Let’s Spring for Blog Candy!


Spring is just around the corner so I felt it appropriate to give away some springtime Stampin’ Up! products!


  • Flower Fair Simply Scrappin’ Kit
  • Daffodil 8 x 8 Ring Printed Album.
  • Pop Up Posies Designer Kit
  • Rain or Shine Wood-Mount stamp set
  • Marina Mist Striped Organdy Ribbon
  • Melon Mambo Striped Organdy Ribbon
  • Jumbo Sticky Rounds

HOW TO PLAY:  No purchase required!  Simply leave me a comment below with your favorite springtime flower.  The citrus trees are blooming in Tucson, AZ and it smells heavenly!  However, I’m always partial to my Stampin’ Pretty Tulips!  DEADLINE for comment participation is Monday, March 17 at Noon Central Time.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner later on Monday.  Winner has 24 hours to contact me with their name and mailing address.  However, I have never had a blog candy prize go unclaimed!  This giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents only.


  • Receive an exclusive Sale-A-Bration product gift for every $50 you spend.*  Ends March 31.
  • Spend $150 or more* and earn free product through Hostess Rewards.  Spend $300 or more* during Sale-A-Bration and get a bonus $30 in free product, in addition to Hostess Rewards.  Ends March 31.
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  • My customers love it!  Earn a Stampin’ Pretty Tulip for every $50 you spend.*  Accumulate 10 tulips within a year and get a free stamp set of your choice, any price.  Read the full scoop on My Tulip Rewards ProgramTulip Rewards are exclusively for customers who place their orders through me. 

*Total before shipping and sales tax

Paper Hugs...Mary

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  1. my FAVORITE spring time flower CROCUS love the many colors but purple is my favorite thanks for the chance to win your spring time Candy Blog

  2. My favorite springtime flower is the lilac. It comes in so many colors, smells wonderful, and looks beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Tulips! There are so many colors!

  4. The cherry blossoms in Washington, DC are absolutely spectacular!

  5. Unquestionably, lilacs! I don’t have any at my house, but I always have a student or two who will share, and my classroom smells heavenly!

  6. Lillies! The fragrance clings to the air and there are so many varieties.

  7. Hi Mary! My favorite springtime flower has to be the daffodils! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. My favorite springtime flower is the small lily of the valley. We have them all around our swing and when we sit down and rest, the smell is just heavenly.

  9. My favorite springtime flower is the bluebonnet. They bloom along the Texas highways and signal that warm weather is here to stay.

  10. I love daisies. So simple and pretty.

  11. I can’t wait for spring to come! We are finally having some warmer days! Lilacs are my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Melinda Torbett

    Lily of the Valley are my favorite….they remind me of my childhood home!

  13. Victoria Stewart

    The smell of lilac takes me back to my childhood. There was a huge tree on the corner of the house so the scent could be caught from windows in two directions

  14. kathy amstutz

    Yes!!!! Citrus trees!!! I’m in Mesa, AZ and here, too, it smells heavenly [achoo! allergies!] who can resist?

  15. Hard choice between tulips and daffodils, but going to have go with daffodils. That yellow just screams spring and they always seem to be the first to show up which makes a person just happy each time you see them!!

  16. Love, love, love the tulips. The colors are so pretty and signal springtime!

  17. Tulips are my fav! My Queeb of the Night tulips will be up soon!

  18. Lilies are my favorite spring time flower. So elegant and pretty.

  19. I love them all, but the daffodils always lift my spirits! Thanks for the chance to win, Mary!

  20. Daisies are my favorite!

  21. I love crocuses since they are the first sign of spring after a long winter in New York, but the sunny daffodils come in a close second.

  22. Oh Mary, Spring can’t come soon enough for us up here in the Mid West but receiving this sweet Blog Candy will surely make me feel good. I love Lilly of the Valley, the sweet aroma of those little white flowers fill the air, I also love Hydrangeas, I have 6 gorgeous bushes in front of my house, huge pink and lilac clusters of flowers are a delight to see. I can’t wait to see those little green buds appear on the stems, that will be awesome. Thank you for the chance to win this sweet Blog Candy.

  23. My favorite is the hyacinth! I always buy one at Easter to scent the house, then plant it in the garden.

  24. My favorite springtime flower would be red tulips. I love the bright color. Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful products.

  25. Lilacs are my favorite. The smells are heavenly. Have a bush right outside my door. My crocus are in bloom now all over the grass in the back yard. Beautiful sight, but we are suppose to get more snow Sunday night.

  26. Tulips. …a sign of spring

  27. I love all Spring flowers, if I had to choose one it would be tulips.

  28. My all time favorite flowers are tulips. Lilacs are a close second! Thanks for the chance to win!


  29. Love to see crocuses that mean Spring is right around the corner with an abundance of wonderful bloomings! Thanks for all the inspiration you share and for a chance to win!

  30. Hi, It’s so cold here in CT and the yard is still topped with snow! I long for a bud. I love the tulip, so many colors, so many possibilities…just like the season itself. But, I have to say, in my yard, my favorite spring time flower is the splendid hyacinths that have grown in my garden over the years from one pink hyacinth that was a gift from my son & husband. Thanks Mary, Happy Spring!

  31. Daffodils make me SMILE, bright,sunny yellow and the first thing to bloom in my yard, telling me spring is around the corner.

    Liane 🙂

  32. My favorite flower is the crocus. It is the first flower to bloom in the spring.

  33. Tulips are my favorite. Can not wait to see signs of spring here in wintry Ohio.

  34. Lilac! They remind me of my Nanny – she had them all over the yard!

  35. My mini irises bloom first…I love the deep purples! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Betsy Johnson

    Delicate Lily of the Valley makes me giddy! I even had some in my wedding bouquet. Enjoy the warm weather – hopefully Ohio will see some soon!

  37. Bridget Trefethen

    A hard decision. I love the daffodils in my yard. I also love lilacs and tulips. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I love the daffodils that show us that spring is on the way!

  39. Diane Simonick

    My favorite spring flower is the tulip, especially the purple ones.

  40. I love jonquils.

  41. I love seeing my tulips pop through the ground and always wait in anticipation to see which color blooms first. I also love the chance at winning this wonderful blog candy. Thank you, Mary!

  42. My favorite are tulips, so colorful. Thanks for the chande to win.

  43. Charmaine Babineau

    I love pale lavender crocuses because they are so delicate and, aside from snowdrops, first to open to the sun.

  44. Sheryl Cushman

    Lilacs and daffodils!!!!! Reminds me of my childhood. My grandparents had a beautiful lawn filled with lilac trees and daffodils, and other spring flowers. The fragrance was so soothing. Happy Spring (soon, I hope) to all.

  45. Michelle M./mcstamperNE

    I enjoy lilacs in the spring. They smell heavenly and remind me of staying with my grandparents. Thank you for the chance to win. Can’t wait to read more about your new stamping space.

  46. My all-time favorite flier is the Gerbera Daisy! Love them…

  47. My favorite spring flowers are tulips. I love the varieties of colors.

  48. Vicki Engevold

    I enjoy watching all the spring flowers peeking through the ground come spring , but I most like the lilacs with their fresh smell. Looking forward to it especially this year, it has been a long cold winter in Wisconsin!

  49. Tiffinnie Reed

    I love tulips too – whole hillsides of them!

  50. Annapolis Anne

    I have two favorites — daffodils and lilacs. Our very cold winter should mean stunning lilacs (which need a hard freeze) — maybe that will make thoughts of the nasty winter soften!

    Thanks for the chance to win! Anne

  51. Happy Spring sweet Mary! I love roses year round. But in the spring, and we have an early spring, I love the flowers that drape off of the mountain laurels. They’re a beautiful blue color and smell like grape koolaid! Thank you for everything you do.

  52. I love the smell of Jasmine in the springtime. That sweet scent always brings a smile to my face.

  53. Judy Desrosiers

    I like lilacs. Love the color and smell:) When I was little we had a huge lilac bush that we had a path inside and a fort-like area. Would sit in there for hours and play with our Barbie dolls. My mom always knew where to find me.

  54. I truly love them all, but tulips are my favorite! They are just such a beautiful sign of spring and I love all of the pretty colors.

  55. The crocus poking it’s way up through the snow makes me smile – lets me know that spring is actually coming to Ohio this year!! But my favorite is the lilac – can’t get enough of that fragrance!! Come on spring!!

  56. I know spring has arrived when the Lily of the Valley bloom along the fence in my backyard. The dainty blooms are my favorite!

  57. I love lilacs. We have a row in our yard. I love the smell.

  58. My fav spring blossom is the Lilac, I am from New England and remember such wonderful childhood memories of the fragrance. Carol

  59. Mary Jo Miedema

    Hands down I love the Hyacinth! And with over 112 inches of snow here in Michigan it may be awhile before we see any lovely spring flower 🙁

  60. Oooo, pick just one? 😉 Do flowering trees count? My favorite is the dogwood. Thank you!!

  61. Definitely Texas Bluebonnets, fields and fields of them, along with Indian Paintbrush–YEE-HAW!!

  62. My favorite spring flower is the tulip.

  63. Love the tulips and have been seeing them in the floral section at grocery store, So ready for spring but all I see is snow!!

  64. First, thank you for affording not only me, but others the opportunity to win….
    As a gardener for many years, it is difficult to choose just one but I would have to say the little white bell flower I found over behind my great grandmother’s house years ago, dug up and transplanted into my garden…every year when it blooms my heart sings with so many memories of her…beloved Granny. Happy Spring to everyone!!! Dottie E

  65. I love tulips and daisies…the big Gerbera daisies! Even though theyre color is man-made, I like to get the bright colored ones!thanks for the chance to win!

  66. My favorite spring flower is the Amaryllis. I grew up in Florida and my Grandmother had several in her yard which bloomed every year around Easter. I remember the flower blooms being the largest in her yard. I live in Maryland and I haven’t seen many of them here. Ok…I do have two…I love the way Hyacinth smells! I do have a few of them popping up in the yard!

  67. Daffodils just make the world a little cheerier:)

  68. My favorite springtime flower is Japanses magnolia. One of the first to bloom here in mobile Alabama. On trees without leaves it fills the limbs with beautiful pink, purple, white blooms. Gorgeous!! Sure sign spring is on its way. The Taiwan cherry blooms next then red bud. With trees bare of leaves and the colors of these blooms against a bright blue sky ahhhh heaven.
    Thanks for the opportunity for some blog candy!

  69. Irises!

  70. I enjoy seeing the crocuses pop up indicating spring is right around the corner after a long, cold winter.

  71. Tulips are hands down my all time FAVORITE flower!!

  72. Daffodils are my favorite because it means that spring is just around the corner with warmer temperatures and green everywhere!

  73. Wow….so many to choose from! I absolutely love peonies! I anxiously wait for them to pop out of the ground….the smell is wonderful! Mine have just broken the ground, so I am looking forward to the blooms!

  74. I love daffodils, they just say springtime!

  75. Patricia Owens

    My favorite is the White Angelique Tulip, so delicate, so beautiful. Maybe not the first but worth the wait!

  76. My favorite flower of all time is tigerlily. They come in so many different colors. But for a springtime flower it has to be the tulips.

  77. Favorite spring flower is the Texas Bluebonnet, so many memories of children and now grandchildren. Texas tradition of founding large fields of Bluebonnets and taking photos. With love some blog candy, Thanks

  78. I love daffodils. Their bright yellow color always makes me smile.

  79. My favorite spring time flower is the cherry blossoms. We have three huge cherry blossom trees outside our screened in porch, and when the trees are in bloom it is just breath taking. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us each day. I love your clean and simple style.

  80. Cheryll Steinke

    My favorite springtime flower is the tulip. So many colors and they just make me smile.

  81. My favorite springtime flowers are lilacs. I love the smell of them and fill the house with lilacs when they are blooming.

  82. I love lillies…they make me smile

  83. Love the crocus and lilacs but unfortunately we cannot grow those in Florida. But the temperatures here are surely spring time. (50’s in the evening and 70’s daytime)
    Thanks for the candy blog.

  84. I love to watch our springtime irises unfold. They are so beautiful and bring back wonderful childhood memories. Our neighbor grew them and I was always enthralled when watching them bloom each year. Happy Spring Mary! : )

  85. I love the grape hyacinths. I love the vibrant color, the fragrance. After a long, brutal Michigan winter, I wonder when I will finally see these pretty little flowers.
    Kim Secor

  86. I love red tulips. Bring them on!

  87. Mary Campbell

    My favorite spring flower is the crocus. It says spring is coming.
    Thanks for sharing the great blog candy and your talent with us.

  88. Daffodils for sure. I grew up in No. Carolina and they grow wild everywhere and are so so beautiful. Of course we called them buttercups.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the blog candy chance.

  89. Brenda Hawkins

    My favorite are the tulips! Some are so beautiful in color and just brighten up your day when you see them.

  90. Carey Erickson

    My favorite spring flower is the tiger lily.. I lovs how bright the colors are inside each one.

  91. Cheryl Hellert

    daffodils are my favorite.

  92. My favorite is Lilacs, they are an old time favorite, they make the whole house smell so good!

  93. I love blue flags….they are a dark wild iris. Just beautiful!

  94. tulips! so many colors and styles.

  95. Daffodils are my favorite but just seeing any sign of green growth makes me smile because I know Spring’s right around the corner. Finally.

  96. Mary, my favorite springtime flower has to be the daffodil. It is a harbinger of spring here in the northeast, where we just got another 15 inches of snow again yesterday. The daffodil reminds me of sunshine and just brightens my day! Thanks for your daily inspiration.

  97. Nancy Farrell

    WOW, so many comments already! Good for you Mary. Everyone loves you. My favorite flower is the tulip. I have learned of some flowers I have never heard of. I can just picture a beautiful field of all these flowers, oh how nice on this grayish day. No snow though!! 🙂

  98. Mary Anne Fraser

    Lilacs and lily of the valley, they remind me of my childhood.

