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The Stampin’ Pretty Ultimate Stamping Zone

My Ultimate Stampin’ Zone (craft area and drop down work space)

January 29, 2013:


I recently updated both my ribbon and embossing powder storage.  Take another spin around my Ultimate Stampin’ Zone with my video above.  You can witness the changes and improvements first hand!

Stampin up stampinup pretty order online organization stamp space ribbon embossing powders holder storage
Clip It Up! Ribbon Storage by Simply Renee

Stampin up stampinup pretty order online organization stamps space ribbon embossing powder holder storage

Keurig K-Cup Holder Spinning Carousel is a wonderful way to keep Stampin’ Up! Stampin’ Emboss Powders and a Heat Tool at your fingertips.

OCTOBER 12, 2012

Are you ready to take a video tour of my Stampin’ Pretty Ultimate Stamping Zone?   Here’s the 411 on creative craft organization, storage and lots of bonus tips along the way!


JULY 2, 2011

Welcome to my Stampin’ Pretty Ultimate Stampin’ Zone.  This project has evolved over several months from ideas used in my original stamping zone and loft, reader suggestions and lots of planning. I will do a detailed video tour in July, after the new Stampin’ Up! 2011-2012 Idea Book & Catalog goes live and my stamps and accessories are restocked with new product.

Even when not stamping, my coordinating desk area allows me to spread out and take advantage of the view.  A good place to concentrate. 

Another angle of the desk.  The little, blue printer stand (bottom right) is artfully covered with hummingbird decals.  My daughter, Caroline (now 17), painted and decorated it for me when she was a wee one.  It will ALWAYS blend with my d?cor 🙂

You’re seeing the final results, a dream come true for me.  I spent hours and hours budgeting and contemplating the design.  I mapped things out looking for logic and convenience.  For example, I grouped adhesives together in a deep drawer and within easy reach,  Punches, stamps and ribbon require quick access and instant visibility. Wall racks were the perfect solution.

SDC17139-1 My Cutting (and paper) Zone

Why the mix of two wood (maple natural and maple brandy) colors on the cabinets?   Simply for a little artistic variation and it didn’t cost a dime more.  Plus, it’s a craft room . . . a good spot for a trendy switch up!  Did you notice that I swapped countertop colors, too?


  • Think about your available space, what will fit and where.  My space measures 18 x 11.  However, it’s not just about floor space, but available wall space, too. 
  • Set a realistic budget.  I almost gave up on the project after getting “budget busting” bids on the countertops and cabinets from “big box” stores.  Fortunately, I found a local kitchen place that offered wood laminate (real maple sheets over melamine boxes and doors) that saved me 30 to 50% over the other bids.  Back on track!
  • Many of the rack and storage options (see ideas throughout this post) can be purchased very inexpensively.
  • Establish your needs.  List all your craft products and create a basic map BEFORE you start a cabinet design.
  • How do you “roll?”  I work left to right and revamped my first plan because I realized I simply couldn’t do the reverse (right to left).
  • My Cutting Zone (paper, punches, Big Shot, tool “chest”) is to the left of my drop down workspace.  The Stamping Zone (stamps, ink pads and markers) and finishing touches (embellishments, heat embossing, etc.) are to the right.  I use the products the most that are closest to my work area.
  • What’s your comfort level?  Both my desk and drop down work space (where I’m likely to sit) are at a height of 30″ (standard desk height).  The balance of the counter space is bumped up 36″ to gain more storage space (higher base cabinets) and is more comfortable when I stand and create.
  • Consider lighting . . . lots of it.  I added natural light (solar tubes), track lighting on the ceiling and undercabinet (fluorescent) lighting above my workspace. 
  • Don’t forget to budget for the potential costs of an electrician.  You may need to move existing outlets and switches to conform with your layout.


