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6a00e54f95df92883401156ed917ab970c Holy Cactus . . . I'm officially a new home owner in Tucson.  There was a little "demolition" to my new Stampin' Pretty Zone today in preparation for the movers tomorrow.  It should be pretty spiffy in no time.

I can't get over how many great comments (450+) my blog candy post received.  I review all the comments and treasure the wonderful support and insight you provide.  Thanks so much for playing. 

There was a such wide range of favorites.  The In Color Markers, Real Red Polka Dot Ribbon, Medallion Background and Circle Circus stamp sets were popular but there were many standouts!

The random winner is Melissa Ricker for this comment:

"Hi Mary!
Good luck with the move, I just got into a new home myself and am
trying to get my stamping area re-organized. My favorite new stamp set
is Herb Expressions, I think it is so cute! Thanks for the chance to
win blog candy!

Melissa, I'm digging Herb Expressions, too.  Please email me your address in the next 24 hours so that I can ship your goodies to you pronto!


  1. So glad to hear you made it to Arizona safe and sound! {{{WELCOME}}} Not sure what you were thinking moving here in JULY of all months, but welcome anyway! LOL!

  2. Well…WELCOME to Arizona. Here in PHX area, it is 109…just remember to keep at least three a/c repairman ph. nos. handy, coupla’ a candles (in case of a power surge)…that reminds me get a quality surge protector for your PC/laptop, and always keep plenty of bottled water in the house. And never leave the house w/o a bottle of water in your hand. BTW, enjoy the sunsets. OH, and if your house is new, do exterminations monthly for awhile.

  3. Thanks again Mary for the awesome blog candy!!!

  4. Stephanie Daughtrey

    So glad that you made it! I can’t wait to see your new “zone”.

  5. Have fun with your big change! Can’t wait to see the new studio! See you at Convention!

  6. So glad you made it safely. I hope everything you dreamed about in Tucson comes true for you and your family. Looking forward to doing business with you in Tucson. Take a few days to relax please.

  7. I wish you the best of luck in your new space!! Can’t wait to see your new room when you get it set up and I’ll look forward to your next post with sample.

  8. Weird. I was just about to ask for photo advice (once you get settled, of course). Apparently Paula and I think just alike, and she beat me to the question. I’d love to see your “stage” or whatever set-up you use to get such bright pictures.

  9. Congrats to the winner! Can’t wait to see your new stamp room.

  10. Holy Hannah, you move fast! Seems like it was just a few weeks ago you first mentioned moving! Safe trip…can’t wait to see the process of your new stamp lair coming together! Hugs, Betsy

  11. Congrats to Melissa!

  12. Good luck in your new home! Congrats to the winner … and to you on your many comments. Can’t wait to see your new stamp-zone! All the best.

  13. Congratulations on the move and the 450 comments, holy cactus is right.
    Your pictures look so professional and bright and clear. I’m wondering how you do that. Would you please tell us what kind of camera you use and the set up you have for taking pictures?
    I will miss you in Wis.
    The best of luck to you, Paula

  14. Glad you made it and getting set up. Wow, your a lot closer to me now–just one state over. Drink lots of water and don’t let the heat get you down. I learned the hard way when we moved here from Texas Gulf Coast. Odd, so much sand and so little water. 🙂 Look forward to seeing pics of your new zone. Hugs, Pam

  15. When I was 12 years old, we moved to Tucson in the middle of the summer from Northern California. Talk about a drastic temperature change!! We were doing yardwork during the middle of the day and we wondered why none of the neighbors were ever out. We thought people just weren’t friendly. LOL! Um, no, it’s just that most normal people don’t do yardwork when it’s 115-120 degrees outside! Really, we must have been the ones that looked strange to people.

    We are now in the Phoenix area, but are much more used to the summers and look like we know what we’re doing now. haha! =D

  16. Best of luck with the move. My husband grew up in Tucson and we go back to visit his parents quite frequently. If you have any questions about anything Tucson-related, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email 🙂

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