Paper Potluck I Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my little patterned paper contest.  Over 80 comments.  So cool!  Using a random number generator . . . . Colleen  Moreland is the winner!!!!!!! Colleen, please email me your address in the next 48 hours and I’ll pop your pretty pile of papers in the mail to you, pronto.   I have a backup comment pulled in case Colleen misses out.

Here is Colleen’s comment:

"My favorite is the Berry Bliss.  I love the Cutie pie too,   I love it.
Thanks so much for all the ideas and wonderful cards you have
displayed. I have learned so much. I can’t wait to see your next idea!!
Thanks again, Colleen Moreland"

Your top 5 favorite patterned papers (all Stampin’ Up!–it’s a conspiracy) starting with the most votes:

1.  Summer Picnic   2.  Berry Bliss  3.  Ginger Blossom   4.  Jersey Shore   5.  Afternoon  Tea

And my current favorite?  I’m digging Afternoon Tea.  However, I’m a tad schizophrenic on a favorite from day to day.  It was Jersey Shore last week.  The sleeper . . . no one chose Spring Break . . . I think it’s gorgeous and deserves a little attention . . . it’s on my wish list.

Hugs and Pretties . . . . M

COMING UP: Didn’t win?  Don’t despair . . . Paper Potluck II is coming later this week 🙂


One Comment:

  1. Colleen Moreland

    Thanks Mary I am so excited. I just emailed you my address. Thanks again for the great site and the wonderful give aways!

    Colleen Moreland

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