Big Shot Dies (located in a drawer immediately left of my drop down work space) are easy to identify when stored in Stampin’ Up! die storage inserts.  Two Large Inserts (#120801) are used in the photo above.  I also use the Small Insert (#120802) to store my smaller Sizzlits and Embosslits Dies (the drawer above–not shown).

My Big Shot Die Cutting Machine (#113439) and cutting pads share the drawer below the dies.  It’s easy to grab and easy to hide.

Adhesives need to be “on call” at all times.  Different types (Sticky Strip, Mini Glue Dots, Snail, Stampin’ Dimensionals) for different purposes are located together to the right of my drop down work space.

This drawer (below my adhesive drawer) is dedicated to getting my stamps clean and conditioned.  The Goo Gone is for getting adhesive off scissors and tools.

A wide drawer contains grid paper, boxes for embellishments and my trusty Color Coach.

My wood-mount stamps (recently reduced due to retiring stamps) are organized first by size and then alphabetically.

I regularly send out cards, projects and catalogs.  Having my postage supplies organized makes it quick and easy.  Larger envelopes and catalogs are stored below.

When I learned that the Stampin’ Up! cutting mat (which I use daily) was retiring, I began a search for a replacement. Boy, is there a wide world of self-healing cutting mats.  I found this big, beautiful 36″ x 18″ cutting mat by Alvin on-line.  Just google–lots of places sell it.  There are loads of sizes to fit your space and even a few color choices.  Mine is black but flips to green (maybe for the holidays?).


    Let’s take a look at where this journey began.  I have shared much of the following with you during the process on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog and on my Stampin’ Pretty Facebook Page.  As I promised, it’s now consolidated in one spot for you. The Ultimate Stampin’ Zone will continue to be updated with more organizational ideas and tips in the future. 

    MAY 14, 2011:  IT STARTED WITH A PEEPHOLE . . .

    It started recently with the “peephole” in my ceiling above.  After much discussion, budgeting and planning, I decided to revamp my current stamping space into something much more efficient (more storage and counter space, quick access), permanent (installed cabinets) and filled with fun organizational ideas. 

    The picture above represents the first sign of light . . .  literally.  I wanted more natural light and have installed two 14″ solar tubes in my stamping space (the loft was too dark).  Talk about “seeing the light!”  “Sky” (seriously, that’s his name–how appropriate for a skylight guy) peeks through from my roof after the first full hole is cut.

    I’ll be using many of the ideas I learned from creating my original stamping zone and loft, PLUS introducing new ideas (many from readers) to make my Ultimate Stamping Zone journey complete.  Be ready to share advice as I’ll look to you for input, too, along the way.  I still have plenty of decisions to make (paint colors or new ways to store ribbon, for example).  Ideas will be rolling while the dust flies on both on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog and my Stampin’ Pretty Facebook Fan PageSTAY TUNED.

    Even Isabel (my very social pug) gets in on the action.  She’s digging the brighter space. The noise sent our new kitty, Sasha, to a quiet reprieve in the tv chest. 



    Welcome to my new stamping space.  LOL!  I announced on my blog on Saturday that I’m in the process of revamping my stamping space to gain more counter space, storage space and pursue the the ultimate organization (at least that’s the goal) of all my Stampin’ Up! inks, tools, paper, ribbons and more. 

    However, I’m in the “awkward” stage where the previous space has evaporated (thanks to Craig’s List) and a makeshift stamping spot (card table for stamping and the floor for storage) present their challenges. At least my new maple floors are in.  Loving them.

    My pug Isabel enjoys them, too.  Meanwhile, I’m planning my paint colors, hired an electrician to move my electrical outlets (counter height) and have the cabinet order rolling.  The date for cabinet/counter delivery is the second week of June.   I’ll be exploring options and sharing lots more organizational tidbits until then.

