The Cat’s Away Blog Candy Giveaway!


I’m at the Stampin’ Up! Annual Convention in Salt Lake City along with almost 90 members of my Stampin’ Pretty Pals Community.  Tonight is awards night–wish me luck!   I’ll share the awards results along with other convention highlights on my Stampin’ Pretty Facebook page.


While the cat’s away (me) in Salt Lake City, I thought I would do a blog candy giveaway of the Stampin’ Up! products above to one lucky Stampin’ Pretty blog reader.  FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN, please leave me a comment at the end of this post sharing whether you are more a “dog,”  “cat” or “other critter” person.  Please play only once.

The winner will receive:

  • So versatile!  Work of Art stamp set in wood-mount (value $29.95) is one of the products on My Favorite Things list!
  • Love patterned paper?  A big stack of retired 2012-2014 In Colors Designer Series Paper (cut to 6 x 6).
  • Fun and flashy!  Essentials Hardware Clips (value $5.95).

Deadline for comments is Sunday, July 20 at NOON Central  Time.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner Monday (July 21) on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within the U.S.  Winner has 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address so stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!



  1. Dog only never cat sorry!! Good luck tonight Mary!!

  2. I am definitely a dog person. And that solidified when my don became allergic to cats. Best of luck to you and your entire talented team!

  3. I am definitely a cat person. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Dogs for me. Thanks for doing this, Mary. Keep having fun at convention and good luck with awards. I am sure you will be at the top.

  5. Cat person for sure! Good luck tonight!!?

  6. I’m a cat person for sure! Usually strays that end up at my house!!!! Love our blog wonderful ideas Thanks for sharing and of course the chance to win!

  7. Dog person!! We live with our three dogs! 🙂

  8. I am a dog person even though we don’t have a dog living in our house. We have a cat instead!

    All the best at tonight’s awards ceremony.

  9. I’m a doggie (Lucy) person and a guinea pig (Snowball) person. Good luck at convention, win lots of things =).

  10. Monique Cuthbert

    Dog for sure. Had two spaniels for a very long time. Good luck at your awards.

  11. Anissa Hoehaver

    Love, love kittens. Love, love dogs. Way to hard to choose!

  12. Charlene Brummitt

    I have had both cats and dogs but allergic to something about cats. Good luck at awards night.

  13. Love my dogs. WE live with three. Thanks

  14. Dogs over cats. Thank you for the giveaway.

  15. I am a dog person. Especialy little poodles!

  16. Dogs for me! I know you’re going to do well at the awards show, but best wishes anyway! Enjoy 🙂

  17. Cathy Giordano

    Dog gone sure I’m more of a dog person. Love my Tessa, short for “Contessa.” She’s an almost three year old black and tan German Shepherd from Virginia who stole my heart away!

  18. love both dogs and cats but if i had to choose one it would be cats!!

  19. I am both a cat and dog person. I have always enjoyed living with both. Thank you for this chance to win and all the good ideas and products you highlight.

  20. Mary Anne Fraser

    Dog person. My three boys keep things lively! Good luck!

  21. Cat for me. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Dog person all the way! Have fun at convention!

  23. A cat person for sure! Though I also love most critters just not always in my own home. LOL. Thanks Mary for a chance to win some fun products. Enjoy Convention.

  24. Cat person…have been all my life. Even though the are more picky and sneaky than dogs I love when they curl up in your lap and just be. Thanks for all your fresh and wonderful posts.

  25. Dogs 🙂 2 rescue SharPei Linus & Luci , rabbit Charleston , fish Perry , tree ( only thing she could have in a college dorm ) small zoo
    Good Luck tonight !

  26. I’m a dog person for sure. Good Luck, I know you’ll do good. Have fun!

  27. So hard to choose! Owned and loved both dogs and cats. No pets right now…just lots of grandpets to spoil. Good luck tonight, Mary!

  28. Definitely cats! Nothing more relaxing than to hang with your kitty & hear it’s purr.

  29. Paws down…I’m definitely a dog person!!
    Mary, best of luck tonight!!

  30. Dogs! Right now we have one rescue Labrador Retriever but are in the process of geting her a rescue sister. Have a great time at convention!

  31. Roberta Morin

    I’ve owned cats and dogs, but my favorite are dogs! They are easier to teach, they listen much better, and since mine are mini poodles they fit in my lap perfectly! I checked out your f/b photos….how exciting for you, Mary! Have a fun time at convention~

  32. All critters great and small have been my families motto! We’ve had everything from seahorses, hermit crabs, guinea pigs, and lab rats, to monkeys, snakes, dogs and cats! Can’t wait to see all your awards!

  33. Tamara Stewart

    BOTH! I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. They both bring me joy!

  34. Dog person, used to have a little boston terrier she was my buddy, but now right now. Good luck Mary, I’m sure you will win at the awards. Marge

  35. My kids and I have been dying to have a dog for years. My husband claims to be allergic (although he had a dog as a kid) and won’t allow it.

  36. Denise Wekwert

    Definitely a dog lover! Good Luck at convention.

  37. Hope you’re having a great time! Good luck tonight! I love both – cats & dogs!! Thanks for the opportunity to win these great prizes!!

  38. This is a hard one. But even though I have three cats and three alpacas, I am a dog person. But I only have two.
    Thanks for a chance ti win !

  39. Valari Biccum

    Good Luck, Mary, ( as if you need it) I was always a dog lover, but these 2 cats that ‘ showed uo’ at our farm are now part of the family. Thanks for this giveaway…you’re too good to us!

  40. Good luck tonight at awards. You always give such great ideas and inspiration I know you will be #1. Guess I am a dog person since I have 4 of them and only one cat.

  41. Oh my goodness, there has been a parade of all kinds of critters, big and small, living in our house since my daughters were little and now, it’s our grandchildren’s critters turn, besides dogs and cats. I can’t say I prefer one over the other, dogs are loyal and playful, cats are more independent but loving too. We love all the birds and squirrels that come to our feeders, I think I consider them to be mine, LOL!!
    Mary, I wish you the best for tonight awards, I can’t wait to see the pictures of this trip and all your awards.
    Thank you for the chance to win this awesome blog candy!!!!!

  42. Valari Biccum

    Ooops! *up

  43. Now I’m down to 3 dogs, 1 st bernard & 2 mastiffs, and 4 cats; in the past 10 years I’ve had llamas, emus, highland cows, 600 lb pet pig, mini pig, patagonia cavies, 150 pound spur thigh tortoise, 6 ft iguana, whites tree frogs, 6 ft corn snake, sugar gliders, chinchillas, bearded dragon, degus, rats, pheasants, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks and hissing cockroaches. Unfortunately my divorce caused me to rehome the majority of my animals. All my dogs and cats are rescues…

  44. Dogs, allergic to cats.

  45. Definitely a dog person, love my furbaby

  46. Most definitely a Doggie Person. Living on a farm as a child we always had animals of every kind. Big and Small. Although not a Pet Owner now, I can’t stand the thought of someone being unkind to a animal. Enjoy your trip and learn new things to share with us. Blessings

  47. Hi Mary;
    I do wish you luck, you so deserve it. You do such fabulous designs and have such a fun blog and I do love your tutorials.
    I am a dog person. I just love dogs and dogs love me :).

  48. I’m a dog person but since my daughter got simese cats (brothers) I’ve become to like them too! But dogs rule over cats! Hope you win and me too! Love all your cards!!

  49. I am more of a dog person although I love cats too! Good luck this evening! 🙂

  50. Dogs, especially Lab-Retriever mix, is my choice. However, two daughters have cats and I believe I could become a cat person if my husband wasn’t allergic to them. Good Luck tonight 🙂

  51. Angel Schneider

    I am definitely a cat person. I have two cats, Lola and Oliver.

  52. I’m a dog person, but here is my favorite take on the subject:

  53. Dog person through and through. In reality I love all animals, but we only have 2 dogs presently! Good luck tonight and I have my fingers crossed for you!! Louisa

  54. Diana Goemann

    I fit in the categories” other” and ‘all”! a veterinarian, I’ve come to appreciate the “human-animal” bond no matter which furry, feathered or scaled friend it may be.
    Best wishes at the ceremony tonight, and thank you for the chance to play with the mice while the cat’s away!

  55. Definitely a cat person! Good luck tonight!

  56. Best of luck tonight.
    Definitely a dog person…boxers and daschunds

  57. Cat person for sure and would love the opportunity to win the stamp set. Good luck at convention, Carol

  58. I have one dog, one cat and 4 birds (2 parakeets and 2 parrots). I guess that makes me a bird person! Of course, the birds rule the house. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to you!

  59. Dogs. They are good walking partners!!!

  60. Love both, but am definitely a cat lover. Have one, a black/white female with markings that resemble pants, thus her name “Fancy Pants”. She is self-reliant, loving, clean, and waiting at the door for me – her love is always there, no strings attached. I know you’ll be a winner tonight as you are daily in your Blog and on Facebook. Congratulations!

  61. Dog person all the way.

  62. I love all of God’s little, (and big) creatures but I’m definitely a dog person, we have 2. Thank you for the opportunity to win “Blog Candy” and for your never ending devotion to your Stampin-Up followers.

  63. Definitely a Dog Person … Enjoy your time at convention Good Luck

  64. I love both, but definitely more a dog person. They love life so much!

  65. I love watching cats, but I haven’t and probably never will own a cat. I’m more a dog person. We lost our beloved yellow lab last year in October, and I’m still not over it. She was such a vital part of our family. I love and miss her everyday.

  66. I am a dog person. Thank you for offering the wonderful blog candy. Have fun at convention!

  67. Woof, woof, you go mary!

  68. When I first got married I would only have cats around, until the cat decided to turn on me when I was pregnant. Now was 20 some years ago, since then I have been a dog lover.

  69. Love them both. Currently exclusively a dog person because both my beloved kitties passed. Thanks and have fun in SLC! M

  70. I’m a cat person. I had “Tiger” for six years until last fall when a fisher got him. I still miss him. We do have a chocolate lab that I love dearly but I prefer cats! Hope you’re having a wonderful time at convention!

  71. I love both cats and dogs. grew up with cats because of apartment living. Now I have a big dog lots of fun high energy!!!!

  72. Definitely cats–wishing you all the best!!

  73. Patricia preston

    I love both cats and dogs! Thanks for all of the inspiration you give!

  74. Definitely dog: my two poodles are family ! Good luck tonight.

  75. That is a hard question. I love my dog, but cats really seem to be more my style. Love having them around. Have a wonderful time at convention, and I’m excited to hear what awards you earned. Lin

  76. Priscilla Yohann

    Both. They all need love and give it back; however, a cat does it on their terms!

  77. I was raised with (big) dogs, but have a 17 lb. walk-on, ginger tabby named Ned. He is spoiled rotten and runs our home, but is such a hoot!

  78. Debbie Hughes

    I’m a dog person!!! Have fun at convention!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  79. I love dogs and cats I also like all types of reptiles they are very interesting and all have different personalities.
    Thanks for a chance to win. Good Luck at the convention

  80. I am a dog person first and then an All Critter Lover~ have a big heart for all animals. Enjoy convention

  81. I’m a dog person!!!!?

  82. Linda Stclair

    Love your site ideas. Cat

  83. Dog for me. Good Luck!

  84. Brenda heasley

    I am a dog person. Good luck tonight

  85. Greyhounds! We’ve rescued 4 retired racers and they are the most loving, gentle, quiet dogs! My newest, lays in my stamping room while I stamp my cards… She’s great company!

  86. Karen Vander Horst

    Definitely a dog person! Thanks for this chance Mary! Good luck in SLC!

  87. Since I own a greyhound, I’ll say that I am more of a dog person. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway…hope you’re having fun!

  88. Patsy Harbaugh

    Oh, I’m definitely a cat lover. No doubt about it. I’m missing my kitty.

  89. Easy question. Dog lover for sure. Thanks for the giveaway this set seems amazing! Would love to win! Enjoy convention.

  90. I don’t own a dog or a cat, but prefer dogs, especially if good watch dog.

  91. I like all living things. I figure we’re all here for a purpose and, yes, even spiders have jobs to do so unless I’m attacked – and I’ve never been so far – and have to defend myself, I say let nature go about its business. As for family members, cats and dogs are equally wonderful!

