Stampin’ Up! Awards Night Excitement

559351_4124474237591_1294986666_nThis photo was taken by Stampin’ Pretty Pal Nicole Watt (AKA, Pals Stamp-A-Razzi).

If you have been following my posts and Stampin’ Pretty Facebook conversation, you know that I was at the Stampin’ Up! demonstrator convention in Salt Lake City through this past Sunday.  The final conclusion?  It was an experience of a lifetime on many levels.

544446_3998702539026_144216871_nA hug from Shelli Gardner.

For starters, Stampin’ Up! Awards Night was filled with accolades and surprises as we all waited to see how top demonstrators were rewarded for overall business achievements in three main categories during the year (July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012).

Of the approximately 40,000 Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, I landed in the top 10 (#5) for sales, #1 in promotions to Senior Associate (those in my Stampin’ Pretty Pals group who promoted to Senior Associate) and #1 in promotions to Supervisor and up (those in my Pals who promoted to Supervisor or greater).  I work very hard (there’s an overachiever gene in my family) but absolutely love what I do.  The on-stage recognition is both terrifying (my comfort zone is at the computer–LOL) and exciting.  A big “thank you” goes out to my customers, fellow demonstrators and blog readers for your support and kindness throughout the year.

541630_4124470557499_309013241_nAlso awarded from my Stampin’ Pretty Pals:  (clockwise from top)  Ginger Toivonen (Hilton Head Getaway), Liz Hughes (Fiji Grand Vacation, Achiever’s Bonus), Ann Schach (Hilton Head Getaway), Sandie Conner (Artisan Award Finalist).  Not shown, Jessica Ying (Stampin’ Start)

My niece, dearest friend and administrative assistant, Kris Kilcoyne.  I could never keep up this pace without her brains, patience and organizational skills.  Love you, Kris!

205254_10151037243252512_644355395_nNew Stampin’ Up! Advisory Board.  Left to Right:  Patsy Waggoner, Heather Summers, Desir?e Spenst, Amy Storrie, Ronda Wade, ME, Shelli Gardner (Stampin’ Up! CEO and Co-Founder).
Photo credit Stampin’ Up!

The night culminated with the announcement that I was selected to be on the Stampin’ Up! Advisory Board, a coveted position and huge honor.   I can’t wait to brainstorm with my five fellow board members (a really positive and business-minded group) and Stampin’ Up!, who has been so good to me and has shown me their confidence and support.

Mary_and_Heather-001Friend Heather Summers (Canada) and I are thrilled to be working together.

The greatest thrill of all at Convention was hanging out with my Stampin’ Pretty Pals, my Stampin’ Up! downline members.  The Pals are, without question, the core of my success and the heart of what keeps me motivated. There were 50 Pals who traveled across the United States to attend Convention–many of us meeting face to face for the first time.

426547_2775211983515_1632961535_nThe Pals wore black t-shirts sporting this fun slogan and my Stampin’ Pretty tulip.  Design by Stampin’ Pretty Pal, Kris Kilcoyne.


Waiting in line on Day 1 in our “Keep Calm” T-Shirts!

ME–waiting for the “games” to begin!

545341_3352148534605_1644864513_nPals dinner at Tucano’s Brazilian Grill.  Marivic Lebardo, Susan Lankford, ME, Jessica Ying.

 IMG_3597-00140 Pals had dinner together in a private room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with food from the Nauvoo Cafe.  Beautiful place and the best turkey pot pie ever!  Sue Bendinsky, Tricia Chuba, Kindra Delaney, Ann Schach, Mike Funke, Ginger Toivonen.