    The big question:  Will I be able to endure the chaos until then?  Let’s just say, I don’t do well with chaos or clutter.  Sasha found refuge on top of my tv cabinet when the floors were installed.  She appeared more relaxed (below) when I was videotaping my new on-line class.  I had to use our master bedroom while the floors were installed.  I feel like a bouncing ball 🙂




    Had to move the electrical to accommodate the cabinet height last week.


    I don’t do well in chaos or stamping on a wobbling card table.  Things are in a heap here.  I debated on repainting the fireplace a new color but opted to keep it the same!


    More electrical changes by James, my electrician extraordinaire.

    My beautiful Stampin’ Up! punches deserve more respect.  Stay patient my darlings.  You’ll have a special spot soon.




    Here’s my painted wall (yesterday’s project). . . I used two different greens in the room.  A “pickle” green covers the big wall, where most of my stamping area will be.  The cabinets will cover most of where it used to be blue and the holes.  The green on the fireplace was there before . . . a modern yellow/green (see below).

    Cleared out and ready for duty!

    This will be where my desk will go . . . looking out over the Santa Catalina Mountains and my desert landscape.

    Hard to believe that this will be My Ultimate Stampin’ Zone on June 9 . . . I’ll be up all night organizing when it’s time!

    JUNE 9, 2011:  THE TRUCK IS HERE!

    My Ultimate Stamping Zone is taking a big step today.  Cabinets and countertops have JUST arrived and are being installed.  I’m posting continuous before and after photos on my Facebook page throughout today, if you want the play by play (go to this link and be sure to “like me” to stay notified). 

    There was a “moment of silence” from the “guys” when they learned my loft was upstairs.

    Installation lasted until 10:00 p.m.


    SO MY DREAM of having an Ultimate Stamping Zone to organize and relish in throughout the night hit a few stumbling blocks. Did you notice a lull–LOL?  There were several issues with cabinets (drawer function, several of the hinges broken, one door the wrong size, missing the proper screws to install all the hardware, etc.) AND my wonderful installer (thanks, Mark) worked tirelessly until 10:00 p.m to finish (we fed him pizza and tipped him well).  By that point, I headed to bed.

    TODAY I dust myself off, literally and figuratively.  I’m going to start cleaning the dust from the drawers, floors and counters and the cabinet store will be calling me to get the broken items repaired.  My electrician is coming to install the undercabinet (fluorescent) lights and my husband will be in charge of installing rails and racks.  Normally, he is not allowed access to any tools (trust me, there’s a history here).  However, he excels in the “rails and racks” department and this keeps him involved in the project.

    BEYOND THE DUST I have some touch up painting to do (it’s still blue below my work area) and a little drywall work.  Chairs need to be purchased and, of course, I get to add decorative touches which will pull things together.  I’ll continue to keep you posted.  The pieces are in place but there’s still plenty to do to  make it “ultimate.”


    There was encouraging progress on my Ultimate Stampin’ Zone (craft room) today.  The cabinet guy arrived, tweaked a few things and will be replacing the “suspension” for my upper storage cabinets.  They should raise up and hold so that I can “have the shop open” when I’m working and “closed” when I’m not.  It’s a neatnik thing on my part to keep things tucked away and organized.

    I got a chance to start organizing my paper storage.

    SDC17018-1      Husband, Scott, my favorite “racks and rails” guy!

    My husband, Scott, and I put up the Ikea Bygel rails (more details in my “Racks and Rails section below) for my punches last night.  I made sure to have plenty of room for future additions.  This is one area I tend to underestimate so I got plenty.  The rails are still the best way I personally have found to have punches “ready for duty.”  I have used them since the renovation of my original stamping zone. 

    James, my electrician, “rocks out” my undercabinet lighting.  Good lighting is essential.


    I love having a bulletin board over my work space and nothing gives it jazz faster than a little reupholstering with a spiffy fabric. 

    I got the Richloom Oslo Bluebird fabric through an on-line fabric store. 

    A yard easily covered my 3 x 2 bulletin board (purchased at Office Depot).


