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Black Friday Blog Candy Blast!


I thought you might need a little break during one of the busiest shopping days of the year–Black Friday!   So I’m offering you a quick and simple chance to earn ALL of the yummy blog candy shown above (and listed below).

TO PARTICIPATE:  Please leave me a comment at the end of this post with whether you prefer to shop at the store or shop on-line for holiday gifts!  U.S. participants only.

DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS:  Sunday, Nov. 25 at 6:00 p.m. Central.

THE WINNER will be chosen randomly and announced later Sunday (Nov. 25) evening!  Winner has 24 hours to email me their name and mailing address.  Stay tuned for the announcement!


THE BLOG CANDY GOODIES:  Don’t you love how these Stampin’ Up! products coordinate with each other!

  • Vintage Faceted Designer Buttons (127555)
  • Silver Flourish Designer Frames (127835).  HOT TIP: The Decorative Label Punch (not included) that coordinates with the frames is currently is 30% off.  Get the details here.
  • Everyday Enchantment Designer Series Paper (48) 6×6 sheets.  Retired.
  • 2 rolls of Everyday Enchantment coordinating organdy ribbon. Retired.
  • Layered Labels clear-mount stamp set (#127072).  Images below.  HOT TIP:  Need the clear blocks?  Save 20% on the Stampin’ Up! Clear Block Bundle (Blocks A-I) and Clear Block Storage Caddy during the 24 Hour Doorbuster Sale!  Wed., Nov. 28 ONLY.  Get the savings scoop.Layered labels stampin up stampinup card ideasFlyerheader_Extravaganza_demo_NA_rdax_574x227

STAMPIN’ UP! ON-LINE EXTRAVAGANZA SALE!  Stay at home and shop in your warm and fuzzy slippers!  Stampin’ Up!’s On-Line Extravaganza Sale makes it fun and convenient!  Save up to 50% off on current products.  Ends Nov. 28.  See what’s on sale!

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812 thoughts on “Black Friday Blog Candy Blast!”

  1. I love online shopping, and the squeal I let out when I pull in the drive and see the box on the porch a few days later is priceless 🙂

  2. I like both…like to see and touch the products but am finding more products available online
    appreciate your one minute to wow videos…have learned so much

    patti moffett

  3. I have never been a Black Friday shopper. Too many crazies out there! I do love shopping in the stores for my gifts, though. I love handling all of my gifts to be sure they are the quality I want to give. So I do not do much online shopping. Quality is why I love Stampin’ Up! too!! The people as well as the merchandise! Hope I win!

  4. Hi Mary!
    What an awesome give-away! I am the consumate arm chair shopper. I buy everything from cosmetics to cleaning products online. If I can find what I need on the world wide web, I order it! Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize package!

  5. Personally, i have gotten to prefer shopping online. Just to save time and in most case with the special free shipping offers, i save money as well. Nothing like shopping in pj’s,while listening to Christmas music and drinking a cup of coffee, ahhhh!!!!

  6. I prefer to shop online. Can’t wait for cyberspace Monday! I love your blog, I check it every day. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

  7. I like to touch things, so I am an in-store shopper for the most part. I will order what I can’t find, but only as a last resort!

  8. I stay at home and start the season with Christmas songs, hauling out the Christmas dishes, decorating, checking the master shopping list for cookies, etc. It’s much more relaxing than getting into grumpy crowds.

    Love the blog candy. Thanks as always

  9. Shopping online is so much easier! I like being able to see how others rate the item, too. What a great blog candy….someone will be a lucky winner!

  10. Thanks for the chance to win such cool candy! Have to say – most of my Christmas shopping is done online – time and gas savings, plus I can shop during hours stores are traditionally closed are some of the reasons. I do miss the oppty to see and touch the products hands-on, though. Sometimes that great looking sweater online doesn’t look so great in person. Love your blog – thanks for all you do!!

  11. I had good intentions to get up and head out, but when 5am hit I decided to shop online. It was great!

  12. I still prefer the hustle and bustle of in store, but love the online shopping at StampinUp, especially with the Online Extravaganza going on! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas all year long!

  13. I prefer to shop online now…no crabby shoppers, no cramped parking lot, etc! Thanks for giving away the great gifts!

  14. Shopping the stores because I love color and texture and can touch and feel everything! Much like my card making! Many thanks to you for inspiring me!

  15. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy, its better than the bargains for Black Friday. I like to shop on line because its less stressful.

  16. Mary, now that is some yummy candy. Hope you are having a great weekend. Sounds like on Facebook that you are enjoying some great movies….can’t wait to see Lincoln.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. I love to look in the store as you can see so many other items that you might be interested in. I however like shopping online also because a lot of time reviews can alert you if there are problems with an item. I can do both with no problem.

  18. This year it will be online for sure. Tired of dealing with crowds and loud music. Get manic when each store is playing something different. Like to choose my music and usually play it gently. Guess I enjoy your blog so much because it is so gentle.

  19. I find gift ideas online but often end up purchasing in store. Thank you for your daily postings of creativity that inspire us … and for the opportunity to win blog candy!

  20. Love to SEE (3-D experience) what I’m going to buy–so store is my first choice.
    You inspire me!

  21. I really like going to the store best (not on Black Friday though) that way I can see what I am getting……however, if I know the item and it’s quality….a book, appliance, Stampin Up’…..I shop online. Guess I am a mixed bag shopper!

  22. I love to do my holiday shopping at the actual stores. Despite the busiest, there is just something magical about the holiday music, the decorations in the store, and the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping! I love it!

  23. I like to go shopping in the stores on black friday and watch how crazy people get! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I shop online, but this year I went to stores. While it was insanely busy, everyone was pleasant and I got some incredible deals. Thanks.

  25. Omg , pick me , pick me , lol !! I shouldn’t say that cuz by any chance I get pick , it’s not going to look right !!! Lol !
    Ok I love being out there, just cuz every one is doing it , BUT I hate all the stepping toes that goes on , SO I rather do it on line , me and my husband do it together, unless he’s picking my gift !!!
    Ms Mart ,I hope you and Caroline had a good visit ! Thought of you two !! I can’t Waite my oldest will be moving to Florida , finely my chain will be complete ,
    Next year )
    Ok hugs to you all !!

  26. I love on line shopping. You can save on time and have the opportunity to purchase items not available in your area.

  27. I prefer to shop online if possible! I stopped shopping on Black Friday a long time ago! 😉

  28. I tend to shop online for what I can just to avaid the crowds. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I USED to like shopping in-store, but now that the kids are older, I’m able to do more online.

  30. I definitely prefer to shop online in the comfort of my home, at any time during the day or night, and most likely while sitting in my warm cozy pj’s having a cup of tea!

  31. I enjoy the convenience of shopping online, but also like to see things in person before I buy them. So, I shop both online and in stores. One day, I would love to see Stampin’ Up Stores (in my neighborhood of course)!!

  32. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for offering the blog candy! Whoever is the lucky winner will really be happy!!! Personally, I HATE to shop. For the 30 years I’ve been married my husband has bought ALL of my clothes because he LOVES to shop. People are always commenting on how great my outfits look but I can never take the credit, I have to respond, “Thanks, my husband got this for me.” Most women are generally shocked because they wouldn’t dare wear something their husband bought! Ha ha! You rarely see me at the mall, and when I do go I get “lost” because I can’t remember where I came in at. I do kind of like shopping in cute little towns that have boutique, one-of-a-kind or artsy stores. I do a little bit of shopping online, but most of the time I just leave all the shopping to my husband!!! (Even the grocery story, I hate that most of all.)

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Peace, Love & Joy,

  33. I would rather shop online if I need gifts for the grandkids – cash is preferrable, so I save lots of time for making cards instead of standing in lines. Thanks for the chance to win your great blog candy Mary!

  34. LUV, LUV YOU’RE POSTS MARY! Like a kid I love getting something in mail. I prefer to see it in the store before deciding I like it, tho.

  35. LUV, LUV YOU’RE POSTS MARY! Like a kid I love getting something in mail. I prefer to see it in the store before deciding I like it, tho.

  36. LUV, LUV YOU’RE POSTS MARY! Like a kid I love getting something in mail. I prefer to see it in the store before deciding I like it, tho.

  37. Hi Mary,

    I do most of my shopping on-line and I look forward to all your daily emails. Jill

  38. Hi Mary! I love shopping in stores. It’s something about the excitement but sometimes it gets a little crazy. I hope to eventually convert to online. 🙂

  39. I love shopping at the stores! However, I shop all year round for Christmas. I am usually finished by October so I don’t feel “rushed”.

  40. It depends on what I am shopping for. Clothes I like to try on first. I am certainly not a Black Friday shopper! Money and gift cards for grandchildren are the thing now. When they get older they like to get “their own” thing. I make many money holders – thanks for your Stampin’ Up ideas.

