WOW! Video! A Better Way to Store Photopolymer (Clear) Stamps


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Are you still trying to tuck your photopolymer (clear) stamps between the two window sheets they arrived with?  I learned from Pam Morgan (of the Stampin’ Up! home office) and members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Virtual Community that there’s a better (easier) way.  Today’s WOW! video shares the scoop!


Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 6.35.40 AM


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  1. This is the best method I’ve seen yet. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I just saw this video today. Thank you so much for this tip! Guess what I’ll be working on tonight when I get home!

  3. Thanks, Sandy, for your feedback.

  4. Brilliant! Thank you!

  5. Cathy Blanche

    We are heading home from our Texas college day and family visit. Can’t wait to get home and try some card making ideas for Christmas cards !

  6. Mary, thank you so much for the many tips and ideas you share with us. I was especially excited about the video on clear stamp storage. Such an easy thing but it took someone special to share the idea. I look forward to your posts each day. God Bless.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Mary. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving

  8. Thanks for sharing this GREAT tip!

  9. What an AWESOME Tip! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Fabulous idea Mary! I simply adore the photopolymer stamps and am so happy Stampin’ Up! is giving us more and more of them!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Love this idea Mary! I’m struggling with how to store my other photopolymer stamps that came in just the wrapping to keep my packaging consistent.

  12. Great tip, Mary. Will try this for sure! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!?

  13. Great tip, it will definitely make storing the clear mount stamp sets much easier.

  14. Yay! Thank you so much Mary, I’m cleaning and organizing today, I;m going to add this to my to do list! Great Tip!

  15. Great tip!! Thanks so much!

  16. Mary, what a splendid idea! I love the photopolymer, but because they are so sticky (which is a fact I love on my blocks), this tip will make things much easier! I also love the idea about the computer paper in between. I am off to change all my stamps! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Terrific idea for storing. I thought the sheets were necessary to keep the stamps soft or something. This tip will make things much simpler when stamping. I really like the photopolymer sets. Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Dorothy Surbaugh

    Love this quick and easy treat. Actually you make my day with each new idea. thank you for
    inspiring me!

  19. excellent idea, kelly D. i love that we are sharing and learning together.

  20. Really appreciate the share, Mary! Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Excellent idea! TFS

  22. Bloody brilliant!

  23. OMG, such a simple idea. Going to do this right now! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Thank you, Mary. Love it, love it!

  25. I just started the process of storing mine this way (this morning, thanks to your tip). I was able to trim the image sheets to the “holiday invitation” set and turn them sideways in the case to store both sets like this. It may not work for all double sheet sets but it does for this one with small images. Also as I pulled the sheets apart u realized that we are left with window sheets to repurpose on shaker cards! Woohoo. It’s a win-win. Thanks again Mary and Happy Thanksgiving.

  26. Mary, you made my day! What a wonderful storage solution. Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  27. Woo hoo, Nancy! What a simple solution (piece of paper) for having two in one case!

  28. Now why didn’t I think of that??? Dah! Love this tip… Thank you so much for sharing! Will be using this for sure! Love your blog!

  29. Love your suggestions, gang! I’m learning new things right along with you!

  30. What a great idea. I have some that the piece without the picture doesn’t stick to my stamps anymore. I am going to try this!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  31. Fantastic tip on the storage!!!! Thank you so much for the video, Mary! I especially like this idea for storing the stamps that we bought BEFORE the DVD cases were included … Will buy the Stampin’ Up! cases and now all my stamp sets will be tidy.

  32. thank you for sharing this awesome tip! The sheet you have left over could possibly be used if you want to make a shaker card?? thanks again for the tip!! Blessings

  33. Beyond AWESOME tip Mary. Can’t believe I didn’t figure this one out sooner. BRILLIANT! Guess what I’m doing when I return back to Tucson in December. Thanks for sharing this tip with us.

  34. Nancy Farrell

    Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving Mary!
    This is a great idea and I do keep my clear stamps this way. If I have two sheets of stamps, I just cut down a piece of computer paper and place it in-between the two facing stamp sets, no sticking to each other, no falling off.

    Thank you for all you tips, techniques and inspiration.

  35. What would happen if you cover the writing on the paper label sheet w/ either computer paper or cardstock and play with sticky options from there?

  36. Oooo, wow thank you MsMary, great idea
    On my way to do it !!
    Hugs Frenchiee

  37. Brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to do this to my clear mount stamps after the holidays. So much easier.

  38. I suggest using two storage cases (Stampin’ Up! sells them empty, in groups of four) for sets with multiple sheets of stamps. I have tried to mount to both sides of the interior (one sheet on both sides of the interior) and put a window sheet in the middle. However, some of them stick to the middle sheet and some stick to the cover . . . not a great solution. If anyone has a better idea, please share!

  39. I hadn’t thought about the noise, Maria. This should resolve that as well.

  40. Great tip Mary, I will proceed to do this to all my Photopolymer sets, I DO NOT like the noise the stamps make when you are peeling them from the sheet, sheeesh!! it makes me clinch my teeth. Your way is perfect, thank you for sharing.

  41. Excellent! I’ll be trying this with all my sets later today. Love my photopolymer stamps but it is a hassle. This is going to make it much better! Thank you!

  42. Thank you for sharing this great tip Mary! It looks much easier. What suggestions do you have for sets that come withultiple sheets? Would you divide into two cases?

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