A “Stamping & Pampering” Blog Candy Giveaway

Stamping & Pampering Blog Candy Giveaway. Play along for your chance to earn a treasure trove of Stampin’ Up! stamps and paper crafting products.

As I shared on my Stampin’ Pretty blog post yesterday, I’m headed to St. George, Utah, today to enjoy five days of stamping and pampering as a special treat from Stampin’ Up!  I’ll share St. George updates and photos on my Stampin’ Pretty Facebook page so be sure to visit (and remember to “like” me).

STAMPING & PAMPERING BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY!  I thought it would be fun for one of my Stampin’ Pretty blog readers to feel a little stamping and pampering as well.  To one lucky participant, I’m giving away the following treasure trove of retired Stampin’ Up! products (featured in the photo above):

  • Patterned Occasions Clear-Mount Stamp Set
  • Madison Avenue Clear-Mount Stamp Set
  • Clear Block D
  • Happy Hello Simply Sent Card Kit
  • Pop-Up Posies Designer Kit (opened but unused) & Just For You Stamp
  • Paper Daisies
  • Subtles Designer Buttons
  • Basic Gray Satin Ribbon
  • A HUGE Stack of Assorted Stampin’ Up! Designer Series Paper (cut to 6 x 6 pieces)

A foot massage?  Dinner at a favorite restaurant?  A new pair of sassy earrings?  For your chance to win the blog candy above, please
leave me a comment at the end of this post sharing your favorite way to feel pampered.  Please play only once.  Deadline for comments is Friday, September 20 at NOON Central  Time.  I’ll choose a random comment and announce the winner later Friday on my Stampin’ Pretty Blog.

Note:  I can only ship within
the U.S.  Winner has 24 hours to email me their name and mailing
address so stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

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  1. kathy morrison

    My idea of pampering is having a few hours to do some papercrafting! Nothing is more relaxing! Have fun, Mary!

  2. Susan Timchack

    Pampering? Hmmmm. It,s been so long since I have been and so much has happened in my life but I do remember one hear when my children got me an all day spa treatment to include a whole body massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and healthy salad for lunch. I was so relaxed afterwards I had to take a nap……now pampering includes a day of stamping and creativity doing what I love…..

  3. I love it when I have some time to stay in my pajama’s and read a good book uninterrupted….heaven!

  4. A nice relaxing bubble bath followed by a nap. What more could a girl ask for?

  5. I am a homeschool mom, so I have time while my daughter is independently working to stamp, or bake, or even catch up on a recorded show. But pampering to me is just chatting with a friend over coffee.

  6. Pampering to me is getting a massage. My everyother week pampering is getting my nails done!

  7. Pampered…now that’s a term I haven’t heard in a while! We own a busy hay farm and this time of year is crazy. Don’t tell my husband, but sometimes I pray for rain so I get a chance to lock myself in my craft room for the day. Thanks for this great giveway, hope you’re having a blast!

  8. Maybe a massage, or just relaxing with a good book, either one sounds fantastic!

  9. I love a pedicure! And reading a good book while my feet soak makes it even better!

  10. I too love a pedicure and having pretty toes when I leave.

  11. My favorite way to feel pampered takes a little preparation, but the results are so worth it! After straightening up the house, I make a tray of tea things and set it out for a special guest—me! With some soft music, a scented candle and a stack of favorite magazines (or Stampin’ up idea books!)I sit in a comfy chair with my feet up and allow myself to drift off to sleep. Sheer bliss! (True confession: the clean house is the secret ingredient! Haha!)

  12. A nice bubble bath and a good book would be a great way to pamper myself.

  13. I love to pamper myself by going to Scrapbooking retreats and enjoying a weekend of fun and laughs with my friends.

  14. Pampering to me would be having somebody clean my house so I could spend the time stamping and creating. Thanks for all the inspiration you share!

  15. Love to stay in pajamas, have a cup of tea and curl up with a good book! Maybe follow stampin up projects on Pinterest!

  16. Annapolis Anne

    Staying in bed is a luxury with 3 busy kids not one that happens too often. Pure luxury is a weekend away, crafting with a friend where the big decision is what time someone else will make dinner for me!! (LOVE a day off from cooking!!)

  17. Stamping and creating a beautiful card takes me away!!!

  18. My favorite way to feel pampered is a day off work and a new stamp set to play with.

  19. My favorite way to pamper myself is a “Jammie Day”…..a day to stay in my PJ’s, stamp, read, watch tv, chat on the phone….no cooking….junk food and Chinese for dinner.

  20. My favorite pampering pleasure is to have a mani/pedi. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. My idea of pampering would be a deep tissue massage. My back could really use it.

  22. Mary Anne Fraser

    Sigh, a foot massagefollowedby a pedicure. Pampered AND pretty!

  23. Quiet time in my stamping studio is always pampering for me. It helps me decompress from job related stresses.

  24. A good day of pampering for me is having time to enjoy a good book and getting a manicure and pedicure!

  25. Love a good massage!

  26. My favorite way to pamper is going camping and enjoying the sounds of nature with the beautiful landscapes of the mountains.

  27. Norah Collins

    My favorite way to feel pampered is to have a day off from all housework and cooking, get some crafting dome and head out for dinner with the family.

  28. Royann Mackey

    Pampering for me is having a massage; I usually fall asleep I’m so relaxed! Have fun Mary!
    Love everything you create!!

  29. I love when my husband and 2 daughters plan a special dinner or night out for all of us:) I love when we are all together.

  30. Going on a date with my hubby!

  31. Have a fabulous trip Mary and I hope you enjoy some serious pampering while there! My favorite way to be pampered is to have someone else do the cooking once in a while! Ahhhhhhh, yes! Food always tastes so much better when someone else cooks 🙂

  32. Kathleen Swafford

    My idea of pampering is a full-body massage. For sure!

  33. My favorite way to feel pampered is a cup of tea with a nice piece of chocolate! Enjoy your getaway, and thanks for the giveaway

  34. My favorite way to feel pampered is to get my hair styled.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  35. My ideal pampering moment would be soaking in a bubble bath in the candlelight with a glass of wine and soothing music.

  36. My favorite pampering is a day at the spa. Thanks for sharing.

  37. cbhardin50@gmail.com

    Since I am a nail technician and give manicures and pedicures to others day in and day out, a pedicure would be nice from a fellow nail tech, with a good book to read. Then hop in the car to go on a fun scrapping weekend getting caught up on all my projects!

  38. Libby Headley

    Pampering to me is pedicure, massage and facial.

  39. Taking a long bath!

  40. Spend the day creating in my “happy space” my studio

  41. Being pampered is not having to cook and clean – AND not have to nag others to do their chores! If you throw is some crafting time, it makes it even better 🙂

  42. I love a day at the spa to feel pampered. Just being no where around the phone where the theme is relaxation makes me feel totally pampered. Haven’t been there in forever. Hope you enjoy your time of stamping and pampering!!

  43. My daughter-in-law and I visit a local salon for manicure, pedicure and massage We relax, chat and just get ‘alone’ time.
    Enjoy your ‘pampering’ with SU and thank you for all of the inspiration you give to us.

  44. I know this is going to sound odd to most woman, but I can’t think of anything more pampering than when I get on my harley and experience complete freedom from everything. It is the best therapy I know….then on rainy days, I make cards…HA!

  45. Pampering to me is when my husband feeds all the animals, we have three alpacas, three dogs and three cats and he lets me make cards or sew with out having to stop and take care of the animals.

  46. Kathy Thompson

    Pampering to me is to stay in bed and read a good book with a cup of tea. Have fun at your getaway. I love your creativity. Thanks.

  47. I love to stay in my PJ…just enjoy the day…..

  48. Pampering and Stamping…What more could a girl ask for?

  49. How fun! I love to get pampered with massages!

  50. Mary, my favorite way of pampering is a Sunday breakfast fixed by my husband, we stay in our pj’s and then, we watch football all day. This is awesome blog candy Mary so thank you so much for the chance to win it!!!!!

  51. Charlene Brummitt

    To be pamper is to have nothing to do for 30 minutes. Have fun in Utah.

  52. Lifesadance2@sbcglobal.net

    Occasionally I have a chance to pamper myself by sending the little guy off with hubby on an afternoon outing and settling in to my craft room with a newly hatched idea….nothing more rejuvenating! Thanks for the chance…hatching a new idea just looking at those goodies…

  53. For me, pampering is not having to go to my second job, staying at home and creating in my stamp room.

  54. sherriejo@cox.net

    I love to have a pedicure,….and just quite time to stamp and create!

  55. Pampering and paper crafting sounds the same to me!! I love to spend the day in my pj’s and make cards and stamp. Have fun being pampered this week Mary!

  56. Pampering is when I can sleep a little later, proceed through the day at my own pace, Mani/pedi, Bubble bath with glass of wine and good book and stamping of course! Lots of stamping!!!

  57. Vicki Engevold

    My favorite pampering is going to my daughter for a massage. Two treats in one!!!! Being with my daughter & relaxing while her fingers do their magic.

  58. I probably pamper myself too much with coffee and anything chocolate covered 🙂

  59. A fabulous pedicure for sure is my idea of pampering …. then straight to my stamping room!

  60. Katherine Cartwright

    I love to pamper myself with a good book!

  61. Barb Richardson

    Definitely a massage …I deliver mail and getting a massage is next to heaven!!

  62. Claire Broadwater

    Have a GREAT time in SLC! How fun! Pampering is a day alone to stay in my craft room ALL day and then a bubble bath!!!!

  63. Pampering to me – oh, there could be many items on my list. But I think my favorite is having a pedicure with a foot massage. Particularly when I get a pretty color of polish. And I only speak Stampin’Up colors when I choose my color. The lady who does my pedicures gets a real kick out of our color names.

  64. My idea of pampering: hubby having dinner on the table when I get in from work, then cleaning the kitchen while I stamp. He does this all the time now that he is retired and I am still working. It’s great!

  65. Michelle Arthur

    I have a hard time allowing others to pamper me — I guess it is the control freak mom in me. But after surgery in August I had to let my family do more for me and, I must say, it was not bad at all. Just being able to ask for my water bottle to be filled and getting it done without a bunch of whining was a pleasure. Of course, it didn’t last long, but it was nice while it did last. Thanks for the chance at winning a little pampering & have a great time in St. George!!!!

  66. Tiffinnie Reed

    Hmm, a nice massage with relaxing music sounds pretty good to me!

  67. My pampering consist of a couple of hours to have manicure and a pedicure in a wonderful message chair. Turn the cellphone off and enjoy.

  68. Jill K. Harris

    Have fun and enjoy your pampering Mary. My favorite way to be pampered is to go to my upline’s house (thanks Karen) and have a scrap day! She feeds us and we get to play in her stampin’ room all day!! I love it and I feel so refreshed afterwards!

  69. My pedicures are my favorite pampering! Although, if I could afford it, I’d get massages more often!

  70. Deborah Kennedy

    When I wake up each morning, I have my coffee in bed with my laptop and Mary Fish….yes, I start each day with your post. Love seeing all of your ideas and your One Minute to Wow videos. My dream is to one have have a craft room as beautiful as your.

    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  71. The ultimate pampering for me is spending an entire morning with a hot cup of coffee (or two!), a dachshund curled up in my lap and the NEW annual Stampin’ Up! catalog in my hands. Heavenly!!! Thanks for the chance to win !!

  72. My favorite way to feel pampered is to go out to dinner and then to come home to watch a good movie while cuddled up with the hubs, nice and warm (can you tell it is a chilly a.m.?).

  73. Laughing and stamping with friends is my perfect way to relax. Enjoy your time at Founder’s Circle! Your posts and blog candy are wonderful!

  74. I like to sit down on my bed and make a bunch of cool crafts. i just think its so fun to make crafts, it keeps me in a relaxing mood.

  75. kathleen Amstutz

    My fav way to feel pampered is a mani/pedi for sure and I am long overdue for a pedicure at least! Don’t you feel better when your feet have been ‘filed’ down and the polish looks fresh? I do! BUT I would feel ALOT better if I could win your blog candy; it’s heavenly and I don’t own any of it so it seems like it is meant for me; don’t you think so? Thanks for the chance to win it all!

  76. Wow! That is amazing blog candy. My favorite way to be pampered is a good book or magazine with a cappuccino. Thank you for continuing to share of your time, talent and you!

  77. Stacey Carter

    I feel pampered when my husband makes me dinner and serves it to me. It is like having a restaurant in my own home.

  78. Barbara Mayfield

    When my husband fixes my coffee in the morning

  79. I feel pampered when my husband cooks (he is an amazing cook and puts lots of effort into the meal as an example – 12 hours to make a pasta sauce and it was yummy!!!) and cleans the house for me so that I can spend quality time with our children and maybe sneak in some papercrafting time.

  80. My favorite form of pampering is going to my craft cave in the basement and have fun creating some fun and pretty cards to give away to family and friends! Enjoy your time in Utah. Here’s hoping I win the blog candy. Thank you Mary . . .


  81. Most definitely, my pampering is on a massage table! Just love that! A pedicure comes in a close second……. Thanks for the chance.

  82. A day of stamping with friends!

  83. My favorite way to feel pampered is to get my hair cut and styled…just seat back and let my stylist do it all!

  84. I like to pamper myself by going for a massage and while deeply relaxed thinking up new designs to create with my Stampin Up stamps and DSP.

  85. Shannon Baker

    I absolutely love to have a pedicure! I walk out of my nail salon with rested legs, softened feet and super cute toes. Having my legs rubbed down and massaged with hot stones feels amazing after a week of work which has me on my feet over 8 hours a day. I can’t wait til my next one. I wish I could have one every week!

  86. I would have to say the most relaxing way for me to pamper myself is to get a massage and then relax in the sun after. It always seem that when I do get a massage (which isn’t often enough – maybe 1 every few yrs – YIKES I need to change that – not nearly frequent enough!!) It always seem that I have to run off to doing something else after a nice massage – So I would love to be able to extend the relaxation by then sitting out in the warm sun listening to some relaxing music also.

  87. Ahhhhh, a bubble bath by candle light, a glass of white on the side of the tub, a mask on my face and either some nice music or a good book on my iPad. That is my definition of pampering.

  88. Nancy Farrell

    Have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your pampering treat with us. 🙂

  89. To be honest, pampering for me is to be taken out to dinner. I don’t like to cook, and it is a chore to come up with something fairly healthy for my family (2 of us are diabetic), every night. If we go out I don’t have to be concerned about what we will eat and, even better, it give me a longer time to craft!

  90. Tammy VanRosendale

    My idea of a perfect pampering is heading to the
    Campgrounds with peace and quiet. Sweater on
    Nice campfire and my hubby. Perfect.

  91. Betsy Johnson

    Shopping for a new Coach handbag hits the spot for me! No, wait – there are so many beautiful choices that it’s hard to decide! So maybe its not the traditional definition of “relaxing” but it sure is FUN! Thanks for the contest!

  92. A massage day or a day of stamping & scrapbooking with friends!!!

  93. Ahhhhh…pampering. My favorite way to be pampered would be to have a full body, hour long massage. A close second would be curled up with a good book, particularly if there is a blizzard going on and I have no place I have to go. Thanks for a chance to win the Blog Candy.

  94. A day of pampering for me would be a day at the spa, never been but I think it would be fantabulous!! Enjoy your stampin retreat!

  95. Oh, that second cup of coffee and a good book. I am pampered with a wonderful craft room and a supportive husband! Thanks for all your inspiration, Mary. Enjoy some stamping and pampering in St. George.

  96. Carmen Christner

    My favorite is a girls night out with Mani/Pedis, dinner & shopping… Oh yeah, & no babies!

  97. Karilyn Moeller

    I love going with my stamping gals to get pedicures! It is just more of a treat when we can all go together. Our stamping group has been together for almost 10 years!

  98. I love to be pampered with a Good massage! Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. My pampering is going to the nail salon to get my nails and pedicure done. It always makes my day!

