It’s Not Just Paper . . .

IMG_1352-1No stamping tips, tutorials or projects from me today.  Instead, I want to share something with you very dear to my heart–this card created by my friend and fellow stamper, Jeanette Gioron.

Recently I received an email from Jeanette stating, “I never tire of seeing the things you design. I can never do those kinds of things but some persons like what I make very much.  I am 91 years old and enjoy my favorite past time. Take care and thank you much for sharing so much with me.”

Did you happen to note the part about being 91 years old?  Jeanette also shared that as a child, she lived in the country without plumbing and lights . . . and this 91 year old woman is sending emails and following my blog?

Jeanette’s email conversations and card have had a profound impact on me and brought a new perspective to my love of paper crafting. She not only brightened my day with her words and pretty card, she taught me that this passion for paper, creativity and desire to learn can nourish the soul for life.

Paper has introduced me to Jeanette and exposed me to the wisdom and kindness of so many stampers around the world.  I’m so grateful to that little spark that started at my first Stampin’ Up! workshop and can’t believe the positive direction it has taken me.  I plan to be stamping up a storm at 91.  How about you?

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  1. Dear Mary, Thank you for sharing this beautiful card made from Jeanette.
    Jeanette you are such an inspiration to me and to so many people. I can not believe you are 91 years old and still able to create something so beautiful. Your sharing of your memories as you were a young girl was so beautiful.
    My wonderful mother passed away almost 6 years ago. Mom was 87 years old. Mom was so creative for many years of hand made crafts. As we all look around we see so many of our Mothers beautiful gifts that we all cherish.
    Jeanette I hope and pray that I can be one tenth as good as you if I am allowed to live as long as you have. With Good health. God willing. You go girl. Jeanette and Mary have a wonderful Easter. Tank you for sharing

  2. Mary: WOW!! I looked at the card & I thought that it was beautiful. I loved the style & the colors….then I read further & saw that it was created by someone in their 90’s. Such talent. I love that she creates such wonderful things & keeps herself busy. I could only strive to be like her at that age. I hope that you know that your blog & creative ideas inspire the young, old & everything in between. Thank you for sharing this. I love her card.

  3. Goes to show you tha you are never too old to stamp and play with paper!

  4. Awesome post and very inspirational. Thankyou for sharing Jeanette’s beautiful card and story with us today. Bless you both.

  5. WOW! I’m speechless! What an inspiration. You go Jeanette!

  6. Wonderful, Jeanette! Mary thanks for sharing Jeanette is an inspiration to all. Her card is so sweet! And her story is wonderful ~ how I would love to sit down and chat with Jeanette! Keep up the great work, health and happiness. with love, Diana
    Thank you, Mary! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful post Mary. Just warms your heart.

  8. Jeanette said it best! I loved her card and Thanks so much for sharing. As we become so digital – no longer sending letters we email and sometimes no longer talk we text. There are times I just want to touch the paper and look fondly on the handwriting – And sometimes we need to call there is nothing better than a quick chat!

  9. Fills your heart a post like this Mary. I have a Demo friend who does w’shops in local Nursing Homes and the inspiration it brings to her is beyond words….kinda like this post. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  10. How lovely. Really touched my heart. I think paper crafting people are the best!

  11. So very sweet and inspiring!

  12. Isn’t that a lovely way for me to end my stamping evening, reading such a post and thinking about Jeanette and all of us out here – just want to hug everyone now!

    BiG HUGS!!!

  13. Mary, thank you for taking a chance and sharing Jeanette’s card with us. She seems like and amazing person and my day has been made better because of this post.

  14. Dear Mary, thanks for sharing Jeanettes note and also for sharing your paper crafting. It is something I look forward too everyday. Sharing something with others lets us give then a piece of our hearts. The gift of a card is one of the very precious ways to do this. I feel that you do that for all of us that read your blog. Thanks so much

  15. Vicki Jackson

    great post Mary….I hope to be with you at 91!

  16. True inspiration from our wise elder “sisters.” An 89 year old friend drove her car over by herself to see me today to book a venue for her 90th birthday party this summer! She said she’d never had a birthday party, and it was about time. She also told me that her older sister and her send about 200 cards every year to Shut in folks, although they don’t make them like Jeanette!