  41. In the store, especially when I get extra discounts on top of sales price!

  42. I like to shop in store so that I can see exactly what I am getting, but I also like to shop on-line when I know the quality of the product or when I know I can easily return it to the store in town. I do what is easiest.

  43. Mostly on-line but I do go to the store later at night when all of the craziness has died down. 🙂

  44. I was sure I commented already…I prefer shopping in stores but only because I want to touch the stuff and get the instant gratification that only comes with bringing home a toy to play with it… some things are worth waiting for though, like great Stampin’ Up stuff!

  45. I like shopping in the store, especially locally owned stores. Thanks for the chance to win some “candy”!

  46. I like to shop where I find the best deal, but online does not meet my need to socialize and admire the decorations. I love the holiday shopping and the artistic decor of the stores, but online sometimes meets the driving need for the least expensive and/or not readily available items. I shop both stores and online.

  47. I prefer shopping online. 24/7 shopping available always and no crowds! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win this blog candy. I love all of it! Your site inspires me daily. Thank you for all you do!

  48. As I get older, I find that online shopping is the way to get my shopping done w/ less stress and hassle 🙂

  49. I like shopping in store. Like to see the “stuff” before I buy it. Although with two small kids there is definitely some appeal to online shopping…

  50. Guess I am getting old, don’t like the crowds much anymore. Love online and free shipping!!

  51. Shopping online really helps me keep my spending in check. I like to shop locally for uncommon items and specialties.

  52. I like shopping in the stores, all the decorations and the people shopping puts me in the holidy spirit.

  53. I prefer to shop in a store–especially with my best friend. However, my best friend passed away 8 months ago from cancer and shopping in stores just isn’t the same. Christmas shopping this year may include online purchases. I do enjoy your blog. I check it every day, and I am in awe of your talent.

  54. This is the first year I have shopped online & I “LOVE” it!! No crowds free shipping & I got everything I wanted, all while in the comfort of my home with a good cup of coffee…
    Thanks for the chance to win I really love your blog.

  55. Hi Mary! Online…no question. We went to see the movie Skyfall and I highly recommend it!

  56. I really enjoy the stores and the hustle and bustle. Must be the New Yorker in me. Guess that makes me more a store shopper than on-line. I have to admit it’s fun when the Fed-ex comes with a delivery.

  57. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I do both! I don’t like the mass confusion of black friday shopping, so I stay out of the stores on that day!

  58. I enjoy both. In the store for the experience and on-line when I don’t have time to go from store to store! Thanks for the chance at some awesome candy!
    Lisa G.

  59. MOstly online shopping but must go out once or twice to get the festive feeling! Thank you souch for sharing your beuatiful creativity with everyne.

  60. I shop online, that way I can order things and still maintain my sanity. Don’t have to worry about crowds. Whiles the kids are watching a movie or taking a nap, I can shop and still spend time at home with them. THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

  61. I really prefer to shop in person…but with PLENTY of time before the holidays arrive! Thanks for the chance to win a little holiday “happy”!

  62. I do like to shop, but I usually will not go out on Black Friday. It is just to crazy for me. I will try and shop during the week when not as many people are around.

  63. I enjoy both. I love seeing the decorations in the stores. It is also a lot of fun having packages delivered to your house. Thanks for for sharing your talent with us.

  64. Shopping online!! The only problem is you can’t feel fabric etc.! But shopping online is so nice it just gets delivered to your door. Thank you for giving us a chance to win some great blog candy!!!

  65. I prefer going out shopping as a rule, but that doesn’t stop me from shopping on line as well.

  66. Hi Mary!

    I love to shop in the stores. It’s so much fun to be out and about when it’s Christmas to hear the music, see the decorations, etc. It gets me in the Christmas spirit more than shopping online. Plus, I like to bring my gifts home to wrap them. That’s half the fun! I don’t like buying stuff when it gets shipped directly to the person-then I can’t wrap it!

    I love your blog and check daily. Thanks for all the great ideas and holiday inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  67. I enjoy shopping in the stores for the atmosphere. However, I moved to a very rural area and now do most of my shopping online.
    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful blog candy and everything you share on your blog.

  68. Since my son and daughter are Officers in the US Airforce, I have done all of my shopping on line. Now, the grandchildren love this way of getting gifts!

  69. Wow! Great giveaway. As I’ve gotten older, I really appreciate the ability to shop online. Although I miss those marathon shopping days of my younger days. Thanks for your blog.

  70. I am definitely an in-store shopper. Thanks for the wonderful blog candy offer. It would be a real treat to win it.

  71. I love to shop late at night when the stores aren’t as crowded. Now if it is snowing that really puts me in a shopping mood!

  72. I read your blog daily and I really enjoy it, you’re amazing! I perfer touching and looking over products before purchasing so shopping at a store would be my first choice, however, I live quite a distance from any retail outlet that sells card making supplies so I am becoming more and more an online shopper in that area. Thank You for all your ideas and help.

  73. Can I say both? I have enjoyed shopping at home in my pj’s but I have my favorite small shops that always have that unique gift that I was looking for. Hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

  74. I do most of my shopping online. So much easier and great for comparing price. I still like to go out this time of year a couple of times. I enjoy the decorations, festivities, talking to other shoppers in line and seeing so much delight in the children.

  75. wow what a great chance to win wonderful package of goodies! I love going into the store and lok around I am to new to online ordering still a bit shy
    thanks for the chance alyse d

  76. No question – the Store – I have to get my hands on the item to know for sure that I like it 🙂

  77. No question – the Store – I have to get my hands on the item to know for sure that I like it 🙂

  78. No question – the Store – I have to get my hands on the item to know for sure that I like it 🙂

  79. I prefer shopping in the stores, but this year did more online shopping. I can be very claustrophobic in large crowds.:(

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  80. My daughter (now 24) have made it an annual tradition. This is our 5th year. We started at 7:30 Thursday night and did not get home until 11:00 Friday morning. We had a great times pending time together.

  81. Happy Holidays!
    I am an on-line shopper for sure. Don’t like to fight the crowds this time of year. I love your site- I take a peek each day to see the new card design of the day. Love the simplicity and clean lines of your designs. Beautiful. Thanks for all the creative ideas you inspire.

  82. While I love the idea of the hunt and a bargain, online is simpler,easier and faster! Saves on gas, I can be at home with my kids and frees up time to “play’ with my SU stuff.

  83. I prefer shopping IN PERSON unless it’s Black Friday! 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

  84. I much prefer shopping at the store – love to compare with other products and see what my options are.

  85. I love to go to the stores during the holiday season, but prefer not to venture out on Black Friday. No small children or grandchildren so I watch for sales throughout the year to buy gifts for loved ones. I also like to shop online, but am sometimes leery the quality may not be what I expect. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy, I can put it all to good use, lol.

  86. I like to see and touch what I am buying, but I hate the crowds. It is a toss up on what method of shopping is best. I lean towards shopping in stores.

  87. I am 50/50 store and internet. have to go to the store sometimes for all the decorations!

  88. I am old fashioned and love to shop at the store still. On-line shopping does not provide the “thrill of the purchase” feeling I get when I shop in a store!!!
    Happy Holidays, Mary and thank you for the ongoing inspiration.

  89. There is nothing like shopping at home in your PJ’s is there ? although there are more and more people wearing their PJ’s out at the Brick and Mortar.. I just don’t get that!! I like that I can shop whenever I want at home where there are no time limits.. no people pushing, shoving and grabbing at what I want! Awesome blog candy.. and it’s on my wish list too! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  90. I don’t like the crowd mentality while shopping, but I do prefer to see things in real life. So, normally I shop in the store, but during the crazy holiday season, I shop on-line!

  91. I definitely love shopping on line! I can do it early in the morning or late at night in the comfort of my PJ’s and not have to hassel with driving in traffic and then fighting for parking and the crowds! And I can get so much more done in so little time! :)Thanks Mary!

  92. Mary, I like to shop in either place. Sometimes online is quicker and easy to find hard to get items. As Christmas gets closer, I like to be out there in the stores,to see all the people in the Christmas Spirit.

  93. I prefer shopping in stores. I like to see what I am purchasing. I shop on- line if I know exactly what I want. Love your creative ideas !

  94. A little of both! Me and my daughter like to go out on Black Friday, but a little later in the morning. We still get great deals on doorbusters and not all the madness of the earlier shoppers! And of course, online for all the great Stampin Up goodies!

  95. Hi Mary
    I prefer on line, I get what I want faster plus saving gas money. Also maybe a little sanity. Love your site, I check it everyday. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  96. On Black Friday I like on-line shopping. I really prefer seeing what I’m buying at the store.

  97. My favorite way to shop…is to go to the bank and get cash to give!! I make the card/money holders and I’m done!!!!!!

  98. I like to see what I’m buying to touch it and check the quality, but if I think I can get a better deal, then I will check the price online and buy there. Thanks Mary for the opportunity to post. Happy Thanksgiving. However, I did not do Black Friday – too many people all at once!

