Simple Saturday Gold Blossom

Stampin up blossom petals punch curly cute right
Honestly, the flower takes a bit of futzing for a Simple Saturday card . . . however, the simplicity for today's card is about inspiration.  When I received the home d?cor catalog shown below, I gathered up the courage to combine Poppy Parade, Melon Mambo and Brushed Gold–plus challenge myself to recreate the flower.

Stampin up blossom petals punch curly cute viva terra
I have a homework assignment for you . . . please tell me with a comment below if you prefer the flower positioned on the right or centered, as shown below.  Does this happen to you?  So hard to decide sometimes.

Stampin up blossom petals punch curly cute centered

  • Stampin up blossom petals punch brushed gold card stock The Blossom Petals Punch (new in the Occasions Mini Catalog) saves you the time of cutting out all those sweet petals (which multi-task as leaves :)  I backed the completed flower with a 1 3/4" Circle to help keep everything adhered.
  • A flip of my thumb and Bone Folder give the petals a curled finish.
  • Bold stripes can produce an interesting background in a flash and help put card stock scraps to use.

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Curly cute stampin pretty Stamp Set:  Curly Cute (W117014, C120510)
Paper:  Brushed Gold (102935), Melon Mambo (115320), Poppy Parade (119793), Whisper White (100730)
Ink:  Melon Mambo (115656)
Cool Tools:  Blossom Petals Punch (121808), 1 3/4" Circle Punch (used to back flowers, 119850), 1" Circle Punch (119868), 1 1/4" Circle Punch (119861), 3/16" Corner Punch (119871), Bone Folder (102300)
The Perfect Touch:  Gold Brads (104337), Stampin' Dimensionals (104430)

Click to enlarge stamp images.




  1. Barb in Ontario

    Off center for me!

  2. Mary Carol Henderson

    Stamping in a triangle or places things in 3 or in a triangle shape are very eye appealing and easy for your eye to look at….When you stamp in a triangle on a piece of paper the placement of those stamps create a harmonious background.(my stampin’ up demonstrator taught me that)

    I prefer the flower off centered btw.

  3. Off center for sure! Thank you Mary.

  4. Mary,
    Your work is impeccable. I think that
    flower is big and bright enough that
    it needs to be front and center. It
    looks stunning that way. Keep up the
    good no great work and thanks for
    sharing. I find it fascinating that
    your home decor catalogs use so many
    Stampin’ Up colors. Fun.

  5. WOW ~ you really shine with this inspiration. Your gold flower is gorgeous and looks better off center. Your bright card stock stands out more, and the flower really pops. Tend to agree I wouldn’t actually call it “simple.” Fabulous!

  6. Yes I like it on the right, too.

  7. kathyc/northcarolina

    On the right, please! Gorgeous!

  8. I like the flower off set to the right. I also really like the idea of the layered cardstock for the background. I have a baby card to make this afternoon and I will try this with blues. Oh it’s snowing here in Michigan. It is lovely, everything pure white. We have about 4 inches right now and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon! Perfect weather to head to my stamp room.

  9. Carla Bazhenow

    Its the middle one for me!!! But, I love both!!! Hugs,

  10. Centered, please.

  11. I like it in the center. It seems to catch my eye better.

  12. Marilyn McCree

    Love the flower and the color scheme. Very pretty. I like the flower in the center.

  13. I prefer it centered…although it is beautiful both ways!!

  14. Both are stunning, but I would say that my preference is to the right, as it balances out the sentiment.

  15. I love it on the right. This is a great blog and that color combo is simply delightful.

  16. I’m definitely in the minority but I prefer the flower centered. The flower is lovely but I think the size makes it look a little too heavy on the right side.

  17. I love the flower either way too!! very beautiful!!

  18. Wow Mary your card is amazing. I would have never thought of putting that color combo together. They look great! The flower looks good in both places but I like it off-center better. That happens to me too.

  19. I like the card both ways. I would have to make two of them because I wouldn’t be able to decide which I liked the best. Great Card, I love the colors I would never have thought to put that combination together.

  20. You always inspire me, Mary. Simply gorgeous. XOXO

  21. I like it better to the right.

  22. On this card, I prefer the flower in the center. I believe it is because the strip across the bottom is balanced on both sides by the words and brads.