  99. Living in a wooded area,it is beautiful to see the Dogwood bloom and the awesome colors of our azaleas.

  100. I love Hydrangeas. I’ve yet to be successful growing them here in Florida but I keep trying. Tulips rate right up there also. Great blog candy! Happy Stampin’.

  101. I love the simplicity of daisies. They remind me of my Mom and Grandmom.

  102. Mine are daffodils!

  103. Libby Headley

    Azaleas… Love the Azalea. I think they will be more beautiful than ever this year since winter has been so long.

  104. Stargazer lilies are my favorites but I love roses, hyacinths, and daffodils too. I love spring when everything is fresh and in bloom. It’s a beautiful world we live in!

  105. Tulips and daffodils!!!

  106. My fav is Tulips…They come in such a variety od colors and shapes. If you ever get a chance to go to Michigan’s Holland Tulip Fest… it certainly is worth the visit, So beautiful are all the miles of Tulips they display. Plus they have crafts and Dutch dancers and many other great things to see.

  107. I love, love, love my lilac bushes… the smell of lilacs are so refreshing!

  108. Forsythia…..the bright yellow blossoms make me smile!

  109. Micheline Lueken

    I love daffodils – so bright and cheerful. Even more cheerful than your springtime blog candy. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  110. My favorite spring flower would be an Easter lily – I love the fragrance they have and they are an elegant looking flower!!!

  111. The Phalenopsis, known as the Moth Orchid is my favorite spring flower specially because you get to pick your favorite color. Thanks so much for the chance to wing and most important for your daily inspiration.

  112. Crocus, because that’s what blooms first here!

  113. I think Spring is finally on it’s way. I love tulips, especially when there are a bunch planted together. I love your blog and appreciate you sharing your creativity. Thanks. I love Stampin Up products.

  114. Marilyn Brown

    Daffodils! Right now in MI, we have more than 2 feet of packed snow, so any flower will be welcome!

  115. My favorite spring flower back here in the east is the pansy. The garden centers are just starting to display and sell them and I now know that spring is just around the corner. Pansies do not like the hot sun of summer, so I enjoy them in the early spring. One of my favorite memories of my Grandma is visits to her home and playing in the backyard among the beautiful, colorful pansies! Thank you so much for a chance to win some Spring blog candy!

  116. My favorite springtime flower is the daffodil…they make me happy as they bob in the wind of Idaho waving to passersby. THINK SPRING and thanks for the opportunity.

  117. Rachael Hammoudeh

    As difficult as it is to choose a favorite, I’m nominating the cherry blossom. No matter how cold or long winter has been, these flowers burst out as one of the first harbingers of Spring!

  118. Yes, my favorite spring flower has to be daffodils. I have a large bed of them planted in my yard. This has been a bad winter here in PA, so I can’t wait to see them. Thanks for sharing all of you Mary, from crafts to craft rooms :0)

  119. I can’t wait for the lilac bushes outside my patio door to bloom, their fragrance helps to lift my spirits every morning.

  120. I love daffodils. They remind me of my grandmother who had them in her yard. Their bright yellow blooms let me know spring is coming!

  121. Nancy Overton

    I adore daffodils! Love the yellow color.

  122. Hydrangias, remind me of my wedding.

  123. Maggie Carmody

    Peonies are my favorite Springtime flower. They are magnificent! Thanks for a chance to win.

  124. I can hardly wait to see the cheery colors of my tulips. That will tell me spring is truly here. Your blog is such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  125. After the winter we’ve had in Ohio I’m excited to see all the spring flowers bloom. Tulips would be my favorite spring flower

  126. Calla Lilly!!! Love them so much I even had them in my wedding and now my back yard!!! Super excited when they come up.

  127. My Tombstone Roses are going crazy right now. Love them!

  128. I love tulips too, Mary! My favorite Spring flower changes every so often. This year it is my beautiful red anomies with the black and white centers. I enjoy your blog every day and it is fun to participate in your give away. Kay V

  129. Oh my Peonies definitely — it takes until May for them to pop their heads, but I can hardly wait until they do !!! My favorite 🙂 I’ll be looking in the garden shortly to see if the little green stubs are starting to poke up from the bulbs in the ground 🙂

  130. My favorite flower is Daffodil. It just makes me smile to see a daffodil. Love your blog and watching the progression of your new stamping room. It will be just perfect! Mary Craig

  131. My favorite Spring flower is lilacs. Love the color, adore the smell and the fact that they bloom for such a short amount of time makes them so sweet and so appreciated.

  132. Jan Armentrout

    Growing up I loved the lilac tree blooms at my grandparents’ North Dakota farm, however, since moving to Texas I have to admit there is nothing more beautiful than a field of bluebonnets…the site, when you come upon these wildflowers, will take your breath away!

  133. Hi . . Daffodils are my favorite Spring flower. . . We have mountains of snow here now, so thinking of Spring seems so far away. . . I’m so looking forward to Spring. . . Bye bye Winter!

  134. Hi Mary, I too live in the desert and do love our spring colors. I grew up in Massachusetts and I have always loved the crocus, they would be the first flowers to peak out of the snow and announce that spring was on it’s way! Have a lovely day.

  135. I’ve never met a pretty flower I didn’t like; however, my favorite flowers are lilacs. Love the smell! Just wish they lasted longer.

  136. Linda Robertson

    Oh my gosh…so many beautiful flowers to choose from. I lived in Mississippi for a few years then back to Arizona. The flowers there were gorgeous with no effort to grow. I loved the buttercups, the azaleas, crepe myrtle, lilies, gladiolas, butterfly bush, and so many more. But one of my favorite blooms to admire is the iris. I never knew how many colors they come it. I so miss all the flower beds I had back there. The tulips were one of the earliest to come up in early spring. I have seen them come up and bloom through the snow. Also the crocus. Spring always put a smile on your face after a dreary winter.

  137. Tulips are my favorite by far! Thanks for the blog candy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed :).

  138. My favorite is a rose and how easy to create them with the die cut.

  139. Brandy Vitucci


  140. Jeni Williams

    Citrus blossoms are the best smelling, too bad the climate isn’t right in Michigan for them. My favorite spring flower is the daffodil. I can’t wait for mine to bloom this spring!

  141. Bright sunny daffodils, for sure! Can’t wait to see them here…we are expecting more snow on Sunday.

  142. Charlene Brummitt

    Daffodils are blooming in N.C. now so I think they are my favorite today. Thanks for the giveaway.

  143. I looooooooove tulips. They make me feel all springy!

  144. I too live in the desert and love all of the poppies that bloom this time of year. My all time favorite spring flower is the crocus, it would be the first flower to peak out of the snow in Massachusetts where I grew up to announce that spring is on it’s way.

  145. Valari Biccum

    Pretty please…I need some tulips here in NY..seems like the longest winter ever!! They’re myfavorite, but in the meantime, your fresh, springlike card inspirations will get me thru it!! Thanks, Mary.

  146. One more vote for the daffodils! One reason is being that the deer won’t feast on them like they do on most of the other spring flowers. It may be June in our part of the world before we see them this spring with the winter we have had. Thanks again for the wonderful blog and sharing both your talent and those of your pals. You are truly an inspiration to all of us who follow you. Can’t wait to see your new craft space. Oh, and thanks for the opportunity to win blog candy.

  147. I’m going to say daffodils since they are the first ones that I notice each new Spring. This is great blog candy, Mary! Thanks for encouraging all of us by sharing your wonderful creations. We appreciate it!

  148. Judy Grinnell

    Mine is the daffodil and boy would I like to see some popping out of the ground now! Thanks Mary.

  149. Big beautiful White Shasta Daisies!!!! Just thinking about them makes me smile!! Happy Happy Happy!

  150. Melissa Wilfong

    I am torn b/c I have 3 favorite flowers ? ahhh the beautiful sturdy carnation to enjoy long and refreshingly, the calla lilly for its eternal elegance & stunning unigueness, and finally the tender tulip for its fragile frame & fabulous fragrance. Ahh Spring, do come now with a wonderful win and a chance to enjoy these lovelies! thx.

  151. My daughter gave me a miniature lemon tree that I keep in the house, and it just started blooming. Every time I walk by it, I get a whiff of those blossoms, and so now I have to say that they are my favorite spring flower.

  152. I love tulips! So simple but so beautiful!

  153. I love all of the beautiful spring flowers but my favorite is the Tulip my grandmother had the most beautiful ones I had ever seen. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy I would love to win this my mother-in-law just entered an assisted living facility and it would be so nice to make this with pictures of her friends, neighbors, and church members from NC so she could look at it when she gets sad about not being there anymore. Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. My favorite spring flower is the Buttercup. That’s what I call them but they are also called Daffodils. Sometimes they start blooming in February here in the South.

  155. Kathleen Dixon

    My favorite flowers is the tulip! Comes in many colors and makes a great centerpiece!

  156. I love the Texas Bluebonnets! They are so pretty spreading from the roads and fields.

  157. The iris is my favorite one. My dad has black ones that are beautiful!

  158. I love many different flowers for many different reasons. Crocus: they hold the promise of spring even if snow is still on the ground; Tulips: they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors; Daffodils: because they will naturalize; Red Bud Trees: for their beautiful delicate flowers & because my Mom loved them; Lilacs: for their tiny flowers but huge fragrant impact; … and so on and so forth. Thanks for the chance to win, it’s so very generous.

  159. Daffodils. They smell so much like spring and new life!

  160. Definitely tulips. I can help pay for shipping if I win as I am from Canada!

  161. My favorite springtime flower is the daisy.

  162. I love Bluebonnets from Texas. We lived there while in the service and these flowers were the prettiest flower I had seen. I really miss them now that we live up north. My second flower is the Crocus.

  163. Glad you’re enjoying spring. My favorite flower for spring is Iris.

  164. Piper Kauffman

    Love your blog and your cards! My favorite spring flower is the Daisy! They are just so pretty and last so long and just look so pretty in a vase!

  165. I get excited each time I see a new bud popping through the snow. Today the hyacinths are peeking through. I’d have to say though that I especially love tulips. They’re even a meditation visual I use and once was my personalized license plate.

  166. Love the pink blooms on the Magnolia Trees in Spring

  167. Hyacinth is my favorite spring flower. It is one of the first to bloom in my gardens, and I can’t get enough of the sweet scent and the lovely pastel pinks and purples after a long, cold winter.

  168. I particularly love my white double bloodroot!

  169. Patti Hutchinson

    My favorite springtime flower is the daffodils. They are so simple, fun and beautiful!

  170. Definitly Daffodils are my favorite spring flower. They are so bright and cheerful and last a long time here in the north.

  171. My favorite flower is in my business name, the beautiful calla lily. I love all colors, even the black ones, but my favorite is the original white. My favorite stories from you right now are about the new kitty. Keep us updated. I want to venture out and get one again. Just can’t give my heart away again …yet. Myra H

  172. Patti Hutchinson

    My favorite spring time flower is the daffodil. They are simple, fun, bright and beautiful!

  173. I live in Colorado and we love our columbines. Nothing like a meadow with wild flowers on a mountain hike! The color is gorgeous.

  174. I love lilacs. They smell wonderful & bring back many memories of growing up. We desperately need to see some sign of spring here in Mi.

  175. My Favorite spring time flower is definitely Daffodils!! They are bright and sunny and make me happy!! 🙂

  176. Vicky Drisdelle

    I would have to say lilacs. My parents had 2 trees growing outside on either side of our front porch and the scent and color were fabulous. Those gorgeous days when we could open the windows and the scent would permeate the house was divine! Love the color too! 🙂

  177. Daffodils are my favorite spring time flower. We have 3 long rows of them coming up my lane and they always make me happy when they appear.

  178. My fav are iris or flags as my FIL calls them. There are so many colors!!! Happy Spring!!

  179. LOVE peonies! Any color, but it’s been so cold and snowy this winter in MA that it’s going to be a while before I see any 🙂

  180. Yellow tulips! They are so beautiful in the morning sun!

  181. Lilacs – and I miss them so since moving to the south! But I also love the pear trees and japanese magnolias when in bloom.

  182. Karen Williford

    I love tulips in the spring.

  183. Leslie Goleneski

    My favorite flowers are lilacs.

  184. Roberta Miller

    I love to drive through the Hill Country of Texas in the spring, just to see the Bluebonnets. Tulips were my favorite spring flower, until I saw fields of Bluebonnets … breathtaking!!

  185. I love tulips!! We went to the tulip festival in Michigan last year and I bought 4 different varieties – can’t wait to see them bloom. But here in Wisconsin it might be awhile before that happens!

  186. Love the daffodils and can’t wait to see fields of them blooming soon! Love your blog!

  187. Connie Lambropoulos

    I have two favorites in the spring. Lilacs and early blooming irises! I’m anxiously waiting for everything to green up in Iowa! Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful candy!

  188. If I have to pick just one favorite spring flower it has to be daffodils!!! Love the bright yellow color…just like the sun which we have seen very little of this long cold winter in CT…but lilacs and tulips are very close seconds!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win some great products Mary…BTW your new home looks gorgeous!!!

  189. Like many of the other comments, my love is tulips. They come in so many different colors. Thanks for the chance of winning some candy.

  190. I love the beautiful wildflowers you see as spring begins and the cold is disappearing .the big wide open fields start to look like storybook illustrations and I just want to walk through them and have a picnic.your site makes me eager to make a new card each day thank you for your inspiration and creativity.

  191. Lilacs, they smell incredible and boost your mood!

  192. My absolute favorite is Tulips and can’t wait to see them pop with their beautiful colors 🙂 Looking foward to warmer weather, the Tulips and trees budding and NO SNOW!!! Thanks again for your blog and your fun give-aways. I hope to win one one of these days 🙂

  193. My fav springtime flower is the daffodil for looking at and the lilac for smelling. Love your blog, and I see that many others do too!

  194. Tulips in every color!

  195. Tulips without a doubt! They sream spring as they poke their head out of the ground! Yes, tulips!

  196. Love to take my first peek at the crocuses that poke their heads up but I love that heavenly Lilac scent.

  197. I love tulips, one of my favorite flowers!

  198. Tulips are my very favorite springtime flower. They are a sign of Spring and I am so ready for it this year.

  199. Cindie McDuffee

    My favorite spring flower is the bearded iris. Any color, but I’m partial to the deep purples.
    For aroma, it’s the lilac!

