Stampin’ Up! Song of Spring Friendship Tile

Delightful!  I received this beautiful handmade tile and card (below) from my dear stamping friend, Maria Rodriguez. She tells me she learned how to create the tile from my fellow Stampin' Up! Demonstrator (and buddy) Tami White.  Here's Tami's original video tutorial for the tiles. 


Maria's card (this girl can watercolor!) included her handwritten quote from William Shakespeare (see footnote at the end of this post):

"How far that little candle throws it's beams!  So shines a good deed in a weary world."

As an English major (code word " geek"), "William" is near and dear to my heart.  However, receiving the quote as a recognition of our friendship along with this gift, means more than I can describe.   Maria began as one of my Stampin' Up! customers and is now very special to me–one of the many benefits I enjoy as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

KEEPING YOUR CLEAR-MOUNT STAMPS CLING-FRIENDLY!  Here are some helpful tips to keep your clear-mount stamps "cling-friendly."  I have shared them previously on my Stampin' Pretty Facebook Page.  To join my Stampin' Pretty conversation, CLICK HERE

  • Wash your Clear Blocks once a month in Dawn original (yes, ORIGINAL gets them squeaky clean without residue).  More often if you are using them a lot.
  • Let them air dry.
  • When stamping, please be sure to hold them on the block for 3 full seconds to allow time to "bond."
  • After using Stampin' Up! Clear-Mount stamps, give the blocks and image stickers a quick swipe with a microfiber cloth.  Stampin' Up! offers a handy Clear Block Cleaning Cloth ($3.95).

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Fun Footnote From Me–the English "Geek"

The actual quote from Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice) is: "So shines a good deed in a naughty world."   "Naughty" meant "wicked" in Shakespeare's time vs. "badly behaved" in today's world.  Source.

"Naughty" was changed to "weary" by David Seltzer for the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and perfectly done! I have tiles that I bought years ago to stamp on. This is great inspiration to get me to do it! Maria, your work is beautiful! A true friend you are!

  2. hi nancy: I think helen mirren is the bomb . . . ditto judy dench. what’s interesting is that my daughter feels the same way about them! hugs, m

  3. Wow I’m an English Major too Mary and we’re not geeks, just highly allergic to poor grammar…

    Very nice gift from a friend and you deserve it!

  4. Beautiful, Maria. What a lovely token of friendship.

  5. Maggie Minnich

    Such a lovely gift! Beautiful coloring, as well.

  6. Beautiful tile, Maria.

  7. Good morning, Mary: I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. I feel very horored and joyful everytime you post my humble work. How fabulous that you are a Shakespeare fan, it must have been fate that I chose that particular quote from one of the many sites that have them, it just seemed to fit you perfectly.
    The water coloring on the tile and card was done using my precious SU markers but for the tile, I used the blender pens, like Tami did in her video tutorial and the card was done using my aqua painters for that water color look.
    Anyway Mary, thank you again for posting my work on your amazing blog and thank to all of you who had left such sweet and kind comments.

  8. Beautiful work by Maria. I love the Quote and accompanying references. Thanks, Mary, your posts are always interesting, informative and educational as well as creative and fun!

  9. The water coloring on the tile is exquisite! I, too, was an English major. So Ironic! I was watching a new movie of “The Tempest” last night on cable. Helen Mirren was fabulous, as always.

  10. Not sure what is more beautiful…the tile…the card or the lovely thought that Maria sent you such a BEAUTIFUL GIFT. OH SO PRETTY and OH SO THOUGHTFUL! Thanks for sharing with us Mary.

  11. A stunning gift Mary to be cherished indeed. She does colour v v well.

  12. Gorgeous tile. I’m off to take a peek at the tutorial now. Thanks for sharing Mary.

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