  92. Katia Krinkie

    We have 2 kitties & a dog…I love them all! So I guess I am an animal person!!! Best wishes at the awards ceremony…I know you will do great!

  93. I would have to say I am a Dog person; I have 2 dogs and love them to pieces… Good Luck to you tonight; hope you win in several categories. 🙂

  94. Dogs, all the way.

  95. Oh my gosh, I love both! I have a dog and three cats and they all bring incredible joy but my little Boston Terrier is my best little buddy so I guess I have to say dogs. Hope the cats don’t read this.

  96. I am a cat person for sure. When I was little I got bitten by a German Shepard on the face. Had to have stitches and even now I am still afraid of dogs. Cats are so independent, and much easier to take care of. Hope you have a fun time at convention. Good luck. Thanks for the chance to win the great blog candy. Work of Art has been on my list for several weeks now, and who can’t use DSP and embellishments!

  97. hi mary! i hope you are having a blast at convention! i started out life as a cat person but my husband converted me to a dog lover – we have a 14 year old lab that was our first “kid”! good luck and have fun!

  98. I’m a dog person. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  99. Priscilla Joseph

    I currently have 2 cats; but I am ready to graduate to a dog now.

  100. Patricia Owens

    Probably more a cat person. Just lost Mysti at 15 yrs 2 weeks ago. Thankfully still have my dog Ame`lie in my life. Thank you for the chance to win. Have fun at Convention.

  101. Definitely a dog person. My two companions are constantly by my side! Thanks for offering this chance to win. Bet you are having a wonderful time at convention. Looking forward to hearing your updates.

  102. I am more of a “dog” person, amazed at their dedication and loving companionship.

  103. I love all animals but my bestie beastie is the cat.

  104. I’m a dog person – love my dog Cooper!!! Thanks for the blog’s you always post gives me so much inspiration to continue stamping!!!!

  105. I love big mutts n I can not lie! We have a mastiff named Roxanne

  106. dogs I have two, chickens I have 12, cats I would have bunches my husband cant be around them 🙁 I just love animals! Good luck at convention you deserve to win!

  107. Love my doggies! Hope you are having a blast!

  108. Definitely a cat person. Currently my daughter’s two cats are at “Grammy Camp” while she moves into her new house!

  109. No critters for me. I have enough to keep me busy with work, house and my crafts.

  110. Hi Mary, enjoy the convention! I like both; and animals in general, going to the zoo, county fair, and petting zoos! Thanks for the blog candy offer!

  111. Dog person all the way, but I love all animals. Enjoy Salt Lake.

  112. I am a Dog person… I have a 7 yr old Boston Terrier.Unfortunately I have an allergy to cats.

  113. Have to say Dog person. Good luck for the awards and thanks for the chance to win.

  114. Life without dogs… way! Good luck at convention!

  115. 4 (boyfriend) dogs at our house. Love them all! If you don’t win…I’m wondering what’s up?? Good Luck, and enjoy!

  116. Dixie Gardner

    Cat person. They are more independent. Love the paper!

  117. Dog person for sure. Love your blog and daily ideas.

  118. Definitely a cat person here. Although thanks to my son we also have some “others” around here…a Mexican Milk snake and a bearded dragon!

  119. Hope Mitchell

    I’m both…have both, grew up with both. Enjoy the personalities of both. Cats are cleaner, easier to care for, dogs are more like people. Thank you for chance to win something nice.

  120. I am a dog person. Good luck !!

  121. I am a dog person. Good luck !!

  122. I am a dog person. Good luck !!

  123. While I like dogs, cats are my favorite!

  124. Sharon Gibbons

    I love dogs. We have a “hound from the pound” named Marty. He’s the best! We also have a large salt water aquarium and feed the wild birds. I love all animals. Cats too but I can’t touch them because I’m allergic which is frustrating because they are adorable and fascinating and I want to pet them!

  125. Patti Hutchinson

    I am definately a cat person, however, I can never refuse a Pug. They are adorable!!

  126. I am definitely more of a dog person, but I love anything furry!!! Thanks for the chance to win and for the daily inspiration I get each day from you!

  127. Am definitely a CAT person. Volunteer at a No Kill Humane society for cats. You don’t need luck. Your hard work will be the proof.

  128. I would have to say that I am definitely a dog person since I own 6 of them!! 🙂 I really love ALL animals though. Enjoy convention!

  129. I love both , but would have to chose doggie! Have fun at convention !

  130. I’m a dog . . .and I love the blog. candy . . . the stamp set is so versatile . . . Thanks for the chance to win it!

  131. We have always had pets as part of the family. But I am partial to dogs. Especially Golden Labs. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome stamp set.

  132. My furnephew would be very disappointed if Auntie didn’t claim to be a dog person. He is a Morkie cutie!!

  133. I’d have to say a dog person even though I’m allergic to both! What a fun giveaway!

  134. I am a cat person but love dogs also. I had to have the new Stampin Up Giggles set.

  135. Mary- I love all animals. Before the dog I have now, I had a cat for 12 years. I’ve had many hamsters throughout the years. I feel a special connection with my dog Tebow. He’s very lovable. So I guess I would have to say I’m a dog person:)

  136. We are a house divided- 2 rescue dogs “Pooh ” & “Tita” and 2 rescue cats “Sammy” and “Kitty”

  137. I wish my cat was away…. typing is extremely difficult with her sitting on my arms!!

  138. tammy fletcher

    Cats are my fave but have an adorable little dog named Cash, that I love too…our cats are named Oscar and Mayer….

  139. I’m definitely a dog person; cats are cute but I’m allergic. 🙁 Good luck at convention, Mary!

  140. Other critters: the only pet I liked was a frog. But it stops there and does not include the mouse I saw run across my floor last night!

  141. I’ve always been a cat person, but I think I’m becoming more of a dog lover. Cats are less maintenance for sure, but mine always seem to want to mark all my stuff (boys and girls!) BLECH! I can’t do a dog by myself, but when I have a second body in the house to help, I think a dog will be first up on the To Get list 🙂

  142. Karen Russell

    I am a dog person. The bigger the better. We rescued a stray from Shea Statium years ago. Had him from before his eyes were open! Had to bottle feed. He fit in the palm of my hand when we got him. Eight years later when he died his paw didn’t fit in my hand!!! Will also cherishe him. I have had labs and now rescued a boxer in February. Full of energy and love. Good luck tonight Mary.

  143. Lynda McKittrick

    I love both dogs and cats, but probably lean a little more toward.dogs, if I had to make a choice. My “grand puppy” is coming for a visit this week, so we should be in for lots of fun! Have fun at convention.

  144. 2 beautiful kitties made their into my life a year ago & the joy they have brought rivals the joy I get from paper crafting! Love the inspiration & techniques you share. Thank u!!!

  145. Definitely cat people. We have two “Inside” cats and approximately 16 to 18 “outside” cats that my husband feeds twice a day. People stop and just watch when it is feeding time. So far, four of the kittens have been adopted. We do have a dog that really belongs to our daughter. She only wanted us to keep the dog until she graduated from college. That was four years ago. The dog is still with us.

  146. I’ve never been fortunate enough to have a pet; but, I adopt other people’s dogs. I’ll even volunteer to walk the neighbors dogs.

  147. Corinne S,ith

    We are dog lovers here!
    Best wishes tonight!
    Hope you are having fun at convention!
    Corinne smith

  148. I am definitely a dog person. Thanks for the chance to win!

  149. Cat person! That stamp set is on my want list. I look forward to your email to enjoy with my morning coffee. You have great ideas

  150. As I am getting older I am now preferring cats to dogs. No explanation except cats don’t have to be walked twice a day.:)

  151. Love the give away and checking in with you through your blog everyday. Have a fun convention and thanks for the fun.

  152. I am definitely a dog person. I work in rescue and my husband never knows when he will come home to find a new member of the family.

    Good luck tonight and thanks for the chance to win.

  153. Charmaine Babineau

    I’m definitely a cat person. Love to snuggle with a cat.

  154. Dog person, love them all.

  155. Dog person and thanks for the chance to win! Good Luck!!

  156. Doggie all the way. I miss my Golden Retriever. Had her for 14 years. Thank you for this opportunity to win. I love Stampin Up.

  157. Good luck with the awards tonight, Mary! I love all animals but since my children have dogs (I call them my granddogs since there are no grandchildren yet) I will go with dogs. I do like Susan Itell’s pig…cute as a button!

  158. Allergic to cats, so dogs by default. Hope you’re having a great time and finding lots of inspiration!

  159. Tracy Garrity

    I am a dog person. I have two dogs. Love reading your blog and all the wonderful ideas. Have a blast at Convention!

  160. Neither! I love giraffes! LOL. Enjoy the conference and best of luck!

  161. I’m a cat person even though we don’t have one. Best of luck Mary at the convention. This is a great give away – thanks for the chance to win.

  162. Nancy Cornnell

    I am a dog person, love to walk them when I am not stamping! Good luck tonight with the awards!

  163. Meow, Meow, Cats are my favorite. I love the way they cuddle up to you. Thanks for the opportunity to let the world know my preference.

  164. Kelley Miranda

    Absolute dog person! We have one French Bulldog and will have another next weekend. We’re very excited! Good luck at convention!

  165. I’m glad the cat gets to play! We have grand-kitties instead of grandchildren, so we HAVE to love them most!

  166. I am not a pet person but I enjoy watching the animals at the zoo! Good luck and thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

  167. I do not own either, but I have 5 “granddogs” and I love them. Have a great time at convention!

  168. Actually, I love both. Right now I have two dogs, a mini Dachshound and an English cocker. I had four cats at one time, a Russuian Blue, Burmese, Mainecoon and a Tonkanese! At the same time we had a Rottweiler and a Leonberger. Quite a house full.

  169. I’m definitely a dog person. I have my “granddog” lying right beside me as I type. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  170. I own neither a cat nor dog, but if I was forced to have an in-home pet, I would choose a dog! But I do enjoy feeding my sister’s cat when she is out of town!

  171. I’m definitely a cat person. I have had a cat since I was in second grade. Had to give up cats when my sweet grandson became allergic to them. Good luck to you tonight.

  172. Good luck tonight Mary!
    I fall into the other critter category. The only ‘pets’ I’ve ever nurtured (?) are fish. My sister and her husband have 3 cats so I tolerate them (and all the cat hair) when I visit…that’s enough bonding for me 🙂

  173. I am a dog person we recently had to put down our dog of 21 years, and I have not replaced her, just can’t find the right one to take her place. Soon maybe, thanks for the chance to win and have a wonderful time at convention.

  174. Julie Littman

    Hi Mary, dog or cat… But my 2 big poodle girls would vote for dogs only!
    Best wishes for tonite! And have fun! Julie Littman

  175. Susan Saunders

    I have two incredible English Bulldogs whom we adore . . . and we’ve ended up with three cats. Two of them came from a feral mother — we rescued the kittens during a hurricane. And our newest little guy was running around our yard all by himsef at about 3 weeks old. I don’t think I could choose dogs over cats or vice versa. We love them all. Good luck at convention, Mary. Hope you win lots and lots of awards.

  176. Oh I am a cat person but I still love dogs!!! Good Luck Mary! I know you will bring in the awards!!

  177. I’am a dog. I’ve been married 32 yr and have had three dogs!

  178. Pam D. From Michigan

    I’m a dog person. Hope you are having a wonderful time and good luck tonight!

  179. I love both cats and dogs. Had a dog for 15 years and now have had 2 cats for 9 years. I just love animals. Good luck tonight. Thanks for a chance to win. The gifts are great.

  180.… person

  181. Nicole Wellensiek

    I have always been a dog person and with a daughter that is allergic to cats, there is no chance it will change. Enjoy your time away!

  182. Love my doggies! I must admit, kitties are pretty cute also!

    Thank you Mary!

  183. Beth Kochheiser

    Dogs drool, Cats RULE!!! Good luck to you Mary. You are an inspiration to me.

