVER when working with snow. Love the quality of the Gold and Silver paper. It is not heavy, does not flake, and it cuts easy. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome candy.

  272. I prefer silver–not a gold lover

  273. Gale Kleckner

    Love your blog. My choice is silver, sliver, silver!!

  274. I really feel drawn to Gold, I think it’s elegant!

  275. Victoria Stewart

    I can hear Burl Ives singing, “Silver and Gold”. I enjoy the mix of metallics to add a touch of elegance to my holiday cards.

  276. I definitely use more silver than gold. Silver looks so classy when paired with my other favorite holiday colors – Cherry Cobbler and Night of Navy.

  277. I tend to be a silver gal, but I will mix the two. Card and jewelry.

  278. I like both. But tend to use silver more

  279. I’m a gold girl all the way! I love your gold snowflake card.

  280. Depends on the project. I like to have both available so when I see ideas I can implement them!

  281. Denise Ferguson

    Oddly, I like the contrast of gold with most paper, but for my personal adornment I prefer silver tones 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win such a cute set!

  282. This year I seem to be using more gold – I love Cherry Cobbler with Gold! One thing I have a real hard time doing is mixing gold & silver…..

  283. René L. Boward

    Oh my, I am all about silver for the holidays! Silver and blue, silver and light pink … Just doesn’t get any better! Plus, a lot of glimmer!!

  284. I love Silver and actually using the Silver glitter paper for my Christmas card this year. Thanks for sharing your cards and tips; love them 🙂

  285. Shannon Bedingfield

    Although I used a lot of gold for this season’s holiday swaps; my personal taste will go for silver every time.

  286. What a lovely giveaway! You’re so thoughtful & generous! I would say that I like both metallics, but silver is probably my favorite! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  287. I’m embossing both gold & silver gifts to put on a gold sleigh. I do like gold best!

  288. Shirley Adiaz

    I really like the look of gold but I’ve found myself using silver a lot for my projects. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!!

  289. Oh man, what a hard question, but I’d have to say GOLD!

  290. I love silver n jewelry, but use more gold n my cards.

  291. Tamara Stewart

    I used to be all about one or the other until I realized how mixing gold and silver together brings out the best in each of them. Now I usually use them together rather than alone by themselves.

  292. Gold most of the time but silver works with blues.

  293. I prefer silver as I love making blue Christmas cards BUT I think that gold goes best with the Reds!

  294. Patricia Owens

    Blog Candy Giveaway! Wonderful! Gold!

  295. Gold is my favorite but silver is great too depending on the other colors.

  296. janet gallion

    Love your web site and visit it every day for inspiration. Love gold but anything is appreciated for my card ministry at Meals on Wheels. Happy Thanksgiving!

  297. I am partial to gold, but I use silver also. Thanks for the chance to win.

  298. Gold used to be my first choice, but recently I have learned (from seeing ideas on other blogs) combining silver and gold can be really neat and I am now open to trying that more.

  299. Silver is my favorite! But gold is very classic.

  300. If I’m mixing cool colors, I prefer silver, but warm colors, I think gold looks better. But in the end it’s the amount of silver or gold or other colors. It’s always fun to fiddle with proportions.

  301. I love to mix it up! Silver for the cool colors and gold for the warm ones.

  302. I use both, as I alternate color schemes each year with “non-traditional” combos. One year it’s deep purple and gold, the next year it’s silver and sky blue.

  303. Gold or Silver? Nooooooo. It’s like Sophie’s choice. I love them both equally.

  304. I used to prefer silver but I am having more fun with gold this year.

  305. I like to use both silver and gold.

  306. I love mixing silver and gold!

  307. I am gold, gold, gold all the way! This year’s Christmas card uses the ‘Joy’ framelit from the Wonderful Wreath collection in the gold foil paper! Bumps up a pretty simple card! Great day!

  308. I love both Silver and Gold. I agree silver for cool colors and gold for warm colors. However with the black glitter paper I use both silver and gold.

  309. It depends on the wrapping paper that I’m using but I like both silver and gold!

  310. I really do love both gold and silver as they work great with so many colors but also compliment each other when used together.

  311. Erica loscalzo

    Like silver but for my Christmas card I use red and green

  312. gail Sturtevant

    I use both. Love silver with blues and gold with red and green.

  313. I usually always go with gold and I don’t know why!
    But I also like silver so I guess It depends on what goes with my card! Love your blog!

  314. I actually have always preferred Silver. It’s so bright and friendly!


  315. I love gold, especially for the holidays. But silver is also pretty on cards especially with certain colors.

  316. I have always preferred SILVER!, Love your cards!

  317. I like to mix it up! I tend to use gold with warmer colours and silver with cooler colours.

  318. Mary L Schreiber

    I love both silver and gold, depends on what kind of card I’m making. I would say I use the same amount of both.

  319. Tough choice here, but I think gold is #1, with silver following close behind. Great stuff you are sharing with one luck winner!!

  320. Oh, I can’t decide….love them both!!

  321. I’m a gold girl, it’s warm rich and elegant

  322. I tend toward using silver when snow scenes are involved, and gold when using religious figures. So the answer is – BOTH!

  323. I prefer silver for the holidays. In my opinion it goes much better with the traditional red and green for Christmas.

  324. I probably use about the same of each…just depends on the card I think. Happy Holidays!

  325. I love the combination of silver and gold in cardmaking and jewelry. The two colors compliment each other nicely. So excited for Christmas.

  326. Blondes like silver — at least this one. I faithfully follow your blog.

  327. Kathy Johnson

    I love both – silver for snowflake & snowman themes and gold for Christmas themes. Anything sparkly!

  328. I love a combo of silver and gold

  329. Sharon Williamson

    I like to mix it up a bit. Silver and gold together really work!

