Stampin’ Up! Blog Candy: Smitten for Ribbon

Stampin' Up! Blog Candy Smitten for Ribbon Giveaway Mary Fish Stampin Pretty

HOW ABOUT A STAMPIN’ UP! BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY?  To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the above stash of Stampin’ Up! retired ribbon.  Bits have been used by me, but there’s a lot remaining to love!

IT’S EASY TO PLAY!  Please add a comment AT THE TOP of this post or ENTER TO WIN HERE with your answer to:  Which do you reach for more often, Baker’s Twine or Ribbon?

Deadline for comments is Monday, June 15 at NOON Central Time.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner later on Monday on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.  If you are getting this post by email, please be sure to click the title of the post and look for “COMMENT here” at the top.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner will have 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

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  1. Love the ribbon. Especially the pom pom!

  2. Definitely Ribbon.

  3. I most often reach for the Baker’s Twine – I think it’s because it’s much easier to tie that bow – LOL – Some of that ribbon can be tricky for bows.
    But I love them them both.

  4. Ribbon for sure. I use it on nearly all my cards.

  5. Ribbon has been my go to. But I’m starting to use bakers twine more. Lol

  6. ribbon for me 🙂

  7. Ribbon is my first choice.

  8. Love Bakers Twine, but turn to ribbon for its elegance sometimes. Oh how i enjoy your posts…

  9. Love using Bakers Twine. Love your posts Mary.

  10. I will usually reach for ribbon before the twine. Just feel more comfortable with it. Thank you so much for your inspiration bs the chance to win.

  11. Mary Ann Huntington

    I reach for ribbon first. Mainly that’s because I don’t have much twine.

  12. Ribbon for sure.

  13. Mark and Jenny Fulton

    I don’t think I can pick! I use both of these, all the time! Thanks for offering to share yours!

  14. Cathy Priester

    Love ribbon! Lays flat for mailing and looks beautiful.

  15. Deanna Stamnes

    I use ribbon all the time because I love the feel of it.

  16. Tricia Dissmore

    Bakers twine! Thanks for offering the blog candy!

  17. Love and use both. One of my favorite things about SU is that they color coordinate embellishments, like ribbon and baker’s twine with the inks and paper colors .. . . just the best!!

  18. I love baker’s twine! So easy to work with.

  19. Definitely ribbon…there are so many different types of ribbon to choose from!

  20. I enjoy both ribbon and bakers twine. I use ribbon more though because it adds a little more Wow to a project. Thank you for a chance to win!

  21. I enjoy using both ribbon and baker’s twine, but I do use ribbon much more often.

    Thanks so much for offering this Ribbon Blog. I enjoy your cards and ideas so much. Joan

  22. I love both, but would have to say I use more baker’s twine. It seems to be a lot more versatile for both male and female cards. Plus, it’s a little more economical than ribbon! Thanks for a chance to win, Mary!

  23. Baker’s twine. It’s so much easier to mail! Thanks for your continued creativity!

  24. I love looking at my rolls of ribbon, but use bakers twine more often!



  26. Twine for sure, so much easier for me to tie.

  27. Susan V, aka Soozie4Him on SCS

    I love both, but is use ribbon much more often!

  28. Almost every card has ribbon somewhere! I think it puts the finishing touches on the look of the card!

  29. Ribbon is what I reach out to use all of the time. The baker’s twine is used sometimes to help tidy up the big ribbon. Love all the ribbons and so sad to see a lot of them retired. I haven’t even have a chance to try all of them. Thanks to you, I may have an opportunity. Thanks again for a chance to these yummy ribbons.

  30. I use both the baker’s twine and ribbon. I use them both with cards and scrap book pages to give them an extra added flair or dimension. I have even used it on my travel luggage to help it stand out at the airport. Thanks for this opportunity! I love all your ideas!

  31. Love ribbon!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. I usually reach for ribbon first, but I am starting to use twine a little more. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great blog candy giveaway!

  33. I use Baker’s twine more often since it seems suitable for both male and female cards. Your blog candy offer is really something. Thanks for allowing us to play.

  34. Thanks for a chance!

  35. I use both ribbon and baker’s twine, but probably more ribbon. I don’t think a stamper can have too much ribbon!!

  36. Lately, I reach for Baker’s Twine more, preferably the thick baker’s twine. Especially since they are great for tying tags! =)


  38. Adrienne West

    I really use Bakers Twine a lot only because I don’t have a tremendous amount of ribbon to pick from as my stash is so small 😉 I love to pull the twine apart for a lighter effect as well and that you can dye it with your reinkers too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. I have to say baker’s twine since it has become popular, so easy to work with, but I love to have both, and doesn’t it seem no matter how much of either you have, you never have exactly what you want when working on a project?

  40. Depends on the project. I enjoy your blog- thanks for all the inspiration!

  41. Definitely bakers twine…I always struggle with ribbon either by not having the right size or color for the project as well as tying it. Twine just works best for me!

  42. I love both, but I’m more likely to reach for ribbon. thanks for a chance to win!

  43. I use ribbon for the majority of my cards. Thanks for the chance to win.

  44. Ribbon. It adds elegance to some cards. It adds strength to manly cards and some fun for children cards.

  45. I love candy 🙂

  46. I seem to gravitate to ribbon more often. It seemss to offer more color and I usually tie a knot bow.

  47. I love ribbon but tend to reach for twine more often because it tends to be easier to mail. In other words, not so bulky. Thanks for the chance to win! Yours is always my first blog to visit! Kim in KY

  48. Most often I go for ribbon, but every once in a while, the card calls for something slightly different and I go for bakers twine. Thanks Mary!

  49. I would love to help you clean out your ribbon stash! I use ribbon on virtually every card I make.

  50. I seem to reach for ribbon the most although I really do enjoy the bakers twine on occasion! 🙂

  51. Hi Mary, I reach for ribbon, but have twine on hand just in case. You’re , the best, keep up the good work. You are an inspiration.


  52. Ribbon is my favorite, especially seam binding. The bows you can make with it lay nice and flat for mailing!

  53. I love it all! But, I guess I would have to say that ribbon is probably my favorite.

  54. My friend is a self-proclaimed “ribbon slut”. What a great bonus birthday present!

  55. When I read this I instantly thought bakers twine! But really i love both.

  56. I still prefer ribbon, although I use bakers trwine occasionally.

  57. Stacey Carter

    Ribbon has always been my go to.

  58. I love buying and looking at ribbon but tend to reach for bakers twine more often

  59. Ribbon is my favorite, but I love the extra thick bakers twine too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Jennifer lubinsky

    That’s a hard one. Ribbon would be what I grab.

  61. I use more ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing blog candy.

  62. I tend to go for the baker’s twine more than the ribbon. Both add a very nice touch to your projects though.

  63. Marcia Butcher

    Ribbon wins by a hair…

  64. Ribbon is my favorite!

  65. I use twine the most.

  66. My go to is twine

  67. ribbon would be my fav

  68. Ribbon for sure, but I am trying to use twine more!

  69. Ribbon is my favorite to use on any card but I have occasionally used Bakers Twine.

  70. Bakers twine, my fav!

  71. I love Ribbon

  72. Without a doubt, ribbon!

  73. I usually reach for baker’s twine. Easier to store and it looks nice on nearly everything!

  74. Generous giveaway. Fabulous product. Love them both, but, most often reach for the ribbon.

  75. Ruth Ann Smith

    I normally reach for ribbon, I have used the twine, but mostly pretty ribbons.

  76. I’m reaching for Baker’s Twine more and more. I love both the thick and thin for different looks.

  77. I’m very particular about how ribbon lays. When bakers twine twists its still okay, and is my new go to!

  78. I love the twine; it adds a little something extra but not too overpowering. I especially like to use it for Autumn cards.

  79. I love satin ribbons- the shinier the better!

  80. I love twine! It is easier to tie for me, and doesn’t make the card as bulky for mailing. I especially love the thicker twine.

