Jumping for Stampin’ Up! Blog Candy!

I’m enjoying a fantastic time in
St. George, Utah, as part of the Stampin’ Up! Founder’s Circle Retreat!
Yesterday I rappelled (3 times) and zip lined for the first time.
I was so proud to join some of my fellow demonstrators as
we jumped off cliffs (literally) and experienced the magnificent St. George scenery.   Photo taken by Ronda Wade.

Please be sure to visit my Stampin’ Pretty Facebook Page HERE for more details of the Founder’s Circle Retreat (including some sneak peek samples using new products from the spring catalog) and more photos (coming soon) of yesterday’s adventure.

While I might be crazy enough to jump off of cliffs, I thought you might jump for joy over a blog candy giveaway this weekend.

Here’s what one lucky winner will receive:

  • New Stampin’ Up! Toxic Treat Stamp set in clear mount.
  • New Stampin’ Up! Chevron Textured Impressions Embossing Folder
  • Retired Pleated Satin Ribbon in three colors.  They aren’t brand new but almost full.  Frankly, I threw them in for color and a little pizzazz.

THE RULES:  For your chance to win all these goodies, please leave me a
comment sharing what punch Stampin’ Up! could introduce that would make YOU jump for joy.  OK, I’ll go first.  I want a hexagon punch–badly!!!  Deadline for the giveaway is 3:00 p.m., CST, Sunday, September 16.  I’ll pick a random winner at that time and post Sunday evening.  Shipping to US only. 


LAST CHANCE!!!  GET THE TOXIC TREATS STAMP SET FREE!!!  Purchase the Stampin’ Up! $99 Starter Kit before Sept. 16 and get the
Halloween Printer’s Tray Project Kit and Toxic Treats stamp set FREE.  The tray is NOW shipping with starter kits.   Get the details!

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  1. I would love a doily punch that punches like the 3 step punches. Make it a large one.

  2. Tough Question… Hexagon punches are great, you can use them for some many things. I have a ton of punches and I guess I would like to see another punch that you could put sayings into, maybe a banner punch, something funky and original…
    Hope you had a blast!

  3. OOH, I’m with you on the hexagon punch! I’m a quilter and the card sender in my guild…I could so quilt on a card with this type of punch!!!

  4. I might be a bit late but it’s worth a shot right? I would love to see more holiday shape inspired punches! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  5. Mary, glad you’re having fun-brave soul! I would like more flower punches/builder punches/hexagon punch…can’t break it down to one wish. Great that you’re thinking of us while you’re away! Thanks forgiving us a chance to win blog candy-how special!
    Diane Gil

  6. Right now I would love punches for “Bootiful Occasions” ohhh my aching thumb!!!

  7. Hi Mary,
    I would love to see a punch that would be similar to the Cheery Lynn Rose dies in all 3 sizes. Their dies cut 6 of the same shape for flowers & one leaf base for the rose. These would be so much easier on a punch!!!
    PS I love the blog candy!!!

  8. Hi Mary,
    I would love to see a punch that would be similar to the Cheery Lynn Rose dies in all 3 sizes. Their dies cut 6 of the same shape for flowers & one leaf base for the rose. These would be so much easier on a punch!!!
    PS I love the blog candy!!!

  9. Hi Mary,
    I would love to see a punch that would be similar to the Cheery Lynn Rose dies in all 3 sizes. Their dies cut 6 of the same shape for flowers & one leaf base for the rose. These would be so much easier on a punch!!!
    PS I love the blog candy!!!

  10. I too think a hexagon punch of various sizes would be great! Punches make things so much easier…

  11. I would like a large oval scallop punch.

  12. I’m with you, Mary. A hexagon die or punch is a must! I would be thrilled.

  13. I would like a balloon punch. various sizes would be great.

  14. I’d love another builder punch, like the owl……maybe a frog…..something fun!!!

  15. patti anguiano

    I enjoy any chance you give for blog candy. I like punches too.

  16. I would use a hexagon punch as well.

  17. I have to confess I have a ” Punch Fetish. “, so much so that I’ve incorporated Mary’s idea with the Gel Rods to display them. I would like to see a Breast Cancer Awareness Punch, so I could Punch it in Pink, also some Heartfelt quotes to co-odinate with the punch. Possibly Hope, Survivor, One Day at a Time, just to name three. I have so many ideas for cards, but need the Punch. I don’t have Breast Cancer, nor does anyone in my family, but there are so many that need our support.

  18. I have been seeing hexagons everywhere so I am with you. Apparently lots of other people are too. I hope Stampin’ Up reads this so we can see one soon. I also miss the lacy ribbon punches they used to have.

  19. Maggie Minnich

    Gosh, I just love all of the SU punches…they’re versatile, stay sharp, easy to store, and of excellent quality! What I’d like to see/have is a leaf punch that another company has out that they call a “pine” leaf punch. Placed behind flowers, it looks so lacy, light, and romantic. I keep putting off buying on, hoping SU will come up with one of their own!

  20. Right now I am dreaming about a fall leaf punch. I think it would be great to have a punch that punched a few different sizes and designs of leaves. I am really into the fall part of things now that it’s cooling off in AZ. I would also love a small butterfly stamp to go with my larger elegant butterfly stamp. MORE PUNCHES PLEASE

  21. I agree with so many out there, but I think what I would use the most would be a large enough oval to hold a stamped image or sentiment-I do also like your idea of a hexagon punch-endless possibilities for creativity there!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  22. I would love the hexagon shape as a new punch. I love my punches and use them all the time. Love your blog!

  23. I would love to see more animal punches-the owl and bird are cute, how about a cat, dog or mouse?

  24. Kellie Cavallaro

    The punch I always look for, but never can find is a 1 1/2″ circle. There is such a big gap between the current offerings of 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″…I often feel like Goldilocks…this one’s too big; that one’s too small, and the 1 1/2″ circle would be just right. A 1 5/8″ circle would be nice, too.

  25. I love the Beach…..& I’m always in flip flops, so…flip flop and sea shell punches!

  26. I would like to see a building punch for a house…roof, chimney, facade, porch. Or all of this in one punch! You have a great site!

  27. I love punches and I would use any new one that comes out. I wild really love a horseshoe. Thanks!

  28. I’m a nurse and even though we don’t wear hats anymore, a nurses’ hat punch would make a cute Nurses’ Day or thank you card. Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I would love to see more edge punches with a Autumn or Halloween image. I would be really be amazed if stampin up made a scarecrow edge punch and jump for joy with a holly punch.

  30. A diamond punch! That’d be awesome!

  31. I would love another flower punch

  32. Terry Molineux

    All the punches I would like have been mentioned but you know what, whatever punch SU sell I always buy. But I would like different size ovals which we don’t have (larger ones I mean) to put pictures in or flowers as a main image.

    Inky Hugs,

  33. Your adventures look so fun Mary! I’d love to see a hexagon punch AND die. They are so hot right now!

  34. I’d love a balloon punch!

  35. Eileen McClean

    I would love a cup punch which would co-ordinate with the Tea shoppe stamp set,thnaks for this opportunity to win

  36. I would like to see an Easter Egg punch, a tree punch and of course a hot air balloon punch.
    Thanks for the daily inspirations!

  37. I would like a lace punch that would punch out all the holes 🙂 also a border punch that you could thread narrow ribbon through.

  38. Yes I would love a Hexagon punch. In different
    sizes would be great also.

  39. I have to agree — a hexagon punch would be awesome! I would love to do quilt designs with a hexagon punch.

  40. I would use a hexagon and pumpkin punches.

  41. I would love a chevron border punch. Thanks for this chance to win!!

  42. Well more along the Sizzix line but a die with a bumble bee and a bee hive would be on my list.
    Enjoy all the fun!

  43. I love the punches that coordinate with the stamps! They are so much fun! So, maybe more flower or leaf punches!! Thanks.

  44. I would really enjoy a punch for pinwheels!! The Sweets for the Sweet stamp set is super cute and pinwheels can be used for so many different card themes.

  45. I agree- a hexagon punch would be perfect- multiple sizes of course. Love your cards.

  46. For this fall season, I would love to see a Jack-O-Lantern punch. Quick, easy, and fun.

  47. Oh I would love to see 2 things, which would be multiple hexagon and chevron punches!!!

  48. I would love to have a pine branch. I would also like them to bring back the star punch. I have found smaller ones but I like to layer and need the size that is no longer available.

  49. Hmmm…I’d love to see a punch to go with the Up, Up, & Away set. A hexagonal punch would be awesome. I’d also love some mini punches to make confetti (or fill for shaker cards)…mini “Happy Birthday”, something for a baby shower, or mini snowflakes. In my dream world, I’d love a large ampersand (&), a punch for the It’s a Wrap sets (large, rounded-corner rectangle), and a leaf punch (ala Autumn Accents Bigz Die…larger scale, without a branch). And I’d most likely buy them all…I’m such a punch junkie! lol Love the pics! Looks like you all are having a fabulous time!

  50. I miss the slit punch.. Would squeal if they brought it back.

  51. I would love a stamp set of small, individual letters that could be used to build names and monograms.

  52. Hexagons are hot so I would like to see that too but also a banner punch (nautical flag type) would also be high on my list.

  53. Cathy from Illinois

    More single stamps! Need to see inside of card messages!!! 🙂 Thanks!!

  54. I was hoping that they would come out with a hexagon punch as well. I thought they would the last catalog but… sigh… still waiting. I’d definitely jump for that. But I’ve seen a lot of other good ideas I’d like to see on here as well.

  55. I’m on board with others about having a (multi-piece) hot air balloon punch. While the Big Shot is convenient, punches are even more so!

  56. How ’bout a punch for balloons you would see at a birthday party and other special occasions?

  57. Stacey Carter

    I want Greek Letters to make cool things for my daughter in her sorority!

  58. I would like to see SU! offer a variety of more dies/framelets (of various sizes) of florals, scallops … or even a torn edge look.

    Keep your WOWs coming … as well as your talented skill of creating cards.

  59. Rick rack punch that I could make chevrons with would be nice. (Already have some hexagons…) 😉

  60. For me, it would have to be a star punch. I love stars, just can’t draw them, so having a punch would be awesome! Especially since SU retired the Big Shot Star Die with the last catalog.

  61. My vote us for a hexagon too! You could make such cute quilted cards !

  62. It looks like you are having a blast! I would love to see a balloon punch or some more border punches. They are awesome.

  63. I would love a larger oval punch! My mother lives in St. George…never realized it was so close to the Stampin’ Up factory!! Thank you for the opportunity for the sweet candy!

