Tales from the Dust . . .


Today begins the installation of My Stampin' Studio cabinets.  Everything is on schedule, even after a brief scare that the truck delivering them had broken down.  It will take 2 to 3 days to get the cabinets installed, including my studio, laundry and a small bath across from my studio.  They will measure for counter tops once the cabinets are in place.  I'm cautiously optimistic the counters will get installed next week!  I'm itching to get everything in place!



I have teamed up with Brett at Stamp-N-Storage to design the best craft room organization I could find.  Stamp-N-Storage products have a spot for most everything a crafter needs easy access to: paper, ink, punches, ribbon, washi and more. The photo above gives you a peek at my lock-down style punch storage (whale tail punch storage is also available) as well as the ink/refill/marker storage combination below.


I had the storage units painted this week (they come ready for paint or you can keep them natural) to match the cabinets, a soft off white that contrasts beautifully with my Sherwin Williams "Contented" wall color.  Relaxing and fresh!  You're looking at my future 12 x 12 paper holders above.

A TIP FROM ARTIE, MY PAINTER:  Spray the Stampin' Storage boxes with the slide out inserts partially pulled out.  You can get further inside the cubbies with the paint.  Slide them back in place while they are still wet.  I won't be able to remove the inserts once the paint is dry (think of a window being painted shut) but don't plan to remove them to change the spacing.  This definitely is something to consider if you plan to paint.  The cute bins below are Embossing Folder and Steel Die Storage.


As of last evening, my kitchen is now serving as a makeshift stamping studio.  The kitchen is being remodeled as well so it's going to be a kitchen full of paper, stamps, ink and contractors for the next few days.  Yipes, more noise and dust.  Many "Calgon" moments.
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Paper Hugs...Mary

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  1. Denise Ferguson

    I was so excited to see your post because I just purchased 4 Stamp n Storage units Saturday at their pop up sale in Waxahachie Texas. Can you tell me which type of paint Art used on your units? And were they sprayed? I can’t wait to see your finished studio!

  2. Sabina Hamilton

    I just wanted to share my experience with the Stamp & Storage experience. I had ordered the Slim 72 & 24. These units come precise with no room for expansion for the wood to breath. Let alone painting the unit. Painting these units causes more difficultly in getting the shelves to slid into the grooves. I had a horrible experience with the 72 unit but no problems with the 24. Strongly believe the 72 unit was defected prior to me painting unit.Very disappointed with how the company has handled my concerns. I have reported this to the BBB. Beware of Stamp & Storage.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Sabina. I’m very sorry you weren’t happy with your experience. I suggested that if you plan to paint (which changes the product – painting is at your own risk) the shelves not be pulled all the way out to facilitate pushing them back in. That worked for me.

  3. Woo hoo for you! I have received a catalog an am anxious to become one with it. Upon a quick perusal the 48 stamp/marker, re-inker holder is possibly the first order I place!

  4. Happy to help. He used Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint. M

  5. Brenda ( Indiana )

    Mary you said your painter used a Professional Sprayer which we have. What kind of paint did he use with the sprayer. Matte or Satin. Possibly the name brand if you don’t mind sharing. I have bought 2 Stamp n Storage units and I want to paint them also. Thanks for your help.

  6. Oh Mary I can not wait to see the finished room. I have wanted my craft room to look like yours. I wish I had the money first of all and also someone to help me design my room. I guess I will just put it on hold till I move. I am so excited for you.

  7. Carol Carriveau

    Oh Mary…..how fabulous! It seems as though you were just re doing the space in your other home…and now you get to ‘play’ all over again. What wonderful cabinets and storage items….thank you for sharing the tip about the 12×12 holders. Looking forward to your pictures of the completed room…and you being able to be out of the kitchen….I can laugh with you, I have taken over most of the family room!

  8. FYI: Artie (my painter) used a professional paint sprayer for the results I got.

  9. Thanks for the painting tip! I want to paint my Stamp-n-Storage items but have never spray painted. I am a little chicken but will have to take the plunge this spring. Your room is looking great and I can’t wait to the tour!

  10. Hi Anne: The room size (before cabinets) is approx. 11 x 18. Im making use of the closet as well (not included in that dimension). There will be a Murphy bed and a little more storage in the closet to allow for added guests (since my studio sacrificed one of our three bedrooms). M

  11. I have one of the awesome inkpad/marker and RF storage holders and it is GREAT! Never thought to spray it white….that would look very nice but no matter the color, it is the best storage item I ever bought. I am not known for my organizational skills …but this certainly helps me out, especially with keeping track of my markers and refills.