  81. I have been stamping for 10 years and almost always have ribbon or twine on my cards.

  82. I use ribbon more than baker’s twine. However, I sometimes find myself not wanting to use any (as with DSP) because then I won’t have it. So silly of me!

  83. I have been using more of the baker’s twine lately – – it adds a little extra without taking over the focal point of the cards. Ribbons are great for certain projects – I love how SU ribbons and twines match perfectly!

  84. I grab ribbon first but I usually always use one or the other on my cards! Thanks, Casey

  85. I love, love, love the 1/8th” ribbon which sadly has just been retired. Laces are pretty fabulous too.

  86. Mary Sue Chase

    Haven’t used much baker’s twine, but I love the look and how easy it is to use.

  87. baker’s twine is easier for me to incorporate into a card design.

  88. Lately I’ve been a baker’s twine kind of girl!

  89. Bakers twine all the way! But I will miss the 1/8″ taffeta!! Sweet of you to give away your ribbon stash!

  90. Baker’s Twine for me!

  91. I love ’em both equally!!!!

  92. Ribbon is fine but more often I reach for baker’s twine. Adds to the card without being the focal point.

  93. I love the twine…for me, it adds texture and color but doesn’t overwhelm on a card as much as some ribbon can. I can’t get enough of either though…they each have their place.

  94. Ribbon! Thank you.

  95. Natalie Baker

    Ribbon! I love all the colors and different textures!

  96. Ribbon! Bows, Backgrounds, Inside/Outside, Tags, Extra Pizzaz

  97. Love all your ideas!!

  98. Lately it’s been Bakers Twine but I use a lot of ribbon also. Thanks for the opportunity.

  99. Ribbon

  100. Wow, what an awesome blog candy! I would say I reach for ribbon most of the time but twine is sometimes all you need.

  101. Nancy Kopriva

    I love ribbon.

  102. I love the bakers twine. Love using it with ribbon as an extra wow factor
    Thank you Mary for a chance to win some lovely candy.

  103. Ribbon is my favorite. Stampin Up has so many different choices and I love them all.

  104. It’s really a toss up but would have to say ribbon has the edge.

  105. You are so talented,Mary! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  106. I seem to reach for bakers twine for so many projects. I love all of the variety of colors!!

  107. I can’t resist ribbon! love the colors, the texture and the many styles SU has.

  108. Ribbon, love my ribbon! But Twine for the holidays! Vicki

  109. I use ribbon…for MANY of my cards (just ask my fellow stampers!!!)…SU has the best!!!!

  110. Definetly ribbon!

  111. I have been using a lot of the bakers twine lately.

  112. I love ribbon. With all the variety you have a better selection.

  113. I lovvvveee ribbon!

  114. I usually reach for ribbon first then tie with some twine

  115. Pam Schweitzer

    Like the ribbon. Do use some bakers twine.

  116. Belinda Keller

    Definetly a ribbon girl here. I love the feel and the added texture it adds to a project.

  117. I think I generally use more ribbon but I do love the thicker baker’s twine. I use the thinner twine usually in buttons – I can’t leave the button holes blank!!! Thanks for sharing your retired product!!

  118. Love it all but ribbon is my “go-to” to dress up any card!

  119. Gloria Kaufmann

    I usually use ribbon – jus love how the card stock, inks and ribbon co-ordinate so beautifully.

  120. I usually reach for ribbon first. Occasionally, when the idea for baker’s twine pops out, I’ll use it. Not much though!

  121. Sheryl Cushman

    I usually prefer ribbon – it’s just more elegant; but when I am making a “fun” card, I prefer the baker’s twine. It adds to the “fun”.

  122. I use twine more often than ribbon. I need to brush up on my bow making skills with ribbon 🙂

  123. Janet Swofford

    Although I really like baker’s twine,my first love is ribbon! It is very difficult for me to make a card with out it:-D

  124. I use baker’s twine the most because it’s easier to manipulate and lays flatter for mailing.

  125. I use twine the most, but I have started trying to use ribbon more!

  126. Jessica Yates

    I tie a bow using ribbon for cards that I give in person. When a card is for someone who lives overseas (my mom and siblings are in Asia), I use baker’s twine on the card…Thank you for the chance to win.

  127. Susan Carlson

    I use bakers twine more but I would love to add more ribbon to my cards!

  128. I think I use twine the most, but I reach for ribbon to make more of a statement on a project!

  129. I love how special ribbon completes a card. This past year i have tried new designs on my cards and have been using a lot more bakers twine.

  130. I use more baker’s twine than ribbon for two reasons: most of my cards are mailed and baker’s twine is less bulky than ribbon (usually), plus I don’t have much ribbon in my stash right now.

  131. Although I do like the bakers twine I usually reach for ribbon to embellish my projects. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!

  132. I use both, but I think I might use twine the most because I really love how simple, yet elegant it makes my cards!

  133. I Reach for ribbon more often. Bakers twine is great for lots of used, but I do put ribbon to use more often. Love your blog and your studio is stunning

  134. Connie Cosgrove

    I use ribbon but then I’ve never tried twine.but I’d like to give it a try.

  135. I reach for the ribbon. It just puts that added touch of love to the card.

  136. Mary Anne Schnettgoecke

    I love them both but I tend use ribbon more.

  137. Love, love, love using ribbon!

  138. I would say ribbon more than bakers twine.

  139. I love using bakers twine!!

  140. Sherrie Gross

    I definitely reach for ribbon more often. But I love them both.

  141. I love them both! Different cards need different treatment.

  142. Have to admit I’m a ribbon kind of girl!

  143. I love ribbon and use it the most but I also use Baker’s Twine at times (more casual cards).

  144. On the more ‘elegant’ cards I use ribbon, but for ‘causual, fun’ I reach for twine.

  145. I usually use baker’s twine as I make for my 8 grandsons and it just looks better on masculine cards. When I make for friends, I usually use ribbon.

  146. I definitely reach for ribbon first!

  147. I love ribbons and use a lot of them. However it is also fun and necessary to use twine. I think the card dictates what I use but ribbon is my first go to choice!

  148. Definitely ribbon! I also use Baker’s Twine. It all depends what I’m working on.

  149. Mary, I always reach for the ribbons first. It usually fits better in what card I am working on at the time. I love Stampin Up ribbons.

  150. Always Ribbon and only Stampin Up ribbon because it matches perfectly with the cardstock!!

  151. I love ribbon! Use it as often as I can!

  152. I love the ribbon! I wish I had a spool of every color.

  153. Sandra K. Rowland

    I love bakers twine-I have all that SU offers!

  154. Ribbon hands down.

  155. I tend to use ribbon more, because that’s my “old friend”. I am new to the baker’s twine trend, so now I try to mix it up a bit, and use that too. “New friends” are good too.

  156. Ribbon 🙂

  157. I love ribbon!!!

  158. Normally I would say ribbon for sure but when Stampin Up came up with the thick bakers twine it is such a simple touch that adds so much! Tough choice

  159. I love twine- so many colors and its a fun little touch that you can use in a variety of ways

  160. Most definitely, ribbon! Baker’s twine is fine, but ribbon adds so much more umph to a project.

  161. Ribbon!

  162. Even though I love the Baker’s Twine, my go-to is ribbon because it’s more versatile. Thank you for a chance to win your very generous blog candy.

  163. I reach for ribbon more often.

  164. I really don’t think I could choose love them both!!

  165. I would say ribbon most of the time 🙂

  166. I reach for the ribbon most of the time. I love ribbon on my cards and to tie around the boxes I make. It adds a finishing touch.

  167. It’s ribbon for me….almost every time 🙂

  168. I always reach for Baker’s Twine. I love the braided color and the versatility!

  169. I most often read for baker’s twine. Love love love in every color

  170. I most often reach for Baker’s twine

  171. I most often reach for ribbon!

  172. Cynthia Blackwell

    ribbon, ribbon ribbon

  173. I usually turn to ribbon, but I love them both!

  174. Definitely use more ribbon.

  175. I love bakers twine. I think it adds a lot to the card. Also, I like it because you can use it on a man card and it doesn’t look to pretty for them.