  330. I mostly use silver in my holiday crafting. The silver sparkle looks great with snowflakes.

  331. Jennifer Partridge

    Hi Mary,

    What YUMMY blog candy!!!! 🙂

    It’s funny, because I have always preferred silver (sterling silver or platinum jewelry, brushed nickel or even bronze fixtures around the house, …) and I usually make holiday cards that are silver, white, and light blue (to go along with my tree and winter wonderland theme!), but gold is starting to grow on me! 😉 My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past summer so maybe all of the beautiful paper I used to create their decorations & party favors has something to do with it? I think I like both now! Unfortunately I haven’t designed my cards for this year yet ;o so it will be interesting to see what I end up going with!

    Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us, 🙂


  332. I love silver. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to any project. What a wonderful gift for one lucky winner. Merry christmas.

  333. I really have to go with gold… makes every color it is with just come alive.

  334. I really like them both to use….silver does go really good with red…but gold can be used for the greens and blues too….I think it depends on the persons likes and dislikes…Merry Christmas

  335. shirleytmadsen

    Silver! As in the Christmas carol Silver Bells!

  336. It depends on what I am making. It depends on what I am making and the other colors being used.

  337. I like to use silver for the Christmas season and tend to use gold for the autumn/fall. Thanks for the opportunity to win some blog candy!

  338. I’m a silver kind of girl. 🙂

  339. Silver for me! It seems to sparkle more for me!

  340. Go,d is my favorite! Love adding gold stars to the top of Peaceful Pines trees! Thanks for the chance to enter, Mary… Truly enjoy following your blog and all of the creative ideas you share!

  341. I like both but use silver the most. Silver makes its way onto most of my Christmas cards. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  342. OMG! Mary, my favorite is silver. I just love how it shines on a Christmas card when I use Cherry Cobbler and Garden Green cardstock. I made some with the Foil paper and they looked very classy. Love it! The Gold is nice too but to me it seems for antique.

  343. I mostly use gold, and for Christmas cards gold with Cherry Cobbler, but I like silver with cooler colors like Soft Sky.

  344. Love those metal rimmed pearls and snowflake elements to embellish my Christmas gifts and cards!

  345. I love both gold and silver for the holidays! The more shine, the better!

  346. Gold!!! Definitely without a doubt for Christmas. Though for winter cards and snowflakes I think silver is very fitting.

  347. I like silver best for the holidays. Reminds me of “frost”.

  348. I like both gold and silver but have used more gold this Christmas season. Thanks to SU this wasn’t difficult as there were so many golden products to choose from. Enjoy your wonderful blog Mary. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  349. Silver is my all time favorite, although I found myself wishing for some gold embellishments for the thanksgiving cards I made. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  350. Bonnie Hesslink

    I like gold and silver….any,thing with black.

  351. I love silver with blue and red with gold! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  352. Silver with light blue, gold with dark blue!

  353. Sandi Zeigler

    Hi Mary. I use both silver and gold, just depends on the paper I am using. I love your work!!

  354. I like both for my holiday cards. Using both colors together make for more sparkle. For the manager cards I like gold.

  355. I like both silver and gold but I probably lean more toward gold. Both are very elegant!

  356. My preference is silver but need to start sing gold more.

  357. Both are great, but I prefer Silver!

  358. Silver against white is my choice, I think this combination is striking. So much so, my tree, dinnerware and this year’s cards are all that combination. With a touch of pear pizzazz…… It’s a WOW look, and contemporary. Gold is a little too traditional look for me. Thanks for your talents.

  359. Oh what a fun blog candy! I’m a magpie – love both silver & gold (and sometimes on the same card) plus copper manages to sneak its way onto a few cards during the holidays.

  360. Adriana Romero

    I like using both silver and gold. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  361. I prefer silver for my Christmas cards. It reminds me of the beauty of snow!

  362. I love the mixture of silver and gold – gives one lots of options for their holiday cards and crafts!!!

  363. Silver is my go to for holidays! Seems like all the glitter, gems, sequins, pens, markers, ribbon and cord I have are silver and they sparkle beautifully. Once in a blue moon I’ll use gold. Thanks for the blog candy!

  364. Phyllis Freese

    I usually prefer silver for holiday sparkle, but I do use both. So much depends on the paper used.

  365. Silver is my favorite during the Holidays. It reminds me of the snow and how it glitters in the moon light on a cold winters night.

  366. I prefer silver over gold. Silver and navy blue is so beautiful together. Thank you for all your kindness. Happy Thanksgiving eveyone.

  367. Jennifer Kunselman

    I prefer gold. I love it with Cherry Cobbler as well as with black and night of Navy. Thank you!

  368. Debra Simpson

    I prefer silver.

  369. Like Sam the Snowman says….Silver and Gold!!!

  370. I like both and use them a lot on my holiday cards. Thanks for the blog candy!!

  371. I used to love gold but this year I am leaning toward silver in my crafting. Thank you for the chance to win. I love your blog and all the inspiration you share. Thank you

  372. I definitely love my gold. However, silver is great with blue cardstock and dsp. Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  373. I like silver, especially with blues.

  374. It depends on the color of paper……although I tend to lean toward the silver. Have a great day and thanks for the opportunity to win!

  375. Denise Heredia

    I like silver mostly! But there are times when gold is the color to use.

  376. I like them both! Silver does tend to be a bit brighter.

  377. I like silver better for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!

  378. Silver is my favorite!

  379. I love warmth and elegance of gold, but silver is nice too. Hard to decide.
    Thanks for the blog candy chance.

  380. I love silver. It reminds me of glistening snow, ice . . . winter. Ha!Ha! Thanks for sharing all of your creations with us!

  381. Eileen Schmitt

    I love how silver sparkles with all colors. It brightens cards , illuminates them!

  382. Christmas is GOLD! Both are beautiful but I prefer gold. Thanks, Mary, for this fun give away.

  383. Hmmm, well that’s a hard choice. I usually prefer the warmth of gold, but I let the subject matter decide

  384. Gillian Rouge

    I use both – gold with red, green, and love it with purple. Silver is great with blue and especially for Hanukkah cards. Thanks for your inspiration and a chance to win!