  184. Beagle-ad to see you win tonight. I use my ipawd to check your post every morning,
    I am a dog lover.

  185. I’ve always been a dog person–until we got our cat 🙂 Love your blog!

  186. I’m definately a dog person-although kittens are awfully cute. Thanks!

  187. Love both but as a house pet…definitely a dog.

  188. Dogs but currently have none so going to say my chickens!

  189. Woof woof woof! Yup, I sometimes bark at my 4# teacup poodle! Best of luck at convention Mary!!!

  190. Am a dog person! But grew up with cats. Good luck tonight!

  191. My cat acts like she’s a dog – follows me around the yard and always wants love – so maybe I’m a little of both!! Enjoy your evening and good luck!

  192. Cat person. But I grew up with a menagerie of animals on our small “farm”, and I use that word lightly, in Texas. We had everything from beef cattle, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens and a grumpy rooster. Good luck at convention!

  193. dogs, dogs, dogs!!

  194. I love them both!!! Grew up with both. I guess I pretty much love all animals. We don’t have a pet currently-but we kitty sit with our daughter-in-law’s parents cat-Prince. We spoil him so he loves to stay with us!!

  195. Definitely dogs! They are sooooo cute! thanks for the chance to win and good luck tonight!

  196. Myra Hutchins

    Definitely cat person. Independent and social at the same time.

  197. I am totally a dog person. Love my 2 furbabies 🙂

  198. Definitely dog!!! Would love to add this set to my collection!!

  199. Hi Mary-I’m more of a dog person but love all kinds of animals! Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. I have to say I am another kind. We have house rabbits, they cuddle up to us, they beg on two legs, just like a dog. So for me it would be rabbits, then of course dogs.

  201. Nancy Farrell

    I can’t wait to watch the life feed today. Good luck tonight. I am truly a dog and cat person, having both my whole life. I would laugh if my Mother said my sisters and I were fighting like “cats and dogs” as our animals never fought. Even today, I have both. I don’t care for birds or fish. xoxo 🙂

  202. Dogs! If I said anything else my granddogs would disown me! I love your blog!!!

  203. Cheryl Ondrias

    Hi Mary, Good Luck! I am a crazy cat lady for sure! We have 2.

  204. I am all dog…small dogs…good luck with bringing in the awards 🙂

  205. I am totally a cat person. I joke with my boyfriend that I am working on being a crazy cat lady. Hope you are having a great time 🙂

  206. Love both but definitely have a strange rescue cat now.

  207. I’m definitely a dog person! 🙂

  208. Elizabeth Hall

    Dogs for me. My grandog Marley and I are in love!

  209. Carrie Scaduto

    Definitely a Dog person! We want another after we had to put my pal down a few years ago, but haven’t been able to with where we are living! But one will be in our future!

  210. I love all animals but dogs are my favorite. Sadly, I am allergic to cats so I admire them from afar.

  211. Oh my goodness…both dogs and cats …and chickens ans cows and ducks and birds . lol

  212. Dog for sure. Thank you for a chance to win blog candy. Good luck………..continue having lots of fun.

  213. Definitely a dog person. Wagging a tail for you with excitement and anticipation for good news this evening. Best of luck.

  214. I’m a dog person, would love to have one but our place doesn’t allow pets 🙁
    Good luck tonight!

  215. Love the pouches!!! Also, love all your ideas and website. Good Luck at awards tonight! You deserve it.

  216. *Love*Love*Love* your blog!! And wish you the best of luck at convention. Can I say *Cat*Dog*Other* Person? I have 3 dogs & though allergic, I take care of 15 of the neighborhood’s feral cats…and at the moment, taking care of my neighbors 4 cats while they vacation! Thank goodness for my allergy drops, lol. And I have a pet turtle and sugar gliders! I love critters! Just call me Ellie May Clampett, lol. Thanks for all you do!

  217. A dog lover…. I have two of my own and two furry grand dogs! Have a great time!

  218. We have 3 furry kids. They were all rescues kitties and we love them like they were kids. Thanks for doing the contest.

  219. I have only had one pet – a cat. My siblings have dogs. Since I am now very allergic to both my hubby and I have neither. I hope I can still be entered to win Blog Candy.

  220. We have a dog named Gypsy from Poughkeepsie (Pokipsie)…..that’s where we got this English Setter.
    Have fun at Convention. I envy you all.

  221. Cats…much easier to leave home alone for longer periods of time. Thanks Mary!

  222. I’m a dog person for sure but love all animals.

  223. I like both but I keep the dogs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  224. Dog person…but we do have 3 outside cats too. 🙂 Best of luck tonight…I know you will do well!

  225. Love both cats and dogs. What would we do without our furry friends?

  226. Definitely a dog person.

  227. I’m definitely a dog person.

  228. I am a cat person.
    Have a great time at convention. I am not a demo, but the energy of convention must be awesome!

  229. Hi Mary,
    Well, only dogs count in my house. Cats make me sneeze!

  230. I’m a dog person! I love BIG dogs! Thanks for the chance to win, have fun in Salt Lake City!

  231. Dogs, allergic to cats. Thanks for chance to win.

  232. I’m a cat person! thanks for the chance to win!

  233. Lupe Rocamora

    I am a doggie person. We had a boxer for many years, until last November when he passed away.

    Have a great time at convention. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  234. I’ve never had a cat and I love my Shitzu/Yorkie mix, Willie! So, I guess that makes me a “dog” person! Thanks for your awesome card ideas, I try to look every morning! 🙂

  235. Karilyn Moeller

    I am a dog person! Good luck tonight. You deserve to win big! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.

  236. Nancy Jarecki

    Definitely a dog person. 🙂

  237. Definitly a cat person. Love their independence yet loving nature. They train you which calms my “take over” personality and shows me who really is the boss. Thanks for the chance to win.

  238. Nikki Cochran

    Oh dear!!! I would have to say both – we have a dog and two cats who for the most part get along great. I love the personality differences in the species which is why we always have both.

  239. Dogs – always! Cats are nice to visit, but I’ve always loved dogs. Good luck! And thanks for the chance to win!

  240. I really love both, but have always had a dog. Our last dog came from the Humane Society. It was a mixed beagle named Pretzel! Who doesn’t like Pretzels!

  241. Meow! I’m a cat gal! Thanks for the chance to win and good luck at convention!

  242. I love cats, especially naping while on my lap

  243. Cat person all my life until my son gave us a mini dachshund, the sweetheart of our lives! Good luck tonite!?

  244. Dog. My pooch is my loyal stampin partner.

  245. Mew, mew, meow,meow,meeoowww! Cats for me Mary. Good luck at awards nights! You deserve it!

  246. I am bi-cat/dog. I love the devotion a dog gives you, but I also am amused with cat-itudes!

  247. Definitely a dog family! We love our little Josie whom we adopted from a local shelter as a puppy. Enjoy your time away Mary and good luck!

  248. I love all pets but I would have to go with cats. I have a cat now and angie is my shadow. We are very close. Good luck tonote. I have no doubts you will be walking on that stage! Thx for the chance to win..

  249. Leslie Edrington

    I’m a dog person. We have a very petite cocker spaniel that is terribly spoiled. Have fun in SLC, wish I was there:) Good Luck!

  250. I’m a dog person. I have a goldendoodle! Thank you! Have a great time!

  251. Melanie Unser

    I’m a dog person for sure. There is little that compares to the incomparable tail-wag upon return home (except for a “Mommy’s home!” from one of my kiddos)! 🙂

  252. Tracey Parrott

    Dogs for sure! Faithful and true.

  253. Shannon Miller

    We like dogs and cats but currently only have cats since our dog passed away. The cats our daughter brought home as rescue animals! Thanks for an opportunity to win this amazing stamp set!

  254. Cats are my favorite. Such fun ideas Mary. Thanks for sharing.

  255. Melanie Evans

    I’m a dog person. I do enjoy cats and I love horses and goats. But my go to animal is a dog. I know you’ll get great news about awards. You’re an amazing demo and a sweet person!

  256. Woof….Miss Liberty(who definitely doesn’t think she is a dog) says, What’s a cat?…So have to say, even though I love both… Dogs rule this household! Good luck tonight!

  257. Cheryll Emmett

    I am a cat person. My cat loves to help me stamp! More than I want sometimes.

  258. Wow, good luck at the convention but most of all have a ball! I love your videos and all that you teach us with the fabulous Stampin’ Up products that I have become a huge fan of.

  259. Sharon J. Jones

    My little Maltese, Zoey, makes sure I’m a dog person, Mary…LOL. Best of luck!

  260. Donna Kremkau

    I am definitely a cat person. I have four beautiful and spoiled rotten cats….Travis, Stubby, Scarlet and Sassy. Love your website, too!

  261. I love all animals and have had all kinds of pets over the years: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, lizards, bunnies, mice, rats, even hatched a mantis egg once.

  262. Claudia stough

    I’m a dog person

  263. Bev Stevenson

    I am a cat person, living now with one 18 year old cat who I’ve had since she was a kitten. Great personality and loves to be loved. Mary, best of luck at the awards ceremony! Thanks for a chance to win!

  264. Julie Learned

    Dog person all the way!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  265. I am an animal lover period. I have (4) Rescue Cats and (2) Rescue Dogs. I love them all and can’t imagine life with out my four legged friends.

  266. Roberta Miller

    I love both cats and dogs, right now I have 3 dogs. Wish they would tolerate a cat or two, but it is not going to happen!
    Good luck tonight !!

  267. Joan Thompson

    I’m a dog person but my personality is more cat-like…..quiet, & an observer,

  268. A dog person but I love anything with fur or feathers. Thanks for sharing!

  269. Well I would have to vote for turtles. My son has had a turtle for quite awhile and I’ve grown fond of him.

  270. While I do like doggies, I’m much more of a cat person.

  271. I love dogs & cats! Currently I have an awesome 14 year old cat. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this fantastic blog candy!

  272. Dogs definitely win!! I’ve been a black lab lover since I was around 2 years old. They’re just the best!

  273. Even though I have a dog, it’s hard to pick because I love both.

  274. Definitely a dog person! They are loyal and fun!!
    What a fun way to host a give-away Mary!!

  275. I’ve had both but can honestly say I’m a DOG person. We have 3 right now, Milo, Mutzie and Mack.

  276. Jessica Bloom

    I’m a dog lover! Good luck tonight.

  277. Growing up I was a total cat person but in my adult years I am a total dog person. Not sure how that happened but I love my dogs to pieces and am quite content petting my sister’s cat and then returning home to my dogs:)

  278. Good luck tonight! Dog lover here and SU lover too.

  279. Thanks Mary, for the chance at blog candy. I am a dog lover 100%! The unconditional love they give is awesome!

  280. Dogs are my favorite but our cats are lovable too! We have kept count and the cats have caught 11 moles this year! We have 2 dogs….Sadie a shitzu and Callie our border collie ( smarter than we are!). I got a chance to use the new blendabilities last week at our demonstrators home (Nancy Littrell) and absolutely LOVE them! Can’t wait to get my blendies! Thank you for all your blogs, give always and info about everything! Love stamp in’ up! Jiliebean

  281. Not really an animal person, but it would have to be dogs as my children and grandchildren have dogs and I am around them quite a bit.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.

  282. Kristine Vencel

    Nothing against kitties, but we have always had dogs. Someday, maybe a kitty to keep me company. So sweet of you to keep us in your thoughts while at convention! Thank you, Mary!

  283. I have one of each. I love them both. They merely tolerate each other! The dog is slowly winning the cat over – it has taken 2 years!

  284. Donna Polakowski

    I’m a Big Time animal lover,but Dogs do come first in my life.Hope you are enjoying your vacation and Thanks for the chance to win a Great prize!

  285. Karen Collins

    Totally a dog person! Good luck tonight! Always inspired by your posts!

  286. Definitely a cat person. Would love to win!

  287. I am most definitely a dog person, I’ve got four! That being said, I really love all animals!

  288. Hi Mary!
    Sadie, our rescued beagle is unlike any animal I’ve ever been around. Because of her, I’m a “dog” person til the end 🙂
    Best of luck to you while at convention…I’m sure you’ll steal the show. It’s such a treat to share your journey with you.
    The blog candy you’re offering looks amazing…hope I’m the lucky winner.

  289. Hoping not to disappoint, but my favorite animal falls in the “other” category. I have had horses most of my life. I owe so many hours of pleasure to being in their company.

  290. I have had both dog and cat and now just the cat. In my heart I am a dog person but the cat is so easy to take care of… and he is a very cuddly cat! Good Luck to your team tonight!