  176. I usually reach for the ribbon but I do think the twine is very versatile.

  177. Mostly the bakers twine! Makes for the perfect accent without being over powering.

  178. I love SU ribbon, but I seem to be using more baker’s twine lately.

  179. Roberta Morin

    Though I adore my ribbon, I seem to be migrating more toward the twine lately!

  180. I’m usually a ribbon girl. Thanks for sharing, how generous!

  181. Shelley d'Arcy

    I usually go for the bakers twine. Easier to work with in my opinion.

  182. Kathie Thomas

    I use ribbon most often. I learned to tie the ribbons reveal ways from my Stampin’ Up demonstrator!

  183. Baker twine. I am such a poor bow maker with ribbon

  184. Denise Heredia

    I go towards ribbon first. But I do go to twine too. Sometimes both at the same time!

  185. Wendy Richards

    Baker ‘s twine is so versatile. Love using it for masculine cards.

  186. Ribbon is absolutely my favorite but I do love bakers twine too.

  187. Stephanie Fiereck

    Probably ribbon, but I love bakers twine too!

  188. Ribbon is my first choice, but I also use bakers twine, especially on masculine

  189. Ribbon! although i love bakers twine too!

  190. Ribbon! Hi, my name is Sandra and I am a Ribbon-a-holic. I like the look of the twine (and do use it a lot) but detest tying it–i’m all thumbs.

  191. Ribbon! It comes in so many colors and sizes and you can tie it so many different ways!

  192. Debbie miller

    Bakers twine!

    • Thanks for asking in a giveaway: I seem to be able to tie a bow more successfully with the Bakers twine than the ribbon, so that is my current “go to” accessory these days.

  193. I have to admit I am intimidated by ribbon, I own lots but hardly ever use it. Hopefully I will learn to use it more. I do use the bakers twine.

  194. Hi Mary, I love the texture and added pizzaz that fibers like twine add to projects…but for burst of color, and to set the “tone” for a project, ribbon I feel gives the boldest impact, with minimal quantities necessary! The type of ribbon we use on a card or page can take the project from casual to elegant. With color we can go from serene to bright with no special techniques necessary! I have trends with both but as an all around, go to accent, I would most often grab some ribbon.

  195. I’m using twine more often now than ribbon. Love the “heavier” twine & having the ability to separate it or make the ends “fuzzy”.

  196. I love ribbon but lately I’ve been using a lot of twine to accentuate focal points & bows on buttons.

  197. Hi Mary,
    I love twine but mostly I reach for ribbon because that is what mostly own at the moment. Would love to own more twine and other types of trim. I am working on that! Lol
    Rosemarie Cowit

  198. I use ribbion because that is what i have. Honestly i dont have any bakers twine!!

  199. I usually use ribbon, but I do like the look of two or three strands of Baker’s twine combined.

  200. Jeffalee Hansen

    I use ribbon more often … it seems to lend itself better to the type of cards I like. However, I find that I do like Baker’s twine on the few occasions when I use it.

  201. I almost always reach for ribbon. I always seem to forget about my Baker’s twine unless I can’t do anything with ribbon….then I know exactly what to use….twine!! LOL!

  202. I reach for ribbon the most. I am just getting started with Baker’s twine. They are both great.

  203. I love ribbon! I think I’m a hoarder…I’m lousy at bows but still love my ribbon!

  204. Love both but usually reach for the baker’s twine.

  205. Donna Reynolds

    I reach for ribbon more. I’m just OCD about the crimps in the baker’s twine–have to wet it and let dry to straighten it out before tying it into bows. LOVE the stitched satin ribbon. Used the last of my Hello Honey ribbon two days ago. 🙁 I see you have some in your stack. Pick me! Pick me!

  206. I usually reach for ribbon; however, I’m trying to make sure I take time to see how the twine will look.

  207. Kathy Johnson

    I love both and find myself using them equally. Depends on the project though.

  208. I like both and use them about the same amount. Thanks for the chance to win all the goodies!

  209. Both are challenges to me, as I dont “tie” very well. I’m a bit more comfortable with baker’s twine. Thanks for the chance to win this great stash!

  210. I use ribbon the most by far. I just think it is prettier!

  211. Baker’s twine is my favorite along with the hemp twine. 😉

  212. Ribbon!

  213. Baker’s twine………… it!

  214. Typically I use bakers twine because it’s so versatile, but if I have the ribbon I need on hand then I use it!!

    Thanks, Mary!!

    Jayme Ziemer

  215. Ribbon hands down………..but occasionally baker’s twine. Thanks for sharing. hugs

  216. For cards I usually use ribbon, but for gift bags I prefer the baker’s twine. Thanks for all the clean and simple card ideas Mary!

  217. Woohooo, always love a chance to win some candy ,
    My firs to go to is ribbon , love ribbon, but I also love twine , it always gave a project that oomph, and a beautiful finish look !!!!
    Thanks MsMary for a chance to play
    Hugs Frenchie ,

  218. I love Baker’s twine but don’t have many colors of it so I reach for ribbon most of the time. So many to love and I love them all.

  219. Ribbon first but the more I use the twine the better I like it…

  220. A favorite??? Tough decision. I find using the baker’s twine on masculine cards “feels” better to me…but am starting to use it more and more on a variety of cards. I’m even starting to like the thick backer’s twine!

  221. Susan Wohlfert

    Bakers Twine, and I really liked the coral pom pom trim.

  222. Ribbon!

  223. Ribbon, but I’m moving towards baker’s twine.

  224. Ribbon, no twine, no definitely ribbon… UGH… RIBBON!!!

  225. Ashley McClay

    I am in love with the baker’s twine! It’s so fabulous and versatile.

  226. My favorite is the Seam Binding!! I do however use the bakers twine alot as well.

  227. Sharron Simmons

    I love the ribbon but use bakers twine a lot too especially for masculine cards

  228. Stephanie Lopez

    I would have to say ribbon.

  229. Ribbon is my choice. It is like adding a belt on necklace to an outfit.

  230. I love ribbon. It softens and flatters everything it is put on. It also adds color and texture.

  231. Julie Littman

    Ribbon is my first choice but love twine too!

  232. Ribbon is my favorite!! TX!

  233. Ribbon, especially seam binding, but twine is fine! Thanks.

  234. I love my ribbons, but I tend to use baker’s twine more frequently – it comes in handy for so many projects!

  235. Sandra Schroeder

    I use both, but I think I use ribbon more often.

  236. Ribbon! Stamping up has such beautiful ribbons!

  237. I always reach for my ribbon. I love the choice of varieties and colors and textures.

  238. You can never ever have too much ribbon.

  239. You can never have too much ribbon!

  240. Shirley Stachowiak

    I am a ribbonaholic– never met a ribbon I didn’t like!

  241. I think I use both equally.

  242. I don’t use much twine since I find it hard to wrap a card with it. It’s either too snug or too loose.

  243. Bakers twine is my favorite, as its easy to add to buttons and other embellishment.

  244. I LOVE the ribbon. But, sometimes I use both!

  245. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon! I love the feel of ribbon.

  246. I tend to go for ribbon cause with those old eyes, its faster to see 🙂

  247. Ribbon usually, just love how it adds so much to my cards. I like twine but not as much as ribbon

  248. I tend to go for the ribbon. I don’t know why because I am bow challenged! I should try the twine more often. Thanks for the idea!

  249. Pompoms, Chevron and Striped ribbons, OH MY! They are lovely 🙂

  250. Charlotte Cook

    Definitely more ribbon! Twine is ecoming more of a choice also for mailing cards

  251. I love both but use ribbon more often.

  252. I use more ribbon.

  253. Shell Ann Ondish

    I typically reach for ribbon first but have been using a lot more twine lately!!

  254. Baker’s Twine is my favorite but these ribbons look yummy.

  255. I def use both but lean more towards ribbon. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  256. I use LOTS of both ribbon and baker’s twine—-I teach a group of Spanish women in our area once a week and my husband provides all the supplies I need. That makes it easier on the group! Who doesn’t like free classes! :o)

    Thank you for a chance to win your ribbon giveaway!

