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Reflections on the New Look

S7302504-1Thanks to all of you who took the time to tell me you approved of Stampin' Pretty's new look.  So gratifying!  I have tried to respond to every one of you.  

About my new photo . . . there's a little story.  My "photographer" was my husband, Scott, notorious for taking "not so good" pictures.  However, he was a willing soul as we moved around our home snapping shot after shot to get the right light and right angle, only to have me shake my head and say "nope, this isn't it."

That leads us to our pets Mozart (a big, orange pound cat) and Isabel (pug).  These "animals" curl up and sleep together, follow each other around and simply refuse to be any place in our home except where the family is (dinner time, tv time, bed time).  I call it the "Velcro Factor."

So double check the door in the first photo.  This is a perfect example of how "desperate" they become, even when we briefly step outside. Scott is in on the "action," too.  Note the flash.  Classic.  Such an emblem of my life.  My cat is sitting on my lap while I type this post. I'm so lucky.


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28 thoughts on “Reflections on the New Look”

  1. wow, I have been so busy with harvest I missed the change!! Love it, and the new picture too, I have my hair cut nice and short like yours, but yous look so much better!! I love the picture you have shown here, your blue eyes were the first thing I noticed, then the animals, LOL

  2. Mary,
    I love the new look! I also love your pets! I, too, have a pug! When I sign off on some of my stampin’ emails, I’ll use “Stampin’ Hugs,” or to my fellow dog lovers, “Stampin’ Pugs”. I know, I’m a goof, but I love to Stamp and I love my Pug! Your photo is great and I love your website!

  3. I love your pics. The sidebar one is the best. But your fur-babies being in the picture is cute too.

  4. LOVE the new look you have going!! Very pretty? 🙂 Your cats are precious. We have a golden retriever who is my “Shadow”, loves to follow me, but in the house he’s limited to certain areas… he sheds too much! 🙂 Love your cards, talent, ideas, and everything in-between. Michelle 🙂

  5. Love the new look Mary = you look fabulous! I think your hubby did a great job and those babies of yours – adorable! 🙂

  6. Adorable! What a great story! Your faithful companions are too cute…thanks so much for sharing!

  7. That’s so cute, the pic of the animals, my cat is the same way. He is Siamese and has to be right under my chair the whole time I create; or sometimes on my table on my Scor-mat where I work! Glad you finally got the right pic of yourself! It’s lovely! hugs, Monica

  8. I think you are just beautiful, a classic beauty, inside and out. Your warm personality comes thru your eyes. Such a sweet and classy lady, with talent, sense of humor, and beauty to boot!


  9. So cute!!! It’s so good to see cats and dogs get along. Can you post more pics of them? I’d love to see them up close. Good for husbands that are such good sports about taking pictures over and over again.

  10. Hey Mary,

    I love the picture. What a pretty lady!!
    I love the cats in the background. That is what life is all about, the simple pleasures.
    Love those cats!! Good job!!

  11. LOL! Cute picture with the animals at the door. A similar thing happened to us a few years ago. I was taking a picture of my daughter’s first day of school in front of our door. It wasn’t until later when I was going through the pictures that I saw my son (he was around 1yr) off to the side in the window bawling his head off. It is such a funny picture!

  12. I love the new look of the blog – it looks really nice!! I LOVE that picture of your pets waiting for you like that – so so cute – it is my dream one day to have a kitty and a pug!! 🙂

  13. Lucky Lady! I’m allergic to cats & dogs, etc, etc………maybe men, too, because I still haven’t found one I could stand to keep around tooooo long [ex-husbands abound][ok, not THAT many ex’s]LOL

  14. Love the animals and aren’t you lucky to be so loved as to never be left alone – no matter how much you could use an hour or so of “me” time! LOL Great photos, great blog and great person you are Mary. Always putting yourself 150% into pleasing your customers. I’m off for the weekend so enjoy.

  15. One cat..one dog…one great husband with patience I might add….you are truly a blessed girl!!! Don’t forget…all that talent to “boot” and all in one day. Absolutely love the new lay-out!!!

  16. Hi Mary,
    Mozart and Isabel are so cute!!! I clicked the pictures so I could see them better, they looked that they are in desperation (is it a word?) to go outside with you, maybe next time they should be in your lap, just kidding 🙂

    Love your new blog-look.
    God bless

  17. mozart and isabel were a RIOT!!! and … i think you need to re-think your hubby’s picture taking ability. your new pic is absolutely gorgeous, lighting and all!!! kudos to THE MAN!!! (but i still sort of like the two velcro guys …)

  18. Awwwe, you cat and dog are too cute!! I don’t even think my husband could turn on our camera…hence the reason I am never in any photos:-) Have a fabulous day!! Hugs, Kelly

  19. I had noticed your new profile pic yesterday. I think it was worth the time it took – it looks good!

    LOL at the cat and dog in the door! Poor little guys, being abandoned like that for five minutes…


  20. Hi Mary,

    I don’t know what your old blog looked like but the new one is fab.

    Great profile pic and the little cuties in the door are adorable. We have a lovely little black and white kitten who is just adorable!!

    I love the new products and think your cuttlebug and cake card is fantastic…can’t wait to see more, right am off to browse and shop now!!

  21. I Love It…Thanks for the info on how to re due the blogs…do we say Mary sent us:)

    Hi Sam:

    I would love it if you mentioned to Veronica that you heard about her through my site. Hugs, Mary

  22. LOVE the photo of Scott. He’s always so photogenic. 🙂 You’ve got a winner in him!

    I better get connected with Veronica before you book her completely up!

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