  291. I’m a cat lover and like to say that all my kids have had 4 legs and meow. Good luck at the awards presentation this evening!

  292. Tiffinnie Reed

    Cats for sure, I love my kitties! Thanks for the chance to win the goodies! 🙂

  293. Dorothy Toney

    Definitely a dog person! Thanks for all your inspirations!

  294. Kellie Neslund

    I am a dog lover. We have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Charlotte and she has so much personality. I just love her! Thanks for the chance to win such good “stuff”. 🙂

  295. I am the crazy cat lady! I love kitties. Good Luck tonight and thanks for all your beautiful ideas!

  296. Maria Guimaraes

    Definitely a dog person! I am getting a dog for MY VERY OWN later this summer. I am so looking forward to it! I have to do more research but I am hoping to find a shiba inu pup! I hope you are loving Convention. I haven’t attended in years! But everything looks so fun and exciting you have motivated me to attend next year!

  297. Cat person – love sharing my life with 3 rescued kitties. Thanks for the chance to win!

  298. Glenda Lehrmann

    I am a dog and cat person. Good luck At the awards Mary.

  299. Susan Loeffler

    Good luck tonight. Hmm…..I love dogs & cats but only have a dog right now. Have fun at convention.

  300. I have had cats and dogs. I like them both!

  301. Jessica Monson

    Im a what ever animal needs me, kind of person. Cat, dog, rabbit, anything that may need a home.

  302. I’m a cat person!

  303. Candy Gardner

    I wish you all the best at convention! I am a cat person. Was a dog person for a long time, but after we started traveling more often, it was easy to switch to cats, and now I would not go back to dogs – they take too much care in comparison to cats. I also have had cows, horses, and birds. Love all the animals God has created, but I love people the most : ) Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

  304. I am a dog person. And just now taking care of my sweet girl who had stitches in her paw. I love this set and would so much love to win.

  305. Cynthia Berquist

    Enjoy convention! I love dogs. Good Luck!

  306. Hi Mary, We have had both, but don’t have any now. Getting older now,
    can’t take care of them like they should be taken care of. Good luck.
    Keep sharing. Mary Ann

  307. Cats for sure. I love this set. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Whooo Hooo

  308. I;m definitely a “dog person” although I do not have any of my own, I “dog sit” three other dogs in the neighborhood. Thanks for a chance to win! Have fun and good luck at convention.

  309. I am in the other critter camp. I love watching the eagles that fly outside our front windows in the winter. Wishing you luck at the conference!

  310. Margaret Wheeler

    Neither!!! Love the “critters” that wander the woods!!

  311. Yvonne in California

    Unfortunately, diagnosed allergy to those cute cuddly cats, so dog lover it is. Have had 5 dogs since married 37 years ago, and they were all great pals. Best wishes for the convention, know you will do well and certainly deserve any and all rewards yourself!

  312. Lori Schwindt

    I have to say we had all kinds of pets growing up, but nowadays I prefer to have a dog.

  313. Dogs all the way. The hubs tends to be allergic with cats. Enjoy the convention. Love hearing about your fun times while you are there!

  314. Iam a dog person.Love dog they are so cute.

  315. I love all animals! But I favor cats! Wish we were with you for tonight’s awards! Sending good vibes your way!

  316. I love all animals! But I favor cats! Wish we were with you for tonight’s awards! Sending good vibes your way!

  317. I grew up with a tiger cat, “Bootsie”, but had 2 black labs while raising our family. The dogs were amazing pets for our kids!

  318. Phyllis Freese

    I’m definitely a dog person. Thanks for offering blog candy while you’re away.

  319. Definitely a doggie person – Maltese to be exact! Have fun at Convention and good luck tonight!

  320. Well, I have had/have dogs, love cats, and would probably let a burro in the house if I could be sure I could house train him. Thanks for the chance to win, Mary. Hope you’re having a great time!

  321. Dogs all the way! We have four running around our yard. 🙂

  322. A dog lover! Good luck and thNk you!

  323. I’m a dog person who loves them so much I help with a dog rescue in my spare time! Good luck tonight Mary!

  324. Oops! Thank you:)

  325. Amy Richardson

    Definitely a dog person, and better yet…..a resuce dog person. I will go out of my way to find and adopt a schnauzer especially. They are just the most precious babies! BUT…….at the warehouse where I work, we have a “colony” of cats, all of which (but one) have been fixed so they don’t make more. One has adopted us and moved inside – the others keep the vermin away from the grounds. ANYWAY…have a wonderful time at Convention!

  326. thought I’d be the first to say other. No time for cat or dag and am quite happy with a teddy bear hamster. Thanks for sharing and best wishes in the awards.

  327. We have had both over the years but I think I lean a little more towards CATS!!
    We have had 3 in our lives & each have had totally different personalities. They are such characters. Enjoy the convention & good luck tonight.

  328. I like dogs but I am definitely a CAT person as I have five rescue ones. I hope you are having a wonderful time at Convention. I hope to go someday. Thanks for the chance to win Blog Candy.

  329. I used to always say cat, then a pug came along and changed my mind! Have a great night!!

  330. I am a dog person. Have fun at convention. How do you ever see anything with all those people there?

  331. Love dogs and only dogs – our best furry friends!

  332. Dogs! Please rescue and foster!

  333. Lived all my childhood with cats, but married a dog person and was converted. Have a 14 year old Shih Tzu mix now, my third dog. I get my kitty fix when visiting my two daughters.

  334. Jessica lewis

    Consider me a dog person. I’ve had many in my lifetime!

  335. I am cat person who much like a cat doesn’t have much use for dogs. I’ve happily converted hubby too and now we have 5 furry kitty children.

  336. Love your blog! I prefer the fuzzy stuffed type animals that don’t pee, poop or shed!

  337. I am a dog person, however, always had a cat when I was young! But now my heart belongs to our dog, Oscar!Love this stamp set and the chance to win! Thank you so much! Good luck tonight…you’re a winner in my book!

  338. Sandy Cordill

    I have a friend who is a dog rescurer, and I have a friend who is a cat rescurer! Amazing! I praise them all the time for the work they do. I love my two dogs, but I would have to say I have a warm spot in my heart for ALL animals.

  339. Puppy Dog Kisses for me!
    Good luck, Mary. I hope you win it ALL!!!

  340. I am definitely dog! I want to make people happy and am very protective of everyone I care about.

  341. Kathleen Amstutz

    I’m probably an ‘other’ person as I had many different critters in the house while raising my children. If I had to choose between cat or dog, though, the dog wins!

  342. Denise Heredia

    I’m a dog person! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  343. Good luck Mary! I quess if would have to say a cat person. When I was a little girl I told my mom that when I grew up I was going to have 35 cats in my house. Well I now live on a farm and all my cats are in the barn.

  344. I wish you the best at the SU awards ceremony! I am more like a cat. I am sweet, loving and independent. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas.

  345. Beverly Ann Sparks

    I love them both. Growing up I always had both. Sometimes more cats because strays seem to migrate to my house. Hope you are enjoying the Convention.

  346. Stephanie Boyer

    Dogs are my favorite. I grew up with Ace who waited for us every day on the hill for the school bus to bring us home, and there was Blackie, Copper and Aslan who gave much joy and companionship to my son as he was going up.

  347. Dogs and cats!!! Love them both – would love to win. Thanks!!!

  348. Love dogs, although I will admit to owning a wonderful (dog-like) cat once! Anxious to hear all about the convention.

  349. Good luck to you tonight. Bring home the gold!

  350. Love dogs!! Hope you’re having a great time at convention!! I know you’re busy there, but if you have time, please post a photo of you and Shelly!!!! YAY!
    Thank you for offering this giveaway!!

  351. Cats!

  352. A Dog! I love bassett hounds

  353. Dog ONLY! Cats make me sneeze – achoooo! Good luck!

  354. Dogs rule at our house! Suzy is our 6 year old beagle and she’s a sweetie! Good luck tonight!

  355. I prefer a dog. Thanks!

  356. Clever idea….
    while the cat’s way…
    yes, we mice are wishing we could be at the convention too! Thanks for thinking of your loyal followers! Work of Art looks like a great stamp and everyone can use DSP and embellishments!

  357. Cat rule. Dogs drool. (some literally! – giggle giggle)

  358. If anything, it would be dog. Cats are cute but make me sneeze! bummer!
    Looking forward to seeing the wonderful projects you’ll make with the new Holiday Catalog items.

  359. Dogs for me. Would love to win this set! Thanks, Mary! Hope you win some awesome awards.

  360. Good Luck at the Awards Banquet tonight!!! I hope you are justly rewarded for the creative inspiration you are to SO many!!!

    We have both, but I would have to say I’m more of a dog person.

  361. I love them both!! I am a animal lover, and love my fur babies!! Hope you are having an amazing time at convention, and can not wait to hear all about it. Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  362. Best of luck tonight Mary
    I am a dog lover I have 3 dogs they are my children love em to death. Could not live without them
    Thanks for offering blog candy!

  363. Mary L Schreiber

    I am a dog person, love German Shepherds. I have to say I also love cats. They are best rodent control on a farm. Have a great time at your convention.

  364. Definitely a CAT person! Our kids have four legs! 😉 Thanks Mary!

  365. I am allergic to dogs and cats so for me it would be other critters: fish

  366. I am both – but I have cats. I want a dog and so my husband says if we move to California I can get any dog I want. So recently not in the plan we adopted two cats that were brothers and needed a home – so with 3 cats I think I will just have to go around loving other peoples dogs. When people are looking for homes for dogs I always tell them put them in my yard – hey if one ends up in our yard then its fate Right??? Good luck !!!!!!!

  367. Kathy (cards_by_kp)

    Definitely a dog person! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy. Good luck and have lots of fun at convention!

  368. Definitely a dog person. They just give unconditional love and are always happy just to be with you.

  369. Linda Schilling

    I’m a dog person.

  370. Donna Kopenski

    I’m definitely a dog person. I have always had at least one dog in my life since I was a child. We now have an aging but adorable white toy poodle. Good luck tonight, Mary. You really don’t need luck…you’ve EARNED all the awards they can give!

  371. Dogs it is… Thanks for letting me play along!! Good Luck!!

  372. I grew up with a dog so I will always be a dog person. I do love to cuddle with a kitty so haven’t taken them off my like list. Hope you are having a great time, and have my fingers crossed for you.

  373. I love my dogs… Thank you for your inspirations!

  374. Bonnie Russell

    I love both cats & Dogs! Thanks for entering me in your contest. I love all things Stampin Up too.

  375. Tough call on that one, I love both!

  376. Hard to say. I like both for different reasons. But if I had to pick just one I’d probably go with a cat.

  377. good luck to you and the other pals at awards night! a feral kitten adopted me so i guess that makes me a cat person. thanks for the chance to win.

  378. Dog person who ended up with 3 cats.

  379. I am a dog person, but my cat (pumpkin) is a stampin-up feline, she likes my craft room a lot, the most I see of her is when I am working in there, and she likes to sit on top of my hands while I am trying to work.

  380. I’m a dog person. I like cats – but am allergic to most of them 🙁
    Enjoy celebrating YOU this evening!

  381. I was a cat person until 3 years ago when Bennett (my dear maltipoo) and I rescued each other. He makes my laugh every day!

  382. Michelle Arthur

    I would have to say I am more of a dog person. Although my dog sometimes makes me wish I was more of a cat person… She is quite the barker… Thanks for the chance to win & hope you win many awards, too.

  383. I like both, and have owned both. But dogs are my favorite. More cuddly.

  384. You can put me in the dog column but many a cat and critter have stolen my heart. Good luck!

  385. I’ve been wanting this set. So fun. Thanks

  386. Gosh, I love both cats and dogs, but right now I have 4 cats, so I better say a Cat Person. Both of my old age dogs has passed away, and just can’t bring myself to get another dog. Thank you for a chance to win your fabulous blog candy.

  387. I’m a dog kind of person.

  388. Most definitely a dog lover!! Also love the stamp set but haven’t gotten it yet – hope I win 🙂

  389. Growing up we had all kinds of animals from fish, squirrels, mice, birds, cats, & dogs, but I prefer the dogs.

  390. Love dogs for their affection and loyalty. Love cats for their independence and curiosity!

  391. I’m a dog person. I have the sweetest, most adorable dog I could ever ask for! 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  392. I’m a CAT person! Ican take a teeny tiny dog though!