  257. Angelina Loesch

    Ribbon usually.

  258. Bakers Twine is my go to!

  259. Ribbon is my first choice, but lately I have been using the new thick baker’s twine.

  260. I’m always reaching for my Bakers Twine! It is quick and easy and often adds the perfect finishing touch.

  261. Mary L Schreiber

    I go for ribbon most of the time, all thou I do like bakers twine also.

  262. Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon. Ca’t decide which new In-Color I like best.

  263. I love my Bakers twine, but ribbon usually wins out. Sometimes it is a tough decision. I so enjoy your posts and videos, keep it up, and thanks.

  264. Mary - Ann Schulze

    Both are great! I usually use ribbon, but twine works better in some projects!

  265. I love it all depending on the project, BUT ribbon is my passion. Thank you, Mary.

  266. I love SU ribbon! I also love the twine too! Thanks, Mary

  267. I reach for ribbon, think really hard, “Do I want to part with this ribbon?”, then 1 out of 3 times back down to bakers twine. The ribbon is soooo pretty!

  268. I usually reach for ribbon or the linen thread. I use Bakers twine on some occasions. Not sure why I don’t use it more — I enjoy seeing cards made with it. Go figure????

  269. I reach for ribbon more often, but sometimes twine is the only way to go especially for guy cards

  270. Sharon Perrotta

    I reach for the RIBBON all the time. I’m a new client that loves your card examples that is helping me enjoy making them for friends and family.

  271. Twine any day!

  272. Sarah Biswabic

    I Like ribbon more

  273. Of course I have both on hand just in case, but my love is for ribbon. Thank you Mary for inspiring us every day.
    Rhonda Blythe

  274. I use ribbon more. Just used it today with “bookmarks” for Father’s Day for my
    daycare children.

  275. I reach for bakers twine most!!!

  276. I reach for the twine first, but I love ribbon too! All the amazing colors and textures and width…oh my! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!!

  277. Although I am beginning to use more twine and metallic thread on cards, my first love would be ribbon! Thank you for your inspirational blog!

  278. Patrica Kelley

    I love ribbon! I always have, but now I find myself using baker’s twine for it’s flexibility and how you can wrap it around cardstock several times. There are so many ways to use both. I just love them.

  279. Maybe it’s because I started with ribbon, I think it definitely finishes a product.

  280. I use ribbon more than the Baker’s twine, but I do use the twine as well.

  281. Ribbon, almost every card has a touch of it.

  282. Teresa Carstens

    I love ribbons, but I’m learning how to use Bakers Twine. Your blog is great for showing us new ideas!

  283. I love using the baker’s twine. It can be used in so many different ways. But I love making bows with ribbon. Thanks Mary!

  284. I reach for ribbon more than Bakers Twine. Thanks for the chance to win the Blog giveaway!

  285. I love using ribbon. besides the fact that I don’t own bakers twine I personally think I would go towards ribbon everytime. but who knows if I had some bakers twine that could change my mind. Aloha happy Friday to all

  286. Ribbon! Your blog candy giveaway selection is FANTASTIC!!!

  287. Ribbon

  288. Historically I have used ribbon…but recently I have loved the ease of using baker’s twine and the fact that my cards are more mailable with the twine.

    Thanks for the blog candy drawing!

  289. Ribbon!!! Always. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great prize.

  290. Ribbon. They add to the card.

  291. I usually go with the ribbon to add pizzazz to my projects.

  292. Ribbon!

  293. Ribbon, it usually adds a little more sophistication to my projects.

  294. I reach for ribbon.

  295. Ribbon as I have purchased so much that I must keep using it up. But I do love the twine.

  296. I find myself reaching for the bakers twine more often

  297. Ribbon, however lately I’ve come to appreciate twine more.

  298. I reach for ribbon. It is the finishing touch to any project. Thanks for the chance of winning this ribbon

  299. I tend to use ribbon first. I think it makes a better statement on my cards!

  300. Definitely ribbon! I’m still a novice, and have had to use the fork method to tie my bows — but they come out pretty. Love the ribbon with all of the flower stamps on cards

  301. Ribbon, although I love both (and your blog)!!!

  302. I love the look of twine, but I’m not skilled at tying it. Mine always looks limp. Therefore, I use ribbon more often. I have plenty of room to improve with it, but I feel I work better with ribbon than with twine.

  303. Phyllis Freese

    I reach for ribbon more often, but I like to use twine,too, especially on masculine cards.

  304. I reach for ribbon, it always adds the wow factor to my cards.

  305. To me nothing is finer than some pretty ribbon on a card. I am finding, though, that I’m using twine more and more, especially on masculine cards. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy. It’s always fun to participate.

  306. I probably have a 50/50 split on ribbon vs twine as it depends on how much “power” I want it to have on the card. Love them both!

  307. I reach for the ribbon most but I sure do like the twine. Thanks for the blog candy opportunity.

  308. It depends on the project. I like bakers twine for cards that are mailed. It tends to be more “post office friendly”.

  309. Peggy Mullenaux

    I reach for the twine more often. It does the trick and is quick. 🙂

  310. I always reach for the ribbon, I think its adds more texture.

  311. That’s a tough question! It used to be ribbon. Now it’s bakers twine.

  312. I tend to use ribbon more often. Thanks!

  313. Rose Thygesen

    Ribbon edges out bakers twine

  314. Twine, but ribbon close second. Love your cards!

  315. I go in spurts. Sometimes it’s ribbon and others it’s twine. Lately it has been twine.

  316. Bakers twine because it is easier to mail. Though have trying pleating the ribbon so already flat. Thanks for the chance to win these awesome ribbon and twine!!

  317. Ribbon nis my first choice.

  318. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing this! I really love the ribbon because of its thickness and added dimension to the card. So I would say I would use that more than the twine. Have a great day.

  319. Carmen Christner

    Ribbon!! Though I do love twine <3

  320. I tend to reach for baker’s twine more. I think it’s because I don’t know what to do with ribbon.

  321. Lately it’s been the baker’s twine, but I love it all!!

  322. I probably use more ribbon but I love the Baker’s Twine too!

  323. I always seem to reach for ribbon.

  324. Sue Worthington

    LOVE using bakers twine – so easy to attach charms, and thread through buttons – you always have a lot of ideas how to use it on your cards too – thanks, Mary!!

  325. love the different colors of Baker’s Twine! especially the heavier version

  326. BAKERS TWiNE! It place very well with others; sometimes ribbon likes to steal the show; sometimes I let it!

  327. I reach for ribbon first because I love it; however, there are times when I use baker’s twine.

  328. Ribbons!! I love the soft look and texture that ribbons give to my projects. Occasionally I will use the thinner bakers twine for small bows and still love the original natural thread. I use that quite a bit. But my go to is the ribbon and Stampin’ Up has the best!

  329. For me: twine is fine, but ribbon is a given!

  330. I’m a ribbon girl myself but I love to try the twine too!

  331. Heather Watts

    I use ribbon the most – I really like shear ribbons! But I like both!

  332. I can’t say that one is a favorite over the other. I choose by what works the best for the card or project I’m working on.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some beautiful “blog candy”.. so generous! And for your wonderfully inspiring blog.

  333. I’m for sure a ribbon girl but I have been getting into the twine on some newer projects. I’m trying to try new things and what a perfect way to start!

  334. I usually reach for ribbon first bakers twine would be my second choice.

  335. Have to go with Ribbon…altho I do love me some twine as well!!

  336. Ribbon, although I really love the thicker twine.

  337. I usually reach for ribbon, but find I’m grabbing the baker’s twine more often these days.

  338. obsessed with ribbon!!!! it always “finishes” a card!

  339. First time responder. I love the SU ribbons–all of them–but the thick Baker’s Twine is coming on fast.

  340. Mary - Ann Schulze

    I really love ribbon, but the twine works perfectly on some projects too! A hard choice, but it depends on the project.