  100. Pampering for me means a full body massage with some soothing music and candles burning.

  101. Wow! What a prize!! My pampering wish would be a day of just what I want to do. It could be just a whole day up in my craft room with no worries of what to cook, what clothes need to be washed, what rooms need to be cleaned etc… that would be paradise!

  102. Melissa Flieg

    My idea of pampering would be a trip to the spa for a mani & pedi. Thanks for the chance to win. Enjoy your trip.

  103. Have a wonderful time!! I’m sure you’ll be back to inspire us all and get our creative juices goin’! Pampering for me is a full body massage 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  104. Heidi Newland

    We own a 24/7 business so just to have an uninterrupted long nap would be heaven to me!! (and if someone was giving me a massage as I napped wouldn’t be bad either!!) LOL

  105. A day of pampering is to be home alone to do whatever I want!

  106. My favorite way of pampering myself is playing with my grandchildren and basking in their laughter!!

  107. Cindy Edwards

    Oh definitely a day in my “spa” space (my craftroom) papercrafting ALL day with no “I’m hungry” interruptions!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL time, Mary!!

  108. Susan Saunders

    Mary, I hope you have a wonderful time being pampered in Utah. Thanks for the opportunity to win your fabulous prizes. I’m fortunate to be pampered every other week by having my nails done. My nail tech and I have become very good friends, and we each have a glass of wine while she does my nails. Then I order “to go” from a local restaurant. Wonderful!

  109. Pampering would be a nice long massage, chai tea by the fireplace.

  110. I love soaking my feet in this “miracle mixture”…1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup brown Listerine, and 2 cups boiling water. It works like a charm…bubbles off all the dead skin and calluses. A little towel rub and coconut oil, and I’m feeling really pampered. Now, if I could just get my husband to prepare everything and handle the toweling and oiling, that would be kicking it up a notch! : )

  111. My favorite way to feel pampered is to have a bubble bath in our large jetted bathtub. Hot water and bubbles are the way to go relax.

  112. Pampering is a day off in my craft room. Hubby gives me that once in a while. No kids, no grandkids and he brings me lunch and it’s so quiet!!! Love those days!

  113. Pampering to me is dinner out or a flower or two from my husband or one of my sons. Makes me smile!

  114. i am easy- a box of homemade chocolate truffles works!

  115. Pampering to me is dinner out or a flower or two from my husband or one of my sons. Makes me smile!

  116. I love going to the spa with friends. We sit in the same room, chatting and sipping wine while waiting for our turn to be massaged.

  117. A day in my Jammies by the fire with a good book and my sweet Bichon curled up next to me. Have a great time, Mary. Thank you for all that you teach us and share with us.

  118. Pampering for me means getting a pedicure. A whole afternoon of crafting is also great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  119. a massage

  120. A day at the beach with a good book, then a massage followed by a facial, manicure & pedicure. Why not ask for it all!!!

  121. A pedicure is my way of pampering and relaxing. Thanks for the blog candy. WOW is all I can say.

  122. If I could get in an hour or two, I would peruse the current catalogs page by page and take in each and every picture and word while relaxing in a hot bath 🙂

  123. Getting together with my ‘stampin’ friends for an afternoon of creativity, some snacks and lots of laughs.

  124. Pampering–morning coffee out on my pretty patio.
    Enjoy your trip, Mary!

  125. Allowing myself an afternoon nap with the cats is my way of pampering myself. A weekend full of crafting is a close second!

  126. My favorite way to get pampered is an hour in the Tropical sun of Key West, slathered in spf 50!

  127. My idea of pampering would be to spend a day away from all the regular routines of the day with my daughters. Maybe shopping, getting our nails done, or just sitting, talking, and enjoying our time together.

  128. I’m newly retired and newly married and the luckiest gal in the world. Every day in my new life is full of love and pampering. He built me a beautiful craft room and I now have time to get the massage, mani/pedi that I want when I want them. My life is filled with love and pampering every day. I do still like a good cup of tea and a good book though when I need to take care of myself.

  129. Pampering for me is when my grandchildren come to stamp with me while my adult children clean my house. It is heavenly.

  130. Pampering for me means time for stamping or reading. Those are my favorite ways to relax. Thank you for the giveaway!

  131. Joanne Simpson

    Pampering??!! What’s that!! I am a pretty lucky and spoiled girl but right now I would love to sleep in! Then drink my coffee leisurely while catching up on a show or starting a good book!

  132. Pampering to me is having the whole house to myself for an entire week-end. Then, I do what I want, when I want, and if I want!

  133. Kathy Rittler

    I feel pampered when my husband fixes me green tea after dinner and then does the dishes.

  134. Pampering for me is to sit back in recliner and someone bring me a nice hot cup of coffee

  135. Getting a full service pedicure with paraffin wax and foot/leg message:)

  136. I feel pampered when DH waits on ME (instead of the normal other way around)!! LOL But after almost 34 years of marriage, I’d still marry him all over again!

  137. Angie in Illinois

    Just having time to do nothing but stampin’, especially when my stampin’ friends get together, is my idea of pampering. And, a pedicure ain’t too bad either! 🙂
    Have a great time, Mary! You deserve it!

  138. Pampering, I love pedi’s, absolutely love, love, love them, I go every 3 to 4 mos. I’d go monthly if I could, lol.

  139. I believe that a great pampering would be to have someone come in and clean the house and do the odds and ends so that I could have fun with my stamps with absolutely no guilt.

  140. My idea of being pampered is to have a relaxing massage and mani-pedi, followed by the rest of the day to do whatever I like – which includes stamping – of course!

  141. Leslie Percival

    A couples massage with my sweet husband is always a treat! I love the feeling of connection after our massage is done. Have a great time at Founder’s Circle.

  142. Tammy Jo Tanner

    My idea for pampering is sometime quit time for me. I have people in my ear all day long and I just want some piece and quit. Have fun on your trip and can’t wait to see what is new. Blessings

  143. Pampering for me is a whole day of stamping. Yup ….my hubby golfs on Tuesdays and I take the whole day to stamp. I order dinner out, so I have nothing to think about except my “hobby” LOL
    hugs and enjoy Mary

  144. What stamper wouldn’t love to be pampered with blog candy. Enjoy your trip to St. George. Looking forward to your blog when you get back, I love your 1 minute to WOW videos.

  145. Pampering for me is getting a mani/pedi. It doesn’t happen that often so it’s always a treat when I can get them done!

  146. Ruth Velazquez

    A day at the spa would be my best idea for pampering. Mani/pedi, massage, facile, hair and makeup. What a day.

  147. Marianne Griffin

    Pampering to me is when my husband goes out of town (for a short while) and my adult daughter stays with friends over the weekend. I can do what I want – stamp, read, Pinterest, definitely stay in PJ’s, no make up & no hair do. Very relaxing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  148. My thoughts of pampering is a quiet evening, a comfortable chair and watching a beautiful sunset.

  149. Pampering…what’s that? I would just like time…time, time, time to do what I want–stamp!!! Thanks for your creativity and generosity!

  150. Barb Davidson

    Since I am disabled and not able to get around much my day of pampering would be with all my children and my grandchildren. Having them pamper me with all their LOVE is the best I can ask for. They in turn inspire me to create. 🙂

  151. For me, it’s painting my nails.

  152. My ideal pampering is to have a whole day of paper crafting without having to worrying about anything I may be neglecting, i.e., hubby fixes dinner, etc. Enjoy your time in St George.

  153. Juliesprincess@yahoo.com

    I am a homeschool mom of three. My weekdays are very hectic. I start school at 8 am and end around 3 so I can give each child their due teacher time with me. Then comes making supper and laundry. But when the weekend comes, my husband rewards me by rubbing my feet while we watch tv. It is all worth it.

    I also adore my baths at the end of our school days. Calgon take me away!

  154. I pamper myself by taking a nice warm bath, candles lit, while listening to music. I’d love a massage, those are wonderful, had a hot stone massage once before and it was heavenly. I’ll settle for a back rub from the hubby though 😉

  155. None of these suggested pampering s are as pleasing as uninterrupted time in my craft room. I would not refuse any of them though! 🙂

  156. My pampered pleasure is a foot soak and foot massage followed by a pedicure with a new pretty color painted on toe nails to brighten up my world.

  157. Having a surprise outing planned for me is the ultimate pampering, whether it’s appetizers after work with my husband, or a pedicure scheduled by my daughter. That’s just the best!

  158. The best pampering for me would be a weekend to my myself in my craft room. With daily life I only get a hour here and there.Thanks Mary!

  159. Relaxing outside on a comfy bench, sun shining, blue skies and songs of birds on a wonderful fall day.

  160. Pampering for me is just letting me go to my craft room in my pajamas and staying there all day. No dishes, cooking, cleaning or anything but making cards. Have fun on your getaway.

  161. I love it when my husband fixes dinner!!!

  162. A good pedicure with friends!

  163. My idea of being pampered is having a cup of coffee, sitting quietly and doing something that doesn’t require working around the house.

    This is a very nice thing you are doing by offering this Blog Candy Give away.

  164. I look forward to your daily post. When I wake up in the morning, I get my coffee, watch the news and open my computer to see you post. Thank you for your all the effort it takes to share every day.

  165. One of my favorite ways to feel pampered is a day at the beach with my husband. Even though we live in a resort area and don’t always take the time to really enjoy it. So packing a lunch, putting on some good music and sitting back relaxing, talking and idling the day away is a real treat.

  166. I feel pampered when the guys in my house do all the housework for the day. My husband and 2 sons have done this for me twice – even bathrooms!! They cook, they clean – it is just shear pleasure for me to have a break.

  167. Hi Mary…..a heavenly way of being pampered is a spa massage or pedicure which includes a foot and leg massage. Either one is soooooo relaxing 🙂

  168. My idea of being pampered would be to have someone come in and clean my house while I get my hair and nails done. After that, having some dinner brought in would be great!!

  169. My favorite way to be pampered is a massage by my husband,while slow music is playing. Sooo nice!

  170. Pampering for me is a getting a pedicure. A whole afternoon of crafting is also nice. Thanks for the chance to win.

  171. Pamperin myself hmmm……. A nice massage with soft music in the background or a nice relaxing bath with a glass of wine at hand.

  172. gbinette@metrocast.net

    My favorite way of being pampered would be a lovely quite day then a trip to the jewelry store (preferably)Jarad’s
    for something real pretty.

    Stamper Gail

  173. Pampering– relaxing on a nice summer day on the deck, with a cold beverage in one hand and a good book in the other, and no one to interrupt. Smelling the sweet smell of the flowers blooming and listening to the rustle of the leaves in the trees from the slight breeze that is flowing thru the trees.

  174. Pampering for me is getting my nails done, fingers & toes!! I also love a good massage. Have fun on your trip!!

  175. Angie Mullins

    I would say a massage and a glass of white wine to follow. Thx Mary. XO

  176. Nothing says pampering and relaxation than a few hours of scrappin’ and stampin’! Have a great day!

  177. Carol Cloutier

    My day of pampering would be a long hot shower first thing, a light but yummy breakfast prepared for me, the whole day to create at my craft table with lunch prepared and served by anyone but me. What a day!!

  178. Pampering myself involves some stampin with no interruptions … Tall glass of tea and a clean workspace to start my projects ( there just something about everything being put away before you start again on a project).

  179. My ideal pampering day would be a day off work and just hanging out and doing crafts all day!! 🙂

  180. Pampering for me is a long relaxing bubble bath! Thanks for all your inspiration and for a chance to win!!


  181. My ideal pampering is our semi-annual scrap camp! We get to stay in cute cabins and have all of our delicious meals prepared for us while we stamp or scrapbook all weekend.

  182. Pampering to me is sleeping in on Saturday morning until 8am. I usually have to get up at 5am for work. Those few extra hours are heavenly.

  183. Nothing feels like being pampered compared to having a message or pedicure! They are special treats for me…as I really prefer spending my money on more SU products! Have a fun trip Mary!

  184. Myra Hutchins

    I got into stamping after a good friend sent me a home made card during a very long illness. That card stayed by my side for literally months. Having someone actually sit down and create something special just for me when I needed it most is my idea of being pampered. Plus it lasts so much longer than a massage! You just don’t realize what it might mean to someone to know you created something just for them. What we do is the epitome of pampering.

  185. A day of pampering to me is being able to spend the day reading a really good book and not having to feel guilty about it.

  186. Heidi Casler-Muska

    my pampering is getting to spend the whole day making cards with my best friend , fun stories and lots of laughs.

  187. Pampering? What is that? I have never gotten a massage and have only had fewer than 10 pedicures! Only time I feel pampered is when my husband scratches my back. Anyway, would LOVE to tin.

  188. Time at my craft table during the day a nd then a camp fire and glass of wine with my family after dark. Maybe today?

  189. Well Mary I really had to give this some thought. Pampering is not usually a word in my life, but I will try. 🙂 I absolutely love a day in the beauty salon. Having my hair washed, cut and styled is heaven, followed by a nice hand massage. But mostly, I love a day at the soccer field, football field or softball field watching my grandchildren play. Now thats Heaven as well! Have a wonderful time and thank you for being you.

  190. A 4 day crop and foot reflexology is my favorite form of pampering! Thank you for pampering us Mary!

  191. A special treat for me is selecting a new Trollbead for my most favorite piece of jewelry. My bracelet bead collection has grown over the years, but there always seems to be one I’m wishing for out there!
    Enjoy your pampering time, Mary. Fortunately for us, we’ll all benefit from the new tricks you learn, and projects you see/make! Your creativity is most inspiring 🙂

  192. Charissa May-Riley

    A full body massage is the way to go!

  193. Pampering for me is sleeping in with my husband and then having him make pancakes and coffee for our breakfast.

  194. Pampering for me is sitting with a good book with my cat on my lap.

  195. Pampering to me means a period of time for me to relax, no alarm set, no appointments, no interuptions…Quiet time to do what I want for a change and not having to tend to everyone elses needs! aaaahhhhhhh…Can you imagine?

  196. A bubble bath with time to think is a great way to feel pampered.

  197. I like to pamper myself at least once a year with a pedicure. Have my toes painted is relaxing. It is something I do for myself at the beginning of summer to get my feet ready to be seen.

  198. Oh, this is so rare…
    either a nice meal out with friends or to have my hair styled. It is hard to choose.

  199. As a mom to 4 boys, I do not get a lot of pampering but if someone else does the cooking, that is wonderful.

  200. Beth Willoughby

    Deep tissue massage, or quiet time with a good book…

  201. Nadine Bailey

    The last time I did a big SU card day, I spent the better part of the day on my feet creating wonderful cards that just thrilled my spirit. A foot massage is a real treat! Of course the products are too! ?

  202. Pampering… An afternoon with a good book and no interruptions from husband, child, and telephone. LOVE that!!!! Have fun on your trip.

  203. A different kind of pampering — My bestest friend is coming from Ca for a 2 week visit ! And we are going to stamp and stamp and stamp some more ! With maybe a cocktail and some candles for inspiration in the evening !

  204. Well, I’ve never had it, but a whole day to stamp with my friends, with meals delivered, would be awesome!

  205. A fun relaxing day of pampering to me would be stamping with a friend for the day. THat’s when the creative juices can flow & cards can be made. We get stuff spread out all over the table & stamp, color, glue & assemble to our heart’s delight..Mix in some laughter, lunch & a wee bit of chocolate. There’s the recipe for a great day. Thanks for sharing your One minute to WOW videos- they are inspiring!

  206. love getting a mani & pedi. 🙂


  207. I would pack a two day picnic with all our favorite foods , curl up by a nice fire, and reminisce with my hubby, all the memories we’ve shared over our 44 years together…..on a bear skin rug of course….out in the wilderness, with NO PHONE, JUST US…..Now, that is PAMPERING to me…thanks Mary for letting me have this moment of ” what if “….it felt GREAT!….smiles
    Enjoy your pampered time away, and thanks for your generosity !

