Just a Note . . .

I want to give a shout out to Marilyn who nominated me for a blog award.  I'm always flattered and moved by such acts of
kindness.  I'm not very good about following through with the rules
and passing the award along.  I apologize.  It's simply a "time thing."  However, I
occasionally want to recognize those that show so much confidence in
me.  Thank you, Marilyn.

On that note, I'm asked often about why I don't participate (or get asked to be) on design teams,
submit my designs for publication or create for other stamp companies .
. . again, I'm soooo flattered by your thoughts.  Honestly, I DO get
opportunities but prefer to use Stampin' Up! products (so many options, so easy and all in one place), stick close to my demo down line and focus on my
Stampin' Pretty blog.  It keeps me plenty busy and happy. 
Maybe someday I'll feel differently.  Right now, this is a wonderful



  1. Mary, it’s so refreshing to see someone with your talent stick with Stampin’ Up! products! You really show how versatile and wonderful they are. I wish you continued success!

  2. I’m glad you decided to stick with SU! products mostly…so many blogs now days are non-SU!. It’s great to see what you come up with with just SU! products which is mostly what I own! Keep it up!

  3. Thank you Mary, for staying with SU 100%, Truly beautiful things can be made with just our products and you do such a wonderful job showing us!

  4. I totally understand. I am glad that you don’t. I have been on stamping/scrapping blogs. And it all starts out fine( ie: they just stamp for one company. They share their ideas, they help you out, etc. THEN they join some other company(ies) and they charge you to see their items, flip/flop between products and just aren’t as friendly as they once were)
    THANK YOU! YOU do not need another company. You are amazing. Why change that?!?! 😉
    Plus, you are sweet, you reply, you answer my “stupid” questions and your blog ROCKS!!

  5. Thanks Mary – I SO much second your comments about staying with SU only. I also have seen many demos begin to dabble with other companies, and I cannot keep up with the confusing array of stamps and accessories available out there. It is also quite time consuming it is to be involved with a design team, and I myself have never pursued that direction. Thanks for eloquently putting into words my own thoughts exactly. Keep up what you’re doing – you are AWESOME!! Hugs 🙂

  6. Barbara Roberts

    Being a totally 100% Stampin’ Up type person, I applaud your courage to stick with what you love. So many designers who started out with SU and whose work I loved, have strayed into other stamp companies, etc … I am no longer interested in their work or the products they ‘push’. YOU I love and look forward to your feed everyday…I know I’m going to be inspired…sometimes to the point of dropping everything and creating that project right then and there! So stick close to SU … many of us are here everyday waiting for your posts!

  7. Mary I’m so glad your keeping it simple. Stampin Up So many products so many possibilities it’s endless. You just show that everyday. Thanks so much for sharing with us your love of Rubber Stamping with Stampin UP. Hugs Sam

  8. I was wondering that myself, today in fact, about why you have chosen not to expand beyond SU. I think you could do well no matter what stamps and accessories you were to choose to use, but you do SU so very well and I LOVE to visit your site daily for inspiration!!!!

  9. Thank you for only using Stampin Up products. And almost always current products. So many times I see other designers who make cards you like to case but you can’t find the products. We know where to supplies for the cards you make. I hope you know how important that is. And for selfish reasons, we don’t want you to leave us.

  10. Hi Mary –

    I really appreciate this post. It really is nice to see that focus and simplicity – I need to learn that from you. I think it’s why your work is so stellar and your blog is so crisp. So thanks for sharing that thought. It’s great advice, even if you didn’t intend it to be! 🙂


  11. Linda Callahan

    I totally understand your comments – and I appreciate them. There are some amazingly talented people posting blogs but as an amateur I am overwhelmed by so many products and ideas to choose from. I use mainly Stampin’Up products and your blog is a perfect (and manageable) source for ideas and “how-to’s”. My favorite “discovery” from your blog so far – Cuttlebug embossing folders!

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