  200. Daffodils. They always remind me of my grandmother and how we would stop at a roadside stand and buy her a bouquet on our way to visit her in the spring.

  201. Mary you are so kind to do a blog candy giveaway! I love tulips, they plant lots of them in Chicago around the city and gardens, it’s so lovely to walk around them and see their amazing splendor.

  202. I love lilacs and can’t wait for the sight and smell of them. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome blog candy! I look forward to your beautiful projects and your crafty space progress!

  203. I love tulips too. At the school I work at we have a court yard garden right outside my window and every spring the prettiest pale yellow tulips bloom. I just love watching for them to come out.

  204. Daffodils…A sure sign of spring and beautiful sunshine.

  205. Margaret Klapperich

    Mary—I didn’t see the comment box, so I e-mailed you with a comment.

  206. Peonies, I love them in all the colors!!
    So big and beautiful. Thanks Mary!! You inspire so many everyday 🙂

  207. Sharon Williamson

    My favorite springtime flower are lilies of the valley. They smell so wonderful and are the first definite sign that spring is really finally coming after a long winter. Thanks so much for the chance to win blog candy, and thanks for your inspiration.

  208. Hydrangea’s are beautiful here in Cape Cod Bay!

  209. Daffodils forsure. Love the bright yellow

  210. Happy Spring, Mary! Daffodils are my favorite-easy to grow and they come back year after year!

  211. My favorite flower is the forsythia, because their bright yellos blossoms signal the end of winter and let us know that the daffodils and hyachiths and
    SPRING will arrive soon.

  212. I love tulips! I have been blessed to see fields of them in Holland, the country, and Holland, Michigan. Gorgeous!

  213. Easter lilies are definitely my favorite! Their wonderful smell gets even stronger at night. Thanks for this great opportunity to win some super SU candy!

  214. I am always so happy to see my daffodils, means spring is right around the corner.

  215. Tulips remind me of my grandmother every spring and going to church with her at Easter time.

  216. Mary, My favorite springtime flowers are daffodils. They are so happy and cheerful. As a child, I would cut them and bring them in the house for every room. They remind me of happiness in my childhood! Thanks, Mary!

  217. I love Hyacinth!

  218. Daffodils are my favorite springtime flower here in Larkspur, Colorado. We live in the mountains and most people have them in there front yards for all of us to enjoy. The great thing about these wonderful flowers is that the deer do not eat them! Thanks for all your hard work Mary. Hugs, Barb

  219. My favorite Springtime flower is a daffodil.
    They are so cheery.

  220. Love those yellow daffodils! Close runner up is the carnation. Thanks for the chance to win some candy!

  221. gerber daisy…not sure it is “spring” specific but still my favorite!!

  222. Crocuses are my favorite springtime flower. I especially love when their is a variety of purples, yellows and whites together.

  223. Tulips. They are one of the first sights of spring!

  224. Daisys. I love Daisys. So clean and pretty. Yelp….daisys do it for me! 😉

  225. My favorite flower (since going to Hawaii) has become the Plumeria!!! I can’t get enough of them!! Although, here in Colorado, we don’t get ANY of them. 🙁

  226. Love to see something green poking up from the ground but tulips are my favorite….any color or any combination of colors….a bright splash of Springtime after winter!

  227. Lauri Patnode

    Crocus are my favorite spring time flower for sure! When that first one pops through the snow here in Western New York, you know that spring is FINALLY on it’s way!!

  228. jennifer spiller

    I love all the flowers everyone has mentioed so far, expecially the Daffadiles, Tulips, and Daisys. But, I’m going with Zinnia’s they allways make me smile!For they remind me a of my Aunt’s farthers garden. He would plant Zinnias every year and share them with the ladies in the small town where they live. Take them to church events and other things. Or just let friends come pick then when they wanted some. He was a kind man and he always had the best Zinnas. I am so ready for spring! Here in North Alabama we are getting close. Good luck to everyone and thanks Mary for being so great 🙂

  229. What a great question, Mary. From the looks of it- so many of us get excited about spring flowers! Difficult to choose just one but I’m going to say lilacs are my favorite. Happy Spring!

  230. Daffodils…..so happy looking you just can’t help but smile right back at ’em!

  231. Hi! My favorite flower is tulip.

  232. I love tulips!!!

  233. For sure the lilacs!! I wish I had a tree in my yard but many neighbors do & every time I walk out I can smell them. Simply an amazing smell & I love the purple & the white!! Thanks Mary.

  234. patti moffett

    Lilacs….as a young teenager we had a hedgerow of lilacs just under my bedroom window…the fragrance permeated my room in the evenings when I went to bed. Whenever I smell lilacs it transports me back to a happy home and fond memories. My husband transplanted some of these lilacs to our current home. Our lilacs fill the air as a sign of his love.

  235. My favorite spring flower are the daffodils. I love the yellow ones. They are so bright and chipper. Thank you, for being so generous with your give-a-way. Have a stampin’ good day … *smile*

  236. I’m jealous that you have flowers blooming there – we still have mounds of snow on the ground everywhere!! But, I’m looking forward to the heavenly scent of my favorite spring flower – the lilac. We have a bush in our back yard, and when it blooms I just stand there inhaling the wonderful smell. Love it!!

  237. Good Morning Mary! I have two favorites. Love the smell of the lilacs and the dogwood trees are gorgeous as well! Anxiously awaiting their arrival here in the north!

  238. I never win when I share ren. festival stuff on facebook but you knows maybe I will get lucky here. Just wanted to say thank you for all your beautiful inspirational ideas

  239. I would have to agree with you, Mary! I love the citrus blooms in AZ! Next to that, for beauty, I love the zinnia! However, the one thing spring brings me that I don’t enjoy…allergies! I’m dying today;0

  240. Ruth E Velazquez

    I love tulips also. So many colors and they just scream spring.

  241. First sign of spring in my area are the tiny grape hyacinths that sprout up…..pretty shades of blue and purple!

  242. Kellie Cavallaro

    There are so many beautiful springtime flowers to pick from that it’s difficult to pick a favorite. I think I am looking forward to seeing fields of wild poppies the most because that reminds me of my childhood.

  243. I’m a huge lilac fan!

  244. My favorite springtime flower is without a doubt the tulip. Yellow tulips. They are the epitome of spring and living in Maine I am more than ready for it!! Long winter here. Thanks for the generous blog candy chance!

  245. Tulips…love how they brighten a room in a vase.

  246. The Blue Iris here in the Pacific Northwest are just stunning….and then we all planted those gorgeous happy daffodils around our mailboxes and it is so cherry ! Love your blog ! thanks.

  247. After such a horrendous midwest winter, I will love ANYTHING pretty and bright that pops up out of the ground!!! It doesn’t have to be a favorite…..it just needs to come…and SOON!

  248. Nadine bailey

    Can very eary snowdrops count? Here in New York, we still have a foot and more of snow so to see those little heads means hope for warmer weather. I love paper whites too.

  249. Sheila Barnes

    Favorite – TULIPS – they come in so many colors & look so stately on their tall stems.
    Where my parents lived, in Skagit Co, WA we would take a drive to see the HUGE fields of colorful blooms.
    Beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I always look forward to your posts & often “pin.” your ideas.

  250. Lorrie Freeman

    Tulips have always been my springtime favorite 🙂

  251. I lean more towards lilacs – I love their smell
    Thanks for the chance at blog candy
    Barb S

  252. Thanks for the chance to win a fabulous package of SU products, Mary. My favorite spring flower is the white Trillium. Daffodils are a real close second!

  253. I love the fragrance and beauty of the Lily of the Valley.

  254. Has to be daffodils! Their pretty little yellow heads bobbing in the wind!

  255. What wonderful “springy” blog candy! Having just had a wednesday full of blizzard conditions, I would LOVE to see my favorite flower the daffodil! But right now there is just too much snow!

  256. I love lilacs! After this winter though, anything that blooms will be my favorite spring flower!!!!

  257. Definitely daffodils. I love them!

  258. Kelley Miranda

    I don’t know that it’s necessarily a spring flower, but I love Gerber Daisies! There bright colors just make me happy.

  259. My favorite flowers (although they grow on a tree) are dogwood blossoms which are also the state flower of North Carolina. We have had a horrendous winter (our morning temp was 29*), but I can see the buds on the trees just waiting to burst open! Thanks for a great giveaway–love your blog!

  260. Mary,

    I live in Texas and it’s about time for the bluebonnets to start blooming. What a sight to see with miles and miles of our roadways covered with bluebonnets. Make you ready for spring and proud to live in Texas.

  261. Hyacinth says spring and Easter all in one. But Lily of the Valley have many memories for me. Love your new stamp space. Lucky you!

  262. My favorite is the Gardenia. I have a bush right outside of bedroom window and on those cool spring nights when I can leave the windows open, it’s like the most heavenly smell on earth.

  263. I would have to say tulips are my favorite for spring. They come in so many different colors and they make a flower bed so pretty after all the snow we have had. I enjoy your blog and all the ideas you have to share with us. Keep them coming. Come on SPRING.

  264. My favorite spring time flowers are the Purple Negra tulips that we see around the Skagit Valley during the Tulip Festival. Really, I adore the multi-color tulip fields that stretch out forever.

  265. I love the Miuntain Laurel tree flowers. They only show in early spring here in Texas .

  266. my favorite flower comes from the Mountain Laurel tree. they only bloom once a year here in San Antoniio Texas

  267. Wow! I love the tulips in the spring, I have a very large area of them and they are beautiful. Love when the grass turns green and the fresh warm rain and the birds singing. Spring can’t come soon enough this year after our very cold winter.

  268. It has to be daffodils – it’t the one spring flower that the deer don’t eat. Deer love tulips!

  269. Hi Mary! I would have to say my favorite Spring time flower is daffodils because they are bright and cheery and remind me of a time when I was a little girl and my cousin and I would pick them for our teacher(s). Thank you so much for a chance to win your Spring Time Candy!

    Blessings to you!

  270. Daffodils and tulips. Springtime can’t come soon enough in Illinois!

  271. Shawn Marie O'Connell

    My favorite spring flower are crocus. My Grandmom had them in her front flower beds. I loved when it would snow in early Spring and the crocus would still pop through!! Such a beautiful sight against the white snow!! Thanks for the chance to win. ;o)

  272. Fun Blog Candy… My favorite spring flower is the purple lilac. But we don’t see those until June as that is Spring in the high mountain area here in Wyoming where I live. We still have snow currently.

  273. I used to love seeing the cheerful daffodils peeking through the last of the snow, but now like you, my backyard here in Phoenix smells heavenly with the citrus blossoms! I love all flowers! So hard to pick a favorite—-most of my stamps sets are flowers!!! 🙂

  274. Susie Schumacher

    I have so many different favorites. Love the smell of lilac’s. But I love daisies and daffodils and tulips…I could go and on… After our winter here in Wis. I can’t wait for spring!!!!!

  275. I live in Virginia and this might not be considered a flower by some, but the dogwood bloom means spring and rebirth to me!

  276. Have to say Daffodils

  277. I loce daffodils. They have just the burst of sunshine I need to shake off the winter blahs. Thanks for all you do.

  278. Here in Wisconsin the temperature gauge has just went past 35! I’m wearing my spring coat and driving around with the windows open in my car;) I am so excited to start seeing my beautiful IRIS’s Bloom(love those things)! Happy Spring!

  279. Michelle Silva

    It is very hard to choose because I love lots of flowers like hydrangea’s, old fashion roses and peonies. I guess if I had to choose one it would be the hydrangea’s.

  280. Kristen Taylor

    Definitely tulips!

  281. My favorite springtime flower is gladiola…they look like little ballerina 🙂 Thank you for a chance to win!

  282. My springtime flower is daisies I love them followed closely to lilacs which smell heavenly.

  283. tulips are my favorite spring flower- the colors they come in are gorgeous! thanks for the chance to win!!

  284. My absolute favorite flower is the Calla Lily. It is so graceful and I love the shape!

  285. I love the daffodils it shows spring is coming. I was in Tucson yesterday playing golf and the citrus trees smelled amazing.

  286. I am soooo….. ready for spring! What pretty paper. Thanks for the chance to win some spring items!

  287. It’s so hard to choose between all the gorgeous spring flowers but I think I’d have to agree with most of the other commenters and say daffodils. Something about them makes me smile and lifts my spirits on my grumpiest days. They’re so bright and cheerful and resilient.

  288. Barbara Mayfield

    In Texas, it has to be the Bluebonnets and other wild flowers…

  289. Daffodils have to be my favorite. These brave little beauties are always first to signal the arrival of spring. They just make me smile.

  290. Jill K. Harris

    Hi Mary, What a fun idea! My favorite flower is the hyacinth, because it smells so pretty. They line my drive in the front and greet me in the mornings to start my day off right. Of course, they won’t be out for a while yet here. I can just barely see the tips of their leaves right now and we may get a wintery mix on Sunday-Monday. But, I’m eagerly awaiting thier lovely blooms and scent.

  291. I love tulips in the spring. So many beautiful colors. Happy spring!

  292. I love the fragrance and beauty of the Lily of the Valley.

  293. Brenda Rozborski

    It is difficult to choose just one but for me it would be hyacinths.

  294. Tulips and daffodils are always a WELCOMING sign of Spring. Waiting to see signs of green and the birds chirping !

  295. Hi Mary! What a great bunch of goodies – thank you for the chance to win! My very favorite springtime flower is the crocus. So beautiful and cheery!

  296. My favorite flower is the daffodil. They are a sure sign that spring is here. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a nice selection of products!

  297. My favorite spring flowers are tulips, especially if I can visit Pella, Iowa during their Tulip Time festival held every year in May…lots of Dutch costumes, wooden shoes, and beautiful tulip beds everywhere.

  298. Our citrus are all in bloom also, here in San Diego. My favorite sping flowers are daffodils, such a beautiful flowers.