  208. My favorite way to feel pampered would have to be to sit and read a book for hours and hours…no interruptions!!! Wow what a treat that would be.

  209. Hiking in the mountains and taking wildflower photos. Heaven!

  210. Pampering for me would be to sit down with a cup of coffee and read a good book – after I’ve checked out your site with your new ideas.

  211. Sally Antczak

    Pampering to me is very different than the others, it is sitting back and enjoying the way a room looks after I totally redecorate it. Or when I make a new crayon wreath, or a new design of a diaper cake, or painting a project for the grandkids that my husband made. I amaze myself sometimes. I enjoy decorating and crafting so much. My pampering is mental, not physical. Love your creativity Mary.

  212. Pedicures are my standard pampering event. If I want to really treat myself, I get a full body massage!

  213. Just being able to sit down for a couple of hours and catch up with all of the stamping blogs I visit without having to get my sons to all of the sporting events is my way of relaxing.

  214. My favorite pampering is a girls day, which includes a pedicure, lunch with my girls(aka Daughters and Granddaughters), and then some stampin and craftin.

  215. Debbie McClain

    Pampering for me is when hubby says “go spend the day in your stamp room.” Ahhhh, bliss!

  216. I’m with Lynn C. Full body massage which I’ve had only once….ahhhh. The book is essential preferably a mysyery.
    Have fun!!!!

  217. Thanks for fun give away, have a great trip, can’t wait to see the pictures. My idea of pampering is a pedicure. It feels so good, and love how pretty my toenails look when done!

  218. I like to sit down with a good book & a cup of coffee & read away. Karen

  219. Mary, I hope that you enjoy yourself. I always feel realaxed when i get to stamp.

  220. Arlyne D'Agostino

    My favorite way to be pampered is by staying in my PJ’s and spending all day in my stamp room with my husband bringing me lunch so I don’t have to leave.

  221. Debbie McClain

    Pampering for me is when hubby says “go spend the day in your stamp room.” Ahhhhh, pure bliss!

  222. A pampered day for me is being with and playing with my family – out to lunch, bowling, playing volleyball, to a movie, out to dinner, playing tennis, and finishing off with a tall beverage of our choice!!! Whatta day that would be!!

  223. I can’t wait to see what all you get to do while at Founder’s Circle!
    My idea of being pampered is having a French pedicure.

  224. Marilyn Duhaime

    Getting a pedicure where they have those massage chairs that you can control and a good cup of coffee! Heavenly!!

  225. Believe it or not, my favorite pampering is to be able to stay in my PJ’s and create in my craft room all day, listening to my music on my iPod. And if I had my own waiter that day, to make dinner and serve my beverages, that would be wonderful !

  226. Gloria Jacobs

    Pampering to me is date night with my favorite guy, my wonderful husband.

  227. Melinda Werling

    My idea of a good pampering is a couple hours of quiet to read through all my favorite Stampin Up blogs with a good cup of coffee!!

  228. a massage and facial for sure!

  229. Janet Swofford

    Nothing beats a good massage for a great pampering experience! I hope you have a glorious rejuvenating time in St, George! Thanks for sharing wonderful inspiration here on your blog!

  230. Having more stamps – of course !

  231. I feel pampered when I get a spa pedicure with a leg/foot massage…amazing!!! I also feel pampered when I have a whole day to spend in my craft room with no interruptions. Thanks for the chance to win such awesome blog candy Mary!!! Enjoy your pampering in Utah ?

  232. I know a bunch of people will say facial, massage, foot massage…fortunately, I am married to a massage therapist PLUS he just graduated with his esthetic’s license so he can do all the fun facial and herbology stuff…My idea of being pampered is a quiet place to stamp, read, or work on my Bible study!

  233. I’d have to say my husband cooking dinner while I continue stamping. And the bonus…he cleans up.

  234. Pampering for me is having my hair done at the salon; I just love having someone else shampoo my hair! Add in a Starbucks latte and I’m all set!!

  235. A bubble bath

  236. Dorothy Jewell

    Pampering for me is not having to cook all day – just going out to breakfast, lunch and dinner with my hubby, the man of my dreams! 😉

  237. Pampering to me is a day with my stamping friends making new things with all the new Stampin Up products! I come home all relaxed, energized and ready to use my new stamps and products.

  238. I love getting a massage but a manicure and pedicure is also very relaxing.

  239. It?s amazing what a difference a year makes. Last year my husband of 5 years had an unexpected major medical issue which was touch and go for a few days and is still healing but doing so much better. Pampering to me now is sitting in my living room, whether getting creative or watching TV and hearing in the background my husband singing his music ? I never realized how beautiful it was until I didn’t hear for months and am very lucky to hear it again.

  240. Staying in my PJ’s and spending the morning in my stamp room.

  241. My fave is just being able to spend the day doing what I want, like maybe stamping? Have a great time at Founders!

  242. Pampering to me is date night with my favorite fellow, my wonderful husband.

  243. In my world, an uninterrupted block of time longer than 30 minutes,for paper crafts would be the ultimate pamper for me. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration you provide!

  244. My favorite pampering would be a pedicure while reading a good mystery with Elvis or the Beach Boys music playing!

  245. I love to be pampered! Like many have said, a full body massage is the best! Just relax and forget about everything else! Next best thing is a pedicure. Enjoy your trip to St. George, lucky gal! And thanks for a chance to win awesome blog candy.

  246. Pampering? What’s that? It’s been so long since I’ve been pampered. I think I agree with many of the other comments, that spending a nice long day at the spa would be fantastic. I have never had that opportunity before, but sounds relaxing. Even a nice long bubble bath at home would be wonderful, lol

  247. My idea of being pampered is to sit by the pool or on the beach with a good book with no thoughts of laundry, housecleaning or cooking. Just “Me Time”.
    Have a great time being pampered!

  248. What a great collection giveaway!! Pampering for me is a quiet house with a good book. Candles lit and a warm afghan just add to the mix.

  249. My idea of pampering is to sneak away to my craft area or visit a papercrafting store with a friend. Enjoy your days of fun and pampering!

  250. I would love to go back to Maui and snorkel right off the beach all day … that was the most relaxing trip that made me feel very pampered!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip and I’m looking forward to checking out your updates on Facebook. Thanks for this opportunity to win some great swag!

  251. There a zillion ways to pamper myself but my favorite lately is to have a spa manicure/pedicure and facial combo.

  252. Hi Mary, I just love to be in my craft room and be
    able to do lots of stamping! Thanks for a chance
    to win. Would love all of thes goodies! Love your
    videos and love your studio! maw1@windstream.net.

  253. I would love to be pampered. I’m a dog breeder and board other people’s dogs so I stay pretty busy. Pampered to me is being able to sleep in. . . which doesn’t even happen when I get away. So I do turn to stamping as a get away. Dogs on the couch and scrap paper all over the tables. This is my stress relief! Thanks for the opportunity to WIN!

  254. I have never had much time to be pampered or to pamper myself, I am a Grandma and enjoy pampering my Grandsons who love to see the cards I make and sometimes they make cards to. My favorite are the cards they make for me.

  255. Pampering to me is when my husband is making dinner and I am tucked away in my craft room playing with my Stampin’Up! goodies.

  256. Judy Grinnell

    Pampering is not having an agenda and doing what I feel like in the moment. Freedom is a special thing. It often leads to creativity and stamping or searching out new ideas or calling a friend. Time is a precious gift.

  257. Getting my hair done…..without kids! Cut, highlight whatever but just a little me time.

  258. Hmmm, a full body massage is my idea of heaven. But I recently had a wonderful pedicure and having pretty toes to enjoy everyday is wonderful! Thanks for sharing stamping ideas with me, Mary!

  259. We recently renovated a house. My husband designed a fabulous studio for me to do my papercrafting and machine embroidery. Every time I go into my studio I feel pampered and blessed. Mary, thanks for all of your great inspirations!

  260. I love a pedicure! Thanks for the opportunity to win some fun stuff!

  261. Pampering for me is getting a massage or going to get a soa pedicure & manicure.

  262. Pampering for me is just to have “me” time to do whatever I feel like doing! I do enjoy making cards and actually, crafting of any sort, but that’s very rare to have time for that. I don’t have space, so it’s hard to get those things done. Thanks for the chance to win all that great stuff, even if it is retired, it’s all good! I love your creativity and so enjoy reading your blog every day.

  263. Donna DaBillo

    My favorite pampering is to either have someone do the housework for the day so I can stay sleep in or work on a project.

  264. A deep tissue massage is the best pampering I can think of!

  265. A perfect day of pampering for me is a day at the spa. It is such a relaxing atmosphere. My treatments would be a hot stone massage, facial and maybe even a pedicure.

  266. A movie, or good book with a glass of wine. Or just a trip to the store with no kiddos!!

  267. Michelle Benoit

    Lunch with a dear girlfriend always makes me feel special and grateful.
    THanks for this generous opportunity!

  268. Massage or some quiet time to stamp…

  269. Suzanne Ferlin

    Getting a facial always makes me feel super pampered!

  270. Corinne Smith

    My way of pampering my self is to stamp! I start by choosing some paper and stamp pads, then the stamps! The creative juices start to flow!

  271. Just being able to be alone with a good book or to watch a movie. Enjoying the quiet.

  272. For me…time alone to choose whatever I please is the best way to pamper me. Stamping is my typical choice to fill my time. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome blog candy! Enjoy Founder’s Circle!

  273. patti moffett

    Pampered often by dear husband…starts out with a bouquet of roses and a nice meal, a long quiet drive in the country and visit to a botanical garden (lots of color combinations and ideas) and then home to my cardmaking undisturbed. Ah, one can dream!!! let it be so!!!

  274. Lisa Pressley

    I love getting a pedicure! It is so relaxing and offers giggles because I am a bit ticklish ?
    I love your blog and ideas!!! Lots of fun!!

  275. I like poking around in quirky gift shops and antique stores for an entire afternoon – usually I don’t buy much, but the process is so relaxing! Have a GREAT time Mary – you deserve it! Thank you for all you do!

  276. At this point in my life, sometimes the best pampering I do for myself is to go out for a run. Having 30-45 minutes of truly uninterrupted time alone to refresh my mind, body, and sole.

  277. Now this may sound silly to some, but to a mom of small children, it’s DEFINITELY pampering…I like to add some DoTerra Citrus Bliss essential oil to my lotion and put it on my body after showering!! I feel SO refreshed, energized, and ready to start my day! I don’t even remember what a full body massage feels like anymore, but I’m SURE that will be at the top of my list again some day. LOL!

  278. I love being pampered with a pedicure! It’s so relaxing.

  279. I love to indulge in a chocolate croissant or brioche from a local french bakery with my daughter, it’s so much more fun to share the pampering! Mary have a fabulous time!

  280. When I am able to get new products from SU and get the time to create with them; I feel so unstressed. That’s as close to pampering as I can get. Have a fun and safe trip! I can’t wait to see your pic’s. Thank you so much for sharing!

  281. Elizabeth Mims

    Nothing is more satisfying than spending time in my card castle. I am totally pampered there for I am the Queen.

  282. I feel pampered when I can spend a full day in my craft room, with some Christian radio playing, a few good chocolate candies to nibble on and a diet coke! Now that’s living!!!

  283. My favorite kind of pampering is a beach getaway with palm trees and people walking up and down the beach offering manicures, massages, and fresh coconut juice. Aaahhhh….

  284. I’m usually the pamperer, not the pamperee. I really enjoy taking care of people. As for feeling pampered, I guess getting my fingernails and toenails shaped and painted is my idea of pampering. Or maybe a really long hot shower using one of my favorite handmade soaps.

  285. A nice massage would be wonderful! But just taking time to stamp & not worry about cooking or cleaning (at the time! LOL) is probably typical. Enjoy Founders Circle & thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  286. Pampering for me is just making projects with My Stampin’Up. I like to set at my dining table and just “shut everything else out and just relax making cards”

  287. laura_pryor@hotmail.com

    Spending the day with my sister at a spa!

  288. Pampering for me would be a day to read a really good book and not have to feel guilty about it.

  289. llswild4@yahoo.com

    Watching a Christmas movie is a wonderful way to be pampered. Love them!!!

  290. A day of pampering for me is having a day off work, hanging out in my pajamas, reading a book and of course doing some stamping.

  291. Pampering to me means getting some time alone with my hubby. We have 3 little ones that make it difficult to enjoy quiet conversation! I know that someday I will miss it, but somedays I dream of a quiet house! LOL!!

  292. Mary you sure know how to treat a gal. My pampering is a night out for supper. As we are both retired and it is just the two of us at home now it’s hard to cook for two. Hope you enjoy yourself.

  293. Francie Schlesinger

    My favorite way to be pampered is for my husband and boys to go out to the movies so that I have a few hours alone to stamp – no interruptions.

  294. When I’m on vacation I love, love, love going to the spa a day and getting a massage, pedicure, facial…just make a day out of it.

  295. Pampering for me means: FULL SPA DAY BABY!!!! All the works! 🙂

  296. Deborah Jackson

    The perfect pampering for me would be a relaxing deluxe pedicure and manicure.

  297. Pampering for me is a bubble bath, pajamas, and a good book or movie. Have a great time, Mary!!!

  298. My favorite way to feel pampered is with a good cup of coffee, a good book, and my cat, purring, on my lap…..The “icing on the cake” would be something on the stove that smells wonderful and a gentle snowfall outside (I’m one of those strange people that loves fall and winter the best)

  299. Pampering to me is being hugged by those I love.

  300. I would feel pampered if I had someone to clean my house from top to bottom – do all the dusting I despise. If I was lucky enough to be getting a pedicure while the person was cleaning that would be even beter. 🙂

  301. Pampering is spending the entire day at the ocean with friends and family. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the pampering Mary……well deserved!!

  302. Cindi Hutchings

    Pampering for me is a pedicure! Thank you for the opportunity to win this give away!!

  303. Claudia Newdigate

    A day of pampering can be many things for me-being at home barbecuing with me son, working in my daughters garden, painting a room in the house or stamping in my studio. It’s doing something I enjoy with people I love. <3

  304. Janice kohlea

    My pampering is being able to stay on bed while my husband watches the kids 🙂

  305. Seriously, eating — savoring — meatloaf and mashed potatoes once in awhile feels like pampering to me! Have fun stamping and pampering!

  306. A massage works every time!

  307. Well, aren’t you nice–such a cool assortment of goodies! Pampering, for me, is either time to “play in the dirt” in my garden or time to “play in the ink” with my SU goodies!

  308. Having the house to myself! Doesn’t matter what I do, whether it’s stamping or cleaning…….it’s so much nicer with peace and quiet!

  309. tammy fletcher

    Yesterday was my birthday, so pampering I got!! Daughter took me out for lunch to my fave restaurant and then to a cupcake bakery to pick my choice. Out for supper with friends and hubby surprised me with a dozen white roses…..great day of pampering for me!

  310. Linda Stearns

    Pampering for me is a HOT bath with candles burning and music playing! I wish I had a jacuzzi tub!

  311. Stamping and Skyping with my favorite stamp buddy in Arizona!!

  312. Pampering to me would be a nice hot bubble bath, candles burning, soft music and a glass of wine.

  313. A weekend at the beach would be a wonderful, pampering retreat!

  314. Oh my…pampering for me is getting away to spend time with my grandchildren and their lovely parents.

  315. To come home to find hubby has cooked supper and theres a cold glass of white waiting with the bath run…..don’t mind filling the dishwasher! I would gladly pay the pandp for you. lol. Lovely website.

  316. Lydia Schlundt

    : ) Along with so many others, I don’t really know what pampering would be like. I’ve never had a professional massage or had my nails done BUT I do enjoy just sitting down in the evening and playing Scrabble on my Kindle : ))
    My husband doesn’t enjoy games and the kids live too far away. My Mother and I used to play every time I went to visit her (about 7 states away : ). She is now with the Lord but I’m sure she would be smiling at me as I play on the Kindle.
    Thank you for putting so much helpful information out there for all of us.

