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Since the day I shared that we were moving from Madison to Tucson, you have been asking about the future of my stamping digs (previously known as the Stampin' Pretty Stamping Zone, now renamed the "Loft"). I thought it was time to provide some snaps of my progress.  There are still a few things to be done relating to lighting and artistic touches.  However, for the most part, the Zone is up and running.

July 11th 2009 028
Ahh, it seems like only yesterday that my new loft was full of boxes holding my stamping essentials.

You'll note some modifications to match the new space dimensions.  My paper storage racks (found them on clearance at a craft store in Madison) are side by side vs. stacked. My ink pads and reinkers adore their home in the Stampin' Up! Color Caddy (104355) on the right.

Ribbon is tucked into the hutch above . . . very neat and organized this way.  I used to have it on the open shelves.  It's very craft-friendly combined with Stampin' Up!'s Ribbon Keepers (Small, 107634; Medium, 107635; Large, 107636).  A Stack and Store Caddy (109127) on top of the hutch spins and efficiently shares brads, buttons, and more.

My 12 x 12 clear, stackable paper storage trays house Designer Paper and Textured card stock.  You can find them on sale at  They are pretty pricey but fit the bill and will last.

My stamps are organized alphabetically in the hutch.  I still keep a
"bible" of images to look them up quickly.  The Tabletop Paper Cutter
(106959) and Big Shot Die-Cut Machine (113439) are always ready and
waiting for their next assignment.

I use Ikea Bygel Rails to store my punches.  For $1.99 each (21 3/4"), they are a real bargain.  There's also a larger size (39 1/4") for $2.99.  The shipping is typically more than the cost of the product.  If you have an Ikea nearby, save on shipping and grab them at the store. 

OK, the flat screen is an extravagance.  It's not a new purchase but has magically found it's way into my stamping loft.  I love a little HGTV when I'm up late stamping.

I confess.  I have always pooh poohed recliners.  However, these guys are ultra comfy and roomy . . . perfect for blogging on my laptop or watching a movie with my daughter, Caroline.  The fireplace will be a delightful indulgence when Tucson cools in fall and winter (it can even snow)!

Of course, there's a special spot in the Loft for Miss Isabel.  She's Sittin' Pretty 🙂

Can't forget the view!  The sun rises over the mountains and it's breathtaking.  When it sets in the west, it still casts a gorgeous glow on the mountains.  I get to witness a family of quails daily at the seed block below. I hope I never lose the thrill of experiencing such natural beauty.

I'm headed to the Stampin' Up! Convention (my first) in Salt Lake City today (8/4).  I plan to be on the look out for fresh and cool stamping ideas and have plenty of paper crafts to share in the mean time, too.




  1. Did you order the IKEA rails online? I have been after those rails for a while but can’t seem to order them online (not available for online purchase_?

  2. This is impressive! I think it looks as good, if not more, as your previous spot! Definitely conducive to some seriously inspired stamping…


  3. It’s so pretty! Would you consider sharing photos of the rest of your house? Inspiring….

  4. LOVE what you’ve done with your LOFT! 🙂 I’ve been patiently waiting…hehe

    Also, can’t WAIT to see all the fun new ideas you bring back from convention, I wanted to go SOOO bad!

  5. Love the loft!!! You Stampin’ Space is spectacular! I love Isabel too! Happy Stampin’!

  6. Mary… Your new home looks wonderful and comfortable. so happy for you. Your loft and organization is an inspiration… not to mention so is your stamping. (and I still love your hair cut!)

  7. Wow, Mary, it looks fabulous! Looks like everything made the trip fine and is all settled into it’s new home. Love the color you painted the wall (or walls). And those chairs look comfy! Ready to relax after a “hard” day of crafting!! =) Thanks for sharing pics of your Loft and wonderful view outside! I have a friend that just moved to Phoenix, AZ from here so I’m sure she’s having some adjusting to do as well. Happy Stamping!

  8. GREAT room – you’re one lucky gal! 🙂

  9. Wow, totally awesome! You are sooooooo lucky to have everything looking so beautiful and functional. Your dog is so adorable 😉 My studio is moving to the basement this weekend. I’m going to miss the window and the brightness, but I outgrew the space. You gave me some great ideas, esp. the punch racks. I know where to buy used bars for cheap. Have fun!

  10. Looks like a wonderfully inspiring space, Mary! Seems like Arizona suits you well! TFS!

  11. LOve your new space. I would love to have such a big space. You are gonna be up by my area. I hope you have fun!!

  12. Great Job Mary!

    I’m glad you are enjoying your new digs.

