My Stampin’ Pretty Zone: The Video

Stampin up stampin pretty zone 2

The good news?  Hooray, my Stampin' Pretty Stamping Zone is complete and all my beloved supplies have been tucked into their comfy, new homes.  I made a video to take you on a little tutorial tour.  The not so good news?  The "stamper cam" isn't going to win any Oscars . . . very homemade–but we all love homemade, right?


For those that prefer things that don't wobble, I took still photos for you.

Stampin up stampin pretty zone 1
    These Dusty Blue Cargo Boxes are from

Stampin up stampin pretty zone 2
Remember when this was an empty hallway?

Stampin up stampin pretty zone 3
A separate work area for my Paper Cutter, Scor-Pal and Big Shot is divine.

Stampin up stampin pretty zone 4
My desk is clear for designing, coloring and assembling.

Stampin up stampin pretty zone 5
Having excellent paper storage is key. 

The organization question I get asked most is about stamp storage.  Here's what I do:
  • Remove retired stamp sets every six months (watch for my retired stamp sale in the upcoming weeks).
  • Stamps are mounted, stacked in their cases alphabetically and tucked out of sight in the hutch featured above.
  • I keep a 3 ring binder which holds images I stamp for every set.  It's organized by nature, greetings, occasions, etc.
  • When I start a project, I grab the binder and flip through in a flash.  No need to dig through my stamp sets.

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive during my Stampin' Pretty Stamping Zone journey.  For the details from it's bare beginnings, CLICK HERE.


COMING UP!  Sale-A-Bration starts Feb. 1.  More details and a fun sample using On Board So Tweet!


  1. Candy aka cwilliams

    Fabulous Stamping Zone, love the polka dots!!
    Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

  2. Jean from jlfstudio

    Thanks for the tour Mary (loved the musical accompaniment and the labels).

    While watching I discovered once again that envy, drool and keyboards don’t go together…sigh…it’s so hard being green……

    Also fun to picture your very creative self in your new fun space. I’m expecting even better things (if that’s even possible – lol) this year now that you have the perfect set up!

    Hugs and blessings and thanks for sharing the journey – Jean Fitch

  3. I love the finished “zone” Mary, thanks for sharing the video! I think I’ll be cataloging my stamps before I get many more of them. As always, you’ve inspired me….

  4. I’d give anything for my entire house to be as neat and organized as this, much less my craft room! You lucky girl!

    I’ve been meaning to catalog my stamp sets the way you did for sooooooo long. You’ve inspired me to get to it! I just wish sleep were optional…

  5. Ok. That’s it. I give in. I have to comment. Your stamping zone is absolutely fabulous! I could only dream of having the space you have…and the talent!

    Keep up the great work. Your site is so inspiring!

  6. Hello Mary – Firstly thank you for sharing your craft space – it is fabulous – and it has been riveting viewing waiting for each instalment – secondly, I noticed that you sold your retired stamps but my question is do you post overseas, namely the UK in my case, or are you not allowed to? – I understand that SU have strict guidelines for demos to follow – and lastly, I drop by most days and what you create always brings a smile to my face and puts me in my crafting happy space!! Bridgette

    Hi Bridgette:

    I cannot sell current Stampin’ Up! Products outside the US. However, SU advised me that I CAN sell retired products outside the US. The big glitch is that the shipping is very expensive ($40 or more) and would be your expense.

    You can watch for the sale and decide if you are still interested.



  7. Such a sweet stamping room!! I convinced my fiancee to share his computer den (it is now half stamp room – i’m working on getting the other half.. hehe).

    Just curious where you got those cool puzzle bookshelves? I hope they aren’t from Motif because we don’t have that store in Canada!

    Your Canadian blog-a-holic,

    Hi Tamara:

    Thanks for your sweet feedback. I purchased the bookshelves on-line through Crate and Barrel. Here’s the product link:



  8. Thank you for showing us your workspace. Lots of wonderful ideas. I wish I had a room to do all that. I keep saying,”one day!” I took your suggestion several months ago about making the book with all the stamps sets in it and it has been such a great help. Thanks for all your inspiration and keep showing projects with the big shot. I am getting it for my birthday in February and want lots of ideas. I cannot wait for the top note die and the texture plates. Have a great week.

  9. Thanks for the tour Mary…loved it. Love your binder idea for stamp set filing….that’s cool and very organised. So, just wondering, where your ‘puter is cause I didn’t see it in the hallway?? Cheers!

  10. Marie Donnelly

    So happy to see your stampin space come to life for us!!! Yay!
    I LOVE how you have all those stamp sets out of sight, and can find the set u need in a flash, in your binder. I’m DEFINITELY gonna copy that!!!
    My problem is, in MY stampin space, EVERYTHING is “in sight”.
    At the same time, I have trouble with “out of sight-out of mind” syndrome! So, it’s kind of a Catch-22. Anybody have any suggestions??
    I get such a calm feeling when I see a studio like yours so un-cluttered… yet I don’t know how I can acheive this and still keep a handle on everything.
    Sound crazy?