  385. I am attracted to all things sparkly but usually use gold. Gold embodies richness and warmth.

  386. I generally reach for silver first. However, gold is great with Real Red & Cherry Cobbler. Thank you, Mary!

  387. Marilyn Wilson

    I use silver for many of my holiday cards.

  388. I use both, silver and gold

  389. I tend to always reach for the “silver”, I think it pops off the card when used with any of the holiday colors… real read – cherry cobbler and also really love it with night of navy!

  390. Monique Bromley

    Love silver, usually my go to, but I am acquiring an affinity for gold, blushing bride and night of navy.

  391. I use more silver than gold, but I like them both.

  392. Kathy Patterson

    Love your cards and your website. love gold and silver just depends on the card and the mood I am in but silver would be the one I would choose most often.

  393. I like them both, depending on the card, but I tend to lean toward gold which seems more regal to me. Love your inspiration each day!

  394. I mainly use gold, but when thinking of snow and snowflakes I end up
    using silver, as I think it just belongs. Hoping you have a great Thanksgiving.

  395. I like silver and gold. Just thought some platinum EP. I like to change it up each year. Thanks.

  396. too hard to choose! Gold if I’m going for a more traditional / elegant look, silver for snowflakes, more casual but still dressed up card. Actually, now that I think about it, SILVER! 🙂

  397. Gold is my color,very few times do I use the silver. I like the silver just don’t use it very often.

  398. I use both silver and gold depending on what other colors I am using. They both add such a touch of elegance to any project. I would just like to say thank you for all of the beautiful cards and projects that you share with us daily. You have been such an inspiration to me. Whether I win or lose this giveaway, I feel like I am a winner just by seeing what you create for us each day. Thank you so much and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  399. Always gravitate to silver – it is so beautiful with the white snow and blue skies – just love it!!! Great giveaway!!

  400. I use both silver and gold, depends on my theme and paper

  401. I love and use both silver and gold. I always like some bling on my Christmas cards

  402. The colors I use most are colors that look good on me. So, mainly gold but silver has its purposes as well! Thanks for the opportunity.

  403. I love , love GOLD ALL YEAR LONG , I think Christmas looks so festive with gold !!!!
    Hugs frenchie,
    Thank you MsMary for a chance to win these great host sets ?

  404. cmcaskill2015

    It’s funny…
    Gold if it is jewelry, Silver on cards (have to say I still love the pewter too!) I will do gold embossing when silver would be just wrong!

  405. Everything goes with “SILVER” especially around Christmas time.

  406. I love mixing metallics, especially when I am heat embossing. This year’s stamp with the gift packages looks great with both! A gold package with a silver bow!

  407. Depending on the project, I use both.

  408. Silver with snowflakes, my two favorite combinations!

  409. I love Gold for Christmas projects and Silver for Winter projects!!

  410. Carol Carriveau

    I have to say that I prefer Gold, but I will use either/both depending on the cards…..Thank you for a chance to win this fab blog candy!

  411. Gold. Which is funny, because I prefer silver ornaments, silver garland, silver everything but my cards.

  412. I think I like gold for the holidays (so lush looking when paired with just about any color), but silver is usually my go-to metallic for other times of the year.

  413. I love silver.. Has a bright beautiful sparkle just like diamonds! Being a red head I love red..silver mixed with red makes me happy!

  414. I love silver. Reminds me of sparkling snow and starry nights.

  415. It varies, as to what colors it is paired with. I usually use silver, but like gold also.

  416. I use a mix of gold and silver.

  417. I love both Silver and Gold. Sometimes I will mix them together, or just use one or the other,but I think they are both beautiful.. especially at Christmas! “Silver and Gold means so much more when I see
    Silver and Gold decorations on every Christmas tree”

    Read more: Burl Ives – Silver And Gold Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  418. I generally prefer gold. But I use them both! Thanks for the chance to win!

  419. Loving both silver and gold!! Wahoo, the riches and sparkle of there colors creates that extra special somethin’ to a project!!

  420. I like both. And so versatile.

  421. I use both gold and silver. Silver with blues and reds and gold with just about anything! Thanks Mary for always giving inspiration to this ‘unconfident’ stamper! Blessings to you this holiday!

  422. Both silver and gold make ANY project look more luxurious!! If I HAD to choose…I would go with silver.

  423. Oh,how I Love to use them both.Thanks So Much for the give a way offer.Good Luck to all.

  424. I also like both silver and gold….whichever goes best with the paper that I am using. Our granddaughter Hayden (5 yrs old) also loves to craft & make cards, and she just loves bling bling & more bling! 🙂

  425. K'LaRae Nolin

    Like both but gold is a little warmer looking. If I want to make a bold statement, I think I would use silver. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!!

  426. For me part of Christmas is about glitz & bling….I love both and SU paper is great to work with, doesn’t crack like “M’s” paper.

  427. Carol Dudding

    Both silver and gold. It just depends on the subject matter.

  428. That’s always such a difficult decision so usually I go with both.

  429. I usually go for silver accents…after seeing what others are doing with gold, I have become a fan…sooooo, I now use both! LOVE, the gold with greens! Happy, happy Thanksgiving!

  430. patti moffett

    Depends on the color paper but usually I’m a silver kind of gal for the holidays. Thanks for so much inspiration
    patti moffett

  431. Definitely both.

  432. I prefer silver! 🙂

  433. Silver all the way! I love the way it looks with NIght of Navy! Thanks for the chance to win an early Christmas present!

  434. Definitely silver!!

  435. Nancy Jarecki

    Definitely gold all the way!

