An Amazing Awards Night!


10563111_10152535695357210_5409304445643710968_nAn emotional hug with my upline, Lisa Pretto.

Dreams really can come true!  I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to be a part of Stampin’ Up!, a company I originally joined in 2007 “just for the discount” and a free set of Rich Regals inks which were offered in a Starter Kit promotion.  Never did I dream I would have a Stampin’ Pretty blog (and regular readers!), discover many new, lifelong friends and begin a venture into a new business that I could combine with the paper crafting hobby I adore.  Thank you for all your support as friends, demonstrators and customers!


Last Friday night in Salt Lake City, Stampin’ Up! presented their Annual Awards for sales, recruiting and leadership (based on July  2013 – June 2014).  That’s me (above) on the “jumbotron” walking up the LONG ramp (in heels) to accept an award.  I’m kind of “Godzilla” in relationship to the camera man, no?


So on to the awards!


I’m so proud of the Stampin’ Up! recognition I received:

  • First place with 106 promotions to Senior Associate
  • First place with 30  promotions to Supervisor and Above
  • Third place in annual sales
  • Recognized as the only demonstrator in the company earning the Achiever’s Performance Bonus 5 times during the Stampin’ Up! year (for the second year in a row-woot)!

10527537_326934297472809_1110981210404797770_nCEO and Co-Founder Shelli Gardner and I on the stage!

It was a thrill sitting with members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community and hearing the cheers!  I still get teary thinking about it.  Almost 90 of the Pals attended Convention this year!  They are the core of my rewards!  Pal Maggie Mata set up Facetime so that my husband and daughter could “attend” live from back home.  Thanks, Maggie!

One of the greatest moments of the evening was learning that  Ann Schach and Brian King of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community and Lisa Pretto (my upline) all earned the Stampin’ Up! Founder’s Circle Trip, awarded to the top 100 demonstrators in the U.S.

10313667_10152536318457210_6602768769953168276_nFounder’s Circle Achievers!  Lisa Pretto, Brian King, Ann Schach and me!


Many members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals earned awards (even multiple awards).  I couldn’t be prouder of them!  Featured left to right are:  Sherri Gross, Me, Brian King, Lisa Pretto, Ann Schach and Ginger Toivonen.  Not featured are Linda Callahan, Mike Funke, Jason Casper, Jennifer Michelski, Kelly DeTommaso and September Gray.


I couldn’t manage and care for my business and Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community without the help of my dearest friend, niece and administrative assistant, Kris Kilcoyne.  I love this photo of the two of us after our Pals good bye dinner last Saturday.  Thank you, Kris.  You’re a genius and Auntie misses you already.


  1. Congratulations on all of your awards and thank you for all the on-line inspiration that you provide! Yay, Mary!

  2. Grace Lange-Way

    Mary – I may be a day late and a dollar short on leaving this comment but I must tell you that no one deserves the awards you received more than you. I may not comment on your blog often due to lack of time but I am still an avid follower. I must also tell you that all the demonstrators I know have commented to me that you are the most wonderful person they have ever had the privilege to meet and that you are admired by ALL who have been blessed to know you. Be proud of all you have accomplished. You are one amazing woman.

  3. Bridget Trefethen

    Congratulations on all your awards! You have put in a lot of effort to get them! Great job!

    I hope to be a PAL in a year or so. I know I will be learning from some of the best out there!

  4. Congrats to you and your team! Stampin Up must be a great company to work for!

    Please keep sharing your beautiful creations with us. I just wish I had more time to scrapbook and do paper cards.

  5. So happy for YOU Mary!!!! Keep Up the Great work
    You inspire us Sherrill Graff Late Night Stamper

  6. Nancy Farrell

    Mary, YES, YES, YES!!! Congratulations! I agree with all the posts. You are very inspiring and I am so happy to be under your wing.

  7. Congratulations Mary !! You are so inspiring 🙂 I follow your blog every day !! It was a pleasure to see you at convention, on the first day and even though we’ve seen each other only once, last year at convention, you recognize me and took time to say hi !!! Thank you for sharing your creativity 🙂

  8. Mary, the Honor was all mine. Anything for you my FABULOUS up-line! You are my blessing more than you’ll ever know. =)

  9. Barb in Ontario

    Congratulations Mary!

  10. Tanja Fussell

    congratulations Mary! I believe you may have been at a regional in Virginia Beach one year and they called your name and I wondered who you where. Now, after subscribing to your blog for years, I feel like I know you! I’m so impressed by women who achieve at the level you have. You have much to be proud of. Also, thanks for sharing your lovely work with your readers. I’ve Cased more than one of your creations.

  11. Congratulations!!!! from one of your daily followers (being doing that since…well before you moved to Arizona!) Thank you for sharing your creativity with your readers. Wishing you continued success from the East Coast.

