More Blog Candy: Paper Potluck 2

Yes, for those of you who believe in second chances, I’m doing it again.  Between now and 7:00 p.m. CST on Saturday, May 10, please leave me a comment at the end of this post sharing your favorite Mother’s Day gift idea (either given or received).  You’ll automatically be eligible to win over fifty 6 x 6 pages of 2-sided patterned paper.  Paper Potluck I’s delicious papers are on their way to Colleen–congrats, again!  For mailing purposes, domestic US only, please. 

In Paper Potluck 2, Stampin’ Up!’s retired designer series paper (similar but different from Paper Potluck I):  Linen Prints, Dashing and Wintergreen.  There are also some inclusions (that are pretty groovy) that are not Stampin’ Up!  Click any photo to zoom 🙂

Here are some close-ups.   Hugs and Happy Mother’s Day! . . . . Mary



  1. My favorite Mother’s Day will be this year, as it’s the first with our new grandson, Chase. Can’t wait til tomorrow til I can hold and snuggle him, hoping he smiles for us! He’s 12 weeks old on monday, and he’s changed and enriched my life so much already! Thanks, Mary, for the chance at the blog candy again!

  2. my favorite gift is a weekend home alone 🙂

  3. Annette Pagnusat

    My mother is getting older now, almost 80, and really appreciates that we come do the ‘spring cleaning’ yardwork and plant the annuals. Thanks, Mary, you INSPIRE me in many ways!

  4. Cheryl McAskill

    This year I made ALL my cards for my mother and my sisters. My Mother’s I stamped and colored. My sisters I did pretty much the same as you. I picked their fav colors and matted them and added a silk flower adhered by brads for centers. Simple yet elegant. Thanks for your sight. I am learning!!!

  5. My favorite Mother’s Day would be a day spent with my husband and daughter, and any gift my daughter chooses to create or get for me. Thanks for the chance for such awesome candy!

  6. My favorite Mom’s day was the year we gave our now deceased mother a “mother’s ring”. It contained a birthstone for each of us (4 children). The best part for her is that we each chipped in to buy it — and we were all in high school! Boy, we really had to empty our piggy banks for that ring!
    Happy Mom’s day to all.

  7. Hey, I’m not stupid. I give my moms Longaberger baskets . . .

  8. Carolyn Sharkas

    Mary, spending time with my family is probably the best gift, especially if my two teens aren’t arguing, LOL. The gift I would love to get would be to once again tell my Mother that I love her. I love Mother’s Day, but it is very bittersweet for me, since my Mom passed.

  9. My mom (79 years young) loves to receive gift cards from our favorite grocery store, Wegmans. She also enjoys the cards I make for her. She showcases them on her half-wall for a month or two and then carefully puts them back into the original envelope they came in, and gives them back to me! She hates throwing them away and knows I like to keep samples! So I have every card I ever made for her! I just yesterday brought home 3 of these cards! She’s so sweet!

  10. Awsome blog candy! Thank you for offering it again! My favorite Mother’s day gift was from last year. I gave my Mom and my Mother-in-law a flip book photo album – which they loved! They both carried it around for quite awhile showing it to all their friends.

  11. kathy amstutz

    I would LOVE to win this blog candy but, even as I’m a mother of 2 adult children & 5 grandchildren, I can’t remember a favorite Mother’s Day; they’ve all been my favorite in their own way. Just having my children remember the day is gift enough!

  12. My favorite Mother’s Day memory is my four young sons attempting to make choc. chip pancakes and serving me in bed! Oh what a mess the kitchen was and the house smelled of burned chocolate, but the smiles on their faces was priceless!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all you MOMS!

  13. Grace Lange-Way

    Hi Mary –

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift of all time is a block of wood with my youngest daughter’s photo Scotch tapped to it with two nails in the back so it can stand up like a photo frame. She was five when she made it, she is now 37 and it still sits right on my sewing machine table where I can look at it all the time. Around the photo, in now faded letters, it says “Mom, I love you!” AAAWWWEEEE

  14. Donna Coffman

    Having a beautiful sunny day to take a walk, and then out to eat. No cooking or cleaning, no worries.
    I love paper it can transform any ordinary object in minutes.
    Thanks for the wonderful ideas on your website.

  15. Great papers! My fave Mother’s Day gift is anything hand-made by my kids. So cute and sweet!

  16. Mary thanks again for the opportunity to win such a wonder. Love paper. Oh Random one pick me pick me:) My fav M Day gift was an explosion box I did for my Mom that had her whole life in pictures inside. It came out beautiful and she absoulutly loves it.

  17. Click on my name to link to the checkbook cover I made for my Mom this year. If you look in my gallery, you’ll see a picture of the back as well. I think it’s my favorite because I know how much she loves her little dog Pepper!

  18. I know that spending time with my 2 grown sons is the best gift no matter what the day, but to go out to eat and not cook is a wonderful treat! AND OF COURSE, finding time to stamp!