  64. I would love to see a hexagon also. I think this would be very popular. I love your site. Thanks for the blog candy.

  65. I think it’d be awesome to have circle, square, and oval punches that punch multiple sizes sorta like the design of the layer punches. I hope that makes sense. But frankly any punch will do. I just love them all!!

  66. I would love a rectangular punch. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. I would love a chevron punch or a quatrefoil design punch.

  68. Wow so many great ideas for punches. I would like a 60 degree triangle, they can be put together to make a hex, but in different patterns by the type of paper used. Like a quilt that I just finished!
    I also like the idea of a fern, or fuller branch.

  69. I would like a triangle punch. You could use it to make kites, hexagon borders, the bottom of rectangular pennants and so many other things!

    Wow! Your trip sounds wonderful. Must be fun to be a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. Always!

  70. I would love border punch with snowflakes just imagine all the winter cards we could make with it.

  71. Ooooh! I agree with the hexagon punch idea. I would love that! Of course, I would love more border punches too. I’m crazy about punches!!!

  72. I’d like a 2″ circle punch!! I love my punches!!

  73. I just joined. I think I would like to see more punches with matching stamps. That makes for such easy decisions when creating.

  74. Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous blog candy. I want a series of punches that cut out little images like pumpkins and candy corn, or candy canes and holly, just small sizes to use as charms on my cards.

  75. I would love to see a hexagon punch as well.

  76. Charlene Brummitt

    Mary, this is a hard one. I love punches and seeing all that people can create from them. I think a fence or maybe a tree punch. Thanks for the candy blog and the best web page and cards I have seen.

  77. Robyn Polinsky

    Would love an extra large oval and nesting scallop for bigger images and sentiments! I don’t like to cut out, so I LOVE the punches – they make things so much easier! Thanks for all your inspiration. 🙂

  78. I would love to see a cloud punch with various shapes and sizes of clouds. I’d would also absolutely love a punch that coordinates with the Creative Elements flower. Thanks for sharing your photos of the retreat! Looks like lots of fun and adventure!

  79. Hi Mary
    I would LOVE a punch to coordinate with a letters/numbers stamp set (like the “Letter it” and “Number it” sets). Thanks!

  80. i would love a screen door punch. i could do so much with it and i havent seen one out there! i also really enjoyed checking your site out. i will be back!
    thank you!

  81. I would love to see a large punch in a house shape that could have a coordinating stamp for gingerbread , candy elements for Halloween and a general home stamp.

  82. Samantha Lisic

    I would LOVE a chevron border punch. I know I would use it all the time. I also love the idea of a hexagon!

  83. That would be great!

  84. I would love, love, love a large square punch. Something to help with layering without having to pull out the bigshot. Have fun. Love your posts!

  85. For a punch, I would like a reindeer for Christmas. I’d also like a die cut in the shape of a coffin for Halloween. Great giveway!

  86. Wendy Budacki

    Thank you for sending me a reply. So I’ll try again. I think a “key” punch would be nice to see. The old fashion key that is!
    Wendy Budacki

  87. Love your blog!! I love the idea of you question too!! There are a few I would LOVE. To see Stampin up come up with. Here there are: window punch, animal punches, grass boarder, a dripping boarder, banners, and yes the hexagon. Thank you!!!

  88. Allison Warrell

    I agree a hexagon punch would be awesome. Also more framelits to match the sets.

  89. I would love to see a punch that would work with the It’s a Wrap stamp sets for the nugget candy bars!

  90. a window punch

  91. I would love a hexagon punch too and a daisy edge punch.

  92. A hexagon punch sounds good to me! There is nothing like it so far and it would open up great opportunities for creativity.

  93. I would love to see a pine branch punch simular to what Martha Stewart offers. There are so many uses for such a punch. It just adds that little extra touch to different projects.

  94. I am with Mary on the hexagon punch. I think it would be a HUGE seller!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Hi Mary,
    I would love to see a punch with 3 different leaves on it! (this would go well with all the flower punches I have!). My other choice would be a banner punch – bigger than the banner framelits are…hope you are having fun!

  96. Shell Ann Ondish

    Thank you for a chance to win some blog candy!! I would jump for joy for a hexagon punch as well or a wreath punch. I truly enjoy your site!!!

  97. I LOVE punches sooo much! I have moved to dies because it seems that is the way the industry is going, but what could be easier than grabbing that little punch? I would love a line of clouds, kites, and kid-looking airplanes with matching stamps. I LOVE when the stamps match the punch!
    Thanks for the blog candy!

  98. I would love to see a holly leaves with berries. That would speed up so many projects! Thanks for the chance to win blog candy and your daily dose of inspiration!

  99. tammy fletcher

    Would love a oval and scalloped oval that are larger…this could be my fave yet

  100. Shawn Macphee

    A crown that coordinates with the Carry On set.

  101. Sandra Meyers

    Hi Mary – What fun blog candy you have left for us to drool over! To coordinate with your large hexagon punch, I wish for a hexagon edge and corner punch duo. There would be lots of opportunities there for all sorts of stamping projects!

  102. I would love a large oval with coordinating scallop!

  103. WOW, what fun you are having. A border punch you can thread thin ribbon thru and more flowers like the mixed (fav) bunch!

  104. I’d like a lacy square design similar to the medallion but small enough for a punch.

  105. I think a Bell Punch would be fun.

  106. I too would love to see a hexagon punch. It would be perfect not only for stamping but my sewing projects.

  107. I would jump for joy if there was a hexagon punch. That shape is all the rage now. Thx for the chance for awesome blog candy!!!

  108. I love the postage punch, and it would be fantastic to see a hexagon punch, a dog bone or a fish skeleton for all the cat and dog cards I make.

  109. My favorite punches are those that can be used for many things. I love to do punch art and recently made a whole “zoo” of critters for an explosion box album for a baby shower. I used circles, ovals, build a blossom and the owl punch. A hexagon has many possibilities. I notice that my collection does not have very many simple squares. Maybe an assortment of nesting squares? Ooh, or triangles, or more border punches with matching corner punches, or …..I could keep going, just know that if SU makes a new punch, I’ll probably buy it !!

  110. A wreath punch. On that could be embossed and then punched out and could be used along with embossing folders for all seasons. Wow!

  111. Stephanie Lopez

    I would love to border punches that go all the way around a page.


  113. I would love big enough punches for words!!!

  114. Looks like Stampin up is giving you guys a fun time! Have a safe trip

  115. I’m a punch fan, too, but because it’s close to Halloween, I think a few sizes of pumpkins would be just dandy! Thanks for the chance to win. I’m a fan. 🙂

  116. I am a complete punchaholic! I would buy any and every new punch, but a hexagon would just make me do back flips!

  117. I’d love a punch to go with the hot air balloon stamp set. I’d also like a decorative stamp to layer with the wide oval punch – maybe a scalloped or pinked edge.

  118. I would love to have more variety in punches for the wording/sentiments! When the sentiment is larger you can make a banner of it but that doesn’t always appeal. Using a larger punch and cutting just the “top” then rotating and cutting the “bottom” works, too…but wouldn’t it be great to have a one-step whamo and you’re finished?? Variety…we need variety. Your trip to Utah looks like great fun!

  119. Karen in California

    I love the builder punches! Build-a… anything would make me happy! Like the flip-flop idea! Tree/leaves, Hot air balloon and clouds, etc…

  120. I would love a fern punch like Martha Steward use to make. Oh could I use this!!!!!

  121. I love punches! I’d love to see various balloon punches–like birthday balloons or hot air balloons, I think balloons are festive!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. I’d love to see a new label punch – longer than the modern label but not too much thicker. Thanks for the chance at sweet blog candy 🙂

  123. Karilyn Moeller

    I would like a house builder punch. One that would punch out a house shape that could be used for multiple themes and include shapes for windows, a door and chimney. I can think of lots of occasions I could use it. Halloween, new neighbor, moving,, Christmas, school, first home, invitations, etc. Enjoy your e-mails!

  124. I would love to do some repelling. It looks so beautiful there. I would love to see a small ghost punch. I love punches as well and a lot of SU punches. Thanks for offering the giveaway. I love your site. You are so talented.

  125. Sheryl Cushman

    Since I am into genealogy and family history, I would love to see a punch of a large oak tree ( or a resemblance of the card tree from this years’ convention). Just think of the possibilities for card and scrapbooking projects.

  126. Without a doubt, I want a hexagon punch. I would not only jump for joy but might even do a back flip (I’d have to learn first) if there was a coordinating framelit.

  127. Carol Carriveau

    Glad you are having such a wonderful time at Founders Circle….congratulations again! I am with you – a hexagon punch…also one that is truly an egg shape – love our ovals but they don’t really represent an egg! I also agree about the balloon and a fern punch would be over the top….I love punches as much as anyone, and we could go on and on…I’m happy that we have such a wonderful variety but we can always have more!!! Thank you Mary!!!!

  128. I wish SU would bring back the small stocking punch. And, I would love to see a tree punch. Thanks!

  129. Since I have young boys, I would love to see something boy themed, like a robot or an elephant….something similar to the owl 🙂

  130. I would like a hexagon punch also!

  131. A grass border punch would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. Debbie Hughes

    I would like to see a punch that works in the center of a page!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  133. Glenda Lehrmann

    I would love a cross punch that would coordinate with the Crosses of Hope stamp set (pg 55 in catalog).

  134. Debbie Hughes

    I would love to see a punch that you can use in the center of the page!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  135. You are always right on. Hexagons are big right now and hex punches in more than one size would rock.

  136. I’m a punch addict, especially since I really like to do punch art. I’d rather have punches than Framelits, as they are quicker to use. I like your idea of a hexagon shape, but a hot air balloon shape would also be great.

  137. Love flower punches! I also wish we had a star punch and larger oval punches that fit some of the larger sized phrases.

  138. Sounds like you are having a great time. I would jump for joy with Stampin’ Up would come out with a system to track all of our MDS purchases!

  139. I would like a teacup punch, so hard to cut around the inside of the cup handle. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies.

  140. I would love more punches that coordinated with stamp sets in the book currently. The hexagon punch is a fantastic idea!