  317. Nancy DeBonis

    My favorite pampering for me is a day to spend making cards, catching up on the shows on my DVR and eating junk. That is the BEST therapy ever…. Thanks for the chance.

  318. Jennifer Burgmeyer

    Pampered. Life is so wonderfully full of kids, school, home, and everything else that pampering sadly is not in the vocabulary. Right now I’d love to sit listening to music and watching the rain. I do find a few moments every now and then to pull out some stamps and create. It’s very soothing to the soul.

  319. mwswinter@frontiernet.net

    A good back rub is my idea of pampering!!

  320. retchicw@aol.com

    Hope you have a fabulous time being pampered by StampinUp. My favorite pampering is to get a massage and facial on the same day, which has only happened twice, as a gift. Should do it more often. Thanks for sharing blog candy, it looks mighty tasty!

  321. Lori-Ann Ball

    I feel pampered everyday I wake up to my wonderful Husband! But no girl cam turn down a spa day!!!

  322. A glass of wine and a quiet house. Love your designs!

  323. Ahh…getting to visit my grandchildren and their parents is a perfect pampering for me. The 4-year old are mini Stampers already.

  324. My Idea of papmpering is a good glass of wine, a great book, a comfy spot and quietness. I am a busy mom of 3 boys, and I work in a daycare. Quietness is a rare comodity for me so when I have it I treasure it.

  325. Hope you get some great pampering. Hugs.

  326. Pampering would include a nice bubble bath, candles, soft music and a great book to read! Enjoy your trip and keep up the great job of inspiring us every day.

  327. For me, it’s spending time with my “gal pals” eating at our favorite restaurant at Brookwood Community, then shopping in the gift shop and finally spending the afternoon catching up with each other. Nothing better!

  328. What a wonderful way to pamper someone!! I’m anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving Break from school so that I can sit down, drag out my Stampin’ Up things and make some cards!! Counting the days, and this package would be so very helpful. 🙂

  329. Thanks for this fun contest Mary. My idea of pampering is a massage in a relaxing spa.

  330. To me, the best pampering is getting a facial at the spa. But sometimes I am so relaxed that I fall asleep and then I am kind of upset because I feel like I missed some of the pampering! Have fun on your trip Mary, I hope you feel “pampered” while there!

  331. Claudia Prior

    A few hours in the Urban Sweat Saunas followed by an hour long massage. All the while hydrating with cucumber water!

  332. A bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book! That’s how I pamper myself.

  333. My idea of pampering is enjoying the sun on my face, my toes in the sand, and the breeze of ocean air while at the beach.

  334. My papmering moment is going to a luxury hotel in our downtown area and being waited on. No beds to make, no meals to cook, and doing whatever I want.

  335. What a great collection giveaway!! Pampering for me would be a quiet house and a good book! Candles lit and a warm afghan- ummmmm,

  336. Paulette Habbit

    I love to have a pajama day. Pampering includes whatever feels nice at the time. Usually unplanned, very relaxed and a fun filled day.

  337. WOWZERS !!! I love your give-a-way today. I always do …*smile* THANKS MARY !!!

    My favorite way to pamper myself is by staying in my jammies all day, and having hubby cater to me. Life would be good !!! (sometimes he has)

  338. My pampering consists of relaxing in my recliner and of course looking over Stampin up catalogs for inspiration!

  339. WOWZERS !!! I love your give-a-way today. I always do …*smile* THANKS MARY !!!

    My favorite way to pamper myself is by staying in my jammies all day, and having hubby cater to me. Life would be good !!! (sometimes he has)

  340. My favorite way to feel pampered is a day on a luxury spa… or be taken out for dinner or breakfast (i don?t like to prepare breakfasts, jajaja). Thanks for the give away!

  341. Hello Mary.. This is Sarah also I m Deaf too.. I read your comment about Pampering myself.. Yes, it is Good Health to have those Kind Pampering make body feel more Relaxing also spend time with Girl Weekend have FUN also make lots Cards….. I love it BECUASE it make me feel like Diva Queen… My Four Girlfriends ALWAY get together five time a year we made alots Cards… We did enjoy our time together very much and lots of laugh we do share our feedback about Cards….. It made me feel SPEICAL I also love drink Hot Choc Yummy… I want say I always enjoying read your website… They are Beautiful… Thank you for your wonderful ideas…… Enjoy your Day…..

  342. I love a nice long massage, its sure to relax me! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome “Candy”.

  343. Kellie Cavallaro

    My favorite way to get pampered is when my husband completely takes over dinner, from deciding what we are having and doing the shopping to cooking the meal and cleaning up after. It doesn’t happen very often.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  344. I am off on Fridays and one Friday a month I spend the day on me. I start with a 90 minute massage at Massage Envy and then on to my favorite salon for a facial, haircut and a pedicure. I feel pampered and beautified. I love it and I love your blog. Thank you for all the wonderful card ideas.

  345. Also forget add this message.. Mary Thank for nice Give Away Gifts…. Whoever win the Gifts.. Congrats and Enjoy it Smile…..

  346. My husband taking the kids for the day and spending it all day in my craft room with “chick-flicks” on the the TV! aaahhhh – I’m due for one of those days….

  347. My idea of being pampered includes a long bath, then curl up with a good book, then enjoy a wonderful meal that’s cooked by someone else!

  348. Laurie Mercer

    You are so generous! My most favorite pampering is when my husband brushes my hair and massages my shoulders after a long day at work. He is precious in that way.

  349. I think my favorite pampering has to be a spa day. Years ago when my mom had cancer, my four sisters & I took her for a day spa. It was the most pampering I had ever had and it was wonderful. More so it was wonderful for me knowing that she felt wonderful. Then we took her to Greek town where she got some oh her most favorite ~ Baklava. I think it is kinda pampering to pamper somebody else… Thanks for the invite to win…

  350. Pampering to me is getting to stamp all afternoon and that happens a lot less than I wish! Once a year I will treat myself to a pedicure to get the gunk off my feet but true pampering is my stamping because that is what I love. Wishing you a truly fun time in Utah!

  351. Joette McCawley

    Time uninterrupted at my stamping/scrapping table and my comfy slippers. CHocolate of course is a must!!! Thanks Mary!!

  352. Pampering to me would be a pedicure and some shopping! By myself!!

  353. Pampering is something I like to do for others….so, a day spent with my husband and two grown children is a special treat for me. I also like to spend time paper crafting for them…these things are my favorite “pampering” moments for sure!

  354. My very favorite way to pamper myself is to pop a big bowl of popcorn (buttered of course) and stick a good movie in the DVD player and sit back and enjoy! Doesn’t even cost much! Love your blog, Mary! I get some great card ideas from you!

  355. Kelly Wentworth

    Mary… a day of pampering for me is to have a full day in my craft room making all kinds of beautiful cards and projects without anyone bothering me for anything. Nothing but my creative ideas flowing with a cup of iced coffee and all my Stampin’ Up goodies!!! I hope I have a day of pampering soon!!!

  356. Thanks for the chance at blog candy Mary. I love a nice hot bath, a good book and a great cup of coffee. Enjoy your stamping and pampering and send us great pictures! I was at convention this year and know that you so deserve this pampering! Hugs.

  357. Wow, what a great giveaway! I’m not a high maintenance girl. The ultimate pampering would be a manicure & pedicure. That is usually my Mother’s Day gift. My favorite way of pampering myself is with new stamping products!

  358. Pampering … getting my hair & nails done “just because”! Everyday should be a Special Occassion!!! ?

  359. Pampering? Yes…I think a nice long massage would be the ticket. And then that Stampin’ Up order I put in would show up and I have the whole weekend to myself to play!

  360. I love getting my hair done or even having my daughter “play” with my hair. It’s so relaxing!

  361. Rosalie Romero

    Pampering myself would include getting a message, taking a warm bath then back into my pjs with a good book.. Ahhhh!

  362. Pampering for me is getting a day to do things I enjoy, to get my hair done or just laying in bed watching TV or maybe a hot bath or taking a nap.

  363. A massage followed by a pedicure is my favorite way of being pampered, but I also like the comment one person made where they can stay in their PJ’s all day and not have a care in the world. That sounds luxurious to me since I have four small kids I have to chase around, but I love it!

  364. A massage would be a wonderful way to feel pampered, but I would also love sleeping in while my husband attends to our wee one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  365. ruthcla@gmail.com

    Pampering for me is getting a pedicure and reading a good book.

  366. A glass of wine, sitting on the patio in warm sunshine, talking to my children on the phone. Pure bliss:-)

  367. A nice warm bath with candles all around. (And nobody knocking on the door asking me when I’ll be done) 🙂

  368. Pampering for me is a good book or new Stampin’ Up catalog with my favorite beverage and time to indulge.

  369. it wouldn’t take much for this stay-at-home & homeschooling mom to feel pampered! I would love for someone to take on my normal responsibilities so that I can lock myself in my craft room for a day! aahhh that would be nice! 🙂

  370. sandy carroll

    I like to feel pampered with a relaxing lunch out with friends, especially somewhere that has outdoor dining.

  371. Pampering? I not sure I have ever been pampered, no pedicures, or manicures have i ever had, no body massages either. But all of sounds like a great way to spend the day with no worries. Love your blog and always enjoy the chance to win blog candy.

  372. Pampering for me is renting a hotel room with my best friend Karen, filling it with all our stamping and scrapping stuff, and working on that all weekend!

  373. Pampering means a weekend away with a nice spa treatment.

  374. Pampering, to me, is an hour and a half facial performed by the one and only Barb Hackbarth!! She is AMAZING!! Now if only there was a way to sneak a glass of wine in there while I have this done! 😉

  375. A mani/ pedi alone would be amazing 🙂 enjoy uour week being pampered

  376. I love a rainy morning with a cup of coffee, back in bed with a good book. Then a nap until lunchtime and an afternoon in my craft room! ;)))

  377. Pampering is just some time to me…with friends and family usually, stamping, laughing and enjoying their company.

  378. Pampering for me is…Coming home after a long day at work and finding supper on the table. Then a good book, a cup of tea and maybe some Hershey Kisses!

  379. My favorite way to be pampered is having my daughter invite us to her place for a wonderful meal, she a good cook!

  380. Berne Veneski

    Pampering for me would start with a fantastic massage, followed by a great haircut, after which would come a mani/pedi – all ending with a romantic dinner with my hubby!!!

  381. The most awesome way I would feel pampered: have someone come deep clean my house and then have my hubby take me out on an awesome dinner date. (I could even leave off the dinner – just having my house cleaned would be so special!)

  382. michelle murray

    My favorite way to be pampered is my husband taking my early-rising baby in the mornings to let me sleep a few more hours. Extra bonus if he does some dishes!

  383. Monique Juarez

    A pedi is a luxury to me! I’ve been going to the same lady for about 10 years, so she takes good care of me!!!!

  384. My idea of pampering is more time to share what I love with others. I know you will enjoy your trip. So deserving! Thank you for what you do and sharing what you love! Blog candy is only one way you do that! Bring back lots of inspiration with you. I am eager to be inspired!

  385. Brenda Hawkins

    My way to get pampered is to go for a walk in the country side and listen to piano music on a cool crisp fall day and enjoy the smell of a fresh baked apple pie in the oven after the walk, fall is my favorite time of the year in Minnesota with the cool air and leaves changing colors – and then to just enjoy the day to myself and do whatever I want to do with nobody around!

  386. A foot massage & pedi! They don’t happen very often w/ 3 sports kids & other activities our busy family has. Love me time!

  387. My favorite pampering method is to make a cup of tea and call a friend to catch up. I live pretty far from all my friends so keeping up with what is happening with their lives is very important to me. When I do this I feel as though I am back home and that is so very relaxing.

  388. I feel the best way to be pampered is to earn it! Whenever I go for a massage or pedicure, I make sure to hit the gym extra hard beforehand so I feel like I’ve deserved it!

  389. Pampering for me is taking a long bubble bath. Wow love the give a way. Have a wonder trip as you are being pampered………..

  390. Kathy Shuppert

    Pampering is taking my self shopping and a nice lunch at Panera Bread. Going to all of the craft stores and finding bargains.

  391. Being retired means that my husband pampers me a lot, so my idea of pampering is to give HIM a day off! I love to do the things he regularly does: make breakfast, bring in the paper, make and return the phone calls, just cover the little details that usually fall to him. Doing something for him just makes my day!

  392. A bubble bath, relaxing music and a good book make me happy.

  393. anytime my husband makes dinner…. no stress of figuring out what to cook! Enjoy your retreat Mary!

  394. Pampering for me means I get to stay in bed a little bit later, read the paper and drink my morning coffee!
    Oh, how nice….

  395. A favorite way to feel pampered is to have someone else prepare, serve, and clean up dinner! In MY house! I would LOVE that. Meanwhile, while I dream, YOU have a great time in Utah and come back with loads of new ideas for us! And thanks for the chance to win some wonderful “stuff”!
    Barbara in SC

  396. michelle murray

    My favorite way to be pampered is my husband taking our early rising baby in the morning to give me a few more hours of sleep. Extra bonus if he does some dishes!

  397. Pampering to me is a soothing foot massage from my husband. He is the best. He pampers me daily by noticing what needs to be done and taking care of it! Although I do love having a mani and pedi!

  398. I love the days I’m able to have both a massage and a mani/pedi. That’s my “lap of luxury”.

  399. Pampering for me is getting a manicure and a pedicure.

  400. I love to feel pampered with good music and uninterrupted time making cards that I know will bless someone!

  401. I would lock myself away in my craft room and get lost in my creations, calgon take me away. thank you for a chance for some really neat products.

  402. Stephanie DiGiovanni

    A pressure point massage, my couch, a bag of Doritos and General Hospital.. AHH! Sounds good. thanks for this contest!

  403. I love getting a pedicure and hanging out with friends watching movies…

  404. Any time for just me is a treat. A massage is an added bonus. As a single mom of two kids and being a nurse. … Spend plenty if time taking care if others. Not that I mind! But. Need to remember me too. Thx for the chance to win

  405. For me pampering is being able to go to sleep and not having to set the alarm.

  406. Pampering would be being creative without any interruption to scrapbook or make a card for no particular reason.

  407. I love to have a facial and a pedicure followed by a massage. So relaxing and I feel pretty afterwards.

  408. Dinner at Olive Garden. Love it.

  409. I feel pampered when I can have a day JUST for genealogy or making cards. The only sound I hear is from relaxing music. No TV, making meals, or housework.
    Wishing you a relaxing day.
    Andrea Storm

  410. Leslie Scudiere

    Time of my own is what I most treasure; that in itself is pampering to me. Knowing that I may choose what to do for myself is a little present. The ultimate pamper for me is a day that is all about me. I feel selfish just saying it! Lol!

  411. Glenda Modranski

    Pampering…hmm…getting my hair done and having the day to myself to do what I enjoy including making cards, shopping or reading a book. Have a great time on your trip and I’ll look forward to seeing pictures.

  412. Right now pampering would be for someone else to come in and pack up the rest of my house so I don’t have to. Our move is coming soon! I’d rather be stamping!

  413. Pampering is such a fantastic word. It has so many meanings and feelings associated with it. But yet it invokes a different emotion in all of us. I love anything from massages, pedicures, or going to the movie theatre with a big bowl of popcorn, or cuddling with one of my kids. These are some of my favorite pampering activities.

  414. My usual pampering consists of a manicure and pedicure, but for a extra special pampering…definitely a full body massage. Enjoy your time in Utah.

  415. My idea of being pampered is a full day in the craft room…stamping without interruption!

  416. I’m low maintenance and don’t think about pampering all that much…but does a good bowl of homemade soup count?

  417. I pamper myself with a day off to do nothing but what I want to do, read, knit or stamp. Of course I sleep in and eat lunch and dinner out too. Sometimes I invite friends, and sometimes just by myself. Thanks for the generous give away.

  418. Barbara Garcia

    I love your blog. My idea of pampering would be a full day of playing in my craftroom without interruption.