  299. Well Mary, here in Texas we haven’t had a lot too choose from…ha! With the crazy weather we’ve been having, our flowers don’t know if it is still winter or really spring!! I have to go with the daffodils though. When I’m out for my noontime walk, I see a few hearty ones who are raising their yellow crowns tall to the sky; they make me smile and remind me of all God’s creation!

  300. Nancy Schultz Toops

    My favorite flower in the summer is Lilly of the Valley. The fragrance is what I like most about it. They remind me of my Grandpas’s back yard because he had a blue million of them, but they’re hard to find around here. My favorite color is strawberry.

  301. I love the Daphne’s blooming right now in the Pacific NW, they smell amazing!!! And I love my daily visits to your blog and all the inspiration, Thanks!!

  302. Our citrus are all in bloom also, here in San Diego. My favorite spring flower are daffodils, they are so beautiful.
    Teri S

  303. All time favorite springtime flower is the freesia. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  304. Kelly Wentworth

    I love lilacs.. the colors and the scent. It was also my mother’s favorite and they remind me of her! I lost my mom when I was 18 and she was only 50 so spring time lilacs are what I look forward to!!

  305. My first thought was an iris, but then I remembered the smell of lilacs blooming and I changed my mind. Having the smell hit you when you come around the corner of the house is so beautiful!

  306. I see I am not alone with my favorite, the Lilac, I just wish they stayed around a little longer. Love your blog Mary, so many fresh ideas.

  307. My favourite flower is the daffodil. Reminds me of spring and Easter. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  308. My favorite springtime flower is the daffodil. When we, here in Boston, see one we know the snow is finally gone!

  309. Small bunches of “crocus” popping their heads up truly puts a smile on my face….although the “daffodils” are a close second! Just seeing all the spring time flowers popping up on my daily walk seems to always brighten my spirits after a long winters freeze! Thanks for a chance to win some great Stampin’ Up! products….and your constant inspiration!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  310. My favorite are the tulips! So many beautiful colors and varieties!

  311. My favorite smelling spring flower is lilac, it reminds me of my grandmothers house. Back east when it rained it always smelled so lovely. I also love the crocus popping up through the snow early spring, it gives me a glimpse of the beauty to come!

  312. My favorite flower is Gerber daisies. Love every color!

  313. Maggie Morton

    Awww….Spring!!! I love that time of the year, not to hot & not to cold. I love Tulips BUT I a spring mix of Lilies, Iris’s, Tulips of any color variation work PERFECT for me!

  314. I take a trip to DC from Maine in March andther cherry blossoms ae great. they are beutiful and fragrant!

  315. Daisies are my favorite!

  316. Bonnie in Virginia

    Here in Virginia, our Knock Out Roses start blooming early spring, mine are a ‘Melon Mambo’ color and I love them!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  317. Eileen mcClean

    My favourite flowers are crocuses,I love their burst of color as they are coming through!i have not seen too many in a California but crocuses mean spring to me!

  318. My favorite springtime flower would have to be tulips. I hope that some will start poking through around here soon (MN) it has been so cold and lots of snow, but FINALLY warming up! Yippee!

  319. daffodils! When i was growing up in new york, hey were the first to come up, signaling, winter was almost over – though they were often killed by frost 🙁

  320. My favorite spring flower is the Hyacinth, they smell so vibrant and wonderful. They really get you ready for the warm weather!

  321. I love the daffodils – it’s a sign that spring is here!!

  322. I have always loved tulips! With so many colors I never get tired of them. Thanks for another chance to win, Mary! (I love your new craft room!!)

  323. Jessica Monson

    im in love with the pop up posies!

  324. My favorite flower is the lily of the valley. Although I don’t like how they take over my garden.

  325. I love LIly of the Valley and Lilacs…. Hard to choose for sure. Love your blog and your simple creativity!

  326. My favorite springtime flower is definitely the tulip. I love all the different colors. The state of Washington has a huge tulip festival every year. I’m sure you would love seeing the fields of colors!! Thank you for your daily inspiration.

  327. Trying to be patient, awaiting bloom of my Grape Hyacinth and Daffodils. The ground is still frozen “up north” (So. Dakota)–but I know that almost overnight, the magical transformation will take place. Love your blog Mary, you are so talented!

  328. Christina Staes

    Daisies are my favorite!!

  329. My favorite is a late bloomer, allium. Big beautiful puff balls that last a while! Thanks!

  330. Daffodils, definitely. Right now, here in Georgia, my neighbors’ yard has huge patches of blooming daffodils that have naturalized throughout his yard. It can’t help but make you happy!

  331. I LOVE daffodils! They are so delicate looking. THanks for the chance to win!

  332. My favorite springtime flower, although I love them all, is the snow crocus. It is the first to bloom here in Salt Lake City, and it inspires everytime I see them pop up with the promise of Spring!

  333. Hi Mary

    My very favorite is the tulip and the iris. Even though I live in phoenix I can still get them to come up every spring. I love them! They don’t last long with our heat. I hope you are loving your new craft room. Take care.


  334. I have to agree with those who said the crocus. It comes up in our dry, brown Buffalo Grass, looking like a touch of Spring when everything else looks so dismal. People stop and enjoy our sidewalk crocuses whole on their walks!

  335. Tulips! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  336. Hi Mary!
    My Favorite spring time flower it the Daffodil. They are so bright and pretty!

  337. Tulips!! I love them!!

  338. My favorite Spring flower is the bright and sunny yellow daffodil.

  339. Our California poppies are in full bloom right now. It’s a sea of bright orange and they are gorgeous! Those and daffodils are 2 of my favorites!

  340. TULIPS have always been my favorite, especially the red ones! Thank YOU for all the many ways you inspire, encourage and prod us in paper crafting and making it so enjoyable and fun!!

  341. After a long winter I appreciate anything bright and colorful but I know spring is here when trilliums bloom and I see the dogwood in bloom. Thanks for the chance at a colorful treat.

  342. Daffodils for sure! They randomly come up all over our yard and in our woods, thanks to the previous homeowners! Such a nice surprise each spring!

  343. I love all the springtime blossom and flowers, but my favorite would be wild rhododendron and azalea. Thanks for a chance to win your awesome “Springtime Blog Candy”. Also, love your new Stampin/Craft room.

  344. My favorite is Lily of the Valley. It is such a fragile looking flower, yet smells wonderful! And it grows in large groups, so it covers a lot of garden space!

  345. My favorites are the tulips in all its variety of colors. Secondly are the Hyacinths. And while I’m originally from Guam, my all time favorite is the plumeria with its light fragrance and use for many floral decors to leis.

  346. tulips, really all of them even strawberries blooming make me smile!

  347. All of the spring flowers are wonderful, but the blue bells give me the most joy as I remember my kids picking bouquets during their walks in the woods!

  348. My favorite late spring flower are peonies because of their fragrance and many varieties of color. My favorite colors are the rose red and light pink. Can’t wait until the make their appearance here in our northern state.

  349. I’d have to say garden roses and peonies! Oh how I love Spring in Arizona, everything in my garden is coming to life!!

  350. My fav is the hyacinth – I love the springtime smell. Beginning in March I always have them in my kitchen – we are buried in snow, but the scent reminds me that spring is coming.

  351. Kozzette Bennett

    Are there any more beautiful springtime flowers than the tulip? Personally, I don’t think so. They are not too elegant, too romantic, too big, too small, or too bright; the tulip is always just right. They are like a favorite pair of jeans or your mom’s fresh-baked cookies in that the meanings of tulips express genuine coziness and comfort in all of the right ways. Happy spring stamping friends!

  352. Bluebonnets! I love bluebonnets!

  353. Paulette Habbit

    Louisiana Iris is my favorite spring flower along with the Azales.

  354. My favorite is lilac! Thanks!

  355. Dogwood and Cherry blossoms are my favorites. I am more than ready for them this year!

  356. Sandy Wingate

    Ooh, I love spring flowers! One of the things I miss the most since I moved from Upstate NY to Las Vegas is my flower garden. All of my Crocuses, Tulips, Iris, Hyacinths, Pansies, and my favorite, Daffodils, would be getting ready to pop up through the last of the snow on the ground.

  357. Love the smell and look of lilacs! Tulips are pretty, but they don’t last long. Also, love irises, have lots of those. So ready for spring up here in the upper Midwest, been an awfully cold winter! Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win all these great items!

  358. I’m with you, Mary I love the tulips, I just wish they stayed longer. thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

  359. The beautiful Tulips at the Skagit Tulip Festival in WA!!

  360. Tulips are my favorite…though I have never had any luck getting them to grow!

  361. I love lillies, but just watching everything bloom is my favorite part of Spring!

  362. Janet Hathcoat

    Tulips are my all time favorite flower. I love seeing and smelling all types of flowers even the wildflowers that grown in the woods around my house. The butterfly bushes is especially pretty when all the little yellow butteflies begin swarming them.

  363. My favorite is daffodils. I have lots of different colors and sizes in my yard. So pretty!

  364. Rosemary Roscoe

    My favorite flower of all is the Rose but my favorite springtime flower are tulips. Love these and all the color the give.

  365. Helen Schadegg

    That is tough…Hyacinth is a favorite because they pop out of the cold hard ground first. Lillies of the Valley for many reasons. But Lilacs are the queens! They remind me of my Gram so were one of the reasons we bought our present home as the large yard is encircled by them and makes for an amazing transition from winter gloom to summer sun! Thanks for this opportunity to think spring!

  366. My favorite spring flower is the Daffodil because the Cancer Society has Daffodil Days and they sell them to raise funds for their cause.

  367. My favorite flower is the Tulip, just love the colors, living in AZ helps me appreciate all the colors of spring.

  368. Hyacinth!!

  369. My favorite springtime flower is the small lily of the valley-heavenly!!!! Thanks for a chance to win but more than that, thanks for your BLOG, It is so inspiring!! You are AMAZING!!

  370. Definitely love my daffodils. Thanks for the opportunity!

  371. My favorite spring flower right now would have to be the blossoms on my lemon tree. It is indoors and blooming like crazy right now. The scent from the blossoms smell heavenly.

  372. Having lived in the South in the past, I love it when the Dogwood trees bloom. There is a sea of pink and white everywhere. It is especially nice when all of the other spring flowers bloom at the same time, when the weather is just right.

  373. hope mitchell

    My favorite Spring flower is the Snow Bell. These courageous, tiny souls peek out before any crocus, tulip, hyacinth or daffodil dares. They battle multiple snowfalls ready to manifest themselves when the sun reduces some of the snow’s layers to equalize the “growing field” a little. They are the “warm-up” act for the others! Love them.

  374. Leslie Edrington

    My favorite spring time flower? Well I actually have more than one. I love the bright fresh look of Tulips in all of the colors & varieties but I also like the “happy” yellow color of Daffodil’s. But I would have to say that my most favorite flower that comes in the spring is the Pansy! I love, love, love the cute colorful “faces” of the Pansy. It reminds me of my Grandmother. She had so many of these darling little colorful flowers in her yard and whenever I look at Pansies it reminds me of her:)

  375. I love carnations for their fragrance and that they last so long. Have a nice day.

  376. I love carnations for their fragrance and that they last so long. Have a nice day.

  377. I love carnations for their fragrance and that they last so long. Have a nice day.

  378. Laura Borchert

    It’s a toss up between tulips and apple blossoms!

  379. I love carnations!

  380. I love carnations!

  381. I love carnations!

  382. I love the look of tulips and daffodils but can’t forget the smell of lilac…they just come later ..spring is a happy time! But Mary following your remodel and cards has surely helped get through a very long and brutle winter. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  383. Mary, I love all spring flowers but my favorite is the tulip, so many beautiful colors. Thanks for the chance to win candy. I love your blog, and look at it everyday for inspiration.

  384. I would have to say my favorite springtime flowers are tulips and daffodils. They just scream spring! I’m so ready!

  385. My favorite spring time flower are the daffodils. Just love the bright yellow in the sunshine.

  386. Daffodils! They’re always the first sign of Spring to me.

  387. Mary – I am really a lover of all flowers. Living in the Pacific Northwest, when I see the wild rhododendrons blooming I know that we can count on spring to be right around the corner. However, when I was growing up, I lived in Eastern Washington and the lilacs there were just amazing. And the smell filled the air with the greatest perfume. And I did hook up with Nadie. Thanks so much!!!

  388. Stephanie Jager

    I love lilacs. My aunt (a second mother to me) had them in her yard. I used to spend a lot of time with her and their smell brings back
    wonderful memories.

  389. Daffodils! They’re always the first sign of Spring to me!

  390. Very “Springy” Blog Candy. The crocus is my favorite and probably the earliest of all Spring flowers. I used to pick three each Spring from the hill pasture behind our home, then gift God’s flowers to my mother.

  391. Since I’m living the frozen north, any flower would be glorious. Although, I would have to say that my favorite is the hyacinths. I love their smell! Thank you for all the wonderful cards and ideas.

  392. Hi Mary, I LOVE your web site. The cards you create are beautiful. Thank you for being an inspiration! My favorite spring time flower is the petite, delicate Lily of the Valley. I wish they bloomed longer – I love their scent. 🙂

  393. I love hyacinths. They smell so wonderful. Just oozes spring when they start blooming.

  394. I love it when my lilac bush blooms. It is so large you can smell them all over my yard.

  395. My favorite spring flower is the daffodil. It signals the coming of spring. I am delighted to see the daffodils blooming in my garden even though there is still a chill in the air.

  396. I can’t pick just ONE, Mary! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE tulips, iris, & hyacinth! Happy Spring!

  397. My favorite springtime flower is the lilac. I just love the way they smell – heavenly! But after the winter we’ve had, I’ll take any kind of spring flower – I just want to see some!

  398. My Favorite Spring flower is the Tulips! My daughter sent me a beautiful bouquet in February for my Birthday!!!
    What a nice collection of “blog candy”, thanks for the chance to win!

  399. I have to say my lovely Daffodils. I just LOVE them plus the yellow is my absolute favorite color!! So sunny and bright and they grow like wild flowers here in the PNW!! Just heavenly every time I see them. 🙂

  400. My favorite flower is the Gardenia it give out a fragrant white flowers. Another common name is Cape Jasmine. When I am working in my garden I love it’s smell. The flower comes out mid spring and summer.