  141. Wow! So many ideas. I would like a fish punch as I do lots of island themed cards.

  142. Would really like to have oval framelits and hexagons and punches to match existing stamp sets.

  143. I would like to see a rectangle punch that some of the sentiments would fit on. And then a coordinating punch to layer it. A lot of times I like the clean lines of a rectangle for my sentiment and it would be easier if I had a punch to punch it out real quick. 🙂

  144. A diamond…..for the same reasons as a hexagon…..building larger starbursts and other geometric shapes.

  145. A grass border punch would be on top of my wish list. Enjoy your trip…

  146. Sorry if my posts come up more than once. Didn’t see the original!

  147. A small cloud punch or a small snowflake would be lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  148. Lots of great ideas! Hard to choose one! Thank you for sharing your talents with us & a chance to win some “candy”

  149. Any type of flower punch. The possibilities are endless!!

  150. I would love punches to match the mouthwatering set! I always end up cutting them out after I stamp them for my cards. I really LOVE that set! Thanks Mary!

  151. Jennie Bobbins

    Oh goodness, yes! I would love to have a hexagon punch too! Or maybe a bat for Halloween!

  152. I would love a tree punch.

  153. I would love to have a 2 3/4 circle punch – I know, we always want another size!

  154. Terri Bergstrom

    How about a slit punch in the shape of a half circle? This would allow you to make a word window banner in bigger / custom sizes.

  155. Wow, what a good question. I love flower punches and like ones that can be used in a variety of ways. However hexagon punches in different sizes would also be great.

  156. Border punches!!! And to be more specific, border punches with the coordinating corner punches.

  157. I would love a 3 layered snowman without a hat.

  158. I would love to have more punches to match the stamp sets S.U. has!!…..and I do love the hexagon punch idea!!

  159. I would love to have a punch that makes trees and maybe a flip punch.

  160. I really love border punches. A large scallop border would be nice.

  161. I would love a dahlia punch. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy. Yum!

  162. Would love to see the Chevron punch, the flower punch for use with the flower of Creative Elements, Cloud punch just so many….How about some stars in different sizes……..

  163. Rebecca Balter

    I think that a star punch is long overdue! 🙂 I love punches

  164. I think a balloon punch is needed, but I am always a sucker for a flower punch!

  165. I would like a banner punch and a chevron punch. Thanks for all your great card ideas.

  166. I wish there was a designer label just larger than the current one so we could layer it.

  167. Tammy Carhart

    A hot air balloon punch and a cloud punch are great ideas! I would LOVE that!!! I enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks.

  168. A punch in the shape of the cancer ribbon would be wonderful. Then the color you make it, the disease you are honoring

  169. I would love a punch to layer behind the Decorative Label punch, that would be awesome !!! Have fun at Founder’s Circle 🙂

  170. Cheryl McAskill

    I would love to see a punch made for all the neat stamp sets. Some would be mix and match sets and punches, but if you already have a punch then a new stamp set every year to match!! Oh the possibilities!!!!!

  171. i agree with Alma – I’d love a ribbon banner punch with coordinating stamps sets!
    Glad to hear you’re having fun out there!! Thanks for the chance!

  172. SU comes up with so many good ones…but a tree and a large oval would be great!

  173. Chris R. from Iowa

    i VOTE FOR AN ICICLE STRIP THAT MAYBE YOU COULD TURN IT OVER AND IT WOULD LOOK LIKE SPARSE GRASS? With the new trends I could easily see buying a hexagon punch or a fabulous zig zag border punch (ric rack or chevron or whatever you want to call it). Or, even a tea cup one would be fun.

  174. A honey bee punch and a balloon punch. Thanks for this chance to win!!

  175. I love the punches. I would like to see another border and corner punch set. All the punches are so much fun to work with. Thanks for all of your ideas and help. Whatever Stampin’ Up comes out with seems to fill the bill.

  176. Michelle in Virginia

    I say, graduating sizes of mustaches. HAHA! Just kidding! I agree with Tiffinne, Creative Elelments is one of my all time favorite sets. I love the idea of more punches like the owl! So, so cute. I would really get a lot of use out of any graduated shape, and as a guilter, the hexagons would be wonderful! In general, I adore the punches that match stamps! Have fun, Mary! Watch your step!

  177. A multiple hexagon punch would be lovely!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  178. Melanie Lewis

    I love to see a stamen of a flower punch. And wonderful pieces like McGill has for creating flowers.

  179. More lace stamps. I can always use more lace cutouts!

  180. Wow what a loaded question. I just LOVE punches so a hexagon, balloon, foliage/fern or anything new I would buy. I just can’t get enough. Can’t wait to hear and see about your fabulous trip to St. George!

  181. I would realy love to have a tree bunch to go with a tree stamp set. Good luck everyone Ohhhhh I hope I win!

  182. I would love a hot air balloon punch and a musical note punch!

  183. A teddy bear punch. I make a lot of baby cards and cards for children. That would be perfect!

  184. I would like to see a ballon punch. Framelits for a bithday cake and balloons would be fine too. You are such a fabulous demonstrator — thanks for teaching me to use the punches I have more.

  185. Love the Stampin Up punches! I would love one for the hot air balloons. It would make a great Framelit too!

  186. Hi Mary,I was going to say that I would like a punch to put words in that people have said. I saw that Julia used the correct terminology though. Never knew it, but I guess it is called a thought bubble 🙂

  187. I would love a hexagon punch too! That is the trend now!

  188. Throwing this idea out there… Thinking it would be a lot of fun to see all the creative ideas we stampers might do with a punch that punches out eyeglass frames.

  189. A hot air balloon punch would be awesome!

  190. I am in the hexagon corner too. I want a border punche and a coordinating smaller hexagon punch (single punch) to be able to pop them in the border punch! I love your cards and designs and the clean and simple cards are the ones I am always copying! Thanks for always sharing the fun.

  191. Chrystal Amato

    I, too, would love a hexagon punch!

  192. I would like to see a pumpkin punch. Can’t get enough of halloween! Thanks

  193. I would a die (like the one in the holiday mini with the leaves) of sea life..fish, etc. It would be wonderful to have it coordinate with a stamp set (also like the leave set in the holiday mini). Thanks for asking ………. from your mouth to Shelli’s ears! LOL

  194. #1 Balloon punch. #2 Cloud

    But more importantly, MORE PUNCHES! NOT LESS!

  195. Stephanie Jager

    I would love a cloud punch for adding clouds to the paper and also being able to cut them out of the primary paper. A “duckie” would be cute, too!

  196. Nanette Fodor

    I would like nesting hexagons!

  197. I would love if Stampin’ Up brought the Star punches back. So many people are looking for them and can’t find them.

  198. I would also love a hexagon punch and some leaf punches.
    Thanks for the blog candy.

  199. I would love to see Stampin’ Up join up with Provo Craft & create a Cricut cartridge to go with the stamps, etc. It would build a larger customer base for each company…one can only wish.

  200. I would love to see a Tree Punch with at least two trees on it that would go along with the ‘Lovely As A Tree’ Stamp Set. I love your site and emails for new ideas. You have such great ideas. I also like the idea of a balloon punch everyone already expressed an interest in. Thanks for all you do!

  201. Gayle Gibbons

    oops should have read punch, not “punche”..

  202. Gayle Gibbons

    balloon punche and banner punch larger than framelets.

  203. I would love a hot chocolate mug punch! it would make such cozy cards!

  204. I would love a smaller butterfly punch to go with the Papillon Potpourri stamp set. Thanks for the chance to win some fun stuff!

  205. Oh my. I am SO with you on a hexagon punch. Stampin’ up! needs one STAT.

    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  206. Wow! Great candy!
    I would love more unique flower shapes, and maybe some leaves like the ones in the Autumn Splendor stamp set. That would be so great!

  207. I would love to see Stampin Up put the small stocking punch back into their cattie. It was just out for a short time and I didn’t get it. Boo-hoo, I’m feeling sorry for myself for not getting it then, but I thought for sure that it would be brought back in the new cattie.

  208. Susan Saunders

    Well, I would like to see more corner punches once again. I still use my old ones on personal cards but can’t use them at workshops because everyone wants to order one. So please, please, please bring back the corner punches that retired.

  209. Oh I would love another flower punch. I think a detailed flower punch would be beautuful. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas Mary. I tune in every day!

  210. Boy – all great ideas! But my favorites are a pumpkin punch and a bow punch. You are a brave woman!!

  211. I love your blog and following it regularly. Can I just say “all of the above.” I really would like to have all of the punches mentioned above – hexagon, picket fence, etc. My first thought was a pumpkin punch and I see someone else had that great idea too. Another punch I want is a crab punch to match the new set in the catalog with seashells and the crab among other things. Thank you for the chance to win some blog candy!

  212. I would really, really like a birthday ballon punch. Maybe a birthday framelit set that has the cake and ballons, etc that would work too. Thanks so much for all the creative ideas you have shown me on how to use the wonderful punches I have. Your such a great demonstrator.

  213. I would JUMP FOR JOY over a punch that coordinates with the teacup stamp!

  214. I would like to see a balloon punch for birthday cards! But I have to say…there are a lot of great ideas posted already! I’d also buy a doilie punch…in hopes that it would work a little easier than the sizzlits we now have!

  215. I would love it if Stampin’ Up would bring back the Christmas stocking punch!

  216. Melissa Flieg

    I am so with you Mary. I would love to see a hexagon punch for maybe even several in different sizes. Hexagons are so in right now.

  217. I would love to see a cloud punch. Maybe one with two different sizes of clouds.

  218. I too like the builder punches…any would do. I would like to see some large heart and star punches with different sizes and shapes available.

  219. Wow — Great blog candy! and I am a serious punchaholic, so any punch will do. I seem to recall wishing for a rectangular punch one day?? Can’t remember why I needed it now, tho!
    (and I’m jealous of your fun activities–still trying to get hubby to take me zip lining.) Thanks, Mary!

  220. I would like to see some fruit stamps, pear, apple, watermelon, orange etc.

    that would be really cool for a lot of projects

  221. Terri Says...

    This is tough to narrow down to just 1 punch idea, but I would love to see a series of tea cup punches to coordinate with the tea shoppe stamp set. You could make cute tea party invitations or adorable cards to let a friend know you want to catch up over tea!

  222. I would love to have more border punches, I would especially a like a grass or wave punch. Thank you so much for all your inspiring ideas!

  223. I would love more flower punched that go with flower stamps. I love all of the Stampin Up punches!!

  224. Hexagon framelets would be awesome! I’d settle for a hexie punch though! LOL

  225. I would love for Stampin’ Up! to have a long rectangular punch to coordinate with the It’s a Wrap stamps. 🙂

  226. I’d like chevron or hex punch.

  227. I hope it’s ok if I suggest 2 punches. I’d like a fence punch (pickets) and also a telephone punch. Both would be really cute!