Sandie Conner, Kris Kilcoyne, Pam Jangor, Lori Martin, Linda Foster, Windy Ellard, Joyce Page, Tracy Casil

Wendy Vander Molen, Liz Hughes, Pam Dotts, Patti Carbonell, Susan Bohlen, Joanne Duff, Susan Lankford

Emily M., Cathy Warhank, Jessica Ying, Mary Lou Glick, Pam Morris, Katy McGloin, Angela Curry, Marivic Lebardo, Cindy Hall

Rae Harper, Barbara Chatzkel, Pam Jassel

An evening stroll.  The weather was perfect.  Emily M., Kris Kilcoyne, Windy Ellard, ME, Nicole Watt, Jessica Ying, Lori Martin, Marivic Lebardo, Katy McGloin

The Stampin’ Pretty Pals stay virtually connected daily with ideas, tips and support.  Their energy and kindness are phenomenal. However, meeting in person at Convention transformed us from dear friends into family.  I miss them already.  SNIFF!

MaryRedTulipTO LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A MEMBER OF MY STAMPIN’ PRETTY PALS, CLICK HERE.   I welcome both those who simply enjoy the hobby of stamping and those who want to develop a business (large or small).

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  3. Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I?m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon. How to motivate your downline

  4. I’m not even sure how long I’ve been following your blog — but I absolutely LOVE your work. If I didn’t already have a great up-line, I’d sign up to be a Pal. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  5. Wow, that is terrific! A huge congrats to you! Enjoy your new position.

  6. Kimberly Verdun-Kerr

    Mary I have talked to u a couple of times on the phone. Your an amazing person and great at what u do. Everyday I love see what you’ve come up with next! Your truely an inspiration to me. I hope one day to leave the corporate world and do Stampin Up full time(I’m just a hobby demonstrator right now) as I love the product and company values so much. Seeing what you do gives me hope that one day, I can do it too! Congrats on all your achievements, and awards. Well deserved! God bless and continued success! Hugs 🙂

  7. those “keep calm” shirts are great! Congratulations. I am a huge fan of your work. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  8. Deborah Barry

    A HUGE Congratulations to you Mary! I just recently started following your blog and it was clear to me that you were a winner…even before it was publicly acknowledged. As a Stampin’ Up Hobbyist Demonstrator, I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talents.

  9. Carol Carriveau

    I can honestly say that it is more exciting to see someone that I admire win awards in person…my first convention… and to see you walking around the convention hall…yes, I was a bit star struck to see several bloggers who I admire so much (LOL!)….congratulations, Mary!!!!

  10. Congratulations Mary–& well deserved!

  11. Congratulations! I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating, you are the most creative of all the Demonstrators I have known or watched over the years. Your attention to detail and clear, crisp designs make your cards so appealing. Thanks for a fabulous blog and the zillions of new ideas. Have fun as you continue through this next year.

  12. Congratulations, Mary. I aspire to one day be half as successful as you. Thank you for your inspiration.

  13. Bridget Trefethen

    Congratulations on all your awards! How wonderful and exciting! Way to go!

  14. Congratulations Mary!!!! I was very excited for you!!! See you in September.

  15. Congratulations, Mary! I am beyond thrilled for you and your achievements. I had been following your blog since you first started it or thereabouts, I think. I remember when I was first pondering placing an order with SU! and decided to click on your “Chat with me” button since you were online at the same time. You were SO helpful and I enjoyed chatting with you so much. Several years later, I knew I wanted to sign up under you as a demo and be one of your Pals. It has been a pleasure being part of your group due to the inspiration you provide. All the accolades you received this year at convention were well-deserved and are a true testament to the hard work that you put into your business. Again, congratulations!!

  16. Mary Congratulations on all of your achievements. I am a fellow demonstrator from Australia and know the beauty and anxiety of convention and having to do the walk across stage. I have been following your blog for a while now and just wanted to say what an inspiring SU! demo, creator and crafter you are. Loved the Stay Calm t-shirts. They were awesome. good luck over the coming year and love that you have been selected for the advisory board! Woo-Hoo!
    Stamping Shanni

  17. Sylvia Johnson

    Mary I follow your blog. I love all the inspiration you give out. I like the CAS style you create.

    I wanted to say congrats on all of your accolades.

