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I was recently contacted by Tracy Lucas of the Nashville Organizing Examiner regarding my marker storage, of all things. She writes articles about organization and spotted the X-Cubes I use in my Stampin' Pretty Stamping Zone.

She kindly asked my permission to use my marker photo and wrote an interesting article that I thought you might enjoy. Click here!

Speaking of permission . . . I need to interject a short reminder to my readers that the photos I take and text I use (including the links) are my own and require permission to cut and paste or republish.  Finding my original content on other blogs without my permission is not making me do the happy dance (not to mention copyright infringement).

My projects take anywhere from 1-2 hours to create.  A typical post requires an additional 2 hours of writing, editing, adding stamp images, links and product numbers, snapping and uploading photos.  A tutorial takes even longer.

Please respect my time and creativity and do not copy my text or photos without asking permission first.  I encourage anyone who wants to CASE (copy and share) one of my cards on their own blog or SCS (for personal use) to do so but be sure to link to Stampin' Pretty and credit me.

Nuf said 🙂



  1. Well said – I am so sorry that you had to remind people.

    What ever happened to saying: Hey, look at this fab card over here! and using a link???

    Which is what I did with the fabulous punched snowman card that I adored and that everyone I know will be getting for Christmas…..

  2. I have these same containers and I use them to house all my copic markers. I have each “cubicle” labeled with the letter of the markers in that spot. So convenient!

  3. I just do not understand why people do that to you or anyone. They know how it works. I may make a card like yours, but I would never take the credit,sell it or anything like that.

    Sorry that people do that to you. I hope you won’t stop sharing with us. I know we all appreciate (truly) what you do. And the extensive time it takes.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. Oooo……You go girl! Boy, some people have nerve! And you wrote it very well, keep doing what you do best Mary! And thanks for all your inspirational ideas.

  5. Congrats on the article! Your work is amazing! I’m happy for you!

  6. Mary, well said! I hope people learned something, and won’t do it anymore…

  7. Why does this not surprise me that you ideas would be published outside of your blog? Congratulations on making the “Nashville Organizing Examiner”! Sorry to hear others are taking advantage of your beautiful works of art without giving you proper credit. Glad to see you trying to curb that. Nuf said 🙂

  8. Hi Mary,

    I absolutely agree with what you said. Its rude enough to copy…and even worse to NOT credit.
    For sure if any of us see your projects posted elsewhere without your permission, we will point them out!!!
    I hope this doesn’t ruin your dedication and passion to stamp.

    Loving the way you stamp!


  9. Colleen Kramer

    Hopefully, this happens out of simple ignorance. Regardless, always good to define the ground rules. Thanks for sharing with us!

  10. Amen to that!!! I have caught people doing this to me too and I have no hesitation to contact them….KWIM?!?!

    I’m glad you spoke up my friend!!! I know all of us work very hard to keep our business going!!!

    Hugs ~S~

  11. Grace Lange-Way

    Hi Mary:

    Just to let you know that if I CASE one of your cards I always give you credit as the designer even when I change some details. My daughter owns and operates a dance studio and, even though all her choreography is copywritten, she has seen it show up in productions. This is her creativity and expressiveness and she is hurt and angry when others take credit for all her work so I completely understand where you are coming from. I hope others take heed and always credit the creative mind that came up with the idea no matter what the genre!

  12. Congratulations on the magazine article. Doesn’t surprise me. I can’t believe you aren’t published all over the SU catelogs! 🙂

  13. My thoughts EXACTLY !!!! I need to provide that gentle reminder on my blog too. You’ve worded it beautifully!

  14. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with others stealing your work.

  15. Gosh Mary, I do beg your pardon – in my post ‘Inspired by another SU Demo’ at http://www.cherryhillcrafts.blogspot.com I have your card as inspiration but linked to your site which is in my Top 6 Favourite Blog’s List and you named within my text as the designer of the card but in future I will, of course, seek your permission first to include your work in a post.
    I love your work Mary and come thro’ to your site daily and hopefully direct new people from my own blog to yours and would in no way wish to offend you – I now feely terribly guilty – kind regards Bridgette

    Hi Bridgette:

    No need to feel guilty 🙂 You are giving me proper credit and I appreciate that greatly. Frankly, it would be nice to know when you do this so I can take a peek and comment on your blog!

    Hugs, Mary

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