  436. I always seem to lean toward gold because it offers a certain warmth

  437. I like to mix it up for the holidays!!

  438. Wonderful ideas Mary I like them both really depends on the paper color

  439. Silver all the way!!!!!!

  440. Connie Snowberger

    I like silver with blues/white and gold with reds/greens/vanilla, but once in a while I’ll use both on the same project depending on what it is. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy, Mary!

  441. Jessica Rodriguez

    I like the gold only because it’s very rich looking. Adds a little sparkle to my cards. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win “fun” stuff.

  442. Mix of gold and silver

  443. Gold! It looks so cheery with deep reds & greens

  444. Gold has always been my favorite with the reds and greens. This year I am leaning more towards silver with white and pastels.

  445. I love working with Silver for the holidays. Reminds me of ice and snow and paired with some dark blue card stock is just a winner for me

  446. Hi Mary! I love using both silver and gold for the holidays – depends on the overall feel of the card (and of course the paper I use). I also love the look of Iridescent Ice embossing for holiday papercrafting; it’s like glitter without the mess. Thanks for offering an awesome blog candy giveaway!

  447. I like silver with blues and grays. Gold with warmer toned colors.

  448. Carolyn Curtis

    Silver is my preference. It is so calming to me and I love using it on the Christmas tags I make with all the other wonderful Stampin’ Up Colors.

  449. I use both silver and gold. The decision for which all depends on the color scheme. This Christmas I am using silver. – – BTW, you are awesome, Mary.

  450. I can not choose between them. Both colors remind me of family decorations in those colors. 🙂

  451. I love either one. Surprise me … lol!

  452. Elizabeth szuch

    I prefer silver and gold. Your information is always helpful and colorful.

  453. Shell Ann Ondish

    Thank you for a chance to win some blog candy!!! I use both silver and gold depending on the paper i am using!!

  454. I used silver embossing with Blushing Bride card stock for my Christmas card this year and it turned out beautifully. I think my choice depends on the colors I choose for the cards–gold for richer colors and silver for pastels.

  455. I like silver for the Holidays because it reminds me of cold days and shimmering snow and icicles!

  456. I like to use both!

  457. This year Silver with the blue tones and snowflakes. But agree the richness of Gold with the Reds and Greens is beautiful. Thank You Mary for sharing your blog candy with us.

  458. What a nice blog give away. I’m a silver girl.

  459. SILVER! it is so clean and crisp!

  460. I’m using both silver and gold on my 2015 Christmas cards! The visual effect is dramatic and fancy! Merry Christmas and happy stamping!
    From one Mary to another!

  461. Use them both – silver with blue a favorite of mine and gold and red a classic.

  462. Mary Ellen Mayer

    Gosh, hard to say. Gold looks great with ornaments, red and green. Silver looks great with blue and snow. I would love the tag set, missed my opportunity to get it. And one of your cards??!! What a treat!

  463. Not hard to answer. It’s gold all the way.

  464. I love them both, but if you make me choose…silver!

  465. Hey Mary, I love using both Gold and Silver Paper on my cards. This year I’m using more Gold than I usually do. I also liked the Bronze card stock that SU had years ago. I would love, love, love to win your blog candy. I’m loving the Garden Green Ribbon. Thank you for the chance to win.

  466. I actually love both, but I’m a tiny bit more inclined to choose silver. Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  467. I like using silver during the holidays. Happy thanksgivings to you & your family.

  468. I love both! Just depends on whether I’m going with a cool color or a warm color. Happy Thanksgiving Mary!

  469. I like the more whimsical type cards so it’s silver for Me.

  470. Renee Thompson

    I’m definitely a silver girl! I have been liking vanilla with gold lately, though — may have to try that for a change.

  471. Definitely silver…i’m not a very big fan of gold in general!!

  472. I love both silver and gold together!!

  473. I really prefer silver, but would not turn down gold:)

  474. What a lovely blog candy to win. Most definitely I love silver, but gold seems to bring out the Christmas spirit at this time of year.

  475. Sabine Swanson

    I do love silver, but for Christmas I still love the traditional gold.

  476. I love both, it depends on my project!

  477. I personally prefer silver, but both make very classy Christmas cards.

  478. What a generous give-a-way! Thank you!

    I think that I gravitate more to silver, though I do tend to use them both 🙂

  479. Whatever matches the beautiful DSP that I am using works for me!

  480. Hi Mary, thanks for the chance to win some blog candy! A mix, that’s just the Gemini in me!

  481. I usually grab silver for Christmas cards especially if I am using navy.

  482. Jeffalee Hansen

    Silver … love it because it has the look and feel of snow.

  483. Terri Broeckert

    I love using Gold on Christmas cards because it reminds me of a shining star in Bethlehem!

  484. Hi Mary! Thanks for the chance. I LOVE silver for the holidays. I mix it with different blues and it just gives a cool, snowy, wintery feel to me.

  485. I used gold on my Christmas cards this year and they are ready to send out! First time ever I’m ahead of the game! Yeah! We live in the desert so I did Santa and his reindeer going over a desert landscape. I prefer gold because it is so elegant and rich.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  486. Hi Mary, I’m usually drawn to silver, it goes with so many other colors, and a little glitter. Thanks! 🙂

  487. I like gold for Thanksgiving, but both for Christmas depending on the particular use. Thanks for all you share!I love your wonderful ideas!

  488. Like some of the other comments, I use gold with all the colors of fall and save silver to use with my Christmas colors. Thanks for sharing!!

  489. I prefer gold if I am using red or burgundy, and silver if the colors I’m using are navy blue. I like gold the best because that was one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus, Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh by the Wise Men from the East. May the Lord bless you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  490. I am a silver girl but that does not mean I don’t use gold. Depends on which color looks best at the time.

  491. My favorite color is silver……..must have something to do with the “natural” color on the top of my head!!!!! There are some fabulous color combos with silver… all time favorite is navy & silver. Thanks for the opportunity for some wonderful blog candy. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  492. I do gravitate to the silver most of the time, but gold has found it’s way to a few holiday projects this year. Thanks for the blog candy give-a-way….and all your inspiration.