  99. I like to do my shopping mostly in stores. I like to be able to see and touch most of the stuff I plan to purchase.

  100. Neither, I spend all my time checking out your site & others & then stamping! Janet

  101. I love shopping so I prefer going and looking over guessing what it may look like from online! Thanks for your daily inspirations!

  102. Prefer to see what I’m getting before I buy it, but thats not always convenient. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  103. My mom, sister, and I brave the crowds in store for a great girls day out! Love it… And I love your site too!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


  104. I shop in the store and online, with an increasing amount of online shopping every year. With many of the stores starting Black Friday shopping before Black Friday and staggering times for specials it is much easier to shop online.

  105. On line. My work hours are crazy and on line allows me to shop at 5 am or 11 pm.

  106. I prefer shopping at the store because you see the product that you’re purchasing rather than an image of it. I guess I’m more traditional with my shopping!

  107. I’m a bit late for posting a comment but better late than never. I don’t go shopping at the stores much but I love going during the Holidays. I love to see all the beautiful decorations at the Mall and stores. It’s a treat for the eyes. Thanks for this blog Candy, Mary. It will be awesome to win it.

  108. I shop online and at store. I search for who has a better deal and buy my gifts. I do however buy most of my craft goodies online.

  109. I do a little of both. I like online with free shipping when I have to send packages out of state.

  110. I prefer going to stores, but I mostly shop online… You can’t always get what you want, I guess, but I hope I get this awesome blog candy!

  111. it really depends on the product… but mostly in store – much more fun to roam down the isles and get distracted from the things you originally wanted… 🙂

  112. Most definately on-line! I love being able to compare shop items on the internet. The bonus is getting online coupons or discount codes that make it cheaper to get it online…including free shipping!

  113. my husband is the online shopper and I just show up to pay fot it with the credit card! i prefer to see and touch my purchases, but stay away from this wekend like the plague!

  114. I do both but whenever possible I try to shop locally to help our small town merchants. I love your website and appreciate you sharing so many great ideas.

  115. I hope you, and your family had a Happy Thanksgiving. I prefer to shop in the stores. (I’m the touchy, feely type.) My husband and I Christmas shopped ’till we dropped, last weekend … and the gifts are even wrapped. So, I am happy to say … WE ARE DONE !!!

  116. I am definitely an online shopper. Can’t deal with the crazy crowds in the stores! Thanks for the chance to win your great blog candy!

  117. I love to shop in the stores, as I love all the decorations and the holiday music. I do stay away from all shopping on the Black Friday weekend though. I love getting inspiration from your blog & and thank you for the opportunity for some fabulous blog candy.

  118. Well, I just love to shop…on line, in the store, on the telephone, it really doesn’t matter LOL. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  119. I definately prefer to shop on-line. You are so sweet to offer goodies like this to us. Thanks Mary. These will be so much fun for the lucky winner.

  120. The store. I so enjoy all your uncomplicated but beautiful card designs and your WOW videos. Thank you, Mary.

  121. I prefer to shop online, where there are no lines or cranky people, and I can be in the comfort of my jammies with coffee in hand. Love your blog, Mary!

  122. I am a store shopper, mostly. But only if I have a friend to go with.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  123. I go to the store , but will shop online sometimes.
    thanks for your sharing your ideas .

  124. I like shopping at a store best,as I like to see & touch
    what I’m buying. I do shop online for things I can’t find
    and for Stampin’ Up! products which are the BEST!

  125. I like both options, but it would depend on what I was looking to buy. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great Black Friday Blog Candy Blast. Love your blog and check your ideas daily. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  126. Last year, I did the shopping at Midnight on Thanksgiving!! I went with my three sisters. We had a blast! We were not all able to do it this year, so…..I shopped on line today. Not as much fun…… Happy Thanksgiving!!

  127. wow!!!! this is such a nice give away. I like to shop in the store, the music – well some of it and just the getting out with my husband. Thanks for the chance.

  128. I like to shop in the stores. Love the festive atmosphere.

    Love your your blog! Such beautiful cards! Thanks!

  129. I like to do my shopping in the store at a leisurely pace. (I do NOT do Black Friday shopping!)
    Have a great day!

  130. I prefer to shop on-line – hate the crowds .. but love after Christmas shopping clearance sales!

  131. We live in a very small town. one hour and a half from any real shopping stores. I like to shop on line.

  132. I prefer to shop in the store, except if I need to ship the gifts. Then I prefer to shop online, especially if they offer free shipping. Saves so much time & it has a much better chance of arriving on time.

  133. It depends on what I am buying. I don’t have a lot of big stuff to buy or give. I am trying to make more stuff to give my coworkers – just because I can and I think they would like the stuff. I don’t really like the crowds either. I do enjoy looking at catalogs too. Am I a fence sitter or what?

  134. I prefer shopping on line as well….toooo many crazy people out there! Happily we don’t have to buy too many any gifts anymore, only for the younger set. Gift cards do well for the older ones and I will buy for the younger set – most probably on-line! Stayed at home enjoying the quiet after yesterday! What a grand blog candy you are offering…anyone would love to have this set. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  135. I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago, so I’ll be more of an online shopper this year! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  136. Mary,
    I like to shop at the store. Don’t need to get there at the crack of dawn but was out most of the day. I did really well almost finished! Would love to add your blog candy to my Christmas presents.

  137. I shop on-line whenever possible. So easy and convenience at my choice. Thanks for the chance to enter your blog candy.

  138. I do both, but prefer in store, so I can hear the music in the stores and feel the items I am buying. I really don’t like paying shipping, too. Thanks for the chance at blog candy!

  139. I love to sleep in, sit on my couch in my pajamas and shop online! Love the Stampin Up online sale!

  140. I prefer shopping at the store, but I do love the convenience of shopping at home online!

  141. I like to shop in stores. I love to people watch as I shop. L ove your blog:0)


  142. I enjoy shopping on line and having my purchase delivered to my door…just like my Stampin’ Up purchases. I follow your website on a daily basis and love to steal your ideas.

  143. I’m trying more on line shopping this year, which is new for me, but I am finding it a huge time saver. Thanks for the great blog candy offer and for all the inspiration you share!

  144. My family went to seattle for Black Friday…we are beginning to see strains of that here in Canada….I am assuming the business are trying to keep some of the sales local…however, a trip south is always an adventure.

    Mary, I just have to say you are amazing!! In all and every aspect.

  145. This one is tough – like the stress free aspect of online shopping, but sometimes I just need to be able to see the product in person and touch it. So, if I have to choose, the store narrowly edges out online.

  146. It depends…sometimes you need to be at a store for a certain type of item. Love the convenience of on-line and home delivery!

  147. What pretty blog candy!!! This year I would love it if I could shop for Christmas entirely online. Christmas is coming up so fast, it is scary!

  148. I prefer to go to the store, so that I can see everything in person. Thanks for the chance to win!! Love your blog!!

    Debbie H.

  149. I prefer shopping in a store, like to see everything in person. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  150. I like to shop in the stores only because I am so afraid of using my credit card on-line! P.S. I love your site. Thanks for your beautiful ideas!

  151. I can’t shop at all this year. I’m a casualty of the Hostess Brands shut down. 🙁

  152. I prefer to shop online! I have always avoided the Black Friday sales, last year I gave in to peer pressure and shopped, this year too. I am now so incredibly over the holidays, and PEOPLE! What is it that makes shoppers so mean and rude? Now I know why I have stayed away! Back to online, and avoiding the crowds! Of course my FAVORITE online store, yep Stampin’ Up! The customer service is THE BEST!!! So is your website ;o)

  153. I’m an in-store shopper mainly because I work retail and I can see the product right before my eyes. I love your site and would love to add the blog candy to my collection of stampin goodies.

  154. I prefer to shop online if at all possible – actually, the past few years we mainly do giftcards. We don’t have a lot to buy for so it is easier.

    Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy – ooh, la, la.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was extra special & a time to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for. I am thankful for you & your blog – it is awesome and very inspiring!

    Patti Beachy

  155. Thanks for a chance to win some yummy candy. I prefer shopping for Christmas gifts online especially if there is a sale and free shipping. 🙂

  156. Stamping Up definately online with you!! Black Friday shopping — I’m a shop till you drop kinda girl. We shopped all night long! Thanks for the chance st blog candy. Paula

  157. I like to shop in the stores, it is nicer to see the item, then seeing it on line. I can deal with the people. They aren’t that bad at times.

  158. I shop only on line. I know what I want and shop on line for items that are many times difficult to find or I don’t know where to find it. I just get on line,locate it and order it. Hope to win your fantastic blog candy.

  159. I prefer shopping online—Thank you for a chance to win some blog candy!!!

  160. RE: refer to shop at the store or shop on-line for holiday gifts!

    I prefer to shop on line for friends, store for family..