  18. So happy to see all of the pictures taken at convention and knowing that you have been rewarded for all of your work and amazing ideas. Also, so glad to hear that your niece helps you – I thought that you truly were superwoman!!!!

  19. Great Big Congrats, Mary!! You are soooo deserving of all of your awards and you are truly an inspiration for so many others. Disappointed I could not make it to convention this year to applaud you in person, but know that many of us are in your cheering section every day. I especially enjoy the rainy Saturdays when I can sit and spend hours just going through all of your samples and tutorials. I used to say rainy days were “A day for the fish”. I’m still saying that, only now it’s a day for the “Mary Fish”. Wishing you continued success in all you do and sending many thanks for all you share!!

  20. You are an inspiration Mary. Your work ethic and creativity are to be admired and emulated. Congratulations on your success.

  21. Dear Mary, CONGRATULATIONS You deserve all of the honor you are so amazing. I love to sit down with my cup of coffee and check out what you have for all of us today.
    I am so thrilled that they picked you to be on the advisory board. You will do an amazing job. I am so thrilled that you were able to meet so many of your Pretty Pays fro all over the United States. You do not know how many people you touch by just being you. Congratulations, again for receiving all of the honors You deserve each and every one. We look forward to see much more of you and your talent. HUGS TO YOU.
    Ellen Hinds

  22. Congratulations Mary on being awarded #5 and also being appointed to the Advisory Board. You are an inspiration to so many around the world (I’m from New Zealand)with your creations and tutorials. I love visiting your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.

  23. Hooray for you, Mary! I am very happy that you achieved these awards and that you will be on the advisory board. You are amazing and so many of us (I am a hobby demo) enjoy your blog and your many tips and tutorials. May this new stamping year bring you continued success and satisfaction. (I know you will be glad to have lots of things to keep you busy as Caroline heads off to college!)

  24. Mary, I AM truly so honored to be a Pal. You really are the very best, and you make us all so proud of you. Your interest and care for each and every one of us is felt, and we all know that you’ll do everything in your power to help us succeed to the level that we choose. God bless you, my friend and mentor, and I AM so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you face-to-face. Congratulations on your huge achievements, and we’re so glad you’ll be representing all of us on the Advisory Board. HUGS!

  25. CONGRATS!!! Well deserved

  26. What a rewarding event. I’ve only know you shortly but you are so deserving of this recognition. Your dedication to your customers is amazing. You are so willing to help and get back to us when we have a question. Congratulation on a most deserving award!!

  27. Congrats Mary!

  28. One of the things on my wish list was to meet you and I did! On the very last day at the very last session. Thank you for taking a minute with me – I love your blog and you are truly inspirational. Amazing work!

  29. Sharon Gibbons

    Wow! You go girl! You deserve it. I love your blog. Congratulations!

  30. May God continue to Bless you and your team. Great job, great pictures, MaybeI will be there someday and meet you.

  31. I just checked in after working on some projects this afternoon (I get homesick for my paper, stamps and ink when I travel). I’m incredibly humbled by these comments and clinging to my kleenex box. Happy tears of gratitude.

  32. Congratulations Mary! You constantly inspire me! Thanks for your help and support! Your recognition is so well deserved! Like always I cannot wait to see what you bring us tomorrow!

  33. Congratulations, Mary! Love your blog. I learn something new every time I visit it. Keep up the good work!

  34. Mary, congratulations on all you “WOW” achievements! Thank you for taking a minute to pose for a picture with me between all your amazing awards/achievements. I am a member of the “green hat” group, and one of your blog readers. You are quite an inspriation. Two of our green hatters (Meg Loven and Julie Davison)also achieved Founders Circle. We are so proud of them. Convention was quite the experience and I can’t wait to go again next year.

  35. Congratulation Mary, I am very happy for you.
    F?licitation !!!

  36. Fist bump and two high fives! You are the bomb!

  37. Congratulations Mary! That is awesome news and you have worked hard and you deserve it!

  38. Mary – Thank you so very much for sharing your super exciting night with us. You deserve every second of fame while walking across that stage!!!!!