  393. I love animals in general and have had both cats and dogs however my favorite would be DOGS! They are loyal and never discrimate no matter what. XO

  394. I love animals in general and have had both cats and dogs however my favorite would be DOGS! They are loyal and never discrimate no matter what. XO

  395. I love animals in general and have had both cats and dogs however my favorite would be DOGS! They are loyal and never discrimate no matter what. XO

  396. Dog person all the way. Though, I’ve never had a cat, and I like the idea of not having to take them outside to potty!

  397. Love both – but sadly, am allergic to cats. Usually had 2 dogs at a time (one small, one large). Kids are gone now, though, so I’m hoping for a small dog.

  398. I’m a reformed cat person. Now all about the doggies!!

  399. Johnnie Sexton

    Definitely Dog! Cats are okay and can be cuddly but dogs are my fav! Mary Thanks for all you do for us in Blog World. Wishing you the best at convention and hope you have a wonderful time. Thanks to you and and your Pretty Paper Pals Community for all you share! Hugs to all!

  400. Hard to choose. I love both cats and dogs. But I guess I will choose dogs.. I have two. I had 2 very young kittensshow up in my yard last week. Fed them best I could until Humane Society opened on Tues. I cried when I left them, but they need a momma cat to feed them.
    Thanks for all your inspiration. I was referred to your sight by my upline before I was a demonstrator. Love it.

  401. Connie Lambropoulos

    I love all animals but own two cats! Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy!

  402. Peggy Mullenaux

    Dog person. Always been and will stay. Hubby is allergic to cats. Wish I was in SLC too. 🙂

  403. I have both so I can’t pick one or the other. Thanks for the chance for blog candy. Have a good time @ convention!

  404. Between dogs and cats, I’m definitely a cat person. However, bunnies and guinea pigs are pretty awesome too. – Enjoy your time at convention, I’m sad I can’t be there with you.

  405. Nothing against cats, but I a dog person. I LOVE them!!! Hoping you’re having fun at convention!

  406. Cats! Then all animals as long as they stay outside the house. 🙂

  407. I am a dog person

  408. I love dogs but I like kitties too. Dogs are full of personality and loyal and loving. Cats own their owners with their independent nature. Have a great time and Good luck.

  409. Karen Patterson

    I’m a dog person! I have a sweet cocker spaniel we ensured from the shelter when she was one year old. She is now (unbelievably) sixteen!!! She has slowed quite a bit- but our vet says she has a good year or two left. I’m getting older myself…ahem…so we pal around together, more slowly!!!!

  410. Love both! I have 2 cats and a dog. Have fun!

  411. Definitely Dogs. Cats are just dog toys!

  412. I’m a dog person but kittens are so cute. Have fun at convention.

  413. Both! 4 cats and 2 Labs! ( Also chickens and bees!)

    I love animals in general!

  414. I would love to be a dog person…my husband says no. We had a cat once. Good luck with winning an award or two. Great to be recognized for your hard work!

  415. Hi Mary, Good luck at the awards ceremony. I am both a cat and dog person. I love following you on your blog and on FB. You are a fabulous designer and instructor.

  416. I am totally a DOG person, not a cat person. Not that I don’t like Cats but they were never a part of our family growing up. Hugs.
    Thanks for a chance to win some yummy blog candy.

  417. I not only Love, Love, Love dogs, I dog sit for 3 incredible canines. Know you are having a ball this week and thanks for thinking of us poor soles stuck in the Phoenix heat.

  418. DOG! I am highly allergic to cats, but I spoil the heck out of my chocolate lab. He’s my baby. 🙂

  419. I am definitely a dog person..own my 3rd Dalmatian! Love her .. she is so sweet.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  420. I like little dogs that can sit on your lap. Cats are nice but I sneeze when I spend to much time with them. So dogs it is. Have a great time at convention and keep us posted. Would love to win as that stamp set I really like. Also the paper looks nice too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  421. Connie McManus

    I love it when dogs make people happy! When I saw patient faces light up in the nursing home, where my dad was a patient, I had a new appreciation for the feelings dogs bring out in people. For a while people forgot their problems and put on a smile.

  422. Connie McManus

    I love it when dogs make people happy! When I saw patient faces light up in the nursing home, where my dad was a patient, I had a new appreciation for the feelings dogs bring out in people. For a while people forgot their problems and put on a smile.

  423. I am totally a “cat” person. If I could teach a dog to use the litter box, I would have one of those also!

  424. Love your site! Have fun and thanks for the chance to win! Dog person all the way.

  425. I don’t have either but have 2 Pug Grand-dogs. Good Luck tonight !

  426. Love your cards! Have fun at convention!

  427. I love my cats and no doubt have their personality! I sincerely hope you enjoy your time in “our” city. I am sure you have been here before and have walked through the beautiful temple grounds. I am not LDS but was so impressed with SL when I first moved here (more than 20 years ago) that I decided to stay. We have lots of cultural things to do, shopping is great, sporting things are abundant (both to do and watch), the weather gives us all 4 seasons. What else could a person want ….. Well, Stampin-Up! It’s headquarters are here also. Hope all the team enjoys SLC and your CONVENTION. Will be glad to see all the new products and creative ways to use them.

  428. Joette McCawley

    Def a dog person!! And I love Blog Candy!!!! Wish I were in Utah!! Maybe next year!

  429. Definitely a dog person! In fact, I just adopted an adorable 18 mo. old toy poodle from a local rescue. She is so cute. I also have an older miniature poodle. Love those dogs . . . Enjoy the convention!

  430. We have had dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, and fish as pets at our house. I loved the fish, something about that water and fish moving around is so peaceful. When I felt stressed, I would listen to music and watch the fish. Try it … it is cheaper than going to a physichiatrist. LOL
    I love your 1 minutes video tips, thanks for helping all us “scrappers” out. Good Luck.

  431. Dogs and birds. Enjoy Convention and good luck!

  432. As I was growing up I always had a cat….when I got married I always had a cat and a dog. Now I have two dogs and I sure enjoy their companionship. They are truly loyal and are my best friends.

  433. Have always been a dog person. This kitty and mouse are super cute.

    marg0006 at Verizon dot net

  434. I’m a “Mom” of 2 cats and 2 dogs and a Mom never has favorites…. 🙂
    Thanks for a chance to wind… 🙂

  435. I am a huge animal lover. My favorite is dogs because I love their sweet personality.

  436. While I love my kitties, I am a DOG person through and through. Good luck at the awards tonight! Love your blog.

  437. Carol Carriveau

    Definitely cats…and sadly we had to have our 15 yr old cat put down a week ago today….getting easier day by day but we all still miss and look for him! Know you are having a fabulous time at Convention…hated to miss it this year but will go again! Thanks for offering this wonderful Blog Candy Mary!

  438. A dog person for sure, but I love all critters! Thank you for all you do! If I show up twice, I am sorry. I was having trouble with my phone!

  439. Patricia Swagler

    I am both a cat and a dog person as I have had both most of my life. Our cat passed away several years ago at age 18 and we have a Shih Tzu who will be 14 in September-he has problems with his skin, eyes and ears poor guy. Thank you for the chance to win.

  440. Christine Quintanar

    I’m a cat person for sure. We currently have a cat and two dogs and love them all but the maintenance of the cat seems a lot easier 🙂

  441. Definitely dog!!

  442. I am a dog person …….I have two small babies LOL. Hope your having fun at convention 🙂 Safe travels.

  443. I am a dog person also! Good luck tonite and have fun at convention! Thanks for the chance to win!

  444. I’m definitely a dog person. I love to snuggle with my dogs and they are always up for fun and games. Hope you have a great time at Convention, Mary!

  445. Wow Mary – how much fun to be with so many of your Stamping Pretty Pals Community members. I always enjoy hearing about Convention.

    I am a dog person – with 2 black labs that think they are “lap dogs”

    I hope you receive an award for all your hard work.

  446. Definitely cats for me; we’ve owned 4 in the course of our married life,
    and I had them before that. Each one has its own idiosyncrasies and personality
    and each one is adorable! I would love to win any of these prizes!

  447. I love both for many reasons! But in the end, I think the dog wins for me. They are so funny.
    Loving that I found your blog! I get excited every time I get the notice that there is a new post. Thanks for all the fun inspiration and the fabulous videos!

  448. Dorothy Jewell

    I am a dog person.

  449. Danielle Dietz

    Birds! I absolutely love waking to the sweet sounds of birds singing.

  450. We are cat people but we half our our family also loves dogs.

  451. Bridget Trefethen

    I used to have cats, dogs, goldfish, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, and mice. Now I don’t have any pets at all! Way too many spiders in corners in my house, though. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!

  452. I’m definitely a cat person! Our cat, Bo, is 3 years old and loves to get in trouble!
    Wishing all the best to you Mary!

  453. A cat person. I live with a very spoiled girl who runs the house. I guess when the kids move out the cat takes over! Thanks for the chance for blog candy!

  454. As the saying goes, “Cats rule, dogs drool!” Count me in as a cat person! Wishing you the best at the awards ceremony! Remember, you’re a winner no matter what anyone else says! (but I know you’ll be recognized for something!)

  455. Dog definitely!!! I wish I was in Salt Lake City with SU

  456. Delilah Brooks

    That’s a hard question to give an answer to. We have a farm in lower Alabama, and we have had everything from peacocks, guineas (not pretty animals but good watch “dogs”), rabbits, pheasants, turkeys, to horses, and a long-horn steer. We are down to 16 horses(two are miniature), 1 long-horn steer, 13 goats, 9 cats, and 1 dog (we did have five but old age took them from us last year). We rescue whatever needs saving and lots of love, especially horses. My husband and I are 65 and 63 and retired and love where we are and what God has asked us to do with our time. Our grown children loved it, still do, and so does the granddaughter. I love and marvel at your works of art each day. Enjoy the convention and good luck tonight!!!!

  457. Mary, since I am allergic to both cats and dogs I would have to say I love birds, especially Finches. I expect to hear that you won an award tonight at the SU
    convention; what a great demonstrator you are. I love your 1 minute Wows

  458. Love my dog and two small parrots. The parrots sing the good morning song when I walk in their room and the dog is wagging his tail. What a great greeting when I first get up. Can’t wait to see what you share with us after the convention.

    Phyllis G

  459. I’m a cat person. Tho I do like other people’s dogs!?
    Enjoy convention GOOD LUCK-you’re already a winner

  460. I’ll the sleek, smart and most beautiful kitty cat.
    With graceful moves and fast moves, we can make a mess and get the dog blamed!!

  461. Tammy Jo Tanner

    Well I would say at one time I was a dog person (I do love dogs) but I own a cat because I am getting to tired to be able to take care of a dog. I even like like more of a cat now that I am getting older. I just love to lay around the house (when all the work is done) and know one is home. Thank you for a chance to win the blog candy and I hope you have a safe and fun trip in Salt Lake. Blessings

  462. Good Luck this evening. I think both cats and dogs can be man’s best friend, they each have different qualities that make people happy.

  463. DOGS, DOGS, DOGS!!! I’ve met very few dogs that I haven’t liked in my lifetime. Have fun at convention.

  464. Can’t wait to see pictures! Cats all they way! My Bootzy and Callie say hi!

  465. Thanks for a chance to win! I am more of a dog person. Looks like you all are having a great time at convention!

  466. Definitely more of a dog lover! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy! Hope you are enjoying convention!

  467. Always was and will be a dog person but now only have two wonderful cats which is so much easier to leave on short trips.

  468. I am a dog person, although I love to watch cats from a distance, they are so curious.
    Good Luck tonight!!! You are so amazing and talented and inspiring and creative and …
    Have Fun !!! Thanks for the fun post..

  469. Barbara Frock

    Dogs only! We are on our fourth female poodle—two of them rescues.

  470. Cats,cats and more cats – they are who I just love to bits! I only have two though, limits are also necessary in our house. Thanks SO MUCH for this lovely opportunity to win these cool items Mary!!! Best wishes and good luck tonight.


  471. Ruffffffff

  472. Dog all the way. My Yoda-Baby is the best!
    Hope you’re having fun in SLC visiting and learning new techniques.
    Have fun!

