My Ultimate Stamping Zone Video Tour

Please join me in taking a video tour of my Stampin' Pretty Ultimate Stamping Zone.  I have enjoyed sharing tidbits along the way and have lots of craft storage and organizational tips for you.  You might even discover a little something about me along the way since the space not only reflects my passion for stamping–it's a reflection of my style and sometimes quirky personality.

To learn more about the journey leading up to the final results (and lots of additional tips that I couldn't think of while narrating and "filming" the video), please click here

I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Did you learn anything new in the video or that you want to try in your own creative space?  Please leave me a comment at the end of this post!

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  1. Mary, your Stamping Zone is wonderful. I am happy for you to have it finished to enjoy. The best part is to be able to look out the window and be refreshed and inspired by the beauty of God’s creation. I think that comes through in the projects you create. The tips that were helpful to me were: the clear folder to house cs scraps; having all supplies in their designated area for cutting and assembling your projects, the SU! containers to house EP; the work section of the counter being lower than the rest in order to control clutter as you work; and the postal drawer -brilliant! To me the most precious part of the whole studio was the adorable stool your daughter made – wonderful to incorporate items from those we love into our creative corners. Thank you for sharing with us. Enjoy your beautiful, inspiring Stamping Zone!

  2. What a wonderful space. Thanks for sharing the video I have been looking at little bits of what have shown up in your pictures since yo finished the space. I love the solar tubes for light. Light is one thing I need quite often in my space. I just got some of the rails from Ikea for my punches. Hubby promised to help me get them up tomorrow. I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful projects that will flow from this amazing space.

  3. Wow!! I took the tour of your stamping space. Absolutely wonderful !!! I can see that you put a lot of thought into designing of your space. Thanks for sharing all your organizational tips too!! Let me know when you want to come to Minnesota!! Sue 🙂

  4. WOW! I love all the storage tips. I had already incorporated the “x-cubes” for my markers. I happened to find them in a clearance table and scooped them up. I discovered yesterday that your idea for embossing powders works so much nicer than the powder pal.
    Thank you for your inspiration 🙂

  5. If I were to envision a space for you, that’s what I’d see. Gorgeous! Love the view out of your window too. I love your idea of your recessed table so you don’t spread out. I noticed that too…the more horizontal space I’m given, the more I will spread out to it! I like your embossing idea too, to keep them all in their own container. Thank you for sharing your space!

  6. Mary, I loved your video! Thanks for sharing it and for opening all of the drawers and cubbies 🙂 It was great to see what you did and hear why you did it…gives me inspiration! You have wonderful taste and I love that your daughter and pug are included 🙂 This space couldn’t belong to a more deserving person!

  7. Oh, my goodness, Mary! What a beautiful place to be. In my heart I’m organized…but my office area/stamping place is always a mess. This is sheer inspiration. There may be hope that I can clean mine up and have a peaceful place to work one day. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself!

  8. I love your skill in organization and your attention to every little detail. This room is so welcoming and the view is breathtaking! Thank you so much for sharing this, we’ve seen little segments as it came together…and seeing the whole picture is even more inspiring. I love the wastebasket in the drawer idea and the seperate cutting area, assembly area, and color area. Your room is so lovely, yet fully functional. A+!

  9. Oh, Mary, I knew I would have to watch your video with a drool towel, and I was right!! Just seeing all of the photos was great, but actually getting the inside look was even better. Enjoy your space, you so deserve it! You give me so many wonderful ideas and I love spending a rainy Saturday(like today) watching all of your videos. Thank you so much!

  10. OMGosh Mary I love your room. I did learn alot but unfortunately the budget and my husband do not fit together! LOL I have a very small room but if I added counter space and cabinets I would be so much more organized. You are the best!

  11. Hi Linda: There’s a corner cabinet (deep) where I store big shot samples in a large box and my cards in a Stampin’ Up! Forget Me Not Keeper (no longer available but the right sized index box will work, too)! Hugs, M

  12. Hi Faye: I did a google search for “x cube storage” and found them on amazon:

    Hugs, M

  13. Hi Wendie: I may get a tiny bit of fading on some of the colors I use the least (just not enough “action” to keep the paper rotating out). However, I keep the card stock out of the sun, which helps. Hugs, M

  14. Great tour! Thanks so much for sharing! Love your blog and all of your great ideas. You inspire me greatly. I’m in the process of trying to organize a workspace as well. I love how you used the DVD holders as well as the rods for your punches!

  15. What a wonderful space you have created. i love hte way you have your embossing powders. I have a ton of those boxes, I am going to try it.

  16. What a fantastic space! I just downsized my craft space, combining it with my home office (which I use ostensibly to write my dissertation). The office part is slowly being squeezed out by the crafty part. 🙂
    When I was organizing my paper, I borrowed your tip about using the page protectors for scraps. It’s working great!
    Now if I could just borrow your view…. 😀

  17. Holy cow! I just want to come stamp in your space for a a day or two! Its lovely, and so clean! Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas, its so fun to see how we all have so many similarities and differences!