  228. Stars stars and more stars.of.all sizes!

  229. patricia anders

    Ilove your blogs you give so much encouragement to do great things I would love to see a angel punch in the bunch to place on cards with dimensionals,more animal punches thanks for everything

  230. Such great ideas! I’d love a sparkle: not quite a star or a snowflake, but something that says celebration or WOW!

  231. I would love hexagon and diamond punches!!!

  232. I would love an hexagon punch too! But I think SU is missing a balloon and cloud punch!

  233. I would love a paw print punch. We’ve moved several times and I still have middle and elementary school children and regardless of the school or city, they’ve always had a mascot with a paw. We’ve had a cougar, another cougar, a bulldog, a panther and another panther. A paw punch could make such cute teacher gifts.

  234. A wreath punch would be great. Could use for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
    Be careful on those wild adventures but have fun,

  235. I would like to take your idea of a hexagon punch & kick it up a bit….how about hexagon dies? That way you have several sizes to choose from depending on your project.

  236. Oops! I forgot to mention a punch and could not “edit” my comment: hexagon, balloon or tree, I am easy to please!

  237. Barbara Jackson

    I agree with Lisa about the bitty banners in a punch. They are small and all 3 might fit on one punch. Lots easier than dragging out the big shot (not that I don’t LOVE my big shot!).

  238. Wow! Someone is going to be very lucky indeed, Mary! You are very generous! Stampin’ Up sure knows how to treat their demonstators; don’t know if I could do the rappelling and zipline but it sure looks like fun. Have fun and ENJOY being spoiled. I love visiting your site each day for inspiration. Hugs, Pauline

  239. Dragonfly to go with the current butterfly punch

  240. I would like a larger scalloped oval with a straight edge oval to fit inside it.
    Also a parallelogram would be nice.

  241. I agree with all the ladies, several sizes of hexagons and a hot air balloon would be awesome.

  242. I’d love a hexagon punch, too!

  243. I would love to see a Tree Punch with maybe two trees on it that would go along with the ‘Lovely as a Tree’ Stamp Set. I am so grateful for your site because you always have such cool ideas! I also like everyone’s idea of a balloon punch. Thank you for all you do, we love you…

  244. I would love a punch in the shape of a 5-pointed crown. Have fun at the retreat.

  245. I like the idea of a balloon punch already suggested. BUT I would like to see a Tree punch that goes along with the Lovely as a Tree Stamp Set. I think your site is wonderful! You always have such great ideas. Thank you for all you do.

  246. i would LOVe to see a punch in cloud shape, and if it could be one of those “two step” punches that also made the cloud shape a frame…..oooo, i’d be on CLOUD 9!!!
    thanks for the chance to win!!

  247. I would too love a hexagon punch! But not just one. Small, medium, and large! There are soooooo many possibilities with them!

  248. I would love to see a larger word window in the shap of a banner. I would also like to see a grass border punch. Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodis. Safe travels.

  249. Elaine Harrison Lane

    I would like to see a punch that would match some of the leave stamps. Not surprised you enjoyed your trip and tried new experiences, Mary.

  250. I would like to see rectangle punches!

  251. I would love a snowflake border punch and a hexagon punch in a couple of sizes would be fantastic!

  252. I would love to have a Christmas holly leaf punch. You could use the hole punch to make the red berries to go with it! This would be awesome!!! Thanks, Tina 🙂

  253. There are too many I’d like to see them make… I’d love a hexagon punch too or ribbon looking punch!!! Or even a large arrow!

  254. Hexagons for sure!! Any large size shape or flower like the Big Blossom or 2.5 Circle. I use that circle ALL the time. It is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win! Love your ideas!

  255. Lucinda L. Brown

    I’ve seen others post this, but a hot air balloon punch would be spectacular…lots of possibilities with that one.

  256. Shelley d'Arcy

    I would love to see a hexagon punch. I think that would be fantastic!

  257. A nice BIG cloud punch would be great! Thanks, Mary, Love your blog!

  258. I would love to see hexagon punches in different sizes. Can you just think of all the ideas you could come up with.

  259. Thinking ahead to Christmas, I would love to see a holly leaf punch!

  260. I would love to see hexagon punches in different sizes. I have a lot of ideas if I only had them.

  261. I would love a leaf punch that would have different sizes os leaves!!!!!

  262. All the ideas are great and I wnat them all!! You can never have too many punches. I would like a star punch like the Embosslits Beautiful Wings. Sorry that is not really a ounch, but I wouls still love to see that one offered.

  263. I’d love a balloon punch! Also, a pine bough punch to build dimension for wreaths would be great!

  264. Hi Mary-I would love punches in the shapes of the two circles on the Perfect Pennants Die.

  265. I LOVE punches!! I have so many on my wish they would create list! Hexagons would be so fun, but I would love a cloud punch, a larger scalloped oval and a grass border punch!! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome blog candy. Enjoy your mini vacation!

  266. You hit the nail on the head. I too want a hexagon punch! I’ve been saying that for so long!

  267. Hexigone totally works for me! But we need a star punch too. Oh, decisions, decisions. Love everything Stampin’ Up! offers, so I’ll be happy either way. My punch drawer is already groaning at the thought of another weighty object being added, though. Maybe what we really need them to introduce is punch STORAGE!!!

  268. hexagon punches in at least 2 sizes would be terrific! As is your blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win and have a great time!

  269. I’m glad you’re having fun! I would be too scared to climb and zip-line, but guess you had alot of company for support! As for new products I just love the framelits especially the ones for stamped images.

  270. I would love to see punches that coordinate the border and corner. Snowflake any thing fun! The Martha Stewart ones are pretty easy to use. Punches are great they make life so much better!

  271. I would like a diamond punch but the hexagon shape would be a nice addition too.

  272. I would love a halloween punch set. Something that would punch like a cauldron and some bats and stuff. That would be so cute with a little matching stamp set 🙂

  273. I’ve been dreaming about a great cat punch.

  274. I love the builder punches like the owl, bird, and cupcake. I would love a builder Santa.

    There are so many fantastic ideas in the above comments!

  275. I love punches and a hexagon punch would be a great addition to my collection! Oh to think of the cool things you could do with that punch!

  276. Donna Thompson

    A punch that would make me jump for joy would be RETURNING the just retired scallop dot. It was so cute! I and my customers loved it. But we didn’t all have time to get it. Now it’s gone. PLEASE bring it back!!!

    Mary, you don’t know me, but I’m a stampin girl in St. Louis and love to keep up with you through your blog. You have lots of great ideas. And BTW, LOVE your new craft room! I went thru all your pictures recently. NICE


  277. I’m sure most people have one in their stash but come on stampin up! -where’s the 1 1/2 inch punch? Also, more border punches would be nice.

  278. I would say like you… an exagon punch!!!
    also a punch that make a spiral to make rolled flowers
    also a fish tail punch
    I do love punches!!

  279. I think I would like a cloud punch – but not too small. I would agree with the hexagon but would like to have multiple sizes for layering!! Paula

  280. Love the hexagon idea and would also like to see some chevrons.

  281. I love the idea of a hexagon punch – and how about a string of chevrons?

  282. Mary- It sounds like you’re enjoying yourself at Founders Circle! I was so sad to see the Triple Layer Boquet punch go. I would love to see something similar to the part stampers were using for package bows. I hope that makes sense.

  283. You are SO right! A hexagon punch would be AWESOME!!!!

  284. OMGosh–are you brave! I would stop crafting before I would attempt jumping and ziplining.

    Hexagon punch–I never thought of that. What a great idea.

    I would love to see more border punches.

    Thanks for the blog candy chance.

  285. I would like to see a large tree punch !

  286. Sorry I meant a punch to go with cat…..

  287. I am a cat person and would love to see a stamp for Frightening Feline plus another stamp – same outline but more realistic inside. All family and neighbors will be getting my cat Halloween card this year. LOVE IT but my cutting around a stamp is never even. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  288. I would like a nice leaf punch! A Banner one would be nice too!

  289. It would have to be a punch that makes one of those spiral snake looking circles that you form into a 3
    d flower. I love the look and cutting them by hand is sooo time consuming. Also a doily punch would be awesome!

  290. Ginny Schleich

    Ok, I am with you on the Hexagon punch. Hexagons are so popular! I see them everywhere and would love to have a punch in that shape. What an awesome give-away. Thanks for the opportunity.

  291. I’m with you on the hexagon punch! We see hexagon all over the blogs these days!

  292. I had to choose one, I would like to see a banner punch so we can make longer banners. The bitty banner dies are great but hard to use (for me). Thank you for your great inspiration every day!

  293. A leaf punch would be awesome since I’m a fall mood. Thanks!!

  294. A hexagon punch would be great. Also assorted fall leaf punches with a matching embossing folder to emboss the veins in the leaves. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and creative talent with us!

  295. Heather North

    You are one BRAVE woman!!! Thanks for sharing with us. I would love a diamond punch. Never seen one from another company, and they would be so useful. Fold in half to make an easy pennant, cut in half to make a nice triangle, and it is a great graphic shape to use for a punch border.

  296. Sounds like you’re having a great trip! So exciting! I would really love a hot air balloon punch. Anything I need to fussy cut, I prefer to punch. I love your idea of the hexagon though. Would really love framlits for that so we could do some layering.

  297. I want a pedestal punch. You could do so many things with it!!

  298. Mary Anne Schnettgoecke

    I would love to have a punch that looks like a bow, since I’m not the best at tying them!

  299. I love your idea of a hexagon punch, but I really miss having a star punch. I’m pretty sure Stampin’ Up! has something in mind, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have dropped what we had, but man do I miss stars!

  300. Making birthday cards the most, I would love word punches with sentiments like:
    “Happy Birthday”
    “Thank You”
    “Get Well”

    Blog on GIRL

  301. Melissa Ilagan

    A hexagon punch would be great, along with a hot air baloon punch, and another butterfly punch similar to the one we have now, something to layer it with!

  302. I would love to have one like an edge punch that you could make into a beautiful flower, I have seen them at Michael’s craft stores. O lala

  303. I would love to see a rose punch, a single bud would be nice. I love all punches, so a punch to match our butterfly so we could layer, punches of any kind that are a little larger or smaller than what we have so we can layer easier.

    Thanks for offering this fantastic candy!

  304. Oh my what punch would I like to see…. I love punches so there are a few in mind that I would like to see. A scallop for our wide oval punch, i would love to see a medium
    size flower I really loved the size and style of the triple bouquet punch that retired it would be fabulous if they made that flower but in a single layer. I also think a diamond shape would be fun too!!! =D

  305. I would love some border punches or a pinked edge circle punch! Looks like you are having loads of fun! Thanks for the blog candy chance to win!!

