11/25 Fish Residence Color Choices & Updates


  • Gentle Cream painted cabinets.  Drawer fronts need to be revised or redone.  Please do not proceed until you have my approval on an updated or new sample drawer front.   The original is below.


  • This is where we are:


  • Possible leg for kitchen/laundry.  This decision will be made after install:



  • Leave lighted cabinets in kitchen “as is” including your change to double doors above the coffee maker/beverage refrigerator section.
  • Cabinet doors (ideally slide in per photo below) to be added at end between wall cabinets and counter (hide toaster, etc.), to left of corner cabinet (sink wall).


  • Exclude light molding under wall cabinets in kitchen and laundry.
  • Recycle bins should be a double bins
  • Bookcase/door cabinet as base for nook.
  • 16” drawer to right of dishwasher should be a double tray as shown (inside only) for silverware.


  • Kitchen Valance.  Should be arched and cover top line of window per photo below.  Bumped out from rest of cabinets as in photo.  WINDOW MOVED UP  SHOULD BE REMEASURED BEFORE CONSTRUCTED.screen-shot-2016-08-15-at-4-43-50-am-1-334x500-1-334x500
  • Laundry Valance.  Should be arched and cover top line of window as in photo above.  Should bump out slightly from cabinets on either side (as in photo above).  Floor (no toe kick since this is the desk area) to window 32”, floor to top of window 82”.   Here is another photo of how the valance bumps out from the wall cabinets.  SHOULD BE REMEASURED BEFORE CONSTRUCTED.


  • Cabinets on either side of range need to be revised.  Can’t have a drawer smaller in the middle of the others. To be discussed further in person.


  • Hood (design below).  Oak.  Base Teak Stain.  Heavy Van Dyke Brown.  Rubbed edges Only.  NEED OAK TEST SAMPLE


  • Island.  Oak.  Base Teak Stain.  Heavy Van Dyke Brown.  Rubbed Edges Only.   NEED OAK TEST SAMPLE
  • Example below of what I mean by rubbed edge.


  • WHICH CABINET STYLE is being used on island?  Inset?  Need photo.


  • Three drawers on island to left of sink base  Top drawer (to left of sink base) is half knife storage and half open for cutting boards.
  • One drawer below microwave
  • Spice (and oils) Roll Out at island.  How is height of shelves determined?  Movable?


  • Island Walnut Counters.  Teak Stain (or similar stain to how teak stain looks on alder) & seal.  NEED WALNUT TEST SAMPLE.  This is the look I’m after in color and design for both laundry & kitchen.


  • Laundry Walnut Counters.  Teak Stain (or similar stain to how teak stain looks on alder) & seal.  NEED WALNUT TEST SAMPLE
  • Wall cabinets in craft/room laundry on left need to be in a different order.  Should be left to right as you face them 35”, 32”, 32”.  I will cover the cost for change to end panel since this is my error.  Please let me know how much the cost will be.
  • Pencil drawer?  One.
  • Bank of 4 drawers on left wall, to left of recycle bin.
  • Recycle bin should be a double bin.
  • Three Fireplaces.  Oak/Mahogany.  stain base color  “as is.”  Heavy Van Dyke Brown.  Rubbed edges and carved areas.
  • Vanities (guest and powder room).  Base Teak Stain.  Heavy VanDyke Brown.  Legs.  Rubbed Edges and HEAVY DISTRESSING to get antiqued look.
  • Family room cabinets (bookcase and tv unit) & master closets (two).  Switch to Alder for cabinet doors, drawer fronts and all surfaces (including interior back and sides, facing – All original oak should be covered, inside and out, please).  Same “Spanish” style and color as on showroom floor.  Base Teak Stain.  Van Dyke GLAZE ONLY.  Crown the same as on showroom sample.
  • Living room cabinets.  Base Teak Stain.  Van Dyke GLAZE ONLY (like on family room cabinets, master closets and on showroom floor).  Discussed “beefy” crown with rope detail between cabinet and stacked crown.
  • Need to measure and create baseboard molding (and crown) for open areas in home.
  • 72″ table photo.


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