    Your stampin’ Loft is FABULOUS, as was your original stampin’ zone. Sometimes it is hard to make furniture and accessories purchased especially for one space, work in another new and different space. It takes ingenuity and imagination to make everything work in a new way… but you pulled it off in true “Mary” style! (I never doubted you for a minute.) I am glad to see that Miss Isabel has her own area to lounge and hang out in the girl’s loft..uhmmmm, I mean Stampin’ Loft.

    Have fun at Convention. It is a fun and wild time. I went once, (2007 in Denver) I was truly inspired. Can’t wait for you to share all the fun.

    Heidi Kilgore, (in AZ)

  13. Oh mylanta!! For that, I would have moved too!! Congrats Mary, that is GORGEOUS!!

  14. Mary – I love your new loft and creating space! Your old one was awesome and this one is just as awesome, if not better. I love your punch storage – I’ll have to see if I can do something like that when I remodel my room. I know I’ve been saying I’ll do it for months now but we haven’t gotten around to it yet but hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll have a new space. 🙂

    Enjoy convention and can’t wait to hear what you bring back in terms of ideas!

  15. Thanks for sharing pics of you space. I always love seeing fellow stamper’s rooms or spaces. Yours is beautiful! You unpacked and organized rather quickly, I think.

  16. Wow!!!! I love your new loft. I loved your old space but this new one is even better. I’ve been waiting to see it, and it was worth the wait. Get orgainzation. It must feel really good to stamp there. I have recently redone my craft room too and I love it. I also used Ikea alot for my punches and floating shelves. I used the picture rail from Ikea for my ribbons. Thanks for sharing your wonderful space. Love it! Sue Deane

  17. Oh I’m loving your new space! It looks so homely and just all out comfy. Do you ever leave??! LOL

  18. barb hendrickson

    Thanks so much, Mary for sharing your space with us. It is inspiring that one could move across the country and already have all of their stamping stuff in place. Pretty amazing and wonderful! Enjoy Arizona. 🙂


  19. Mary, Your space looks great!! Sounds like my dream… stamping in a room w/ that view w/ some HGTV!! I used to live in AZ and just loved it… enjoy the sunshine and warmth!!! Thanks for sharing!

  20. What an inspiration you are to me. You truely raise the bar for crafting. So professional, I love it. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. Safe traveling!!

  21. I must say Mary your room is absolutely gorgeous, so organized and beautiful. I love your baby too -puglishish. Have only been to Arizona a couple of times from our home in Canada but it is our favourite state. I would love to see your work space when you are messy! I would feel much better. Enjoy your new home

  22. Phyllis Johnson

    Your room is as beautiful as the projects you create! As a fellow demo, I love your work and the recent article in SS was awesome!! It’s great to see you recognized. You’ll love convention .. I’m flying out today and can’t wait!! Thanks for sharing with us all!!

  23. I love it! Can I move in??LOL! I admire your organization skills – thanks for sharing and have fun at convention!

  24. WOW cannot decribe what a beautiful Area you have!!! I wish I had 1/4 of an area you have. Beautiful Mary You Lucky Girl!!!!!!


  25. Doesn’t it feel so good to have things in their place! You have a beautiful stampin’ loft and I just love the accent color on your wall. I would love to know the color you used!

    Best wishes to you & your family in your new home!

    Peachtree City, Georgia

  26. Mary I love what you’ve done with your new Stampin Pretty Loft. It looks like you are getting settled. I hope to visit with you for a minute at convention. Talk to you soon.
    Salt Lake City

  27. Oh, I’m so happy you have your craft space again! We just moved (like JUST moved) and I had my stamping stuff in a loft. I miss it already! Your loft looks beautiful! I’m excited for you!

  28. Oh my gosh! Your new ‘zone’ looks so cosy and warm and inviting, LOVE IT!! Will you ever venture into any other room in the house now? Lol! I must admit I’ve been itching to see what you were going to do with your new space – thanks for sharing! Have so much fun at convention!

    Hi Julie: I’m getting few things done in other areas of the house but DO plan to share. Thanks for your comment. Hugs, M

  29. It’s wonderful, and I know it helps to be organized and neat like you are. However, don’t forget that there is no substitute for your own creative talent, no matter where you work. I guess the honeycomb pattern means your’re a busy bee. Have fun at the convention. One of my local reps is also going for the first time from NC.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing your new Stamping Pretty Loft -it is gorgeous and the view is beautiful :)… You are an inspiration in helping my get my room organized. Now I just need a fun name for my space 🙂

  31. This is beautiful! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the pictures. I need you to stop by if you’re ever in Lincoln, Nebraska and help me out a bit! I have a really nice space, but absolutely no organizing skills. Thanks for sharing!