  419. My favorite way to be pampered is to be given a gift certificate to pick out stamping supplies.

  420. Michelle Silva

    To have an uninterrupted day of stamping.

  421. My pampered time is when I am down in my crafting room working on cards to send to people to help brighten their day. In return they usually let me know how much they enjoy receiving the cards so that brightens my day.

  422. Valerie Martin

    What a wonderful chance to win some awesome blog candy!

    Pampering for me is when an SU! order comes in…usually once every 3 months! 😉


  423. Pampering for me is having time for hobbies: stamping, papercrafting, boating, four-wheeling, relaxing family time, a good movie…..

  424. Pampering for me is to have breakfast made by my hubby on the weekend. He does it every weekend! Gives me a chance to look at my SU catalog or plan my next card project!! What a guy!

  425. I love a pedicure, unlimited time in my craft room, and my husband making me dinner AND doing the dishes!! Thanks for all the GREAT ideas – I love your blog!

  426. Getting a pedicure makes me feel pampered!

  427. Barbara Garcia

    I love your blog. My idea of pampering would be a full day to play in my craft room without interruption

  428. What a good question. It has been so long since I thought about that, probably being pampered would consist of a soothing foot massage and pedicure would be especially nice while planning my next card project.

  429. Massage, mani, pedi! I hope you have the best time ever!!

  430. Amy Turner-Nasset

    Hi Mary! Enjoy your trip, you earned it and deserve it! Hmm…. My favorite way to pamper myself… When I place a large order of SU products, especially new products, and then when they come it’s like Christmas! Then playing with all my new toys & tools always relaxed me. I love a good massage or facial or mani pedi too. But I just love being a demonstrator and ordering stuff that isn’t specifically for a class or camp is so much fun and always feels like I am pampering myself!

  431. my favorite way to pamper myself is a hot bath. a little lavender and some epsom salts. or i go downstairs and make a card.

  432. Awww, pampering is an hour massage, and then home to a good book and a cup of hot tea.

  433. Pampering to me is sitting in the den with a glass of wine, stamping or knitting, while hubby fixes dinner AND cleans up the kitchen. Lucky me!
    Enjoy your 5 days, Mary. I’m sure you’ll have wonderful show and tell for us soon!

  434. Pampering to me means a nice massage, nails done pedicure and someone else cooks me dinner 🙂

  435. Pampering? I’m not sure that’s part of my life 🙂 but I do like massages (haven’t had one for 2 years) and Stampin Up crafting. Card making soothes me.

  436. Pampering to me means a nice massage, nails done pedicure and someone else cooks me dinner 🙂

  437. Pampering to me means a nice massage, nails done pedicure and someone else cooks me dinner 🙂

  438. Ahhh pampering – a quiet house, and cup of tea, a favorite candle burning and some quality time to be able to do some crafting. Making cards or scrapbooking are very relaxing and enjoyable!

  439. Pampered to me means doing what ever I want to do….or not without any interruptions at home to relax without the worry that I need to be here or I need to be there by a certain schedule. Then I would able to ENJOY spending time to CREATE instead of being in front of a computer all the time.

  440. Pampering for me is relaxing in the den with a glass of wine, stamping or knitting, while hubby fixes dinner AND cleans up the kitchen. Lucky ME!
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your 5 days, Mary. Looking forward to your ‘show and tell!’

  441. My favorite pampering is when my husband meets me at the back door (he gets home before I do) with a glass of wine. We then sit and talk about our day while sharing the wine. I feel so close and connected to him. What better way to keep our marriage strong!

    Thanks for your inspiration in card making. I love your daily posts!!

  442. Number one way to wind down and feel pampered? A spa pedicure! I would go everyday ifmI could afford it. Thanks for yiur generousity and for sharing your talents with all of us. Blessings, Diane

  443. A wonderful deep tissue massage followed by a big glass of red wine! Tomorrow, I’ll be ready to stamp.

  444. My girls to cook Sunday night family dinner including clean up after so I can watch football.

  445. It’s always relaxing playing with stamps and punches, designing cards for no particular reason or occasion, just to be a little creative and avoid cleaning or another task I probably should be doing :-).

  446. Linda Resetar

    For me all it takes is a new book by Nora Roberts and an empty house, So I can read in peace and quiet !!

  447. HI Mary! My ideal wish for a pampering day would be….
    pedicure with a friend (or my late sister) and a massage….home for a a cocktail or two;) then stamp some cards for next furry fundraiser….while enjoying each others company wouldn’t that be awesome! Maybe watching a Richard Gere movie, hubba, hubba!
    I will be daydreaming about this, thanks for the wonderful thoughts Mary. And thank you for all your creative sharing!

  448. I adore a day where I can laze around in bed reading a book.

  449. Pampering is every Thursday when two other ladies and I meet for breakfast and then come back to my house for some Stampin’ Up. So much fun being together and sharing ideas.

  450. Going out for a special dinner. Thanks for the the opportunity to be pampered with
    more stamping supplies

  451. Now that my kids are grown, I find I don’t need as much pampering! But I love it when “someone else” makes the salad…

  452. I feel pampered when I visit your blog daily! You pamper, energize and fill my brain with excitement to be creative. I can visit daily and you always have something new for me to think about. Thank you!

  453. My idea of pampering is a cup of coffee made by my sweet husband and watching Stampin’ Up! tutorials. I LOVE it!!!!

  454. I pamper myself each and every morning!! I pour myself a great cup of coffee and head to Mary’s Stampin’ Pretty and then it’s off to Stamp with Brian! 🙂 Then I check out my other favorite sites that have posted new great ideas dealing with Stampin’ Up! products!

    Have a great time in St. George Mary! Enjoy some stamping and pampering!

  455. Pampering for me is getting to sleep in & not having to cook Dinner & change diapers! Oh the busy life of a stay at home mom of 2 young kids.

  456. Shelly Davidson

    I feel pampered when I have a day to myself. After everyone leaves in the morning on my day off I can relax and have a cup of coffee, read my email, then get ready for the day. A day filled with paper crafting!!!

  457. Good book, hot tea and a blanket setting on my deck.

  458. Carol Carriveau

    Pampering for this gal is having uninterrupted Stampin time, no husband, no adult son and the cat not wanting in/out/something when I am on a roll…but have to add Stampin days with my friends and a pedicure….not to forget about a few pieces of really good chocolate…lol! Know you will get lots of pampering the next few days…and thank you for the blog candy chance.

  459. Pampering? You hit the nail on the head with foot massage…along with a soothing facial. Enjoy Founders!

  460. Megan Strasser

    My idea of pampering is going and getting a pedicure. Although, to enjoy some time to myself lately, it’s been just going and creating some cards so my stampin’ room has become a place of luxury and pampering.

  461. For me it is all about SOMEONE ELSE making my food, serving it and cleaning it up! Have a blast in Utah!

  462. Adrienne west

    My favorite thing to do for pampering myself is a one hour foot and leg massage. My local Spa offers this and it’s amazing! The place is dimly lit, smells of relaxing lavendar and by the time they recline the cushy oversized chair….I’m usually half asleep already 😉 I always come away from my one hour escape completely rejuvenated and calm.

  463. Mary Beth Krakowski

    Pampering, hmmm! A manicure/pedicure feels so luxurious; I ‘ve never had a massage, I think that would be wonderful and lunch with my daughter!

  464. Just having a few uninterrupted hours to craft, whether it be stamping, beading, sewing, etc… I love it all.

  465. I’m the head cook and bottle washer in my house. So I feel pampered when the cooking and kitchen duties are tended to (without my asking) by my hubby. He has been battling Leukemia for a year, so it doesn’t happen often but it’s pretty special when he feels well enough to say “sit down I’ve got it”.

  466. Enjoy your papering time!! I’m jealous LOL! Pampering for me is getting a facial and a massage, but the budget doesn’t allow for that so I feel pampered when I can have uninterrupted stamping time (a nice block of it) or a nice block of time to read.

  467. A quiet day, doing my thing… Pedi with my daughters , a good movie and a nap!

  468. I love to get a pedicure & I love to spend the day in my studio. I just love making cards/crafts…so if I were to get a pedicure then come home and craft away, I would really be pampered.
    Have fun in St. George, can’t wait to see pictures.
    TeriS in SoCA

  469. Hi Mary! My perfect pampering day would be a pedicure, shopping and lunch, and coming home to a clean house! (and maybe some stamping if I had time!) Enjoy your time in Utah and thanks for all the great ideas!

  470. Manicure and pedicure…once a month.

  471. Funny thing, I just returned from having my nails done – to me that’s being pampered! Love it!

  472. Pampering for me would be a whole day with nothing to do but stamp!!

  473. Fabulous giveaway – thanks for the chance at those retired goodies. My pampering highlight is a pedicure with the extras (hot wax dip, sugar scrub, custom ‘paint’ job). Enjoy your time as one of the best of the best!

  474. pampering is a day with no phone calls, no errands, no cooking, no cleaning and laying on the couch watching a good movie. I rarely have alone time so this comes far and few between but is enjoyed when it happens. I do have to say my stamping time is pretty relaxing too!

  475. My favorite is cuddling up with my husband and having him rub my back…a pedicure is also very nice!

  476. Ahh late at night everyone in the house is asleep and I have the TV + remote to myself there I sit watching something I like and having Milano cookies and some milk –

  477. Having my husband sit next to me and rub my tired feet…while we both listen to jazz and have a little wine and cheese….now that’s pampering…..

  478. One of my favorite ways to be pampered is when my husband cooks breakfast. I then get an earlier chance to go in my stamping room and create. Thanks for all your inspiration and have a great trip!

  479. My thoughts of pampering is to receive my fun stamps I ordered in the mail and be able to actually go straight into the house and sit down and be able to use them to create something fun!

  480. Sandy Wingate

    Have a wonderful trip to St. George! My idea of being pampered is having my husband take care of dinner. That usually means pizza delivery, but it gets me out of the kitchen once in a while!

  481. Hi Mary,
    Oh my gosh! Great for you and the others who are retreating to Pamperville! I work full time for the county, do my own lawn work and even clean my gutters and all the while I am thinking of the variety of cards that I will be making once I retreat to my Pamper-Craft Room proudly called my Stampin Up haven. My haven brings me lots of stress relief, a sense of peace, and creativity.

    Have a very much deserve grand time.

  482. My most favorite way of pampering is a foot

  483. Nadine Hogrefe

    Coming home to a sparkling clean house complete with fresh bed linens, fresh flowers in every room, taken out for a beautiful dinner and given airline tickets to a beach or cruise!

  484. Pampering for me means someone else cooking the meal and curling up with a good book.

  485. Once a year I go to a stamp retreat! No interruptions, phone doesn’t even work, and dinners are cooked and served!!! Love it! Have a great trip and thanks for the WOW videos!

  486. My idea of pampering would be having the house and day to myself to craft away!! Other side, I enjoy my family so much and being able to spend the day with them ANYWHERE would be a great day as well! Thanks for taking care of us Mary, enjoy your time away!

  487. A full day of NO phones or computers. Top it off with a pedicure.

  488. I love spending an evening outside of the house with my family where I don’t have to cook. Then having time to papercraft when I get home. Ahhhhhh, pampering.

  489. Pampering for me is when my guys clean house without being asked!

  490. With so many things to do and so many people needing my time, “pampering” is just having a day to do what I want to do without interruption and without the need to feel like I’m doing something from my “to do” list!

  491. I love the idea of stamping without laundry to do. A little pampering sounds so good. Have fun Mary.

  492. It seems simple but feels so great…clean sheets and freshly shaved legs.

  493. Amanicure and pedicure always makes me feel pampered!!!

  494. I have two favorites: time to read a good book and time to papercraft!

  495. Time in my craft room is my favorite pampering experience.

  496. Oh, how I would love some new stamps to get my motivation going again….

  497. Jennie Portonova

    Mani and Pedi for sure! Then a nice rest of the day with my BFF window shopping and finding lots of bargains.
    Enjoy your trip, Mary, you certainly have earned it. 🙂

  498. I’m not one for massages, so I’d have to say dinner at my favorite restaurant with my husband. Delicious food, great conversation and a couple if frou-frou tropical drinks and I’m in heaven. Thanks for being so generous with the blog candy, Mary, and have fun at Founders Circle.

  499. My favorite way to feel pampered is to get my nails done followed by a fresh hair cut and then followed by a fantastic massage and a dinner out with husband or friends. This has never happened to me all in one day or even all in one year but it would be nice!!

  500. Katie Marshall

    Getting my hair done!

  501. A massage! Nothing can beat a nice massage…and then a nice nap once I get home. Thanks for being so generous with your supplies. Retired or not, they will soon become someone’s great prize!

  502. My favorite way to be spa pampered is to get my nails and toes done, a massage then home where I can play undisturbed in my craft/sewing room. This has not happened in way too long! I would love to win. Have a great time on your trip.

  503. I body massage followed by a nap always is a great stress reliever and a fun way to be pampered!

  504. For me, pampering is having the night off from cooking dinner! Hope that you have a great trip and thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  505. A cozy blanket…a comfy chair or couch…a new book !

  506. Robin McFarland

    A nice hot shower and and a nap is all the pampering I need

  507. Pampering for me is when our 3 yr old granddaughter Hayden & I are together, & she wants to help me with everything….cooking, baking, laundry or to just cuddle on the couch to watch a movie and enjoy our popcorn….being with her is TRULY all the pampering I need! 🙂

  508. Madeleine Menke

    oh please let me have a pedicure. Thank you for offering the blog candy. My up up line is on her way to St Geroge too.. Sue leader of 5 Star Stampers. Have fun

  509. Pampering for me is coffee, quiet, and either stamps or a good book. With.3 boys at my house, quiet is a rare commodity!

  510. My husband pampers me by washing the dishes for me after supper!

  511. My favorite way to be pampered is to have a massage from my husband with great music playing! Ahhhh…. Second best is to have uninterrupted papercrafting time! Ahhhh….

  512. Thank You Mary for the chance to win some blog candy. Pampering for me would be to spend the day in my craft room with no interruptions. Enjoy your time in St. George. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  513. Bonnie Foxwell

    When my husband and I went to Maine recently, toward the end of our trip, we had a 90 minute massage and then went and had a wonderful lobster salad for lunch! I felt totally pampered! I also felt pampered every morning while having my coffee on the deck. Our cottage overlooked the lake and it was so beautiful and peaceful! Thanks, Mary, for all your inspiration. You are my go to gal!!

  514. Pampering for me is as easy as dinner!

  515. Pampering to me is sitting out on the patio on cool, crisp autumn days and evenings listening to the sounds of nature and inviting that cool breeze to lull me to sleep. Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful blog candy. I hope you enjoy your pampering in Utah! I live in Orem, Utah and can enjoy the state’s beauty all the time. I am truly blessed.

  516. When my hubby makes me dinner and gives me a back massage. That’s when I feel pampered!

  517. When someone mentions pampering to me it’s only one thing…..full-body massage. Nothing better than a quiet, relaxed setting with soft, soothing music in the background and all your tired, sore muscles being soothed by experienced healing hands……nope! nothing better for sure! ahhhhhhhh….time to schedule that long overdue appointment with the massage therapist!
    Happy travels Mary

  518. What’s my favorite way to be pampered you ask…?
    Well that’s something that has only happened once…
    a long relaxing massage 🙂

  519. pampering for me is a day to myself!!

  520. My favorite full day of pampering is a pedi and a massage. Then on to no cooking or housework for a day…..topped off with doing some card making without interruptions…in my own little creative world.
    Enjoy Utah.

  521. Pampering for me is going to a spa nearby where in between treatments, you can go to the “quiet room” and read/nap.

  522. Stephanie Jager

    Pampering for me is time to do what I want…playing with my stamps, creating cards, or reading. Kind of an escape into an alter reality!

  523. Stephanie Jager

    Pampering to me is having the time to play with my stamps, create cards, or reading. My own form of escape from the daily routine.