  341. Always Always ribbon!! Love our colors and styles of all the ribbon

  342. Ribbon is my go-to! I usually can’t make a card without it!

  343. Ylita ballard

    I love it all. I’m a pro bono gal first. Love all your work. Thanks for sharing.

  344. Love ribbon! But I use baker’s twine a lot too – and sometimes together for a funky look!

  345. Barbara Walters

    Ribbon. When my ribbon matches the ink and or paper the cards looks amazing. Thank you for such talent!

  346. Ribbon! But lately I have been mixing the two. A little twine wrapped around ribbon. Great idea Mary!

  347. I usually reach for some ribbon first, but I love baker’s twine just as much!!

  348. Love all this ribbon…thanks for giving me a chance to become the proud new owner.

  349. Karen Halterman

    I like both, but tend to choose ribbon first. But I am building my stash of Baker’s Twine now.

  350. Twine. Especially the Linen thread.

  351. Love me some ribbon!

  352. It used to be ribbon all the time, but I think it is tipping to baker’s twine.

  353. Danielle Dietz

    I love them both equally. It just depends on the card and the balance needed. 🙂

  354. Gillian Rouge

    I love ribbon – I think it just adds class to a card!

  355. I love the versatility of baker’s twine. Baker’s twine is also more cost effective. Still love ribbon too.

  356. Always ribbon! Love all of it!

  357. I often go for bakers twine first because it goes through the mail easier.

  358. I just started using the baker’s twine and love the clean and simple look it can add to a card.

  359. Ribbon. Hands down! More to touch, feel and hold onto!

  360. Ribbon…. love the variety of widths, colors & textures.

  361. Ribbon edges out twine, but not by much! They are both such great ways to enhance a card!

  362. Ribbon! So many colors, textures, widths…endless creative possibilities!

  363. I would have to say that I reach for twine more, but I really do love them both! How generous of you to have such a great give away!

  364. I love all Stamping Up ribbon and it’s always my first choice

  365. Bakers twine!

  366. I LOVE ribbon!! I use ribbon in almost every project I do. 🙂

  367. Right now it’s ribbon. Really beginning to appreciate twine though.

  368. I love them both, but probably use ribbon more often. I find that if I can add a bit of twine to the ribbon, it makes a really nice embellishment. What a great offer you have here!

  369. Cristy Gammon

    I love making pretty bows with ribbon.

  370. Jan Golightly

    Ribbon is my first choice. So many colors and textures it adds the right touch!

  371. Ribbon!

  372. Marylee Foster

    Bakers twine! I can keep the postage down that way.

  373. Sandy Cordill

    I loooovvveee baker’s twine. .. . …

  374. I love ribbon but bakers twine is my go to also because it’s not as bulky in the mail – thank you Mary

  375. I love ribbon, I have so much of it, and it makes my cards look so beautiful. I do use Twine once in awhile.

  376. I love both, but reach for baker’s twine more often. It is less bulky with cards.

  377. Desiree' Lewis

    I love ribbons on my cards for a nice, elegant look.

  378. Cindy Retchin

    I love Baker’s twine, but tend to to reach for my ribbons first. If the ribbon doesn’t seem to work, I then go to the twine.

  379. Ribbon, of course! Always adds the perfect final touch to a card.

  380. Dona Stallworth

    Ribbon so far, but now that SU has thicker baker’s twine with stronger colors, that may change.

  381. Definitely go for baker’s twine more often.

  382. Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon has always been my favorite but I am ordering more & more of the thick Baker’s Twine now also. Thank you for a chance to win a great stash of both.

  383. Ribbon is my favorite but there are times when Baker’s twine is the perfect addition.

  384. Ribbon….I think it leaves a nice touch. But I never rule out Baker’s Twine if a thinner look works better.

  385. Chick Alizadeh

    that’s a hard one. . . it totally depends on what my project it… I think I PROBABLY use ribbon the most on Feminine cards and the baker’s mostly on masculine. . . but not always for either one of those …..

  386. I love ribbon, it seems to just add the final touch to any project. Thank you for your inspiration, love your projects.

  387. There are advantages to both…twine doesn’t squash flat like a ribbon being mailed, but ribbons are so lovely when tied just so. So, I’d say that I use ribbon more.

  388. I’m a Baker’s Twine person, even though I use ribbons sometimes, I find myself reaching for the Baker’s Twine much more often.

  389. I use lots of both! But, twine is my favorite!
    Many thanks to you…
    [email protected]

  390. I love ribbon the most, but use the bakers twine too. They always add a little extra to my cards.

  391. I ALWAYS REACH FOR RIBBON, IT SEEMS TO ADD THAT SPECIAL TOUCH, however, I do like the thicker backer’s twine & find myself using it more often than I used to.

  392. I’m a ribbon girl…just learning to use twine….but love the little twine with the fuzzy bunny tail balls !!

  393. Shelley Brant

    Love all the new products, especially ribbon and Bakers twine

  394. Definitely Bakers Twine. It doesn’t add bulk even if the card has several layers, and the darker colors are great for masculine cards.

  395. Ribbon is my first choice but bakers twine is right behind!

  396. Ribbon the most. It adds so much more to the cards.

  397. Ribbon first, then Baker’s twine

  398. Wow, what great blog candy! Thanks Mary. I love both, but tend to use more ribbon.

  399. Ribbon for most things, bakers twine for Guy items or more rustic finishes and itty bitty things! Both are fantastic ☺️

  400. I’m fast becoming a big fan of baker’s twine, not as bulky as ribbon but still packs a visual punch. Would love to win the lovey stash you are giving away.

  401. Ribbon… so many different textures, colors, designs!! A million and one ways to make a card POP!

  402. Anita Ritchie

    I’ve been using twine much more in the past year.

  403. Ribbon seems to be my 1st choice. I am sad that the thin ribbon has gone by the wayside…… was less bulky when you mail cards. I mail a lot of cards. So I might have to go for the twine!

  404. I think it would be ribbon.

  405. With so many styles and widths and textures of ribbon, it’s often the inspiration for a card!

  406. Carol Bradley

    Ribbon, definitely!

  407. I reach for baker’s twine. To me it is easier to use and doesn’t make the card so bulky.

  408. I love ribbon!

  409. I love ribbon more but for masculin cards I use baker ‘s twins.

  410. Definitely ribbon – but that’s because I’m a lazy stamper and the twine is in a drawer that is hard to reach! 🙂

  411. Linda Schilling

    Ribbon because there are so many more choices, but I do love Bakers Twine.

  412. Marjorie Thatcher

    Bakers Twine, it’s easier in the envelope and more versatile on a ‘man’ card.

  413. Ribbon is what I use the most but I do love Baker’s Twine as well! 🙂

  414. I want to say ribbon because SU has such marvelous ones, but I have to admit the twine is so darned easy so that gets used more often.

  415. I reach for ribbon more often. I make far more feminine cards than masculine, therefore I use more ribbon than baker’s twine.

  416. I go for bakers twine so it doesn’t make the card too bulky to mail with one stamp. But I used the thin cotton ribbon yesterday and remembered how nice it feels!

  417. Ribbon is my go to. Thanks for a chance to win.

  418. I reach for ribbon !!!

  419. I like them both. Bakers Twine for ,Tags, cards, bows and Ribbons, for Boxes, tags, cards, Bows, etc. Hard to choice, I wold say RIBBON.
    Thanks Mary for the chance to win

  420. Christal Gail

    I love ribbon more! I think it’s easier to adhere and easier to manipulate.

  421. Ribbon here too 🙂

  422. I would go for baker’s twine. I did a fundraiser last fall selling Christmas tags and used a lot of baker’s twine. That’s when I became a big fan of it. Check out the Facebook page “Christmas tags for Little G”.

  423. Love both! But lately has been twine. Thanks for the chance to win!

  424. I love bakers twine!!! Thanks!

  425. A card just does not look right without some ribbon. It makes it look more like a gift.

  426. I love them both but I love the baker’s twine and use it the most.

  427. Hands down – RIBBON! Love the feel & textures of the various kinds of ribbon available today.

  428. Chris R. from Iowa

    How sweet of you to offer blog candy! I think I am into the baker’s twine now moreso. I love that thicker kind as I see you have some up in the right hand corner.

