25 Great Card & Papercrafting Ideas from Friends

How about a giant dose of inspiration today?  I have 25 great cards given to me by friends that will get your paper crafting wheels turning this weekend.  Share your thoughts on the style or idea that best fits YOU with a comment at the end of this post!








NEED MORE INSPIRATION?  Check out 100’s of card samples in my Stampin’ Pretty Gallery!
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  1. Linda , I made it like the Christmas ornaments , but with hearts ,
    if want I can explain mush better ,
    my e-mail is
    [email protected] com
    ok ,
    thank you for liking it ,and the nice comment ,

  2. Love all the beautiful cards! For those who are interested, Desiree’s second card is also featured on my blog with a detailed supply list and instructions. She also made a super cute treat box to go with the card!

  3. Wow! What beautiful cards! I am honored to have my card to be posted along with such gorgeous cards. I feel like a rock star. Thanks for sharing my card & thanks to the papercrafters who shared their creativeness. I will be using your ideas in the future.

  4. I’d love to know how to make the hearts topper by Frenchie Hum. LOVE it! 🙂

  5. Carol Carriveau

    You are sooo very lucky, Mary! The first two are my personal favs but each and everyone of these are fabulous! Thank you for sharing them!

  6. Bonnie Grundy

    wonderful selection of cards. thanks for sharing.

  7. WOW – Thanks for sharing, what a wonderful assortment of projects and cards!! SO many different techniques and colors used. I just keep on looking at all of them over and over just trying to absorb ideas. Thanks again for sharing .

  8. Mary, all of these cards and projects are beautiful.I cannot believe all of the wonderful talented people out there. Thank you for sharing all of these cards with us.
    You are quite the leader. Thanks

  9. I just love the striking colors of Kris’ parade of hearts card! So unexpected yet so right together … Two thumbs up!!

  10. Mary, Thank you for including my cards in today’s inspirational post. Each project you posted has it’s own, unique style and I love looking at all of them. I am trying my hand, lately, at a more “vintage” style. So, my favorites today are going to be Desiree’s and Brian’s – because that’s my current fave stamp set. Thanks again for ANOTHER wonderful post!!

  11. Hi Janine! Yes, I just created a template out of card stock and traced it onto the polka dot paper. I used my paper snips to cut crisply and I attached it to the envelope with the glue stick glue to ensure it was evenly adhered. Hope this helps!

  12. So much talent!! I do love the first two cards by Desiree though. What a show stopper that vintage card is! Gorgoeus!

  13. Hey! There’s my card. What a nice surprise to see it in the line up with the others.

  14. Susan Mac Donald

    all of these cards & the other hundreds are *stunning*!

  15. So much inspiration, so little time!!! Guess that means a stamping retreat is in order…
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful works of art, Mary!

  16. Holy moly–all these projects are fabulous!! No way can I pick a fave! Thanks so much for sharing all these, Mary–it’s so wonderful to be surrounded by so much talent!
    (And thanks, Patti Carbonell, for posting your website for instructions!)

  17. Mary, thank you for sharing all these wonderful cards and ideas! I fell over when I saw you had posted some of mine. Thank you for considering me! Everyone of the items you posted are exceptional, so I can’t pick just one either. The talent is amazing for sure.

    For those that asked how I made my Post It Note box and gift bag ……… well Mary (thank you again!)………..you forced me into making a real post on my “NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME” blog. LOL

    For the instruction on the gift bag and the box you can see the post at http://www.paperdoodleink.com.

    Thank you for your kind comments.

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Today is truly an inspiration.
    Everyday with you is an inspiration Mary.
    BUT, today is exceptional. Kudos to your team.

  19. Awesome work by everyone. My favorite project is the little house and I love that first card by Desiree–vintage is so my style. Thanks for sharing all their amazing artwork.

  20. Mary Lou Glick

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful cards with us, Mary! I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite because I love them all!