  23. I like it to the right. Very cute colors.

  24. Love your blog, Mary! I like the flower off-center better. Your bright colors are striking! i look fwd to your blog every day!

  25. By the way, Mary I love the color change of your blog. Bright and Cheerful, Happy colors!

  26. I think it looks more beautiful a little off to the side!

  27. Shannon FInnegan

    I like it in the middle.

  28. Love the advice. I’m going to assign “homework” more often . . . thanks for all the feedback. Clearly you like off-center for the most part but I respect what those who like things in balance (in the center) are saying, too!

    Susan O . . . your “contrarian” viewpoint was one of my initial challenges. I almost always put sentiments on the right with focal point on the left. However, I purposely tried to make my brain work the other way. I hear what you are saying.

    So does someone want to enlighten me on the triangle theory?

    Lisa . . . Kate Spade? Big smile 🙂

    Canadian Sue “good coffee and muffin” delicious comment

    Tracy Baird . . . I almost went with Daffodil Brads just to pull up that snippet of yellow from the catalog cover. The sentiment in Daffodil would be really hip! Excellent suggestion.

    Hugs, Mary

  29. First off…I like it off center. Love the colors and your duplication of the catalog cover. I have been coming to your blog for a few months and I think it’s AWESOME! Thank you for all of your great ideas! I have given you a blog award. It’s waiting for you at my blog:
    Collect it when you can and thanks again for sharing your wonderful art.

  30. I like it centered. More importantly (to me), I want to raid your mailbox for these great catalogs that provide so much inspiration!

  31. Me again, Just wanted to say I love to see your inspiration pictures. Thanks for showing them!

  32. Hi Mary,
    Love the card both ways! You know I love the tropical colors for the background, so I would probably move it to the right just to show more of the tropical color. It rocks either way though!

  33. The card looks good either way, but I like it most in the middle.

  34. center definitely!

  35. Either way works bt i prefer it off center.

  36. Mary:

    If you put flower in the middle, the sentiment should be centered and Brads on both sides of the sentiment. I like the flower off center. As someone previous posted, it brings attention to the stripes.

    Love your cards. I look forward to checking my email each day to see what you have designed. Keep the creations coming.

    Kim in Texas

  37. Here’s a contrarian viewpoint: how about placing the flower on the LEFT and then switching the sentiment and brad positions? That way you get the interest of the off-center flower, but have a more natural movement of the eye from one focal point to the other (upper left to bottom right). Actually, any arrangement would still be striking because of the bold (yes, courageous!)colors and the gorgeous flower you created.

  38. Hi Mary,
    Here is my take on your card. I like it either way, but prefer it off-centered. I’m making a suggestion and I hope that you do not mind. How about using some Early Espresso around the edges and instead of a brushed gold center, how about either Melon Mambo or the Poppy Parade? I love color and I think it would make the flower pop! I love your site and your creations.

    Here is the name of a book that I am reading and I love it. “Taking Flight…Inspiration & Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings”, by Kelly Rae Roberts. It’s very inspirational.

    Happy Weekend!

  39. Either way it looks beauti8ful.

  40. Tanya Patterson

    Beautiful card. I prefer the center look.

  41. I like both, but centered better.

  42. I’d have to say that I like it off center better. To me it makes more visual sense because of the white sentiment being off center in the other direction. Now, off to see what the others thought. I had to close my eyes and scroll to the bottom so I wouldn’t be influenced by others opinions!

  43. I think I prefer it more to the right of the card.

  44. I am usually a “Type A/Center” kind of person, but in this case I have to say to the right! It really shows off those colorful stripes that way. I wasn’t sure about the color combo, but I gotta say, I’m lovin’ it!! I’m new to your webpage and am definitely excited about getting more great inspiration from you in the future! Keep those great ideas comin’!!

  45. LOVE the color combination! I would never have tried it without seeing it first, but now it’s a must-try!

    Off to the side, definitely. I don’t like things too neat/organized/symmetrical.

  46. I prefer the flower to the right. It’s very pretty either way though!

  47. One more thought. I would have put two more brads, vertically, on the lower Poppy strip, to add another visual triangle.