  17. i’m so excited that my blog readers are enjoying today’s post and jeanette’s card. thank you for all your positive feedback! i went out on a limb a bit with today’s post and am relieved you are moved to tell your own stories and feel inspired!

  18. That is a WOW moment!

  19. Mary, you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful, inspiring friend as Jeanette. Wishing you both many more years of stamping fun.

  20. Now THAT is true inspiration.

  21. Jeannette, when I grow up, I want to be just like you!
    And Mary, when you’re stamping into your 90’s, I’ll be right there with you, as I love all your designs. I sent a card to a cousin recently and she said, “It’s so nice to get something in the mail besides bills and advertisements.”. Mary, you mentioned the first “spark”. I also remember the first time I stamped. We prayed and made cards for shut in parishioners as a bible study service project. My friend Arlene stamped a few flowers on the envelope and I thought it was the most amazing, beautiful thing I had ever seen! I was hooked and now I have quite an extensive (my hubby would say “expensive”) collection in my own “rubber room”. I wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with ideas for cards. It’s a passion, a joy, that also gives joy to others.
    Well, Jeanette, you got quite a conversation going here! Thanks so much for sharing, and for your beautiful card!
    Sharon. NJ

  22. Jeannette, when I grow up, I want to be just like you!
    And Mary, when you’re stamping into your 90’s, I’ll be right there with you, as I love all your designs. I sent a card to a cousin recently and she said, “It’s so nice to get something in the mail besides bills and advertisements.”. Mary, you mentioned the first “spark”. I also remember the first time I stamped. We prayed and made cards for shut in parishioners as a bible study service project. My friend Arlene stamped a few flowers on the envelope and I thought it was the most amazing, beautiful thing I had ever seen! I was hooked and now I have quite an extensive (my hubby would say “expensive”) collection in my own “rubber room”. I wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with ideas for cards. It’s a passion, a joy, that also gives joy to others.
    Well, Jeanette, you got quite a conversation going here! Thanks so much for sharing, and for your beautiful card!
    Sharon. NJ

  23. Taking a break to check my mail, and all choked up now after reading this precious post! Bless your little heart Jeannette!

  24. Cheers for Jeanette! How inspiring she is to all of us. Recently, a 94 year old friend passed away. She worked on her lovely melted crayola cards into her nineties, even teaching classes at the home where she resided. She never stopped “giving”. Let us learn lessons from these beautiful people! My goodness, I have enough supplies to make cards into my nineties now! I pray the good Lord will let me live that long to share with others as Jeanette is doing! What a lovely card she sent!
    Thanks for “letting us in” on the beautiful story, Mary!

  25. OH, how beautiful is this story and card?!!
    You’ve touched my heart.
    Thank you, Mary for sharing this with us.
    Beautiful card, Jeanette!

  26. Wow! Mary thank you for sharing Jeanette’s beautiful card and her story. What an inspiration!!

  27. Susan Mac Donald

    **kindness** comes in many ways, & HELLO to Ms. Jeanette & THANKS to Mary for sharing such a wonderful piece of friendship; may Mary have many more great stamping days & Mary have those in years…the very best to you both!!

  28. Thank you both, from my heart.


  29. What a sweet card and story. She reminds me of my dear friend Mrs. Monk who has gone home to be with the Lord. She LOVED to stamp and she began stamping at the age of 80! Thanks for blessing my day and for the sweet memory that came along with the blessing. 🙂

  30. How precious. Thank you for sharing with us so we can also be inspired by what she has said. I too love your work. Libby

  31. Debbi Atkinson

    Lovely card and such a lovely lady; thank you so much for sharing Jeanette’s card and story with us. I plan on stamping at 91 too!

  32. That is a beautiful card! I agree with all of the above.

  33. Deb B (Debadoo)

    Oh, and I have read the other 58 comments, just skimmed a few, so someone may have suggested this, but here goes in case no one did. If it would be ok with Jeanette, you should send this story into Stampin’ Up.

  34. Deb B (Debadoo)

    Wow what a wonderful story! You go Jeanette!! And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because it looks like you’re doing it to me. And at 91 to boot. Mary you inspire us all with your cards and now with this.

  35. The next time you have Blog Candy – she should get it! Even without commenting! What a priceless gift you received!

    You blog is truly inspiring to us ALL! Thanks for sharing YOUR gifts!