  21. Love Desiree’s cards. Thanks for sharing them all, Mary!

  22. I love these cards but my favs are by Lucinda and Melinda. However, Kim’s card caught my eye because of the design on it… would love to know how she did that.

  23. They are all beautiful! My favorites are Desiree, Lisa & LOVE Lucinda’s card set.

  24. WOW! I can’t pick a favorite becauseI love them all!!! Thanks for showcasing them on your site for us all to enjoy this morning! Great job by everyone! 🙂

  25. Sheryl Cushman

    Thanks so much for sharing these cards with us. They are all fabulous. would be interested in a tutorial on the post it holder by Patti.

  26. I’m with everybody who said they love them all. Me too! Makes me wish I’d bought every single stamp!

  27. Hard to choose a style. I like them all! Thanks for sharing!

  28. I’m so glad you are enjoying this collection of coolness! If any of the paper crafting artists pop in here, they can add directions or direct you. If there’s a blog address (on the photos), you can find them on the internet and chat with them direct!

  29. Creativity beaucoup. I would like to know how tricia chuba did her card.

  30. nancy brunelli

    I love all of your ideas. Keep them coming….

  31. Love them all. Hard to pick a favorite. Thank you for posting such awesome projects.

  32. Wow – I love them all! I sure got my card fix today…thank you so much for sharing!

  33. I loved them all, truly! The scrapbook from Patsy Waggoner was something I wanted to know how to make. But the one that that made me head to the craft room today was the set of Love Notes created by Lucinda Perry with a variety of stamp sets used.

  34. Love ALL of them! My favorites are Kadie’s, Frenchie’s, Brian’s, Amy’s, Kris’s, Patti’s, Lucinda’, and Melinda’s. I love layering and bright colors. And your webinar re: joining Stampin Up was awesome!

  35. All the cards and ideas are inspiring! Really hard to pick a favorite. The three I would want to make RIGHT NOW because I enjoyed the easy layout ideas and think they still have a unique creative look are: Laughter is.. by Desiree; Telephone thank you by Brian; and Feb. 14 by Kris.
    This post is full of super ideas, colorful, complicated, fun, 3-D, something for everyone! Thanks for putting them all together.

  36. Thankyou for all the great ideas. There are so many good ones:)

  37. Totally agree!!!

  38. Mary, Thanks so much…. I love them all… I just love seeing that I have an alert of a new Post from you and your connections.

    One question that would seem so simple… how did they get the ‘wallpapered polka dot paper on to the envelope with such crisp lines? Did they just trace and hand cut and then glue on?

  39. I forgot to say my favorite is Lucinda Perry’s. so clean and crisp! Love the variety.

  40. I Am inspired! I enjoyed the parade of cards Mary. Beautiful!

  41. Could ANYONE possibly find a “Favorite”? All this FABULOUS GOODNESS wrapped up in one sweet little post. It was like a lottery win this morning viewing your blog. WELL DONE Stamping Friends and since it’s snowing here in Tucson this morning…I’m going to hide out in my studio and CASE. Thanks Mary for sharing all this fabulous goodness with us!

  42. These cards a beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!! Have a blessed day

  43. Cheryl McAskill

    Hard to pick only one…they are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Speechless! So many great works of art! Patsy! Where did the Stampin’ Up! stamp come from? Lucky girl! Kadie, I’ll be bugging you for that Post it Note holder! Thank you for sharing Mary!

  45. Love THIS post, Mary!!! These are just BEAUTIFUL and (mission accomplished…) inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

  46. Oh my goodness Mary, I feel so honored to be in such amazing company. Thank you so much for posting my card here today, what a wonderful way to start the day!!!!!

  47. I’ll have to say DITTO to what CJ wrote.
    Thanks for sharing all the cards Mary

  48. Lots of great cards. Would love to have a tutorial on the little Post-It Note Holder by Patti Carbonell.

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