  11. Mary – what a fabulous space!!! I’m going to show the video to my husband this weekend and tell him this is the space I want. I love the doorway to your space and the way it is set up. As you know, I love the fabric and haven’t found the fabric for my space yet but when I do, I’ll send you the link. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and ideas and for the link to that awesome clock. A clock is very important in the stamp room! I lose track of time easily in mine. LOL

  12. Wow! It was worth the wait. I love how everything came together. I’m so jealous, my house is an older, smaller house so instead of one big room, I have two small ones. It works, but bigger is better. Thanks for taking your time to show us your corner of the world.

  13. Rosemary Olson

    Just breathtaking Mary! You must be so pleased. Could you take the two hour drive south to fix up my space for me? 🙂

  14. Great Video. I love what you have done with your space. Stunning.

  15. Great video! Awesome stamping zone! Me-green with envy

  16. Love it, Mary! I’m so jealous of your organization and especially your cabinets! TFS

  17. What a wonderful happy place! We are moving this year and I will FINALLY come out of my closet (literally) and I appreciate the inspiration. Thanks a bunch!

  18. LOVE your stamping zone! You are so organized!! Congrats!!

  19. Fabulous, fabulous room, you lucky, lucky lady.

  20. Where did you get that lovely clock? I just tried to Google it but came up empty-handed. Thanks!

    Hi Emily:

    I’m excited you like the funky clock. My house is mid-century modern (essentially a jazzed up ranch). I love adding pieces like this.

    Here you go:



  21. Love your Stampin’ Pretty Zone! My hubby is finishing the basement now so I can have my own zone!

    I actually scan in all my stamp images from the stickers before I mount them. I flip the pictures around if necessary so they are all right side up and then print them and organize in a binder like you do. It is so much faster to do then to stamp each image.

    Love all your ideas and tips!

    Hi Kellene: Great suggestion. I may give that a go next time! Hugs, Mary

  22. I TOTALLY loved your video. How were playing that guitar AND video taping at the same time?!?!?! 😉
    I had to watch it twice; once to just watch and the second time to read your little comments!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Hi Jules:

    You naughty thing. My husband was playing the guitar and following me like a strolling musician . . . just kidding. Hugs, M

  23. You should moonlight on HGTV!

    Hi Tracy:

    Interesting footnote to your comment. I was on HGTV (2 episodes) several years ago. I was a real estate consultant for the show “What You Get for the Money” when they taped in Madison. Fortunately, I wasn’t behind the camera.



  24. That is ingenious! Speaking of retired stamps…I have been trying to get my hands on SU’s Whats Brewing set for quite some time. Please email me if you know of anyone or maybe even yourself who wishes to part with that set. Thanks for sharing the video and pics!

    Hi Jessica:

    What’s Brewing? Yipes, that one must have preceded me. However, I’ll keep my ear to the ground . . . maybe someone reading the post will be able to help, too!

    Hugs, Mary

  25. Wonderful! You have given me some great ideas for my stampin’ space. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Thanks for sharing your ‘stamping pretty’ spot. You did an awesome job!

  27. Well done. It’s a true creativity zone. And the prodction value of the video is pretty good. Now…do we get to see what it looks like after you’ve been stamping for twelve hours straight? C’mon.

    Hi Karren:

    It looks exactly the same except that it appears as if a cyclone passed through. The real beauty of the “zone” is that it’s faster to find things and clean up since everything is open and easy to tuck back in.



  28. Your room is fantastic! I love the way it flows. It is beautiful! Must be fun to work there, huh?!

  29. Wow, great video tour! You are so organized! Nothing like when I get buried in several projects and have *this much* space to work in the middle of it! I’m going to study up so I be more like you!

  30. I love your finished space. I have been looking forward to seeing it. Everything has a place…beautiful and inspirational as always. Thank you for the fun video!

  31. Christine Wells

    Congratulations on completing your “ZONE”! Love it! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and keep up the great work!

    I check out your blog everyday for wonderful inspirations!

    Christine in Newfoundland, Canada

  32. Beautiful! I loved the video. Thanks for taking the time to film, edit, load, etc. I don’t know what your Zone looked like before, but this is wonderful!

  33. I LOVE it! Your “zone” looks so warm, comfy and inspirational. Good job!

    I like the cordorouy (sp?) buttons also that you have been using. Guess I’ll have to place those on my next order- stinkin’ cute!

    Have fun in your new little piece of heaven!

  34. Too fun, Mary! Now, can you help convince my husband that our dining room should be converted into a stamp zone? SO envious of your organized, beautiful space! 😉

    Hi Denise:

    So how often do you need to stamp vs. the need to eat. That’s the issue 🙂

    Hugs, Mary

  35. Looks fantastic Mary! Way to go!!! Where did you get those wire paper racks? I assume they are 8.5×11?

    Thank you my “pal”! Have a wonderful day.

    Hi My Pal Tiffany:

    Yes, they hold 8.5 x 11 paper. It’s two racks, one on top of the other. Unfortunately, I found these babies at a craft store that wanted to get rid of them. They were one of their display racks on clearance. One of life’s little treasures in my eyes.



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