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Stampin up stampinup pretty stamp it mary fish birthdays cards making ideas wishing youA sneak peek of tomorrow’s Pals Paper Arts challenge card!

Thank you to all of you for your shower of love and sympathy over the loss of my beloved pug, Isabel.  I have read every email and every comment and shared them with my family.  Your support is cherished during the healing process.  I miss my little “shadow” but know I will get stronger each day.

As I do my best to get back on track with all things paper crafting (it’s truly good therapy), I thought I would share the latest new products and promotions from Stampin’ Up! all in one place 🙂

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  1. Wow, you really nailed this one Mary. I just could not come up with anything I really liked, but yours is perfect. Now of course, I want that set, was not going to get it.

  2. Colleen Moreland

    So sorry Mary! Thinking about you guys! Lots of hugs coming your way!

  3. Hi Jan: Thank you for your kind words. I use plastic project sleeves for each stack/color of card stock. If there’s a scrap the right size, I’ll use it before cutting up a new piece! My card stock is stored on a card stock display I “scored” at a craft store close out. Hugs, M

  4. It brings me such joy to know that some of you are celebrating your pet’s living and past!

  5. We just lost my dog Mocha to old age and its woes. I ache for her every day because she was my close companion in our empty nest when my husband was out working. She always manage to nose her way into my stamping room, especially during stormy weather. I know how you feel. We will just stamp now and feel her presence. I love your stamping style. Nancy B

  6. OOOH I want to see it NOW !!! lol !! pretty !!!
    hope your filling a little better !!
    hugs frenchie !!

  7. Mary, sorry to hear of your loss. Pets are an important part of families and it is always difficult when they leave you. Time will heal but special thoughts to you during the healing process.
    Diane Gil

  8. Dearest Mary, I cried yesterday morning reading about your pal and seeing the beautiful video. Thinking I was composed and driving to an appointment, a couple of words in a country song made me think about your loss and I teared up again. The loss of our pets that are a part of our hearts and family is deep and wide.
    Hoping each day of paper crafting will mend your heart.

  9. Barbara Felece

    So sorry for your loss of Isabel. We had to put down our sweet girl, Riley just a little over two week ago.They are such a part of the family and the loss is deeply felt. As you said, we hope that each day gets a little easier. Sending good thoughts your way.

  10. Cynthia Cooper

    Mary, thinking of you in the loss of sweet Isabel. I understand how hard it is to make that final decision..the most loving and unselfish one we have to make with our beloved pets.
    How precious is the video ..thank you for sharing.

  11. Mary, many people don’t understand how a pet becomes a family member and how deeply their loss can affect the rest of the family. You have my deepest sympathy and please know it gets better with time.

  12. Mary I too express my sympathy over the loss of your beloved Isabel. When our little buddies shadow us with never a complaint or hesitation of what we expect from them, it’s just deserves a time of mourning. I do understand because I lost my kitty cat about three weeks ago, and am still missing him. I do understand, and I hope you will one day be able to find a new buddy.

    I have a quick question for you. What’s your method for storing card stock scraps and DSP scraps? I have a very limited amount of space, but still open to new ideas. Thanks again Mary.

  13. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Feeling a little stronger today.

  14. Mary, I’m so sorry about Isabel. They truly become a member of the family. And their loss is devastating. Our precious Lady is 19 years old, and I am dreading that day. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  15. So very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I have a 10 year old lab who is my guardian on the landing outside my crafting room. I understand the loss you are feeling.

  16. Sorry to hear Mary… I lost my Stella 9 months ago, and though it has gotten a little easier, a day doesn’t go by with out me thinking of her… SOme days I smile, some days I cry. I have 2 new pups to help out with the healing process, and I swear she talks to us through them sometimes!
    I will give mine an extra belly rub for you in Isabel’s honour!

  17. I shared your loss of Isabel with my family; we reminisced about all the dogs who have been a part of our lives, how we mourned losing them, but now just remember their silly habits and the mischief they caused – it brings us so much joy. That’s what I wish for you and your family; that the healing brings you to a place of knowing your darling pet lived to love you and that your love of her made her life worth living!

  18. I hurt for you and your family in the loss of Isabel. The video of her and your daughter was just precious. Take comfort in all those sweet memories! Warmly, Karen

  19. Mary Terlizzi


    Thank you for sharing that touching video of Isabel and Caroline. I watched it several times yesterday. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. I’m just glad she was apart of your family for so long.

  20. Sorry for your and your family’s loss. You were very fortunate to have a furry friend touch your lives. Their unconditional love is amazing 🙂 it’ll take a while for you to not be looking for her under your feet but the memory will always make you smile.

  21. Oh Mary, I am so sorry for the loss of your pet. Pets truly are members of our family and I understand your loss. I agree that paper crafting is such good therapy.

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