  306. Oh this is a tough question! I love punches! Right now I’d have to say a build-a-jack-o-lantern because I’m so excited for the holidays!!!

  307. Margaret Peltier

    I would love to see a wreath punch…………

  308. I would love to see more combined punches like 3 oval punches in one or 3 square punches in one so instead of having 3 punches we have 1 punch with 3 different shapes.

  309. Jennifer Ciaccio

    I agree with Susan Griffith, I would love an egg punch & coordinating stamps. The eggs would be so good for Easter & spring, even with the kitchen stamps!

  310. Shirley Madsen

    I have most of SU’s punches as these are my favorite gadgets. I love chickens so I would love to see a chicken punch.

  311. thank you for asking!!!! i use ‘the other guys’ birthday balloon & 3 butterfly punch(quicker than sizzlets) but I would jump for joy to see a corner punch, – like we had several years ago – that you can put the top layer into. remember that corner slot punch, kind of a swirl, i miss it in workshops.

  312. I would love a humingbird punch! Enjoy your trip!!

  313. Debbie Flattum

    I would like the star punches back. Also, the hot air balloon and cloud ideas posted above are great, too. Thank you for the chance to win your blog candy. I truly enjoy your site.

  314. I would love a leaf punch. After a Stampin Up get together the other night and having to cut around the leaves, a leaf punch would be awesome!

  315. I agree with many comments before mine… A LARGE scallop oval punch to nicely frame sentiments punched out with the wide oval punch!

  316. I would jump for joy over….a double punch–say two ovals. One for stamping and one to frame. Another idea would be to have a wreath punch that could be used for all seasons. I also like the idea of a house punch or die. So many ideas!

  317. I think hexagon is a great idea!!

  318. Sounds like you are having a really great time at Founder’s Circle ~ Yahoo!! I would sure like a grass punch that works with cardstock. I have an old one from “somewhere” but it only does copy paper weight.

  319. I’m wanting a hexagon punch (maybe one with two sizes – similar to the ticket-shaped punch in the current catalog).

  320. Thanks for the blog candy giveaway! I would love to see a Chevron border/ribbon punch! I can think of so many things I would do with it!

  321. I’m with Ellie … more border punches! There are SO many fabulous border punches out there that Stampin” Up! doesn’t compete with. Thank you for a chance to win some goodies.

  322. I would love to see a large Doily Punch, or a larger oval Punch. I LOVE Stampin UP punches!!!!

  323. We are long overdue for a hexagon punch. We have one in MDS, why not a physical one?

  324. Hi, Mary! Thanks for the update and the tempting treats! I would jump for joy if Stampin’ Up! introduced a punch to coordinate with the Leter It alphabet stamp set!!! That would make my day. Keep having fun in UT!

  325. I would love different sizes of rectangular punches for the larger sayings on our stamp sets that aren’t square or round!

  326. I would love Stampin Up to come up with a Hawaiian themed punch like a hibiscus, plumeria, or a palm tree.

  327. Wow! You’ve collected some amazing ideas here. I would LOVE so many of these as well. I would love to have another border punch…perhaps a chevron border punch or an asymmetrical curve. Simple, but it would add a different dimension to cards for certain.
    Thanks for the chance at blog candy!

  328. Denise Heredia

    I would like some punches that go along with some of the stamp sets. And that would be able to punch anywhere on a sheet of paper.

  329. I thought of a hexagon punch before I read your choice. It would be great to have 3 different sizes of hexagon punches to layer.

  330. I would love to see simple shaped framelits…circles, squares, hexagons, ovals….oh the possibilities. 😉

  331. Bridget Trefethen

    So many good ideas were already mentioned! I like the balloon punch idea as well as animals. For me, I would love a bigger square. My squares don’t come out as nicely as I would like on the paper trimmer. Also, a larger scalloped circle would be nice!

  332. I would like to see a Hot Air Balloon punch and a Animal Builder punch with a basic body for dog/cat/bunny and then interchangeable heads/ears/tails.

  333. Cristy Gammon

    I would love to see any new punches. They make life so much easier and my kids love to use them!!

    Sounds like you are having a great time!!!

  334. I would also love Hexagon anything, punch and coordinating stamp set!
    Thanks for the chance to win and have a blast at FC!!!

  335. Bonnie Ellsworth

    A scalloped heart.

  336. I’d love to have a fence punch. I can imagine all kinds of cards I could make with it. I also would love a holly punch and a tombstone punch. Great fun. Thanks for the chance to win. I live in Utah. It is a beautiful state. I hope you enjoy your time here.

  337. I would like to see a larger fernlike branch punch like Martha Stewart had in the past. Also would like to see more animal punches like the SU Owl punch.

  338. Nesting clouds would be high on my list! Also, right up there would be a fence punch…maybe a die for the Big Shot with two or three different style fences – can you guess what I’m doing for Halloween?

  339. Oh….you took mine!! I would love for Stampin Up to come up with a hexagon punch, but one the has multiple sizes of hexagons would be FANTASTIC!!! Have fun on your trip! I wish I could go zip lining & rappelling with you….I LOVE to do that stuff!!

  340. I would like to see different size rectangles. Sometimes a square just won’t do it and I am no good at MacGyver-ing the square punch to create the rectangle.

  341. I would love a larger oval punch with coordinating sentiments!

  342. I would like an easter egg punch!

  343. I would love to have a rectangle punch. I’d like it to be about the same size as the word window punch, but not with rounded corners…insert apple joke here. And if wishes were fishes….I’d like another punch just like it only a little bit bigger so I could layer them. Thanks for the chance at a great give-away!

  344. I would love a balloon punch. I use the up and away set all the time..My snips sure get a workout. You are so brave:) It looks like a grand time at Founders circle!

  345. All of the punch ideas are good! I agree with Lisa who said the Bitty Banner Framelits in a punch and would love some more “banner” styles (waving flag, folded in on either end with a longer center span) that would accommodate a sentiment (of course, that might mean we’d need stamp sentiments that “waved”, too!).

  346. I would love another decorative label to build on top of the one we have. Also, I throw my name in the pool for a hot air balloon or a general balloon punch…

  347. I too would love a multiple hexagon punch. Thanks for the constant inspiration – and for the chance to win.


  348. I would be estatic to have a cloud punch. Could add clouds to so many cards easily 🙂 Have fun in Utah, thanks for a great giveaway….

  349. Wow this is hard because SU! has so many great ones already! I love border punches so maybe a new one. Thanks!!

  350. A hexagon punch is long overdue!!!

  351. A hexagon punch would make life easy. I have been looking for a punch like Martha
    Stewart’s pine bough punch. Thanks for the chance of some blog candy!

  352. Jane Cummiskey

    There are two punches that I really want Stampin’ Up to come out with. The first is a hexagon and the second is a cartoon comment bubble.

  353. How about a “purse” punch to coordinate with the purse die? I have a house guest arriving and I have left a purse with candy in her room. I would love to make coordinating card…

  354. I’d be jumping for joy for a tea cup punch, wouldn’t that be great for Tea Shoppe???

  355. I would love a chevron punch!

  356. I would jump for joy for an extra large oval punch and scallop oval combination. It would punch either by flipping a switch like our recently retired 3 way punches. That would make me jump.

  357. I would jump for joy for extra larger oval and scallop oval punch to maybe be a “switch” punch that would do either punch like our recently retired 3 way punches.

  358. I also would love, love, love a balloon punch! I am so scissor challenged I find it hard to cut a straight line let alone a curved one!!!

  359. Angie Mullins

    The first thing that came to mind was a chevron punch. Or a rectangle scallop would be cool to go around sentiments.

  360. Jeanie Garrity

    I’d like a set of hexagon punches that are rectangular rather than square so they’d fit well on an A-2 card.

  361. I’d also love a hexagon punch as they seem to be “hot” right now. I’ve seen some great “simple” cards made with just hexagons, and a sentiment

  362. I LOVE LOVE LOVE punches. Any and all of them! I would be thrilled to see more border punches, maybe a lace one!! Thanks again for the opportunity at blog candy!!

  363. I love the multi stage punches, like the owl, bird, floral, so more of those types. Maybe another flower, or two. Also, I wish they would bring back the small double rectangle punch that you could thread ribbon through to make a bow.

  364. A hexagon punch, think of the cute quilt cards you could make with all that pretty dsp!!

  365. I absolutely love punches! With that being said; I am in agreement with you, Stampin Up needs to add a hexagonal punch. I like the idea of a sun, moon, and stars punch set as well. Thanks, Mary for all your ideas and your cute cards. I get so inspired by you every day! And just love your 1-minute to wow videos, they help me out so much! Thanks again for all you do.

  366. I would love to see a poppy punch in a couple of different sizes. I enjoy using punches they add so much more to a card or a scrapebooking pages. Love you beautiful cards and Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your creations.

  367. I would love a itty bitty treat size punch that would hold just one small piece of candy and would coordinate with the jewelry tag punch and other tiny stamped images. Thanks so much Mary for a chance to win. 🙂

  368. Would love a tea pot and picket fence punch and one can never have enough flower punches 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  369. I would love a Chevron border punch. Wouldn’t that be cool! A musical note punch or border punch with notes and staff would be nice as well. Love your blog and all your wonderful projects.

  370. The hexagon is a fabulous idea. I would love that as well. I also wouldn’t mind a little star one to go with the mini punches of the heart etc that came out last year.

  371. Kelly Collins

    I love any punch that coordinates with a stamp set. I am a sucker for those every time!

  372. So many great ideas have been posted. A cloud and thought bubble have been on my mind for a while. I was so sure the stocking punch would have made it into the line up. Sorry I missed it. A Jigsaw puzzle piece would be fun. The Sizzix big die is just that…big. I’m surprised that Embosslits are not taking off. I love die cutting and embossing with one pass through the big shot. Thank you for all the great info and wonderful inspiration.

  373. Jessica lewis

    I’m really wanting a Flag punch! Not the triangle flag but the rectangular one the would punch out the flag on the “affection collection” stamp set. Or a punch that cuts out images the size of the itty bitty banner framelits. Love the framelits but sometimes a hassle to cut out just one with bigshot or several for that matter!
    Thank you for opportunity to win!

  374. Gloria M Jacobs

    Would love to have a grass border punch.


  376. I would jump and “halla” for a variety of rectangle punches….ohh, the possibilities! Have a great time in Utah, Mary!