  493. I love to use silver but the more I see samples with gold, the more I’m liking it.

  494. I love both. Probably more in a silver and blue mood this season, but I love gold with a rich maroon. Great giveaway!

  495. Crazy Patty (a.k.a. Patty Marsh)

    Thanks Mary for the opportunity to win such a wonderful giveaway! I love it all. As far as silver or gold, I am not picky. I feel that silver goes best with blues and gold goes best with reds, but like I said before, I am not picky, I just feel happy to have the opportunity. Thank you and I wish you all the blessings of the upcoming holiday season!

  496. I love seeing your blog and your designs! This “blog candy” would be awesome!!

    I would like a mix! Variety – the spice of life!

  497. I love both silver and gold. I probably use more silver with blue though. So pretty together. Thanks for the opportunity to win such awesome gifts. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  498. I tend to lean towards silver. I especially like it when I use blue tones. However, projects I see using gold always look beautiful too! Thanks for offering some “blog candy”! Happy Thanksgiving!

  499. I love silver with navy blues and gold with reds and greens. Thanks for offer to win the blog candy. Happy Holidays.

  500. Wowza – what great blog candy !!! I prefer silver no matter what color paper – it can be used not only to glamour up a project but can be used on every day cards also for that extra special embellishment. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and the chance to win 🙂 Merry Christmas will be coming to someone early (Hope it’s me )

  501. Kathy (cards_by_kp)

    I like to pair both silver and gold with rich jewel-tone shades of blue, purple, red and green.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some fabulous blog candy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  502. In the past I have loved Silver but this year I am really into gold. Both are great on cards!

  503. I love both! Silver with deep blues is always beautiful and I just love gold with the traditional Christmas colors. Silver and Gold adds that touch of elegance and richness to any card or décor. Thanks for the opportunity to win this blog candy. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  504. Dona Stallworth

    I’m a gold girl! Use it with classic red & green. I agree that silver and blue is gorgeous… I just don’t associate snow with Christmas. I’ve never seen snow at Christmas….

  505. Silver all the way!!!

  506. I love a mix. Love the classic gold, red, and green, but silver is so pretty with blue especially with a snowflake themed card. Gold and silver are both so pretty and classic. Thanks for a chance to win. Love your blog and ideas.

  507. Chris Baker Cox

    My go to is usually silver, but I would use gold if it worked with the other colors I was using.

  508. I prefer silver because it reminds me of the silver tinsel on the Christmas tree! I love it and especially the Christmas spirit at Christmas time! 🙂 Blessings to all…

  509. I prefer silver for the holidays…reminds me of the snow and cold that we in the Midwest enjoy at Christmastime.

  510. I prefer silver. Gold sometimes appears brassy, but silver is always beautiful. It reminds me of sparkling snnow.

  511. My favorite is silver for Christmas. Thanks for sharing all your projects and this great blog candy.

  512. Love a mix. Gold is so regal but snow is silver. Use each as the moment strikes me.

  513. Phyllis Werner

    I love SILVER sparkley paper. So pretty.

  514. Joanne Broemmel

    Any thing that sparkles makes me happy! I would have to say first choice would be gold.

  515. Silver is my favorite. It reminds me of when my dad & I would put tinsel on the tree ONE BY ONE 🙂

  516. Beautiful stamp set. I love silver. My mind is racing with creativity for this set

  517. I normally go silver, but for the holidays – it’s all gold.

  518. Susan Dearlove

    What a great idea to ‘blend silver and gold’. I love them both and would make some of each.

  519. Mylissa Goralski

    Makes me think of the song one is silver and the other is gold. Thank you for sharing this great opportunity.

  520. I’m a gold girl, myself!

  521. I am a silver lady; it looks great with real red.

  522. I guess I love both—last year I used more silver, this year more gold, and
    Sometimes both on the same card!

  523. Silver is my favorite but there are a lot of beautiful cards to case using gold too.

  524. I tend to use more silver! I don’t always use the traditional red and green for Christmas, but when I do, I use gold. Thanks for all your generous card candy give-aways!

  525. You know, I was always a gold gal, but lately all of the designs that I’m seeing are gorgeous in SILVER, so this year I’m giving it a chance. Who knows….silver may be the new gold..

  526. Vicky Blackwell

    I love gold but tend to use silver a lot lately!

  527. I’m not good at combining the colors, but I like when both siver and gold are used together. Thanks for your generous give-aways.

  528. Although i like both silver and gold. I love the sparkle of silver for the holidays.

  529. Darlene Almer

    I love both silver and gold -each project gets its own consideration.

  530. Hi Mary This year I am using Silver, (silver bells). Love that song, one of my favorite Christmas songs, second favorite is Silent Night. Just visited your “Gallery”, all your cards are beautiful, I know I have used a lot of them for inspiration.
    Thanks you for the opportunity to win blog items.

  531. Chris vanKoeverden

    I love silver. But depending on the coordinating paper gold is beautiful too!

  532. Sandy Fiedler

    Gold is too flashy. Silver has its own elegant style!

  533. I surprised myself with silver as the answer. I usually love gold anything. Somehow making so many ornament cards this year with silver glitter paper convinced me silver is my favorite.

  534. Gold with Red or Cobbler, Silver with Lost Lagoon or any blue!

  535. I prefer Silver “all the way” for sparkling Winter Wonderland scenes!

  536. I usually gravitate to silver but gold has caught my attention this year. I will most likely use both.

  537. I like both, but find I use gold more often.

  538. Silver!

  539. gold this year!

  540. Rosa M. Vasquez

    Gold seems to be my color this year.

  541. Totally depends on what papers are going with it and the look you are going for – I did some Christmas cards in very vanilla and gold and they turned out beautifully – the gold was rich and the cards were very elegant looking.