  524. sherie calles

    Pampering to me is having everybody in the house leave with something to do. turning off all noise elements and sitting in a rocking chair listening to the quiet.

  525. Ashley Counts

    A 90 minute massage is total pampering to me!

  526. Ahh, pampering oneself is…how should I put this… like having unlimited chocolate and not putting on a pound! I do enjoy my pedicures and having my feet massaged even though it tickles! Thanks, Mary, for the chance at some candy blog!

  527. Pampering for me is a mani, pedi, and then some stamping with friends!

  528. Facial…enough said!

  529. carla.kaiser@cubacity.k12.wi.us

    I love a body massage and of course stamping with friends!

  530. Enjoy an evening or afternoon of pure pampering for you and your friends. 🙂

  531. My favorite way to pamper myself is a beautiful quiet morning spent in my craft room. No makeup, no hair products, no rushing out to work….just a morning to relax as my natural self making cards with no interruptions.

  532. Love a Spa Pedicure and then dinner and a movie.

  533. I love to go shopping and my two favorite items to buy are jewelry and shoes.

  534. Teresa C in California

    Have a wonderful trip! We look forward to seeing the pictures!

    My favorite way to feel pampered is to take a day off with my husband, and take a day trip getaway.

  535. My idea of pampering is when everyone is gone, I start the day with a long hot bubble bath with listening to Kenny G and soak in the peace and quiet. Then I head out to the mall to find myself something that is just for me, (like jewelry!!!!!!!) Then I go into my scrapbooking room, shut the door turn on some music that touches my creative side and have fun… I am so glad I found Stampin Up..

  536. Sunday breakfast in bed, made (and cleaned up!) by the children, and reading the newspaper while I enjoy the omelette, bacon, hash browns, and coffee

  537. The best way I like to be pampered is laying by the pool, music going & friends to share it with me. Sooo relaxing!

  538. Hillary Lobenstein

    Pampering means going to a spa for the morning, going out to lunch with a friend, and having some time to stamp at home (while my husband has the kids busy and out of the house).

  539. Pampering for me is when my husband cooks dinner and cleans up afterward!

  540. Pampering for me is a little bit of quiet time to myself – to craft of course!

  541. Pampering for me is getting to have some one on one time with my hubby having a “date night” enjoying some Hawaiian food and going to a Hawaiian concert afterwards.

  542. Pampering for me is staying in my PJ for the whole day stamping and making cards, and my husband takes care of everything else. ??^_^??

  543. Pampering to me is night to do anything I wanted! If it is stamping, going shopping or reading a good book! A good meal and not having to do the dishes or cleaning up the kitchen is also good!

  544. Claudia Lapos

    Spending the day stamping in my studio! Thanks for the chance to win.

  545. Pampered for me is a barefooted walk on the beach! Have a wonderful trip!

  546. Pampering means the husband cares for the kids while I get sent to the spa to enjoy the termes, hot tubs, and a relaxing massage. Then I come home to a clean house and dinner. 🙂

  547. Hmmm, pampered… not sure if i have really ever been pampered! I would feel pampered to win these items and have a long, full day to play with them!

  548. When my husband says here’s a $100.00 and go buy yourself some Stamping supplies. He definitely knows how to pamper me. 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win Mary!

  549. With a husband & 3 teenagers in the house, my idea of pampering is sitting alone in a quiet room reading my favorite magazine! I also don’t mind tossing in a mani/pedi in the mix. 🙂

  550. For me, the ultimate pampering is a full body massage. In real life I usually have a head massage while my hair dresser is giving me a shampoo.

  551. I don’t get to do it very often but getting a massage is the ultimate for me.

  552. Pampering to me is a little time in the hot tub, strawberry lemonade and some card making all while someone else cleans up my house! Thanks for the chance to share and play along!

  553. Have fun Mary! Pampering? Just relaxing reading a good book.

  554. True pampering for me is when my husband cleans the house (or at least helps!), then cooks dinner & does the dishes afterwards, & then entertains the kids so that I can have time to do whatever I want to do. Those things don’t happen often, but when they do I can be found in my craft room immersed in beautiful Stampin’ Up products!

  555. Cheryl Fillers

    A piece of chocolate and a rubber stamp in each hand and 2 hours of free time to create a card to give away is my pampering LOL

  556. Cheryl Fillers

    A pc of chocolate and a rubber stamp in my hand and time to create a card …

  557. Pampering would be a good massage and someone to cook for me! Thanks Mary!

  558. Pampering to me would be a day of stampin in my craft room. That would make my day!

  559. When my daughter was little, she’d give me a foot massage with peppermint oil. Heaven!! She’s grown now, so a pedicure at a salon is what I enjoy.

  560. Full body massage!

  561. Nothing fancy for me, just time to sit and watch a whole movie at one time ~ with a bowl of popcorn !!

  562. I feel pampered when I can sleep in a big, fluffy hotel or resort bed full of pillows and white linens. Thanks for the give away!

  563. Pampered – everyday, my husband just smiles and laughs whenever I tell him of a new Stampin Up purchase. Lucky me!

  564. One of the ways I feel pampered is some time in the hot-tub with a good book and a snack to eat.
    Thanks so much for this generous giveaway and your great blog.

  565. One of my favorite ways to get pampered is when I go to my salon to get my hair washed and add on a scalp massage on top of that. Something about it takes me back to when I was a baby and my mom would wash my hair for me. Oh, memories! =)

  566. pampering for me is sitting in my chair
    with my Bailey-Boo. She is an 11 lb Lhasa,
    Bichon, Poodle & Chihuahua. quite a mix
    and adorable.

  567. Oh, pampering– a day off work to do nothing but stamp, stamp, stamp! These products would be soooo great to have.

  568. My favorite pampering idea is a spa day with a pedicure and full body massage. I feel so relaxed afterwards like I’m floating on a cloud.

  569. My most favorite way to get pampered is going to Memories Manor B&B in St.Clair,MI. I am going this coming weekend !!! with 5 of my Stamping Ladies.
    The weekend is wonderful, staying in this 10,000 sq ft manion. The rooms are beautiful, the stamping rooms are great and the food is to die for. The owners treat you like Queens all weekend.

  570. For me, pampering looks like a glass of red wine, a beautiful & elegant dinner, followed by a little time in front of a raging fire….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Relaxed!

  571. First – have a wonderful and save trip to Utah. It’s the little things that my husband does for me. Ex: When it’s cold out he’ll go and warm up my car so that it’s nice and warm when I have to go out or when He knows I’ve had a long day he makes dinner or when he knows that i need something special while I’m busy with crafting he’ll help me out, and the list could go on. It’s all the little things that most people take for granted that he makes me feel special and pampered.

  572. Pampering means getting bfast in bed every Sunday morning. Have lots of fun on your get away! And, thanks for the chance to win some fab goodies!

  573. Mary you are so lucky to be going to the founders circle… but you have worked so hard for it..
    Congrats… hope you bring back lots of ideas…

  574. Pampering to me is a weekend away with great friends, a few cocktails and lots of scrapbooking projects to complete. Thanks for asking!!

  575. Jennifer Newton

    My favorite way to feel pampered is to have a day (or even half of one!) to myself, where I can stamp, read, or catch up on projects. It doesn’t happen very often!

  576. 2souths@cox.net

    Feeling pampered to me is having a manicure and pedicure, then a long, hot soak in a scented bubble bath and getting into bed with fresh sheets, a good book, and a cup of tea. Ummmmm.

  577. I am a retired teacher so pampering myself
    Is fun now that I have the time. I like to relax reading
    And doing a craft of some kind. Sewing, stamping,
    And quilting. What a nice blog giveaway

  578. Pampering to me is nice warm hugs from my husband and son after spending time together.

  579. Susan Sandmeyer

    Pampering for me would be, fall scents and a whole weekend to stamp my little heart out!!! Oh how I long for the day!

  580. For me pampering the time to relax, and read a good book (nothing to heavy or tear jerking, something with a happily ever after).

  581. PJ’s and reading a good book is one of my favorite ways of being pampered. Being wined, dined and a movie is also a favorite.

  582. My day of pampering would consist of a shopping trip with girlfriends, mani-pedi, getting my hair done and dinner out. However the dessert would be the real feature! 🙂 Then I would ask to live that day over and over. Lol. One can always hope right!

  583. Wow! That is an amazing blog candy. My favorite way to be pampered is a well planned (not by me) relaxing vacation enjoying the beach and amazing sunsets. Mary, thanks for sharing all your Wow videos and tips

  584. My favorite way of being pampered is to do some stamping with a few friends.

  585. rongediane@yahoo.com

    I love to go to a retreat with my stamping -scrapping girl friends. There they have a massage chair you can sit as long as there isn’t a line waiting ,(that wasn’t a problem). We go two times a year and work on project as much as we feel like it or we can go to our rooms and take a nap when ever we want. It’s so free feeling and no time comitments. We go from thurs. AM until Sunday afternoon. Thank you for this chance to win.

  586. I just dislocated my shoulder so some pampering is in order! I need to go for a manicure soon. What a fabulous selection you are offering as a prize. I’d certainly feel special to receive all those goodies.

  587. Though I would love to go get a pedicure, I think that feeling pampered would mean all of us at the table for dinner. It seems like a special treat when we are all together for a few minutes instead of being caught up in the whirlwind of activities that the kids are involved in. Silly, eh?

  588. I love nothing more than a day at home all by myself! It so rarely happens.

  589. A nice massage would be great!

  590. I love to pamper myself every night with a bubble bath before bed. But, my favorite pampering is Mother’s Day breakfast that the whole family makes together and then wakes me to eat.

  591. I feel pampered when I get my hair done. I feel just great when I leave the salon! thanks so much for the chance to win the blot candy. your inspiration keeps us going.

  592. My favorite pampering is having a few hours of uninterrupted time to stamp and be creative. Usually I’m so distracted by my semi-invalid husband or the dog or the parrots that I can CASE easily, but not relax enough to be creative. Love your blog!

  593. Lindsey Schmidt

    I like to go get my hair done…i definitely feel pampered after someone else washes and dries my hair!
    But pedicures or a massage are pretty fun as well.
    But my most typical moments of pampering include a glass of wine, some craft time, and a movie I get to pick! 🙂

  594. What a wonderful selection for your Blog Candy — that would be my type of pampering. Put me in the pot and then pick my name. That would be awesome.


  595. I feel pampered when I don’t have to make supper! I love it when my husband suggest we go out for supper or I bring something home! That gives me all the more time to stamp.

  596. Pampering is a good pedicure. Sitting in the chair that massages your back. Ah, I’m in heaven!

  597. My favorite pampering is getting to sleep late and money to by stamping up.

  598. I feel pampered when I receive a beautiful card from a friend or relative showing their SU creative side. I put on soundscapes and enjoy reading the card. I then spend time relishing all the details. I always feel special and loved, knowing their heart was giving me love.

  599. Pampered is having time to take a bike ride along the beach followed by a delicious cappuccino and fresh croissant at my favorite cafe! Then, a free afternoon of creativity at my art table.

  600. Cheryl McAskill

    My Favorite way of being pampered….The house to myself and just the no-interrupted chance to read.

  601. I love to be pampered with a nice lunch out at a trendy restaurant with my friends, relaxing and sharing laughs. That is such a treat! (Time to paper craft is a close second!!)

  602. A glass of wine, my crafting room and maybe either Bruce Springsteen playing or something on the TLC channel for background noise!!

  603. Pampering…mmmm…I can see it now…a half day at the spa with facial, massage, and mani-pedi. Then when I get home, dinner would be prepared and ready to enjoy.

  604. Hi Mary, I find working in flowerbeds relaxing!

  605. Pampering to me is a fun day of retail therapy either online or at stores! What awesome blog candy you are giving away! Thanks 4 the chance!

  606. Lara's Laugh Lines

    Spontaneous–>hugs~kisses~exclamations of gratitude~declarations of love~winks~hand squeezes~and peals of laughter from my LOVED ones all make me feel pampered and cherished!!

  607. Pampering to me is an hour body massage with soft music playing in the background !

  608. As Crazy As It Sounds, 15 Minutes In The Tanning Bed Can Do Wonder For Me. Thanks For The Chance To Win, Have A Wonderful Trip!

  609. Oooh, pampering? I’d have to say a looong foot massage and pedicure would be my favorite way of being pampered. A close second is someone else cooking dinner and cleaning up the kitchen for me!

  610. I love a day to play in my crafting area! It really recharges my batteries!

  611. Pampering for me is just relaxing with a good book or just having time to myself to do whatever I feel. Shopping maybe???

  612. My favorite way to be pampered would be to win your blog candy, Mary! ;o) Short of that, having a mani/pedi at a spa is about as relaxing as it gets.

  613. Debbie DeGroff

    I enjoy seeing your beautiful cards each day. Thanks for all your work and, also, for your generosity in offering all these goodies for the blog candy.

  614. My favorite pampering is a day at the spa. I always ask for Spa Gift Cards. I’m a caregiver to hubby who suffers from a stroke and Parkinson Disease….so I always look forward to a day at the spa.

  615. This is an awesome giveaway!!
    I enjoy just getting alone and reading a good book.

  616. A bubble bath, my iPad to read, and a great candle. (after my husband makes dinner for everyone and supervises clean up!)

  617. A great way for me to feel pampered, a bowl of ice cream as I sit in my craft room all alone, getting ready to play with my stamps.

  618. pampering for me is a day at the salon – fresh haircut, mani/pedi

  619. Pampering….now that I am retired, I am pampered most of the time. Really wonderful husband…retired too. But a deep muscle massage is still enjoyed.

  620. Everyone’s so busy…it’s a treat to meet a friend for coffee just to catch up!

  621. Pampering me would involve stamping , coffee, and something sweet to go with the coffee. Any of the above blog candy would make me happy! Thanks,Nancy

  622. Kelley Miranda

    I love nothing more than a pedicure and little shopping. That puts a smile on my face and skip in my step. : )

  623. Pampering to me is a massage and dark chocolate. Then go home and put in a chick flick.

    Thanks for offer to let one of win some goodies.

  624. Hi Mary! My favorite way to pamper myself is my yearly get away weekend with my favorite girlfirends. We spend the weekend in New Hampshire and have a spa day were we all get pedicures. Anytime spent with them is a gift. We are all so busy but make sure we get one weekend a year to spend together. Hope you enjoy your mini vacation!

  625. Pampering for me is time off of work to stamp, go to museus and hang out with friends.

  626. Hi Mary! My favorite way to pamper myself is my yearly weekend getaway with my closest girlfiends. We head to New Hampshire and have a spa day where we all get pedicures. We are all so busy but make a point to get together for a weekend away. Hope you enjoy your mini vacation!

  627. Pampering for me is having time to curl up with a good book 🙂

  628. Definately a massage!! But soaking in a bubble bath in hot water reading a good book (or looking at the SU catalog) is a close second!

  629. Stampin’ = Pamperin’

  630. Let’s see…I would feel really pampered if I could spend a whole day at home alone doing whatever I wished!! That would include stamping, reading a new book, catching up on all those fun TV shows I’ve DVR’d, and drinking a good cup of coffee!! Yea…that’s what I’d like!

  631. Love this blog candy giveaway! Thanks Mary! My favorite ways to feel pampered are: getting a hair cut, massage, pedicure, and facial! Ahhhh, serenity!

  632. Being pampered would be a day at the spa with facial, mani/pedicure and then come back home to stamp the night away! Throw in dinner and wine and it would be even better.

  633. I had to stop and think about this one as I am retired and have time to enjoy many things I couldn’t while working. My favorite thing is to spend time with my sister who lives in AZ. St. George is naturally beautiful, so hope you have a great time!!!

  634. Pampering to me is staying home and watching TV from bed and my Husband making me a fruit smoothie. lol Thanks for the chance!!

  635. Pampering to me is no cooking or cleaning and just spending the whole day stamping and being creative.
    Enjoy being pampered!