  161. I’m trying to shop locally this year. I’m a very visual person so I’m not a big online shopper. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and thanks for the chance to win your blog candy.

  162. I prefer to shop in stores. I love all of the hustle and bustle of the season! Thank you for the chance to win such awesome products. I hope that you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  163. I like to shop in store, I like to look and “feel” the gift and like to have it right away…no waiting!

  164. I prefer shopping online, I used to get up and go early when stores opened at 6am but now they open at midnight. Way to early for me.

  165. I prefer shopping online, especially when they offer free shipping! Saves on gas and keeps me out of the traffic jams in the parking lots – hate that!
    Merry Christmas!!

  166. Online! I do not like to shop at all, ever.

    I loved the video tour of your stamp room – what a beautiful place to create!

  167. I prefer to shop at the stores – Love the festive feeling! Thanks for this chance to win such a beautiful selection of supplies!

  168. I guess it depends on what I am shopping for. I do like the store because then I have it immediately, but do not always enjoy the craziness and crowds. Then it is fun to come home and have a big box waiting at the door!

  169. There are no irritable crowds clamoring from my laptop, so online is for me! Thanks for all your inspiration and goodies over the years!

  170. Much better on line.. Stay in your pj’s and stamp in between loadin times. Truly love your site Mary, such an inspiration to me. I’ve cased many of your cards.

  171. I prefer shopping at the store because I like to touch and look at stuff. Although I’d much rather shop on-line to avoid all the hassle 🙂

  172. On line- it’s almost as easy as shopping on your site! Love your blog. It’s the first thing I check everyday!

  173. I prefer to shop online because I don’t like the crowds, but also like to shop in stores so I can ‘touch and feel’ the stuff I’m buying! Today I went out and did some shopping around 7am and got some great deals!!

  174. I have to say that I prefer shopping on line. Although there is something to be said for the adrenaline of shopping in the stores.

  175. Store: There is nothing like holding the product in your hand. One exception: the Stampin’ Up (paper) catalog.

  176. I’m not a Black Friday shopper, but I am embracing shopping online more and more- especially with free shipping 🙂 Also, thank you for posting the list of sale items- very helpful- it makes me want to order from you 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  177. I like to shop in the stores more than online. I enjoy wandering and finding just the right gift!

  178. It gets me more into the holiday spirit if I go into the stores – but I do shop early in the season!

  179. thanks for the opportunity for blog candy!
    I definitely enjoy store shopping better, just not on black friday! no way! today I watched tv, organized for my Christmas cards I will be making, and spent time with my kids.

  180. Online is so convenient but in the store just seems more like Christmas so in the store wins!

  181. I would say online, but it doesn’t really effect me since I don’t have $ for Christmas until December…after everyone else is broke & the stores love me 🙂 For now, I’ll just keep on stampin’!

  182. Online ah point is convenient, but going to the store is definitely easier in many ways.

  183. Wow, you mention Candy and the Comments increase x100! I check you out every day and i love your style. I have case’d you quite often and always tell the recipient who I case’d….I truly love your work. Loved your picture from youth. Could really see the you that you grew to be!

  184. We do mostly gift cards for Christmas gifts, but when I do purchase a gift, it is often online.
    Thanks for the chance at this beautiful blog candy! So sweet and so generous of you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  185. Online is the easiest since I live in a small town and would need to drive about 45 minutes to do your actually shopping. Love your website and all your inspirations.

  186. I have been doing more and more online shopping and love how easy it is! Thank you for blog candy!!

  187. Hi Mary! I love all your cards, they always inspire me. I shop all year long for gifts. It makes it more affordable to do it that way. So most of my shopping is in stores. Once in awhile I will shop online if I see something on the television I just have to have. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thank you for all you do for everyone. We appreciate you very much.

  188. I much prefer online shopping! No crowds and no lines! Thanks for the opportunity for blog candy! Your blog is such an inspiration!!

  189. Shopping on-line is my preference – no lines, no headaches, and I can do it in my pjs. What could be better?! Love your site – I learn a lot, hear about great SU deals, and enjoy seeing your creativity at work. Thanks!

  190. I have become more and more of an online shopper! See… by staying home and looking at my Google reader I found your blog candy!! What a giveaway! Thank you so much.

  191. Wow, Mary…great blog candy. I greatly prefer shopping online…I can shop in my jammies with a cup of tea at my side. Does it really get any better than that?

  192. I like online shopping because I can do it any time and not have to fight traffic! Happy Holidays,

  193. After waiting 2 hours in line at walmart and another 40 minutes to check out for the laptop I got cheap last night I would have much rather just shopped online – but it was an in-store only deal. Thanks for the chance to win.

  194. I am a recovering Black Friday shopper who now shops mostly online. I also have so much less to buy when the grandkids want money.

  195. I am a recovering Black Friday shopper who now shops mostly online. I also have so much less to buy when the grandkids want money.

  196. I am a recovering Black Friday shopper who now shops mostly online. I also have so much less to buy when the grandkids want money.

  197. Thank you for being such a great source of inspiration! Love your designs- Always so crisp and clean, often with color combinations I wouldn’t have thought of. SHOPPING- Must say it’s on line for me! You can cover so much more territory!

  198. I like to shop at the store. I enjoy seeing all the Christmas decorations. It gets me into the Christmas spirit. Happy holidays. Thanks for your inspiration.

  199. Since I’m a hands on shopper, I prefer shopping in the stores…however, never on Black Friday! Thanks for the opportunity to win some great blog candy, Mary

  200. I don’t have a preference. I love getting out of the house and looking at all the cool stuff, but I also like the convenience of being able to shop online in my pajamas.

  201. If I’m shopping for something that doesn’t need to fit, I would rather buy online. For clothes and shoes, I still prefer the store. I guess I ike the best of both worlds. Thanks for the chance to win.


  202. If I know what I’m looking for, I like to shop online. If not, I prefer shopping in a store, but not during the holiday weekends!

  203. Hi Mary, stay at home and shop on line is the way to go for me, no stress no hassle and easy. Carol

  204. I like shopping in the store. With the music & decorations, it contributes to the holiday atmosphere!!!

  205. I prefer shoping online better because I don’t like to wait long time at the cash register.
    Mary – I enjoy your blog very much. Your card design is clean and simple with sofistication and elegance.

  206. There’s nothing like being at the store with Chistmas music playing and excited shoppers finding the perfect gift – and having right there to take home!

  207. Can I say that I like both? It really depends on what I’m shopping for. But you will not find me shopping on Black Friday, don’t like the crowds, lol.

  208. I love shopping online and avoiding the parking lots and crowds. Plus, I can ship the gifts to the location where I am celebrating Christmas.

  209. I don’t shop on the weekend of Black Friday. But I like to shop on the following Monday in stores since no one is there usually

  210. I am the freely touchy kind and prefer the store where I can use all my senses. You do some amazing work Mary and I love your site!

  211. I prefer the store where I can see, touch, smell and use all my senses. I have to fall in love with it all……just like your site. You so a,aging work Mary!

  212. I like to shop on line if I know exactly what I want. In the store is great for browsing and getting ideasI

  213. Thank you for this opportunity of WINNING something for FREE!!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I definitely prefer to shop at home, in my jammies with coffee ONLINE!! 🙂 Thank you!

  214. Happy Thanksgiving. Your site is an inspiration. I’m becoming a mostly on-line shopper although some things like clothes, I prefer to buy in a store where I can try them on and assess quality.

  215. WOW! Great Blog Candy ! I actually HATE to shop anywhere, so online is fabulous for me !! The only Black Friday I did was at Stampin’ Up and I did it on Monday 🙂
    Thanks for your drawing!

  216. I would definitely rather shop online. It’s faster, no crowds and it leaves more time for cardmaking!

  217. I prefer the store but I wait till all the craziness dies down and I go a lil later in the day.

  218. This was my first year shopping on Black Friday and after standing in line for 3 hours for an ipad I have to say I prefer shopping online.

  219. Online, where I can also happen across great crafting ideas and blog candy! Thanks for sharing!

  220. I enjoy the sights….colors…smells…displays…the noise…people…bags with tissues sticking out to set my creativity in motion!!! But I like the handiness of the on-line shopping,,,quickness of delivery,,,fun in the mail…opening the boxes!!! I enjoy listening to people talk…looking at the styles…twinkle in the eyes of children in the toy shop!!! I guess I love the choices I can make…to enjoy life pleasures!!!

  221. I use to be a person who perferred shopping in the store, but this year I am perferring to shop online.

  222. I’m an online shopper this year. My kids and their spouses want items that I can get shipped free here to my home. I love being able to shop in my jammies!

  223. My shopping is a mix or so it seems this season. Thanks for a chance to win blog candy. Yum, yum…

  224. I love to shop online for the convenience, but there’s something about going to the store to begin the hustle bustle of the Christmas spirit.

