New & Improved Stampin’ Up! Basic Black Ink

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April 9, 2013

After months of testing and working with our vendor, Stampin’ Up! has been able to make some important changes!

What’s changed?
Stampin’ Up! has accepted a formula with their supplier that shows improvement.
The new formula has a reduced dye concentration that will allow it to
better absorb into the cardstock. Reducing the concentration didn’t
change the rich black color we all know and love; it only affects how
the cardstock takes the ink.

What about drying time?
Because the ink absorbs
better into the cardstock, it will dry in under a minute in some cases.
It can take longer depending on the run of your cardstock and the age of
your ink pad. If you are using an old ink pad, one of the refills with
the improved formula will rejuvenate your pad. Also keep in mind that
larger stamps or a more solid image may require a longer drying time.

What’s the deal with Whisper White Cardstock?
Stampin’ Up! initially discovered that our specification tolerance is too broad,
meaning that there is a broad variance in ink absorption and drying
time. Our Whisper White Cardstock is not a custom cardstock for Stampin’
Up! like our other cardstock colors, so we don’t have control over its
tolerance. We have since requested that our supplier provide us with
cardstock within a tighter range of tolerance. Still, our tests proved
that the new ink formula works better on most, not all, of our Whisper
White Cardstock. The performance of the ink depends on the run of the
cardstock. It is not possible to tell when a packet of Whisper White
Cardstock was produced. If you are concerned with the quality of your
cardstock, we recommend using StazOn ink, instead of Basic Black.

What if I need to exchange or return my Basic Black Classic Stampin’ Pad?
you have experienced problems with your Basic Black Classic Stampin’
Pad AND purchased it through me, please email me
([email protected]) with the lot# on the back of the pad (lower
left), your name, address and original order number for replacement.

The Improved Basic Black Ink is NOW Available!
improved Basic Black ink pad (#126980) and refill (#102512) are currently being sold. However,  depending on the Whisper White Cardstock you are
using, you may still experience smearing and high drying times. Stampin’ Up!
recommends that you use StazOn instead of the Basic Black Classic ink

Stampin’ Up! is pleased with the results so far. Not only has our
Black ink formula improved, but the testing process has also shown how
to make improvements to the quality of our Whisper White Cardstock.

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  1. Is this ink toxic?

  2. Mary, just wanted to thank you for showing me more ways to be creative with my cards. I just recently found you on You tube and your website. I find you are very talented and I love that I will be able to learn from you. You mentioned about joining in as a hobby and not to sell is that true and I would be interested in just joining as a hobby for the % off deal.
    Thanks, from Texas…hg

  3. Thank you Mary this was a lot of very good information. Have a great day, Happy Stamping, Hugs, ellen

  4. Thank you so much for the info on black ink ! I’m a new demonstrator and haven’t figured out how to get the newest info yet. I really enjoy your blog and all your wonderful projects, techniques and information.

  5. Thanks for this update on the black ink pads. I wondered what I was doing wrong because my old black stamp pads and recently purchased new pad was smearing. Waiting for it to dry held up the next steps in card-making. I appreciate having this information.

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