  636. I especially enjoy a pedicure for my pampering time and then being able to sit at my stamping area and do my card making during a long afternoon. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful blog candy. Enjoy your trip and don’t forget some pampering time for you!

  637. My pampering day would be a Manicure & pedicure ( and they give great hand & foot massages) and then a nice salad Come home for a power nap, and then off to my stamp corner I go and Creat!!!! Love it.

  638. I love putting my feet up, sipping a cup of spicey tea and reading all the Stampin’Up blogs at the end of the day.

  639. Pampering for me is no cooking or cleaning and going to my craft room and stamping and creating new cards for a whole day.
    Enjoy your pampering

  640. Pampering is so personal. I love a massage and a reflexology session together. I go out of the salon so relaxed and wonderful. However, I love it when my daughter brings her triplets over, and I can just sit and give them a bottle. Nothing like grand kids!! Great giveaway! Thanks, Mary!

  641. I love to settle in with a good book and read for hours!

  642. My favorite pampering? A massage or a pedicure! They don’t happen often enough…

  643. Oooh, I love me some quiet time to read a book. But also very nice to have a pedicure with my dear friend Theresa!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win so fun goodies, Mary. Have fun!!

  644. I love to go to Chicago to get my hair cut, then go to the Hersey Store for a treat. If I am really lucky no one will have activities and I can stay home a scrapbook the rest of the day!

  645. I massage for me is pampering.

  646. My idea of pampering would be a day at the spa, come home curl up on the couch and watch an old movie. Anything that didn’t involve, washing dishes, clothes, cooking or cleaning is being pampered!

  647. Pampering for me … no electronic devices , just QUIET nothing but sitting out on the porch watching the birds at the feeders smelling the flowers … a day to do nothing but exist in this world

  648. A long day at my favorite spa, a long nap and dinner out!! It’s been a while for all 3!!

  649. Ohhh, pampering for means a day at the spa … which hasn’t happened in awhile! Thanks for the giveaway!

  650. Best way to get pampered – shoulder and leg massage…then sit and read a magazine or a book – with a cold drink by my side~

  651. Susan Cavas Smith

    Pampering for me is when my hubby cooks dinner and does the dishes. I spend this time stamping and creating.

  652. Pampering is being able to stay in pj’s all day and no cooking.

  653. My idea of pampering myself is having our home to myself and relaxing and doing anything that I want, just for me! And of course card making is ALWAYS included in my plans!

  654. I absolutely love a good pedicure. Being able to sit for an hour and do absolutely nothing while getting foot massage and pretty toes at the end is wonderful!

  655. Pampering for me is a cup of tea and a good book-without interruptions!

  656. I pamper myself sometimes by going back to bed after I walk the dog! And he doesn’t always get me up early. 🙂

  657. My idea of being pampered is going to Amish Country here in Holmes County, OH. The Amish restaurants are to die for! I have not been out much since March as I had a back surgery that has caused other issues with my muscles. Thanks for the chance to win.

  658. a manicure and pedicure, for sure make me feel pampered 🙂

  659. My idea of pampering is getting to spend a day/weekend with friends stamping. Have a great trip Mary!! Can?t wait to see your photos on Facebook. 🙂

  660. I have breast cancer, I am four weeks out from reconstruction. My pampering is looking on your blog everyday it gives me something to look forward to. Thank you!

  661. Pampering for me is having a cup of hot coffee already waiting for me every morning when I wake up….

  662. Boy could I use a little pampering today!
    My favorite way to pamper myself is to sit outside with my dog by my side and watch the world go by. Preferably by some water in the woods.

  663. Quite, Cuddle time with my hubby. LOL I know cheesy, but with kids it doesn’t happen often at all.

  664. Georgia Tuttle

    Mary, For me it is a facial and a pedicure. Now that’s a real treat! Enjoy your pampered days! Georgia

  665. Ooohhh…my favorite way to feel pampered is a soak and massage at the day spa, then a lovely dinner at my favorite restaurant with my sweetie.

  666. jan armentrout

    I’m a pretty lucky lady…my husband has given me 39 years of pampering…soooo my idea of ultimate pampering is being able to have a “date” with him at one of our favorite restaurants…the resulting conversations are priceless to me!

  667. Pampering is getting together with stamping friends, enjoying a time of stamping together, making pretty cards to give to other friends. and the food is great too.

  668. Michelle Musser

    A nice long walk in the woods with my dog, Cooper. Nothing more relaxing – especially in this beautiful Fall weather. Just LOVE the smell and sound of the leaves on the path. Have a great trip!

  669. Taking time to go down to the beach and watch the sunset and listening to the waves. Very peaceful. Thank you.

  670. Selina Kilpatrick

    Pampering for me would be a weekend away with my girlfriends, crafting or just relaxing.

  671. Louise Ann Barron

    Pampering for me means a body massage and eating my favorite food! Pasta!!!!!

  672. Kristi Jalmasco

    A pampering day would be a spa morning followed by a nap then dinner with my hubby 🙂 thanks so much for the giveaway- have a great time at Founder’s Circle!

  673. Love to have a mud bath then lay in the sun before scrubbing off…skin is so smooth.

  674. I feel most pampered when I get a pedicure at the salon, so relaxing! Thanks for the chance at some really sweet blog candy! Enjoy your trip!

  675. Pampering is a day without the kids–doing just about anything at all!

  676. Dinner and a good movie is my idea of pampering.

  677. Betsy Coulter

    I just recently joined the stampin up demonstrators! I am super excited and can not wait!!!!!!

  678. I love When my husband takes care of the dishes!

  679. My favorite way to get pampered is to have a full body massage!!! There’s nothing better!!! Have fun Mary! I love you website!

  680. Maggie Carmody

    My favorite way to pamper myself is to get up earlier than everyone else on a Saturday morning and head off to my craft room to stamp for a few guilt-free, wonderful hours!

  681. Nina Sandbeck

    My idea of pampering would be, being able to kick up my feet in my stamp room and create cards and projects all day without the interruption of my three kids 🙂 just being able to give my hubby the mommy duties for the day & being locked in my stamp room sounds like heaven! Lol! 🙂

  682. I feel pampered when I spend the WHOLE day in my craft room working on cards or scrapbook pages and, believe it or not, maybe just organizing my supplies. I just plain love being in that room period.

  683. Pampering for me is getting my hair washed, cut and styled. It is so relaxing when they are massaging my head when washing it or when they’re brushing/drying it.

  684. have fun being pampered in st. george!! pampering for me is getting together with two different groups of friends to play with paper. one group is for scrapbooking the other is a card making group. after both get togethers i am relaxed and ready to met the next challenge life throws my way.

  685. Stephani Pickett

    My all-time favorite way to feel pampered is with a deep tissue massage. Being a full-time student, employee, wife and mother of two is hard work on your body and a deep tissue massage just takes it all away. Kinda like that Calgon commercial…’just take me away!’

  686. I love to have a facial when I am need of pampering.

  687. Pampering for me is a good massage and pedicure to follow. Just thinking about it now puts a smile on my face 🙂

  688. A pedicure is one of my most favorite ways to be pampered. My second most favorite is when the hubby fixes dinner and lets me scrap!!

  689. Pampering=time to myself with coffee and a good book!

  690. I love staying in a hotel with a big comfy bed! Knowing that I don’t have to get up and make the bed or clean the room the next day makes for sweet dreams. I think I would love breakfast in bed via room service but never have ordered it since my honeymoon some 25+ years ago. 🙂

  691. Eleanor McDougall

    I feel most pampered when my children and grandchildren are around me and make me feel so loved.

  692. My Favorite is to be on a weekend long crafting retreat with a message therapist.

  693. traci.rosario@gmail.com

    Pampering for me involves me coming home to find the laundry done and folded and dinner in the oven. My husband will do this as a surprise, and it allows me to take a deep breath and some time to myself.

  694. My idea of pampering is going to the Day Spa with my girlfriends. A day filled with laughter, good food and friends is all a girl needs every couple of months. Enjoy your trip Mary and stay safe.

  695. Amy Struthers

    Eating Blue Bell Ice-Cream directly from the 1/2 gallon tub while watching a movie on my couch! That’s my version of pampering 🙂
    Have fun at your stamping retreat! Thanks for a chance to win these awesome goodies.

  696. pampering for me is anytime I do something just for me! (like stamping) Each of you earned this fantastic time away, enjoy!

  697. My favorite way to be pampered is when my husband plans a special weekend just for the two of us–dinner, hotel, shopping and maybe a show. Thanks for the opportunity to win blog candy.

  698. Denise Heredia

    Pampering for me is a nice long bike ride. And I also like sitting by a camp fire enjoying a nice cool evening!! A pedicure is good too! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  699. My favorite way of pampering myself is just what I did
    today….a pedicure and foot massage. Heaven!

  700. Jennie Fisher

    I feel pampered whenever I get “alone” time – time spent by myself to do anything I want, uninterrupted. Time to stamp, watch a movie, shop – whatever – just “me” time.

    Thank you Mary for all your inspirational postings, they feed my creativity and allow me to make some really cool cards!

  701. Kathy aka Girlygirl777

    I love it when my hubby pampers me with a nice dinner out at our favorite restaurant followed with a foot massage and nice coffee drink. He’s the best guy ever!

  702. Jeannie Barron

    Being pampered to me means someone else making dinner!

  703. Mary what a wonderful blog candy gift! I would love to be the winner!
    I don’t get to get pampered very often but when I do it’s usually a day at the spa.. massage, mani/pedi, facial.
    And…. it’s been a long time since that’s happened! hugs.

  704. Pampered is having someone clean up the kitchen and do the dishes after I have prepared and served a favorite meal that I have cooked!

  705. My idea of a good pamper day is…. soft music playing in the background, a glass of wine, a few pieces of chocolate, and no one home to interrupt me with my good book…. 🙂

  706. Chris R. from Iowa

    I think about the closest I have come to being pampered is at a Pampered Chef party! LOL!

  707. Just a night out with my hubby, which we haven’t had in 9 months since we have 2 little boys and just moved to a new city.

  708. Pampering would be a massage and a bonus would be a pedicure/manicure!

  709. Being pampered means I get to choose how to spend the day, most likely reading. It would also mean someone else cooking a meal or a fabulous dessert.

  710. pampering to me is when my husband picks up the children from day care, and I come home to a dinner on the table, kids bath and house is clean and organized and the only thing I have to do is take a relaxing shower and watch my favorite show while getting some cuddles from the kiddos before nite nite…

  711. Veronica Meyer

    Pampering is by far a massage and a quiet time to relax and enjoy the small things in life. My relaxing time is creating ! ! !! Stamping my Art Out Veronica Meyer

  712. My favorite way to feel pampered is to light a few candles and have a nice bubble bath.

  713. Dee Ann Hernandez

    My favorite pampering would have to be uninterrupted crafting time! Although, a shopping spree to the bookstore is a real close second!!

  714. TanningBed 🙂

  715. Pampering for me is a cruise vacation. I don’t have to cook, clean, or any other household duties. I can just sit in the hot tub, then relax on the deck with a good book!

  716. Hi Mary!

    My type of pampering is to have time to sit and read a book and sip on some green tea! It’s ideal!

    Thanks for the blog candy!!

  717. Make me a nice cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer, add a toasted bagel and let me curl up with the Sunday papers. Refill coffee and it’s off to work my way through the crossword puzzle. Ahhh, happiness.

  718. I guess at home I am pretty simple. I feel pampered when someone else cleans up after I have cooked a great meal. My ultimate pampering is a week on a ship with family & friends.
    Mary you are such an inspiration. CAS is my toughest style. I would LOVE to win this awesome blog candy so I can work on my CAS!!!

  719. I’d like an uninterupted nap with no time restraints, then spending money to go scrapbook shopping and lunch or dinner out with my best friend… thats my kind of pampering:)

  720. Phyllis Wayman

    Let me tell you, I can not wait to see what you have ever day, I look foeward to checking out all the beautiful cards and the site. I love, Love, Love stampin up and all my cards are made with stampin up products. I have been making cards for about 18 years now, and look forward to new ideas from your site. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful cards with us. Phyllis

  721. Anytime I have the house to myself, and all is quiet I feel pampered! Doesn’t take much to please me.

  722. Thanks for all you do-I learned and enjoyed via your blog.

  723. Lupe Rocamora

    I love a good pedicure and having my toesies all prettied up.

  724. Relaxing with a cup of tea and a great book. Heaven!!

  725. I love massages, manis, and pedis. But they
    Don’t happen often cause all my extra money goes
    For stampin up!!

  726. I feel pretty lucky and pampered when I get a few hours all to myself to stamp, stamp, stamp!!

  727. a relaxing pedicure and manicure! Thanks

  728. I pamper myself by taking a long, hot bath….even when it’s 100 degrees outside. 🙂

  729. Tracey Parrott


  730. Micheline Lueken

    What I enjoy is a delicious one-hour body massage and pedicure. Yum!

  731. A day out with my Stampin’ Up friends. Talking over lunch and then taking in a movie.

  732. I love to Curl up in an easy chair with a glass of ice tea and a good book. Soft music in the background as an extra treat. I enjoy your cards and videos. Have a great time in Utah.

  733. I feel pampered when I go get my hair done I love when some else washes my hair it’s just so relaxing.

  734. A HOT STONE massage is my idea of being pampered

  735. How sweet of you to pampered us too! One of my favorite things is a good foot massage! I love getting a pedicure and would totally pay extra for them to rub my feet a little longer!

  736. Pampering for me would be to play in my Studio with a cup of coffee & a piece of chocolate. That’s the good life.

  737. Susie Nichols

    I’m pretty easy. Just give me a night off from cooking dinner. Let me prop my feet up for 30 minutes after I get home. Enjoy your “Stampin’ Up” style pampering!!

  738. Pam D. from MI

    Getting together with my gal friends for a weekend of stamping. Of course also having a top chef cooking our meals. 🙂

  739. Pampering for me is a pedicure and manicure.

  740. Pampering is having my sister with me to enjoy a day of shopping, eating, and pedicures!

  741. Pharpo@windstream.net

    A massage followed by a light lunch and time relaxing with a loved one; on a nice cool fall afternoon. This,to me, is a little bit of Heavenly pampering!

  742. Judy McMullen

    Oh, Mary, do I envy you all the stamping/pampering with Stampin’ Up…Have fun! Thank you for the opportunity to win this stamping and pampering blog candy!! You are so generous!!!

    P.S. Hope it’s cooler there than it is here in Tucson!

  743. For me, a busy grandmother of 12, pampering is a day with no appointments, no grandchildren and just doing whatever suites my fancy in any given moment! Those days are few and far between, but that’s what makes them so enjoyable!

  744. A massage is great…and so is a manipedi but I feel really pampered when someone else does the laundry!!

  745. Pampering is now a common word to me since I retired…spending hours on end in my craft room no longer makes me feel guilty.

  746. I love being able to relax and read (uninterrupted)a good book AFTER going out for a great dinner! I say “why settle for just ONE relaxing thing!” LOL

    Hope you have fun in Utah…..oh heck, what am I saying? I just KNOW you will! How can you not, right? It IS SU after all!

  747. Anytime my husband takes the kids and I get to choose is my pampering. Sometimes I choose to stamp, or get a pedicure, or go shopping, or read a book uninterrupted, or even catch up on sleep. Anytime I get to choose what I do is a luxury!

  748. For me it is a pan fried rainbow trout dinner at any historic National Park lodge after a day of hiking!

  749. Phyllis Freese

    Pampering is not having to be anywhere that day and I can sleep later and leisurely begin my day. A foot rub would be over the top!

  750. A pedicure!

  751. Pampering for me is having the house to myself to do whatever I want to do!

    Enjoy St George!

  752. pampering to me is a relaxing massage with lavender oil then a good cup of tea

  753. Victoria Merrick

    I love how pampered I feel after having a spa mani/pedi. I always feel like a kid with a new pair of shoes because I can’t quit looking at my pretty painted toenails!!!