  225. While I’m a tactile person (one who loves to touch and feel things) before buying them, I do prefer now to buy on-line….no crowds to fight and I can take my time mulling over my purchases and not have to worry about someone else grabbing them up before I’ve made a decision. Of course that only applies to those things that I’m not trying to buy from the sale rack at SU!

  226. Shopping online is perfect for me, easier to fit into my schedule, takes no gas, and is calorie free. What is not to like about that! 🙂


  227. Well, I love shopping and crowds … so it’s the store for me! Love the excitement in the air for Christmas and the decorations (especially Black Friday). Thanks for the opportunity to win something!

  228. My Christmas shopping is usually a mix of store and online shopping. However, I hate lines so I never shop on Black Friday.

  229. I do quite a bit of shopping online…do enjoy shopping in the store, but definitely not on Black Friday! Thanks for the chance to win.

  230. I’d rather shop online. I can get better deals without the hassle! Love your work! Thanks.

  231. I prefer online shopping because trying to ‘duck and weave’ through the crowds is crazy! 🙂

  232. Online. Between getting older and the MS having slowed me way down, it is no fun to brave the crowds.

    How generous of you to offer this blog candy. Enjoy the weekend.

  233. This time of year I enjoy the in store shopping, it gets me in the mood for the holidays. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for the chance to win candy. What a nice gift that would be for me.

  234. First off I want to say THANK YOU for all your ideas, wisdom and inspiration! I look forward to your emails every day. As for shopping – I’m a touchy-feely sort of person, so I prefer the shops, but I don’t really do Black Friday (I don’t even like the name!). I like to shop throughout the year. Of course this year I will be doing lots of SU! shopping for Christmas presents.

  235. I prefer to shop in the stores so I can see the merchandise and the quality. I can say mostly what I buy on line is my Stampin Up products. Thanks for a chance to win.

  236. I prefer online shopping and the peace and quiet of my own home! I think I make much better shopping decisions this way. Thanks for your continued inspiration with your great blog!

  237. I love Christmas shopping and seeing all the decorations, but not the day
    after Thanksgiving. Thanks for the chance at some great candy. Love your blog.

  238. Ive never liked shopping!! I was really happy when the stored went 0n-line!! I’m still not much of a shopper, unless it’s for Stampin’Up! products!! I’m really good at shopping in the SU Catalog!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  239. I prefer seeing the products and touching them…but I can not tolerate the crowds. So I shop on line. Thank you for giving us the chance to win great SU products!!

  240. I prefer to shop online. Not brave enough to fight the lines at the stores! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  241. As long as its not clothes shopping, I prefer online every time. Thanks and Happy Leftovers!

  242. Well, I like to shop online and then go to the stores to people watch. That’s the best of both worlds. I like to see the Christmas displays in the stores and watch everyone scurrying around frantically without having to stand in lines or deal with tempers.

  243. Mary, I shop in store and after Black Friday. I check your web site daily. It’s my go to site for inspiration. Thanks so much Judi Beran

  244. Since I’m a “true shopper” and live in a more remote area, I’m so happy to shop for
    Stampin’Up online! However, I don’t shop for many other items online. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy and thanks for all your help online!
    Diane Gil.

  245. I like to go to the store weeks ahead to see & touch, but then I might buy it online. I actually prefer to go shopping at the store…I HATE returns!!!!

  246. I am a long time online shopper. As a wife, mom, and full time executive I could never get all I want to accomplish done without online shopping or at least get the legwork done online. As an early riser I can get lots of shopping done before anyone else rises. This is how I found Stampin Pretty and now am a big time Stampin up enthusiast.

  247. I did online this year for the first time ever. WOW. No more crowds and long lines for ME! Thanks for the chance at AWESOME blog candy!

  248. I would say, BOTH! One thing I like about shopping online is to avoid the crowd, but I dislike paying extra on the shipping…. One thing I like about shopping in a store is I can get the items right away, without paying extra shipping and waiting for the items….. Thank you for the opportunity to win… You’re so awesome!!! 🙂 ~Chan

  249. I like the thrill of Black Friday. Just wish it would have been a little warmer. Also great way to celebrate my daughters 21st Bday-since it’s one of her Favorite Holiday’s.

  250. I am learning to shop online, I have normally been one of those to head out after the turkey dinner.

  251. Both, but more relaxing at home with a cup of coffee! Unless I’m out shopping with my Best Friend! Thanks for a chance to win some blog candy Mary

  252. Both! But I am liking online shopping more and more!!! Beats fighting the crowds!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  253. Becky Nygren said….
    I try my best to shop local, but when I can’t I prefer online.
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  254. Ordinarily I like to shop in a store. I like to feel a fabric, see an actual color etc. however during the holiday season I will go online rather than fight the crowds or wade through the masses of merchandise

  255. I’m not a big shopper, so I will shop online if I am confident about the quality of the product. That’s what I love about Stampin’Up! I know the quality is excellent.

  256. I really HATE crowds and long lines, and messed up shelves…SO I much rather do online shopping! 🙂

  257. Thanks for the chanve, excellent gift! I will never do Black friday, the crowds are crazy, i’d rather be home with family. On-line is my preference

  258. I love to shop at both stores and online. Just not black Friday! Thank you for the opportunity to win some blog candy. I have been eyeing that set since the catalog came out!

  259. Always loved the thrill of the hunt, no more, hot cup of coffee and pj’s I am shopping on line..


  261. I like to do some of both. All of my children and grand children live far away so shopping online is easier for them. I like to go shop locally for things for me and my husband. Since I live in an area that is pretty warm all the time, it is nice “feel” Christmasy and see the decorations Thanks for such a great blog candy opportunity….it would be alot of fun!!

  262. On line….or shop next week when things aren’t so crazy. My first Thanksgiving in the southwest. Loving it.

  263. I say hide out in your craft room and be creative…shop leisurely on-line then hit the stores when the mayhem dies down. Happy Holidays! :0)

  264. I have always gone out for black friday but this year my family has all been sick and I chose to stay in and shop online! It has actually been much less stressful and I have gotten some awesome deals!

  265. What a generous thing to do – offer such a nice prize. Love your ideas – thanks so much.

  266. I like the store….I still like to touch and fell the quality of things 🙂 hope you had an amazing thanksgiving!

  267. I prefer to shop at the store because I can see ideas all around me but I find myself increasingly shopping online because of the convenience,,,and no crowds.

  268. I prefer to shop in stores but definitely not at the wee hours of the morning!! 🙂

  269. I definitely love shopping online more than in stores, especially if I can get FREE shipping!! I love checking your site to help me decide what to shop for too!! Thanks for all your great ideas!

  270. LOVE your card! I get so much inspiration from your blog. As for shopping, I do some of both, but like actually seeing the item better

  271. I love shopping on line I can compare prices from one on-line store to another and never have to leave the comfort of my house. Thank you for a chance to win some goodies. And happy holidays.

  272. I prefer to shop online. I love your site and get many ideas from you. Thank you

  273. I am happy to say all of my Christmas shopping is done and almost wrapped. I prefer to shop online! I like to get most of it done by Halloween, so I can enjoy the holidays! 🙂

  274. I prefer to actually see the product before I purchase so in the store for me. Thanks for offering the blog candy. What a nice group of things.

  275. I shop online! Coffee in hand, dog on lap, fire in fire place. It is much more relaxing!

  276. I shop in stores, but I do my Christmas shopping before black Friday. Thank you for the chance to win blog candy.

  277. Love to shop the stores to gain creative ideas, however, with sites like yours, creativity to the max, I’m beginning to convert! Happy Holidays!

  278. Online is where it is at! Fighting the weather today and all the crazies, no thanks! Thanks 4 the chance!

  279. Hi Mary,
    I prefer to shop online. I was out last night and the crowds were just terrible and waiting in line took over an hour in one store alone…definitely not worth my time!

  280. I prefer to shop online. A nice cup of hot chocolate and cookies,who could ask for anything more!

  281. I like them both – depends on what I am looking for and how fast I need it! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  282. I like the “great” online sales. It is so much easier to shop in nitie!!! No bother with dressing and putting on makeup then fighting the crowds! Of course when you take our orders you “C” us at our best. lol

  283. I love to shop in the stores on Black Friday. I go with my list, coupons, and cell phone in hand. I forgot the extra shopping bags this year. The long lines don’t bother me. I just like being in the middle of all the excitment. Don’t forget the people watching too!

  284. I shop online.
    Too hard to find a babysitter since I have three kids.
    And one of them is a baby.
    Thanks for all your wonderful tips & ideas.

  285. I love shopping at both. I love to people watch and I also love to be able to shop in my PJ’s.


  286. I’m liking the online shopping more and more!! Plus it gives me the chance to see our “cute” UPS man deliver the packages to our door!

