Stampin’ Up! Paper Snips Tips & Video Tutorial

Five years ago, card making became my very first (and still only) craft.  I pretty much learned through experimentation and struggled with some of the basics many die hard crafters have understood for years.  I remember my “lightbulb moment” when I learned how to get better control of cutting a clean edge by letting the Stampin’ Up! Paper Snips do the work (vs. my very primitive method of chopping away like Edward Scissorhands, although he had much better results).

Today’s 1 Minute to WOW! Video Tutorial shares my personal tips for using the Paper Snips.  Do you have a tip or a different method you want to share on using Paper Snips?  Please leave me a comment at the end of this post.




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  1. Deb B (Debadoo)

    Wow, thanks! I had learned awhile back about turning the paper rather than the scissors, but did not know about the slight pulling on the paper!

  2. celia . . . love the suggestion to use snips with mini glue dots. thanks! hugs, m

  3. hi jennifer. i really appreciate your feedback. the sound is strong (almost loud) when i first play back the video and upload to windows movie maker. however, somewhere in the translation (uploading to youtube), it gets quieter. i keep trying to find solutions and will continue to do so. hugs, m

  4. Thanks! I’ve known about this tip. I didn’t have a place to craft for a while so I kind of had a down time. I completely haven’t been using it. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve also been too spoiled by punches, Big Shot and Cricut. But there are always things that I just want to cut out. Great tip!

    As others have said. Your videos are great. I follow several blogs by email but when I don’t have a lot of time your’s is the first one I will make sure I get time to check out. It always has something great. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  5. Thank you for the great tip. I watched your video and then went and gave it a try. It takes a a little bit to get used to the ‘pulling’ as you let the snips cut, but once you get it down, it works beautifully. Thank you soooooo much for sharing.

  6. The volume is so quiet on your videos. I simply can’t listen to them when all my volumes are maxed out:(

  7. Such a good tip Mary. Being left handed makes cutting out quite challenging at times but this certainly helps thankyou.

  8. Mary, it’s true…you do have the best tips and I learn from you all the time! Before I became a demo, I would google to get info on this or that and you always came up at the top of the search results…it only took a few google seaches before I joined the Pretty Pals! 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Mary, what a wonderful tip!!! I decided to try it before leaving a comment. Though I knew to move the paper and not the scissors before, the slight “pull” on the paper makes a big difference. I just tried it on a small flower of five curved petals – WOW, is right – the slight pull caused the scissors to just glide around each petal perfectly! Many thanks for the tip and big hugs!

  10. Jennifer Michalski

    Mary, thanks for sharing all of your wonderful tips. I have never seen this information before on paper snips and cannot wait to try it out! WOW!

  11. Great video tip, Mary! As many others have already said, I had no idea you have only been crafting for 5 years…you are a natural! Edward Scissorhands…too funny!

    I adore the SU snips and probably have at least half a dozen pairs so nobody gets slighted and has to use a piece of junk scissors when I offer a class with multiple projects. 😉 Even though I know to hold the scissors still and turn the paper, I had never thought to “pull” the paper and let the snips glide through the work. I will definitely be trying this technique and look forward to even better results in the future.

    Thanks for your great video tutorials…I really enjoy the One Minute to WOW videos you post.

  12. Great tip thanks so much, it sounds similar to cutting fabric to let the scissors really do the work for you. Love the one-minute tutorials, plenty of info in a short amount of time, love it!

  13. Great Tip Mary! I think that once you get this technique ….. YOU GET IT! It was a lightbulb moment for ME TOO when I realized that I don’t have to do all the work and if I move the paper vs the scissors I was able to get some amazing control of all my paper cutting situations. Thanks for the great video girlfriend!

  14. Mary, I love all of your 1 Minute to Wow tutorials. I especially like that you can get your point across very clearly in such a short time. Many times I want want to watch videos that are longer, but find them slow moving. Congratulations on a job well done, over & over again.
    Sharon, SU demo NC.

  15. Kathy Rittler

    Thank you,Mary.I learn so much from your tips.
    Gentle pull and cut sounds worth a try.

  16. Thanks Mary! I use my Paper Snips for a couple of things other than cutting. I use the tips to pick up Mini glue Dots! I can pick up the dot, adhere the item and place it exactly where I want it. Even mounding the Glue Dot under the tiniest of butterflies. I also use those tips for picking up the Basic Pearls and Rhinestones. Same reason: exact placement, and with my finger over top, slip those tips back out and … perfection!

  17. Thanks Ms Mary, I always wonder how you get it nice and perfect, I really enjoy all your tip, they help me soooo mush ,
    Now I need a pair of snips!
    Your pal
    Hugs frenchie.

  18. Ok Mary, I’ll give it a try. You have one of the most informational blogs out there, Thank you for sharing your love of paper crafting with us!

  19. Patti Collins

    Wow, can’t believe you’ve been doing this for only 5 years! That gives me hope. LOL I’ve been attending workshops a couple times a year because my friend is a demonstrator, but when I came across your website…that’s what really sparked my interest! Thanks so much for all the tips and inspiration!

  20. Great tip, will have to try that………thanks for all your great cards and tutorials.

  21. Thanks for another great tip. I have the snips and use it all the time for those special cuts, it is a great investment. I love hearing from you everyday and always learning something new.

  22. Looks like I may have to invest in a pair of SU snips!!! Thanks for the great tips Mary.

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