  473. I think I am both. I love the grace and beauty that a cat has, but sometimes their independence makes me just want to cuddle with a cute little puppy and feel all warm and fuzzy.

  474. Have always been a cat person. We had 3at one time, now just one purrfect cat!

  475. Marilyn Gauvin

    I was for many years a cat person, there was Ichabodd, spelled with 2 d’s, Rhubarb, and Stewart. Now at almost seventy my heart has been won over by a sweet little Yorkie, my grand dog, Preston. He gets birthday and get-well cards, also Christmas.
    A Work of Art is on my wish list and could not believe it when I learned the polka dots had been retired. Wishing you the best…

  476. Dogs, dogs, dogs…love them…. Good luck, you do beautiful work!

  477. I am a dog person. Hope you are having a good time at the convention.

  478. Dogs for sure!

  479. I have both cats and dogs. We are fostering a momma cat with 6 kittens because our humane shelter is over filled and it is a no kill shelter. So would anyone like a kitten ? LOL, Mary good luck tonight , may all your dreams come true !!

  480. Hi Mary, good luck tonight! I am totally a DOG person. I have two little girls that are the best thing ever! Both are little Lhasa Apsos named Sasha and Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Yes, that’s her full name! We just use Buffy though!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  481. Definately a dog person. Please enjoy your convention and bring back more ideas to share

  482. Definitely a dog person!!! Cats make me sneeze;). Thanks for the possible goodies! Happy convention!!

  483. I like dogs, but have had many rabbits over the years. They are so sweet and loveable. Good luck at Awards Night.

  484. Desiree Lewis

    Dogs for me. I love cats but found out I’m allergic to them. I also cannot handle long haired dogs without itching all over!

  485. Definitely a cat person, lost our beloved 20 yr old cat in February, still miss him. Best of luck and thank you for the opportunity

  486. I love all animals but I am definitely a dog person. I would have a whole pack if time, space and money allowed.

  487. I love both as I have both!! One doggie and two cats.

  488. I LOVE both!!! Three dogs and two cats at one time! Each have special qualities they can bring to your life. Life is seems incomplete without a furry loved one your can talk to anything about! The licking away of tears is the best! I want to wish you a wonderful nite! I won’t wish you luck….you do not need it! Amazing paper crafter you are Mary!

  489. I’m a dog person. I had my Shih Tzu for 12 years and I will never forget her loyalty and sweetness. Good luck at the awards and have a blast!

  490. Good luck, Mary! I’m a cat person all the way, but love doggies, too. Cats are easier to take care of and so entertaining, even when they’re not trying!

  491. Dogs, for sure, especially miniature schnauzers. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  492. I am definitely a dog person. I am allergic to cats but don’t care for them much anyway. Sorry.

  493. Karen Eisenga

    I would be considered an “other critter” person, but not sure which one!! Have a great weekend.

  494. Blanca Gonzalez

    I’m actually a cat because I like everything Purrrrrrfect. Love your work Mary.

  495. Lol that’s a tough question for me as I have a cat and horse and have had a dog! I think if it has four legs I am a fan!! Love all the ideas!

  496. Dog lover. Our family black male poodle passed away the day of my mother’s funeral. Never fear, we got a girl terrier dog Christmas Eve and she is totally different. Loves playing and causing mischief, just turned 1.

  497. Dog lover, owner. My pug, Simon, is a member of the family.
    Love your posts. Thanks for the chance for some freebies.

  498. Cat person for sure – love cats!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  499. I like dogs & cats- but my grandchildren are allergic to cats, 🙁 so can’t have.. We’ve (unfortunately) been petless for a year & 1/2, but are awaiting 2 puppies to be able to leave for their new home (ours) in a few weeks.. Hope you have an awesome time in SLC.. 🙂

  500. Dogs, of course, big and fluffy 🙂

  501. Sheila Klimas

    I am truly a cat person…a curl up on the sofa kid of girl. Cats are a bit calmer…and so independent.
    Thanks for the drawing opportunity.

  502. Dogs, hands down!! Thanks for a chance to win.

  503. Tanja Fussell

    I’m definitely a dog person, mostly because our cat is mean to us. We volunteer for the SPCA adopting out kitties to get our fill of sweet kitties!!

  504. More of a dog person. Man’s best friend or in my case woman’s best friend. Hope you are enjoying convention!

  505. Man, what choices I have. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats- currently all over the age of 10. I love all our furbabies, but if I HAVE to choose only one, I would have to go with dog. Hopefully you are having a good time and I am sure you are getting tons of great ideas to inspire you even more. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!!

  506. I love both cats and dogs. Have had cats for years now we have a puppy!!

  507. Sharron Simmons

    Hi Mary,

    Best wishes tonight, I know you will wow everyone. I have had both dogs and cats, LOVE all animals. Our precious last pet, a cat named Shadow, was 21 and recently went to “cat heaven”, we really miss her.

    Thanks for the chance to win a wonderful stamp set and DSP!

    Sharron Simmons

  508. Rhonda Zamora

    We have a border coliie mix and we really love her. We haD 2 cats and we loved them, just as much. I guess I like both!

  509. Dog Person for sure! Good Luck tonight. You should win top honors because you always treat all of us with respect and kindness.

  510. I am a Dog Lover! German Shepherds are my babies! I wants a big dumb dog and this is what hubby (a retired policeman) bought me from the shelter!. We have had two. I am dogless now, but when I get better….I am gonna get me another fur baby Shepherd!

  511. defeinitely a dog person..thanks for the chance to win.

  512. Debbie Wicklund

    Definitely dog. They are completely loyal like me.

  513. Micheline Lueken

    I am primarily a dog person, but I do love animals of all sorts. Thanks for this opportunity to win Work of Art (one of my favorites). Keep my fingers crossed for you tonight.

  514. Cat person only, we had our last cat for 19 years. Tiger was a part of our family, still miss him. He had a great personality. Good Luck Mary, Enjoy!

  515. Rosanne Mulhern

    I am definitely a dog girl….I have a 15 year old daschund who is still going strong! Would like to have a cat but am very allergic. Have a wonderful time at convention. I am enjoying your FB updates.

  516. Both and then some…Cats, dogs and pygmy goats! I love to spoil them and it seems they spoil me right back with love!

  517. I am a dog person. We never had very good luck with kitties so now devote my time to just doggies.

  518. Vivian Abbott

    Definitely a. DOG person. Good luck at the awards ceremony!

  519. Mostly a Cat Person! But, I also love dogs!

  520. I love all critters, but absolutely a Dog Lover !! Best of luck at the awards show tonight :0)

  521. Chick Alizadeh

    I love animals of all varieties, have had dogs, cats, chicks and bunnies all as house pets during different times of my life. Horses too,( but outside)…pretty good for not ever living on a farm.. But now it would have to be a cat, as I’m too busy at work to give a dog the care that he would need. So for me I love them all, but it would depend on where I was in my life as to which I could care for.Love love love your Blog, and thank you for all of your kindness and talents!!!!

  522. I’m definitely a dog person. Good luck Mary!

  523. Karen Wallace

    Dog, my husband is very allergic to cats
    Hope you have a great time at the convention!!

  524. I love dogs, but have a soft spot for cats, especially cuddly ones…. Wishing you a fun convention! Looking forward to your posts on all the things you’ve learnt there…

  525. Kathy DeVries

    Dogs Only.

  526. I’m a cat person….we have two! 😀

  527. I had a beautiful black cat in the past. Miss him. I am more like a cat. quiet, gentle and I love to play with paper!!!
    Enjoy Convention!

  528. Dear Mary, I am a real lover of dogs. I have my second English Bull dog. She is the queen of the house.
    She has us very well trained. Rosie has pillows on the first floor and the second floor of our house.
    Rosie is so loved by all of us. I think she adopted us. Mary good luck tonight. I know you will be a true winner in many
    categories. You are a real blessing to all of us. Your talent is so wonderful.
    Please have fun and bring us lots of great ideas. Ellen Hinds

  529. Colleen K Teichman

    Dogs are man’s best friend…yep! And yesterday, our faithful friend died after 15 years with us. Feelin’ pretty sad right now.

  530. I’m more a cat person but have had both as pets. Good luck at the awards and enjoy the convention.

  531. Dogs! Love them!

  532. Dogs! Love them!

  533. Oh, cat–definitely cat!

  534. I would say I’m a cat person! We’ve had Siamese and tabby cats in the past. Now we’re thinking of adding a small dog when we retire and have more time. We can’t wait to add a new companion to our household! Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy and for all of your inspiration every day!

  535. Cats are the best! Good luck tonight Mary, you are so talented.

  536. I love so many kinds of animals, but, when it comes to domesticated critters, dogs are for me.

  537. Good luck hope you get so many awards you have to rent a uhaul to take them home!!!! I’m a dog person although do not have one t this time. Cats are too fical for me

  538. I am a life long cat lover! Happy Convention!! I wish I were there with you.

  539. More of a dog person but we currently have 2 rescued cats.

  540. I could go either way with a dog OR a cat. However, since I fostered over 1,900 newborn kittens from birth to 8 weeks during a 10 year period, I have to say I’m leaning a little bit toward cats. Good luck to you!!

  541. Have had more dogs than I would say Dog Person. We are now “owned” by a 200 lb Anatolian/Great Pyrenees sweet girl who does what she wants, when she wants! LOL
    Good luck at the Convention, and as always thanks for the generosity of your time, talent and great blog candy!

  542. Good luck at awards night. I am a dog person. And it is hard to mix up dog and cat lovers. Did you ever see the movie “War of the Roses” ?

  543. I’m a cat person who owns a very large German short haired pointer–trying to become a dog person!!

  544. Kathy Van Sickle

    not a fan of cats or dogs?.birds are more my style.

  545. My cats are the best. If I could, I would be the neighborhood crazy cat lady!

  546. Dog 🙂

  547. I’m definitely a dog person. Bailey goes to the third step
    when I come home from work and raises her paw for me to shake
    and to say hello.

  548. I’m a huge animal lover in general but the one that had my heart the most and will always was my black Lab Luke. He was my son and my heart. He can never be replaced…

  549. I am a cat person, soft and furry and loveable. Love your Blog.
    Laura from Tyler Texas

  550. cat person, but I do also have a stuffed racoon that I dress up for all holidays. Right now it is red white and blue for July. August may be a cook out event for summer

  551. I’m more of a cat person and I like Black Cats best. We’ve always had a cat and a dog but right now we only have a dog and I miss my cat alot.

  552. Tho allergic to cats, I have 2. Litter mates, as diffrent as day and night. Love the art you provide us.

  553. Chris R. from Iowa

    Hot do, I am definitely a dog person! Our little basset died in February and I think we are finally getting a new basset puppy in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for a chance to win some great blog candy. Good luck tonight…. you are a definite shoe in!

  554. Stephanie Lopez

    I am definitely a dog person.

  555. I’m a cat person. My husband is a dog person. We have decided a fish might be a good place to start. Thanks for the chance to win this neat stamp set!!

  556. I was a dog person growing up but now as an adult I have a beautiful black outside cat that I love so much! We started calling him Kitty Kitty before we knew he was a boy and so Kitty Kitty just stuck with him. Have fun at convention.

  557. Definitely a dog person! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  558. hmmm….a toss up as cats are lower maintenance; however dogs are great for watching the house….. I am allergic to cats..but I can’t choose one over the other… Have fun at convention. Cheers. 🙂

  559. Definitely a dog person. Hope the convention is fun and full of ideas!

  560. I’m a dog person who has a cute little shih tsu named DJ who rules the roost. Good luck at convention.

  561. Diane Colucci

    Definitely a cat person! In fact, we are getting 2 kittens next month after recently losing my 17 year old Mellie. I want my young sons to have the same great experience I did growing up with furry friends…

    Much Thanks!

  562. Diane Colucci

    Definitely a cat person! In fact, we are getting 2 kittens next month after recently losing my 17 year old Mellie. I want my young sons to have the same great experience I did growing up with furry friends…

    Much Thanks!

  563. Diane Colucci

    Definitely a cat person! In fact, we are getting 2 kittens next month after recently losing my 17 year old Mellie. I want my young sons to have the same great experience I did growing up with furry friends…

    Much Thanks!