  287. I shop in the stores, but only before 7AM, and NEVER on Black Friday. Long lines and scores of wandering humans harsh my joyful spirit. I do shop online where I am always the only customer and always first in line.
    I love your creations!

  288. I prefer shopping online, much easier. I relatively new to stamping and found your blog and now I check it everyday to see what you’re created. Thanks for the chance to win.

  289. If I shop at all it’s locally. Locally owned stores (yarn, craft, etc.) first then on to others.

  290. i definitely would rather shop online!! I visit your site every day – Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  291. Shopping online is thw way to go!! Stressless is my middle name. Keep up the good work Mary!

  292. Defintitely online on Black Friday but in store once the holiday season is over – love the sales in January!

  293. I prefer shopping online but still enjoy going to the malls to take in and share in the holiday spirit. I love your site and the great information you share…..Thank you!

  294. I never thought that I would like to shop on-line, but I dooooooooooo!

    Thanks for the chance at blog candy!


  295. I live a small community and stay far away from the cities ‘black fridays’. I love to support my little local businesses and then do some internet shopping.

  296. I love shopping in a store! After a fun morning of shopping I checked you blog and found this! (Have to admit I check your site everyday for a little inspiration!)

  297. I use to like going to the store and the past few years it has been shopping online, so much easier. I do thank you for the blog candy offer and love all your ideas. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving..

  298. Hi Mary, I prefer online but sometimes you just need to see things in person! I LOVE your blog, I look forward to all the inspiration you give. Great job! Kathy

  299. Hi Mary,

    Love your site with all the tips and product information. Please put my name in the hat for the drawing.



  300. Online! Although in college it was at the stores…but it was fun being with friends and watching all the craziness then.

  301. Definitely online! We live outside a tiny town, so real shopping is an all day event. Thanks for offering blog candy 🙂

  302. Definitely an online shopper – in my early working career, I put in 10 years in retail management; I have my fill of the craziness then!

  303. When you live more than an hour away from any store, your best friend becomes Fed Ex because he brings you what you bought on-line – the only way to shop! I do shop at the store as well, but only a couple of times a month, or less.

    May you be blessed this Thanksgiving Weekend!

  304. I prefer shopping at the store…I find online can be misleading and I’ve been disappointed in the past. Thank you for the chance at some blog candy. Blessings to you and yours during this beautiful holiday season.

  305. I used to prefer to go to the store, but now I like being able to shop online. It depends on what I’m buying, I guess!

  306. I really enjoy both. Online shopping offers convenience while department stores offer tradition. On certain occassions I prefer seeing and feeling the product before making a purchase. A cute chubby Santa helps too!
    ; )

  307. In store – I like to hold and feel what I am purchasing. Keep all of those creative ideas coming! GO PACKERS!!!

  308. I have never ever gone shopping on Black Friday. Well, maybe once, when I was 18 years old. I always shop online because I don’t have to dress up, or put on my makeup! Love it. The crowds get worse every year… crazy. Anyway, I want to just say how much I enjoy your blog Mary. I’ve been a follower for a couple of years now and you continue to amaze me. Had I not already joined up before I found you, I would love to be a part of your Pals. I am hoping to get to Utah this summer in July; if I do, I will be sure to find you. Thanks for all you do for us, and thanks for this wonderful blog candy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  309. During the rest of the year, I prefer in-store shopping, but at this time it’s on-line for me. Thank you for a wonderful website and generous give-a-ways.

  310. Ooh thank you for the chance to win all those goodies! I like shopping in the store and online. Don’t get out to the shops much, so when I do go its fun to see what is out there. I ? SU!


  311. Definitely online! It’s hard to get out with an infant at home right now. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  312. I like a bit of both. There’s something about the hustle and bustle that I love, but I also like on-line shopping when I’m looking for something specific.

  313. I like to shop online, which sort of surprises me. Who doesn’t like to get a package?

  314. I prefer to shop online whenever possible. Really don’t like the malls and crowds. I do shop my LSS for neat fun stuff and that’s about it. Love all your posts. Don’t comment much but I do follow along every day.

  315. It use to be the store, but with 4 kids, online is so much easier around schedules and not having them with me! Thanks for the opportunity. Love your creativity!

  316. I am an online shopper, but love to find a seat and watch all the people around me 🙂

  317. Definitely online! No crowds, no grumpy clerks, no unruly fellow customers, good deals, peruse at my pace. Happy Holidays!

  318. I prefer on-line. Don’t like all the pushing and shoving. Love your blog – you always have such beautiful cards.Would love to win all the goodies

  319. I’m a texture person, so I prefer to feel just about any item before buying…so in store for me. I do agree with many on here–hate the crowds! No shopping for me! Thanks for the chance to win as well as all of your wonderful inspiration!!

  320. A bit of both for me…I love the festive decorations of the malls and stores to get me in the mood, but I also love the comfort of home and ability to browse for items that may not be available in regular retail stores.

  321. I enjoy shopping in person….something about the sights…colors..smells…textures….displays…people…along with the sounds!!! Unfortunately I have to shop on line for my paper &inks ink…service is great…products too….something about a building….& its atmosphere!…I love…

  322. What a fun Black Friday Blog Candy offer!

    I prefer shopping at our downtown locally owned stores 🙂

    Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

  323. I do all my Christmas shopping online. I love how it comes in plain brown boxes and it helps me to keep to a budget. If I am at the stores I am tempted to buy more than I planned. I still go to the department stores to see the decorations!!

  324. Online. The stores are just too crowded and there isn’t enough Christmas spirit on Black Friday.

  325. Love your blog Mary! I prefer online shopping I do

    not like the craziness at the stores!

  326. Hi Mary, happy Thanksgiving! I prefer to do on line shopping but do go to th store for a few things. Thanks!

  327. What a thoughtful thing to do. I am heading out today to enjoy the crowds and all the sights and sounds of Christmas

  328. ONLINE ONLY! Who would want to brave the crowds this time of year? I think this blog candy is perfect for me, too! This is my birthday month, plus I just had total knee replacement last week so winning this would be just what I need for a speedy recovery, don’t ya think? Well, I do! Thanks for this chance………..

  329. I like to shop both ways but mostly in the store it really depends on what I am looking for. I would love to win this blog candy thanks for the chance to win.

  330. It depends on what I want. Some things are only available on line. Somethings I can only get in stores. So I do both. This year I managed my goal — and finished all of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. I even mailed one box to our daughter and family who live overseas. I have $20 in Kohls gift cards so I will go to the store very soon today. There is something exciting about Black Friday shopping in person.

  331. Definitely online….more exciting to have the UPS deliver the packages than me carry them from the store to the car and then to the house.

  332. The Mall. It’s a mother and daughter thing. After shopping we have a very nice lunch.

  333. I do a lot of online shopping. The grandkids liive on the other side of the country and online shopping makes it so easy.

  334. I prefer to shop in the store to see what I am purchasing. I do not prefer to shop on Black Friday. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  335. Mostly I shop at the stores, however, like to shop on line also, especially if I can’t find what I want in the stores. Of course, online for Stampin Up stuff:). Enjoy your site and get so many ideas. Thanks for being so generous. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  336. I prefer to shop online but if I had to I go to the store but early. Just want to let you know that I love keeping watch on your website. I love seeing what you have made new. Love your ideas.

  337. I prefer to actually go out & shop for Christmas gifts, but I find I am starting to do more online shopping. As my grandsons get older it seems much easier for them to send me a link to Amazon, Best Buy, etc. so I know exactly what they want, especially when it comes to video games. That being said, this year everyone is getting cash, as I am recovering from shingles & don’t have the energy to shop. Hope I win your blog candy so I can make money holders for everyones gifts!!!

  338. Online, no parking problems, no irritated shoppers….. and I can watch Christmas movies!

  339. I like online more since there is more to choose from than in the store. You can compare online items easier as well. Thanks for offering the blog candy!! Bless you, Mary <3

  340. I prefer shopping at the store… my sister and I go every year, not for any particular “deal” but just for the fun experience of being out and shopping all night! Love, love, love your blog!

  341. I prefer online if I know what i need to get. Don’t like being pushed around with the crowds.

  342. I prefer online because it is a time saver. Then when I get finished shopping, I can scoot over to my stampin corner and create.

  343. On-line is very convenient, and I like to shop online. However, I still like to go out to the stores and do some of my shopping! I kind of like the hussle and bustle of the holidays.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the blog candy.

  344. Definitely online. My kids send me their Christmas list with links to the products they want and make it super easy!

  345. I like the store so I can see and touch, but shopping online is easy. I don’t like the crowds during the holiday season so I will not be shopping today.

  346. Oh my word. There is no question for me! I will ALWAYS shop online. It’s the only way I can stay sane…but then again, I’m not a huge shopper to begin with. Thanks for the chance at AMAZING blog candy!

  347. I like both depending on what I am buying …It doesn`t seem like Christmas if you don`t get in the hustle and bustle at lesst a little!!!!

