Fabulous Handmade Cards from Friends


It’s a great day to be inspired and these fabulous handmade cards from friends are going to do exactly that.  Enjoy the spark of these creative ideas ignite plus I have an update below on the progress of My Stampin’ Studio.  Doesn’t the card above by Lynn Kolcun look amazing with the new colors for my blog banner?  I change them each month.  Did you notice the new colors for March?

IMG_1927-002 IMG_1928-002 IMG_1930-001 IMG_1931-001

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UPDATE ON MY STAMPIN’ STUDIO!  One step forward and two steps back.  As I reported earlier this week, the lighting for My Stampin’ Studio was inadequate and we are working on a solution.  With that said, I had an LED undercabinet light installed in my main task area (that will remain) which allows me to at least get started.  I’ll be sharing more on the Paper Pumpkin gift bag soon.   It’s for my daughter who’s coming home from college this weekend . . . shhhhh!

With the lighting delays, some of the final jobs and pieces to my studio puzzle will be delayed as well.  I’ll try and share bits throughout the week but primarily will be waiting for new lighting and a new installation.  My goal is to have a video by the end of the month with everything in it’s place.  I want to work in the space a bit to really be sure I have things laid out the way they will likely stay and do a little decorating as well (those lighted shelves are itching for art).  Make sense?

The ink, punch and washi storage in the photo is from Stamp-N-Storage.  All will be painted to match my cabinetry (just two units currently are).  Brett from Stamp-N-Storage even created a few custom features for me (for example, an extra wide punch column that accommodates the new Stampin’ Up! tag topper punches) that I can’t wait to share with you.

Have a beautiful weekend filled with plenty of time for paper, stamps and ink!

Paper Hugs...Mary

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