    Enjoy following your remodeling journey and can’t wait to see the final outcome!

  12. Mary, can’t wait to see your new room! Can u tell me what is the size of your new room? I’m in the process of creating a studio upstairs and we are trying to figure out shelves or cabinets?

  13. It may be a work in progress for now, but it is also a dream… your dream! Really looking forward to seeing your completed “happy” space!

  14. I am in the process of planning my new stamp room with the Stamp n Storage. I was glad to have your paint tip because I too want to paint my purchases white. I have been following your progress and can’t wait to see what you end up with! Whatever it is, I am sure it will be gorgeous!!

  15. Brett is awesome! Hope everything comes together soon for you and you’ll be in stamping nirvana.

  16. Mary! I love the look at how it is coming along and seeing all the lovely new goodies. I had to check out the Stamp-n-Storage webpage and I cannot tell you how vindicated I feel. When I went out shopping for my new craft desk I wanted a roll top desk. You cannot believe how many people tried to talk me out of a roll top desk for crafting. I wouldn’t have it and did find a desk to my liking. Now Stamp-n-Storage sells a roll top JUST FOR THE PAPER CRAFTER!!! Who’s laughing now, people?

  17. Veronica Meyer

    How exciting!! I know you’ll have fun fun fun but don’t take her stamp supplies away.
    A place for everything helps keep the creating time exciting.
    So happy for you. Yippee. You deserve it.

  18. Loved your reference to Calgon. Haven’t thought of that for a while.

  19. Oooo, MsMary , it’s looking good , I showed my hobby , maybe he gets it …. Lol,
    Love it all , can’t wait !!!!!
    Hugs frenchie

  20. Ooooo! Can’t wait to see finished studio! I’m looking forward to mine when I retire! I’m always looking for inspiration! Thanks for sharing your pictures-keep them coming, please! Have fun!

  21. I love, love,love it…so jealous..it will be a work of art when you are all done.can’t wait for more photos.

  22. Janice Warhank

    Happy Trails, Mary. Looks like you’ve put together a beautiful plan.

  23. Hi Debra: Ill be taking you all on a tour of My Stampin Studio when things are in place. The stamp sets (I use clear-mount) will be stored on shelves in the upper cabinets to the left of my main working area. DVD storage can be a great alternative for clear-mount stamps. I love that our new wood-mount cases can be integrated with clear-mount and are much easier to store (but not DVD sized). Again, bookcases or shelves make for simple storage of either style. M

  24. Hi Mary it looks like you will have a great place to create and store your craft supplies.

  25. Debra Echelmeyer

    How exciting! I also have all the pieces you have mentioned in my craft room. I am trying to find a home for my stamp sets. I am a wood girl even though I have some clear. I have run out of drawer and cabinet space. I have one wall left that currently has my desk (not for crafting) that I plan to move out of this room. Thinking of some type of bookcase but still researching before I commit. Any suggestions? How are you storing your stamp sets? Can not wait to see your finished room.

  26. I got the magnetic sheets for the bins . . . the OCD in me couldnt resist one more way to keep things need and tidy! Ill be sharing every detail as things go together.

  27. Maggie Morton

    Looks like there’s going to be many of us who are going to be very JEALOUS of your room!

  28. Looking good Mary! Can’t wait to see it all put together and finished (as I know you are too!).

  29. Love the crispness of the white cabinets Mary, it’s so YOU!!! I can’t wait to see the whole space fully assembled in all it’s glory.

  30. Whoo Hoo! I’ve been a long-time customer of Brett’s at Stamp-n-Storage. Don’t you just love working with him? Free shipping for such heavy pieces is one of the reasons I buy each of the new things he’s come out with. Just switched all my framelits over to the magnetic sheets, although I didn’t need the bins they fit into as a piece of my father’s furniture worked best. You’re getting so close to being “moved in”!

  31. Nancy Farrell

    Oh Mary, I am sure I’m not alone when I say, I’m so excited for you. It is like a kid in the candy shop watching your studio come to life. See, you inspire us on so many levels. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  32. Can’t wait to see it when it is all done!!!!

  33. Oh, things are looking up. Your white cabinets are lovely.

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