  429. Ooh, that’s a hard question since I really love both. But I’d have to say the twine is a fav since it’s easy for me to tie the bows. LOL.

  430. Selina Gilchrist

    I love both ribbon and twine! I think I reach, more often lately, for twine though. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  431. Baker’s Twine because I mail cards to 12 college kids and 3 seniors in home care, so I try very hard to keep it to one postage stamp….ribbon tends to be too bulky(though I love how it looks on cards).

  432. Baker’s twine-I just tend to use it more! Ribbon is beautiful, but for me I only end up using it on female cards and then since there is so much on a roll, I don’t purchase it as much.

  433. I like both, but usually reach for the ribbon. It tends to fill a page more.

  434. connie wilder

    Ribbon for me since it really makes the card pop

  435. Stampin’ Up ribbon is just TOO pretty, so I will have to say ribbon.

  436. this is tough because I use both but I guess I use ribbon more – thanks for the chance to win!

  437. I usually reach for Baker’s Twine because of its versatility. You can tie a bow, wrap it around or even make loops with it.

  438. I love using my SU ribbon. I still have a little snippet of the first ribbon I bought many years ago. I love the wide ribbon on a pretty gift. Kay V

  439. I am such a hoarder of Stampin’ Up ribbons and even reorganized them to be closer to my work station. But find myself still reaching for my twines and admiring all the pretty ribbons. Thank you for the opportunity of adding to my collection – I’m sure I’ll find more uses for the ribbons than to make my space look pretty.

  440. Twine is my go-to for embellisments. It’s far easier to work with than ribbon.

  441. tammy fletcher

    LOve both and lately it has been twine….

  442. Love, love ribbon

  443. I use bakers twine because I can’t tie a pretty bow.

  444. Shannon Miller

    I used to use ribbon more but lately it’s become bakers twine especially since they have added so many colors!

  445. I am hooked on twine! So much easier to tie than ribbon. I’ve been crafting for a long time and yet to master a perfect bow. Twine is a bit more forgiving

  446. Denise Ferguson

    I tend to reach for ribbon. I guess I have an easier time getting it to cooperate. 🙂 Maybe I’ll take a look at videos to learn how to handle twine with greater ease.

  447. I used to be a ribbon only girl; however baker’s twine is my “go to” favorite because it cooperates much better when mailing:-)

  448. I like both ribbons and twine, but use the twine the most. Love your website and the great ideas. Keep them coming.

  449. Sylvia Baldini

    Love to work with ribbon it really livens up a card

  450. I use ribbon more. I don’t have much bakers twine in my stash

  451. I love both, but I use ribbon more. I guess it depends what look i’m going for. Thank you for the chance at winning this great blog candy!

  452. Lately, I tend to reach for bakers twine more often. It’s great for cards, tags and 3-D projects as well!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win fun ribbons!!!

  453. Definitely ribbon!!

  454. I use either depending on the effect I am trying to achieve.

  455. Ribbon is right, I tie it tight. Twine is fine, but I can never find mine!

  456. Bakers Twine… It’s so crafty and versatile, light and playful! Thanks for asking, Mary!

  457. I like ribbon!

  458. Baker’s twine. Easier to send in the mail.

  459. I reach for ribbon first. Love, love all your great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  460. Ribbon is my first choice!

  461. patti moffett

    when I first started making cards ribbon was my first choice but now because of mailing costs I reach for baker’s twine, especially for masculine cards

  462. Unless I get on a bit of a kick, I use more ribbon, but do venture to baker’s twine now and again. Thanks for the chance to win the ribbon/twine stash!

  463. Bakers twine for me, it’s even good on masculine cards. And if the bow, or knot is small enough I don’t need to add more postage! I love that. 😉
    Thanks, hugs

  464. Baker’s Twine all the way !

  465. My love is ribbon. It seems to add that special touch to the card. Have a good day Mary and thanks.

  466. It all depends on the project, but a lot of times the baker’s twine wins.

  467. Thick bakers twine is my go to…….love ribbon also.

  468. Jennifer Harrell

    I love the ribbon. So many bright, beautiful colors!!

  469. Love both! Use them both equally – usually depends on type of card.

  470. Ribbon although lately I find myself using twine more and more. Have to say those pom p
    oms are my favorite though

  471. Debra Simpson

    I use ribbon more.

  472. Tiffinnie Reed

    I love, love, love the baker’s twine!!

  473. Joanna Latham

    I absolutely love both, but I tend to use bakers twine more than ribbon.

  474. I have way more ribbon so I usually go for it first – but I do love the baker’s twine too. Would love the gently used stash you have!

  475. Sometimes a card just calls for baker’s twine, but unless it does, I almost always go for ribbon.

  476. I am a ribbon addict, but love the thick bakers twine too.

  477. Patty Stanley

    Definitely ribbon! I love bakers twine for certain projects but there is always room for a little ribbon….

  478. Ribbon – 9 times out of 10!

  479. I “collect” ribbon as I am crummy at tying bows, I use twine all the time!

  480. I absolutely reach for ribbon — I can get it in different fabric and width so I feel it gives me more versatiility.

  481. Linda Williamson

    Depends on card. I find I use twine more on masculine cards but it all comes down the overall design and what looks best.

  482. I love both. Depending on the card, It could have ribbon, twine, or a little of both. Thanks for the chance to win.

  483. Love them both. If I ave to pick a favorite it is ribbon. There is something about ribbon that really talks to that little girl inside of me. Having always had short hair I never had ribbons in my hair so now I can put them on my cards.

  484. Ribbon rocks but twine is pretty fine too!!!! Thanks for the chance to win Mary!!

  485. Cassandra Hale

    I love ribbon! I just purchased the new thicker bakers twine and excited to use it!

  486. Love all that ribbon, twine and other stuff. These add so much interest to cards. I use ribbon more than the twine because I don’t have much of the twine and I have tons of ribbon.

  487. Ribbon seems to be choice of late, but I do love the new thicker Baker’s twine great for masculine cards without looking so frilly. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  488. Baker’s Twine. I can’t make a decent looking biw.

  489. I most frequently use ribbon as an embellishment, but love the baker’s twine for those times I need just a “little something” to bring the card together.

  490. I reach for the ribbon most of the time, but twine runs a close second. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome candy.

  491. Helen Wainwright

    I use twine most of the time, but also like ribbon.

  492. Ribbon for sure!

  493. I use both but ribbon is my favorite.

  494. Catherine Kraft

    Love both ribbon and twine. I tend to use more ribbon but trying to incorporate more twine in my projects. Recently I’ve actually been using both together on my cards. Thank you a chance to win this fabulous stash of goodies!!

  495. I love ribbon adds more color

  496. first choice is ribbon…but depending on what card/project I’m working on, I use a lot of twine also – and linen thread!

  497. Ribbon by far…there’s so many ways to use it and so many choices.

  498. I try to use more twine but ribbon is still my favorite.

  499. I use ribbon more often than twine, but twine is great, too!

  500. Ribbon is first and then Linen Thread!

  501. Bertha Lesser

    I think I use bakers twine more often.

  502. I usually reach for the Bakers Twine because its easier to tie. But I do love ribbon too.

  503. Wanda Griesheimer

    Most often reach for the ribbon, so many pretty ones to choose from!

  504. ribbon

  505. I do love me some ribbon….have tons of it but still use the Baker’s twine now and then too!

  506. I usually reach for ribbon first. I love the way they always match the paper.

  507. Ribbon! In all the yummy colors Stampin’ Up offers to coordinate with their cardstock!

  508. Bakers twine!! Being so thin, it can add the daintist embellishment without taking away from the card, but giving it some pop!

  509. Toni Leidenfrost

    Bakers Twine…it is soooo user friendly!

  510. Jody Gilliland

    Ribbon! Stampin Up has the most beautiful ribbon!