  48. Hi Mary, Artistically it works either way, because you have the difference of the sentiment and brads that add interest, but the card itself is more interesting with the large focal point off center.

  49. (Canadian) SUE

    oh, Mary, your card’s stunning! I never would’ve thought about the color combo, but I may have to case this one; I do like the flower centered & I don’t know why, as I usually don’t like centering anything; TFS….you blog’s like a good coffee & muffin in th emorning!

  50. I like it in the center, so I am in the minority. Nice card either way.

  51. A beautiful card! I think the flower is better placed to the side, as it offers a bit of “white space” so the card front doesn’t look too “busy” 🙂
    Love it!

  52. Definitely to the right… it balances the sentiment. 🙂 Lovely card & color combo!

  53. To the right……with the Happy Birthday to the left on the bottom….

  54. I like the flower centered. Love your blog and neat, clean style.

  55. I like it to the right. I love you blog and cards thank you for sharing you great talents.

  56. Hi Mary…what a beautiful card. Being as I am a Libra and prefer everything to be balanced, I have to say centered!!! But that is my predisposition to everything!!!

    Thanks for all of your inspiration. I hadn’t even seen the brushed gold paper….going to get my book to add to my list now!!!

  57. I vote for off center. Happy Saturday all!

  58. Hi Mary! I prefer the card with the flower off center, to the right. Maybe a littel round mirror in the cebter of the flower would finish off the card with just the right amount of “flash”.

  59. I prefer the flower centered b/c it gives the card more balance. Like another reader said, I would feel a need to add brads or another embellishment on the left side of the card if the flower were placed more toward the right side. It seems I’m in the “minority” on this one, though!

  60. Off to the right. It’s that whole “Triangular” concept. GREAT card!!

  61. Mary, Don’t like it in the Center, so I would place it off centered. Looking at it from my view it’s on the right, actually it’s on the left. Anyway that’s my opinion.
    Love your blog, you do great work….

  62. i prefer it to the right, gives it an edgier (is that a word?) feel right than perfectly placed in the center!
    thanks for asking our opinion- i so value yours!

  63. off centre. cool card

  64. Off center is my vote! You did a great job!!

  65. I like it to the side. This card is beautiful BTW!

  66. i pick centred!! love it like that… beautiful work!!

  67. my vote is for off-center… especially since the sentiment is on the left side.

    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  68. I think I like it best on the right. I also thought you could have the sentiment in Daffodil to mimic the magazine even more so. Interesting combo though.

  69. WOW! I like both

  70. Mary,
    It totally pops! My neat freak side says to center it but my creative side says the off center actually makes a much bigger, bolder statement! And yes, these are things we really wrestle with sometimes, happy to hear I am not alone.

  71. I like it in the middle. But it’s also cute on the side.

    Mary… I’m passing along an award to you today. It’s the “Stylish Blogger award.” Please visit my blog for details.

    Take care and have a great weekend,


  72. I love the colors… I personally like the center option.

  73. Wow! You really hit the mark with the inspiration colors and that flower. I have a tendency to choose the right position, but I also really like it in the middle…..sorry. Off center is more like the magazine and they are probably right about the position.

  74. Your card reminds me of a Kate Spade purse. Vibrant colors and oh so chic! May I case this?

    As for the placement, I can’t decide which I like better. I think I would probably just make both! =)

    Hope you’re doing well.

  75. Barbara Craycroft

    I like the flower in the center, it’s too lovely not to be the focal point with other stuff surrounding it to detract from it. Thanks for letting me have my say instead of always thinking and not expressing. I am alone anymore without my husband sitting there quietly listening to my opinion, Bless his soul, now it’s your turn. Barbara

  76. this is beautiful how did you do it and what did you use for it please. Thank you

  77. Mary
    Did you ever imagine you had so many ‘off-centered’ people in your life ! LOL !! ! The joy of creative people, here’s another ‘right’ side vote.

  78. I prefer it to the right. It IS hard to decide sometimes, isn’t it?

  79. Oh gosh- it looks beautiful both ways. I would make a few one way and few the other! I think my preference would be centered though- which is odd since I ususally prefer an ‘off centered’ look. Beautiful! Thanks for inspiring my every day!