  36. Amazing. I love her card! My inspiration for the day…

    I love your blog – look at it every day.

  37. What an inspiration! I am SO impressed that Jeanette has come from such humble beginnings and obviously has adapted quite well to this computer generation. The card is special, but the story is where I found the inspiration. Mary, you impress SO MANY on a daily basis, but I’m sure Jeanette’s testament to that means so much more. Jeanette, THANK YOU for sharing your story, and your TALENT with all of us today!! I only hope I can still inspire someone with my crafts – and overall open attitude – when I am in my golden years. You two have touched MANY hearts today :o)

  38. Thank you Mary for sharing Jeanette’s card with us. I too follow your posts every day and dream about making all of the beautiful cards you show us. I am not 91, but at 55 I have recently become a new demonstrator in northern Alberta. I have met so many wonderful people through stamping and hope to be able to to do it until I am 91. Jeanette gives us all hope!

  39. A lovely way to start a day reading your post Mary, and how touching to know that these blogs we have all grown to love (& sometimes not love) make such a difference in all of our lives. Thanks for sharing Jeanette’s inspiring card and comments.

  40. What an awesome card from your friend Jeanette! I have a few years to go but I also hope to be stamping up a storm for a very long time! Thanks for sharing her card and making my day…and apparently doing the same for many others who follow your blog as I do.

  41. Mary…..I’ve been following your blog for over a year now, am always inspired by the lovely things you show us, but I have to say this was the most inspiring post to date. I am a fellow demonstrator and am continually amazed at the way that stamping/paper-crafting/scrapbooking has allowed me to connect with other women and deep friendships have developed. I too plan to be like Jeannette and to be doing the things I love as long as God gives me breath and strength to do them!!

  42. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see your creations when you are 91, and I hope I can stamp that long too. REmember, the greeting card industry is the 5th largest in the world.

  43. What a wonderful post! I often relect upon the words “we are blessed to be a blessing”. Your post brings those words to mind and I see that the blessings are flowing in so many directions! May you, Jeannette and all of us who love to stamp continue to do so all the days of our lives!

  44. Wow! 91 and still stamping, yes that is where I intend to be (if my fingers and eyesight hold out). Thanks so much to you Mary for sharing this post with us. And thanks to Jeanette as well for helping us realize that our stamping is not so much about the paper as it is sharing love with others.

  45. Beautiful card, Jeannette! I hope I’m stamping and blogging when I’m 91!

  46. How Sweet! I seriously want to be like Jeanette when I grow up. Rubber Hugs to this 91 year young sweetie!

  47. In a word priceless.

  48. Lucinda L. Brown

    What a wonderful way to start the day! I read your post this morning, and it is so inspiring to see what effect we can have on each other. It opens up all kinds of neat things……Thanks so much for sharing, Mary……and Jeanette, too!

  49. Mary and Jeannette, thank you for reminding me what stamping, and indeed, life are all about-sharing. Blessings!

  50. Dear Mary,
    I have been stamping for over 20 years but only started as a demonstrator for Stampin Up last Dec. I found your site and loved it. I receive your emails each day. Today’s post was so lovely. I too hope to be stamping at 91. Your ideas and thoughts are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your message from Jeanette.

  51. Beautiful Mary….Thank you for reminding me of the reason I do this, as I’m tired and working hard getting ready for a Stamp-a-Stack this weekend. I too have a customer and now “friend” who is in her mid 80’s that comes to my Stamp-a-Stacks (she’ll be here this weekend) I love being around her, she has a very strong faith and sweet personality and so much wisdom to share. Amazing how paper and stamps can be such a blessing in our lives. God Bless you and Jeanette as you inspire so many.

  52. Love! I admire Jeannette.

  53. Mary what a sweet story. My gramma lived to be 97 and she was a wealth of knowledge and history. I only hope I’m as lucky. hugs

  54. Karin Menghini

    How incredible and inspiring! Thanks for sharing Mary 🙂

  55. Dona Stallworth

    Wow! Just look at all the happiness, gratitude and sweet memories that Jeanette’s card has elicited! Thank YOU to both of you for sharing all this with us!