  542. I like both gold and silver, but tend to use gold more frequently.

  543. If I had to choose it would be silver….but I would really prefer not to choose

  544. I love both gold & silver! Thanks for the chance to win!

  545. I have used both but lean toward gold.

  546. I love silver with the more subtle colors and gold with the bold colors. So fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  547. I like Silver best!

  548. nancy littrell

    I prefer Gold. Esp. this year. Fabulous Blog Candy 🙂

  549. Linda Bostedt

    Mix them! I really love both so I will combine them, or depending on paper use either/or

  550. Normally I always gravitate towards silver, but lately I have been using a lot of the gold glimmer paper. Thanks for the chance to win Mary, I look forward to your sneak peeks that will hopefully come out soon 🙂

  551. It’s funny, personally for jewelry etc. I love gold but with paper, only silver!

  552. hmmmm… tough one! Totally depends on the card color and design. This card would probably look good in either one, but I think gold is more elegant.

  553. I like to use silver. Looks beautiful with Midnight Muse.

  554. cherylkjohnson

    Thanks for all the inspiration this year. I enjoy seeing what you do next. This is a generous giveaway, and should I be a lucky winner, I would love the silver bling. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  555. I love both silver and gold accents, but tend to use gold more. Real Red, Old Olive, and gold are my go-to holiday colors! Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas, Mary!

  556. I like an even mix.

  557. Silver is my favorite – even in jewelry. Just like the clean and simple feel.

  558. Silver…cool like the snow.

  559. Gold is my favorite but I do use the silver also.

  560. I love both silver and gold jewelry but for Christmas cards, I think gold is more elegant.

  561. Silver, definitely silver.

  562. Silver. I’m just a silver everything person!

  563. Robbye Hamilton

    For me it’s silver. Something about silver speaks to the frosty weather that’s so much a part of the season.

  564. Tiffinnie Reed

    I think Silver!

  565. Absolutely silver!

  566. Silver is my choice! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  567. I love both silver and gold and I do like them mixed too!! Silver might have a bit of an edge especially when paired with red and navy.
    What an awesome and very generous giveaway!

  568. I like to use silver and gold, it just depends on what goes better with the paper I am using. Thank you for a chance to win this fantastic blog candy.

  569. I love silver. . . . .it seems to not only bring an extra element of elegance, but I think there is a little more “sparkle and shine”, especially with the Cherry Cobbler and Night of Navy! It’s always the first choice at my classes! As always, Mary, you are so kind and generous!

  570. Wendy Richards

    I think both look spectacular! I love sparkle and bling especially during the holidays.

  571. Sandy Cordill

    I agree with the mostest . .SILVER!!

  572. Chris R. from Iowa

    I would normally gravitate to silver but lately I seem to mix it up a bit. My favorite would be silver with a dark blue. But, I made a card for Susan Itell’s swap using black and gold. Must be the Iowa Hawkeye in me! Fun to see everyone’s comments. Thanks for a chance to win a great sweet treat just right for the holidays!

  573. It depends on the other colors I’m putting with it but, so far this year, I’ve used mostly gold and I am lovin’ it!

  574. Angie Kopydlowski

    I love both gold and silver. Depends on the colors I combine with… Gold with greens and silver with reds or teals. Love your work and your blog! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  575. Gotta mix it up!

  576. Alyson Nelson

    Always been a silver girl, but this year I am loving the gold paper and thread!!

  577. I like using gold with reds & greens, but I like silver best with blues.

  578. As the song we sang in Girl Scouts says…”Make new Friends and keep the old, some are Silver and the other’s Gold”. Love them both along with any other metallic and sparkles!

  579. Love the Gold but my favorite has always been the SILVER! Your blog candy feature is a favorite but I like all of your posts and look forward to each of them. Thanks for the chance to add to my stampin collection. Have a funfulled Thanksgiving and a wonderful Christmas season.

  580. Definitely silver. When we bought our house the previous owners had gold fixtures, chandeliers, shower doors, faucets, cabinet pulls, etc. I still have nightmares of gold, ha ha.

  581. In terms of paper for the holidays, I prefer gold. I love the bright. shiny gold with red bows! So warm and inviting!!

  582. I am a fan of silver. I think it is because it reminds me of the silver strings of garland we placed on our Christmas tree when I was just a youngster. It was a meticulous project but always look so beautiful.

  583. I prefer silver but have been known to use gold. Depends on the look. Look forward to your daily e-mails with so many inspiring ideas.

  584. I love silver. To me it seems so clean and matches every color combination. I also remember as a child my mom hanging silver foil stars and snowflakes.

  585. I lean more toward silver, but love both. Last year, lost lagoon and silver were beautiful. This year the gold, black and white DSP, Winter Wonderland, is gorgeous.

  586. I love gold , it is very rich looking.

  587. I like to use both silver and gold. I use to be a silver only gal, but the last few years I’ve added some gold as well. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  588. Silver for me, it makes things so shinny and bright. My Christmas tree is the colors of Silver and blue bulbs, Thanks for the chance to win your gorgeous blog candy. You are so generous this time of the year like everyone should be.

  589. My favorite is silver. I just naturally tend to like silver over gold. Guess it has nothing to do with my winter coloring!

    • Kathy Hendrey

      Hi, Mary! I love both colors. Silver is lovely with blues and sparkly white like dazzling diamonds. Gold is great with reds and some black. But if it’s Christmas, you can mix both especially on your tree!

  590. I love silver for many things and projects but some just seem to require using gold. so for me it depends on what I am making. Thanks for you offering this give away.

  591. Virginia McKay


  592. I like to use gold–it’s more regal, befitting the birth of a King :0)

  593. I am neutral when it comes to selection of gold or silver. I think it depends upon the other components of the card.

  594. I like both and it depends on what color paper I am using. Blue and Silver just go together so wonderful and I have seen some really nice black and gold. So it’s a toseup.