  401. Janet Cromwell

    Definitely the tulips! What glorious colors! I’l looking forward to seeing them bloom this year.

  402. My favorite Spring flowers are violets. The grow wild in the woods around my house and smell heavenly.

  403. My favorite would be the daffodils! They always look happy even when we get a surprise March snow here in New Mexico!!

  404. Laura Knobel-Piehl

    Mary, my favorite flower to look at is a daffodil, but after long Minnesota winters, the heady smell of the hyacinth is by far my favorite to snuffle ravagingly. 🙂

  405. I am not sure if this is a Spring flower, but it is my favorite. Queen of the Night only blooms once a year for a couple of hours. It is a desert cactus flower, and a wonderful perfume is made from it. This is my fav! Love what you do Mary . . . . would love to meet you some day!

  406. I have a difficult time picking any one flower because God made so many beautiful ones and the ones that smell good when they bloom is even better. Thank you for a chance to win some blog candy.

  407. My favorite is tulips. What’s not to like. They are so fresh and cheery. With the help of Trader Joes, they are in the house almost year-round!

  408. Bernice Wright

    Love, love, love Tulips – any color is great. Not particular. Love all flowers though, no matter what they are.
    Thanks for the chance to play – great candy!!!

  409. Wisteria…oh my so so pretty and it smells gorgeous too…

  410. As many others have said, it’s a toss-up between tulips and daffodils! I love the cheeriness of daffodils and there are so many options with tulips. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  411. I love all spring flowers, but star jasmine is the ‘star’. The fragrance is heavenly. I’m making the invitations for my daughter’s baby ‘sprinkle’ (small shower) and would love to have the Rain or Shine stamp set for them. Thanks for the chance to win it, Mary!

  412. What a fun contest! My favorite spring time flower is the tulip. I love when they start coming up but living somewhere that snows is upsetting because sometimes they start coming up and then it snows a ton on them. So sad…

  413. I would have to say the “Siebold Primrose” is my favorite springtime flower. Not only is this flower easy to grow throughout most of the country (including semi-arid areas like where you live), but it also has a few attributes similar to Stampin’ Up!, such as it’s name and shape. Stampin’ Up! has “Primrose Petals”, a delightful spring color from the 2012-2014 In Colors Collection and this beautiful flower is called “Siebold Primrose”. The “Siebold Primrose” is a starry-five petaled flower, just like the Stampin’ Up! 5-Petal Flower Punch (retired). I love how we can find our hobbies in nature!!

  414. Karen Sanders

    I love all flowers! I have tulips, daffodils, and lilacs that brighten my Spring. BUT, it is the little Grape Hyacinths that make me smile! Thank you for sharing your love of card making!

  415. Iris’s!!! LOVE the purple. It brings back such great memories growing up and I still remember the 1st time I picked Iris’s and brought them to my mom. I was so proud but little did I know at 4 or 5 years old, I wasn’t suppose to pick them so I was in a little hot water! Still a great memory AND, now, I let my kids pick whatever flowers they want to bring to me! It’s the little things.

  416. I love tulips!! Always a beautiful sign of spring! Thank you Mary….I love your work!

  417. This is my first spring in AZ. I love the red hibiscus. The ground in Ohio is still snow covered so I will have another Spring when I go home. Magnolias are my favorite there!

  418. Mary, How fun!My favorite spring flower is the crocus. When we see those pop up we know spring is really coming. I also love the flowers on the Bradford pear trees. Overnight they burst with stunning white flowers! Happy Spring!!

  419. My Spring flower has always been the tulip! That’s why I also LOVE the Blessed Easter stamp set in the OC this year!! LOVE IT! 🙂

  420. Thank you for a chance to win all that great stuff! I love my peonies!

  421. My favorite is the crocus….you know spring is really coming! In Wichita, KS the other display of beauty in the Spring is the Bradford Pear. Anytime now we will wake up to trees laden with stunning white flowers! Thanks Mary! Happy Spring!

  422. I guess I would say mine is the daffodil – when they start popping up everywhere I think just maybe spring is here! And we are really ready for spring here in NC!



  424. My favorite flower has ALWAYS been the Tulip! I just love the winsome shape of them. I have always wanted Tulips in a bouquet over Roses. My Hubby is so good to remember this!

  425. The azalea bushes are blooming outside the parking lot at work – the colorful bushes are so full of flowers and are so beautiful – I think this is my favorite!

  426. Tulips are very pretty but I like the daffodil. 🙂 It just looks so happy!

  427. I look at your site every morning … Always inspires me. My favorite are our Texas bluebonnets — blooming now in central Texas.

  428. Danielle Dietz

    My all-time favorite are pansies! Especially the purple with yellow centers paired with the yellow with purple centers. Here in Texas summers are too hot so they definitely shine in the springtime! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such lovely SU products. Your blog is always inspiring.

  429. Marilyn Wilson

    My favorite spring flower is the Daffodil. I call them HAPPY flowers because their bright yellow color makes me smile with happiness. It’s a sure sign that spring is on its way. We still have a long wait here in midcoast Maine!

  430. We have a Tulip Tree in full bloom right now (Northern California) and it is so beautiful. Since Tulips are my favorite Spring flower, I am really enjoying the Tulip Tree.

  431. OMGosh, I have so many, so I’ll pick my Irises; and I really have to say tulips too, pink and white. lol

  432. I have so many but I’ll go with Irises; oh my I have to add my pink and white tulips too, is that okay?

  433. I love pansies. They remind me my grandmother and growing up in Pennsylvania.

  434. Nancy L. Weller

    It is a sure sign of spring when the Blue Bonnets pop up on the roadside and hills of Texas. We know that spring has sprung in the towns and cities when the Blue Bonnets pop their heads up and show their glorious color!!

  435. Roxanne Stried

    We have lilac bushes growing on 2 sides of our house. Open the windows in the spring and you have that little bit of heaven! One side is purple, the other pink. My 2 favorite colors. The fragrant smell is the best!

  436. Mary, my favorite is the pansy. They always look like they are smiling.

  437. Pansies are my fav spring flower. It’s not the traditional tulips, daffodils, etc. but I love planting them every April 1st (the day, long ago when my youngest left home for her career in NYC). They made me smile that first time, and every April 1 since!

  438. Colleen Glover

    Tulips are my favs….little bundles of beauty and brigtness in the Spring!!

  439. Has to be he daffodils. They are such a happy flower.

  440. The Jonquil is my favorite flower. However after this gruesome Indiana winter, I will just be happy to see any color!

  441. Hi Mary, Love Tulips but Lilacs and Lilly of the Valley are my favorites. The only problem is, they’re here for such a short time! Enjoy your “Tulip” blog every day!

  442. Grape Hyacinth – a powerful pungent punch in a petite package. Among the first to pop up, all it takes is a wee bit of sunshine and warmth. They exemplify hope and better days ahead.

  443. Mary, thank you for your offer to stampers and a lovely way to announce it is Spring! The bearded iris remind me of my childhood and my mother. She had white bearded iris in flower beds on both sides of the backdoor steps. She would let us pick them and put them in a glass of colored water (water colored with food coloring). We would watch in wonder as the white petals turned into the color of the colored water. We could make any color of iris we wanted, and some of our colored iris were pretty unusual! We knew Spring was here when the iris bloomed. Happy Spring to you!

  444. Spring = bright colors = fun = giveaways 🙂 Thanks.

  445. absolute favorite is a Magnolia. The flowering trees in Fayetteville Georgia are fabulous. It’s like driving on a white carpet in heaven!

  446. I’m with you – citrus trees are the BEST. We spend every winter in AZ and there are two orange trees on the property. I keep the doors and windows open just to smell them!

  447. michelle murray

    Wild daffodil!

  448. Debbie Flattum

    My favorite spring flower is hyacinths! They are so fragrant. Thanks for a chance to win your great blog candy bundle.

  449. Cynthia Tuttle

    My favorite flower is the Lilac!! It’s not exactly a flower, but a flowering shrub, so I hope that it still counts!! Our backyard has lilac bushes on two sides, so when they bloom in the spring the breeze blows the lovely scent all over the neighborhood. It is a total shame that they don’t bloom for very long.

  450. I love all kinds of flowers so it’s hard to pick. But being from WI I love to see tulips and daffodils blooming because that means it truly is Spring! Thank you for the chance to win some awesome product!

  451. Debbie Wicklund

    I love Pansies. They are the first flowers of spring & can even take the cold mornings of Minnesota.

  452. My favorite spring flowers are the orange blossoms, love the scent.
    Maria V.

  453. My favorite spring time flower is the crocus. It gives me hope that spring is really coming and especially this year with all the snow and cold I can’t wait to see one boom!

  454. I love lilacs and their beautiful scent.

  455. Linda Crossman

    Tulips. Love ’em!

  456. Cherry Blossoms, you cant beat the beautiful color and fullness of the flowers. I love that SU! has several shades of pink I can use to make them!

  457. Well, it has to be lilacs for me! Finally some pretty nice days here in MN, but when the lilacs bloom along the roads – bushes 20 feet high sometimes, I am in heaven!

  458. It’s hard to pick one favorite! But daffodils can lift my spirit with their tenacity to even come up through snow..spring is coming!

  459. Sue Straatmann

    Mary, my favorite Spring flower is lily of the valley. My grandparents had lily of the valley plants at their home and their yard smelled awesome. Every time I see a lily of the valley I think of my grandparents. Thank you for the chance to win!

  460. My favorite is the Tulip. Such an interesting history, and great colors.

  461. Tulips!!!! I can’t wait to seem them after this loooonnngg winter!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!


  462. Daffodils….so sunny!

  463. Hi Mary, My favorite flower in any season is the Daisy…makes me smile…it is such a happy flower. Looking forward to seeing your finished creative space!
    NC Stamper

  464. I always get some too! 🙂

  465. Red tulips and Yellow daffodils! Thats what I have in my garden and they greet me with cheer. Reading about all the flowers makes us in the Northeast so excited for Spring to come!!! Thanks for the contest and the cheerful prize you are offering.

  466. I love Snapdragons. It just seems like their little heads are wanting to have a conversation with me. So I sit on my patio and talk to them and they lovingly stand at attention. I remember as a little girl gently pinching the back of the flower head to make the mouth open and shut – just like they were talking. They come in so many beautiful colors and here in Surprise, Arizona, they are planted everywhere right now. Thanks Mary. Love your website!

  467. My absolute favorite spring bloom is fragrant daphne. The blossoms are so sweet in pale pink to deep magenta with the tangy smell of ginger and citrus. I planted one outside under my bedroom window and love that smell when I first wake up!

  468. Daffodils our my favorite springtime flower. So beautiful on the hill,swaying in the breeze.

  469. The beautiful Peonies. In Alaska they bloom all summer. I had several varieties. And now that I’m in Kentucky, they only bloom a short while. They are my favorite.

  470. I love tulips. They are so happy looking and colorful!

  471. Dutch tulips. We even have a local Tulip Festival including the traditional youngsters dressed in Dutch outfits and sweeping the streets and a Tulip Queen.

  472. I love an Iris or a Tulip. But you cannot beat a sunflower I am just not sure but those might be a summer flower. I love spring just not ready for the Texas summer heat………….

  473. Dee Cunningham

    Hi Mary, my favorite springtime flower is the Pansey. They are very hardy and have such a variety of colors. A lot like the DSP we get from SU! Thanks for all you do for the team…you are amazing.

  474. Stephanie Lopez

    My favorite springtime flowers would have to be daisies.

  475. Daffodils are probably my favorite, because t1hey are so cheerful and bright, and they are smong the first to appear in my area.

  476. Daria Stevenson

    I live in Texas and the Bluebonnets and Indian Paint Brush signal spring alongside our highways and fields. Thank you for this fun opportunity.

  477. I Love big beautiful peonies. My husband grows pink, dark magenta and white flowers.

  478. My favorite spring flowers are the California redbuds. They’re spectacular. Thanks for the chance to win.

  479. Madeleine Menke

    Love tulips. I am not a “tidy” person. Not everything has a place in my house & even those things that do may not find their way home. I think that’s why I like tulips so much, they are a very neat & tidy flower. LOL There must be some order in life.

  480. Daffodils would be my favorite. So bright and cheerful.

  481. My favorite flower is the hibiscus. No, they don’t normally grow in South Dakota, but my mother’s hairdresser went to Hawaii and brought her back some slips. My mother raised four beautiful plants in redwood planters on wheels and though she has been gone many years, whenever I see a hibiscus, I have wonderful memories of her.

  482. Daffodil’s………..love the bright yellow color.

  483. Dee Ann Hernandez

    Gerber Daisies are my absolute favorite flower!!! They are sooo colorful and vibrant, just like our ink colors :-)!

  484. My favorite flower is the miniature iris’s. They bloom early and stay around for a week or so and then leave their foilage so you can enjoy the beautiful greenery.

  485. Great blog! My favorite spring flowers are Texas bluebonnets. So pretty!


  487. Definitely the pure and simple white flower of the citrus trees. You can smell their sweet scent before you even see the trees.

  488. My favorite spring flower is the Gerber Daisies, I love all the beautiful colors they come in.

  489. Oh I can’t wait for Spring. My favorite flower in Miniature Daffodils.

  490. AnnCaryl Worland

    Daffodils are my favorite….I love the fields full of them swaying in the breeze. We had a touch of Spring, but it is going to snow on Sunday. However, your site keeps me thinking Spring all year round!!!! Thank you so very much!

  491. Hi ms Mary , tulips , and I can’t wait for my stamp set next week. I want to do purple ones ,
    I too love your tulips , love it when you change with the seasons !!
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Hugs frenchie,

  492. It’s tulips for me, too, Mary. We always buy two to decorate our church sanctuary for Easter, take them home and give one to our neighbors who always host Easter dinner. The other we enjoy and eventually plant in the yard so that we have tulips the next year as well. Hope spring gets here soon!