  56. What a beautiful dedication to your friend. Mary you continue to inspire me with your words and gorgeous designs. You were the first blog I followed when I became a SU demo. I wouldn’t miss a chance to see where you go each day. Jeannette, congratulations on continuing your craft. It is true that paper has a way to make us feel like we’re in heaven…and YOU Jeannette, inspire all of us to continue our love of creativity! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story… Hugs!

  57. What an inspiration! Doing something for someone else does wonders for the soul! Thank you for sharing Jeanette’s pretty card and her story! Loved it!!

  58. Thanks for sharing this, Mary. Many blessings to you and to Jeannette.

  59. A beautiful post for sure. It is so wonderful when people share their kindness, as it just keeps the circle of love going. Mary – I also love our posts each day and look forward to them. I’ve only been stamping for a few years. Over the last few weeks I was able to sell a bunch of my cards to raise money for a Celebration of Life and benefit for a dear friend who has been battling cancer for four years. The passion of stamping and sharing continues. (((HUGS))) to you and to Jeanette and to all of you stampers out there.

  60. How inspiring! Thanks for sharing and for reminding us that our handmade cards are so much more than stamps and paper.

  61. It really is not just paper…it is a very large part of my heart. Thank you for reminding me

  62. Wow what an inspiration! You inspire me too. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us – you spread your joy thru the internet. Thanks again. Look forward to your blogs every day. Hats off to you dear Mary! Adios, glad

  63. Kudos to Jeannette! AND to you Mary for inspiring each of us to be better stampers and for some of us…just to get stamping!!! Hugs to you!

  64. I bet that Jeannette is a lady you just want to hug!!!Thanks for the inspiration and I hope our generation can pass along the wonderful happiness of stamping. Have a wonderful weekend.*** Vicki

  65. A testimony about the human mind and spirit. This is just one beautiful example of why the arts are so important to humans and need to be part of our educational systems. The arts can be continued throughout our lives stimulating the neurons and synapses to help us live a longer and happier life. This makes me think of how many of us (who aren’t even demonstrators) could take our love and joy of stamping into retirement homes. The residents there would love to make simple cards. Just think of the joy and smiles you would bring to them. What a powerful example Jeanette has shared with Mary. Thank you Mary and Jeanette for blessing us with this message. May the Good Lord bless both of you. This has start my Friday off with a blessing.

  66. I had a chance last year to share with Shelli Gardner that I have been stamping and making cards since before Stampin’ Up! was born. I remember when they started and were selling everyone else because they didn’t have their own stamps then. Yes, I plan to be stamping and making cards 40 years from now, too because I learned some time ago that, like you said, it’s not just art, it’s not just paper …. it is a blessing. It’s a hug long distance. It’s love times the many hours it takes to design and create the masterpiece just suited for the recipient.

    And I have learned that those card makers are very secial people, too. They are those who want to “love on” someone else. They are “givers.” And that doesn’t age.

  67. Ps…… I love your card ms Jenannett, I think you do a great job ! Keep up the good work !
    God bless

  68. Oh Ms ,Mary , how sweet , that brought tears to my eyes,
    See how we can touch hearts, with what we love to do.
    Nice !
    Have a nice weekend,
    Hugs your pal

  69. Omgosh! Jeanette your card is awesome! I hope when I am your age I could continue to stamp and be as good as you…Thanks for sharing. Mary I have to tell you, you are an inspiration too! Your work is amazing and love your tutorials and videos…And to you too for sharing.

  70. What a wonderful blog today! Jeanette is an inspiration to all who have read your entry I am sure. Just as you inspire us with all you do. From a country beginning to the computer age.. would love to hear her stories. I hope to be stamping for many years like Jeanette. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story.

  71. FANTASTIC! Way to go Jeanette! I hope I’m still stamping when I’m 91. Stamping is so relaxing and therapeutic. Thanks for sharing Jeanette’s story with us, Mary!

  72. Memories… 🙂
    Mary, thank you for sharing, Jeanette, thank you for being YOU!
    We had electricity at the country school I attended for 3 years as a child. But we did not have running water. We had to put our name on the blackboard and use the outhouse. We had to pump our own water for the day, and being from South Dakota, our winters were brutal and children’s hands could freeze quickly on that old pump!
    Wow…I appreciate you sharing so that these memories all flashed back this morning!!! I just turned 50 last September, but I wanted you to know you are sending me to work with a smile this morning remembering the good old days!
    The only reason I didn’t graduate from 6th grade at my country school was because we lost our house to fire, so Mom and Dad moved to town with all 5 of us kids!