    JUNE 18, 2011:  RACKS AND RAILS

    I believe good organization of stamping space means easy access and visability.  Racks can be a fabulous way to accomplish this.  Here are examples of how I have incorporated racks and rails into my “zone.”

    A simple dowel system keeps ribbon accessible and looking organized. It’s easy to slip off rolls on the right or use them while they are hanging. The little $.99 “buckets” from IKEA hold ribbon scraps. The rods (actually a curtain draw rod) fit through Stampin’ Up! rolls perfectly (IKEA: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10079366).

    Take a closer look.  These sweet In Color Designer Printed Brads (#122940) give new life to boring hardware.

    My husband, Scott, touches up where my prior punch racks (IKEA Bygel rails) were located.  He’s such a good egg about my “essential” changes.  Isabel supervises. 

    Scott and I worked as a team lining these DVD racks up and installing.  Rack details below.

    I’m incredibly excited about this DVD (clear mount stamp) wall storage. Looks like metal sculpture (when staggered) and simplifies finding what you need fast. Here’s the link with product info: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70115521

    Note:  The racks are designed to hold DVD’s vertically.  I flipped them horizontally so that I could read the spines easier (when you’re 50, you’ll understand).  I don’t have any problems with them falling through the open back as long as I have at least 3 DVD’s in a compartment (to fight gravity) and push them flush to the wall.  I pull them out as a stack when I need one and return them the same way.

    Nope, I couldn’t give them up.  These 8.5 x 11 paper storage racks were an amazing find when a local hobby store was getting rid of their display rack.  Got them for a song about 3 years ago.

    I’m still using my clear, stackable 12 x 12 paper storage but sized this cabinet (30″ wide) to accommodate 26 trays.  They are in my “cutting” zone but disappear when the cabinet is closed.  Note:  It’s looking a little sparse in there as I wait to order new Designer Series and 12 x 12 paper from the Stampin’ Up! 2011-2012 Idea Book & Catalog (available July 1).

    I use Stampin’ Up! 12 x 12 Dividers (#105529) to keep my paper organized and easy to find.

    I still haven’t found anything better to keep punches displayed and ready to go than these IKEA Bygel Rails.  I maxed out the wall space and allowed for “future expansion.”  LOL. 

    TIP:  They DO work for the new style Stampin’ Up! punch if they are in the open position.  Just set them on the rail gently. 

    Did I mention that the rails are very inexpensive? Here’s the information on the 39 1/4″ rail ($2.99) and the 21 3/4″ rail ($1.99).  IKEA no longer ships the rails.  You’ll need to purchase them at the IKEAstore.

    A TIP FROM MY HUSBAND, SCOTT:  In those areas where studs weren’t used due to cosmetics and alignment issues, I used 3/8″ – 1/2″ plastic toggle drywall anchors with 1 1/2 inch screws. The screws and toggles are packaged together and can be purchased at Ace, Lowes, Home Depot.  Just one holds up to 140 pounds which is more than enough security considering the minimal weight that these racks and rails will be holding.  Use a 5/16 inch drill bit to drill your toggle holes in the drywall (or you can just push a hole using a small phillips head screwdriver).

    Punches are ready to report for duty.  I planned my entire layout dependent on this being my “cutting zone.”

    TIP:  I have the rails spaced a tad over 6″ apart (that’s pole to pole).  It accommodates getting them on and off easily.  The bottom pole is 2.5″ from the counter.  I laid them on the floor first with the largest punches to determine what would fit in the space between my counter and the bottom of the cabinets (total open space is 25″, top to bottom).

    Whoosh!  Also in the plan was this waste bin.  Just cut and sweep the little scraps into the bin.


    Check out this yummy new art destined to go over my fireplace!  Take 1 Vanilla Mat Board and add a delicious dash of Stampin’ Up! D?cor Elements.  Set timer for a simple frame (I’m having it done professionally) will make the recipe complete.  Note the large “Create” (117460, 30 x 11 3/4″) in black has sold out on the retiring D?cor Elements Last Chance List.  Chocolate (114117) and White (114079) are available while supplies last.  There are lots of alternatives in the Stampin’ Up! Definitely Decorative product line!