  19. Wow, I have to get in here (and I promise to not count my comment in the random draw) . . . so many wonderful ideas (even brought a few tears on some). On an emotional level, I love just spending a quiet day with my family. From the materialistic side, I’m hoping to get a new bicycle. I have decided to go more “green” in our home (trendy yes . . . but good health habits, too). It would be such a fun way to hit the farmer’s market (guess I would need a basket, too), zip to the zoo or tool around the neighborhood. We’ll see . . . . I’ll report back after Mother’s Day.

  20. What a great topic Mary! I love planning special days for my mom, and one of our best Mother’s Days was brunch and a day spent exploring a nearby topiary garden. It was beautiful this time of year and gave us special memories for years to come!

  21. A Mother’s Day giveaway…count me in! LOL My favorite Mother’s Day gift is anything my children make me…honestly. I love to see their creativity and listen to their poems they write for the occasion. It’s definitely what the holiday is all about! {SMILES}

  22. My favorite “mother’s” day gift was my puppy! I have furchildren so last year, I got a new puppy for Mother’s day. 🙂

  23. kearneykrafter

    I’m all about a 2nd pot luck giveaway!!! My favorite way to spend mother’s day is to bake a big breakfast for my family, and then have my 2 boys help me plant my annuals in pots! How much better does that get??? Thanks for the chance a delicious paper!!

  24. I am a new Mom and this will be my 2nd Mother’s Day so I don’t have a lot to share. We had take out and just spent the day together at home. No chores, just relaxing and laughing.

    Thanks Mary!

  25. stampinstesha

    Since I am not yet a mother, I have to say that the favorite give that I gave would be a set of candles that I made for my Mom. Tomorrow we head to Northern Wisconsin to spend the night in the great outdoors at my mothers house.

  26. Well, I’m not a mom, and I usually just get my mom what she asks for. I’ll share our card tradition, though. Since I started stamping, I’ve asked her what she wants in her card – and she’ll tell me which stamps or theme she wants…just like a SCS challenge! It’s makes her card that much more personalized and fun to make.

  27. Time with family is always the best present! The cute little trinkets kids make that are always covered in extra glue are a close second 🙂

    Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  28. Sandy Heringer

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a shirt with a picture of my 3 dear grandchildren on it.

  29. My favorite Mother’s Day gift would have to be a few years ago my daughter,about when she was 20 gave me a beautiful Mother’s necklace…I will treasure it forever. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  30. My most favorite Mother’s Day gift was the flower that each of my two oldest grandsons used to bring me – hidden behind their backs – with a big grin on their face. Each Mother’s Day that we lived in the same town (up until they were 10 and 12) they brought me flowers like that. I have missed it so much!


  31. Thanks for another chance! The best gift I’ve given to a Mother is a well-deserved spa gift. I think going to the spa is such a treat and love to give a gift that that to someone like Mom!

  32. My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a pair of pajamas. My husband had each of the kids draw pictures on them. My daughter even drew a picture of her big brother who is an angel in heaven. Needless to say I have been too scared to wear them enough to wash them. But they sure are comfy.

  33. i would just like to come home and find the house clean!

  34. The best Mother’s Day gifts I have receicved have been time with my son, but the best present I have been given was last year my son bought me a double weapping cherry tree. It is so beautiful and he was so thoughtful to get it for me. I am a very lucky Mom.
    Thank you for the chance to win some yummy candy.
    Happy Mother’s day

  35. Sarah Paraday


    I would have to say the most favorite Mother’s Day gift I have given was a Mother’s Day Journal Jar. It contained a coordinating journal along w/a jar full of journal prompts. The prompts were a way for me to get both my mother and mother-in-law to record some personal information for my daughters (history about the family). And once they are completed my daughters would get them back. This way my daughters would actually have a special journal which was handwritten by their grandmothers.

    And as for the best Mother’s Day gift I have received is Breakfast in Bed and spending the day w/my daughters (5 & 8 years old).

    Happy Mothers Day to everyone!


  36. Well My favorite Mothers Day present..Tubal Ligation this year. I had it done this week and I am so happy knowing that my children are the only children for me. : ) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO EVERYONE!

  37. Connie Gregoire

    Without question- stamping supplies!!!!

  38. I love anything as long as I am surprised. With 2 boys and my husband, it isn’t often that I’m not planning my own day.

  39. My favorite thing for Mother’s Day is to have all of my kids and grandchildren all to myself for the day. I make a nice dinner for all of us (17 total) My daughters and daughter-in-laws are mothers as well and I feel they need to have a day where they don’t have to cook and they spend time with their brothers and sisters too. I am truly blessed.

  40. I gave my mom an altered music box I made with a picture of her grandson in it. She loved it!

    Thanks for the 2nd chance! You are awesome!

    Have a great weekend.