  348. I like both….but, I am doing more and more shopping online…..it’s so easy…..and, Thank you for all your wonderful ideas…..

  349. Online is easier but I like shopping at the store because I like to actually see what I’m buying in person. 😉

  350. I prefer shopping in store, but I start early and only shop at the beginning of the week and in the daytime.
    Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy and for your daily inspiration.

  351. Usually I prefer to shop at the store, but definitely not on Black Friday. It’s just too crazy and I must be a wuss! Thanks once again for a chance to win your fabulous blog candy!

  352. I love your blogs! Been followingon for some time now and have beento inspired by your work. And I prefer shopping online from Thanksgiving day till the new year.

  353. I prefer shopping in the stores, but I start early and only go early in the week and during the daytime.
    Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy and for your daily inspirations.

  354. Having worked in retail for many years and observed Black Friday from that end, I prefer to shop online. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  355. I shop in the stores. I like to touch & feel the products. I do online if I have already seen the item in person. Have a wonderful Holiday season. Karen

  356. I shop every year 2 days before CHRISTmas……I have my list……then I check off each person as I get them their gift…..I guess I love the stress of it…..stores for me…teehee. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these beautiful treats…..

  357. I prefer online…. Over the years I’ve become more of a cyber shopper. That way it saves me from going store to store to find what I’m looking for.

  358. Love, Love to shop online.,.. Can’t wait to open your email everyday It makes me want to craft al day long…………

  359. I’m an in store shopper. I like to be able to see and feel what I’m buying. I do not shop on black Friday though… Can’t stand the rude people and all the traffic. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  360. I try to shop as local as I can, but some things you just can’t get local.
    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  361. I prefer to shop locally if possible but sometimes the convenience of free shipping and delivery right to your door wins out.

  362. The store. I’m definitely a hands on shopper, though not opposed to the occasional online purchase. I’m getting ready to send my daughter a Christmas CD via Amazon then off to the stores. Yeah for shopping!! Thanks for the opportunity to win cool stuff. Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

  363. I love shopping online however sometimes it is hard because sometimes you need to see what you are buying because it may look different from the picture. Thanks for having this giveaway and the opportunity.

  364. You always have the best blog candy! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Being Military stationed overseas, we don’t have the great “Black Friday” sales.

  365. I love to see and touch the things I buy in stores. That is not to say I haven’t received many delightful items online, but I prefer being in the stores.

  366. I prefer online. Helping to save energy, gas etc. And most of all, your products are not on the store.

  367. Online is the best – Amazon here we come! Great deals and you get to stay home and enjoy family time~

  368. I definitely shop online where I usually don’t have to worry about lines OR out of stocks!! Love your blog and all the great ideas!! Keep them coming!! 🙂

  369. I prefer the store because I need ideas. But, not on black Friday or any other busy day. Shopped on Wednesday this week on got great deals, no lines. I love your blog and visit it everyday!

  370. You are very creative, and have a wonderful site. Online shopping is the best. Thanks for the opportunity to win this gift.

  371. I becoming more and more of an online shopper — but I have to spend some time in the actual stores. It’s just not the holiday spirit without some in store adventures!

  372. I shop all year long for end of the season sales. I am almost through all my gifts, just have to wrap. I will go out one day in December just to get the feeling!

  373. I love to shop online! No crowds, no waiting, my hours. I like to browse the stores during the season to soak in the atmosphere, but my serious shopping is done from home.

  374. ONLINE in the comfort of my Lazy Girl recliner… I LOVE your BLACK FRIDAY CANDY BLOG , your site is always up to date and Great Card ideas and 1 minute tutorials..

  375. Definetly ONLINE. From your seat, not your feet 🙂

    p.s. Love your website and inspiration….

  376. For most gifts, I prefer to shop online since it’s so easy to find things that way. Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy. We appreciate you.

  377. I like to shop in the stores. Thank you for this wonderful chance at winning these terrific products! Also, I love your site…and appreciate that you share your creativity with all of us!!

  378. Shopping online is so much more convenient and easy. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for all your creativity that you share with us!!

  379. Wow, thanks Mary!!! You’re in the giving spirit early!! I’ve completed all of my Christmas shopping already, all online!!

  380. Definitely online! I can’t stand how rude and impatient some people are. As always, thanks for the beautiful inspiration!


  381. Online, hands down!! Hate the crowds. And… my hubby can usually find a better deal online then in any store, especially on technology items.

  382. I prefer to go to the store but with my schedule and young kids, I end of shopping in stores less. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the give away opportunity.

  383. I like the stores best. I probably would shop more online, but I have been a victim of identity theft.

  384. After working 7 years in retail, I have to say that I enjoy shopping online more. No lines, easy check out, and I can shop in my pjs!

  385. I’m a hybrid shopper. I shop in stores before Thanksgiving then spend about 10 days shopping online to take advantage of free shipping & avoid the madness at the mall. Then start with my off hour shopping during the week at the mall. 🙂

  386. Online, except when the store offers personal shopping services. (Many of hte major dept stores do this an there is no extra charge fo the service!) Then I only need to go to one place in the store and choose what I want.
    Happy THanksgiving

  387. Hi Mary, your site is always where I go for inspiration! Thanks for your beautiful work! I shop in stores, but NOT on Black Friday. I love the decorations and it helps me get in the spirit! Hope your Turkey Day was wonderful.

  388. Online to actually BUY, but I like to walk around the stores to soak in a little Christmas spirit, just hate the lines! Happy Thanksgiving Mary!

  389. I don’t mind shopping online but I really love to be in the stores. I need to actually see and touch what I am buying.

  390. I prefer shopping in the stores, gets me into the holiday spirit. But on black friday, I don’t leave the house. Love your site, great ideas.

  391. Online…u can stay on the couch in your comfy pj’s with your coffee close by….lol

  392. I shop both online and in the store. I really like to see the Holiday displays, but when I know there will be huge crowds I will shop online.

  393. More and more I prefer on-line shopping. Although I will go to the stores closer to Christmas to see their decorations.

  394. Oh my goodness…I prefer to shop on-line especially when it is Stampin’ Up product.

  395. on line for sure. I am a demo so if my number is randomly drawn please share the goodies with someone else. Love your Blog!!

  396. I prefer shopping in the store. It get’s me in the christmas spirit with all the hussel and bussel!

  397. I love shopping in the store, but I love ordering Stampin Up products on line

  398. More and more I find on-line shopping preferred. I would not think of going near a store on Thanksgiving! I may do some shopping mid-December just to see the stores’ decorations and pick up last-minute items.

  399. I love to do my shopping online in the comfort of my home. No crowds to fight through. It’s so easy and convenient. Happy Holidays.

  400. Used to love the stores but last few years, online just seems easier. Thanks for the chance to win!

  401. I prefer to shop at a store but not on Black Friday! I love Stampin’ Up parties because it is hands on fun!

  402. I love to shop online. Thank you for offering such yummy candy. Happy Holidays to you.

  403. Depends on what I’m buying and where the deals on but I do like to touch and feel, see demonstrations and try stuff so I lean towards brick and mortar stores.
    Happy Holidays to you too!

  404. I love going to the store to shop. I love the atmosphere, makes it more like Christmas and days of old instead of online

  405. I do both because sometimes you can’t find items and need an alternative to get it.

  406. Online for sure! Sometimes you can get the same deals with free shipping. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you! Love your site.

  407. I definitely prefer to shop on-line on Black Friday. I find people to be extremely rude when trying to snag a bargain. Love your blog.

  408. I love to shop in store. I love browsing all the different options…seeing the colors in person. And getting the feel of what something really is.

  409. I generally shop on line. Usually you can get better deals and never have to leave your house.

  410. I seem to buy almost all of my craft supplies online but for everything else I’m in the stores. Love to shop! Thanks Mary for your year round inspiration and especially during the holiday season.

    Nancy VG

  411. I do most shopping online, but must admit that as a former retail worker there is something special about holiday shopping in person. But I make sure its not on Black Friday! It also helps if its a bit chilly outside and I’m with someone special.


  412. on-line when I can. Never in the store on black friday. It’s a gorgeous day where I am and I’m going hiking!

  413. I like to go out for the atmosphere and to get in the holiday mood, but prefer to shp online so I don’t have to carry heavy bags around.

  414. In store…but not today! Love visiting your site! Thanks for the opportunity!

  415. I enjoy shopping anytime except during the Christmas shopping season so I would have to say for Christmas online all the way!!! Thanks for an exceptional blog Mary and another chance at Blog Candy!

  416. I didn’t get the I-love-to-shop gene in any way, shape, or form, holiday or otherwise. I also don’t like crowds so I am increasing my skills with online shopping. Thanks for all you do for us all year round, Mary.

  417. I like shopping in stores and online early before Christmas. However, I save a few odds and ends for one day the last week before Christmas to get out into the crowd and see the lights and hear the music and get into the spirit. Love shopping for Stampin Up in my pj’s with coffee and taking my time.