    I love my upper cabinets for storage.  They are designed to lift up and stay open when I’m working and “close up shop” when I’m away. I mounted them 24″ above the 36″ counter height base cabinets (that’s 30″ above my drop down desk area, which is 30″ high) to leave plenty of wall space for racks and rails.

    Here’s what is hidden behind door #1.  I finally weaned myself off my photo tent.  It’s always been in a separate room and is a bit of an eyesore.  Having my “photo stage” in my Ultimate Stampin’ Zone saves me time and is a very cost effective set-up.  Plus, I can hide it away by closing the door.  I reused the lamps (daylight bulbs) that came with my tent.  A very simple Foamies white background completes the stage and keeps the backdrop seamless.


    67 thoughts on “The Stampin’ Pretty Ultimate Stamping Zone”

    1. Hi Karen: I dont recall the manufacturer. The wall cabinets are about 12 deep and 18 high. The lift from the bottom and anchor in the open position if you want them to. Please let me know if you have further questions by leaving another comment or feel free to email me! Best luck with your project!

      Hugs, Mary

    2. I’m currently designing my room. I love your upper cabinets. How deep and tall are they? Who is the manufacturer?

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      I’m a new Stampin’ Up demonstrator. I enjoy your friendly but clean & crisp blog. Could you please share anything that made creating a Typepad blog easier?

      Thank you for sharing your talent with the paper craft community. What a wonderful and exciting world this would be if everyone worked from the point of abundance. You are a wonderful role model.

      Sonja Knaisch
      Stampin’ Up Demonstrator

    5. I love your craft room! Can you still purchase the dividers you use for your DSP? I put the item number (105529) in and it said NO RESULTS FOUND.
      Thank you!

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      Congrats on your stamping studio. Bet you have a lot of fun there!

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    15. Hi Mary, I stumbled upon your site and am awestruck at the sleek functional design of your Stampin space. I have very little space in my house, having to be content with sharing a small section of my hubby’s office/den to store my precious craft items and using the kitchen bench to create cards. You have inspired me to check out Ikea to see what I can find to improve my storage situation. The reason I checked out your site was to find a recently retired stamp set “Homegrown” (120486)which it seems we in Australia didn’t have in our catalogue. I know it’s 7 months since it was retired but do you know if it’s still available? Or if anyone has a pre-owned set? Zoe

    16. Hi, Mary! Your workspace is truly the ULTIMATE! WOW!! Sleek and clutter-free, an inviting place to be creative. I’m inspired to incorporate your ideas for renovating my 11-year old layout, originally designed by my engineer husband and furnished by IKEA’s Effectiv line. It seems your organized tidy-ness is what he’s wanted for me all along, so he will want to update when your contemporary concepts are before his eyes. Also, I LOVE your fresh card designs! Thank you for what you share of very special YOU! Becky

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    20. Thank you so much for posting the details about the screws for the Bygel rails. I have my rails but they are still sitting in the packaging because I was too scared that they would end up pulling down the wall! Tell your husband that he is awesome! 🙂

    21. Your room looks great. These shelves for DVD’s are and excellent use of space. How far do the dvd boxes sit out from the Ikea frame it looks like about 2 inches. Could you tell me exactly. My friend does Stampin up and I know this solution would work for her. She really doesn’t get on the internet but I’ve invited her to my home to view your website. It is the best!!!!

    22. Loved the curtain rod idea for ribbon storage! Thanks for the tip 😉 For the punches, perhaps using a bit of buble wrap to cover the rails might keep your punches protected? Love, love, luuuurrrve it all…so organised!