  511. Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon – cannot ever have enough ribbon!! 🙂

  512. Oh, my, hard to choose! I guess ribbon but still I love the versatility and ease of using twine. Especially the thick twine.

  513. Ribbon is like paper – one could NEVER have enough.

  514. I like using ribbon

  515. Love Love Love Ribbon!! I can’t get enough of it! 🙂 So many options!!

  516. I reach for SU’s gorgeous ribbon the most. I especially like the seam binding, but when it comes to small boxes, etc. I use that spectacular striped wide striped ribbon. I am building up my baker’s twine, so, who knows, the tide could turn.

  517. Ribbon is my go to item for cards and scrapbook pages.

  518. alysann pettinati

    I tend to reach for twine because I do playful cartoon like cards a lot. when I do more formal looking cards, its ribbon. like wedding cards. thanks!

  519. I’m a ribbon gal! But I like the twine, too. It depends on the project.

  520. Patricia Allison

    Ribbon because I have more color choices, and I like things to match just so!

  521. I like the Baker’s twine – so easy to use and tie!!

  522. A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.
    Napoleon Bonaparte

  523. Bakers twine over and over! A few wraps, a simple tie and done.

  524. Jen wogernese

    Twine only because my ribbon supply has dwindled down over the years and I’ve not been very good at replenishing it!

  525. I tend to reach for Baker’s Twine. I love ribbon, but tend to not want to “waste” it…lol!

  526. Ribbon definitely my first choice.

  527. Baker’s twine! Love it!

  528. Terri Broeckert

    Ribbon! I cant make a card without adding ribbon! It just adds so much love to a card!

  529. Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon is my first choice for most cards but I gravitate to Bakers Twine when making a masculine card.

  530. Marina Luna-Perez

    Ribbon, ribbon & ribbon. It’s my first choice!

  531. My projects aren’t complete until the ribbon touch is applied. I’m a new-be to twine uses.

  532. Mary Jo Miedema


  533. Ribbon, but for today’s card it’ll be bakers twine!

  534. I love both….but if I must pick one, it would be ribbon. Love a big, beautiful bow. Thanks for the chance on your yummy candy.

  535. Betsy Johnson

    I’m a ribbon girl – especially the wider ones to make bows.

  536. Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon! I just love the added flare it brings to the cards.

  537. Stesha Bloodhart

    Ribbon, I love ribbon and this giveaway makes me so excited!!!

  538. I really like a bow made with ribbon on my cards.

  539. Kathleen Grady

    I use more ribbon but love the baker’s twine!!

  540. I’m a ribbon lover! 🙂

  541. I am a ribbon horder. I can’t part with it so bakers twine it is. Thanks for your posts and inspiration.

  542. That’s a tough one. I guess I’d have to go with twine.

  543. I use twine primarily on cards. I love to use the ribbon, especially chevron, for tying up goodie bags. It makes a cello bag of mints look like a million bucks! Thanks for your daily inspiration, Mary!

  544. I love ribbon!!

  545. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon. I love RIBBON. Hugs!!!

  546. It depends on the card, but I definitely feel like I use and like ribbon better. However, the twine is amazing.

  547. I tend to always choose ribbon, because it has been round so long and I have so much! But, I’m trying to use the baker’s twine at least once a month to expand my embellishing horizons! I really like it too, and find it very easy to work with!

  548. Anny kuwahara

    Both are fun! When making tags I like to add ribbon and bunch it together with bakers twine. It was a look Becky Roberts showed me 🙂

  549. Bakers twine is my favorite!!

  550. Love both but baker’s twine also works for guys!

  551. Karen Bennett

    Love RIBBON! Couldn’t find a place to reply at the TOP of the blog.

  552. I Love ribbon. Wish I could afford to buy all of Stampin Up ribbon!

  553. I love ribbon, have drawers full of it, but for a masculine card I go for the twine.

  554. Paula in Maryland

    Depends on the project…I love my Twine! lol Have a Wonderful weekend everyone!!!

  555. Baker’s twine. Less bulky, gives a different look. Thanks for offering blog candy!


  556. Love ribbon. Especially pink.

  557. I forget to use Bakers twine so I use ribbon most of the time!

  558. I’m a ribbon girl forever! Cannot make a decent bow, but I love my ribbon!

  559. Baked twine for sure and less ribbons – for simplicity and quicker to make anything !

  560. Ribbon. Always looking for projects to use the SU wide striped ribbon and the chevrons.

  561. Ribbon 1st.

  562. It would have to be ribbon–so elegant!

  563. I LOVE RIBBON!!! I have quite the stash of ribbon in my crafting closet that I use for my handmade cards. I use ribbon on just about every card I make!!

  564. Bakers twine so versatile

  565. I reach for ribbon first, but on craft boxes and such, I use the twine.

  566. I simply Love ribbon and reach for it all the time! Although, with the addition of the Thick Baker’s Twine I am using that one more and more!

  567. Both- but use twine more since it is easier to work with and adds just a small extra touch!

  568. Suzanne Hinton

    I use baker’s twine more often, but love the color options of ribbon.

  569. I usually am grabbing ribbon as it seems to always add the extra special touch and fills in the empty spots.

  570. Well for Guy cards I use twine and for feminine cards I use ribbon- love both and would love to win this stash

  571. I use ribbon the most, but a lot of times it’s think ribbon… Love it

  572. I love the bakers twine, especially the thick type. I also use a lot of ribbon but find the bakers twine is easier to tie.

  573. Ribbon is first and if I don’t have enough room then twine.

  574. I’m a ribbon gal myself!

  575. I go for ribbon the most — because I have so much of it!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  576. ribbon for sure

  577. I love ribbon . . . especially the seam binding ribbon because it’s so thin.

  578. Jessica Bavier

    I usually reach for bakers twine more, but I love ribbon too! It adds so much to a card. Thanks so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  579. It depends on several things. I have more male cards to send, so I find a strip of ribbon (not a bow) better for men, and less bulky to mail. It also depends on what color I need. I only have one kind, of most colors, so if I need Real Red and only have ribbon for that color, I use that. Having blog candy for ribbon would certainly add to my choices! Thanks for that opportunity.

  580. Shannon Hokanson

    I love the ribbon, but I use bakers twine more.

  581. I love my ribbon! Over the years I have learned to tie a great bow. Thanks Mary for a chance at a great give away. Cathy Lee

  582. I use more baker’s twine because the black/white and natural go with just about everything. Ribbon has to be a little more matching and I don’t have as much of it.

  583. Judy Grinnell

    I love baker’s twine but I use more ribbon. There are so many choices with all of the colors, sizes, patterns and textures of ribbon. Thanks for offering the blog candy contest. Your daily inspiration is so enjoyable!

  584. Such a hard choice but would have to say ribbon!

  585. Patti Hutchinson

    Before the colored Baker’s twine came out, I would have said ribbon. Now I love the twine!

  586. I love ribbon so much more than bakers twine!!

  587. Ribbon!!!

  588. Julia McLaren

    I use baker’s twine much more than ribbon. For some reason I can get it to behave. Thanks for sharing!

  589. Up until 6months ago I would have said ribbon, twine now has a sweet spot in my heart. Thanks for sharing!

  590. I love ribbon. Most of my cards has some ribbon on it. Normally not a bow though because of the bulk. Thanks for sharing all your talent with us. Continued success in your SU business.

  591. Ribbon! No doubt

  592. teri klawitter

    Ribbon, and love to share with my friends who make cards for fundraising…humane shelters, and rescues!! Love all of your ideas, my all time favorite is the paw print with the large and small oval punches!

  593. Kathy Carpenter

    I reach for bakers twine only because it is less bulky, but my first love is ribbon!!

