Fabulous Handmade Cards from Friends


It’s a great day to be inspired and these fabulous handmade cards from friends are going to do exactly that.  Enjoy the spark of these creative ideas ignite plus I have an update below on the progress of My Stampin’ Studio.  Doesn’t the card above by Lynn Kolcun look amazing with the new colors for my blog banner?  I change them each month.  Did you notice the new colors for March?

IMG_1927-002 IMG_1928-002 IMG_1930-001 IMG_1931-001

Please be sure to “share the love” for these amazing paper crafting artists with a comment below.


UPDATE ON MY STAMPIN’ STUDIO!  One step forward and two steps back.  As I reported earlier this week, the lighting for My Stampin’ Studio was inadequate and we are working on a solution.  With that said, I had an LED undercabinet light installed in my main task area (that will remain) which allows me to at least get started.  I’ll be sharing more on the Paper Pumpkin gift bag soon.   It’s for my daughter who’s coming home from college this weekend . . . shhhhh!

With the lighting delays, some of the final jobs and pieces to my studio puzzle will be delayed as well.  I’ll try and share bits throughout the week but primarily will be waiting for new lighting and a new installation.  My goal is to have a video by the end of the month with everything in it’s place.  I want to work in the space a bit to really be sure I have things laid out the way they will likely stay and do a little decorating as well (those lighted shelves are itching for art).  Make sense?

The ink, punch and washi storage in the photo is from Stamp-N-Storage.  All will be painted to match my cabinetry (just two units currently are).  Brett from Stamp-N-Storage even created a few custom features for me (for example, an extra wide punch column that accommodates the new Stampin’ Up! tag topper punches) that I can’t wait to share with you.

Have a beautiful weekend filled with plenty of time for paper, stamps and ink!

Paper Hugs...Mary

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  1. Dear Mary, What an incredible group of talented ladies who made these beautiful cards. I love each one I have two favorites.
    The first one id Lynn’s card it is just stunning. I also love Maria’s card. The colors are beautiful. You have wonderful friends who share their talent with you. I am so glad you share their talent with all of us. Mary your stamping studio is so beautiful. Love It. I love all of the organization of everything. I am sorry the lighting will cause a delay. Soon it will only be a memory.
    I can not wait to see the final video. You are amazing. Happy Stamping, Ellen Hinds

  2. Hi Nancy: I thought about St. Pattys, too. However, when theres a holiday mid-way through the month, I feel like its over the last half of the month. So I rolled with a spring theme with the pink and green!

    Hugs, M

  3. Hi Debbie: I primarily work standing up. The new studio is counter height except for my desk area, which is dropped down. I plan to get a stool for the main task area (in the photo) so that I have the option to sit . . . but thats pretty rare.

  4. I love your Melon Mambo tulip on your blog.

  5. Oh, Mary, you are so sweet, thank you for posting my little card! I so enjoy all of the card inspiration you so generously share. Lovely ideas today and you do such an excellent job of photographing them.

    How I love to have your blog greet me early (thanks for your early post for us east coast girls:) every morning! You are a real treasure:) Wow, those ink, refill, pen units are fabulous – what a great idea. Your room is scrumptious:) xoxo judi

  6. Love the cards and absolutely love your new stampin’ space, Mary! Do you work standing up? Or is there different levels to your work space to accommodate sitting vs. standing?

    Thanks for sharing! (I definitely have stamper-envy! lol)

  7. Love the cards shares. Each one has such nice details. Your photos always shine!

    Love the Stampin Studio. Can’t wait to see the art you display 🙂

  8. Oooo, MsMary , how BEAUITIFUL your room is , can’t wait !!
    And your parade of cards are so lovely , they must have a great teacher , lol and inspirer ,
    You also have a nice weekend , and enjoy your girl next week ,
    Hugs frenchie ,

  9. Oh, and I’s so envious of your stamping room. The under cabinet lighting looks perfect, showing off that great organization, just itching to be used.

  10. Mary, thank you so much for sharing the lovely cards you have received. You have a very talented bunch of friends. I so enjoy looking at cards made by others and am so honored to have my card included here today.


  11. Beautiful cards ladies! I’m inspired.

    Mary, your studio is amazing. You have many of us fighting jealousy, but in our hearts we’re happy you’re creating a beautiful new space for yourself – and one you’ll share with us.

    Thanks for a great start to Saturday everyone!

  12. Thank you Kelly for your kind words, I’m thrilled to be in such incredible company.

  13. Mary. I can’t wait to see your finished studio. Makes sense to play a little before recording your space.

  14. Maria! Your card is an amazing work of art! You are ao talented. It was so nice to see one if your cards featured today on Mary’s blog.

  15. Each card is bright and happy …….. Which I’m sure made you happy to receive. Very talented bunch of friends….thanks for sharing!

  16. What a wonderful collection of bright and cheerful cards! Great job everyone! Mary, your studio is AMAZING! I hope your lighting problem is solved soon – can’t wait for the video! Enjoy your time with your daughter!

  17. sonny peterson

    What a display of creativity . All of these cards are pretty and fun ! I love getting hand made cards . It`s like sunshine in an envelope !
    Your stamping room is shaping up well and I know you will be glad when it is finished !
    Happy Saturday !

  18. Nancy Farrell

    Hi Mary, Great selection of cards today. I am sure each one made you feel a smile on your face. Great job everyone! I did notice you change your banner colors each month. I was thinking more green for St. Patrick’s Day, but the bright spring flowers are very cheery! Your studio is taking shape. You sound very positive in your blog and I hope you feel that way in your life. Have a great weekend. Enjoy your daughter’s visit. 🙂

  19. Very nice for a Stamper to receive cards in the mail as well as send them out! These folks have made some amazing projects this week!

  20. Good morning, Mary: As always, it’s a thrill and an honor to see my card posted on your blog in such amazing company, all of these cards are beautiful!! I love the one by Lynn, done with the colors of your banner, what a clever way to create a frame for those lovely flowers. Thank you for including mine.
    Your fabulous studio is coming along really great, in spite of the little set backs, but in the end, this will be an incredibly beautiful and functional place where you can do what you do best, and that is inspire and delight us with your unique creativity.
    Thank you again for posting my card today.

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