  32. oh, it looks wonderful! how fun to have a great space like that!:) thanks for sharing!

  33. The loft is beautiful and I think I prefer it to the last place. I need to put a comfy and cozy chair in my stamp room. I mostly just stand to do my stamping. My neck starts screaming at me after a while. Enjoy your new place. Have a blessedly wonderful time at convention.


  34. Oh, Mary, thank you so much for sharing your new Stamping Loft! It’s gorgeous… and so you! You have so many great ideas for storage. I especially love the punch racks from IKEA! Another simply stunning Mary post! Have a wonderful time at Convention!

  35. You ARE AMAZING! Your Stamping Loft is so inviting. I know you are already having treasured moments creating and enjoying. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  36. PS- I also love HGTV while stamping- or anytime really!!

  37. Mary- Another beautiful Stampin Pretty Space! I am slowly carving a tiny space out in what is a walk in closet size space with two windows and a desk off our bedroom. Our house is a 1932 Traditional Midwestern home and “extra” space just doesn’t happen, but this little room was the original owner’s wife’s sewing room. I have a vision, so I will be doing a lot with a very little space. Any tips? I am for sure going to check out IKEA for the punches because that is a great way to have them out and accessible but not in the way. Have a great time at Convention. I am going to try to go next year. Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks with us!


  38. Congrats on finishing the Loft. You’re awesome…everything is so neat and tidy. Everytime I see your loft, I want to get organize too in my room (no extra room for me) 😀

  39. Love your new zone. It’s looks so neat. I’m like you, a neat fanatic. It makes it so easy to sit down and created when everything is where it should be. Thanks for sharing. I love the punch racks. Have fun at the convention.

  40. Your room is so comfortable and organized! I really like the recliners and the awesome TV, lol. I love all your storage units too. Great room!

  41. I’m so glad you shared your loft space with us. It is great you now have more room and a space to enjoy with your daughter. I just put up my rails last week and love them. I only have 4 right now, but will be getting a few more. I found that my crop-a-dile, my paper crimper, and my wheel handles also fit! Next I’m looking for boxes or baskets that fit in my desk. Anyway thanks again for sharing.

  42. Mary, I LOVE your new loft! It’s even more beautiful than your old space. And I can’t believe how well everything fits in! Well done!

  43. When can I move in?? It’s beautiful and I cannot wait to see it in person someday.

  44. What a great room you have and sooooooooooo neat. Mine is a mess, but am trying to down size so it isn’t so messy……pat

  45. What a place to relax, unwind, and stamp! And, the best thing is that it has your signature look to it! Enjoy your new home, Mary!




  47. colleen kramer

    Beautiful! You’ve showed us a good example that quality pieces can be used in a variety of settings (Just like you do with stamps!). I envy your mountain views! Welcome Home!

  48. Linda Callahan

    Gorgeous! Think my space needs a makeover -however I do have a bed for my “baby girl” in it as well. Have a great time in Salt Lake City!

  49. Love it. Can I come over to play?

    Have a great time at convention!

  50. Love the new space. Very nice. Those recliners look great!!!

  51. Dear Mary, your new loft space is a dream. Enjoy SLC and Convention. I am not attending this year and look forward to Leadership in your “neighborhood” when January delivers its harshness here in WI. lorijane
    PS Where did you find the storage boxes? They coordinate with SU! boxes nicely.

    Hi Lori Jane:

    I purchased the blue storage boxes at I also found them here:

    Thanks for your comment and question!

    Hugs, Mary

  52. Yay – I’ve been waiting with baited breath for pictures of your new stamping space! It has come up beautifully, Mary (as expected!). Thanks for sharing!

  53. Mary your creative space looks just FABULOUS! You have got it so beautifully organised and coordinated…it looks divine. I hope you enjoy many productive creative sessions in your new space:-))

  54. Hope to see you in SLC, so I can tell you in person how much I love your ideas!!! You’re creativity inspires me to do more!

  55. Love your NEW Stampin Pretty Zone!
    I didn’t think you could top the old one but you have a beautiful view and a pretty neat space.

  56. Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!!! LOVE all your amazingly creative touches!! Makes me want to clear out my space and start over! 🙂 Hope to meet you this week!!!! Patty

  57. Love your new ‘pretty space’. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Now I’m motivated to get my room prettied up. 🙂
    First thing is to head to IKEA for those great racks to store my punches.
    Enjoy your new room and home

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