  39. Mary Lou Glick

    Congratulations, Mary! No one is more deserving of all the awards you have earned! You are truly and inspiration and I am happy to be a Pal!

  40. Susan Mac Donald

    you are truely a gift, to your down line & to us…in cyber world; that, of which I’m so thankful, to have shaken your hand, a quick chat, & religiously spend quality time on your blog; you are truely a gift to everyone that has come in contact with you!!!hugs from Canada!!

  41. Congratulations, Mary. I am so happy for you. I’ve been reading other bloggers who were in the top 100 and I was anxiously awaiting news from you. Great work, and enjoy that advisory board.

  42. Mary, a hugh Congratultions!!! You are amazing in many ways, not only in your artwork, blogging, but also in leadership and inspiration to others. So happy for you winning all of your awards and proud to be part of the Pals and having you lead us. Once again, Congrats!!

  43. Congrat’s….I am, I will be going to convention next year….

  44. Many Congratulations Mary!!! You are an amazing lady with a great group of gals supporting you. Keep up the great job. Proud to have an Arizona Star shining at Stampin’ UP!

  45. Congratulations Mary! You are an inspiration and you run an amazing business. You’re in a class all by yourself. I kept thinking they needed to create a separate “Mary Fish” award because no one was even close to you! You’re so cool 🙂

  46. Congratulations Mary! You are an inspiration and you run an amazing business. You’re in a class all by yourself. I kept thinking they needed to create a separate “Mary Fish” award because no one was even close to you! You’re so cool 🙂

  47. Congratulations Mary! You are an inspiration and you run an amazing business. You’re in a class all by yourself. I kept thinking they needed to create a separate “Mary Fish” award because no one was even close to you! You’re so cool 🙂

  48. Congratulations Mary! I love tuning into your blog everyday to see what you have in store for us. Your creativity inspires me to “think outside the box” more often. I am so happy for you and all your accomplishments. Thank you for sharing your pictures and notes from convention – I enjoyed seeing them all. You are a wonderful inspiration and you deserve everything you received at convention.

  49. patrcia anders

    Hi Mary CONGRATS TO A FINE LADY I love your work I look forward to your email to see what fine work you have created you give lots of hope

  50. Congratulation Mary, I;m very proud of you. God Bless

  51. Congratulations to you, Mary! Very well deserved! You are the reason I joined Stampin’ Up.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures! I can tell a fun time was had by all!

  52. Hi Mary! BIG congrats again and thank you for sharing the photos!! I’m so proud to be a Pal!

  53. Congratulations on your achievements and awards. They are well deserved!!! I love your blog, (check it out every day), and can not tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your artistic ability.

    Thank YOU for everything!!!!

  54. Congrats, Mary! You deserve all the awards!

  55. Carol Lawrence-Costley

    Mary I am so excited for you and your accomplishments. You are an inspiration to me in so many ways. I love getting your messages each day and I am bound and determine to find the thing I love in life and excel while I am doing it! Keep up the great work.

  56. Sniff is right! It was an honor to meet you and the Pals I follow at my First Convention! A thousand congratulations on your accomplishments in Stampin’ Up! You definitely are a help to many, not just the Pals. What a dear.

  57. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS Mary Fish for all your awards and accomplishments you achieved this year. You without a doubt do an amazing job and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you honor and appreciate ALL your Pretty Pals for ALL the hard work they do for their SU business. You have earned and worked hard for all the honors you have achieved this year…..and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! GREAT JOB GIRLFRIEND.

  58. Just one more Congratulations on belonging to the board for Stampin-Up. You and your gals are an inspiration to all of us who visit your site daily. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your job! I so enjoy the blog and organization you and your neice put into Stampin’ Pretty!

  59. Well done, you are an inspiration. Love that your awards night dress could be a great DSP design…just sayin.

  60. I have to share a quote I just posted on my FB wall that applies here.

    “The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.
    The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach”
    ~Benjamin Mays

  61. I’m so happy for you Mary! What accomplishments you have made ~ and all the while making a difference in people’s lives by your talent, hard work, and quiet grace. I’m a side-lines kind of downline, but I am grateful to be associated with you! Great job!!!

