What All the Buzz About Stampin’ Up! Firm Foam Ink Pads?

With the introduction of the 2012-2013 Annual Catalog, Stampin’ Up! has made a significant change to their ink pads to make your stamping experience even better!  The new pads will be available in all Stampin’ Up! Colors (including the new In Colors) on June 1 (Noon MST).

Click on Shannon West’s You Tube video above for an excellent discussion of the new pads!   I would love to hear your feedback.  Please leave me a comment below!

As a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, I have had a chance to experiment with the new firm foam pads for the past couple weeks.  I immediately found that there’s a short learning curve.  My former “thump, thump, thump, swivel, swivel, thump”  technique gets too much ink on the stamp using the new pads.  Once I mastered the lighter touch, this new style earned a big thumbs up from me!


  • Light-tap stamping produces crisp, complete coverage on both line and solid stamps.   There’s no question you’ll notice a difference, especially on solid stamps.
  • The pads are juicier and are designed to stay juicy longer.
  • No more “dip” in the middle of the pad!  Even Steven, baby!

I’ll share more details about these new pads after June 1, when the new catalog begins.  REMEMBER:  Orders from the new catalog (including on-line orders) can be placed beginning at NOON MST on June 1.


No purchase necessary.  Includes catalog and shipping.  U.S. ONLY.  Click for details.

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  1. I am loving readiing all these comments, we don’t get our new catty here in New Zealand until Sept, love the fact that you guys can work out these things before we get them here….twist twist tap tap tap twist…thats going to be hard to stop!! 🙂

  2. Hi Amanda: the black is being reformulated. fingers crossed. the dip is gone. i have seen it with my own two eyes 🙂 check with the demo you ordered from (or demo support if you are a demo) on an exchange if your refill is unopened. hugs, m

  3. Until I try the new firm foam pasd I can not make an educated comment BUT my hope is that the Basic Black will actually be BLACK. I have every color of SU ink and will not use Basic Black, it has a purple cast to it and no matter how many new pads I have tried it is not black.
    #2 Hoping the “dip” in the middle is corrected, on all pads. Very frustrating to ink up a large stamp when 1/3 of it is in the dip. Really cant believe they haven’t corrected that sooner.
    #3 Sure wish I didnt JUST but a basic gray pad and refill on my last order. Didnt know the color was being reformulated. They are not open maybe I can exchange them?
    SOOOOO excited for June 1st, thru thick and thin,for better or worse I LOVE SU and new catty time !

  4. Thanks everyone, it must be a dms product. Thank you Mary and Martha for your input.

  5. good suggestion, martha. maybe she’ll see your comment and it will make more sense. maybe it wasn’t on my blog? always a possibility 🙂 hugs, m

  6. The new catalog does not mention that the “new” basic black and basic gray inks are waterproof. Did we lose that luxury?

  7. Martha Haddock

    Could Suzy be talking about the Soft Blooms MDS download that happened on Tuesday? They are beautiful.

  8. hi suzy . . . the “soft flowers” aren’t computing in my brain . . . if you can refer me to a specific post, i would be happy to help further. hugs, m

  9. Thanks for the video Mary?love the labels!! Look forward to trying them out just as soon as we can!

  10. Thank you for sharing the video with us. Very informative. Can’t wait to test drive.

  11. I have a question for you what are the soft flowers you mentioned a few days ago. Is this something in the old catalog I need to order before the end of May or is it in the new catalog also? I did not see it in the new catalog. Thanks. I’ve tried the new ink pads and love, love, love them. I want to replace all my ink pads, that’s how much I love them.

  12. just to reiterate . . . the current refills in all colors will work with the new pads . . . with the exception of the following refill colors: basic black, basic gray, tempting turquoise, marina mist and perfect plum.

  13. Hi Mary, thanks for this video! I have been wondering what was going to happen with the pads. I will certainly try the new foam pads. I have had some of the felt pads get that dip in the center which makes them hard to work with. Hopefully the foam will keep it’s shape. Have a great day!

  14. I have marked the 5 special ink pads and reinkers with a small red circular sticker reiminding myself as well as my stampers that they require the new reinkers. I have also relocated my old reinkers to these 5 colrs to a new location to avoid mistakes. This will allow me to keep the old reinkers for painting and coloring ribbon, etc.

  15. Martha Haddock

    Yep, it was this same video in your post Mary. I saw it a few days ago on the demo website. I watched it again and I am pretty sure she says that you only have to worry about the 5 revamped colors. All other reinkers are good to go.

  16. It was definitely a learning curve, but small! The first time I used them I had ink everywhere…grid paper, hands, blocks, and the stamp itself! But, I am really liking them. And I LOVE the labels. According to a video (I think it was Shannon) did the only reinkers that you have to worry about were the 5 they revamped the formulas for. The old reinkers work in the new pads with all the other colors. Though, I could have understood that wrong.

  17. I love that SU! is always improving their products. The new feature of a inkpad name label is just a great addition and glad they came up with it!

  18. hi linda . . . glad we are on the same “beat.” like me, you’ll need to do a little adjusting. i was very happy with the current style . . . am ready to “cross over!”
    hugs, m

  19. excellent point, mary ann!

  20. Mary, I’m laughing at your description of your former stamping ‘rhythm’ — that’s mine too!! Too funny! Looking forward to checking out the new inks. Full confidence, of course, that SU! will only improve on what I’m already pleased with :o) Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  21. Why throw out the old reinkers when you can use them to dye ribbons, paint with, etc.

  22. i updated evelyn’s comment. hugs, m

  23. The new ink pads look great; I’m very excited to try them out. No more sore wrists and hands from pushing down hard and twisting!!!
    Can’t wait!

  24. Thanks for the information. What is all this info in Evelyn’s email. Unnecessary!

  25. Evelyn Osinski

    The acid test for me was Basic Black. I only used the Stazon Black before because Basic Black did not cover stamps to my satisfaction. Wow–new BB ink pad is juicy and covers stamps completely and image is really black, not faded looking.

  26. Helena Daniels

    These pad look amazing- don’t know if we will be getting them in the UK yet!

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