  377. Sharon Rowland

    I would love to have a flower pot punch, or a Hexagon punch that would make it nice. I love your ideas and check out your site every morning. Have a great time and thanks so much for the chance to win,

  378. I would love a hexagon, and scallop/plain oval punch!

  379. Lynne Wascher

    I would love some Thanksgiving Day punches such as a cornacopia or a turkey. My hat is off to you for jumping off the cliff. Don’t know if I could do that.

  380. I would like more flower punches. They are fun.

  381. I would love to see a balloon punch that had an oval shape and the ballon tie on the bottom and maybe a rectangle with scallops. I love any and all punches that coordinate with stamps sets. Keep up the good work Mary!

  382. Wow–sounds like a fantastic trip! Congrats on Founders Circle! I would love more layering punches for the various labels we have – Decorative Label and Curly Label. Enjoy your time in St. George and thanks for a chance to win.

  383. A pretty alphabet punch would be amazing! It would be so easy to create individualized sentiments that way.

  384. Angie Walters

    Never thought of a Hexagon punch. That would be lovely! There are so many I would love to see. Mainly halloween punches. But right now I would like another ticket punch. One the exact size of a ticket. Everyone had such great ideas for punches. Love them all!

  385. I would love a coffee mug or tea cup punch that coordinates with a Stampin’ Up! stamp set. I’m drooling over this blog candy – what a great assortment you’ve put together. Have a wonderful rest of your trip!

  386. I would love to see either a grassy border or a “word box” where you could stamp a little sentiment. Great giveaway!

  387. Oh, I’d love to see a shamrock punch for St. Patrick’s Day.

  388. I know a star just discontinued, but I think a new star punch would be great for boy projects

  389. I would love to see a smaller version of the decorative label punch. Its beautiful alone, but would be just divine with layering! Thanks for asking!

  390. holly and berries and mortar board and tassel punches would be great

  391. I would like to see thinner punches so they won’t take up so much room. SU has improved with their punches but I still would like then to be thinner.

  392. I think a hexagon or chevron punch would be great! I also love the label style punches and would love to see a new one!

  393. Sounds like you guys r having a blast!!! I would love I f stampin up got some burlap in the catalogue!! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Brenna anderson

  394. I’ve always wished for a Holly and Berries punch. And how about a mortar board and tassel.

  395. A “real” Halloween tree would be my fondest wish. Spooky, spindly, bare, you know what I mean

  396. I would love a diamond shape punch or a larger banner punch for larger greetings. Also love Mary’s idea of a hexagon punch!!

  397. I didn’t see my comment show up so posting again. I would love a humming bird punch with a matching stamp set. Thank you.

  398. I love punches – any and all of them. I love them when they coordinate with stamp sets. Thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂

  399. I would love a humming bird punch. I just adore humming birds and would love if SU would have a punch with a matching stamp set for these wonderful, little birds. Thanks.

  400. Laura Venvertloh

    Chevron Border punch! You are braver than I am!!

  401. My goodness can you believe how many responses you are getting on this one question. We love our punches for sure. I’d like to second the dahlia punch, and would like to see a bow punch. This could be really neat used with the DSP’s or the glitter papers. Thanks for the opportunty to comment. Love your work Mary.

    You be careful on your trip but have a blast!

  402. I miss the small oval Stampin’UP! used to carry would love to see it come back and I totally agree with you, Mary; a hexagon punch would be awesome! Thanks for a chance to win – I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

  403. I agree with Christine a wreath one or a larger owl. Although I do love any and all punches! LOL

  404. I have a crazy punch addiction. I absolutely love the new butterfly punch and I would love to see some larger banner punches (a bit bigger than the framelits)

  405. I thought I had an original idea but then I see many others beat me to the punch! (Get it – punch? LOL!) Anyway….I would love a grass border punch and a bubble thought punch, which could probably be used as a cloud by just trimming off the arrow part. Love your blog, Mary!

  406. Hi Mary,
    Oh my gosh, it sounds like you are having an amazing time at Founder’s Circle. You are so brave to zip-line & rappel, I’m not sure I could do it!!! All of your Stampin’ Up! friends have fantastic ideas for punches. Some of them I would have never thought of, like the hot air balloon punch, but I think I would buy almost everyone that has been suggested above!!! I do love punches!!! I would also like the hexagon punch you’ve been wishing for, definitely some various sizes of stars, and someone suggested Easter eggs stamps & punches and I would love that, too!!!
    Peace, Love & Joy,

  407. I would like a cloud punch, in fact I was looking for one at a local craft store and couldn’t find one there either.

  408. Grace Lange-Way

    I would love to have a flower pot punch. I have so many beautiful SU flower stamps that a basic flower pot punch (not fancy pots but rather the clay pots you see in the nurseries)would give me a lot of choices for layering with the flower stamps in between. Cutting with scissors can be difficult if you have arthritis.

  409. I would love to have more border punch options. It’s such a nice and easy touch. Also, cool corner punches are a fun way to jazz up a card.

  410. I’m with you on the hexagon punch!! Making those honeycomb patterns with lovely DSP would be fantastic!

  411. I would like to see a balloon punch or a hot air balloon punch for Up, Up & Away set.

  412. Roberta Timmons

    I would live to see either Hexagons or Balloon punch. Or maybe leaves.

  413. I would love to have a 2″ circle punch. The layering possibilities would be endless with that one.

  414. I would love to have a sun punch…about 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter with “rays” making it a 1.5 to 1.75 inches total. I make lots of outdoor scene cards and always struggle with what to put in the top corner for some sunshine! Love your blog, btw. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  415. A hexagon punch would be cool, but multiples in the Framelits might offer more fun. Bringing stars back would be great too. Maybe one punch with several stars.

  416. I also want a hexagon punch in at least two sizes!!

  417. I would love a wreath punch with a stamp to match. Love your site.

  418. I like punches too. All of the above suggestions are great. Border punches and ones that can punch in the center and the larger flower punches and more that go with the current stamp sets are all punches I would like to see.

  419. Sharon Williamson

    I would really like to see leaf punches to coordinate with French Foliage, which is my absolutely favorite stamp set. I get tired of cutting them out. lol Also more border punches. We zip-lined in Haiti last winter and it was fabulous!!

  420. I completely agree… the hexagon punch! Or a present builder punch – with gift box, ribbon, bow on top, etc. Love your site! I check it first thing every morning! Thanks!

  421. We LOVE are punches, any punch is great but I am with you a hexagon punch, and a balloon punch would be on my list. Just about any punch makes me happy….. Love your blog and all your wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  422. All the punches I would like to see have already been mentioned – hexagon (an absolute must), diamond, balloon, chevron border punch, slot punch….. The list is endless!!

  423. Jean Lubicich

    I’m so glad you asked this question. I have been wanting a scalloped rectangle punch. Think of the possibilities! I love your website, I check it every day.

  424. I would love to see a new leafy punch, for layering flowers on top! That would be fantastic. Thanks for the blog candy & good luck to all.

  425. I’m with you 100% on the hexagon punch!! I would love to see that!!!! I’d love to see more border punches too. Thanks for the chance at some particularly yummy blog candy!

  426. I would like to see a HEART border punch, or a HEART punch around the page…thanks for the GIVEAWAY…..

  427. I’ve seen many cards with the Martha Stewart fern. Since I seldom look at punches other that what SU has, I would like some type of fern or foliage punch. It would be attractive for on holiday projects or with other floral designs. The other punch I would like to see is a window/shutter/flower box type. Enjoy your well deserved trip!

  428. I want a punch that punches 3 1-1/4″ openings, perfectly spaced apart, all at the same time so that I can duplicate one of your favorite looks, PLEASE!!!

  429. any punch where we could punch in the middle of the page!!!

  430. My dream punch would be a hexagon punch with at least sizes to choose from (all in one punch).

  431. For a long time now I have wanted an XL scalloped oval to coordinate with the one already in the catalog. Great question and great blog candy!

  432. Karen Wallace

    Hi’ Love reading all your posts and lookong at all your beautiful projects. I would love a hexagon punch in 2 sizes and holly punch with berries

  433. Teresa Saathoff

    A hexagon punch would be g4at perhaps a set of larger ovals in framlits.

  434. I love decorated edges….so a large HEART border punch would be great……or, a HEART punch around the page would be fantastic……thanks for the giveaway

  435. I totally agree with you Mary! The hexagon punch would be awesome! I thought for sure it would be in the holiday catalog since they had it as a digital version – wishful thinking:)

  436. Hope Mitchell

    I like the “build it” punches and make cards with dogs and cats so a dog or cat punch would be great for me. Also, I am still bow challenged…how about a punch for various sized bows? Done on DP and attached to actual ribbon, I think it could be a great “cheat”.

  437. I would LOVE a gingerbread man (or woman) BUILDER Punch, with ric-rac trim, candy buttons, eyes, etc. You get the idea. I put the suggestion into the SandBox last year and while we did get a gingerbread framelit, we still can’t punch out all his parts.

  438. I think SU needs to make more border punches as they add so much to a card. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy and have fun!

  439. I would love a balloon punch or more flower punches!!!

  440. I would love a wreath punch. Imagine the possibilities, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July, etc. Great time at Founders Circle. You deserve it. You Go Girl!

  441. I would like punches of the bitty banners instead of framelets. Looks like u r having a great adventure in Utah!!

  442. Thanks Mary for your inspiration! I would love a punch that would coordinate with the Decorative Label Punch… something a bit larger rather than having to always cut our own layers…. And since Autumn is upon us I wouldn’t mind if they threw in a pumpkin punch!

  443. SU needs a hexagon punch. I agree!

  444. I would like a larger label punch that could be used with some of the larger verses. I know some of the labels dies would do that but they not they “just right” shape.

  445. much as I love the bitty banners framelits, sometimes a punch is just easier! So I would love a banner punch. Love the updates from your trip, have a great time!!!

  446. I’m with you on the hexagon punch Mary. They are so popular right now in fashion and decorating so we sure could use one in our crafting. I love border punches also. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

  447. I would love a hot air balloon punch to go with the stamp set!!! Also like the idea of the hexigon( have a creative mem. double one that I use but NOT at parties shhhhhhh LOL) I think a 2″ or larger would be good and you could then put sentiments inside or… cut to use in a variety of ways. Thanks not sure I’d want to jump….but always was intrigued with sky diving, not that I’ve done that…how ironic is that? oh well we each have our quirks. hope your trip was SAFE and relaxing!!1

  448. I can’t choose just one thing!! OK, I’m a butterfly junky and would love a bigger version of the butterfly punch AND a bigger cupcake punch too. Love the ones I have but would want both!

  449. I agree. Would love to see a hexagon punch. One small enough for designs, one for stop signs (med), and on large for the focal point of a 4×4 card!