  62. Congratulations Mary, what a fabulous honor and well deserved I must say. You are truly an inspiration to so many of us. Have fun in your new position on the Advisory Board, I’m sure you’ll be a valuable member, woo-hoo!

  63. A Big Congratulations to you Mary! Woot…woot….

  64. Mary, heartiest congratulations! I am wowed, but not surprised at your achievements. I know you have worked incredibly hard to reach this level. I am very happy for you. So many of us here in SC are blog followers, and , I am sure, many other states and areas too. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  65. Real nice Ms Mary !! I enjoyed it every day you guys were there, thanks for shearing with us !!
    Maybe next year !!!
    And soo proud of you !! And the rest of the pals ,great job !!
    We had a great trip….
    Hugs frenchie.

  66. Congratulations to my fabulous upline and friend! You are so deserving of any and all accolades and honors you receive! I am so happy for you! Of course your creativity is amazing and inspirational, but it is the support you extend to your downline which is unparalleled. YOU are the reason I create…YOU are the reason I blog…and YOU are the wellspring of all of my Stampin’ Up! success! Thank you so much! Love…A not K

  67. I am new to your blog but have admired your work on SplitCoast for many years.
    Congratulations to you and your accomplishments! From what I can tell, they are very well deserved.

  68. Mary, the Pity Party was cheering you on the whole night and could not have been more excited. We were all glued to our computers, savoring every new photo posted by our amazing attendees. That is the essence of being a Pal and I love that about being a member of your group. You are truly our fearless leader and keep this group going in a positive and fun way. I hope to meet you someday and the sooner the better!

  69. Congratulations Mary, so very happy for you and your ‘pals’. Thank you for sharing your story but also for always sharing with us daily…it keeps us motivated as well.

  70. I love the picture of you taken by Nicole with “i am” above you! That photo speaks volumes of who you are! What an awesome shot! I’ve been following your daily post for over a year. I found you through Mike Funke’s Web site. You are my first stop each and every morning with my first cup of coffee. I guess you could say, I’m addicted . . . and to my cup of coffee as well. LOL!

    Congratulations once again Mary! Your commitment and hard work has paid off! You deserve this honor bestowed upon you. I know you must be so proud and excited! Thank you for the inspiration and information I receive by being a fan! Have a Terrific Tuesday! 🙂

  71. Mary, Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition!! The amount of inspiration you pour into your website obviously does not go unnoticed!! Thank you for the inspiration you share with your followers on a daily basis ;o)

  72. Congratulations Mary on this well-deserved honor. I enjoy visiting with you in cyber-world every day and I am always inspired by your talent. Blessings, Diane

  73. Congratulations Mary. I have been in Mary Kay for years and seeing you at convention makes me also want to be a part of this wonderful company. You are so talented and caring, very deserving of recognition.

  74. Congratulations! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person!

  75. Congrats again Mary; no one is more deserving than you!! I am sad I couldn’t make convention this year; but am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you this year when I was vacationing in Arizona! You are a gem of a person and I hope to see you again next year at SLC!!

  76. Sheila Thompson

    Mary, It was so great to meet you in person, although I already feel like you’re an old friend! Yours was one of the 1st blogs that I joined when I became a demonstrator and I’ve learned so much from you! Congratulations on your success! I look forward to your 1 minute to Wow segments and your incredible generous sharing! Sheila Thompson

  77. Congratulations Mary! No one deserves as much recognition as you do! You and the Stampin Pretty Pals are one of a kind!! I truly miss being apart of the Pals group!

  78. Mary, NO ONE deserves this recognition as much as you do. I’ve been following you ever since I joined up here in Gilbert, 2 years ago, and although I’m not part of the Pals group, I feel like I am. You consistently amaze me with your designs, tips and your online friendship. It has been so much fun watching you and your family, including your lovely kitties, those past and present. I am so happy for you. you ROCK !