  12. Carol Carriveau

    You deserve all of the cheers that you have received, Mary! Your creativity, blog and how much you share with all of us and how you share the creativity of your down line! I was unable to attend convention this year but it was great fun seeing people that I follow receive awards that they so deserve…and so excited that dear Brian is once again at the top of the fun – so proud of him as I know that you are!

  13. Melanie Evans

    I’m SO happy for you, Mary!!! You are one of the sweetest women, I’ve never met. Yep, I’ve never met you and I can tell that you are one sweet woman!! I’m so happy to see people like you succeed and be rewarded for all you foster in everyone else. So happy for your team, too. I wish you much more success and FUN!!

  14. Congratulations, Mary! I always get teary-eyed reading your Convention posts. No one deserves the kudos, awards, honors, incentives,and atta-girls more than you. You make it possible for everyone to be a part of SU in the way that brings them joy, and are always there to provide support and encouragement and opportunities–whether we want to make a successful business…or just want to be part of your great stamping community. You make us all feel like we share in your triumphs, and you let all the other stars in your group shine brightly, too. Humble, talented, sweet, and inspiring–that’s you!

  15. Congratulations Mary…You are so deserving of these awards. I can see all the love you give and receive from SU pals and everyone involved with you. You are very creative and look forward to your inspiring wonderful cards daily. Cheers to your success!

  16. Congratulations, Mary. I love your inspiration and follow your posts “daily.” I wish I could be part of your Paper Pals team. It sounds so fun and “inspiring”. As it is I am an orphaned demonstrator and therefore, remain a hobby demonstrator. My up-line does not communicate, verbally or electronically. Oh well. Do you know if there is a way to change my up-line to you?
    I’m so happy for you!

  17. Way to go Mary !!!!!!!!

  18. Mary, Congratulations on every single award and achievement! We briefly met quickly in the halls at convention last year, and I’ve been following your blog for years. Every single post, inspires me in some way, gives me great ideas that I can pass down to my small line of customers and downline. You are truly an inspiration to all of us, and seeing you so happy brings joy to my heart. Brian, Ann, Sue, Linda… and so many other blogs I follow, are all because of you. Every person you come in contact with, is very lucky, indeed. Thanks for the years of enjoyment…you are appreciated more than you know.

  19. Mary – Awards such as those are always EARNED by much hard work and lots of love – both of which you exhibit DAILY to all your followers. May your inspiration continue, and your many blessings!

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you for sharing you creativity with your daily blog followers, and thank you for sharing this special event with us as well!!!

  21. Mary, a huge congrats on all your wonderful, consistent achievements!! My DL and I are all requesting you do a SU event presentation and share your knowledge!! You are amazing!! Hugs, Nancy Ferb, Sr. Executive Demonstrator

  22. Congratulations on the recognition you received at the convention. I so enjoyed meeting you as I find you so inspirational. The convention is an exciting events and I thoroughly enjoyed learning what can be accomished with hard work and focus. Another inspiring thing for me was the opportunity to meet the people I consider the rock stars of paper crafting. Thank you so much for taking the time to take a photo with me.


  24. So AWESOME Mary! Congratulations! You are a winner in all of our eyes. Blessings!

  25. Congratulations, you so deserve it. I enjoy your blog and projects.

  26. So happy for you, Mary! Aren’t you happy you got that discount?!

  27. Marianne O'Hara

    Congratulations Mary! Many of us aspire to be like you. At least, I know that when I “case” one of your cards, that I’ll get alot of compliments on it.
    Thanks again for you blogs, ideas and words of encouragement. Hopefully I will make it to next year’s convention.
    Marianne O’Hara
    demo #2119667

  28. I am so glad I chose to sign up with you, Mary! I’m so proud of you and all that you do for us! Woo Hoo! Congratulations!!

  29. Kimberly Jones

    Absolutely well deserved! Have followed your blog for about 2 years and all of the amazing one minute to WOW, cards that you seemingly make with ease. I love how you include all of your Stampin’ Pretty Virtual Community as if they were right there with you. The product of your success I’m guessing comes from your past. Sharing it with others is truly a mark of a person who is well grounded and ready to help those who want to step on the train. Success is not always monetary, it’s that feeling of satisfaction that when you reached they took your invitation to work hard, be ready to make mistakes, but that’s how you learn and to always look forward as this is where the scenery lies and the opportunities arise. Like I can’t wait to see what is around the next corner!

  30. Congratulations on your amazing success–again. You go girl!

  31. Congratulations, Mary! You are one of a kind! It’s a privilege to have found you.

  32. Congratulations on your achievements, Mary! So well deserved. Thank you for inspiring all of us not just by your wonderful cards and projects but also your kindness, humor and class shine through on your blog. You’re awesomesauce as one of my friends says!!

  33. Congratulations Mary! You are such a sweet person. I consider it a privilege to be on your team.

  34. CONGRATS! Mary, on a job well done. You deserve all the praise. You share your talent with so many people who don’t order from you but follow you. Thank you from a grateful public.