    I remember so many kids from this school, and so many things we did…churning butter, penmanship, horseback riding, Mrs. Schroeder…friend/acquaintance with Laura Ingalls Wilder’s family!!! And so much more 🙂

    Thank you Mary and Jeanette for making me smile today!
    And yes, I do intend to be creating cards when I turn 91!!!
    Sunnystamping everyone!!

  73. Beautiful post! I hope to be able to still be stamping at 91!! It is that spark that just always makes me smile.

  74. What a lovely post! Jeanette is an inspiration to me, from across the pond. I hope to be as fantastic as her when I’m 91

  75. Thanks for sharing Mary … inspiring – awesome – and beutiful message and card today. I have one thing to say Jeanette — YOU GO GIRL!!! Love it, I too want to still be stamping and creative at 91. Love it!

  76. Hello Mary: What a beautiful card and sentiment. A few years ago, before I discovered SU and YOU, I started making cards, I remember now how much fun it was and still is. Creating is vital for me, it’s an escape from my busy life as a wife, mom, grandma, triathlete and, last but not least, caregiver for my mom. When I’m in this room, usually in the very early hours of the morning, I just sit at my table and do my cards and now, I can share what I’ve learned with my mom, who’s 88 and absolutely loves punching and coloring and using all of my SU stamp sets. Learning has no age limit and it gives all of us a chance to keep our imagination flying.
    Thank you for sharing and thank you, Jeanette for inspiring me to keep creating.

  77. That is so great, and such an inspiration! I hope to still be stamping at 91~ Beautiful card Jeanette!

  78. WOW, just goes to show you are never to old. You go girl, Jeanette you are a wonderful inspiration to us all!!!!

  79. Jeanette, your card is lovely! So glad that you are stamping 🙂 Hope I will stamp as long as you! Mary, thanks for sharing the extra-special side of stamping today 🙂

  80. Jeanette’s note is wonderful and how wonderful that she took the time to tell you how she values your work and the fact that you share it with everyone. Soooo, it prompted me to take action and thank you also for providing inspiration and entertainment every day.
    Thanks and here’s to Jeanette, to you and to all scampers.

  81. Mary and Jeanette, thanks for sharing this inspirational experience! And to Mary’s followers, thank you for sharing your stories as well.

  82. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  83. I have my own Jeanette in my life and her name is Evelyn and she is also 91 and lives in Kanas…….she was a school teacher and is still active in making cards and teaching others…..we are truly blessed my ones who have lived so long and are so wise and kind.

    I am amazed my their talents……great card Jeanetter thank you so much for sharing.

  84. Heather Walker

    How touching and inspiring! I hope that at 91 my vision and dexterity will still be intact enough to allow me to continue stamping as well!!!! Thanks for jump starting my day with such a heartfelt blog, Mary.

  85. You are so right, Mary. Wonderful post today!!! This hobby is more about the art of connecting with people than paper and embellishments. I recently sent a card to someone whose husband was just diagnosed with cancer and she was touched that I would make a card for her. A phone call or an email is about all we expect from people any more. When you take the time to make a card, it speaks volumes more.

    Jeanette, you are also an inspiration to me! Your card is beautiful!! I want to continue this hobby for as long as I can, and you have shown me that I can.

    Thank you for all of your inspiration, Mary! You keep my creative juices going, especially when I am in need of some.

  86. Cathy from Illinois

    Wow, Trying to get ready for work and you put tears in my eyes. What beautiful comments and hope at 91. I’ll be still designing cards! Keep up the beautiful work, Jeannette! You are making great memories!

  87. Thank for sharing this today. My heart is touched. Happy Friday!

  88. Yvette Prosser

    It’s great to know that when we age, we will still be stamping! Thanks for sharing Mary and thank you Jeanette for your kindred spirit.

  89. You were my first stop this morning – and your post today was an absolutely WONDERFUL way to start my day!

  90. What a wonderful post Mary! So inspiring. Jeanette can teach us a few things I’m sure. Yes, I too plan to be stampin’ up a storm at 91! Thank you Jeanette for your beautiful card and thank you Mary for sharing this sweet story and all of your wonderful projects!

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