  595. Wanda Nettles

    I love silver, my Christmas cards this year are blues accented with silver. But gold always goes better with the traditional red.

  596. Kathy Van Helsland

    I use both as it depends on the color theme I use for Christmas. Blues and white call for silver. Reds, cranberries and dark greens call for gold. Thank you for your inspiring site.

  597. Both Gold and Silver are excellent card choices for the Holidays, anniversary,and communion cards. i love the colors. What fun to utilize them. Gail

  598. I have always been partial to silver, but am an embossing jag and gold on vanilla or kraft is so classy!

  599. I’m partial to silver! Have a happy thanksgiving!

  600. Marilyn Peasley

    It really depends on the color of DSP I’m using. If the paper features red or greens, I like gold. If it features black, white or blues, I like silver.

  601. Hi Mary, I am a silver girl myself, but vanilla, black and gold is stunning

  602. Sandi Kennedy

    Hi Mary, My color of choice is silver!

  603. Hi Mary. Silver is my favorite. It reminds me of the sparkle of new fallen snow, tinsel on the Christmas tree & silver bells. Thank-you for the chance to win this fabulous blog candy!

  604. Personally, I prefer the mix of silver and gold in cards, trimmings and even my jewelry.

  605. I am liking silver paired with soft suede this year, occasionally throwing in some shade of red.

  606. I tend to use both silver and gold in my holiday cards. I lean toward silver when using snow-related scenes, and gold for old traditions.

  607. I like to use silver ribbon with blues and purples and gold ribbon with red and green.

  608. I am a silver girl, i rarely choose gold anything…

  609. Guldara Kirwan

    I prefer silver. Thank you, Mary, for a chance to win! You are so generous!

  610. Bridget Constant

    It depends on the feel I am going for. Calm and cool, silver. Bold and warm, gold.

  611. My preference is silver but some papers just need gold. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome assortment of goodies. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  612. I like them both, but it depends on the paper.

  613. I love both silver and gold but this year’s major theme is silver for my cards and crafts. Love the assortment you put together.

  614. I’m loving BOTH! I assembled the Oh What Fun Tag kit and love the mix of silver and gold with Real Red and Mint Macaron – very classy! I’m seeing both silver with gold everywhere – fashion, home decor and it is awesome!

  615. Jane Zuelsdorf

    I love using silver with red or navy, and white. The silver has such a clean look; just like a new snowfall, which I have out my window today – 1st of the season!

  616. I tend to lean towards gold. I recall one of the wise men chose gold too!

  617. silver and night of navy are my fave!! LOVE your blog. 😀

  618. Sandy Carroll

    I use both, of course. However, I think I prefer silver. Thanks so much for a chance to win.

  619. I never used to like gold until I started creating cards using Stampin’ Up! Products. Now I go crazy embellishing with it. Silver looks sharp, but gold looks CLASSY!!!

  620. I have always been a silver person but am ready to try the gold!!

  621. Gold all the way, baby! Love your stuff, girl! Thanks for being awesome!

  622. I go in phases – right now I’m in a gold phase, but in a few years I’ll swing back to silver:-). Thank you for all of your inspiration! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

  623. I love gold but tend to use silver more. Blue is my favorite color and silver just goes perfectly with all shades of blue.

  624. I love gold!

  625. Kim Scutchfield

    I love silver! Not a fan of gold.

  626. Kim Scutchfield

    I love silver. Not a fan of gold.

  627. I prefer BOTH silver and gold depending on which coordinating colors I plan on using for a project.

  628. I prefer silver – it goes better with a snowflake themed card

  629. Love gold with red & green; silver if I am using blue or snowflakes. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas.

  630. This year I am using more gold with my decor, but using silver with my gray and blue snowflake cards.

  631. Love them both. So elegant!

  632. Christine Fracchia

    I love silver with blue colors! Thanks for the chance to win and your card ideas!

  633. I prefer silver, I like the sparkle for winter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  634. I LOVE both, depending on paper/embellishments I’m using.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win some blog candy!

  635. I love the richness of the gold but I do use both –Mary you inspire us all–May you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!!

  636. I use both colors during this joyous season.

  637. I love both gold and silver but more partial to gold. Reminds me of the peacefulness of the season and the silver reminds me of the beauty of the season.

    Nancy K. (Muskego, WI)

  638. I enjoy a mix, because I always think I love gold the most UNTIL I use silver or pewter, then I think they are prettier! 🙂

  639. I absolutely LOVE silver – especially with blues and purples. Very regal feeling. If I’m using green or red, then I go with gold.

  640. I think I would have to say silver – both are pretty but I just love the sparkle you can do with silver.

  641. My choice of either gold or silver depends on the DSP I choose and what looks best with that. Just like when I dress & choose my accessories 😉
    Thanks Mary for your great blog and a chance at some wonderful blog candy!

  642. Hi Mary: he he…took me a while to scroll to the bottom of this . Thanks for the opportunity to join in and win such a generous blog candy. Looks like most of us are on the same page with using silver for cool colors and gold for warm and more traditional colors. Good Luck Evertone.

  643. I love both – it just depends on the card and the look for which I’m aiming!!

  644. I tend to use more gold but this year its about equal so far. Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful blog candy.

  645. I think both colors add a richness and elegance to cards made with them. Personally, I seem to lean more towards gold, but I would say silver is my favorite–figure that one out!

  646. I love a mixture of both silver and gold. I love the song Burl Ives sung on Rudolph Silver and Gold so I have always used both.

  647. I’m not a very glitzy gal, but I do sometimes add silver and gold. I think I use then both about the same amount, and when I do, it’s usually to add a bit of glittery paper.

  648. I love the simplicity of gold embossing. I’ve done entire Christmas cards / tags classes with two colors of card stock, 1 neutral card stock and just gold embossing. The common color theme is just classic and impressive. (One could do the same with silver, but gold is still my fav.)