  418. My preference for shopping is at the store …since I am a touchy/feely person and it gets me out of my home. But, there are exceptions …when I know the product and when they offer specials that are above and beyond my expectations! Mary Fish’ on-line site is one of those!

  419. Definitely online! Who wants to battle traffic, parking and crowds when I can sit in my warm home, in my jammies, and browse? Thanks for the chance to win!

  420. Online, especially if I can get free shipping. Then I feel I am ahead of the game.
    Mary, the first thing I do in the morning is to look at your blog. Then I can hardly wait to get my chores done so that I can get to my craft room and start. You are my inspiration.

  421. I don’t like the crowds so shop a lot online, however,
    there are a few little things that I save for one day
    the last week before Christmas when I can get out and
    mingle and get into the spirit with the crowds. If I do the stressful shopping online, then that one day is
    all relaxed and fun.

  422. Online for Black Friday for sure. Also do some craft stores online since selection is larger. Can’t beat the store for clothing though.

  423. Some of each:) Enjoy the displays and excitement in the air at the stores. Enjoy 🙂 finding those items that are not available nearby on line. Love your site and am grateful for your generous sharing of your talented ideas/inspiration. Hugs, Judi

  424. Definitely an on-line shopper. Who really wants to stand in all of those lines, it takes away from my crafting time! 🙂

  425. Shopping on-line, from the catalogue or in person, I love shopping Stampin-Up! I check your site everyday to see what fun things you have in store for us. Thank you for the opportunity to win the blog candy and for all your projects and card ideas.


  426. Online primarily except for small specialty shops where you can find cool unique gifts!

  427. I prefer shopping online. I have found as I get older I don’t have the patience for crowds, especially crowds of rude shoppers on Black Friday!

  428. I used to love shopping in the store but recently it has gotten too crazy and it is easier to shop at home on the computer in a nice warm home!

  429. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I am not a late night person, so I perfer to shop on-line. I can sit home in my pj’s and shop, shop, shop.

  430. I enjoy the stores to see what I am getting but do alot of shopping on line for cardmaking.

  431. I have always shopped in the stores but here lately I have been doing more of the online shopping. Seems I can get things I really like and find things that I can not find in my small city. And online shopping I can take a break and go do my crafting.I love the gift choice it is beautiful. Thank you

  432. Thank you, Mary, for the opportunity to win the wonderful blog candy! I prefer to shop online!

  433. Whenever I can, online at Holiday time. It’s just too wild in stores at this time of year. How generous of you to offer this blog candy to all of us. I love your blog. It’s filled with things I never would have thought of!

  434. I like them both. While I don’t go out on Black Friday, I do enjoy the festive feeling of the stores with the decorations. Today I will be doing some online shopping and decorating my house. Thanks for such a great blog candy, what a fun gift that would be to receive!


  435. Usually online but I love to go to the stores during the Christmas season. I love being with all the people; the music and decorations all help make it feel so special. I love your blog. Thanks for the chance to win!

  436. I’m changing as my family gets older. I really like being able to shop in my jammies (and I get what I want), but sometimes I like to go out (lots of surprises).

  437. I love the hustle and bustle of malls, but I’m slowly learning more about this on-line shopping, No black friday shopping! Thanks for this opportunity Mary! love your blog 🙂

  438. Thanks for the chance to win your candy. I love reading your blog every morning. It always starts my day off, with something new. I will shop stores but not on Black Friday, people have gotten just to out of control.

  439. I love being “out and about”–the hustle and bustle of people, touching and feeling product. Gets me in the Christmas spirit.

  440. I shop in the stores but last night was really too crowded to even see the items I wanted.
    I have just recently found your site and just love the wonderful ideas you have to use my stampin up goodies for.

  441. I like to shop in stores, but not when the masses are there too. If I know exactly what I need, I sometimes shop online. Thanks!

  442. I have always enjoyed going out into the crowds starting on Black Friday but this year I have my Grandson visiting for a couple extra days so I have started my shopping online. I’m old school, but could get used to it.

  443. Online. I would be happy if I never had to go into a store again. I just haven’t figured out to do groceries online.

  444. HI Mary–I love to shop on line more than in the stores. No parking hassles or long lines to deal with! Thanks for the chance to to win this awesome blog candy! Karen

  445. I do a lot of shopping online but my favorite way to shop is at a Stampin’ Up Party!

  446. I dont have many gifts to buy for Christmas anymore … I only have to make a few pocket cards to hold money or gift cards … but any shopping I do have to do is definitely on-line! Thanks Mary … love your blog posts! Look forward to them every morning!

  447. I prefer to shop in the stores, but will do on-line shopping depending what the item is and the price.
    Thank you, Mary, for offering the blog candy!

  448. I love buying gifts. And normally I would say I love to go to the stores. But we adopted a baby boy a few months ago so it is hard to get out right now. So for this season I’ll have to say I prefer online.

  449. This is the first year I tried online, and must say it is so easy…but I really am a store shopper, the touch, the sounds and the Christmas sights

  450. Hi Mary! I like to shop online especially when there is free shipping! I love your one minute to wow tuts they are always so well done!

  451. Nonlinear is definitely the way to go especially this time of year! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win a goodies basket!

  452. I’m leaning towards online shopping more and more – love when the store includes free shipping!

  453. Online. Definitely. Its more fun to shop in my jammies with a mug of hot chocolate. 🙂

  454. These days I prefer on-line shopping, especially when merchants offer free shipping. I am also a big fan of your blog! Love the ideas you have to share!

  455. Happy Holiday to you and your Family.
    I’m a on-line shopper. Just can’t do the crowds and standing anymore.
    Thanks for all of your inspirations.
    Just love getting your e-mail everyday.

  456. I did the Black Friday once or twice, but being the timid soul I am, I discovered it was not for me!! I do my shopping online now. Thanks for the chance to win such awesome goodies!

  457. 90% online in my PJs! And then one day out in the stores w/hubby to pick up the last 10% and spend one day together before the holiday rush. Happy Thanksgiving!

  458. Online for sure! No standing in line, no crazy people, no looking for the item when its inthe wrong place! No tired feet or gas $$ spent and dinner at home!

  459. I usually shop in store. But the crowds are nuts sometimes. I may end up doing most of my shopping online this year.

  460. On-line. So much easier to price compare on specific items. But I def hit the stores for Christmas cheer

  461. I love to stand in long lines and wait for all the electronics in stores. Online is good for comforters and linen at Younkers and such. Love Black Friday Shopping.

  462. I shop online for books and electronics but love to shop the small local stores and craft fairs for gifts. This is a season of thanks and Mary, I want to thank you for your blogging dedications. I hope you realize how many of us go to your blog first because there is something new there every day!

    Thanks and have a great holiday season to everyone!

  463. I prefer shopping in stores most of the time…along with some great deals I enjoy people watching on Black Friday!!! Thanks for the chance to win some candy… Love your site 🙂

  464. Online for very specific wish list items, in stores when I just need ideas and want to get into the spirit of things!

  465. I love to shop online for specific stuff like “stampin up” but love to shop in the the store for my yarn, clothes and electronics. I just LOVE TO SHOP!

  466. I prefer online. Its helpful to read comments about things I have never purchased.

  467. I’m a in -store shopper, I like to see exactly what I’m getting… once in a while I will shop on line..
    Thank You for offering the Blog Candy, I love your site, & check it every day..

  468. I prefer to shop in my pjs…so I’m most definitely an online shopper. Also, there are limited shopping opportunities in the small community where I live so I save on fuel costs and avoid the crowds.

  469. I like to shop in the stores but not on thanksgiving. Still plenty of days left to shop.

  470. Holiday On-line shopping. I used to work retail and feel bad for the employees working on Thanksgiving night. Love your site! I check it out everyday!

  471. Online. Crowds are very stressful for me so it’s much easier to just have the UPS guy bring me boxes. 🙂

  472. I really do most of my shopping online these days, although I will be going out to find a new Christmas tree today….

  473. Thanks for the blog candy offer. I love being on line for most everything. So many offers of free shipping at this time of year also. However it is approx 4 am as I write this….maybe I should get dressed and go….ummmm no, will stay in my pj’s and check the web. Merry Christmas.

  474. It takes a blast of dynamite to get me to a store. On line is better…catalogs are the best as you can sit and linger, put aside and then pick up again and repeat process. But on line is a close second.

  475. Online shopper! I always was a catalog shopper. Getting packages in the mail is like a present for me too.

  476. I guess I still like to go to the stores but I do shop online some. I have to work Friday and Saturday so won’t be doing much shopping this weekend.

  477. Online shopping all the way. I’m now at the point where if I can’t get it online, I don’t get it.

  478. i love to do both but shopping online is easier because you can shop 24/7 and never leave the house love all your cards