  493. I love daffodils–they bring a smile to my face.

  494. Hi Mary,

    My fovorite spring time flower are the Cherry Blossoms in DC. I go every year and it reminds me of good friends and family. Have you ever gone?

  495. Tulips! I hope to see them soon! But it sounds like there’s more snow in the forecast! Thanks for a chance to win!

  496. Spring green grass is my favorite with yellow daffodils following very close in second- it gives me hope all the winter white will be gone soon!

  497. Kittie Peterson

    My favorite flower is the crocus, however the beauty of spring is so awesome I love them all. It is wonderful when my Japanese Maple starts to show its spring.

  498. I’m partial to Lily of the Valley, but also Crocus which here in WI, we won’t see for a bit yet. Today is 51, but then we take a dive back down again.

  499. I. Really know that spring has arrived and summer is coming when the lilacs bloom. Such a great fragrance.

    But all trees in bloom are beautiful.


  500. Tulips are my favorite.

  501. I like striped squill! They bloom early and are a
    cheery little purple and white flower that spreads over the years. I have quite a patch now, and enjoy them very much!

  502. I love spring and all the beauty that comes with it! My favorite spring flower is the tulip. Thanks for a chance to win! I am always inspired when I visit your blog. 🙂

  503. Mary, hyacinth flowers are my favorite. It’s a shame they don’t last too long. I want to thank you for all your wonderful projects and videos. I constantly learn something new! Sande

  504. My favor spring flower is Cherry Blossom. I have been able to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival a couple of times in Macon GA and all those trees in bloom are just breath taking. Some of the most beautiful picture I have ever taken are from there.

  505. Cindy Standal

    Mary, My new favorite flower is the daffodil – One of my co-workers brought a bunch for each of us into the office because he wanted to bring spring inside! Minnesota has had a long cold winter so the bright yellow daffodils all over the office were a great day brighter and they lasted all week! So wonderful!Have a wonderful daffodil day!

  506. Peonies! They were in my wedding bouquet and make me happy every time I see them :-).

  507. Mary Ann Whitten

    Redbud trees are blooming right now and they are beautiful!
    Keep sharing! Love your cards!

  508. tammy bratton

    My favorite springtime flower would have to be daffodils – – seems like they are one of the first ones to start blooming in the spring which just makes me happy!

  509. When we moved into our place over 20 years ago, we were so surprised the next spring when lots and lots of tulips bloomed in so many beautiful colors, shapes and varieties. Got to love them tulips!!

  510. I grew up in northern Ohio, so the smell of tulips and Lilacs are forever my favorite spring flowers. Now I live in South-Central Texas…no tulips or lilacs here. The Mountain Laurel are lovely; short in bloom time, but when they are in bloom the smell is like grape Kool-Aid. It is wonderful!

  511. Love tulips!

  512. Has to be those adorable cut crocus. Their little heads and trying to poke through about 3 ft of snow here in CT

  513. Love lilacs! The smell is just heavenly.

  514. Kristin Mullen

    Daffodils! After a long New England winter, it is so nice to see these bright yellow flowers. They make me smile every spring!

  515. Hyacinth

  516. Hi Mary,

    My favorite is the Hyacinth. The fragrance just makes me happy. We need Spring NOW!!!

  517. Glenda Lehrmann

    My favorite spring flower is the Easter Lilly. They remind me of Jesus’ resurrection and my mother who passed away two years ago.
    Your blog is my favorite.

  518. Lilacs are my all time favorite!

  519. My favorite springtime flower is the iris. My mother and grandmother always kept a bouquet of them on the kitchen table when I was a little girl. I think of them every time I smell an iris and it brings back wonderful memories!

  520. I love tulips. They are gorgeous blooming in the Springtime.

  521. I would have to say the daffodil.

  522. Tarina Holloway

    I Love Spring Flowers!!! I LOVE me some beautiful Tulips. They are one flower that can pop out in so many different colors, that when you bunch them together in a planting it is am amazing burst of spring goodness!! Thanks Mary – you are amazing as well.

  523. My all time favorite Spring flower is Lily of the Valley – petite, delicate, fragrant, with lots of character. Thanks so much for all the time you take for us.

  524. Debbie miller

    Definitely daisies!

  525. I love cherry blossoms! They aren’t where I live, but when I went to San Francisco last Spring they were everywhere.

  526. Brenda Foster

    My favorite flower is the gardenia. They were my sister’s favorite flower, so everytime I smell this beautiful flower they bring back fond memories of us together working in mom’s flower garden.

    Brenda Foster
    [email protected]

  527. Tulips–a sure sign that spring is finally arriving in CT!!

  528. Pussy Willows, although they may not be a flower. They remind me that spring is almost here

  529. Pussy Willows, They remind me that spring is almost here.

  530. Daffodils–They make me happy and remind me of when we lived in England. They seamed to bloomed wild down this lane I walked. I’m sure someone planted them.

  531. Definitely hyacinth!!!! Love the scent and there are so many colors. Can’t wait for spring!!!

  532. Shirley Sanders

    Favorite flower is tulip, they just make me happy to see them poke up their beautiful colorful flower in the spring in Minnesota.

  533. I love the purple iris, but it’s been such a long winter I look forward to any and all colors and flowers.

  534. I would have to say that my Hyacinth are my favorite, although the daffodils are a close second. I loved when we lived in Arizona because that meant that spring came really early 🙂

  535. Tulips are my favorite.

  536. Hyacinth, it must be that flower, smelling it reminds me of spring and Easter!

  537. Lilacs! Their scent is so refreshing and definitely makes it feel like spring!

  538. Barb Davidson

    Lilacs are the best. I have two big bushes of them and as long as we don’t have some warm days and then a frost they will bloom. The smell is heavenly. Can’t come soon enough though. I am getting real tired of winter.

  539. I love them all! Especially the tulips, daffodils, crocus, and lilacs!!! I can’t wait to see them all!!!!

  540. Georgia Tuttle

    My favorite springtime flower would have to be the daffodil! It is so sunny and bright and it says that the sun is coming again. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us Mary. Georgia

  541. Hyacinths are my favorite. To me they are a sure sign that Spring has finally arrived.

  542. Lilly of the Valley is my ultimate favorite Spring flower. But I love them all: Tulips, Daffodils, Iris, Lilacs (oh, the incredible smell of Lilacs), Crocus, Hibiscus . . . oh, my!

  543. My favorite spring flowers are crocuses because it means spring really is just around the corner.

  544. Love Berber daisies …come on spring!

  545. I’ve been wanting to hit the nurseries in search of some primroses. It’s still in the 30’s to 60’s here in Indiana, and we need something pretty and cool natured for our flower beds! Thanks for asking, Mary 😉

  546. My favorite springtime flower is tulips. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!

  547. I would have to say my favorite Springtime flower is the crocus, partly because they are the first sign of spring in my yard.

  548. Hi Mary, my favorite is the lilac. It reminds me of my Mom – it was her favorite also! I also want to let you know that I love your cards! They are always so beautiful. Thanks

  549. I love the tulips because they are so strong in our windy days . and they come in so many colors. Thank you for our chance to win this wonderful prize

  550. My favorite springtime flower is the daffodil. It’s the first to bloom in my yard each year. It will be so wonderful to see the green shoots, and sunny yellow blooms after this long, extremely cold, snowy Wisconsin winter. I am soooo ready for spring to get here!

  551. Daffodils are my favorite. Tulips are a very close second. Enjoy your warm weather, Mary.

  552. My favorite flower of spring is the daffodil. So bright and sunny.

  553. I love daffodils!

  554. Tulips are my favorite as they give us a boost of early color in our gardens. My second is the lilac as it come in many color shades and I just love their perfume. They are wonderful to bring into the house in the late spring to give the house a wonderful fresh spring smell. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  555. Fave spring flower- daffodils!!!

  556. I love tulips that bloom in so many different colors and styles!

  557. I love hyacinths. I don’t see them much, and that makes them more special. What a nice selection of blog candy. Thanks for offering it.

  558. I love hyacinths and lilacs. Both are so pretty and smell so good.

  559. Karen Wallace

    I love daffodils! When we lived at our first house the squirrels wound dig up the bulbs and bury them all over the yard so it would be interesting every spring where we would have flowers coming up!

  560. We have wildflowers all over our property in the spring but my favorite is the star Lily…they are white and look so fresh after all the snow. Thanks for the great giveaway and for all your wonderful ideas everyday.

  561. Lilacs are far and away my favorite! I love to smell the scent in the breeze!

  562. I love seeing daffodils pop up and call for spring to hurry up n get here!

  563. As the children’s poem goes:

    Daffy-down-dilly has come to town
    In a yellow petticoat and a green gown.

    My favorite spring flower is the daffodil!

  564. I love lilacs. They smell wonderful! I love your blog:)

  565. Wow! It is just as difficult to pick a favorite spring flower as it is to pick a favorite SU stamp set or color! So I’m picking two – the lilac for its wonderful smell and the peony for its beautiful flowers.

  566. The cherry blossom

  567. I love them all. Everybody needs the beauty of flowers in their life! I would have to say iris. My grandfather called them “flags”.

  568. I am a true lover of TULIPS just like you Mary!! I lived in Wisconsin for over 40 years and it was the first bloom I would see in my garden letting me know sunny days are here. The color range of the tulip just amazes me. Bright colors and so happy and seems to burst with energy while the soft colors seem to sooth soul. The scent is soft and subtle. I just wish they bloomed a bit longer!

  569. I love crocus because they show their pretty colors first. A close 2nd are iris. Thanks for the chance to win the blog candy!

  570. Ah…springtime flowers! Don’t you just love our Creative God? Daisies are so simple and precious. Cherry blossoms are incredible. Daffodils just shout “spring!” Tulips are so festive and colorful. I love spring! And it starts the day before my birthday!

  571. Cherry Blossoms. I hope to one day travel to DC and watch them bloom!

  572. Daisies are my favorite spring flower!

  573. My favorite flower is daffodils. The bright yellow makes me happy.

  574. Linda Schilling

    Favorite spring flower is the tulip – they come in so many colors!!

  575. I love the little yellow daffodils along with tulips of all colors.

  576. She isn’t a “single” flower,she has lots of company and smells wonderful most of the year, her name is Lavender and is very popular here in Washington, she even has her own festival in Sequim.The yellow daffodil does brighten up anyone’s day with her cheerful color. My favorite flowers are carnations, so far though I’ve only seen many beautiful little crocus and a small tiny daisy. I would say is difficult to choose just one.

  577. My favorite Spring time flower is Lavender. The flowers are my favorite color; purple. As a bomus. . . it smells F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

  578. I love spring and all it’s glorious flowers! But there is nothing like the fragrance of lilacs to remind you of spring. Spring cannot come soon enough around here! Great blog candy!

  579. Love tulips in rich shades of deep pink and purple

  580. Wendy T in Indiana

    Crocuses, because they give me hope for the end of winter, but I have tons of daffodil bulbs just waiting to spring forth!

  581. My favorite spring flower is buttercups….they make me smile

  582. My favorite is daffodils

  583. Mary,
    My favorite spring tome flower is the Tulip…mainly because
    the Tulip represents the begining of spring!! And this year,
    being from the midwest (chicago) I am so looking forward
    to the red and yellow tulips to show thier faces!!

  584. Great question, Mary. The comments have confirmed that we are anxious for Spring! My favorite Spring flowers are lilacs…so difficult to choose just one though. Can’t wait to see some color peeking through the ground soon!

  585. Purple Hyacinth are my favorite. The frangrance is wonderful.

  586. Tulips are my favorite, so pretty and colorful. Thanks for the chance to win. I look forward to your daily posts of inspiration.

  587. It’s a toss up between the sweet smells of lilacs & lilies! Both are just gorgeous, and after a VERY long East coast winter, I am ready to see (and smell!) them both!

  588. I always know spring has sprung when I see the daffodils blooming. But tulips are a close second. Happy Spring! And thanks for all the inspiration you provide via your blog.

  589. Tulips are my favorite!

  590. Favorite has to be Gerbera daisies. See them every now and then, but it seems as though Spring is the best time of the year to see them in beautiful vivid spring colors.

  591. Patricia wardlow

    The lilacs that bloom in Minnesota in may


  593. My favorite spring time flower is the tulip. Thank you for a chance to win the awesome blog candy!

  594. I love Lillies of the Valley and Lilacs – both smell heavenly!

  595. Since I live on our family’s apple orchard, I would have to say apple blossoms – about Mother’s Day weekend. Nothing like a picnic in the orchard when the trees are in full bloom.

  596. Lilacs are my favorite spring flower.

  597. I used to have a garden full of various varieties of tulips, many unusual colors, like green, black, and peppermint striped ruffles. Such fun to see them pop out in Spring. That’s why I love Stampin’Up, the variety of colors and shapes!

  598. Carri Anderson

    I love Tulips. So many color to puck from.

  599. Pansies–they have such sweet faces!

  600. I love all of the spring flowers, but tulips are a sure sign that spring is here to stay. Wonderful thought after a very cold, snowy Michigan winter!

  601. I’m right there with you, Mary, about the tulips……not sure if it’s my Dutch heritage or what? I just love ’em, any color, too!
    Thanks for sharing your goodies with a lucky winner. Hope to see you at convention–!

  602. My favorite flower is daffodils (or buttercups as we call them in NC)! Pretty and yellow, a sure sign of Spring!

  603. Karen J. Nash

    My favorite Spring flowers are tulips. They are so colorful and give us hope that warmer weather is almost here.

  604. Daffodils, for sure…thanks for the chance to win!

  605. I absolutely LOVE the redbud trees because they are one of the first to bloom here in Texas. Even though the name says redbud, they are a beautiful pink color all over the tree before any leaves come out. LOVE IT.
    thanks for a chance to win the blog candy.

  606. Candy Gardner

    I have tulips that come up every year and I love them, but my favorite is the TN Iris. It’s a gorgeous purple and when massed they are a show stopper!

  607. Melanie Coverston

    Any spring flower is beautiful! I love them all! Especially after this winter!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy!

