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Have you been following my journey to create the Ultimate Stamping Zone?  I'm having a ball in my new space.  There are still a few things to tidy up (and repair).  However, I plan to do a comprehensive post and video to share in the next couple weeks. For the latest updates and photos, please visit my Stampin' Pretty Facebook Page and don't miss my RAK's (Random Acts of Kindness and Swap Cards) below!

I believe good organization of stamping space means easy access and visability.  Racks can be an fabulous way to accomplish this.  Here are examples of how I have incorporated racks into my "zone."

A simple dowel system keeps ribbon accessible and looking organized. It's easy to slip off rolls on the right or use them while they are hanging. The little $.99 "buckets" from IKEA hold ribbon scraps. The rods (actually a curtain draw rod) fit through Stampin' Up! rolls perfectly (IKEA: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10079366).

SDC17095-1 Take a closer look.  These sweet In Color Designer Printed Brads (available July 1, #122940) give new life to boring hardware.

My husband, Sccot, touches up where my prior punch racks (IKEA Bygel rails) were located.  He's such a good egg about my "essential" changes.  Isabel supervises.


Scott and I worked as a team lining these DVD racks up and installing.  Rack details below.

I'm incredibly excited about this DVD (clear mount stamp) wall storage. Looks like metal sculpture (when staggered) and simplifies finding what you need fast. Here's the link with product info: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70115521

Note:  The racks are designed to hold DVD's vertically.  I flipped them horizontally so that I could read the spines easier (when you're 50, you'll understand).  I don't have any problems with them falling through as long as I have at least 3 DVD's in a compartment (to fight gravity) and push them flush to the wall.

Nope, I couldn't give them up.  These 8.5 x 11 paper storage racks were an amazing find when a local hobby store was getting rid of their display rack.  Got 'em for a song about 3 years ago.

I'm still using my clear, stackable 12 x 12 paper storage but sized this cabinet (30" wide) to accommodate 26 trays.  They are in my "paper and cutting" zone but disappear when the cabinet is closed.  I'm a "neatnik."  Note:  It's looking a little sparse in there as I wait to order new Designer Series  and 12 x 12 paper from the Stampin' Up! 2011-2012 Idea Book & Catalog (available July 1).

I use Stampin' Up! 12 x 12 Dividers (105529) to keep my paper organized and easy to find.

I still haven't found anything better to keep punches displayed and ready to go than these IKEA Bygel Rails.  I maxed out the wall space and allowed for "future expansion."  LOL.  The DO work for the new style Stampin' Up! punch if they are in the open position.  Just sent them on the rail gently. 

Did I mention that the rails are very inexpensive? Here's the information on the 39 1/4" rail ($2.99) and the 21 3/4" rail ($1.99).  IKEA no longer ships the rails.  You'll need to purchase them at the IKEAstore.

Punches are ready to report for duty.  I planned my entire layout dependent on this "paper and cutting" zone. 

Whoosh!  Also in the plan was this waste bin.  Just cut and sweep the little stuff back into the bin.

RAK (Random Act of Kindness). I wanted to share some beautiful cards that have been shared with me recently. 


 This card was sent to my by the  Stampin' Up! Special Events Team (after the crusie).  That big, beautiful stamp is Hello, Doily Background (122845, available July 1).


RESERVE YOUR 2011-2012 STAMPIN' UP! IDEA BOOK & CATALOG NOW!  Please EMAIL ME your name and mailing address, if you would like me to order a catalog for you.  The cost per catalog is $9.95 (includes priority mail shipping if you purchase your catalog through me).  U.S. residents (including APO addresses) only.   

Important note for those who reserve a catalog:  On July 1, you will receive an on-line invoice for payment by PayPal or credit card.  Upon payment, your catalog will be shipped within 24-48 hours with delivery to your door within 3-5 business days.

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  1. Suzanne Treut

    oh…how i long for a room like yours!!sigh…were living in a fifth wheel right now in between houses and not knowing when the next will be. all my stamp supplies are under where you sit at the table…makes it really hard to feel motivated to stamp:( but i know id be cranking out all kinds of creations with your room….your so so lucky!!:)

  2. I am SO jealous of your space!!! I love the Ikea rails, but the closest Ikea store to me is 5 hours away! I have been trying to find something similar in our hardware stores, etc, but no luck! Praying that your creativity overflows in your new space! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful cards and a beautiful space for a beautiful gal! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Mary – Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful new space for stamping!! 🙂 It is just gorgeous! Wish I could be that organized. The cards you shared are just great, too!! 🙂

  5. I have loved all three of your stampin zones now. 🙂 The ironic thing is that your first stampin pretty zone was what brought me to your blog to start with and I have loved this blog ever since. 🙂


  6. Hi Mary, WOW what a wonderful space this is turning out to be. You have some great ideas and I also am jealous! My plan is to work in my room to try to do some type of design the last week of August. I’m taking a full 10 days off of work to accomplish the task. And, I was SO surprised to see my card on your blog! I was so excited that you thought it was good enough to share on your beautiful blog! Thanks friend…you are the best!

  7. After looking at your awesome Ultimate Stamping Zone, I want to redo some of my space! You have some wonderful ideas! Thanks for letting us enjoy the ride with you. You received some gorgeous cards too!

  8. Coming together just great, Mary! Jealous, to say the least! What a great idea with the new color brads!
    Thanks for continuing to share!

  9. Heidi Kimmerly

    Mary – Congratulations on such a spectacular work space. You and Scott have done an amazing job! What pleasure you will have eveytime you walk into that space. Thanks so much for sharing..

  10. Mary – great ideas for room organization. I envy you having such a wonderful space to stamp in. I will take some of these ideas and try to implement them when I have more space!:)

  11. Mary this room is so beautiful. I love it. I can see lots of wonderful ideas coming from this very beautiful room. Thanks for sharing it with us. Ellen

  12. Thanks, Grace. However, the real key is thinking about the space, how you work (standing vs. sitting, left to right or right to left) and where everything would best fit. It took me several weeks to resolve on “how I work” and then plan it out with all the details (for example, a special drawer for adhesives, big shot dies, etc.) You’ll see more soon! Hugs, M

  13. Hi Anne: Good question. You can fit 8 to 9 Stampin’ Up! clear-mount DVD sized containers in one opening. 9 is a tight fit but works. Each rail has four openings so 32 to 36 per rail. I’ll never fill 5 rails with current stamps so plan to do some creative spacing! Hugs, M

  14. HI Mary…. sorry for my english….

    I love your room… I have a question for you, the DVD rack, who many case of stamps you can put on it??



  15. I’m green with envy! What a fabulous crafty space! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy 🙂

  16. absolutely fabulous…I’m so jealous!
    Thanks for the great inspiration!!

  17. Donna Register

    I love, love, love your organized stampin’ room. You and Scott have done a wonderful job. I understand the mentality of organization. I even have to put away when I finish a project before I can start another. Can’t stand the clutter. I almost had a fit when I saw the “Hello, Doily” card because I thought they cut a real doily! I have one my grandmother made that looks just like it. I got to have that stamp!

  18. Mary, this is an amazing space. Simply fabulous.

  19. Grace Lange-Way

    Mary – you are amazing and should have been a professional organizer. I drool when I see what you are doing! Just fantastic.

  20. your room is absolutely magnificent!!! I’ve loved watching it form. Can’t thank you enough for sharing!!

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