Please Read: It’s Not Me, It’s Stamping Top 50!

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Crisis averted! Some of you may have received a warning today when you attempted to open my Stampin’ Pretty blog update in your email.  Thank you to those that emailed me a “heads up” about the warning (not everyone got it).

In checking further, I have
determined that the culprit is the Stamping Top 50 site.  If you go directly to the Stamping Top 50 site (DON’T), there’s a
warning that the site may harm your computer.  Simply having the badge and link on the sidebar of my blog generated the warning.  I have removed the badge/link from my sidebar (which has been there for years) and everything is working fine and safe 🙂

For those of you that missed today’s post and my little trio of elephant valentines, here’s the direct link to “Henry Says!”

Hugs, Mary


  1. Hi Elizabeth . . . my guess is that I straightened it out before you looked at the post. I’m an early bird!

  2. I just received that warning for my own blog and I had it on my sidebar, when I took it off Through fire fox, I was able to get back into my blog 🙂

  3. Thank you! I came across this on another site and am happt to know that you were able to resolve it.

  4. elizabeth mahoney

    This is odd, other sites this morning had that warning, but not yours…. thanks for giving me an explanation.

  5. Stephanie Jager

    Thanks for always looking out for us.

  6. Thanks Mary , those things scare me !!
    Why do people do that !!! Sigh !!!

  7. Thanks Mary for always being concerned about your customers!

  8. Thank you!! I have visited your site almost daily and this was the first time I got this message and I figured it was something like that because I have never gotten it before. There were two blogs, today, that gave that warning….and I didn’t go any further.

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