  79. Congratulations Mary! Loved your dress.

  80. hi katy . . . i’m grabbing the kleenex. thanks for being such a good friend and Pal 🙂 hugs, m

  81. How wonderful! LOVE your dress on awards night! :^)

  82. Mary, you know how I feel about you, your amazing talent for stamping as well as leadership and the support you give to ALL members of your downline! I LOVED reading every one of the comments left here. For those who are just learning about your blog, there is none better than OUR Mary. I am looking forward to an awesome year (and I am only a hobbyist… LOL) and connecting once again with my fellow Pals at Convention next year!!!!!

  83. Congratulations, Mary. I know this has been said many times but you are amazing! I have been inspired by you from the first day I found your blog. And even though I am more or less a hobby demonstrator, you are always there with your great support and love of all things Stampin’ Up! Thanks you.

  84. Congratulations for all of your SU achievements in 2012. It was a pleasure meeting you (I introduced myself as from New Mexico). Your talent and leadership show through your wonderful team members.

  85. You desire all the accolades. You are so talented and I am sure so organized to receive the awards. Congratulations. We are proud of you. Thanks for all you do.

  86. Thank you so much for your comments and sweet sentiments. I just added more photos and names to the post!

  87. Sylvia/Georgia

    Congratulations!! I only know you through your blog, but I am so happy for you. LOVE your blog!

  88. Congratulations Mary! You deserve all the honors and recognition, and you will be a great member of the advisory board. You are an inspiration to me and to thousands of other demonstrators and stampers throughout the world. Way to go!

  89. Charlene Brummitt

    Congratulations Mary, you deserve it all. You are the best. Look forward to another year of beautiful cards and inspirations.

  90. Congrats, Mary! Even though I have only been reading your blog for a few weeks I am so impressed with your passion, dedication and creativity. The recognition is well deserved!

  91. Michelle McMahon (mcstamperNE)

    So happy for you, Mary! Thank you for sharing your special moments with us. So exciting that you are on the advisory board. Congratulations!

  92. Mary, Congrats on your much deserved honor! Best wishes to you and look forward to viewing your cards and reading your blog!

  93. Helena Daniels

    Congrats. Mary from the UK. Your creativity has been honoured in true style. I follow your blog daily and have had great inspiration from you. Thank you.

    your family and friends must be soooo proud of you.

  94. Congratulations on all of your successes! So happy that you are on the SU advisory board – what an honor!

  95. How exciting for you. All those accolades. Each one well deserved. So enjoy seeing all your wonderful ideas. You are so creative,

  96. How very, very delicious, Mary!

  97. Stella Sieber

    Congratulations Mary! Your creativity, style, blog and information on stamping keep a lot of us inspired. Carry on!

  98. What an honor Mary, you make all of us proud and we know you have a special gift and so glad you share it with many. You are right where you need to be. Congrats!!!!!

  99. Mary, congratulations! There isn’t a more deserving person and demonstrator! I’m so glad you shared these photos and moments from Convention 🙂 Thanks for being my upline!

  100. Congratulations, Mary!! Your cards and blog and so inspirational to those of us who are not Pals but would sure love to be!! You definitely received a well-deserved honor.

  101. If you take care of everyone the way you take care of lil ol me up here in Waupaca Wi, I can definitely see why you were standing on the platform, Congratulations, a lot of hard work got you there!

  102. Congratulations Mary!
    I have never benefitted from your business experience in terms of being a customer (I am Canadian), but if your blog is in any way a reflection of your professionalism and your business prowess then I say your awards were well deserved!!!! Thanks for the daily inspiration!!


    Congratulations Mary Good and sustained work

  104. Congratulations Mary! We are all so proud of you!

  105. So happy for you, Mary! You deserve every bit of the recognition you received.

  106. Congratulations Mary! Very exciting!! And ohmygosh – those SU! bags are incredible!

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