  608. I can’t wait to see my daffodils blooming. I love their sunny, cheerful blooms!

  609. Snowdrops! When I see them pop out and bloom I know Spring is not far behind. Thanks for sharing your “candy” 😀

  610. Definitely lilacs! I love it when I open a door or window and and the breeze blows the scent of the lilacs into our house. They are also beautiful especially with all the different colors they come in now.

  611. Margaret Spencer

    Daffodils are just so cheerful, and they come along even before Spring has officially arrived. We have daffodil festivals in my neck of the woods, Tidewater, Virginia. I was lucky enough to see the last of the English Lake Country daffodils (Wordsworth’s home) a few years ago – that was indeed special for me. I have loads of daffodil stories!! But I also delight in your cards – your emails are some of the first I read each morning. And what a generous give away. Happy, happy, hippity hoppity Spring!

  612. I love spring…daffodils, tulips, anything blooming! Today we saw the first stubs of green poking thru–yeah!
    Thanks for the chance at the candy!

  613. Hyacinths! So pretty and so fragrant….can’t go wrong. Sure wish they lasted a bit longer though.
    Thanks for all your inspiration Mary!

  614. I love the iris. When I was little my Grandmother and I planted them in all the flower beds at my house. They always remind me of her.

  615. I am loving those pink roadside flowers called ‘feather dusters!’

  616. Christina Slaton

    I love spring! Everything is new and fresh. My favorite springtime flower is the iris. It was a favorite of my grandmother and she had them all over the yard. Whenever I smell them I always think of her.

  617. I love lilacs!

  618. I love blue bonnets . We lived in Texas a few years and they were beautiful.

  619. My favorite flower is lilacs. I must say I love all flowers as they are all beautiful works of art. Thank you for the chance to win blog candy.

  620. Rose Toellner

    I love cheery yellow daffodils! My spring favorite followed closely by tulips.

  621. My favorite are irises. I love the beautiful colors.

  622. It’s so hard to pick just one as the spring flowers are such a welcome sight after a long winter. I would have to say Lilly of the Valley as they remind me of my mom. Thanks for offering such a great blog candy package as well as the great ideas you share every day!

  623. I love crocus. They are some the first to poke their happy little heads out of the cold soil here in Idaho and give us color after a cold winter. Yay, Spring!!

  624. I love the Easter lily, it reminds me of what Christ suffered for our sins.

  625. I can not pick just one. but a Lilac Bush and a bed of Lilly of the Valley really smells wonderful. So many childhood memories connect to their Aroma. Makes you want to say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  626. Hands down a vase of brightly colored floppy tulips. Its not spring until i have some yellow tulips!

  627. My favorite springtime flower is the primula (primrose), but I also think that pansies are darn cute.

  628. My all time favorite is the Hybiscus!!! they are so beautiful and come in so many colors. Thank you for the chance of winning!!!!!

  629. Bonnie Foxwell

    Tough decision, but I think I would go with lilacs. We have one very nice bush in our yard, but our neighbor’s driveway is lined with them. I can smell their sweet fragrance every time I’m outside…Love it!

  630. Hi Mary,
    My favorite spring flower is probably the old-fashioned bleeding heart. The flowers and leaves are so delicate! I look forward to its appearance every Spring! Thanks for everything you do.

  631. Daisy – beautiful and innocent. And what lovely and happy cards they make!

  632. I love spring daffodils. Thanks for the chance to win.

  633. Veronica Meyer

    I love Dutch iris. They are so delicate and beautiful. Hope you have flowers to enjoy for the spring that will come.

  634. My favorite has to be TULIPS. Everything about them reminds me of Spring, from the wonderful colors to Easter celebrations. They are so beautiful! If only they didn’t get overheated in the California weather!

  635. There is no flower as lovely as the tulip – when it pops up out of the earth it announces spring is in the air. Thanks for the lovely blog candy; hope I am lucky and win it as I don’t own any of these items.

  636. Has ToTulips

  637. My favorite flower would be purple tulips. But I love any flowers that I receive. I am especially fond of paper flowers now. I had a bridal shower for my future daughter-in-law last weekend & needed navy & orange flowers to go nder the drink containers & woola I had Tangerine Tango & Not Quite Navy paper left over from the wedding invitations that we made & I used my Floral Framelits & mamde 6 paper flowers. They worked out beautifully. Nolw I plan to use them on the next shower gift as well.

  638. Sweetpeas are my most favorite flower. The sad thing is that they are hard to find. When we lived in Japan, I could purchase them at the produce stands but only for a couple of months. I love them because they come in so many beautiful colors (bright colors and pastels), and they are very fragrant. The only place I have found them here in the US is at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA. They have a maze made of sweetpeas.

  639. Tulips are my favorite Spring flower, and hydrangea are my all-time favorite!!

  640. My favorite spring time flower is the Jasmine that grows on the walls of our backyard! It fills the backyard with such an amazing fragrance!!!

  641. My favorite flower is Freesias, they smell wonderful and brighten up your days with sunshine! When they are blooming, its like a little spot of Heaven! They are so refreshing, even on a bad day… they raise the spirit. Thank God for these little flowers!

  642. My favorite flower is the Purple Lilac because they smell so good and they remind me of my grandma. My grandmother had a lilac bush next to her front door and every time I smell purple lilacs it reminds of my grandma who is no longer with us. I miss her. My second choice is Lilies because of their fragrant long lasting smell & their beauty.

  643. Lily of the Valley, I had these in my Wedding Bouquet.
    everytime I smell these it brings me right back to my Wedding Day!

  644. Lily of the valley. However I tried to get them to to grow on Oklahoma City without any luck.

  645. Irises are my favorite!

    Thanks Mary!

  646. Kathy Morrison

    Thanks for all the inspiration, Mary! Lilacs for me!

  647. Diane Seidler

    my favorite flower for spring is carried down from my mom. The daffodil. Every spring I look forward to seeing them come up to remind me that my mom is always with me. Love your inspiration Mary and very envious of your new room. Thanks for all you do.

  648. I love tulips…Any color! Looking forward to spring in the Northeast! Thank you for the opportunity!

  649. I have loved daffodils since I was a little girl! There were a lot of them at my Grandparent’s home, and they were all along the fence line at my Mother’s home. What a beautiful sight when they were in bloom!

  650. Sandra Meyers

    I love all flowers, so it is hard to choose one, but if forced, I would have to say Lilacs. I love them except, like so many, their blooming cycle is so short. I like flowers that bloom as much do the year as possible, which is why I have close to 50 rose bushes and then add a few flats of Zinneas to cover the dirt.

  651. Orange blossoms signal spring for me … with acres and acres of groves surround the house, the air is sweet and the flowers so white against the dark green leaves. Just lovely!

  652. My favorite spring flower is whoever pops his/her sweet head through the ground first. I don’t even have to see his/her whole flower to signal it’s time for everyone to wake up their sleepy heads and greet the world:)

  653. I’ve always loved the first signs of spring seeing the ‘Easter flowers ‘ or daffodils. But I also have a love for star gazers

  654. Mine is the daffodil! its always the 1st flower to appear around hear and it always blows my mind to have snow and ice in march and there is that bright yellow flower blooming its fool head off and be surrounded be all the snow and ice!

  655. I love Jasmine and Tulips! Thank you for the chance to win.

  656. Janet Gallion

    Daffodils without a doubt. They seem to trumpet, SPRING IS HERE! Oh how I wish after this long winter it would be. Thanks for your wonderful web site and sharing your incredible stamping room.I’m jealous:) Janet

  657. Johnnie Sexton

    I love daffodils, it just makes you know Spring is on the way and I am truly looking forward to warmer weather and who can stay gloomy when you see a full bed of daffodils. Johnnie

  658. I’m another tulips person.. Thank you for the chance to win some lovely goodies!

  659. I am partial to crab apple blossoms. I love watching at the end of their “life” when the winds blow and they come down like confetti!

  660. Lilacs and red tulips are my favorite springtime flowers.

  661. my favorite spring time flower is the TULIP!!! thanks for offering the blog candy!

  662. My favorite springtime flower is a daisy. I saw grass for the first time in months today in Michigan, so hopefully the flowers are not too far behind.

  663. Do so love blog candy! And can not wait for spring! I love to see daffodils and it gives me a renewed sense of hope.

  664. Love my tulips and I am so ready fro spring. Also, love you ideas and thank
    you for sharing.

  665. I love all Spring flowers, but if I had to choose one it would be lillies as they remind me of hope and Easter

  666. Most favorite spring flower , lily of the valley
    So delicate and fragent .

  667. Phyllis Freese

    I love tulips — both in the flower bed and stamped on a spring card.

  668. Mary, I just love watching your reveal of the new and wonderful craft room. Thanks so much for sharing. My favorite springtime flower is the daffodil. Since we have had so much snow it will be interesting to see how the flowers made it through the winter. Hopefully we will see them soon. sigh….
    Thanks again for all of the wonderful ideas every day and for a chance to win some blog candy. Cyn

  669. I do miss the tulip fields of Washington state, but I still love Arizona! Tulip stamps would be a way to bring home to home 🙂

  670. I guess this really isnt a flower but when my Cherry Tree blooms OMG nothing smells so sweet . It fills the front of the house with such an awesome smell. Thank you for a chance to win.

  671. I love any thing purple but lilacs are the best smelling spring scent. Thank you for offering a lovely gift.

  672. My favorite is the crocus, purple and yellow, because it is blooming now! Thanks for sharing the blog candy and thanks for your posts each day.

  673. Kathy Amorese

    Hydrangea! Many little flowers in one.

  674. It would have to be lilacs…….they smell so heavenly! Thanks for all your great
    Posts and the opportunity to win! Lovin you’re new stampin room!

  675. My favorite is Lily of the Valley. The flowers are small and dainty.

  676. Hoping all the flowers have survived the winter! Probably the favorite is daffodil as it seems to be the first to pop up with color in the spring. Thanks for chance to win.

  677. Stacey Carter

    Tulips of course. In the Midwest that means spring is here to stay.

  678. Enjoy looking at the daffodils which will flood the south side of my home coming in the spring! The blog candy would be dandy to win! Thanks

  679. I have several but my absolute favorite are tulips… and can’t wait to see them bloom here in NYS.. still alot of snow on the ground! Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous products!

  680. Mary Anne Schnettgoecke

    My favorite is lilac. My dad always had the most beautiful bushes. They bring happy memories of him.

  681. Roberta Barfield

    My favorite flower is the hydranga. Love them, last year I planted red, white and blue ones, they are gorgeous.

  682. I love tulips. All of the colors are such a nice change from the white snow in Winter.

  683. I love the first peeking looks of the crocus…then you know spring is coming for sure.

  684. Crocus and Snowdrops for me. Love the simplicity and vibrant colors 🙂

  685. I like the Easter Lily. It has beautifully shaped petals and the purity of rebirth, when you gaze inside. When you see them on the altar in church they remind you that Spring has arrived.

  686. It’s difficult to pick just one favorite , but mine has to be hyacinths. How can you not be happy and hopeful when you catch their lovely fragrance on the breeze?

  687. Mary,
    My favorite spring flower is also the tulip. I enjoy the different colors of tulips, too. I wish they lasted a bit longer, though.
    I love your site and good luck finishing your craft room.

  688. What a lovely give away! Just right for making spring themed cards!

  689. I love daisies! Real daises and paper daisies!!

  690. Amazing products your giving away. My favorite flower is echinacea. I have a garden full of them because not only do I love the beauty of them, but the bees love them and they bloom all summer long.. and I am ready for summer..

  691. Connie S in California

    Do we get to enter more than once, Mary? Although I love all the spring flowers, my favorite is still star jasmine. The scent is magical. Stargazer lilies are wonderful, too. Would love to have the stamp set as I’m in charge of invitations for my daughter’s baby shower (‘sprinkle’ is more like it in California this year!) and the umbrella would be a cute central stamp. Good luck to all who have entered!

  692. My favorite flower is the Lilac! It has the most beautiful smell & it’s my favorite color! Thanks Mary!!

  693. I love the colorful tulips that show a sign of Spring. The daffodils are also a favorite. Thanks for the chance to win so many nice Stampin’ Up products and for your daily inspirations with your great cards.

  694. mine is Bristly Hollyhock! 🙂

  695. Oh….those sweet daisies in the spring bring a smile to my face. Planting different varieties keep them coming all through the summer. A favorite for sure! Happy Spring 🙂

  696. Patricia Swagler

    My favorite spring time flowers are tulips and lilacs. I have both in my yard and I love the smell of my lilacs when they bloom. Thank you for the chance to win some blog candy.

  697. So many, but daisies always make me smile and they are such a cute crafting flower. Happy Spring!

  698. Bonnie C. Chandler

    Living in the Northwest, any bulb peeking from our garden beds is a favorite of mine long before we treasure the beauty of their flowers. Seeing the green sprouts popping from the ground is a joyful moment that spring and summer is beginning !!! I am not a native of the northwest, I am a California girl, so the joy of sunshine and the sound of sprinklers warms my heart.

    Bonnie C. from Port Orchard, Washington
    But, my heart is from the San Francisco bay area.

  699. Think I would have to go with the tulip. Although Daisy’s are my all time favorite flower. Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful goodies.

  700. Tulips have always been my favorite flower. Love your blog!

  701. I love lilacs!

  702. March has always been my Daffodil month – a favorite flower and in many areas a sign that the Cancer Society has been busy and adding to their donations for local patient services. Of course living where I do in Southern Oregon my favorite “flower” is the flowering out of the Pear trees as Spring gets ready to to be sprung. Not sure if tree’s count though as flowers and I am enjoying my Daff’s in bloom in the front yard.
    Thanks dear Mary for sharing the goodies and directing our thoughts to the wonderful sights and fragrances of Spring.

  703. Karilyn Moeller

    My favorite spring flower are what I call paperwhites. I love stepping our my back door and smelling their fragrance.

  704. Thanks for the chance to win candy! Crocus are a favorite spring flower

  705. You are always so generous in your give aways. My favorite flower is Jonquil. I put 2 or 3 in a cobalt blue water bottle and they just scream SPRING!