  564. Here Kitty, kitty, kitty!

  565. I am a cat person. I grew up with cats and I love their independent lifestyle. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and sharing your beautiful organized space. One day I hope to have a special room just like yours to release my creativity and love for making cards.

  566. I am a fish person 🙂

  567. I’m more of a dog person, but we also have a cat, besides our two dogs! Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck tonight at the awards banquet.

  568. Kathy Hendrey

    Wish I were at Convention with you….always looks like so much fun in your photos. I am a dog lover although mine are over the rainbow bridge. I would love to meet your kitties.

  569. Lovin blog candy for all furry critters…

  570. Definitely a dog person! Especially our Golden Retrievers!,

  571. Hi Mary,
    I hope you are having a fabulous time at convention! I am a cat person for sure. Have always been a cat person. We understand each other!

  572. Wendy T in Indiana

    I used to be a cat person; now I have a pug doggie!

  573. Although I love both, I’m definitely a dog person:). Good luck at the awards ceremony tonight, we will be cheering for you!

  574. Thanks Mary, I’m a dog lover and love the looks of puppies!

  575. We had a sweet little dog for 14 years. But she died. Then we got a cat, well two cats.They were farm cats that my aunt had. She got the herd rate when she took her cats to the vet, if that gives you an idea of how many she had. obviously she loved them, and they loved her. She had these two cats that were so cute, one had one black dot on her head, and the other had two, so we named them onezy and twozy. Well, Onezy was infected with all sorts of things from the farm, and she died. Then we only had twozy for years and years. one year we wintered in Arizona, and took her with us, but many years later she died. The we wnet to the animal shelter, and found two diluted calico cats. We name them after our Grandmothers, Mine was Sadie and his was Katie. They are the queens of the house. We are cat people, but did love our little dog, Buffy so much. Please pick me…good luck tonight, and have lots of fun. PS: Monday is my birthday:)

  576. Definitely a dog person. Fortunate to be in Salt Lake City playing around too!

  577. we have had dogs & cats, but right now we only have dogs. we would LOOOOVVVVE to win this candy! That is one of the top things we want out of the new catalog! Thanks for the chance to get it!!!! & that yummy paper, too !!!!

  578. patti moffett

    Know you will place very high because you deserve it…Let’s see…6 inside cats 1 outside cat (try as we do she wants to be outside) rescued and found homes for over 25 others…I guess we are cat people…

  579. Maggie Minnich

    Gosh Mary, while hubby and I have two rescue cats, we both love dogs as well. And me, in particular, I adore all animals, even wild ones (racoons, squirrels, etc.). Excellent question!

  580. I love all animals, but, I am probably more of a dog person. I have a beautiful three year old Beagle named Chloe. She will be my baby forever. Hope you’re having a great time!
    Linda Hooker

  581. I am a definitely a cat person. We have a very cute Persian kitty called Amber.

  582. Hope that you’re enjoying convention! I prefer cats but am very allergic. Hence, I have a low allergen dog.

  583. Definitely a dog person. I love all animals, but I prefer dogs when it comes to who I share my home with.

  584. I’m a dog person and I love to collect the dog themed stamp sets.

  585. Cats have always been the favorite! Also had two
    two dogs who crept into my heart when I least expected it and then they were favorites. Best of luck to you Mary and thanks for the chance to win.

  586. Lisa Trombitas

    Love my critters! We have 3 cats and a dog, but I’m definitely a dog person. Shh – don’t tell the cats!

  587. Dog person. I would like to try having a cat, but am allergic to them. I hope you have a great time at the convention.

  588. I am a dog person. Thanks

  589. Cats rule! Dogs drool LOL just kidding. Have fun at convention

  590. More of a dog person. Thank you for your lovely blog!

  591. I love both dogs and cats. If asked to choose I would prefer dogs. I have a beagle-dachshund who is 4 next month. He is part of the family! Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

  592. ADORE that cat image, which should give you a hint as to my preference LOL. Love cats, dogs are okay, but cats are better LOL! Love our old kitty! Thanks for the chance to win.

  593. Although I love them both, I think cats are so much more cuddly and easy to care for. Love your blog and thank you for the daily inspiration!

  594. Connie S in California

    Cats, cats, cats! But, alas, no kitties at our house because the kids and grandkids are all allergic. 🙁 Thanks for the chance at blog candy while you’re playing, Mary!

  595. I’m a dog person. I have had cats but don’t like litter box duty, so prefer a small spoiled little Lasa Apsa. And she is spoiled!!

  596. Definately a dog person – and it doesn’t matter the size, 5 pound teacup or 200 pound Great Dane – it’s all good in the pack. Good luck at the awards night!

  597. Most definitely a DOG lover! Thank You Mary for your blog candy giveaway! *Gina* from Sunny Cali..

  598. carolee mccaslin

    Definitely a dog person:)

  599. I love all animals. But I am a dog person. Right now I have one dog, a beagle, and his name is Charlie. Good Luck Mary have a wonderful evening.

    Mary E

  600. Dog. Definitely dog.

  601. Bernice Hallack

    Other. Not a cat or a dog person

  602. I love dogs and cats, but I own a cockatiel named Charlotte. But I’m lucky: I have a granddog named Riley and a grandkitty named Leo.

  603. MaryAnn Hilleary

    DOG person!!!!!!!!!!!

  604. MaryAnn Hilleary

    DOG person!!!!!!!!!

  605. I am a dog person and currently have a very spoiled car in terrier. She is definitely the princess of the house.

  606. I’m a dog person for sure! My beloved Rusty passed away 2 months ago. Missing him so much. Call me crazy but I’m bringing home a new puppy tomorrow. My home will be complete again!

  607. I’m a dog person, though I’ve had a wonderful cat in my life before as well….
    Thanks for giving us all a chance to win something fun!

  608. I’m definitely a dog person. I love my miniature schnauzer named Buddy!

  609. I have a cat that we rescued from the cold. I truly am a dog lover. Because of our traveling we probably will not have more animals should anything happen to our beloved cat Smokey. Good luck at awards tonight.

  610. Definitely am a dog person…maybe because I like to “bark’ a little! Can’t wait to see what awards you received! Keep it up, Mary! Wish I was there!…maybe next year!!!
    Diane Gil

  611. I am a dog person,(we have 2 golden retrievers)Have fun and be safe at the convention.

  612. Karen Tramuta

    I love cats! Independent yet affectionate, fastidious yet playful. Kind of like me, I hope!

  613. No pets at our house because of allergies. But if I could have a pet, it would be a dog!
    Thanks for the chance to win, but especially for all the inspiration you so freely share!

  614. Beverly Williams

    I have 1 Cat and have had a dog but I think the cat wins.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Also Thanks for sharing your
    talents. I really enjoy.

  615. Theoretically, I’m a dog person, but I love my cat.

  616. Hi Mary! Hope you are having a great time! Thank you for the chance to win blog candy! I am a dog person. Love my black lab….

  617. Had a Golden for 17 years. Dog person!!

  618. I love dogs – and cats that act like dogs. Most cats are too unpredictable for me, never knowing if they are going to scratch or bite at you. Learned that lesson when I was young, and it stuck.

  619. Sheryl Cushman

    hi, Mary. I am definitely a dog person. Love my Snuggles – she’s a great companion and loads of fun. Good luck at awards night. Thank you for the chance of winning. Wish I was at convention, but better to celebrate my 39th anniversary with my hubby at home.

  620. Tend to be on the doggie side!

  621. Melodie Pavlis

    I am a cat person,but I love all animals. My heart is with homeless animal. Cats are the best because they are so funny and at the same time calming to me. I enjoy the pictures you post of your guys.

  622. Always been a cat person, two living with me now. Good luck tonight.

  623. I love cats and I really miss my Abbey, who is waiting at the “Rainbow Bridge” for me. She was such a wonderful kitty. Enjoy convention, Mary!! Can’t wait to see all your wonderful ideas, as you sahre your knowledge and creativity with all of us!

  624. Dog person. All kinds but partial to boxers!!!

  625. Meant “share” 🙂

  626. We have doggy boys. One is a little black and tan sheltie, named Jazz. “The beast,” (85 lbs.) is Leo, a mix of everything. My daughter saved him from the dog pound and sure death because of a part of his mix.

  627. Dog person of course. Dogs are always happy to see you. Cats only want you when they want you. I hope the cat and mouse at the beginning of your blog are clues to what new stamp sets you are bringing back home from Utah. They are so cute. I’m jealous. I’ve read so many posts and sounds like everyone had so much fun there.

  628. Good luck!! I’m a dog person… Love my rescued hound!!

  629. Hi Mary, I love both but more a cat person as I currently have 5 beautiful kitties. Thanks for a chance to win.

  630. Cats for me. Have fun at convention.

  631. Definitely a cat lover

  632. Oh, little dogs for sure.

  633. A dog person for sure….especially Labs. Also, have a granddog we love our dogs. Good luck hope you win many awards!!!

  634. Debbie DeGroff

    I am a dog person. We’ve had a Lhasa-poo, lab mix, Siberian husky, and our latest, a white Malta-poo named Daisy. Have a Dog-gone good time at convention!

  635. Eileen McClean

    I am a dog person!!, thanks for the opportunity to win this!!!!

  636. Raised on a ranch makes this a hard choice. I think I have to say baby calves!!

  637. Definitely a cat! Love them both-truth be told , I a country girl-fancy chickens hold a big place in my heart and art.

  638. Definitely dog!

  639. Nancy and Tricia Farwell

    Cat person!

  640. We are dog people at our house! Hoping you had a wonderful time at Convention 2014!

  641. I love both but prefer the cats….

  642. Congrats on a great year and hopes for a prosperous next one. Thanks for being so good about sharing your ideas and tips, love your new creating room.
    I have a granddog and grandkitty, that’s enough for me.

  643. I have both a cat and a dog and love them both very much! Although, I do tend to be a bit more of a cat person.

  644. Growing up we had both dogs and cats, but sadly due to allergies, I have no pets as an adult. I would say I like dogs better.

  645. Very much a dog person. I hope you’re enjoying convention!

  646. Maggie Morton

    GO DOGGIES!! I wasn’t much of a pet lover until I was married. My husband came w/the Boo Boo the white poodle & the doggie needed a lot of TLC. Since my husband was to busy wondering the streets himself someone needed to take of Boo Boo. I bonded w/Boo Boo even though he & I had a love hate relationship because the dog never really liked me. He missed his master but I think he was thankful that I feed him. Unfortunately, my marriage didn’t survive & when he left I missed Boo Boo. Shortly after I got my own white poodle Cachito (meaning: little piece in Spanish), this guaranteed the dog would never leave. It’s now been 5 years & I think of Boo Boo but I’m in love w/my Cachito. I now have inherited 2 other dogs (Frijolito (meaning: little bean in Spanish)the Chihuahua Shitzu mix & Max the Yorkie Poodle that were given to my sister but she couldn’t take care of them. Now I happily sleep w/dogs every night!!!

  647. Rebecca Doucette

    Dog lover ~ converted to cat lover, when we were adopted by a kitty that I just had to feed 🙂 Both are now on my list. Appreciate all your post and hard work.
    Keep it up. Love your site

  648. Well I have been both…1st we had 2 cats along with 2 dogs after they passed I said no more. It is so hard to lose a furry child but then…we rescued the cutest little yorkie/silky and so I would say dog since that makes it 3 to 2.LOL.

  649. Love cats, but definitely more of a dog person. Thanks for the chance to win some neat stuff! Good luck to you as well!

  650. Definately a dog person! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love your blog! Congrats!

  651. Woof, Woof! Thanks for a chance to win.

  652. charlotte cushing

    I love cats and dogs. I have 3 inside cats and one outside cat. Charlotte

  653. Dog person because I have always owned dogs. I’m allergic to cats but love my “grand-kitties” my daughter has. Just have to take allergy medicine before I go visit.

  654. We are a dog person although at the current time we do not have a dog in residence but have very, very happy memories of those in the past. Thank you for the chance to win.