  18. Mary, thanks for sharing your space with us. We are in the process of finishing our basement and I cant’ wait to use some of your storage ideas and tips in my studio.I think my favourite tip was the photo station for taking your photos!! What a clever idea!!

  19. Thank you for sharing your space and ideas for storage! I’ve worked pretty hard this past year to be more organized and most of the time it works. However, right at the end of your video, I took a look at my work space and grimaced since I haven’t been good about putting things away after finishing a project. Looks like a good weekend job! Of your space, I liked everything! Thanks again.

  20. Thank you for sharing your space and ideas for storage! I’ve worked pretty hard this past year to be more organized and most of the time it works. However, right at the end of your video, I took a look at my work space and grimaced since I haven’t been good about putting things away after finishing a project. Looks like a good weekend job! Of your space, I liked everything! Thanks again.

  21. Wow! I am very impressed and also jealous of the beautiful space you have to work in. Thank you for the great video. It is so inspiring.

  22. Dear Mary, this room is so beautiful. I love the way everything is so organized. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Thank You.

  23. Beautiful Stampin’ Zone. Thank you for taking the time to film and share.


  24. Mary,
    Thanks so much for sharing your stamping zone!!!! You have done a marvelous job. I was able to create a room above my garage for my stamp space…very messy right now but I posted on my blog when I first did over the room and it was very clean…I love the rods for the stamps and I do have them I just need to put them up….I would love to have the racks that you have for my clear stamp cases…right now I have them themed in baskets and shelved. Thanks again for sharing….Beth

  25. Gorgeous space, Mary! I love it and am inspired by your space. You can tell you obviously put a great deal of thought and consideration into your space as it is meticulously organized and warm! I love the creative and personal touches you’ve added. I will be returning to this post when my husband and I finally get started on redoing my room.

  26. Beautiful space, Mary – SO organized! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Shirley Kramer

    Your new stamping spot is just the best one I’ve ever seen!! It’s wonderful to be so organized, so that you know where everything is!! I have trouble in that area, I’m always looking for something I can’t find. God Bless you Mary, you certainly deserve this beautiful room.
    (Took almost an hour to look at the video with all the streaming, but it was sure worth it.)

  28. December Caswell

    Mary, Hi, it’s December Caswell…I LOVE YOUR STAMPIN ROOM! I am completely in love with it and SO extremey Jealous. I have been going to stampin up clubs monthly and workshops in between and buying all kinds of products. I even became a demonstrator, basically so I could afford my habit. However I have YET to make anything at home!! 🙁 I have no set up area. I am thinking of turning my dining room into my stamp area, but don’t want to ruin my dining room table. I love the IKEA Bygel rails! and the ribbon rails you created with curtain rods, brilliant! Enjoy your room! You are so lucky! 🙂

  29. LOOOVVE your space!! 🙂 Question – I have things on display since customers come here for classes, etc. Where do you keep things like completed Big Shot projects or swaps? And how do you keep them from overflowing your space?? Mine can take over in no time! Also – where do you have customers for classes, etc? Thanks for giving me some inspiration! 🙂

  30. Beautiful stamping space Mary, thanks for sharing with us. I’m like you, and want everything nice and neat, tucked behind doors and drawers. I’m much more inspired to create that way. I’m glad you included the lovely Miss Isabel also, she is so precious. Enjoy your new space!

  31. Patricia Swagler

    Loved your space and I took away a ton of ideas on how to organize my stamp area better. I have a stamp room in our finished basement that also has a wall of upper and lower cabinets. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Fabulous make over and crafting/work area!

  33. leslie nyholm


  34. you room is awesome, I wish I had a space like that to create. I live in a one bedroom apt. aand my stamping area is behind and on my dinning room table. Your room reminds me of a professional craft place. love it all.

  35. Mary, thank-you for sharing your work space. I really appreciate your detail for organization in making cards and what works best for you. You have helped me in thinking through what is important to make my space less cluttered, more efficient, productive and to ultimately enhance creativity.
    Have a great day! Linda

  36. Frankly, I don’t display my cards . . . I SEND them out pretty quickly 🙂 I have a little file box where I organize them by occasion. However, most have a destination in mind when they are created! Hugs, Mary

  37. Kadie in Arizona

    Without a doubt Mary I think the most important thing about your space is you made it YOURS. It functions for you and just SCREAMS everything about your style. The most precious thing about your space has to be Carolina little bench that she painted – Love that you incorporated that into your space. Totally gave me an “OOOOHHHHH” moment! Thanks for taking the time to pull this video together for us-You did an amazing job! Well Done Girlfriend!

  38. Eileen McClean

    WOW!WOW!WOW!This is an awesome space;thank you so much for sharing all of the ideas. I love that you have a view to the world,and I also love it being so organised.Where do you display your cards as there were none evident in your space.Enjoy this creative space for a long time. Eileen

  39. OK, Mary, you’re hired! Thank you so much for sharing this video. So many great ideas, including the curtain rods for the ribbon and the pull-out trash bin at your cutting station. I love your paper racks, have you experienced any fading from the sun? Thanks again for this video and all the others you have on your blog.

    a demo in NM

  40. Mary, your Stamping Zone, is absolutely incredible! I love your use of space, the planning and detail that you have thought about is amazing – and the view from your desk! I’m sure the room as a whole must fill you will such happiness and a desire to be even more creative. My space is limited, but you have given me plenty to think about to declutter and organise it a little better. Have fun and enjoy your new Stamping Zone!