  594. Bakers twine- love that stuff and so versatile!

  595. Another vote for ribbon-wonderful endless ribbon!!

  596. Ribbon! But, love bakers twine too.
    Thanks for this chance to win

  597. Love, love, love Ribbon…SU has the best.

  598. Ribbon is my favorite it adds a special touch to your cards….

  599. RIBBON…. It offers a big punch and a lot of texture

  600. That’s a tough one but I think I use more ribbon but not by much. Thanks for the chance!

  601. I love ribbon!

  602. I prefer to use ribbon. Thanks so much, Mary, for all that you do to inspire us!

  603. I love the ribbon….the great variety, the colors, the textures! I do like to use twine along with the ribbon to give my project that special “wow!” Thanks for the candy chance, Mary!

  604. I love twine too but definitely ribbon. Ribbon just does something magical to the project, weither it’s a card, gift bag or a box it just takes on a whole new look! Thanks for the chance to win.

  605. Ribbon, by a long shot!

  606. Mostly ribbon. Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  607. Helen Huskins

    I love ribbon the most. Thanks for an opportunity to win your wonderful blog candy!

  608. Ribbon…and now lace too!

  609. Kathy Hilliard

    Ribbon is my favorite. Thank you for all you share and for this blog candy.

  610. Charmaine Babineau

    I like twine because it can be wrapped around. Looks less formal.

  611. Ribbon….I’m ADDICTED to ribbon!!!!

  612. Jennifer Newell

    Bakers twine. Thanks for the chance to win!

  613. Bakers twine is my first choice!

  614. Thalia Heiges

    Ribbon is always my first choice. SU has an amazing array of pretty ribbon.

  615. Ribbon, yep, ribbon…however the twine is a fun addition!

  616. Ribbon over bakers twine every time !

  617. I use ribbon on gift bags and boxes more often than I do on cards. This stash would be awesome for that purpose!!

  618. Karen Williford

    I like ribbon the best. Especially seam binding ribbon.

  619. Always reach for ribbon first, and Stampin Up sure has a nice variety!

  620. My favorite right now is ribbon, however I do use bakers twine also. I think it depends mostly on what type of card or project I am working on at the time. Love the quality of both.

  621. My favorite is Ribbon

  622. Usually bakers twine…I’m a fan of the easy look it adds without overwhelming the card..

  623. I love Baker’s twine. It’s so easy to tie and just gives the card that little extra smile.

  624. Ribbon for me!! I do use twine for some. Thanks for a chance to win!

  625. Linda Edwards

    Baker’s Twine!

  626. Charlene Brummitt

    Ribbon is my favorite. Thanks for the candy blog.

  627. Depends on the particular card but use ribbon more than twine, but I like them both.

  628. Ribbon is my first choice.

  629. Love all Stampin Up! ribbon and bakers twine — it adds that little touch to my projects.

  630. I reach for ribbon first & Baker’s Twine 2nd.

  631. I always reach for the ribbon! Love, love, love it!

  632. Ribbon is my preference but I do also reach for the Backer’s twine! They both coordinate so beautifully!

  633. probably ribbon. i DO LOVE that twine tho!! LOVE your blog too! 😀

  634. I go for the baker’s twine first – love the colors it comes in!

  635. Heather Villafranca

    I love RIBBON!

  636. Christine Wojciechowski

    Baker’s twine. I LOVE all the colors and the versatility of it. Thank you for the giveaway.

  637. Ribbon is my favorite

  638. Davette L. Miller

    Ribbon, ribbon, and more ribbon… Chuckle

  639. Connie Tomala

    I love them both because they match the cardstock perfectly. Where else can you buy, that they match them up for you. It’s perfect for me to not have to go thru the hassle of, does this match? Thanks SU and thank you for a chance at the giveaway.

  640. Baker’s twine. Less bulky, gives a different look and easier to use for me. Thanks for offering blog candy!

  641. I love the simplicity of the Baker’s Twine.

  642. I use ribbon the most. Thank you for offering the wonderful blog candy!

  643. I love the ribbon, but I find that the baker’s twine is what I reach for the most! Thank you for this generous opportunity!

  644. ribbon is my first choice, seems like I use twine more on masculine cards

  645. Ribbon because bows make a card so cute!

  646. I love the twine. And reach for it most. I think that may be because I have more if it than ribbon!!!

  647. Bakers twine for my cards – wrapped twice or three times or looped behind a punched piece. Making more boxes and bags now so lots of ribbons for those! Love your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  648. Maleta Fischer

    Ribbon…since I was growing up, I’ve always been grabbed by ribbon.

  649. Carol J Swinconos

    I would say I use each equally.

  650. Tammy VanRosendale

    Ribbon of course. Love love ribbon.

  651. I use ribbon way more than baker’s twine.

  652. Baker’s Twine – I’ve been through 2 or 3 cards of the white!

  653. Ribbon, but only because I have a much larger variety to choose from. If I’m making a masculine card, I normally pull out the twine.

  654. ribbon is what i go to. thanks for the chance to get free goodies.

  655. I love the narrow ribbon. Makes great little bows. Thanks for your inspiration!

  656. Ribbon – a little ribbon takes a card from ordinary to extraordinary!

  657. I like using the Baker’s twine best

  658. I love ribbon. It adds a nice accent to any card.

  659. I love ribbons!!

  660. I love ribbon, but usually have more twine on hand. =)

  661. Hi Mary! I find myself reaching for the baker’s twine more often. Thanks for the chance to win!

  662. Ribbon for sure!!

  663. I don’t use it often enough but ribbon would be my first choice, I don’t have much Baker’s Twine but I do love SU Linen Thread.
    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome stash of fabulous ribbon, Mary.

  664. Ribbon for sure. But only because there has been more variety to choose from.

  665. Wow! I tend to use twine for masculine cards and ribbon for everything else. Thank you:)

  666. Ribbon but I do use twine as well. think I would use more twine if I had more colors. Need to put that on my wish list.

  667. I love both but Ribbon is my first go to.

  668. I reach for ribbon first, especially the very vanilla seam binding because I can color it to match whatever cardstock or paper I am using.

  669. Baker’s twine for me. Love it. Thanks for the chance to win this great ribbon selection. Happy Weekend

  670. Ribbon all the way!

  671. It would be bakers twine but I have never bought either. New to stamping.

  672. Both are fabulous, ribbon for feminine cards, twine for manly ones!

  673. I love ribbon!!

  674. Lately I am using more ribbon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  675. Ribbon is my favorite.

  676. I find myself using Baker’s Twine more often lately. It seems less fussy!

  677. I am addicted to ribbon!

  678. Thank you for offering this chance!
    I like ribbon best.

  679. I am a Bakers Twine girl! Love it.

  680. Bakers twine! It’s just subtle yet flexible for all projects! I could not post at the top, only here.

  681. I like to use twine. Less bulk when I mail.

  682. Michelle Arthur

    The Baker’s Twine… I love the thicker twine SU! now has!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  683. Nancy Farrell

    I like ribbon better, especially the thinner widths.

  684. Baker’s Twine. Now that I know about it, I use it all the time, for all different things. People will ask me, “where did you get that?” Love it!

  685. I do love Bakers Twine, especially for masculine cards, But RIBBON is my favorite for most cards.

  686. Definitely ribbon….

  687. I use both a good bit, but I would say Ribbon. It can add softness, texture or color to make a card just right.

  688. I love ribbons… just adds that extra touch!

  689. Jenni Weighall

    Mostly ribbon but have started trying to use the bakers twine a little more.

    • Sophie Bouchard

      Moi c’est le rubban c’est certain. j’apprivoise la ficelle de plus en plus par exemple

  690. Shirley Adiaz

    Ribbon! It’s easier to adhere than baker’s twine =)

  691. Ribbon first then bakers twine


  692. Ribbon, Ribbon and More Ribbon!!

  693. I love the bakers twine, still love the ribbon, but seem to go for bakers twine first.

  694. Bonnie Hesslink

    Ribbon, ribbon ribbon…love Stampin’ Up ribbon

  695. I love both but I seem to go for the baker’s twine first.

  696. I do use ribbon the most but have a strong fondness for the thick baker’s twine.

  697. Jaime bennett

    Love ribbon!

  698. I am a ribbon junkie myself.

  699. Ribbon … First Choice

  700. I love ribbon the most! It add the perfect touch to any craft project

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