  655. I am definitely a dog person. Have fun at the convention!!

  656. I love both! 🙂 but I’m inclined more towards cat’s. Good luck at convention.

  657. Marianne OHara

    I have two French Bulldogs and one Munchkin cat. They are all family to me and they all have quite different personalities.
    I would have loved to attend the convention this year. But circumstances wouldn’t allow it. Now,I am trying to put away money each week to assure my being able to attend it next year. I have really enjoyed different comments and pictures on Facebook and I really like that one stamp set I keep seeing cards of (with the leaves and sun). Can’t wait to get my hands on that one!
    Marianne O’Hara
    demo #2119667

  658. I love both dogs and cats, but I’d have to say dogs are my favorite. Nothing can brighten your day more than when you come home and your dog greets you at the door with tail wagging, and what looks to be a smile on their face!! You can’t help but smile yourself!

  659. Don’t know how you’re going to pick one of these comments, but hope it’s me. Love my cats! Love my card making.

  660. I am a dog person but I LOVE cats too!

  661. Wow–so many comments!
    Hope you’re having an amazing time at Convention!
    I do not own a pet, but if i did, definitely a dog! 🙂
    Happy day~

  662. I LOVE cats…but my husbo is allergic:( so we are one dog people:)) Cant wait to see the inspiration you bring home from convention!! CHRISTMAS!!

  663. Carol Giamoni Copelan

    Hi Mary… If I had to choose it would be dog. I have 3 Pommies and 4 cats.. I LOVE all animals, and I cherish mine! Have fun and thank you for the fun chance to win a prize! Always something look forward too 🙂

  664. Cynthia Tuttle

    I love them all, but due to limitations set by my hubby, I would have a house full of all types of critters!! Right now, I only have two small dogs. That’s okay though, I love them like they are a house full!!

  665. Hi Mary, I am more of a dog person. Cats are ok too. I have found dogs to be way more affectionate than cats. Good Luck st convention. Ginger G

  666. I’ve always been more a cat lover! I only like dogs. We now have the second cat that found us. Love your posts and have been a follower for several years!

  667. Christina Slaton

    I’m a dog person and my husband is a cat person, so life is interesting. Thanks for a chance to win.

  668. Cat! Thanks for the chance to win!

  669. I have to say that I’m more of a dog person, since I have several right now on the sofa with me. I do love cats also and have had cats in the past, but right now I have 3 dogs of my own and 2 granddogs and don’t forget one bird (finch). What can I say, I love animals.

  670. Dogs. but cats mistake me for a cat person.
    Hope you are having a great time at convention. I have been to three of them and the excitement in the air is just contagious!Thanks for doing a blog giveaway-new toys are so much fun!

  671. Dog! I have 3 Havanese and a Bischon. I am a foster mom for rescue dogs.
    Love your blog!!

  672. I do not own a dog or a cat,but if I have to choose… I will choose a dog. Have fun at the convention!

  673. More of a dog person but I love my cat also. Have a great time!

  674. Dogs. Have a great time at convention!

  675. Dogs. Have a great time at convention!

  676. Definitely dogs. We have four dogs, three of which were rescued. Though, I do have a grand kitty that I truly adore.

  677. Definitely a dog lover! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  678. Jeannie Cearley

    I’m a dog person of two labs.

  679. Karen Blanton

    This is fun! I love cats for their low maintenance but love the companionship of a dog.

  680. I am a dog llover!

  681. Linda Duensing, 4 Upland Lane, Savannah, GA 31411

    I like both, but I am more of a dog person. They appreciate your attention more and you can take them for walks.

    Linda D.

  682. Linda Duensing, 4 Upland Lane, Savannah, GA 31411

    I like both, but I am more of a dog person. They appreciate your attention more and you can take them for walks.

    Linda D.

  683. Linda Duensing, 4 Upland Lane, Savannah, GA 31411

    I like both, but I am more of a dog person. They appreciate your attention more and you can take them for walks.

    Linda D.

  684. I am definitely a dog person, but I love cats too and have had several over the years. We just got our Alaskan Klee Kai last month and love her. Oh, yeah, she is a miniature husky. Quite the personality, lol. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Hope you had a great time at Convention!

  685. I am definitely a cat kind of girl. AND a Stampin’ Up! Girl, too! LOL!

  686. Connie M Marti

    I’m very much a dog person! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  687. Jeffalee Hansen

    I am definitely a cat person. The cat and mouse stamps is absolutely delightful. Have fun at the Convention!

  688. I’m a dog kinda gal, most definitely. Like cats but am allergic to them. Thank you for the chance to win. Love your blog, Mary.

  689. I love all animals but due to an allergy I am a dog person as for pets. Thanks for asking and providing prizes.

  690. I love your clean and simple style, Mary! When I’m stumped, your blog is a go-to for me. Consider me in the “other” category. Safe travels home from SLC!

  691. Not sure, but I have owned a cat for over 20 years. I enjoy your ideas each day as I have many grandchildren I make cards for. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to participate and possibly win.

  692. Hi… 1st congrats on your awards. I am brand new to your site but am going to be a loyal follower I can tell. I LOVE MY 2 LITTLE WHITE DOGS…. THE WORLD WOULD NOT BE THE SAME FOR ME W/OUT THEM!!

  693. I absolutely love dogs. We never had one when I was growing up but as soon as my husband and I bought a house we got a dog. Have a wonderful time at convention! Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy and thanks too for sharing your talent with all of us.

  694. New to your blog…we are dog people… we have 2 – Cinder & Ella….
    Love the inspiration I get from your blog!

  695. We have the cutest little Havanese named Katie, so I’m definitely a small dog person. For the past four years it has just been Katie. Before that we have had both a cat and a dog, but my Son is dreadfully allergic to cats, so I decided it was more important that he breathe than I have a cat! I can’t wait to hear all about convention!

  696. Must love dogs!

  697. Must love dogs!

  698. Definitely a cat person! Hope you are having fun at convention!

  699. I would have to say that although I love cats, I am more of a dog person. Thank you for the chance to win and hope you had a GREAT time at convention!

  700. Dogs and horses here…no cats.

  701. I am a dog person. What a fun set to win!

  702. Dog all the way!
    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  703. I am a dog lover 🙂

  704. I’m a dog person, but hubby is a cat person. We have one of each and I seriously cannot imagine my life without either one. Hope you had a great time at the awards ceremony!

  705. I will always be a cat person

  706. I am a dog person. Congrats on earning the Founder’s Circle retreat.?

  707. I’m really more of a dog person, but I do love cats to if they are not too aloof. And I even grew to like my daughters rats when she had them. I guess I just like all critters!

  708. Barbara Chatzkel

    I am a dog person. But all the fur babies win my heart.

  709. I am a dog person and have2 of my own. I love them dearly. They are “my boys”.

  710. Bette manning

    I’m a cat person, just love them so much. Thanks for the chance to win!

  711. Hi Mary, I am definitely a dog lover! Have been all my life! Our kids are grown and nowadays it’s just me, hubby and our sweet dog Winnie! Thanks for the chance to win such great blog candy. Have fun at convention!

  712. Dogs are my favorite. I enjoy their devotion.

  713. Mary, I love your site! It was recommended to me as a brand new demonstrator for ideas, and I love your card samples. I am a cat person–I have three and refer to them as “my three sons!” Notwithstanding your prize offer, my visit to your site was well worthwhile.

  714. Bonny Heinzel

    Cat person all the way!

  715. I like dogs better.

  716. I don’t have either right now but I’m hoping to get a dog once we move from our apartment into a house … I like cats too – always wanted a marmalade striped cat! Thanks for the chance to win, and congratulations on all your awards!!!

  717. Dog lover for sure, but i have 2 grandcats that have stolen my heart as well. Good luck at the convention and have fun??

  718. I love cats! I have 2 right now and I treat them like my children. Enjoy convention 🙂

  719. Actually I am a whale person myself. Would love a chance to win.

  720. I prefer dogs. Thank you for the chance … it’s always fun to enter one of your blog candy giveaways!

  721. Definitely a dog person. I hope you won just like I hope I win

  722. Kristin Mullen

    Dogs are awesome! We have a dog and a cat and dogs win by a landslide!

  723. Cat! convention looked like tons of fun! Thx for a chance to win.

  724. Both! Love all animals, two or four legged, thanks for the chance!

  725. I’m a dog lover. My puppy didn’t grow much like I thought she would. She is under 4 pounds and is eight years old…so this is it. But, she easily goes with me everywhere and has a very mild temperment. The residents at the village nursing home just love her!

  726. DOgs! Dogs! Dogs! Love these critters! I’m babysitting my 2 Grand dogs this very weekend. Dogs are so loving and caring, They just get you. And they love you unconditionally! I enjoy your site everyday Mary!

  727. I’m a. Dog . . . And thanks for the chance to win some blog candy . . . I love yor cards and projects

  728. Nancy Campbell

    I am a dog person – IN FACT TWO DOG PERSON!!! Two little ones that rule our house!!!

  729. CATS, CATS, and more CATS!!!!!!!!!! And dogs too. 😉 Thanks so much.

  730. Dog person and thanks for the chance to win Mary!

  731. I am definitely more of a dog person.

  732. I’m a cat person. We have two cats – Adopted two sister kittens and still have both of them. They will be 17 this year. One is named Squeaks, because when she meow’s it sounds like an old squeaky door. The other is named Mushy Kitty, because she has such soft fluffy fur. Love them both.

  733. I’m a dog person. I live with two corgis. Thanks for the chance to win.

  734. I’m definitely a cat person! Thanks for a chance to win this set that is at the top of my wish list!!

  735. Beth K. Mills

    I have had both cats and dogs (and lots of other animals including an eagle!) as family members throughout my life. I prefer cats as their ” motors” are such a calming and relaxing sound!

  736. I’m a dog person for sure…springer spaniels have a special place in my heart.

  737. Cat’s rule, dog’s drool! I’ve been known to be a sanctuary for cats whose original owners could no longer care for them. My most recent house mate was a former library cat that decided being on display everyday was just too much. She had been featured in the big city paper after the book Dewey came out. Until her passing a few months ago, she was my personal library cat and loved every minute of it.

  738. Always a cat. Never a dog. UNTIL … Umteen years ago when our daughter adopted a dog. That dog stole my heart … and converted me to … A DOG LOVER !!!

  739. Catherine Kraft

    At this point we are a kitty family. We have two sweet kitties. Squeak was given her name as when she was tiny she didn’t meow, she squeaked. Our Callie is definitively a distinct calico. She was a rescue and even after several years she is very hands on, wanting tons of love. Thank you for a chance to win your giveaway.

  740. I prefer dogs but am “blessed” with a sweet kitty. I hope it went well for you at the convention!

  741. I love all animals, but cats are my favorite. I have 3 rescues now.

  742. I am a dog person–love them all and a Big Awesome Thanks to you for giving blog candy!!!

  743. DOG person…Hope I can win

  744. Definitely dig. We have 3 chihuahuas that are like our kids. =) Congrats on another successful SU year!

  745. I’m a “baby” person! My wee ones keep me busy enough that even a gold fish is too much work for me right now!

  746. chrissy Calhoun

    I am a dog person. We have a 5 year old lab (trooper) named after clone trooper from star wars. I live in a house full of boys. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments this year.

  747. I’m a cat person – they have such an independent ‘purrrrsonality’! Love your cat & mouse pic. I know you will do well with your awards at the convention. Thanks for your continued inspiration.

  748. Dog all the way!!!!

  749. Oh Mary! How blessed you are to have the opportunity to attend convention! I hope you had a wonderful time!
    I love dogs, I have a little Chihuahua named Ally, definitely one of a kind 🙂

  750. I prefer dogs! I am probably late with my comments, but thanks for the chance to win and I know you aleady got your awards! Congratulations Mary, you deserve praise and awards!

  751. I have both, and I won’t be getting another cat. Guess that means I’m a dog person! Thanks for the chance to win – really like this stamp set!

  752. Hi Mary,

    I love all animals. But I am a dog person, I have a beagle named Charlie.

  753. Absolutely….felines rule at our house. 😉 I like OTHER PEOPLE’S dogs. lol
    Thanks for the blog candy, Mary!

  754. I have had both, but prefer a cat’s independence.

  755. I’m a dog person! LOL! Thanks Mary! Xoxo

  756. I am definitely a dog person! I have two canine fur babies that I love with all my heart 🙂 Best of luck at Convention and thank you for the opportunity to win!

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