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    24. Your creative space is ‘perfect’ and would suit me to a T. I can’t create in a cluttered space, I need to have a totally clear space before I begin each project and you have certainly achieved this. Congratulations, you have the ultimate room. Cheers from NZ.

    25. Your craft room is the epitome of professionalism. It really reflects your style *and* many of the reasons for your success. Thanks for sharing!!! I really enjoy and appreciate your many very cool ideas.

    26. This is soooo amazing!! I’ve barely been crafting with trying to organize my craft space, and it is coming very slowly, but it is coming! I’ve loved so many of your ideas but since I am in an undeveloped basement, I have no wall storage available to me at this time… 🙁 I will continue to dream of a space such as yours! Thanks for sharing!!

    27. I still continue to review the video. I get new ideas each time I watch and read your detailed how-tos. Thank you for sharing your experienced ideas.

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    30. Dear Mary,
      Your new studio is just amazing! Such attention
      to all your “needs”! 😀 Congratulations and
      continued Happy Stamping!


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    32. Hi Mary – Your stampin’ space is AWESOME. Question…..I love your desk chair (the white one). Is it available somewhere currently?

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    34. Sooo lucky to have such a beautiful work space… I like very much your style and colors, so clear!!
      Here in Greece, few houses have extra rooms to use for hobby. me… i work in the kitchen and supplies like paper are hidden in other rooms. How i wish i could have them all around me… Hope some day to be able and organize more at least my kitchen :):):)

    35. Absolutely love your space! It’s inspiring me to do more with mine…heading out to IKEA right now…ok, maybe not now, but sometime in the near future! 🙂

    36. Definitely a stamping paradise! I wish I know you in person or that you’re my neighbor so I can come bug you and play in your craft room. TFS!

    37. WOW… Your ideas are amazing! Thank you for sharing all of the details into creating a space that inspires more creativity. It’s no wonder your work is incredible. I will have to rethink my space to make it more efficient – and your ideas are so well thought out. Kudos to your husband – he obviously loves you and Stampin’ Up – what a keeper! Hooray to Ikea, too!

      I love designer papers – but I get overwhelmed with them – Can you offer advice as to how you keep your designer papers organized with the tabbed separators? By color? Or, by series? What do you do with your retired papers? Thanks and best wishes with your new space!

    38. Just had a craft room built for myself too. Nothing like it. Everyone should have one.
      Thanks for sharing yours. Kathy

    39. Mary, I think you should consider a career in craft room design! This is wonderful. Hope you won’t mind if I copy some of your ideas for mine.

    40. Congratulations on your new craft space! It makes me happy to think of you enjoying many hours in your well lit, organized, and beautifully created area. For all of us who have spaces large and small, it’s a place all our own. I know whatever you create there will be lovely and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    41. Mary,
      God has blessed you with a lovely house as a Stampin’Up! House and has given you wonderful talents! Thank you for sharing this with me.
      what is the price for a new catalog?
      Ann Renfroe

    42. Absolutely beautiful! I have an office that needs reorganizing. You have given me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing your Ultimate Stampin’ Zone. I love it.

    43. Mary, Do you keep your markers lying flat or do you stand them up in a pen holder? I have a tin that I painted on in a class so I’ve filled it with black beans and I’ve kept my markers in there so they are grouped in colors. However, I’ve noticed that if I don’t keep them with the writing tips down, they don’t want to write right away. I was wondering if I should change my ways? :0)

    44. Your space is amazing. I am working with a unfinished basement but being I am new I don’t know where to begin. I figured I might as well make it large like yours as I am sure I will “grow” into it when I start getting more stuff. Can I ask you where you purchased your cabniets and counters? Plus I am really bummed that Ikea stopped shipping a lot of their items, as there is not a store near me. Any pointers for a beginner?

    45. Your new space is simply gorgeous! I am envious! Now I see why you are so inspirational to me! I am in the process of designing a new kitchen and maybe my stamping room will be my next project!!! Thank you for sharing all the tips and ideas.


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