Meet Hercules and Hot New Stampin’ Up! Deals.


I never imagined I would find a lizard endearing.  Frankly, he's the first lizard in my life, having moved from relatively lizard-free Madison, WI to the Arizona desert last July.  This little guy began visiting our Tucson patio daily, doing his push-ups (a territorial thing) and ultimately eating dead flies we swat for him (lovely, right?).  If we don't show at the patio armed with a flyswatter promptly, he will wait by our back door. looking exceedingly forlorn. I thought he was handsome enough to photograph and share.  Did I say "handsome?"  Maybe the Arizona heat is getting to me 🙂

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  1. I love the lizards – it cracks me up when they do their pushups too!! How fun that you named him. My dogs always chase them away.

  2. Mary, First time I’ve left you a message but I check out your blog everyday. Your work is so beautiful, simple elegance that can be counted on! And I think your little lizard friend is exeedingly handsome! 🙂

  3. Sweeeet! Love him! Thanks for sharing your Hercules with us!

  4. Barb Hendrickson

    I love your story about the lizard, mary. We homeschooled our boys and in younger years, we’d find preying mantis around our house. We caught one one day and the boys fed it live bugs which were crawling all over the trees. 😉 Isn’t the circle of life grand?


  5. He is handsome. Maybe in AZ you have to kiss a few lizards… instead of frogs! Thanks for the pix. lorijane

  6. Thanks for sharing your life with us Mary! It is fun to see how you are adjusting to life out west!

  7. I think he is gorgeous, but I have a soft spot for AZ wildlife. 🙂 Glad you are feeling at home in the desert now.
    Trish in AZ (lol had to copy Barbara)

  8. EEK! I thought you were going to tell us Hercules was the inspiration for a card. I admire your inclusion of the little gaffer!

  9. I think it is great! I don’t do bugs very well, wonder if he eats spiders? mmm I am thinking maybe I should move to a warmer climate…no I don’t think so! I will stay here in the cold state of Maine!! no dangerous bugs for the most part!
    Love your story though!

  10. he’s precious. we have teeny little geckos down here in southern alabama and i think they’re the cutest things ever. he’s seems to be fairly domesticated for a lizard! you now have a pet on your patio. too cute!

  11. Life would be dull without critters entertaining us 😀 Love his name and he is a rather good looking guy LOL! Look at it this way, he is smaller than the iguanas I grew up with in Costa Rica!! Have a great day.

  12. Oh oh, according to Janet, Hercules could be a girl… that means babies. lol Hugs,

  13. Barbara Chatzkel

    Well, you’ve finally become an Arizonan! Hopefully Hercules will hang around for a long time! We’ve befriended a bobcat (named Bobby,of course), but we don’t feed him! Have a great day. Barbara in Arizona

  14. He’s adorable, Mary! Great story! Say hi to him for me.

  15. Colleen Kramer

    I think I like a lizard who respects boundaries. His domain is outside on the patio, yours is indoors. Sounds like a win-win to me.

  16. Hercules sounds like a great addition to the family! I’m giggling at the thought of you scurrying out there every morning while apologizing to him if you’re late with the flyswatter. Too funny!

  17. Janet..right up the road from you a spell

    If you have any crickets inside you may want to see if Hercules would eat them for you. They are higher in protien than flies are too! Are you sure Hercules is a boy? Ususally males are more colorful than the photo shows and girl lizards do push ups too!

    Honestly, he could just as easily be a girl. He/She has a bright blue stripe under his neck and gets pretty jazzy in the sunlight (more color). I gave him a cricket once and he sat with it in his mouth until spitting it out. Seriously. Herk has a very refined palate.

    Hugs, M

  18. Denise Manahl-Priest

    You won’t find as many bugs outside with him around. I can’t wait to see what you post when if new wife and kids move in. 😉

  19. What a sweet story and very nice of you to swat the flies for Hercules! You’ve named him too! How cute! Happy Stampin’!

  20. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  21. He definitely is a handsome Hercules!!!
    How cool to have a lizard as a patio protector!!! I’m sure he will be future inspiration!!! 🙂

  22. okay, mary. you have gone too far this time!!! teehee. funny how our lives can change, isnt it? who’d have thought a lizard would be part of your future. i just felt he (he???) needed a apecial comment. and he’s low maintenance … a bonus!
    blessings, jo ann.

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