  450. I love all the punches but a large 3 inch square punch would be nice. More border punches too.

  451. There are so many punches that I would like to see. I would love a pointsettia punch. Lets face it I would like a puch for every flower stamp that SU has. I love the look of cut out flowers but hate the cutting.

  452. Love the ideas of a Cloud Punch and Hot air balloons to coordinate. I would also like a cake punch – maybe one of the build a punches. Would love to experiment with making birthday and wedding cards with it! Would also love more Tag punches – BIG ones to make gift tags with them.

  453. Well, lets see. In june, i helped my daughter in law with a mustache party, so that punch would have helped me alot (although I found a cricut cartridge) and I think a hexagon punch would be fantastic also! Punches are so helpful and I love them!!

  454. What a great experience Mary! I rarely go over to facebook – but will head over there to check out your pics. Sure glad you took the opportunity to Zipline and Rappelled 3-times…..wow. Must have been fun to go back and do two more times. Since you are asking-I would love love love to see SU come up with more decorative corner punches. They add that little something something to our cards. ENJOY St George-YOU DESERVE IT!

  455. I would like a punch to add greenery to Christmas cards.Would be useful for making wreaths or evergreen border to cards.

  456. Linda Ressetar

    Because I use “Field Flowers” a lot, I would love a punch to fit it !!Thanks for the chance to win

  457. I’m with you and a hexagon punch would be ideal, especially in a couple sizes, great for matting.

  458. I would love a hexagon is nice , I think it won’t be long before we get one , I love my punches
    They make it so mush fun !!!
    Ms Mary I can’t belive you jumped !!! Nice your bravere then you look !!! Haha
    But I’m real proud of you , good job ,,
    Keep on trucking !!
    Hugs frenchie !!

  459. Oh Mary you are so sweet to share your pics with all of us and the details of what’s going on at Founder’s Circle and then to throw in Blog Candy – you are too much girlie!!!
    Well, you stole my idea with a hexagon punch, since they are all the rage today. So, I would have to say any punch with holiday items, such as candy cane, star, pumpkin, easter egg, shamrock, etc. I think these would sell really well with customers and would never need to be retired!!

  460. Wow, what a lot of great ideas for punches! There’s a few listed I would love to have too. I’d like to see a house punch that could be used with a coordinating haunted house as well as a welcome to the neighborhood house.

  461. I’m with you Mary, I really would like to see some hexagon punches, in a variety of sizes.

  462. Norma Woodward

    I would love to see a more detailed butterfly, the size we have now would be great and also a bumblebee that can be layered.

  463. An OCTAGON PUNCH would be fun – in at least 2 sizes, of course! Or how about a PARTIAL TREE TRUNK WITH BRANCHES going out on one side? We could decorate the trunk w/little love heart with initials, and use various small stamps to place on the branches – birds – fruit – acorns – blossoms – small photographs – hanging spiders ETC.
    Thanks Mary for sharing your cards and ideas daily with us.

  464. I would like a punch of a simple curved stem with some leaves that could be used alone or as a stem to a flower. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  465. Barbara Mayfield

    I would like a book binding punch. The possibilities for little photo albums, recipe books, story books for my grandchildren are endless.

  466. I would love to have a tree punch with coordinating leaves.

  467. I agree with alot of people for the balloon punch. Maybe a birthday set to go with!

  468. I would like hexagon punches and more border punches! Great ideas here! Would like to see SU go punch crazy! Thanks for a great site!

  469. I’d love to see a ribbon banner punch … it would be so sweet!

  470. I would love to see a large scallop oval to go with the large oval punch!

  471. A punch in the shape of an old style vintage rubber stamp. I would use it for confetti, making cards and when I swap I could use it and add my info on it. Oh, I would attach it to the back of the cards too.

    How fun would that be!

  472. I would have to say a flag punch with a new patriotic stamp set would be at the top of my list. I’d love a pplin builder punch would be nice too!

  473. I would love a put together vintage car punch (sort of like the owl). Would be a great thing for guys. Also a set of the hexagons would be a welcome treat too.

  474. Great question!
    I would love a fan punch. It could even be 3 different fans. One plan and the other two with a design on them, maybe lace.
    I would want one big enough to add a sentiment on. Thanks for the chance tow in some great blog candy.

  475. I would love love love to have a Balloon Punch. Birthday cards are a must … and what’s a birthday without a balloon!! Thanks for the opportunity to win something. Love you Mary!

  476. Wow! Hard to decide on one punch, there were some great ideas tossed out there, but the hexagon sounded good!
    Thank you for the chance to win your awesome blog candy!
    Enjoy your retreat!

  477. a great Halloween set. i would love more punches of leaves and ferns

  478. Hexagon punch for sure! Duck, baby rattle, or other baby themed image would be cute! Also bring back stars and slit punches!

  479. nancy klessig

    i would love an iceskate punch!! With the little pom poms to go with it!

  480. tea cup punches, big and small to go with Tea Shoppe!

  481. I would really love a hot air ballooon punch to go with the Up and Away Set. I was surprised SU didn’t sell one when they put the stamp set on sale.

  482. Maybe it would not have to be a punch but a framelit -the tea cup to go with the stamp set – would buy that in a heart beat – can’t cut this one very well. But a punch request would be more along the modern label punch – another design or more that we could use as a backround to the word window punch. I bet with these new punches, we could get maybe three?

  483. A balloon punch definately

  484. Can a person have too many punches? I say NO. After reading all the posts, I agree…hexagon punches. I would also love for the star punches to return and a ribbon punch and balloon punch and leaf punch and….Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  485. I would love to see a large oval punch and also a set of hexagon punches that nest together! I also love seasonal punches!

  486. I would love to see a hexagon punch in 2 sizes and/or a bee shaped punch. I would love to use them together!
    Super cool!

  487. I would love to have a steaming coffee cup punch!

  488. I would like a birthday balloon punch. I am also interested in making popup cards so would like any punch that can adapt to that format.

  489. Would like to see a corner punch for matting photographs.

  490. I would love a Star of David punch. Maybe to coordinate with the Jewish Celebrations set in the holiday mini catalog. I can’t find any punches or dies in this shape anywhere, and would certainly appreciate having one! Love your blog, Mary!!

  491. Karen Prosser

    Hi there Mary…
    I would also love to see the hexagon punch….I have in creative memories punch and I have always loved it…
    but I love stampin up punches far better…I have gradually over the last 18 months been buying stampin up punches to replace the cm ones I have…only have a few more to go….there is soooo many things you can create with the hexagon one….
    well here’s hoping !!!!!
    Have a wonderful time Mary….

  492. I agree with YOU 100%–a hexagon punch (or diecut in graduated sizes!) would be da bomb! I would also like to see a 1 1/2″ circle punch to layer with my 1 3/8″ circle punch. Thanks for all your awesome inspirational ideas!

  493. I would love a punch for Up, Up & Away’s balloon. I would also love to see a single letter punch (like M) so you wouldn’t have to buy the entire alphabet on the big shot – I know its a pipe dream, but it would be great to only buy the letters you wanted 🙂

  494. A hexagon punch would be very lovely. But I also think a cloud punch would be great. Even if they redid a cloud template I would be jumping for joy.

  495. sonia peterson

    I love punches… and I have way too many but…I can always think of some more I would like to have. Cloud, baloon, hot air baloon.thought bubble, just about all that the punch lovers have listed. Thanks for letting us visit with you on your super trip.. and the chance to win some really neat stuff!

  496. A multi sized (3 on 1) tear drop punch that could also be used for watermelon seeds (the tiny ones are hard to make),flower petals, etc! Sounds like you are having
    a fantastic [email protected] Thanks for the chance to win your “goodies”! CM2

  497. I would like to see 8 1/2 X 11″ DP with the pattern size reduced. They are often too large for card making.

  498. I would like a fence punch or die. I would also like a balloon punch with 3 different shapes of balloons.

  499. I would love to see a chevron border punch, everytime I try this by hand it never comes out straight. Thanks for the chance at blog candy.

  500. I have to agree with most on the hexagon punch in various sizes.

  501. I would love a punch that allowed you to punch further inside the paper. It could be circle, square, or hexagon. That would be so helpful!

  502. I would love to see more border punches and also ones that punch around the border like Martha Stewart has. Also if they closed on the sides for easier storage that would be great. I enjoy your site very much

  503. Lots of great ideas for punches…now I want all of them. Would really, really, really like the Bitty Banners Framelits in a punch! That would be so much easier for me. Thanks for the chance to win.


  504. I would love a ribbon banner punch.

  505. An arrow punch, various sizes, would be great!
    Be safe on those cliffs!

  506. I would love a Chevron border punch that you could punch out different colors to lay next to each other for a bigger border or background.

    Thanks for the inspiration Mary!


  507. Loving the hexagon punch idea but would also like a diamond shape punch to create argyle patterns! Oh and how about a mustache punch?

  508. I love punches! It’s so hard to choose just one. I love the “building” punches, like the owl and cupcake. They are so versatile. So, I vote for another animal building punch – one to make a dog!

  509. I too am a Holly fan. I would love a Holly punch with the 3 different sizes. I know that different times I would like another label punch, with different designs but not the large size, one that the word window would still fit in. I use the modern label all the time and would like a second label punch to pick from when using the word wishes punch.

  510. I would like to have some different shape punches that coordinate with some new stamps.

  511. Sarah Biswabic

    Hi Mary, I would love a detailed daisy punch! They are my favorite flower! A punch that cuts and embosses the daisy. Thank you, your friend, Sarah

  512. I make a lot of western cards. I’ve been looking for a horseshoe punch for a v-e-r-y long time. Cutting them out is tedious & they never look as smooth as I’d like.

  513. I am seeing hexagons everywhere this year, I’d love for us to jump on that trend and have a hexagon punch! And I agree with others about the slot punch, too – I did not become a demonstrator until after that item retired and I SO wish I had one, especially as I get ready to make a pile of gift card holders for craft fair season…

  514. I totally agree with you, Mary! A hexagon punch would be awesome!

  515. Karen Bensonhaver

    So many good ideas here and I could name tons but I think a chevron and various sizes of hexagon would be great!

  516. I would love a bumble bee. I love punches!!!

  517. I would like a chevron punch that completely cut out a strip like the ribbon border punch! I’d also get a hexagon punch if they offered it 🙂

  518. A hexagon punch would be great. Animals, clouds, I love punches!

  519. People have posted soooo many great ideas for punches! Many I didn’t know I’d want until I read about it. Now I want them all! The one that really got me thinking about projects to do was the house punch. Various holidays, welcome neighbor, we’re moving, family stationary…I’d love to have it!