  649. both of Course….I love them mixed together also…..

  650. Oh my gosh I love using silver & Gold on all my Christmas cards. I also like to add gold embossing or glitter

  651. Gold is my favorite, unless I’m doing snowflakes, then I prefer silver with icy blues!

  652. Debbie Kulengowski

    I like both gold and silver, depending on what other colors I am using. What a treat it would be to win the blog giveaway! Thanks for your inspiration.

  653. Pam Schweitzer

    I like both. Depends on the other colors I am using. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

  654. I’m a silver girl all the way!

  655. On me, or on my cards, I love them both! I seem to rely on gold when I’m using reds, browns, or greens, and silver for blues or fuschias. It just depends on what I’m working with. Thanks for all your years of inspirations and ideas (and blogs!) Happy Holidays!

  656. Hi Mary My preference is silver.

  657. I prefer gold for Christmas and silver for winter-themed creations.

  658. kathleen amstutz

    More and more I’m leaning towards silver as my fav……but that may change as both colors are GORJUS!

  659. Katrina Jeanette

    Love the blog candy! I love silver and gold both! Used both on my Christmas cards so far. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  660. Tanja Fussell

    I always prefer silver in all aspects of life! Silver, silver, silver!!!

  661. Amy Billingsly

    I prefer silver! I think it just looks cleaner and glitzier for the holidays.

  662. Silver, definitely silver!

  663. I prefer Gold, but Silver really represents Christmas for me.

  664. I don’t use silver or gold much, but I would have to say that both go well with the holidays. I think gold is a warmer, richer color and silver goes so well with winter blues.

  665. I like both. Thanks:)

  666. I prefer gold, especially when using the Christmas dies! Thank you.

  667. I use both depending on the color color that I’m using, my I especially love gold!

  668. Oh my I can’t choose between gold an silver!! Both look so pretty for Christmas cards. It depends on the DSP that I’m using! Thanks for the chance to win Blog Candy!

  669. For me Gold is representative of Jesus Christ and His Deity and righteousness. For Christmas and Chanukah I have to go for the GOLD. New Year’s I go for the silver.

  670. Both, Silver with Blue…and Gold with Green and Red, of course that is not a rule, just my preference

  671. Just like others have already said, it does depend on the other colors. However, I must say that I usually go for silver…just like my jewelry!

  672. Cindy O'Connor

    I use a mix of silver and gold. LOVE THEM BOTH!

  673. Wow, what fabulous blog candy! Thank you for your generosity Mary! I love both silver and gold. I think they are so elegant for Christmas and I try to remember to use them throughout the year.

  674. Cynthia Tuttle

    I am a silver lover, but during the holidays I love a mixture of both silver and gold. Perhaps, not on the same project, but I’m happy to use gold as well as silver! Your bog candy is very delicious and I wish everybody who has entered “Good Luck”!!

  675. Hi Mary I prefer silver during the holidays!! Seems more Christmasy! Love reading your blog!

  676. I always reach for silver when working on Christmas projects. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

  677. Hi Mary! I use both but silver usually gets a little more love. ; )

  678. Danielle Dietz

    I guess it really depends on my cardstock choice. I love silver with Night of Navy and gold is gorgeous with Real Red!

  679. I used to be an all silver kind of person, but I have really been loving gold these past few years!

  680. I like silver for this time of year. Silver and blue so pretty together. Thank you for a great give away. you Rock

  681. I love both! You can’t go wrong with silver or gold! They are both winners in my book. Happiest Holiday season everyone!

  682. Sheryl Cushman

    I use both, depending on what my day is like, determines my choice. On a day where there is a new snowfall – silver is definitely the one I use. What a great giveaway. Thanks, Mary.

  683. Sandra Meyers

    Happy Turkey Day Mary, I say why limit yourself to just gold or just silver. I love them both equally. A few gold and/or silver accents will make a card pop . Whereas a card made totally out of gold or silver really sparkles.

    Stampin Up gives the option of so many different types of gold and silver paper and accents that the possibilities are endless!

  684. I prefer silver for the holidays when it comes to paper crafting, it reminds me of snow!

  685. I love both!! Thanks!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  686. In the winter, I reach for silver – it compliments the effects of snow

  687. while silver is nice I tend to go for the gold coloring all year round.

  688. Definitely gold! I grew up in a poinsettia and gold trimmed home and I continue the tradition today…in my home and on my cards!

  689. I love both- it really depends upon the project and colors I am working with. Thanks for the chance to win!

  690. I tend to naturally gravitate towards silver, so I consciously try to use gold too!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  691. Hi Mary…I am a silver girl!! 🙂 Thank you for the chance!!

  692. Hi Mary – I tend to use both, depending on what my base colors are for my card. Cooler colors get silver, warmer colors get gold! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  693. gold has the warmth but silver denotes winter outside.. guess it depends on the style & colors of the card

  694. I choose gold or silver depending on the other colors in the project. If mostly green, I would choose gold. If I were using blues, I would choose silver. Of course there’s nothing wrong with mixing metals either!! It gives your project an elegant touch!

  695. I chose the combination of both colors. I often combine the two and the results are stunning!

  696. I’m more of a fan of gold along with our SU reds.

  697. Sandra Kukla Schroeder

    For the most part, I like gold on my holiday cards, but anything with snowflakes I like to use a combination of white, blue and silver.

  698. I love both silver and gold. But I’m loving the colors real red and gold.

  699. Really nice to use silver for winter themed cards – makes it sparkly!

  700. Denise Bryant

    Gold is my preference!

  701. love to use both really depends on the cardstock for me!

  702. Debbie Michael

    I prefer gold since that was the metal that was a gift to the baby Jesus!

  703. Most often I use silver, but it would really depend on the DSP and cardstock that I am using. Sometimes gold is the color that suits the project best. Have a wonderful Thansgiving holiday!!!

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