  35. You definitely are deserving of these awards, Mary Fish, as many of know that you go above and beyond what is expected of someone in your position. The love and energy for the Stampin’Up company is deeply felt at Convention; I’m so happy for everyone who attended and experienced it. A grand success for all of you!

  36. What a moving post, Mary…brings tears to my eyes to imagine how wonderful it all was! Thank you for your dedication and love for Stampin’ Up! and your Stampin’ Pretty Pals!

  37. Congratulations!!! You are totally amazing & an inspiration to us all!! I look forward to seeing you & spending time with you in September at Founders! HUGS!

  38. Congrats!! I look forward to your blog everyday and get so much inspiration from it! Yayayaya!

  39. Sharon Williamson

    Congratulations, Mary! You deserve all the accolades for inspiring so many of us to do what we love. So happy for you!

  40. I’m sure you heard my Tucson group cheering you from the opposite side of the stage on Awards Night! I am so proud of all you have accomplished and achieved with your SU business. You are a role model for me (and many others)…..SO GLAD to call you my friend. Congrats Mary……ENJOY this moment!

  41. Mary, you do the SU brand proud! Although I’m not a member of your team, the content you’ve provided to all of us via this blog has influenced my card making a great deal. I thank you for that. Congratulations on your achievements, and all the best to you on the journey ahead!

  42. Congrats Mary! You certainly have earned and deserved all those awards!! Your blog is the best and you are so helpful!!

  43. Julie Whiteman

    Congrats Mary! You should be so proud of what you have accomplished. It is your attention to detail, awesome customer service and ability to inspire all of us that has gotten you where you are today. All the best, you deserve every bit of it! Hugs!!!

  44. Janet caldwell

    Congratulations!!I look forward to and enjoy receiving your email everyday

  45. Congratulations Mary, you deserve every single award you got. You work tirelessly every day to inspire, motivate and teach us, I’m so very happy for you!!

  46. Cindie Mattke

    You are awesome! So glad to be a part of your ‘family’! You rock!

  47. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  48. Congrats Mary! Love your blog and all the inspiration that you share with everyone! You deserved it!

  49. Congrats, Mary. You are so deserving. You work very hard at this business. I love all your projects and get inspired every time I look at your site. Thanks for sharing.
    🙂 Kim

  50. Congratulations! You are such an inspiration!

  51. Ooooo, MsMary you made me get teary eye too , I’m so proud of every one !!!!
    Love and hugs to you all !!!!!

  52. Congratulations Mary. Just from your blog, I can tell you are one classy woman. Thanks for the many years of sharing and inspiration!!!

  53. Karilyn Moeller

    Congratulations! You deserve every award you received!

  54. Congratulations Mary, Kris and PALS! Your creativity, organization and love of stampin’ are inspiration and motivation for many of us. Thank YOU for all you do everyday.

  55. Kathy Hendrey

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you, Mary. You are a hard worker and have earned these promotions.

  56. Sheryl Cushman

    Congratulations, Mary. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  57. Congratulations Mary! I have followed your blog for the last five years down in Texas. Thanks for all the sharing!

  58. Mary, my heartfelt congratulations to you. You ARE truly an inspiration to all of us Pals. I was watching your Facebook page from home… you were keeping it most up to date, and couldn’t be happier for you. Your awards, each and every one, were much deserved. You, my dear, are a ROCK STAR! …and once again, I am proud and happy to be a Pal!

  59. A big congratulations to you!!! Looks like so much fun!

  60. Congratulations, Mary! Well done! Much deserved! Thank you (and Kris) for your leadership. Pretty Pals hugs, Debbie Bound

  61. Congratulations on your awards, achievements and accomplishments Mary! The passion you have and share with others was recognized and well deserved. Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy being in the ” spotlight”!

  62. Oh Mary…I know that this was such an exciting time for you…but for all of your PALS…it was equally as exciting for us to see you get all of the well deserved recognition. You are so special to us and make each one of us feel as important to the next. It is an honor to be part of this exciting group of amazing group. Your leadership, love, passion and true spirit shines through each and everyday! HUGE hugs to you!

  63. I haven’t been surprised at any of the awards and recognition. You are, truly, one in a million and I hope you continue to inspire us for many, many years to come. Congratulations! You’ve earned the accolades!

  64. Charlene Brummitt

    Mary what an achievement! I am so glad I found you on the internet. From the first time time I saw your cards I knew you would be my favorite. I look forward each morning to checking my email from Stampin Pretty. Congratulation on your continue success!

  65. Congratulations! You deserve them!

  66. FANTASTIC. CONGRATS. That is so wonderful.

  67. Congratulations! It is no wonder you were chosen, yet again, for these awards.

    I anxiously await your posts to see your beautiful creations. You truly are an

    Your team is also awesome. I always enjoy the blog hops to see how everyone has
    interpreted the challenge.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  68. Patti Hutchinson

    Congrats Mary! You deserved it!

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