  706. Dutch iris!! Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

  707. Tulips! Love your page! Thanks for so much inspiration!

  708. Kimberly Means

    I am with you Mary! My favorite spring time flowers are tulips. I live in Phoenix, AZ now, but when I lived in Utah, seeing the tulips bloom in the spring gave me hope that the cold winter was subsiding, and summer was just around the corner! I love your work, and follow your blog pretty religiously!

  709. Terry Andrusko

    My favorite late spring flower is the peony. I love the beautiful fragrance and the way they open with all of their petals. This winter has been incredibly cold and snowy here in Minnesota. I’m looking forward to the “green” of Spring. Have a terrific weekend.

  710. I absolutely love tulips. I love them popping up first thing in spring. Just makes me feel refreshed after a long winter!!

  711. Beverly Spaarks

    My favorite is the Hibiscus. In Texas we grow them big and beautiful. lol

  712. Love those lilacs – their perfume just fills the air with such wonderful fragrance. Thanks for your blog – it too is filled with wonder.

  713. Bluebells — Having grown up on two acres with over 40 old trees in the yard, I love bluebells.

  714. Denise Heredia

    I like Gerber daisies and lilacs too! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  715. I’m always happy to see our crocus blooming….we have them scattered in the yard and over the years they have multiplied, so now there are beautiful little bouquets all over.

  716. Susan Saunders

    My all-time favorite flower is the rose — I love the challenge of growing them. But my all time spring flower has got to be the crocus. I live in Florida now . . . but when I lived in the north the crocus would pop up to remind me that spring really was coming.

  717. Thanks for the great chance at blog candy Mary! My favorite springtime flower is lilacs! Just love them. Have many different varieties in our yard in many colors.

  718. Daffodils are my favorite spring flowers!

  719. I love to see the precious faces on my pansies in the spring. The ones that have gone “wild” are small and delicate. They make me smile. I enjoy seeing the amazing cards that you post on a daily basis. I don’t know how you do it but I love it.

  720. Wendy Goodchild

    I love the smell of lilacs!

  721. My favorite spring flower is any that is in bloom, so it changes as the spring progresses. Right now it is daffodils. Don’t they just scream sunshine! Tulips are simply a riot of color. Lilacs smell so wonderful. It is all good. Thanks for all your inspiration and the opportunity for blog candy.

  722. I especially love hydrangeas (not sure I spelled that right, but I’m sure you get the drift)!

  723. My favorite flower is the Tulip, we have that in common. I have always loved them.

  724. Tulips are my favorite – considering the numerous colors and varieties! However, living in the North – ANY flower by the time Spring rolls around is EXTREMELY appreciated and LOVED! I have never been to Arizona and am unfamiliar with citrus tress. However they sound lovely. Will have to put a visit into my “bucket list”. Thank you for this chance to win! Happy Spring!

  725. MaryAnn Horbinski

    Mary: Thanks for the opportunity to win some “candy”. I have two favorites, the first is the daffodils. My late husband and I planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs in our woods when we moved in 19 years ago. We transplanted them from the side & front yard. They really brighten up the backyard and woods when they bloom. All we see is YELLOW dancing flowers from our family room. The second is the Lilly of the Valley. My mother’s favorite also. She is in a nursing home with dementia and as soon as the flowers bloom, I pick a bunch and take to her. When we walk in with the flowers, she gets a big smile on her face and I let her smell the bunch before I place them in the vase. I am anxious for the snow to melt and the sun to warm the soil so the plants can poke through the ground and brighten up the yard.

  726. Lynn Flanagan

    My favorite Spring flower is the old fashioned butter and eggs. It has two shades of yellow. We transplanted some from my Mama’s house last year and they bloomed just this week. Good memories.

  727. Hello Mary … my favorite flowers are the tulips. Love, Love, Love Springtime. But actually, here in Missouri I would love to see any kind of flower that is not white — soooo tired of our snow this year — Bring on Spring please (they expecting some more snow tonight).

  728. Daffodils for sued.

  729. Tulips, I just love tulips!!

  730. I love daffodils, but will it ever get warm enough for them to push up through the ground? Iowa is having an extremely cold and snowy time of it right now.

  731. Daffodils, because they are the first to bloom here in Georgia and they are so bright cheery! They let us know spring is truly coming after this crazy winter we have had!

  732. I love tulips in their many colors. Can’t wait to see them here in MI!

  733. Angie L in Illinois

    Daffodils are definitely my favorite Spring flower. They mean that ol’ man winter has finally left the building! Haha! Thanks for the chance to win.

  734. Thanks for the blog candy, Mary. My favorite springtime flower is the daffodil! Daffodil delight, anyone?

  735. My favorite springtime flower is the crocus. They are such a welcome little spring flower after a long winter of no color.

  736. It’s hard to choose between Bleeding Hearts, so delicate, or lilacs with their great fragrance! Here in MN, spring has some time yet to get here, lots of snow piles around and still in the 20’s and 30’s!! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!

  737. I love daffodils because they remind of of new birth, renewal and sunshine!

  738. Erika Swenson

    Hands down tulips! I love all the different colors!

  739. When I see forsythia blooming, I know spring has finally arrived in Ohio! I will be especially happy to see this explosion of yellow this year!

  740. I love the Iris. I have deep purple ones with a beautiful yellow center. I can’t wait until they bloom in late April in Utah.

  741. I have a very hard time selecting just one spring flower because they are all so colorful & beautiful!

  742. My favorite spring flower is the tulip! Last fall, I planted over 70 tulip bulbs on my hands and knees and I could barely walk for a week! I really hope I will win the blog candy but I also hope those tulips come up when the snow melts!

  743. Love tulips, they are so pretty and so many styles and colors.

  744. Wendy Peterson

    The simplicity of a Tulip with it’s vibrant color is a sure sign of Spring! I truly love the deep hues that just shout, “Look at Me”!

  745. All of the Dogwood trees and Forsythia is blooming, but I keep checking my garden for the large patch of Lily of the Valley. They pop up next to the Sweet William but we have had 2 late winter ice storms, I am hoping they weren’t destroyed by them.
    I love Lily of the Valley! My hubby stole a piece from my Lily of the Valley filled bouquet to wear on his lapel on our wedding day soon to be 20 years ago.
    The flowers look so delicate when in fact they feel quite firm. Each little bell is perfectly shaped no matter how small they are. They also have a gentle, sweet scent. I just love them!

  746. My favorite flower is tulips (like so many others). I even had my bridal bouquet in tulips, it was a bit challenging since they wilt so easily but it was gorgeous. But I agree with you, when I lived in AZ (phoenix) I just LOVED the orange blossoms. No one (yankee candle etc.) can quite capture that smell properly. True confession – my first year in AZ, I even brought in a beautiful bouquet of the orange blossoms…my DH about died – he informed me that those beautiful flowers were next year’s fruit….uggggg – I cut off all our fruit! Ha Ha! Who knew???? Thanks for your blog and the opportunity for your candy.

  747. Love all spring flowers , they let you know its a new beginning . The azaleas , daffodils, hyacinths, japanese magnolia, citrus trees, star glazer lily. Amarillas,
    Easter lily, pecan trees when they start to bud you know spring has arrived.

  748. Lilacs are by far my favorite spring time flower! We have 4 bushes beside our north window, so we really get to enjoy the sweet scent as they bloom! Thanks for the chance at some sweet spring time swag!

  749. Shelly Raines

    My favorite springtime flower has to be tulips!

  750. Pansies are my favorite springtime flower. LOVE THEM 🙂

  751. Daffodils are my favorite!! The color and fragrance are incredible.

  752. Tulips are my favorite spring flower in so many beautiful colors.

  753. I love the blue bonnets in Texas!

  754. You’re so very generous, Mary! Happy (almost) Spring!

    Hyacinths are amazing. They perfume the Spring air and we can smell them before we see them. I love how their blooms open; slowly, slowly, bam!

  755. Suzanne Simoneau

    Snow bells are the early predictors of spring in my front yard. They are so beautiful! Hope spring comes soon.

  756. I love all the spring flowers, let’s me know I lived through another winter daffodils are fabulous! Love your stampin site.

  757. My favorite spring flowers are cherry blossoms. I love the “pink snow” that occurs as they lose their petals. Thanks for the opportunity to win goodies!
    🙂 Marie

  758. I love tulips, it’s always a sure sign that spring is on its way.

  759. Hi Mary,

    I am so ready for spring. My favorite spring flower are the daisies.
    Thank you for a chance to win.

  760. To Mary, I am a long time fan, but first time comment leaver….your style is sooo pretty. My fave flower of spring has to be the pink Chinese Wisteria blossom. Those chains of pale pink, 2 feet long blooms are stunning. No leaves, just vine and flowers. Thank you for sharing your wonderful projects over the years and yeah!!!on your new craft room cabinets…that’s awesome!

  761. Ye, I need some spring. Forecasters are calling for another round of snow. Ugh! Beautiful color choices. I hope I’m the lucky one.

  762. My favorite flower for spring is the forsythia. This is one of the first signs of
    spring in Ohio. The bright yellow flowers make you warm and make you smile.
    Thanks for all you do for us that love making cards.

  763. My favorite flower is the tulip. I can’t wait for them to start coming up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  764. Connie Weaver

    I love the crocus, even though their appearance is short lived!

  765. I love crocus! Bright yellow ones remind me of the spring sunshine!

  766. Brenda Gore Thompson

    I love yellow day lilies. Actually, lilies of any kind but day lilies trump 🙂

  767. I’m with you, I love Tulips. They’re the sure sign of Spring!

  768. Hello Mary – I love trillium. In the park near our house, we get to see big patches of white and purple ones. They are so gorgeous and we are trying to grow them in our yard. Hope Spring gets here soon. It’s too cold! Love your blog & S.U.! Take care!

  769. My favorite is the narcissus, here they are early spring. I love their smell, it reminds me of childhood when they grew along the side of our house. I planted them so when I am sitting and eating breakfast I look out to see them each morning, even when it’s raining!

  770. It’s difficult to pick just one favorite, but I’d have to say hyacinths. How can you not think hope and happy with their beautiful fragrance on the air?

  771. Mine would be daffodils or tulips…they are so beautiful and cheery! Thanks Mary! {Heart} your blog!!

  772. My favorite is the crocus. It will
    even stick it’s head up when there is light snow on the ground!

  773. I, too, love tulips. I also love daffodils. Mainly, I love to see large beds of just about any spring flower. Thanks for the chance to win!

  774. Leilani Landis

    Tulips are my absolute favorite! I love to have a vase of fresh tulips on my kitchen counter whenever I can find them and it is so fun choosing from all of the different colors! Mary if you have never been to the Skagit Valley tulip festival when you’ve been to Seattle, you must plan a trip sometime in the spring. The rows and rows of colorful tulips are breathtaking and make wonderful photo ops! Thanks for the blog candy 🙂

  775. I love spring tulips and can’t wait until the weather turns warm.

  776. I love gardenias! they are small and white and they smell heavenly

  777. My favorite spring flower is the Iris. They were always so beautiful in my Grandmother’s garden. They remind me of her.

  778. Tulips are my favorite. Looking forward to inking up the single tulip/Easter stamp. Thanks for the chance to win.

  779. Shell Ann Ondish

    My favorite is the daffodil:)

  780. My favorite spring flower is hyacinths…love the fragrant.

  781. I love Crocus – always popping their heads up above the snow to let you know that spring is just around the corner!

  782. My favorite spring flower is the daffodil. Every time I see them they make me smile. Knowing that summer is near.

  783. Hyacinths always say “spring” to me. Just seeing them pop through the snow gives me the hope of warmer weather ahead!

  784. Daises!!! All kinds!!!

  785. Tanja Fussell

    I love love love French Tulips! They are so classic and elegant!

  786. My favorite is the cherry blossom. So beautiful when it coats the ground like fragrant snow.

  787. I love lilacs! Thanks, Mary!!

  788. I love daffodils and tulips…..a true sign of Spring.

  789. Crocuses are my favorite spring flower – seeing them poke through the snow is a great reminder that spring is on it’s way!

  790. When I see my tulips poking up, I know spring can’t be too far away! They make me think of the long summer days ahead.

  791. Can’t wait to see Spring coming, especially all the bright colored flowers come to light. I like the daffodils and pansies.

  792. Daffodils are the best spring flower!

  793. Hi Mary:

    My favorite springtime flower is the lilac I remember in my young years my mother tending to our lilac tree. Oh how when I see them blooming I think of her and the good old days. Thanks for all your great ideas and great website. Maryann

  794. Tulips are my favorite, such beautiful colors available. We have beautiful fields of tulips in the spring in the Pacific Northwest.

  795. I have loved tulips even BEFORE you made them so famous, but my heart melts for cala lilies— and around Easter you see them in the flower shops in so many pastel colors!! What’s not to love?! Thanks for this wonderful way to welcome Spring back, and your daily inspiration to bring paper and embellishments to life!

  796. My favorite spring flowers are hyacinths. The scent is just glorious! Thank you for the blog candy.

  797. My favorite springtime flower is the jonquil. I love the beautiful yellow color and how it reminds me of Easter!

  798. California Poppy! Thank You for the chance to win some Blog candy Mary!

  799. Megan Bekkevar

    My favorite spring flowers are lilacs. They are so beautiful and smell amazing.

  800. Love Daisys…tulips a clause second !

  801. There are so many flowers to choose from, but my most favorite are Pansies. The are short yet radiant and beautiful

  802. Lilacs are definitely my favorite! But I think I have some time before I see them – I still see piles of snow out my window!

  803. I know they’re not flowers, but I must have pussywillows for my Easter tree!

  804. Maureen Barry

    My favorite spring flower is the daffodil. And would be oh so happy if the snow would go away for many months.

  805. Lori Shackleton

    Tulpis! Pink ones, preferably…

  806. My favorite are the daffodils! They start popping through the hard ground very early and may even get snowed on here in Illinois. But they perservere and come through every year. So gorgeous and inspiring! Just like you Mary! Thank you for all you do!

  807. Lorraine Willett


  808. Daffodils top my list. They bring Spring to life with a smile. Add bonus, the hungry deer leave them alone!