  41. Tea girlfriends!!!

  42. My favorite gift is having my daughter give me a pedicure along with my family spending time with me.

  43. My favorite mother’s day gift I got this year was a place mat from my 3 year old son. So cute. Thanks for all your outstanding ideas!!

    Jennifer Engle

  44. colleen kramer

    I have the most wonderful MomS in the whole world! My mom and my mother-in-law are both my mothers and I love them dearly! Spending time with them (and my own sweet children) is my most precious gift.
    So, Mary, we all want to know what is YOUR most favorite Mother’s Day gift?

  45. I love the simple gestures by my children—I’ve never been big on Mother’s Day expectations—-I have to agree with Barbara Bush on this one—I don’t want my children to love me one day a year–but everyday…so I really discourage the “gifting”, but often my child(ren) will do something simple–a note, a card, etc. to remind me they love me—-that’s my favorite!

  46. I had fun making a stamped tile for Mother’s Day this year. It was so easy, and looks great!

    Thanks for the chance at the blog candy, I LOVE the Linen Prints set, and am sad that it’s retired!

    ps. I do have a address in Washington.

  47. My favorite mothers day gift was from my mom–a gold chain with a cross covered in cut glass. I wear it all of the time and always get compliments on it.

  48. Anything handmade by my kids is the best gift!!

  49. My favorite gift I’ve seen this year is a handmade card by a child. On the front it says: “Do you know what my favorite thing is?” and then you open it and it says “spending time with you”. On the inside is a photo of your child sitting in front of a tea set holding a sign that says “lets have tea” and there are two tea bags taped in the card.

  50. it’s hard for me to pick a fav, but here is one of my special ones: years ago, my stepdaughter gave me an orchid for mother’s day. if you knew me, you’d know that i have a BROWN thumb, so although i’ve always wanted an orchid, i never bought one because i knew it wouldn’t last long. my girl knew how much i loved them, and gave me one. when i expressed concern that it wasn’t long for this world, and she shouldn’t have ‘wasted’ her meager monies, she told me it wasn’t wasted as i was worth every cent. makes me tear up now remembering it.

    thanks for reminding me how lucky i am!

  51. The greatest gift on Mother’s Day is to be with family. Over the years that has changed from being with my parents (who have passed away) and my daughter, to a gathering with my daughter’s family, including my three wonderful grandchildren. And my husband is making a wonderful Italian dinner (my favorite)! I am feeling very blessed!!

  52. Melissa D. (SCS honeybee7896)

    WOOOHOOO!!! Another chance to win some great blog candy. I hope it is me this time. Thanks for sharing.
    Everyday is a great Mother’s Day for me. I have always wanted kids so no matter how much my 2 boys can annoy me I thank God everyday I have them.

  53. O goodie another chance :), A day at the spa, or a 15 day cruise. 🙂

  54. Hanging flower baskets are the favorite around here! With us being in the mountains, thought, we usually have to keep them in the house (sometimes even during the day) until the first week in June!

    Love the paper, thanks for offering the prize to some lucky winner!

  55. I love not having to cook! Unfortunately, that probably means no one gets to eat! I usually give my Mom a hanging flower basket.

  56. For mother’s day we usually gather somewhere with all the mothers, mothers-in-law, daughters, etc, and their mothers, mothers-in-law, daughters, etc. We end up with a large gathering of many different families and no one is left out. My daughter started this out of need, as her mother-in-law seems to think all holidays are hers, so the only way she could spend them with me, was to include everyone.

  57. I would have to say a favorite Mothers day gift would be a day of no cooking no cleaning, meals prepared and served to me and freedom to laze around reading, stamping or watching movies ALL DAY without having to feel lazy or guilty.

  58. I sent my mother who lives in Tennessee, a picture frame kit from Archiver’s. I covered it in a beautiful paper reminiscent of the gorgeous wallpapers from the past and then put in a photo of me and mom from my junior high graduation. I made her a card with a folded paper flower that covered the front and used rub-on letters on the inside. She called me in tears to thank me. I love my mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms!

    Sheila in Houston, TX

  59. Mary, I love your blog too!

    For favorite gifts to receive – of course, anything scrapbooking is super, but I also love flowers. Hanging baskets, flowers to plant, etc.

    To give – this year I custom made stationery sets for the “Grandmas” and we’ll also give great big hanging baskets loaded with flowers.

  60. A day at the spa!!!!! Including a massage!

    [email protected]

  61. Maybe the second time is a charm!! Thanks for ANOTHER chance!

  62. Mary, your blog is outstanding!I love to look at it every day! I have 3 grown sons and I have to say that my favorite Mother’s Day gifts were from them when they were little…the styrofoam cups with the planted flower,the handmade”fan”cards and of course the handpicked flowers from our yard!Have a great weekend!

  63. Second chances are awesome!! Great candy!

  64. All of us love to be pampered, so I think a gift certificate to a spa would be the ultimate gift for Mom.


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