Ooops! It’s a Calgon Day! PLEASE READ!



Hi Friends . . . I know my Stampin’ Pretty subscribers have gotten a lot of extra emails today.  Thanks for emailing me that things were wonky via email–I was getting them, too, and working frantically with my web guru to nail down the problem!  There should only have been two posts today (a new PPA “Grateful for You” card and the Short & Sweet Starter Kit Offer).  Unfortunately, as we were transitioning to a new subscriber service in the last 24 hours, we hit some roadblocks and some were duplicated!  Technology can be your best friend or biggest nightmare . . . today was definitely the latter!  HOWEVER, EVERYTHING IS WORKING AGAIN and I’m back on the old system!

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience and want you to know that my account wasn’t hacked and there’s nothing to worry about on your end.  It’s not you, it’s me (as they say on Seinfeld).  It was just a timing and error issue with the new feed and service.  You will have received the Short & Sweet Starter Kit Offer again (round #2) because we flipped the switch back to the original service and it delivered.  It will look familiar and things will return to normal (fingers crossed).

Hugs, Mary


  1. Carol Carriveau

    My only sadness, other than for your issues, is that I can now not see the One Minute to Wow video on creating the JOY on your card…..will keeping looking for it…thank you Mary and again sorry for your issues!

  2. I’m glad you were able to find out the problem. I am a computer teacher in a grade school and understand computer issues. I am also glad that you weren’t hacked. I would hate to have to miss your emails.

  3. Nadine Hogrefe

    Computers: Your best friend or your worst enemy! Says it all!!!

  4. You guys are so understanding. Thanks. Been up since 3:30 and still going strong . . .

  5. Poo poo happens. Enjoy your Calgon!

  6. Always a pleasure to hear from you Mary! Thanks for the explanation tho?

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