  754. Shirley Adiaz

    Ahh, pampering. I would love a body wrap treatment followed by a scrub, and then a good full body massage. Bliss! Hope you’re having lots of fun over there! =)

  755. I would have to say eating out would be a very nice way to be pampered.
    Who does not like pampering!

  756. Is it bad to say I like it all??? Pampering means being self indulgent for a time… Since that isn’t the norm for me. Doing things I love, special treats, not doing things I don’t enjoy, and the list goes on. Hope you enjoy your pampering!

  757. Pampering includes a day spent crafting with my talented girl friends. So enjoy your blog!

  758. Pampering with a massage will do me just fine!

  759. Melissa Sibert

    My favorite way to relax and feel pampered is to get a 90 min. massage followed by a pedicure and manicure.

  760. Pampering…. Wow, been a long time since I’ve done that 🙂 Have to say pedicure & manicure. Thanks for the opportunity to win and for all the amazing ideas over the years!

  761. My favorite way to spend spa time is in my scrapbook/stamp room just piddling around.

  762. I pamper myself by sitting is a quiet room and reading a great book. When I get pampered my husband goes to the bedroom and leaves me to peace and quiet. Lol

  763. I pamper myself by making cards and other paper products. Right now I’m working on a Thanksgiving project and I couldn’t be more relaxed.

  764. a mani, pedi & massage, please!

  765. Sylvia Marcoux

    Pampering for me is to have a facial with my friend who has an awesome and very soothing spa. After the wonderful facial, I love to come home to read and/or do some stampin’ 🙂

  766. These days with two little kids my idea of pampering is a trip to the store by myself!! 🙂

  767. Janet Gallion

    Having someone cook dinner for me from start to finish and………taste good!

  768. I treat myself to a hot bubble bath then my jammies and a good book, all snuggled up with a warm golden retriever granddog!

  769. Mary,

    This is an awesome Blog Candy giveaway … I never win … but I always try … I feel pampered when someone else cooks me a nice meal .. or takes me out for dinner … which doesn’t happen often .. but when it does it’s always special.

    Thanks again,

  770. I just get in my recliner, pull a blanket over me and snooooooooooooooooze. And try not to look at my paper supplies strewn over every surface of my kitchen!
    Love your ideas!

  771. Pampering for me is spending a long weekend camping. That is the only time I get to relax and not feel like I should be doing something else!

  772. Quiet time reading a book!

  773. Pampering…

    Having my hubby make dessert, while I snuggle up by the fire with a good book.

  774. My pampering is when my husband says I should sit down and relax, and he’ll make supper for us. I can go visit stamping sites on the internet, read a book, stamp some cards, or do nothing at all, while he makes us a scrumptious meal. My hubby is one of the best, and really makes me feel pampered.

  775. Pampering for me is coming home from a long day of work, and having nothing to do when I get there because my loving husband has already done everything. Then i get to do whatever I want for the rest of the evening.

  776. Pampering for me is just about any type of salon treatment… but tonight I had a salon treatment that I was surprised at how relaxed it made me… after the fact. I had my legs waxed, in preparation for our beach vacation that starts on Saturday!!

  777. Pampering is coming home from work and my hubby has dinner already on the table. Love your blog and thanks for the change to win.

  778. My idea of pampering would be to be let loose in the Stampin’ Up warehouse to use whatever supplies and stamps I want for a day.

  779. Pampering is having a day to myself to do what ever I choose which could be spending the day stamping, quilting, baking or a spa treatment.

  780. So, I don’t get a lot of pampering BUT I just snagged a great deal on a combination 60-minute massage, manicure, pedicure & glass of wine for less than $100. Whoo hoo! Now that is going to be a lovely afternoon. Thanks for the opportunity to win Mary!

  781. Pampering definitely is a massage! So nice! Thanks for the giveaway, Mary!!

  782. Hope you have a fabulous trip! I’m sure you’ll be very pampered by Stampin Up. My favorite pampering is to get a pedicure. I love just going & relaxing for a couple hours. Plus, I get beautiful toes out of the process!

  783. Sheryl Cushman

    My idea of being pampered would be a massage and pedicure/manicure. I have recently los 75 lbs, and now in constant disarray, due to size changes. So, the above would be wonderful and then of course having a day to do just my stamping and making a bunch of cards for the holidays. Thanks Mary.

  784. Sounds silly but my favorite “pampering” is when I am able to take my horse to the beach right as it opens to start the day off right! Makes for a MUCH better mood and day!! Enjoy Utah!

  785. A pedicure and massage….Heaven!

  786. Pampering…now that’s a term I haven’t been able to enjoy. Just small thing, no cooking, no cleaning, and all time to stamp in my room.

  787. I am sitting in a dreadful, freezing, mind-numbing workshop at the moment and all I can think about is getting out and going for a walk. That is how I’d like to be pampered at this moment! Thanks for the fabulous blog and great give away Mary!

  788. Julie Fiehler

    A message is my special treat!

  789. ahhhhhh a 90 minute body massage.

  790. Pampered is getting some quality time with my husband. We have such busy lives that it is always nice to just be together without phone, text, email and the like.

  791. My idea of pampering is a soak in my jet tub…..ahhhhhhhh.

  792. Darlene Almer

    I love to be pampered by having someone else wash my hair, maybe a pedicure and then someone else figuring out what is for dinner and cooking it for. ME! Then a great book and lots of quiet time to enjoy it.

  793. My idea of pampering is no housework, cooking or laundry!

  794. I’ve never had a full body massage, but from reading what others posted, I might have to try it soon!! Thanks for the chance to win and hope you have a great time!!

  795. I have not been able to see my post on here so I am sending this: My idea of pampering is to be able to sit in my stamping area and work on my card making which relaxes me so much and of course this is after a pedicure. Enjoy your well deserved trip! Thank you for the chance to win this great blog candy!

  796. brenda sisson

    Pampering for this old lady is being able to sleep late, Paddling around the house in my PJ’s all day long. A glass of freshly brewed Iced Tea always near-by, and then retreat to my own little world in my scrapbooking room and create. Making everything and nothing too.

  797. suenu35@aol.com

    Sunday morning, sitting on the swing in my backyard with the paper and a whole pot of coffee to myself!

  798. pampering…I’m not sure what that is any more. It took three weeks to find time to get my nails done. I love bubble baths with music and candles. Unfortunately even though we have a garden tub the onl time I get to do that is when we go to Gatlinburg.

  799. My idea in pampering when I can afford to buy scrapbooking products and be able to spend time in my hobby room to be creative. Love to be in my hobby room!

  800. kikigraham@comcast.net

    A foot rub, a back rub, a scrub rub….and
    RUBBER STAMPING… you make my day special. Thanks

  801. Melissa Crownover

    It’s been forever, but when I feel the most pampered, is when I get a couple days away with my husband, and we go out to eat at a nice restaurant, and I get a pedicure and massage.

  802. A massage is my ideal pampering. I hold all of my stress in my shoulders, so the rare massage I get is treasured.

  803. Massage, no question.

  804. My favorite way I like to be pampered is when my husband cooks dinner. That is such a treat for me. While he is cooking, I spend that time in my card room usually putting finishing touches on my latest card. Mary, you are such an amazing person. I appreciate your daily blog and your WOW videos. Thanks

  805. Stephanie Lopez

    My favorite way to be pampered is a manicure and pedicure.

  806. Charlotte Coombes

    A whole day in my craft room, with hubby dealing with dinner is my ultimate nirvana! Hope you have a wonderful time in St. George!

  807. Pampering to me is a cup coffee and studing my stampin up catalog!

  808. Oh wow, hope you have a great time and get lots of pampering in. hmmmm, I would say my favorite way to feel pampered is when my husband rubs my feet at the end of a long day, and he does this almost weekly, so I am a pretty pampered and spoiled wife, lol. Fabulous give a way, thanks for the chance to win.

  809. Pampering to me is definitely a foot massage and pedicure : ) There’s nothing like paying someone I don’t know massage and make my feet pretty. And even better when it’s after a day of shopping. This doesn’t happen very often to me so when it does it’s so great!

  810. A mani pedi is my favorite pampering. Sleeping late on a cold morning is good too!

  811. Pampering is having a manicure or a pedicure. Divine.

  812. I pamper myself by buying a box of chocolate covered strawberries and indulging myself with every single one of them.

  813. nothing can get much better than having a manicure/pedicure with your girlfriends & of course a little card making.

  814. Cristy Gammon

    Pampering is having my children do all the laundry and putting it away. Hope you are having a great time!

  815. kcook1016@comcast.net

    A day of scraping & stamping. Food in the crock pot, Husband & son OFF fishing! Relaxing!

  816. Linda SantaMaria

    Arising on a Saturday morning before anyone else is up, enjoy my coffee with a good book, snuggled under a blanket on our kitchen couch. Solitude is lovely! Really enjoy your creations, Mary.

  817. I love having my hair washed at the salon. I love having my hair cut and styled, too. That’s my idea of pampering.


  818. Pampering? Can’t get mani/pedi now because I haven’t found job yet, but that would be first choice. So… I love to get a hair cut about 3-4 times a year. I LOVE the shampoo part (like the gal in the tv commercial….ooh aah, ooh aah! Hope you enjoy every minute in Utah Mary…..how fun!

  819. Joan Garlough

    Oh….Pampering to me is going out with hubby to the restaurant that I like,, where they serve the best baby back ribs!!! No cooking and no cleanup is nice also. Thanks for the chance of winning your great blog candy, Mary.


  820. I love a full body massage for my pampering session, but I especially love getting hugs and kisses from my grandbabies!

  821. Oh, to be pampered. Just the thought of it makes me feel pampered. A little piece of chocolate and some alone time to stamp.

  822. Massage with relaxing music followed by a coconut flavored cocktail.

  823. maries75@verizon.net

    Mary, Love your tutorials ‘Your cards are simple, but elegant. Thank for sharing.

  824. Love to be taken out to eat one of my favorite dishes and the cleaning done for me.

    marg0006 at Verizon dot net

  825. Sandra Meyers

    Hi Mary -enjoy stamping in St. George ! I’m due to be released from the hospital tomorrow or Friday (10 days this time — for a total of 9weeks) and boy could I use some pampering – perhaps a massage and a facial would make me feel so much better. I have to have 6 to 12 weeks of IV antibiotics but in answer to my prayers, I might be able to have this done at my home. I can’t wait to stamp again and maybe even start on my holiday cards! Thanks for a chance at great blog candy.

  826. My favorite pampering is to have “free” time to play with my Stampin’ Up goodies with all of my children out of the house. It is a rarity!

  827. Pampering is when my husband says “I will shop and do the dishes while you stamp”. He pampers me all the time. Enjoy your trip.

  828. A massage! 🙂 I love foot rubs, too! 🙂 and coffee, and hugs…I’m easy to please!
    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  829. My pampering is dinner at my favorite tiny little Thai restaurant with my BFF of 20 years…usually a 4 to 5 hour dinner- the little Thai guy just smiles at us as we share our lives with each other- laughing and sometimes a tear or two. We usually get together each month but tonight it had been 6 weeks since we have seen each other, and we live only 15 minutes away!

  830. Susan Galbraith

    . . . a nap on a weekend afternoon . . . sheer indulgence!

  831. My idea of pampering is a relaxing Swedish massage. Oh such sweet ecstasy! Jy tomita

  832. Pampering….hmmm. What exactly is that? Lol. Having a 4 year old girl and a special needs 6 year old boy, my idea of relaxing is taking a shower or believe it or not, doing laundry (all by myself, without the kids around).

  833. Pampering for me is time alone with a cuppa and a book.

  834. Kindra Delaney

    For me pampering is getting a pedicure. I hate yucky feet so it is a necessity, but also some much needed “me” time! Enjoy your trip, can’t wait to hear all about it! Thanks for an opportunity to win some goodies, so very sweet of you :o)

  835. I feel so pampered when I get an ultimate spa foot pedi, complete with hot stones and my feet soaked in hot wax! And I can’t forget the flower design painted on my big toes. Just divine!

  836. Pampering for me means anything that will help me take that long breath that I’ve been needing to take and focus inward instead of on those around me (which is always with a military family of four!). It could be as simple and happy as paper crafting with a good friend and some junk food or as fancy as a mani/pedi and some shopping. We all, but especially us gals, need moments from time to time to recharge in whatever way helps us be a better “us.” Thanks for the chance to win such lovely goodies! 😉

  837. Pampering for me is a weekend getaway, it’s nice to spend time away from being busy around the house.

  838. I love a pedicure, nice when a friend can go with me and enjoy the time together.

  839. A pedicure with an extra long foot massage!

  840. This may be a little different but pampering to me is when my husband and 6 year old son make me a breakfast together (it makes me so relaxed hearing them laugh and talk together and i do not have to do anything) and then they let me relax the morning reading or they go out golfing and I get the house to myself.

  841. Birgit Johnson

    The few times a year my husband and I steal away for a couple of days to reconnect always feels like pamper time for me, he treats me special and makes me feel like a queen. Lucky me!

  842. A day at the spa, returning home to a clean house and dinner on the table that wasn’t prepared by me!

  843. Lynnette Hughes

    I love to pamper myself with a night at the symphony.

  844. Pampering for me is a message & good cup of white chocolate mocha! Enjoy St George & thanks for all the inspiration!

  845. My idea of being pampered is to be treated to a spa day with hair, mani/pedi and a massage! There is nothing better! Thanks for the opportunity to win and enjoy your days of pampering.

  846. Pampering for me means not having to get up and be able to stay in my pjs for as long as I want. To have my meals cooked for me (Peruvian Lomo Saltado would be great!). And having time to paper craft!

  847. Massages are right at the top of my list! Those would be followed by pedicures, sleeping in, and nothing on my calendar for the day. Nice.

  848. I love getting a mani and pedi! When I get a chance I love to go wine tasting and then go to the spa afterwards.

  849. Favorite way to be pampered….a massage and pedicure escapade….totally relaxing and very girly with my freshly painted toes!

  850. This sounds heavenly Mary! I hope you have a wonderful time!

  851. I love having my tween grand kids over for a slumber party. The next morning we hang out in our PJs and watch movies. I turn the kitchen over to them. They usually make homemade cookies and milk shakes for our breakfast. I feel totally pampered. Their laughter heals my soul.

  852. A foot massage before my pedicure, just had it done last Saturday….Oooo..la..la!

  853. Pampering for me means is taking a crafting class and visiting with friends. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity and have a pampered time!

  854. I feel pampered when my hubby buys me a full body massage and facial. I’m like a wet noodle when finished and I feel great! Filled with peace and energy to start stamping!

  855. Anne Marie Sweeney

    Thanks Mary .. My favorite thing to pamper is when Im in my work room , and I get busy Creating …, cleanup and then really tired and going to bed .come out ,you think you’ve been in there maybe an hour and a half to two hours and you been in there for four.. Uninterrupted bliss… I always sleep like a baby and wake up with even more ideas..enjoy your trip …yours in ink Anne

  856. If i can get a few minutes in my craftroom just playing with my stampinup goodies I am in heaven!!

  857. The most amazing pampering experience is when I get a facial. The woman I go to is fantastic. It is the one time I am so totally relaxed – sometimes I even fall asleep. HEAVEN!

    Michelle G

  858. Living a simple life, for me being pampered for is having my husband cook me my favorite dinner, sitting at our dining room table with candle light and NOT having to do the dishes afterward!

  859. gbinette@metrocast.net

    I posted yesterday, but I’m not seeing it in the first 100 posts.
    Gail Binette
    Stamper gail

  860. Janice Schrimpf

    Simple pleasures are sometimes the best… love to spend the day with a good friend, “road tripping” to an out of the way spot for lunch, and catching up.

    Enjoy your trip!

  861. Pampering for me is a pedicure and being able to sit in one of the massage chairs soaking my feet. It is one time that I don’t mind if there are people in front of me!

  862. My favorite way to pamper myself is to schedule a massage then come home and soak in a HOT tub and read a book.

  863. Helen Wainwright