Enjoy the Show! Recent Stampin’ Up! Video Releases!

It’s the weekend and always a great time to go to the movies, yes?  I have a  new Stampin’ Up! video for you today (above) as well as some videos I personally created and recently shared on my Stampin’ Pretty blog that you may have missed.  Enjoy the show and have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Mary, I have been looking for something I think you posted and can’t seem to find it. Did you show how to use the clear cases the stamps come in and you put the picture on the back inside cover and peeled off the stamps making it easier to remove and use them? For the life of me I can’t remember or find it. Thanks for your help.

  2. You are so welcome, Evy. Glad it was helpful!

  3. Hello Mary!
    Great idea to use your embossingfolders that way! Never thought of it 😉
    Thanks for reposting the other video’s again, handy for new followers like me 😉

    hugs, Evy

  4. Glad to be of help. 🙂

  5. Mary, I posted mine on the facebook a few weeks back. Inked embossing folder and I actually used the big shot for compression, less 1 vinyl recipe sheet and came out nice. I asked what technique was used and Brian King had the right answer. Inked embossing folder.

  6. Great suggestion to store the Tombow glue upside down. I haven’t tried that and will!

  7. Interesting suggestion, Linda. Thanks for sharing. I like that it won’t slide, even upside down.

  8. Hi Mary, here is a great punching tip you might like to share with your viewers in a column or even better with a video. I am working on a notepad Mothers Day gift project to make 100 decorated post it note notepads with matching pen insert sleeves in the R.S.V.P. Pens by Pentel for our church. It will take punching 200 Beautiful Bunch flowers. It takes a lot of muscle to punch out and get a nice placement, so this is what I did. I thought I would just lay the punch facing upward on my counter and then putting the paper inside to line it up. Well, that was a great idea until the punch wanted to slide all over the counter. So then I got out a small square, about 5″ x 5″, of that foamy waffle-type shelf paper which stuck not only to the counter but the punch stuck to it as well. Problem fixed. It stayed right in place as I lined up the flowers inside the punch and then just pushed down on the punch instead of having to squeeze the punch together. So fast and very little effort on my part. I hope you and your readers will benefit from this technique.

  9. Hi Mary, your problem with the Tombow glue can be remedied by just doing this. I always store my glue bottle in a votive candle holder point side down and then before taking off the cap, just tap it a couple of times on your work surface and if there is any glue left in the bottle it will easily come out. Occasionally there may be a bit of build up at the tip which I just wipe off, but I never have to use anything to poke into the bottle to bring the glue down. The tapping will do the job for you.

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