  520. OH Mary! That’s what I thought of and then I read your punch want! That would be a great one to have in a build a punch with variable sizes of heagons. Wait a minute, framelits, embossing folder…..the possibilities are mind boggling!!!!

  521. I am a teacher and so I would like to see any school-themed punches!

  522. You’re reading my mind, Mary, about the hexagon punch. Hexagons are so hot right now. I already put it in the Stampin Up “suggestion box”.

  523. I love punches! And I particularly love the flower punches and think a Dahlia punch would be a great addition! Havefun at Founder’s Circle, looking forward to your posts from there 🙂

  524. I would love to see a nice size pumpkin punch! I love any punches though! I just want them all!

  525. Hexagon!! Looks like you are having an awesome time! enjoy every minute!

  526. I would love to have a bumblebee punch.

  527. I would like a Pumpkin Punch that cuts the circle as well as the face, kind of like the 3 layer punches we had a few years ago.

  528. I am a big structures fan – so how about a door with raised panels? Or a house with roofing, windows & doors. Coordinating punches can include seasonal trees, shrubs or decorations … and there are plenty of coordinating stamp sets that come to my mind. I know you said “punch” but my mind is racing with all things Sizzix Bigz, Embosslits and Framelits, too.

  529. Jan D., Florida

    My first answer is a little off from your question, but long reach punches would be nice….

    To answer your specific question, I would love a holly punch with at least 3 sizes of holly leaves….all in one punch

    Jan D.

  530. How about a corner punch that gives a distressed look… like a ragged edge. An edge punch to go with it would be nice too… but make it smaller than our others incase you just want a small piece of the edge distressed.

  531. I would love to see a nice sized cloud punch.

  532. I would love a poinsettia punch (an coordinating stamp set). This is a great blog candy combo, thanks for the chance to win!

  533. I would like to see more border punches. Using a border punch gives the cards that little extra to make them special.


  535. I would love it if the small oval punch was brought back. Also multiple sized hexagon punches would be awesome.

  536. Hi Mary,
    I would love either a grass border punch or a little three piece sailboat like the one on the Ronald McDonald set! Thanks for asking!!!
    Carol Mc

  537. Lori Anderson

    A chevron punch would be out of this world to make borders. Nexty choice would undoubtably be the hexagon. Trends come and go but I like to keep up and in the know.

  538. I would love to see a hexagon die with several different sizes. Or maybe a set of hexagon framelits?

  539. Jeni Williams

    I would also love a punch to coordinate with the hot air balloon set, large oval and coordinating scalloped oval. I find that punches are my go to accessory for my cardmaking projects. I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many punches!

  540. Beverly Kissler

    Hexagon for me too!

  541. I would really, REALLY like the horizontal slot punch back as well. My customers were very disappointed when that retired, so they’ve been using mine – alot! LOVE your blog Mary!

  542. Love ‘being with you’ in Utah. Thanks for the post and the chance at blog candy. An old fashioned picket fence punch would be on my list maybe with a gate.

  543. You took the words right out of my mouth – I want a hexagon punch! I’m in the middle making greeting cards for Rosh HaShana (a Jewish holiday) and I wanted to make it look like a bee hive – could really something like that… 🙂 happy holidays!

  544. Chresteane Howell

    I would love more than anything for the slot punch to come back. I was not introduced to stampin’ up till after that was retired and I don’t wish to pay someone $50 for one. I also would love a rectangle punch to go with the embossed frame with a scalloped one to go with it. I house punch would be great to. Have a great time in St. George, love that place!

  545. Oh, so many great ideas above! My favorite was the grass edge punch. That would be AWESOME! Looks like you had a great trip and fun times. Good for you.

  546. Hi, Mary, the hexagon for sure.

    Have fun.

  547. I love all things Halloween, so I would love a pumpkin punch!

  548. I would love a border punch with musical notes.

  549. I would love a dog paw punch!

  550. A bow punch would be awesome. Combine it with two circle punches for a wreath; add it to an animal or egg or basket. It would dress up anything

  551. How adventurous you are…repeling and ziplining! I would like an EXTRA LARGE Oval punch. A punch that would accomodate a stamped image.

  552. A hexagon punch with 2 (or more!) different sizes on it so we could layer them!!

  553. I would love a hexagon punch as well. Thanks for the chance to win! Love your blog!!

  554. Shannon Hokanson

    I would like to see some corner punches beside the corner rounder. I miss the ticket corner. I would also like a small 1 1/4″ snowflake punch.

  555. A hexagon punch would be the best! Sure hope Stampin’ Up “hops” to it and makes it happen!

  556. Thank you for offering this fantastic blog candy opportunity! I am in awe of your Utah rapelling adventure….I am so afraid of EDGES. Speaking of edges (LOL) I would love to see a grass edge/border punch!

  557. I would love a house punch. Can’t you just see the tiny windows and door and the chimney!
    No more cutting those tiny , little pieces,

  558. I would love to see a hexagon punch as well, Mary!

  559. I am a punchaholic! I would love any punch, but always love seasonal/holiday punches so any new one of those would be my wish!

  560. I would love to see a balloon punch (that wouold coordinate with our stamp sets). I have alot of birthdays! and it could also be used for making flowers. It would be even nicerif it came in two sizes.

  561. Ohhh!! I would love, LOVE a small balloon punch and more pretty border punches. The hexagon punch would be super like in a medium size, maybe 1″ to make pretty quilt cards using DSP.
    Yummy Blog Candy, Mary. Thank you for the chance to win.

  562. I would love a couple different sizes of hezagon punches, as well as a cool leaf punch that would go with many different types of flowers (something on the order of what comes with the bird punch, but more leaves). LOVE your site, Mary. Thank you for a chance to win blog candy!

  563. I would love a leaf/branch punch. I use the sizzlits branch die, but when I have to cut 50 of them, a punch would be awesome!!!

  564. I would love a pumpkin punch. Not too big, not too small. It could even be the base for a bowl or a vase if the top part was cut off. Thank you for the inspiration your blog provides and the chance to win this awesome blog candy!! Karen

  565. A large Scalloped Oval stamp would be great!

  566. I miss the small oval we we used to carry. I would love a punch that did the zig zag (chevron) as well – similar to the one on the big shot die.

  567. I would love a hexagon punch, a balloon punch, AND I would love to have them return the slit punch which I am kicking myself for not buying when I had the chance!! Thanks for all the great ideas – I LOVE your site!

  568. I would love more border punches, in particular a pretty, dainty daisy flower border punch would be awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this drawing. Hope you had a wonderful time at Founders Circle.

  569. Barbara Webber

    A large oval punch and/or a hexagon punch would be a nice addition.

  570. Sun, moon, and stars are on my list too! Sounds like an awesome time at Founders Circle. Enjoy!

  571. I would live a dahlia punch, as already commented, LOVE dahlias. Also would love more punches that coordinate with current stamp sets, the hot air balloon, the flower in the Create set, etc. Those punches save so much time & look so polished & clean- love it! Thank you for your daily inspiration, I love your blog!

  572. kathy/NorthCarolina

    A vintage bicycle punch would be divine!

  573. Cheryl Ondrias

    I would like a goo border punch that could also double as snow on Christmas and winter cards.

  574. Ooooh, tough question…. I would LOVE a punch to go with the Hot Air Balloon! It could serve double duty for punching (celebration) Balloons! Enjoy the remaining time at Founders Circle!

  575. I can never have enough punches and would love a punch that has 3 sizes of circles, I love the clean modern look and endless combos of cool circles! I can dream can’t I? Isn’t ziplining a blast?? Thanks for this great blog candy! Love your daily inspiration.

  576. I would love a punch that had a sun, moon and clouds! (and maybe a star!) I think that would be fun to play with. Thank you for a chance to win and as always love your ideas!

  577. I would like to see a hot air balloon punch or a regular balloon punch.

  578. Tiffinnie Reed

    I would love a punch for the flower in Creative Elements stamp set. It’s a beautiful flower, and I love the look of it cut out, but it’s very time consuming~ Thanks for the chance at the blog candy!

  579. I’m with you all the way on this one – a hexagon punch would definitely make me squeal with joy!

  580. I want to see more animal punches. I would love punches for all the Furry Folk stamp set.

  581. Lisa Allington

    I really really would love a build a flip flop stamp. Love your website.


  583. Nancy Farrell

    I would LOVE a crochet stamp – to go along with the knitting ones. Also I would love the large tea cup handle, when printed, to be on the right.

  584. I love punches – they make it so easy! I would love a fern punch like the small/medium size Martha Stewart punch. I also agree with some of the ladies above – hot air balloon, cloud, hexagon…I’d buy them all!

  585. A balloon punch will be such a great addition to the group.

  586. i just love punches! a large oval punch has been on my wish list for some time!

  587. I want a hexagon punch, too!

  588. I agree with Donna M. (above)…a hot air balloon punch would be great!

  589. Maggie Carmody

    I would really like to see a layering dahlia punch. I love the look of flowers on cards and projects. They add a level of polish and beauty that can’t be beat!

  590. Charmaine Babineau

    Having just cut out at least 40 small butterflies, I’d love a punch for the small butterfly to go along with the new larger one. They could have even put them on one bigger punch, like the owl punch, another fave. Ducks or chickens or “little critters” could work.

  591. I would like to see more flowers but also large doily punch.

  592. I would love a larger oval punch for various picture stamps and for larger sentiments. Enjoy the rest of your trip! Thank you for this opportunity.

  593. Susan Griffith

    I want an Easter egg punch with a cute coordinating stamp set for Easter!

  594. I would jump for joy and get all giddy inside for a cloud shaped punch that was 1 1/4 to 1 1/2″ at the base!! I love to have one to use straight out to punch clouds and for masking!

  595. I would love a wreath punch. You could emboss the card stock with one of the embossing folder patterns and then punch out a wreath.

  596. I’d love a punch for the hot air balloons in the Up, Up and Away set. No matter how careful I am, I just can’t cut them as perfectly as I want to. A punch would be fantastic!

  597. I would love to have Multiple Hexagon Punches.

  598. Linda Peterson

    More floral punches—a punch that has the leaves and the petals on the same punch.

  599. Susan Levasseur

    I would absolutely love a punch similar to the Martha Stewart punch that allows you stamp in the center of the page. Can you imagine the possibilities with that one?

  600. A LARGE coordinating oval & scalloped oval… Please!!!!

    Would help w/ large images & sentiments!


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