  41. Your stamping zone is wonderful. I wish I had a room to do this with but I have one wall in my living room that has cupboards,drawers and completely utilized wall space for punches and ribbon storage. It worked for a while and now I have outgrown it. Have to get myself some of those dvd storage things for my clear stamps, I have been baffled as to how to store them now I just need someone to give up a wall. Do you think my husband will give up the tv wall?:)

  42. Julie Learned

    You have done a fantastic job organizing and decorating your space to fit your needs. I love the clean, crisp look of your room! Next time you are in your old stomping grounds of Wisconsin, you will have to come over and give my craft room a makeover!!! 😀

    Love it!
    Julie Learned

  43. Awesome. Craft room envy for sure. I love the DVD player idea. I’ll use that for the next house with more rooms and storage space. Great blog! Thanks for your efforts in making great crafts and sharing the details.

  44. Grace Lange-Way

    Awesome, awesome,awesome!

  45. Your space is BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing. ENJOY!

  46. Where did you get your X cubes for your markers? Love that!

  47. You are very very neat…………..and well thought out space. Some good ideas………thanks for sharing.

  48. Mary, I love your stamping space! It is my dream to get organized as it is very difficult to stamp when you can’t find something that you KNOW you have! I do have bygel rails and have them behind a door. They take up little space, but now I wish I had put them a little closer together like yours. I like the CD racks and ribbon storage. Thanks for giving me more ideas and inspiring me with your space and your great cards.

  49. Without a doubt the best stamping space around. And thanks for all the tips you gave along the way. You are the best.

  50. kathyc/northcarolina

    What a wonderfully thought out work space. It is gorgeous, practical, efficient and unbelievably organized. I love your ideas for storage…one day maybe I can do the same thing!

  51. Love your finished space, Mary! How wonderful!

  52. Mary, your stampin’ space is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Everything is just perfect.
    Hugs, and have a great weekend.

  53. I absolutely love your space and I’m hoping I can start to recreate my stamping space. Do you know is there any where you can order those paper racks you have? I want some of those so badly!


  54. You’re sooooo NEAT! Can you come over and organize MY stamp space!!!! Really…incredible, Mary! Thank you so much for sharing it! You definitely have a second career option as a Creative Space Designer!

  55. Patricia Gessner

    Mary,your stamping space is just amazing. You have thought of everything. It really is a dream space. I am very happy for you. Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to get some of those DVD racks for my stamps. I would like to have your whole design, but the racks will be good for me.

  56. Beautiful space! Neat, clean, classic and beautiful…just like you!

  57. I liked the cup at the end of each ribbon rack for scraps of ribbon for that rack. I have my ribbon on pants hangers and I could fashion something like that for me. Currently all of my scraps are in one big bag that I have to sort through and I don’t because it takes too long. Fantastic space and thank you for letting us peak into your life!


    I am envious of your craft space, but you have given me many ideas. I am soon graduating from my dining room table to my very own craft room! We are building a new home very soon and I made my HE watch your video. Thanks Mary!!!

  59. Thank you for sharing your stamping space with us. It is easy to see where so much of your creativity comes from. I have always said that collecting and organizing stamping supplies is a completely separate hobby than stamping itself…lol.

    It is really a beautiful and inspiring space.

  60. Mary, what a fantastic stamp area! You have done an amazing job in planning and organizing your special area. You shared so many organizational tips. I hope to use some of them. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!
    You are so talented!

  61. Gorgeous, Mary! You have such a great eye for details and you are an amazing planner. There truly is a place for EVERYTHING and everything in its place. It’s perfect! No wonder you create such beautiful work in a fabulous space like that! Good for you!

  62. Thank you so much for sharing your Stamping Zone with us Mary. The opening scene showing the Arizona garden was just perfect. What a great idea to be able to look out over your garden whilst stamping. A great source of inpsiration. The racks for punches and ribbon are just superb. All in all, a magnificent work area.

  63. You and your contractor’s did a fantastic job in your new Stamping Zone! Every stamper certainly needs their own space away from interrupting the rest of the family. It’s amazing how much our supplies take up space! A zone or stamping studio lets us “shut the door” and allow creativity to flow!

  64. Oh I am so jealous!! I love your crafting area. It is so organized with all the great storage ideas you have come up with. Yes – I have taken away several tips to incorporate into my own craft room. Thank you for sharing.

  65. Oh I am so jealous!! I love your crafting area. It is so organized with all the great storage ideas you have come up with. Yes – I have taken away several tips to incorporate into my own craft room. Thank you for sharing.

  66. Sigh…. Your stampin’ space is just gorgeous. Makes my corner of the lounge room look pokey. Having said that though, I do love my space and it works for me. I’ll jjust keep dreaming of having a space like yours one day…

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