  80. I like it better on the center. That flower deserves to shine! (no pun intended).

  81. I like the flower in either position but I think I’m leaning towards the center position. Have a great weekend!

  82. Kristina MacKeen

    I like it centered. I love how you recreated it! I think it looks great.

  83. You are so good at inspiration photos!! I love this!

  84. I’m in the minority, I like it centered!

  85. Funky! Reminds me of the 70s. Right is right!

  86. Offcenter, definitely.

  87. Definitely on the right. Great flower.

  88. I like it to the right – it’s gorgeous!

  89. Shirley Madsen

    As many of your readers have noted, I prefer the off center look.

  90. Beautifully done (either way) but i, too, prefer
    ‘off center’!

  91. Off center for sure – this is so dramatic! Love it!

  92. Deb Buckminster

    I prefer it off-center, but would be happy to have such a lovely card WHEREVER you place the flower! (grin)

  93. wow look at this thread! Like you need one more comment but! Mine is…. Nailed it! I just want to get my hands on that magazine! What inspiration! This color combo rocks! So eclectic! As always… move that flower askew! To the right is marvelous!

  94. Priscilla Ivler

    I’m a person who always creates my cards saying, “What would Mary do?”…and now you’re asking, “What would Priscilla do?”. Well I love the flower off center–it shows off the color combo (which is fantastic) and creates a sense of balance. Thanks so much for all you do; your creative and extremely artistic productions never fail to impress me. And you teach me how less is more!

  95. I like both ways, but I think I’m drawn more to the centered flower. Beautiful and interesting!

  96. Gorgeous! Love how the catalog inspired you.

    I prefer the flower off-center.


  97. I can’t decide…so I would have made two as well. Both look great!

  98. Michelle M, (mcstamperNE)

    I like the flower on the right as well. You always show such gorgeous projects. You have an awesome blog.

  99. I like it off center. Nothing extra needed! It’s really pretty.

  100. Very modern looking card which needs the funky flower to be off center to keep with the theme. The card is out there but I like it!

  101. Love it centered because with the brads on the right, it balances the gold tones. This is really helping, isn’t it? Lol. Card is Mary Great either way!

  102. I would prefer it off center . . . since no matter what I do, it ends up off center anyway….

  103. I prefer the flower in the center. It seems more balanced that way.

  104. Wow … great card! I was a little skeptical when I read the color combination, but it really works! About the flower position … I like it on the right to off-set the sentiment and show off the stripes.

  105. Beautiful flower. I prefer it to the right.

  106. I’m going to say the flower on the side. I think the off-set nature of it complements the color combination.

  107. I actually prefer it in the center-seems more balanced nd the flower has more room to shine,

  108. Definitely to the right! Great inspiration photo and result.

  109. I like the flower on the right. It opens up the card and allows the other colors to star right alongside the flower.

  110. Lovely card – I prefer off centered! Catches the eye better~

  111. Being slightly off center myself, I’d have to go with the right position. Wonderful design and, well, now I guess I need that die, too.

  112. Stunning card! I never would have thought to combine those colors either but it turned out great! I like the flower to the right. I’m glad you asked though because now I will thinks about it when I make cards & scrapbook pages.

  113. I prefer the flower to the right. Beautiful card. May need to get that punch.

  114. great tips guys . . . keep them coming . . . it’s interesting. i had kind of resolved to keep it in the center . . . now i’m second guessing AGAIN. this is fun!

  115. On the right…and oh my!’s ADORABLE!

  116. beautiful! love the flower and that sentiment is so pretty!

  117. I like it on the right side BUT you’d have to add some brads on the left side…..with the flower in the middle, it’s just too predictable; hope that makes sense.

  118. I like the flower off centered. What a unique color combo! I love how you draw inspiration from everyday items!

  119. Great job with recreating the color combo. I like the off center, card is more balanced that way.

  120. I like the flower on the right to off-set the sentiment and showcase the stripes. Wonderful card!

  121. I prefer it off center.

  122. What a cool card either way!! I would tend to place the flower to the right…sometimes it’s easier than to try to get it exactly on center!

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